Did I miss something ? Culling baby seals was meant to be compassionate , not so the case , when it comes to the NFL


Did I miss something ? Culling baby seals was meant to be compassionate , not so the case , when it comes to the NFL

By Tophatal

The fallout, in the NFL has begun, with teams now looking to rid themselves of their head coaches and staff . As their horrendous seasons , poor performances of the teams, and that of the players , who are being paid a King’s ransom for their services , which sent these franchises crashing back down to earth. To date, and counting, there have been five NFL head coaching firings , with quite possibly more to come , down the pike .


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As if the fans needed any further evidence, to emphasize the fact that the New York Jets remains a franchise heading in the wrong direction , after a season of inept performances , and the continued cry for Tim Tebow to be installed as the team’s starting quarterback . Haven’t we seen enough ineptitude over the past four years by this Presidential administration and Congress , without wanting to add this idiocy ? However , it would appear that apathy is now the acceptable norm , for such fans , rather than their intelligence being shown.

Five NFL coaches , have now been relieved of their duties and there is the belief that there could very well be a few more names added to that list . Andy Reid has been fired as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles . No great surprise there , considering the fact that , the players simply quit on their head coach , rather than giving the best of themselves over the course of this season .

With the postseason schedule now being set , with the twelve participants from the two conferences , now waiting to get this part of the NFL’s schedule off and running . It will be interesting to see which of these teams will now be viewed as the prohibitive favorite for the Superbowl . Over the course of the regular season , there has not been one dominant team, where you could categorically state that , such team/franchise should undeniably be viewed as an outright favorite . Gary Kubiak and the Houston Texans , having looked like a well-deserving number one seed in the AFC , have within the past three weeks , played as a team, whose playoff inexperience and lack of authority, could very well make them a first round casualty during these playoffs . They have essentially slipped down the pecking order within the AFC , to become the number three seed , who will now have to play host to the Cincinnati Bengals, and sophomore quarterback, Andy Dalton , and his fast charging teammates , who will be looking to acquit themselves well, this postseason.

On Sunday night , in what was a vastly entertaining game , during which , a great deal was said to be on the line for both teams. The Washington Redskins , seeking to win their first divisional title (NFC East) since 1999, that scenario played out like a riveting suspense thriller , for merely a quarter . And for all of this asinine assertion that Tony Romo , being a great regular season quarterback, while the stats may well bear this out , when it matters most , the Cowboys’ quarterback , simply has “no stomach “ for a real down in the trenches ____ full-blown out fight . Truth be known , Romo , is vastly overpaid , in terms of what he has offered the franchise , in terms of a dividend . In contrast , Romo’s counterpart , in last night’s event , rookie quarterback , Robert Griffin III, indicated why it is , that for much of the season , he has been the main focus behind the success of the Redskins’ extraordinary season. Add in the play, of rookie , Alfred Morrisand wide receiver , Pierre Garcon, and you can understand why the fans in and around the DC area, feel that they have a great to be excited about . There is a sense of urgency to the Redskins, and that something special is now on the horizon .

With the Redskins coming away with a decisive 28-18 victory and pretty much putting an end to another season of sheer ineptitude by the Dallas Cowboys, which pretty much shuttered whatever hopes that they might have had for the postseason. There will now be decisive questions being asked of not only head coach , Jason Garrett and his impending future , but also whether or not Tony Romo is indeed the quarterback needed to lead this team , long-term . Team owner, Jerry Jones , can continue to make all the excuses he wants , but even he , must now come to the realization for the money being paid out in payroll , the dividends reaped have been miniscule , to say the very least .

If the Cowboys are viewed as one of the major disappointments of this season, then one would have to place the under-achieving Chicago Bears alongside their NFC counterpart. Far be it for me to suggest , but if you are placing your hopes on Jay Cutler to lead you anywhere , then you would be better of shoving your finger up your own ass , removing it, and then sniffing, to see if the bouquet is just as rancid a stench, as served up by the Bears over the course of this season. Brian Urlacher, fit, or not, is now on the downside of what one could describe as a moderate career. Future Hall of Fame inductee , well that remains to be seen , but given what we’ve seen from Urlacher over the years , he is a possible candidate , once having met the criteria .

