Fu#k you Bud Selig , and the rest of the lying mother-f##king cronies of the Miami Marlins !

Fu#k you Bud Selig , and the rest of the lying mother-f##king cronies of the Miami Marlins !


It never ceases to amaze all of these pious idiots who try to suggest that the game of baseball has a redeeming quality about it ! Case in point , two prominent players (Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon) at the MLB level were given a mandatory 50 game suspension for deliberately running afoul of the league’s steroid policy. Yet at the minor league level of the game in the past thirty months , 186 players have been reprimanded by the league hierarchy in terms of the mandates that cover the policy in the illicit use of steroids and PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) .


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Fast forward today , and at a time when baseball should be applauding the achievements nominees for the season’s individual awards , and we are now surrounded by a moribund organization conducing their “own fire sale “ after a season of abject failure . I don’t believe that there can be any other way to explain away the abysmal showing of the Miami Marlins , after a year of high expectations , and of the monies spent on acquiring free agents by the truck load , as orchestrated by front office executives , GM Michael Hill , SVP David Sansom and team President , Larry Beinfest. Never-mind the fact that the hiring of Ozzie Guillen , was meant to send a message to the team’s fan-base that they were about to enter big-time once again. Need we also be reminded that the ball-club had opened their new state of the art 43,500 seated Marlins Ballpark , in downtown , Miami , built at the cost of some $575 million , at the taxpayers’ expense. Somehow , with a great deal of coercion by Bud Selig, and the Marlins’ front office , the city of Miami were dumb enough to fast-track the proposal , that would lead to a quickly expedited vote for the financing of the aforementioned venue. Clearly, not a great deal of thought was made when the city’s mayor Tomas Regalado and the city council thought that it would be appropriate to build the venue , with the view, that it would enrich the locale and also bring an economic boost to a blighted downtown area of Miami. If anything it has done the complete opposite, as this season the eighty-one home games of the Miami Marlins , were sparsely attended over the course of the team’s schedule.

A last place finish in the NL East with a record of 63-99, barely missing the mark of losing 100 games during 2012. This was the sort of ineptitude that the impoverished Marlins’ fans were asked to endure as Guillen spent more time making a complete ass of himself , both on and off the field of play, over the course of the season. Michael Hill, David Sansom and team owner, Jeffrey Loria , tried to maintain that degree of composure often seen in a con-man when under investigation by law enforcement , as they go about conducting an investigation into a fraudulent criminal act. . Mark my words , what was foisted upon the fans of the Miami Marlins this season , was a willful act of fraud , that it has been so egregious and unconscionable that no amount of excuses can now be made to appease the fans ,much less allow Loria and his fellow executives to obfuscate their responsibilities . As for this simplistic and damn well asinine belief, that baseball has parity . Those who believe it , are clearly delusional , and damn well don’t know any better !

Courtesy of MLB.com

Miami close to dealing JJ, Reyes, Buehrle to Toronto

Marlins would get at least seven players, nearly $160 million in payroll flexibility

By Joe Firsaro , MLB.com

MIAMI — When the Marlins hired Mike Redmond as manager last week, it opened a pipeline with the Blue Jays.

The two organizations didn’t waste much time tapping into each other’s resources.

On Tuesday night, Miami was reportedly working on a blockbuster trade with Toronto, sending off five established veterans, including Josh Johnson and Jose Reyes, while shedding nearly $160 million in payroll commitments.

Heading to Toronto would be Johnson, Reyes, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck. In return, the Marlins would receive shortstop Yunel Escobar, second baseman Adeiny Hechavarria, right-hander Henderson Alvarez, left-hander Justin Nicolino and catcher Jeff Mathis.

Miami also would acquire outfield prospect Jake Marisnick, who played for Redmond at Dunedin, and right-hander Anthony DeSclafani. The trade was not officially announced as of Tuesday night, but players like Johnson were informed that they were being dealt.

“I enjoyed my time in Florida,” Johnson told MLB.com. “Thank you, fans, for everything. You always supported me, and I appreciate that.”

