It wasn’t meant to be this way , as we had such high hopes ….

It wasn’t meant to be this way , as we had such high hopes ….

By Tophatal

So the final week of the NFL season is upon us and pretty much it all comes down to these final games , with a great deal still being up for grabs by way of divisional titles as well as a playoff berth for the postseason . And in the midst of this all the rancor within the New York Jets’ organization continues . Please , the team and the ongoing Tim Tebow , “ woe is me , you promised this , but instead I got that “ , is now beginning to wear thin and become a real pain in the ass ! Common sense, ought to now prevail , but fans are now literally _____ have been blinded by emotion , rather than using their sheer intelligence ! .


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The Jets’ season has spiraled out of control , and Rex Ryan is seeking to apportion blame elsewhere , but the “ mean-spirited “ Evil Queen , repeatedly uses the mirror, and magically places it , in front of Rex , in order for him to fully appreciate where the real blame really does lay . Personally , from the moment the trade was made for Tebow , with the organization acquiring the third year player from the Denver Broncos , I simply knew that a sideshow was about to begin ! The Jets’ coaching staff simply lacked the intelligence to know how best to use the young quarterback , and this continued idiocy , that he was good enough to be a starter in the NFL , merely because of a few fleeting moments in 2011 , was enough to indicate Tebow was a worthwhile backup to Mark Sanchez , was asinine and a real insult to those who claim to knowledgeable about the NFL . The Kool-Aid must now be the ” new elixir of life “ , either replacing 5 Hour-Energy or Viagra ? Fans , are now letting their emotions rule , rather than simply using common sense and logic in their decision-making . However, it doesn’t really come as a surprise when you read the statements being made by the fans . I wonder how many of them , with a game on the line , with their team needing a score would actually have Tim Tebow as their quarterback at such a crucial time or pivotal moment ? Chime in, with your thoughts on this .

If there’s a real story to be had in the NFL in 2012 , then it would have to encompass the play of three rookie quarterbacks this season , who have literally turned the NFL upside down, on its ear. Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson , have pretty much guaranteed their respective teams a postseason berth , whereas , Robert Griffin III , will seek to add the Washington Redskins in amongst the mix , by defeating the Dallas Cowboys in a crucial divisional game that will have a great deal more than the result riding on the outcome . A win for either for either team guarantees the NFC East divisional crown and a coveted playoff berth. Defeat , and it comes down to a season of missed opportunities , and questions arising as to where “ did we go wrong “ ?

The game itself, between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins , will be perhaps be the most eagerly anticipated of all the games taking place during the final week of the regular season schedule.

In the AFC , the picture is essentially clear, as to the makeup for the postseason , however, what still remains undecided , are the top two berths and descending order , as three teams are seeking at least to claim one of the two spots , that guarantees a bye in the first round of the postseason . At present the Houston Texans (12-3) , Denver Broncos (12-3) and the New England Patriots (11-4) , are each vying for the two berths in question. The Texans face a daunting task, as they meet divisional rivals the Indianapolis Colts , in what is a “must win “ situation for either team .

Denver will play host to the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field , in Denver , Colorado , and the Patriots host the fast-sliding Miami Dolphins . And as interesting as those games are likely , the buildup and the games themselves will provide a great deal suspense .

Disappointment also, can come in many guises , be it through a team’s record or the injuries sustained over the course of the season . Yet , nothing can hide the fact that in large , many of the problems suffered by the franchises , came by way of their inept play over the course of the 2012 schedule. Say what you will , but to my mind , while the jury may well still be out on the Chicago Bears (9-6), Detroit Lions (4-11), New Orleans Saints (7-8) , Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8) , Philadelphia Eagles (4-11) , and last but not least the San Diego Chargers (6-9) . It now has me wondering which head coaches , and how many will be relieved of their duties this off-season ? There’s no denying that waiting in the wings are the likes of Jon Gruden , Bill Cowher , and amongst the college ranks , Brian Kelly , Chip Kelly and dare I say it, the ubiquitous Nick Saban ?

The return of Nick Saban to the ranks of the NFL wouldn’t necessarily be a shot in the arm , but given his experiences on his first go-around , is there anyone with of the belief that he would prove to be a success at the helm of a franchise as an NFL head coach ? The asking price would be considerably high, given the success attained by Saban at the college level , but therein lies the dilemma facing an organization who might care to pursue the Alabama head coach. There is however , the belief that the coach will be one of the names atop of the list of a number of teams that will undoubtedly cast their nets afar , as they seek a replacement for a beleaguered incumbent head coach .