In order for Lovie Smith’s players to have made the postseason , a victory was necessary over the Detroit Lions . God knows, the Lions, have been equally as abysmal , and that is with Calvin Johnson having surpassed the single season receiving yards’ mark , a record held by the illustrious Jerry Rice . Having secured, a narrow 26-24 victory , the Bears also needed assistance , with both the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings needing to lose in their respective games on Sunday afternoon. That would not be the case, with the Seahawks defeating (20-13) the St Louis Rams , and the Vikings pulling off a surprising victory (37-34) over the Green Bay Packers . Those two wins , pretty much sealed the fate of the Bears for the season, and with it all leading to the dismissal of Lovie Smith, as the head coach of the franchise.

While there seems to apoplexy , with the firings of five coaches in the NFL , it has to be said while the blame is being placed upon their shoulders . One has to ask , of the so-called players thought to be leaders on the teams that have failed so miserably, who are highly paid , yet when it mattered most , they were nowhere to be seen.

During the off-season , you can be sure that there will be a major upheaval of the player personnel rosters around the league , as a number of high-priced and overvalued free agents will be placed on the market . The likelihood will be , that a number of teams will be foolish enough to acquire those players , as they seek to revamp their rosters.

With College Bowl season now underway , a number of the likely coaching candidates that may well viewed as potential hires in the NFL , will be on view for the front office executives and team owners seeking a new head coach. Atop of that list , is said to be Nick Saban , along with Brian Kelly , Chip Kelly , Mark Richt , Mike Nolan and quite obviously the former NFL coaches now on the sidelines as NFL analysts , Jon Gruden , Bill Cowher and Brian Billick. To my mind however, one of the potential possible hires , has to be Indianapolis Colts’ coaching assistant Bruce Arians . While , head coach, Chuck Pagano underwent chemotherapy for cancer , it was Arians who led the Colts to some highly unlikely victories during 2012. Yet , while praise has to be heaped upon Bruce Arians , you simply cannot overlook the “ astonishing “ rookie season of Andrew Luck , who was asked to step into the larger than life shoes of Peyton Manning . And the rookie did not fail to deliver , with the Colts garnering double-digit wins , on their gaining a postseason berth and a potential blockbuster game against the Baltimore Ravens in the wildcard round of the playoffs.



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As to what the postseason now holds for the teams now eager to get this part of the season underway , it makes for a great deal of suspense for the fans and analysts alike , who view this part of the NFL season as one of the most exhilarating facets of the NFL calendar. Your thoughts, on this all, and what deem to be the most fascinating time of the year within the league ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit and thank you for what has been a highly insightful year within this community . May you all, have a prosperous and peaceful New Year !


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(1) Norv Turner speaks during an NFL football news conference, Monday, Dec. 31, 2012, in San Diego. Turner was fired as head coach by the Chargers Monday, along with general manager A.J. Smith , after missing the playoffs for the third straight season. AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi …

(2) FILE – In this Dec. 23, 2012, file photo, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt appears before an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals fired Whisenhunt Monday, Dec. 31, after six seasons that included the long-suffering franchise’s only Super Bowl appearance. AP Photo/Paul Connors …

FILE – In this Dec. 30, 2012 file photo, Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey walks off the field after his team’s 28-9 win over the New York Jets in an NFL football game in Orchard Park, N.Y. Gailey has been fired by the Buffalo Bills after three losing seasons, the team announced Monday, Dec. 31, 2012. AP Photo/Gary Wiepert ….

(4) FILE – In this Dec. 2, 2012, file photo, New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, left, stands with general manager Mike Tannenbaum , center, and owner Woody Johnson before an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in East Rutherford, N.J. Ryan insists he’s a Jet all the way and wants to coach the team for the “next 15 years.” He dismisses as “untrue” a report that says he would welcome being fired if Johnson doesn’t upgrade the offense. Tannenbaum was summarily dismissed by Johnson , and it was felt that it was “something of a warning” to Ryan , as to how close , the coach himself , came close to  being fired    , by the beleaguered owner . AP Photo/Kathy Willens ….