The blockbuster deal comes a year after the Marlins underwent a rebranding — with name and uniform changes — and made major roster additions. Bolstered by revenue generated from their retractable-roof ballpark, the Marlins were the talk of last year’s Winter Meetings, signing Reyes, Buehrle and Heath Bell for a combined $191 million.

Now, all three will be gone.

Bell was the first to be sent out, when the former three-time All-Star closer was traded to the D-backs on Oct. 20 for Minor League third baseman Yordy Cabrera.

Click on link to read in full.


One could see that the Marlins would bail on their season , as the defeats kept mounting up through the greater part of the year , with their being little evidence shown that Ozzie Guillen and his staff could extricate themselves out of those problems, while leading the team back to some semblance of normalcy . I have never been a great admirer of Guillen as a manager , or as a matter of fact as a human being ! He is if anything , a person who is simply bellicose , verbose and disrespectful to others , while simply believing that his behavior is called for , whatever the environment just happens to be . The fact that this hire was simply looked upon as a matter of marketing the manager to the Latino community , which makes up a prominent demographic of the Marlins’ fan-base , and it shows that the front office’s only concern was to appeal to that part of the South Florida community. Now one could question the managerial acumen of Ozzie Guillen , albeit that he guided the Chicago White Sox to a World Series championship in 2005 , with a rather lopsided series’ victory over (4-0) the Houston Astros . In the aftermath of the White’s Sox triumph , the relationship between Guillen and the team’s general manager , Kenny Williams , and team owner, Jerry Reinsdorf , would sink to new depths of sheer animosity . In part , much of this was down to the fact Ozzie Guillen sought a new long-term contract, which at the time the White Sox’s front office were unwilling to acquiesce to . Guillen would be vocal with his indifference towards both Reinsdorf and Williams , often being derogatory of both front office executives.

The fact that Ozzie Guillen’s tenure in Miami came to such an abrupt end , with the decision being made to fire the manager after such a disastrous season , can only be slightly less embarrassing than Bobby Valentine’s equally inept tenure with the Boston Red Sox. And as we have now witnessed , Valentine would seek to apportion blame elsewhere for the team’s poor showing and his lack communication with the Red Sox players . If that is not a recipe for an unmitigated disaster , then what is ?

With the departure of Ozzie Guillen , a replacement was found in Mike Redmond a first-time manager and former player with the Marlins. Beyond the recent fire sale with the jettisoning of $165 million in salary commitments , with departure of Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck, in exchange for Yunel Escobar , and Yunel Escobar , second baseman Adeiny Hechavarria, right-hander Henderson Alvarez, left-hander Justin Nicolino and catcher Jeff Mathis.

Miami also would acquire outfield prospect Jake Marisnick , who played for Redmond at Dunedin, and right-hander Anthony DeSclafani . The trade was not officially announced as of Tuesday night, but players like Johnson were informed that they were being dealt. As to how this will now sit with the Marlins’ who expected to see Reyes be one of the lynch pins on the Marlins’ roster alongside Giancarlo Stanton , has a number of fans wondering what the hell is now going as the roster has been systematically shredded and decimated to the degree that there are those who feel that this franchise has taken a step backwards . From a public relations’ standpoint this situation now becomes a complete nightmare for the Miami Marlins’ organization. Jeffrey Loria will have a hard time trying to sell this scenario , that the organization is now heading in the right direction, after these proposed moves .

For this once proud franchise , this has been the third such instance where the ball-club has seen fit to jettison players as a face-saving exercise and with regard to paring down salary . H D Wayne Huizenga , the franchise’s very first owner , with the Marlins’ having won the first of their two World Series crowns , would seek to deplete the roster in aftermath of their historic win in 1997 . The backlash against the incumbent owner was widespread and undeniably venomous and seething with rage. Huizenga would subsequently sell the franchise , and bow out of owning the team altogether . To parallel those moves , Jeffrey Loria , followed the same path , claiming financial hardship for the ball-club and the claims that the Marlins were hemorrhaging red ink all over the balance . Many felt that Loria’s claims were disingenuous and totally filled with falsehoods . The Marlins’ triumph in 2003 over the heralded —- New York Yankees , brought pandemonium on the streets of South Florida , and a great deal of enjoyment amongst the ball-club’s supporters at the time. Yet once again, the bloodletting began , with the front office deciding to simply jettison themselves of players they felt were superfluous to their needs .