There now seems to be conflicting rumors as to whether or not Norv Turner will asked to return to the Chargers’ franchise in 2013. Chairman & team President , Dean Spanos , seem to be sending out mix signals concerning the head coach, as well as the future of general manager , A J Smith . I’m of the opinion that both should be relieved of their positions , once the season is over , with the organization seeking to fill both positions , in the lead-up to the 2013 NFL Draft ! A disastrous season mixed in , with some rather unbelievable decision-making by Norv Turner during the Chargers’ season , pretty much summed up the ineptitude of the team’s play over the course of 2012. And as admirable, as Philip Rivers may well have performed , I now get the feeling that the veteran quarterback’s days with the franchise are now numbered ! I truly do not believe, that the player wishes to remain with the Chargers , but demanding a trade would prove to be futile , unless a team came in with a rather generous offer for the player.

For the Philadelphia Eagles the plight of their season has been well chronicled and it now seems all but certain , that this will be the last fans will undoubtedly see of head coach Andy Reid and the team’s veteran quarterback , Michael Vick. From Vick’s indifferent play this season to the injuries that have befallen the roster , things have simply spiraled out of control for Reid and his coaching staff . The veteran will replace Nick Foles , who having started his first game for the franchise , the rookie is now on the team’s injured reserve list , having suffered a broken hand. Vick will be asked to lead the team in when they face the New York Giants at Met-Life Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey. And for Eli Manning and the Giants , it is now time to put up , or shut up , as this now seems to be a team that has lost its sense of direction and purpose , Tom Coughlin’s players seek to make a late postseason charge , as they seek to claim a playoff berth. How many times must the Giants’ fans have to endure the late season antics of this franchise ?

So, what if Calvin Johnson has broken Jerry Rice’s single season receiving yards’ mark ? Given the Lions’ record this season , is that that the sole reason to laud and applaud this team ? Jim Schwartz has lost control , and the roster of players have become ill-disciplined lackluster , never mind the antics of Lions’ defensive player Ndamukong Suh , who is being given every excuse possible by the NFL hierarchy to carry on with his disgusting on-field antics ! Anyone who believes to the contrary clearly has to watching the Lions through rose-tinted glasses. Matt Stafford may well be able to sling the ball all over the field , but when the team isn’t winning , those stats simply counts for nothing .

Mike Tomlins’ Steelers played themselves in and then out of contention, and now they’re on the outside looking in. Ben Roethlisberger , the two-time winning Superbowl quarterback has been erratic throughout much of 2012 , but the biggest issues concerning the roster has been the aging core of the team and the mere fact that the rookies from 2011 and 2012 have not proven to be productive enough to put the Pittsburgh Steelers in a position to win. And for franchise that built its reputation on having a staunch defense and a decisive running game , those two facets have been missing at times throughout much of this year.

Thankfully the asinine saga of the New Orleans Saints has come to pass and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s image is now lower than an invertebrate . Being such an asshole , Goodell can step back stage , rather than come up with another lame ass suggestion to curry favor with the fans and public at large . The commissioner’s latest notion, is to increase the number of playoff teams in the postseason . As if that’s really going to heighten the interest of the fans at large , a buffoon such as Roger Goodell really needs to make a cursory exit , stage left, and remain there ! Drew Brees and the Saints’ plight can be best summed up by stating …. “ the us against the world bullshit just didn’t cut it this season” , and the team was simply deserving of its fate this season !

The fact that, the best the NFL hierarchy could come up with in this rather disgusting episode was to state that there was an environment of deceit, lies and lack of overall accountability from within the Saints’ hierarchy , pretty much sums up how out of touch with reality the NFL just happens to be ! Never-mind , the fact that Paul Tagliabue , who rendered the verdict , overturning the suspensions of the four players ( Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Wil Smith & Scott Fujita) embroiled in the saga (Bounty scandal) , was very much a conduit for much of what we have witnessed in terms of a lack of real leadership within the NFL hierarchy. Not unlike the current President , his administration and the shoveling of shit , that he and the US Congress would rather pile into a hole of fecal matter , that they themselves , have dug and continue to fill with their platitudes rhetoric . The NFL at present , is simply bereft of any goddamn intelligence and common sense , and the owners and the union are not that far behind , in those aspects , either !

Tagliabue , Roger Goodell’s predecessor , has been a commissioner who showed little authority , and likewise , his successor in his current role, as commissioner , has shown himself to be a considerable ass , of the highest order !