(5) The ” not so magnificent seven ” . Seven NFL head coaches fired on what has come to be known as ” Black Monday” . From top left, to bottom right , Chan Gailey, Norv Turner, Pat Shurmur , Lovie Smith , Ken Whisenhunt , Romeo Crennel and Andy Reid . AP Photo/ Reid Harper ….

(6) Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) runs away from Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Landover, Md. The Redskins won 28-18 . AP Photo/Richard Lipski ….

(7) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) greets Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III after an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Landover, Md. The Redskins won 28-18, securing a playoff berth. AP Photo/Evan Vucci …



NB: It is now official, that the number of head coaches fired , on what is now being described as “Black Monday” has risen from five to seven head coaching officials .


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49 thoughts on “Did I miss something ? Culling baby seals was meant to be compassionate , not so the case , when it comes to the NFL”

  1. Now I get it , cull the seals to for food and anything else of benefit for mankind , but by comparison , when it’s said to done in the NFL, it’s because the coaches are lousy !

    Romo is more “Hollywood” than he is an NFL quarterback . Far too many people are buying into this bull$hit , when he has one or two good games in a stretch of five or six . How anally retentive , do you have to be, to be sold on that bull$hit ?

    Tony Romo’s days in Dallas can’t be long for this franchise or the world . Good regular season quarterback , if you like stats , but when it comes to winning meaningful games , he stands out there, alongside the lousy contestants , on one of those eponymous reality talent shows . As for the idiots out there throwing up stats for his last few games , get a damn clue ! Those stats count for nothing, when the guy has no fu#king intangibles when it comes to winning meaningful games .

    Romo is overpaid , and a lousy leader in the true sense of the word !

    Unfortunately , there are not many within this forum , who are prepared to say that succinctly , instead they’d rather sugar coat things as per usual .

    The upcoming game between the Colts and Ravens , could very well be the best of the wildcard round games of the postseason


    Perhaps German adult entertainer , Bishayn Beshine , could teach Romo and Tebow a thing or two about handling real adversity well ?

    Once again no common sense seems to be prevailing with regard to the Jets . GM, Mike Tannenbaum, gets fired , yet , both Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano remain . And no doubt we’ll still have the Tebow “apologists ” trying to make hay while the sun shines , by suggesting the best thing for the kid , is a trade to the Jaguars .

    Bishayn Bishane


    “The Three Stooges” and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano .

    Is it any wonder why the Jets sort failed so miserably this season ?

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  2. Well the firing of Whisenhunt and specifically Lovie Smith with the Bears , shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone ! The quarterback play from the respective quarterbacks at those franchises can be best described as mediocre to average at best .

    Highest paid NFL quarterbacks & average salary of those quarterbacks .

    “Jay , what do you consider to be the five greatest moments of your NFL career ” ? …. ” Just let me think about that for a moment …………………….

    With the idiots out there craving for Tebow , would you want this dick , at the helm of your team at the quarterback position ? Jay Cutler of the Bears

    If this guy was meant to be a “winner ” then Paris Hilton should be at Harvard getting a Ph.D .

    If the figures posted by Kolb as a backup to Vick was meant to impress then whomever at the Cardinals made the decision to trade for Kevin Kolb must have been on some “special K” .

    Jay Cutler and Kevin Kolb were given ludicrous contracts by their respective teams ( Bears and Cardinals ) and the returns , reaped from the investments for both franchises , they should feel cheated !

    Paris Hilton has been penetrated , as evidenced by her infamous sex tape , but nowhere as much as both Cutler and Kolb have been penetrated , being sacked , knocked on their ass over the course of their careers .

    Tophatal ……. .


  3. Lovie was a bit of a surprise but the other pink slips were definitely expected…especially here in San Diego. Looking forward to a new Chargers regime…one with a chance to actually win a couple playoff games and make it to the Super Bowl. With Norv the Chargers had no chance.