Many of you will know, that I was once a firm advocate and an avowed supporter of the Miami Marlins , and having witnessed this franchise through their highs and lows , I became disenchanted with the disingenuous-ness of the organization ! Deceitful acts of the management, of the ball-club, lies , deceptive practices, and their business dealings with their corporate sponsors , but above all with the fans general public alike , caused me to disavow my support of the ball-club. The memories which I have of the franchise are fond ones , but they were then to be outweighed by the acts of egregious malfeasance , which all seemed to be suborned by the MLB hierarchy , as well as by several owners within baseball’s fraternity . If there is no clear leadership or oversight being shown , then what hope is there for the game of baseball , when there is a complete lack of integrity being shown by the overseers of the game ? Answers please ?

Do you believe the actions of the Miami Marlins in this instance , are good for the game ? Or do you feel that this was simply the act of brazened opportunists who were simply looking to absolve themselves from a major mistake ? By all means , do leave a comment as you see fit on this , and anything else you feel pertinent to the subject matter .


Picture and slide show details below .


(1) This photo combo made from file photos shows Miami Marlins players, from left, pitcher Mark Buehrle, shortstop Jose Reyes, and pitcher Josh Johnson . Miami traded the three players to the Toronto Blue Jays, a person familiar with the agreement said Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012. The person confirmed the trade to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the teams weren’t officially commenting. The person said the trade sent several of the Blue Jays’ best young players to Miami. AP Photos ….

(2) Miami Marlins new manager Mike Redmond, center, shows off his new jersey as president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest , left, and vice president & general manager , Mike Hill assist during a baseball news conference in Miami, Friday, Nov 2, 2012. AP Photo/Jeffrey Boan …

(3) FILE – In this April 6, 2004, file photo, Florida Marlins catcher Mike Redmond celebrates his team’s 4-3 win over the Montreal Expos after a baseball game in Miami. The former major league catcher was hired as manager of the Miami Marlins on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, to replace Ozzie Guillen, who was fired last week after a last-place finish. He spent the past two years managing Class A teams in the Toronto Blue Jays’ system. AP Photo/David Adams ……

(4) FILE – This April 10, 2012 file photo shows Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen listening to a question during a news conference about comments he made about Fidel Castro , at the Marlins Stadium in Miami. Guillen has been fired after one year as manager of the last-place Marlins, whose promising season began to derail in April when his laudatory comments about Fidel Castro caused a backlash. The Marlins announced the firing Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012. AP Photo/Lynne Sladky ….

(5) (L-R) Florida Marlins team President David Samsom , former City of Miami Mayor Manny Diaz , MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the Florida Marlins baseball team’s new stadium on July 18, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The park is scheduled to open in 2012 and the team intends to change its name to the Miami Marlins prior to the completion of the ballpark. Getty Images North America /Marc Serota …….




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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

16 thoughts on “Fu#k you Bud Selig , and the rest of the lying mother-f##king cronies of the Miami Marlins !”

  1. Does anyone else need to know how damn well corrupt the vast majority of owners just happened to be in the game of baseball ? Bud Selig has presided over this mess and this is now the the third time this franchise has taken this route , but yet there has been no outcry from the hierarchy of baseball. Selig is being paid in excess of $25 million a year and when adjudged against the salaries top players in the game , someone explain to me how an ass wipe like the commissioner can allow this to happen for a third time with the Marlins , with the organization paring down salary again ?

    The owners in the game are conniving bastards , and everyone views these as if they’re so fu#king smart , when it is clear that they’re not . Jeffrey Loria , is simply being allowed to act with prejudice while still receiving monies via the league’s tax sharing revenue scheme .

    Three teams (Cubs , Dodgers and Rangers) in the past 6 years have declared bankruptcy restructuring , because of financial mismanagement ______ too big to fail fu#k no ! Owners , are simply too fu#king crooked that’s all !