While I live within the Central Florida area , it has to be said that the three NFL franchises within the state , have proven to be a profound disappointment . The always inconsistent Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-9) , alongside the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13) , and the equally abysmal Miami Dolphins(7-8) , has me wondering , if the state is meant to be such a “hotbed of superlative talent” , then how the hell is it , that we can never see any semblance of consistency , much less success from either of these three instate franchises ? Your thoughts, on this, by way of a response ?

I am not about to suggest that Greg Schiano , a first-year coach , or Mike Mularkey , and Joe Philbin should be relieved of their duties as head coaches for the franchises in question ! Yet the futility shown by all three teams must make you wonder , is the state of Florida really a place that’s amenable to the NFL , in spite of apparent fervor that is said to be shown for all three teams ? In terms of home attendance, the Jaguars rank thirteenth (519,872) , amongst the NFL’s thirty-two teams , Miami Dolphins (22nd) , with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (25th- [440,819]) bringing up the rear. . Perhaps, those figures are not necessarily the best way to gauge the fan-base of the teams in question, but even if you judge by the average attendance per home game , these figures do remain paltry .

Granted , the Miami Dolphins , remains a work in progress , with a rookie helming the team at the quarterback position . Ryan Tannehill is being asked to accomplish a great deal in his first season with the Dolphins , and it is clear that while he appears to be a competent player , he is not going to set the world alight , in spite of some the idiotic prognostications that came by way of the NFL analysts and like-minded fans within this forum and at large .

The Jacksonville Jaguars are aimlessly heading nowhere , and the mildly amusing chatter , suggesting that the franchise acquire Tim Tebow , while being laudable , and trumpeted by a cacophony of “ Tebow supporters “ , this is all becoming so asinine that it is beyond belief ! Since when has the NFL become an entitlement league ? Is there a welfare check to be had ? Fuck , where is this idiocy coming from, amongst the fans ?

Josh Freeman , the Buccaneers’ first round pick (seventeenth overall) from the 2009 NFL Draft, has once again proven to be a profound disappointment in 2012. Whatever , is being taught to Freeman by Bucs’ quarterbacks coach , Ron Turner , just doesn’t seem to be sinking in with the three-year starter , as his in-game decisions have become wildly errant and bewildering to say the very least , and that is especially true with the Buccaneers this season , as evidenced by his play . If there’s said to be a bright spot with regard to the team’s play , then based upon the resounding evidence , rookie running back , Doug Martin , has proven himself to be one of the more pleasant surprises in the NFL this season . Amongst the cotillion of rookie running backs from this year’s draft , only the Redskins’ Alfred Morris , has statistically shown to be better than his NFC counterpart. Something for the Buccaneers’ fans to pin their hopes on , alas , the issues will still remain concerning the lack of a potent passing offense and a good enough defense, to be truly competitive in the NFL , for this particular franchise.


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As the NFL season is about to come to a close , which team , teams or players to your mind has provided you with the best performances of 2012 ? And who in your honest opinion has proven to be the biggest letdown of the season , by way of a player or team ? Simply leave a comment as you deem fit , and continued thanks, for the overwhelming support of this site throughout 2012 , and my heartfelt wishes to you all , for a prosperous and successful 2013 ! Thanks, as always !


Picture and slideshow details below .

(1) New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy , bottom, is sacked by San Diego Chargers defensive end Corey Liuget , front left, during the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Chargers won 27-17 . AP Photo/Bill Kostroun …

(2) New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez , left, and Tim Tebow stand next to each other during the second half of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(3) New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan reacts during the second half of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

(4) FILE – This Nov. 11, 2012 file photo shows New York Jets’ Tim Tebow on the field before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Rex Ryan acknowledged Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012 that he had higher expectations for the seldom-used Tebow in the Jets’ wildcat-style offense. And, so did the NFL’s most popular and maligned backup quarterback. Now when I last surveyed the NFL , I wasn’t made aware that the player was owed anything, much less that the NFL had become a ” welfare program” for the underprivileged and less talented ! . So unless Tebow is expecting a ” welfare check” , he should keep his damn mouth shut , and set about honing his goddamn game , and stop whining like a little bitch ! AP Photo/Elaine Thompson ….

(5) Far exceeding expectations, the three top performing rookie quarterbacks from the 2012 NFL Draft . From left to right , Andrew Luck , of the Indianapolis Colts , Robert Griffin III , of the Washington Redskins and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks . RGIII seeks to join his rookie counterparts in gaining postseason berth for the Redskins . Add into the mix, the play of Andy Dalton , sophomore quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals , who has now guided that franchise to their second successive postseason appearance in two years . Courtesy of the NY Daily News / Getty Images ….

(6) After making a field goal to win the game , New Orleans Saints kicker Garrett Hartley (5) joins teammates Chase Daniel (10) , Mike Higgins (81) and Jermon Bushrod (74) in celebration during overtime play at an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. The Saints won 34-31 in overtime . AP Photo/Sharon Ellman …

(7) NFL Commissioner , Roger Goodell, left, is seen here with his predecessor , Paul Tagliabue , now a corporate lawyer, in private practice, with the nationally renowned law firm , Covington & Burling LLP,. of which Taglibue is a senior partner and co-founder of the D.C. based firm. Goodell , recently recused himself from hearing the appeals’ process for the four players embroiled in the Saints’ bounty scandal. Those suspensions of Jonathan Vilma , Scott Fujita , Anthony Hargrove and Wil Smith were overturned by Paul Tagliabue , who presided over the appeals’ hearing at the behest of Roger Goodell. The commissioner was not entirely happy with the verdicts rendered , as he felt the decision undermined his authority as the NFL’s highest ranking executive , which Goodell believes gives him unlimited powers , and a wide latitude to deal with regard to players’ behavioral conduct . AP Photo / Max Glover ….

(8) St. Louis Rams corner-back Janoris Jenkins (21) runs into Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman (5) after intercepting Freeman’s pass and returning it 41 yards for a touchdown during the second quarter of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. Rams is Robert Quinn (94) blocks. AP Photo/Reinhold Matay ….


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Hot chic pic of the day Draya Michelle . No bra , just panties , and a few droplets of water in running over all of the right places , simply leaves nothing to the imagination . Wouldn’t you agree ?


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

19 thoughts on “It wasn’t meant to be this way , as we had such high hopes ….”

  1. We can’t bear to watch how the New York Jets’ game against the Bills will play out this last week. For any Sanchez’ fans, make sure to watch the entire game because this will be last time you’ll ever see #6 wearing the green and white.


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      For the few Sanchez fans that remain , they can take heart in the fact that he may well have failed to “nail” both Jamie Lyn Sigler and Eva Longoria . Another part of Sanchez’s game that has gone to “pot” . Can’t get it done on the field , and he definitely doesn’t seem to be able to hold things down in the boudoir . That’s unless he’s using both hands to pleasure himself ?

      Jamie Lynn Sigler How could Sanchez miss out on this ? LOL,LOL !!


      Eva Longoria …. Vava voom !

      Tophatal ……………………….


  2. In the words immortalized by the late Rodney King ” why can’t we all just get along ” when it comes to Tebow ? Last I looked the NFL hadn’t become a welfare benefit office , whereby the player gained a damn welfare check , or in this case was given the opportunity become a starter , merely because he was brought into the fold . What the hell has Tim Tebow done in 2012 to be deserving of a starter’s role ? Not one person has been able to answer that question succinctly other than to suggest he needs to be given a chance . Tebow needs his ” government cheese ” LOL,LOL,LOL ” !!! As it now comes courtesy of the NFL . !

    Is Tim Tebow on welfare ? Someone please answer that question ? And please do so , succinctly .

    If Tebow wants some of that government cheese , then let him go ” cap in hand to Obama” , if he wants to play in the NFL , then his a$$ has to improve as a player ! . And that’s all for all of the Tebow apologists out there , who don’t simply get it . In real the real world you don’t damn well get something, for nothing !

    Rex Ryan stated that Tebow has a great work ethic , ” he’s the first in for practice and the last one out ” . Funny, how is it , in that time , not one part of his game , can be described as having progressed or can be looked upon as being productive .


      1. Steven Jeffries

        I’ll repeat this for the very last time , what has Tebow shown you , to indicate that he can play in the NFL ? But for a few rare moments in the latter half of 2011 for the Broncos , he’s done nothing , absolutely nothing . And as I’ve said , if his work ethic is as great , as Rex Ryan has suggested , then how the hell is it , that he couldn’t beat out McElroy or Sanchez for the starting position on the roster ? It’s becoming clear that you’re letting your emotions rule , rather than using sound judgment ! Because , you’d have been able to give a succinct response , rather than this continued idiocy that he’s not being given a chance .

        Does Tebow get reps alongside the first team offense or not , two , the coaching staff and specifically Ron Turner would be watching the player , would they not ? So explain to me succinctly , what it is that you see that makes you believe Tim Tebow should be a starter ?