    Marlins’ team value and profitability

    MLB team values

    MLB team salaries

    Tophatal ………………


  2. David Price

    Great win for David Price in defeating Justin Verlander by the narrowest of margins to win the AL Cy Young Award for 2012 ! Well deserved accolade for the best pitcher in the AL this past season .

    Someone explain to me how Bud Selig in the last six years can preside over the the following three going through bankruptcy reorganization proceedings (Chapter 11) due to financial mismanagement by their owners at the time? Dodgers with Frank McCourt , Rangers with Tom Hicks & Ken Gillette , and the Cubs with billionaire entrepreneur Sam Zell . All of this horse-sh#t by so called lame a#s fans and MLB analysts alike (Kurkjian and Olney) who say they’re apparently ” in the know” </b , who at the end of the day, know not a god damn thing about the sport , let alone about the economics of sports !

    And how the hell the Marlins can be repeatedly be given such latitude to carpet bag and gut their roster without the hierarchy of baseball intervening, is beyond belief . Bud Selig is a fu#king charlatan , and the Marlins’ ownership lacks credibility and integrity !

    And this ass about face insinuation ” if we build it they will come ” _ fu#k that sh#t ! How’s that now working out for Marlins and Mets right about now ?

    Marlins’ payroll in 2011 and 2012 projected for 2013 .

    Miami Marlins’ value

    MLB team valuations —– along with revenues and profits

    July trades by Marlins & … November

    MLB team payrolls 2012
    , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 and as far back as 2003.

    Tophatal ……….


  3. They should now turn Marlins’ Ballpark into a communal farm and have pigs , goats hens and cattle simply graze off the grass and defecate wherever they choose , as it would be far more productive than having baseball be played on the diamond !

    “Break it down for me homey , I’m a mutha-##cking businessman , I need to make some money with this team ” ! Jeffrey Loria

    From left to right , Beinfest , Jeffrey Loria , and his stepson , David Sansom.

    Simply proving once a dick ,. always a dick ! Ozzie Guillen

    The one and only reason to go to a Marlins’ game in 2012 ! The girls at The Clevelander

    “I can’t believe , that you don’t know how to screw the fans , and get away with it.! It’s so simple, that even a caveman could do it ” ! Bud Selig speaking to Marlins’ owner , Jeffrey Loria

    Manny Diaz (former mayor of Miami) standing , seated Bud Selig and Jeffrey Loria


    Tophatal …………..


  4. I can understand your anger, Al, and it comes through in the piece. I don’t know what to tell you that will make you feel any better other than the fact that, it’s things like this, that as adults make us choose which teams to root, and not root for.

    When we see a franchise like the Rays that are run the right way, that is able to keep players, raise players and have those same players believe in the team, even take less to stay there, and not just wheel and deal them, well, those are the teams we should believe in and get behind.

    The Marlins current payroll is $30 million dollars. And I’m not sure what South Florida these days has to root for.

    If you no longer choose to root for them, well, you’re feelings should be understood.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      I abandoned the Marlins in late 2010 , and I now , fully throw my support behind the Atlanta Braves . That being said , the fond memories I have for the South Florida franchise will live on , but I cannot in all due conscience look from afar , and not question the motives of this entire organization , and in particular that of , Larry Beinfest , Dave Sansom , and principal owner , Jeffrey ,Loria .

      People seem to forget how Loria was allowed to buy team on the cheap , having sold the Montreal Expos to MLB for an inflated price , subsequently borrowing money from that same entity (MLB [1/2 % under LIBOR]) to buy the Marlins on the goddamn cheap . And in spite of two World Series in 1997 and 2003 , with the second of those titles coming , with Loria in charge , this ballclub has been mismanaged by every single fuc#ing owner, it has ever had .

      The fact that Bud Selig can countenance this , shows how goddam out of touch the hierarchy of baseball , just happens to be. I doubt whoever is in charge of the financial matters , Rob Manfred and Jonathan Mariner for the game actually knows how to read a mother fu##ing balance sheet .

      Baseball’s Winter Meetings are now taking place and just about everyone (owners) and member of the league hierarchy, has nothing to say. Everyone of these as#holes ( owners & league hierarchy) involved in the game are complicit in this, if they refuse to come out and be vocal on this issue .

      Courtesy of USA Today

      Baseball owners mum on Marlins, replay at meetings

      10:44PM EST November 14. 2012 –

      CHICAGO (AP) — While the Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays worked on a blockbuster trade with far-reaching implications, major league owners and executives descended on Chicago on Wednesday for the first of two days of meetings.

      The deal was the talk of the baseball world. But the game’s power brokers didn’t seem too interested in talking about the trade in public, perhaps waiting to see its full scope.

      “Not today, boys,” Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said as he strolled by a group of reporters. “If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not going to figure it out for you.”

      NIGHTENGALE: Many burned by Marlins fire sale

      Loria went on a spending spree last winter, handing out lucrative free-agent deals to All-Star shortstop Jose Reyes, left-hander Mark Buehrle and closer Heath Bell. The Marlins thought they would contend for the NL East title and draw 3 million fans in the first year of their publicly financed ballpark.

      But they flopped, finishing last in the division. Bell was traded to Arizona in October, with the Marlins agreeing to pay $8 million of the remaining $21 million owed to the reliever. Now Reyes, Buehrle and Josh Johnson — probably Miami’s best pitcher when healthy — are headed to Toronto for a package of top prospects.

      Click on link to read in full.

      There’s no transparency in baseball , NFL, hockey or the NBA and how the teams manage their finances . We’re told the NFL teams are making boatloads of money . But what real evidence is there , when the NFL hierarchy simply doesn’t open up their books for public scrutiny ? We can basically only go by the reports that are prepared by Goodell , his henchmen and whoever conducts the audit of the NFL’s finances .

      Basketball’s franchise finances (NBA) —- top paid players

      Baseball’s franchise finances (MLB) —– top paid players

      Hockey’s franchise finances (NHL) —– top paid players

      NFL franchise finances (NFL) —— top paid players

      MLB hierarchy

      Tophatal ……………..


  5. You were way ahead of anyone I know on the Marlins. The fans in Miami have been betrayed. How is any of this good for baseball? The con that was run on the people of South Florida is a disgrace to the game. Con men like Loria and McCourt,with the help of Selig, have made millions by bilking taxpayers who can’t even afford to attend the games. Great job on this one brother and I salute your forsight in dropping the Marlins like a bad habit. Cheers!


    1. aero

      I was a somewhat impasssioned with regard to the franchise , having lived for a number of years in South Florida , supporting the Marlins , before simply giving up on them in 2010 . As I have expressed in this piece , every single owner , in way or another , has mismanaged the ballclub, raked the fans and the community over the coals , while robbing them blind. The city of Miami itself , is now in a desperate situation with their own finances , apart from being under investigation by the US Justice Department , as to how they went about dealing with the debt financing for the new ballpark , which places the residents of Miami on the hook for $673 million , if the municipality (city) cannot repay that debt .

      “Rob , what are we going to do about Jeffrey Loria , as he’s beginning to become a real embarrassment for us and to the game ? I mean look at Frank McCourt , and the owners of the Mets , and how they did their s#it on the down-low . ” Bud Selig & MLB SVP Rob Manfred

      Can someone explain to me , what the ###k it is that Bud Selig has done to deserve being paid, in excess of $23 million a year on average for the past four years

      , while the small market teams struggle to eke out a profit , much less have a competitive payroll ?

      Tophatal ………


  6. For the inane fans out there who are still apathetic and so damn clueless while the likes of the likes of Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian sell us the fecal matter about the pure essence of baseball , perhaps it’s time for them to ask pointed questions of Bud Selig and why he allows Jeffrey Loria and other owners within the game to perpetrate such fraudulent acts ?

    “Spooning ? Well I look forward to the day when the players can spoon each other in the locker room ” ! Tim Kurkjian

    “That finely hewn body , if only A-Rod were a pretty girl , but he still drives me wild ” ! Buster Olney

    Kurkjian and Olney, remain a goddamn joke , with all of the ass kissing that the combined duo, do !