        Has he to your mind, shown you anything to suggest that any damn facet of his game has improved ?

        Far too many fans are letting their hearts rule their head , and they’re simply not using any common sense whatsoever !

        Tophatal ………….


  3. So I’m supposed to be happy that Megatron breaks Rice’s single season yardage reception record , while the woefully inept Lions ends their season with a sub. 500 record ? Since when was apathy and futility …. deemed acceptable in the NFL ? I’m calling it like I see it , plain and simple as that . If you don’t like it , then seek life and solace elsewhere by suckling on a breast or licking a nipple .

    24/7 , always available . 1-800-LICK-A-NIPPLE .


    “Yes this is a real mustache , and I call it my flavor taster , instituted for when I go ‘ down low ‘ on my beautiful wife ” !
    Jags’ owner Shahid Khan

    Jags’ owner , Shahid Khan , now wants to acquire Tim Tebow ? His judgment now has to come into question , in spite of the fact he’s a billionaire automotive company , car parts’ owner . Khan ,I hope . does realize that there are ” Lemon Laws “ , within the state of Florida ?

    “Coach Saban , can you dispel these rumors that you’re about to return to the NFL ” ? ” Yes I can, but we’ll have to finish this interview in my private office , because I want to see what else you can hold with a firm grip , like you’re now holding that microphone ” !

    Nick Saban
    quite possibly returning to the NFL ranks would not be good for the league , nothing good can come of it ! That’d be like placing Bobby Petrino in a room filled with female graduate assistants , and then asking him to ” look , but do not touch ” .

    ” Coach Petrino , what have now you learned from riding bareback , in excess of 60 mph ? ” “I’ve first learned that oral sex is preferable to trying it on a motor cycle and not to tell my wife that I’m working late in the office with one of my graduate assistants ” !

    There’s no truth to the rumor that Bobby Petrino gave Jessica Dorrell UTI ( a urinary tract infection) , though there is speculation that it might have been gonorrhea . Petrino and Jessica Dorrell , his former mistress, and former graduate assistant .

    Tophatal ……………………….


  4. The Jets are an absolute joke, there’s really nothing more to be said about them. We’ll see what they do in the off-season, and where the key players in this sitcom end up. Then they may be worth talking about. But for now I’m tuning out the “Rex Ryan Comedy Hour”.


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barkdale

      I’d be pleasantly surprised if all three quarterbacks remain on the Jets’ roster for next season ! As I’ve said no one can say succinctly why Tebow deserves to be a starter , other than to suggest that because he’s on the team’s roster he’s deserving of that chance . Mentioned in this piece and commentary , the NFL is not an entitlement league and I don’t believe Tim Tebow is on welfare or any other form of economic or social aid . So why should his whining ass now be given a handout by the Jets ?

      “Tim I want you to listen to coach Sparano and myself , as we have your best interests at heart ” ! Rex Ryan & Tebow

      “Wildcat ” , ” stuffed cat ” , or a simple piece of female “beaver” the Jets would still have struck out , as they’re not that good a team !

      Tebow isn’t that bright and a potential move to the Jags , simply sets his career further into regression , as the Jacksonville Jags have done poorly in the draft over the past five seasons .

      The Jags are by far the worst team in the AFC South and the franchise’s front office is literally filled with clueless individuals .

      Tophatal ……………….


    2. There’s so much that is wrong with the Jets’ team beyond the issues with Tebow , that when it’s all said and done , their record in the AFC East simply reflects what this team really is , and who they actually are . And that is , they’re overrated , and not a particularly well coached organization .

      Simply look at Rex Ryan and his coaching staff’s credentials . Tony Sparano has to be among , one of the worst offensive coordinators in the entire NFL .

      It’s enough to drive me to drinking even more milk , especially from a pair like these !

      Tophatal ……


  5. It’s not wrong to treat the Saints as if they’re the wicked stepchild of the NFL , ’cause even Cinderella in the end , got to go the ball , and marry her Prince Charming . So who’ll now step up to plate and assist the franchise in regaining their credibility , integrity as well as respect around the league ?

    Payton , Brees & Joe Vitt

    Can the duo of Payton and Vitt , ever be trusted again ? And to my mind Brees now has both credibility and integrity issue ! Chime with your thoughts .

    Tophatal ……………….


  6. Oh, Alan, Alan, Alan…what can I say? I haven’t taken leave of my NFL senses! I realize Tebow is not a great NFL QB. He may never even be a good QB. But the fact is, the Jets used him to sell tickets and merchandise. They never intended to let him play. They waisted his time and a year of his NFL career.