    The Marlins’ front office colluded with the MLB hierarchy to coerce the city of Miami to cough up $675 million for the building of Marlins’ Ballpark , and now that the city is under investigation by the US Justice Department , Selig and his mother fu#king cronies have ran for the hills , leaving Tomas Regalado and the city commission to bite the bullet , for everyone’s ‘ misdeeds .


  7. Well Miguel Cabrera beat out Mike Trout for the AL MVP , with Buster Posey taking the honor in the NL . Great accomplishment for both of these talented young players . It sets us on course to simply forget about piss ants such as Bonds , McGuire , Sosa and Palmeiro , for their antics and sullying the game .

    Buster Posey of the Giants . Posey in comparison to his NL compatriots in 2012.

    Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers , and his favorable stats against the AL’s best offensive players this past season. It should be noted that Cabrera was the first Triple Crown winner in baseball , in just over four decades. This I believed was the deciding factor that the adjudicators felt was the advantage for Miguel Cabrera to be allotted the honor , as the AL MVP for 2012 !

    Two of the best young players in the game , and we can expect to see more heroics from both as they set about establishing their careers in baseball .

    Tophatal ……………..


  8. So Bud Selig believes it pertinent to conduct an investigation behind the motives of the blockbuster trade being engineered —- between the Marlins and Blue Jays . Funny, after all of the misdeeds of the franchise in recent years , and the ongoing investigation being conducted by the US Justice Dept , concerning the Marlins’ ballpark and the part played by the Marlins’ executives and the communiques with the Miami city council in the process . We should be reminded, that Selig interjected himself in the process also , by repeatedly meeting with Miami Mayor , Tomas Regladao and his predecessor Manny Diaz , behind closed doors , on the matter , without their ever being any public disclosure of that fact . Bear in mind , the city and its residents are now on the hook for the $765 million spent to build Marlins’ Ballpark , in downtown , Miami,.

    It now seems strange that now would be the time that the commissioner thinks it pertinent to conduct an investigation. This is simply another dumb ass ploy on the part of Selig , to divert attention away from his own conduct , and that once again under his watch , another franchise continues to fu#k the fans , in the a#s repeatedly .

    Meanwhile self aggrandizing di#k-heads such as Tim Kurkjian , and Buster Olney can only opine on stats and what’s said to be good about the game , because the MLB hierarchy is one of ESPN’s biggest paymasters. Piss poor , MLB analysis and journalism , when it comes to baseball , from the cable outlet and broadcast provider.

    Tophatal …………


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale .

      When the Marlins came into being at their inception in the early nineties , the fan-base was there for a professional baseball franchise . What impeded the progress , was the sheer greed of the owner at the time , H D Wayne Huizenga , who simply thought that the principles he brought about in the success of turning the following companies into billion dollar enterprises could be replicated within the world of baseball. Waste Management , Blockbuster Inc and Auto Nation , were all companies that Huizenga founded and ran as a a successful enterprise , before divesting himself in stake-holds of those entities , along the way.

      It should be noted , that Huizenga , at the time owning the Marlins , was also either the outright owner or a majority stakeholder in the Florida Panthers and Miami Dolphins . And look at , how all three have fared , under his tenure .

      The fact that Bud Selig , is now suggesting that he will personally conduct an investigation into the actions of team owner , Jeffrey Loria , and the Marlins’ front office is a goddamn joke to begin with , considering his actions that surrounded the coercion used to force the city of Miami in approving the financing of the Marlins’ Ballpark . So make of it , what you will .

      The Marlins have been lucky enough to have won two World Series’ titles during their existence , but what cannot be denied is the financial mismanagement of the ball club by each of its owners during that time . All of which has come under Selig’s jurisdiction. as the MLB commissioner , an executive who just happens to be as clueless , as the day is long .

      We all know that the hierarchy of baseball has no fu#king integrity whatsoever , and anyone who believes to the contrary is a damn a#shole !


      Tophatal …………..


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