    Now he needs to move on from this crazy franchise and “put it on the line.” If he has talent to contribute to winning games for a team, so be it. If he doesn’t, so be it. But one way or another, he deserves a real chance to earn a spot on a roster, just like any other QB, until he has shown beyond a doubt that he has nothing to give. And NO, he hasn’t had that chance in NY…


    1. I asked you , if you were the general manager and owner of a franchise would you have drafted the player ? Not one person has answered that question succinctly , instead it’s this idiocy of giving the player a chance . He’s had his chance in Denver , a few fleeting moments and no real signs of progress . His work ethic may well be admirable , but if he’s such a hard working individual , then how is it , that he has simply not been impressive enough to even convince Rex Ryan , that he is good enough to start ? Have you ever considered that , rather than repeating the same old diatribe and drivel ?

      There’s been no rhyme or reason to even the argument you’re trying to state and that’s so sad .

      The NFL isn’t part of the US government and last I looked , they weren’t handing out a form of lame ass welfare , in other words , giving a whining little bitch a chance to play !

      Oh , woe is lil’ Timmy give him a chance , ahh ! Is this the sort of whining we’re now suppose to expect from the player ? Tebow’s been done wrong ? No more like we’ve been duped by mediocre player who still believes he can make it in the NFL . Let’s be real are you prepared to make a five year monetary commitment to the player with menial talent at best ? All I hear is this asinine whining , without any logic and even sound economic sense coming into play . Is there anyone hear prepared to actually use some common sense at least ?

      Tophatal ………………..


    2. And if Tebow is to move on , where should he go ? Would your Cowboys be prepared to acquire him or any other team you favor ? If we’re going to debate this , then let’s have some common sense and not idiocy being interjected , as we can leave that sort of; “bull$hit” to the ‘ morons ‘ seated in Congress !

      Steven , Tebow’s name is on a roster (depth chart) , the Jets’ roster , or has that escaped your notice ? The fact is he hasn’t proven himself capable enough to beat out either McElroy or Sanchez . Can’t you accept that , even if the coaching staff of the Jets just happens to be represented by a bunch of crazy loons .



    3. Steven Jeffries

      Tebow hasn’t the necessary skill-set to be a starter in the NFL . If you haven’t realized that by now , and the fact that he was coddled ,, and that Urban Meyer rode on his (Tebow’s) coattail , while not helping the player improve his game at the college level , in order for him to have even the remotest chance in the NFL . Then what else , needs to be said ?

      Another of Meyer’s charges , Alex Smith , look at his situation , he gets beaten out by Kaepernick . Look at , how long Smith toiled in the league , and but for his play in 2011 , I think it’d be pretty safe to say , he was on the cusp of being jettisoned by Harbaugh and the Forty Niners’ organization !

      Hayek in a scene from the movie ” From Dusk ’til Dawn”

      While I’ll take a chill pill , I’ll leave you with some curt pictures of Salma Hayek to calm your nerves .

      Crunch these assets and let me know what you cam up with .

      I try to make all of my patrons feel welcomed .

      Now this is what I’m talking about ! All women should be as amenable as Roselyn Sanchez and break off a piece of ” the fellatio ” !

      Tophatal ……………………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Everything about the Jets’ season has been a fuc$ing farce ! And yet these dumb fans are calling for Tebow. The kid hasn’t shown that he has a propensity to learn, and the only response they have is that he hasn’t been given the chance . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! It’s that sort of apathy that makes this country look so frigging stupid !

      Rex Ryan doesn’t deserve to be returned to his position next season , but then again given the idiocy shown by the front office , just about anything is possible with the franchise , as there’s been no common sense shown by the executives , coaching staff , much less the players themselves !

      If Ryan is fired , I can see GM Mike Tannenbaum , gauging the interests of Jon Gruden , Chip Kelly , Bill Cowher , Steve Mariucci or some dumb f$ck to take over that lunatic asylum with all of its issues both on and off the field of play !

      Tebow being traded to the Jags only sends that franchise sinking into further into an even deeper abyss of mediocrity ! Haven’t the fans who are the proponents of such a move , seen how good the Colts , Texans and apparently the Titans now seem to be ? The apologists out there for the quarterback, are anally retentive !

      Tophatal ……………..


  7. Glad it is ending…..really….. some teams are going to have to retool completely….including my Steelers. Some aree and will be bottom dwellers for years to come though. Terrible year


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