    1. Drew

      Are you kidding ? Look, for the period of time that Jay Cutler has been with the Bears , what the hell has the player achieved ? If he (Cutler) were any softer , he’d be Clay Aiken’s bitch !

      If Jay Cutler is looking for some “penetration ” , here’s the guy who’ll gladly oblige . Clay Aiken. But in this case , it’ll be Aiken , who does the penetrating .

      The Spanos family had to do something, and jettisoning both AJ Smith and Norv Turner was the right thing to do , but it came several years too late .

      Tophatal ……………..


  4. Who is to blame?? Lovie Smith had a good run….but he had a lousy QB as far as I’m concerned….same with Reid, Vick needed an offensive line. Lay the blame on bad drafts for QB’s…Ariz had nothing…how would they have done with someone like Ben or Brees? Turner just couldn’t do it. Without Ben Steelers would not have even been 8 and 8….don’t like Haley whatsover. let him go to Ariz…..hire Gailey or Turner and let Ben play HIS game……again pros get too much for what they are doing. Watch for major changes in the Burgh for 2013 which needs a strong run blocking game…..just games anyway….wonder why Brady keeps getting it done??? Welker


    1. al clements

      As far as I’m concerned the Bears’ front office made a monumental mistake when they traded for Jay Cutler ! His body of work with the Broncos was littered with errors , and merely , because he can sling the ball for miles , doesn’t make him a great quarterback . Anyone recall the career of Jeff George ? The guy had a cannon for an arm , but the ” brain matter ” between his ears gave credence that his IQ wasn’t even above 100 . It’s the same with Jay Cutler , but yet you have idiots such as Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski of ESPN , literally drinking out of the pot the player defecates and pisses in .

      Reid , should have stepped down last year , rather than preside over this season’s debacle led by Michael Vick .

      In the case of Whisenhunt , the Cardinals haven’t had a worthwhile quarterback , since Kurt Warner was lighting up the scoreboard with Larry Fitzgerald as his main target .

      Tophatal ………………


    2. aero

      I’d pay him (Tebow) a base salary of $200,000 and the rest of his contract would be incentive laden , topping out at no more than $1.5 million , and that would all I would be prepared to pay him !

      Tophatal ………..


    3. al clements

      Lovie did have a good run , but his efforts weren’t being aided by a vastly inconsistent and pass happy blowhole like Jay Cutler ! The quarterback spent more time on his back …… than a porn star being asked to multiple retakes for sex scene in a porn movie .

      “Off course I see multiple Superbowl wins and a Superbopwl MVP in my future . My spiritual adviser told me of this long ago ” Jay Cutler allegedly an acclaimed NFL quarterback ?



      Jenna (Jameson) has been known to all of her best work while lying on her back while taking down some fluids .

      Just like Jay Cutler , Jenna Jameson was world renowned for doing all of her best work , while lying on her back . But in most guys’ cases we loved the entertainment that Jenna provided while she was doing her act ! When it comes Cutler the quarterback , he simply sucked out loud , and that’s without the seminal fluid being swallowed . .

      Tophatal …………


    1. al clements

      My sincerest and heartfelt wishes to you and the family over the festive period , have a peaceful and prosperous New Year !

      Get it done this year !

      Tophatal ………

      Tophatal …………………..


  5. The Eagles should have fired Reid last year. The Cowboys are going no where until the hire a real head coach. The Skins had the basics of a good team last year. RG3 propelled them to a good season. The Seahawks no one thought would have made the playoffs. I haven’t seen an NFL or college game since September 29. I haven’t followed anything until yesterday. Surprised about the Eagles? NO! i saw their first three games and they were in deep trouble.


  6. Jay Cutler remains a failure in the NFL and anyone who’d now try to suggest to the contrary cannot truly understand the game especially as it now relates to the quarterbacks now playing in the league .

    The current Bears’ quarterback entered the 2006 NFL Draft as the eleventh overall pick of the Broncos .

    Now let’s see how Cutler fared that year , in comparison with his contemporaries taken that year .


    Actress Kellita Smith

    Tophatal ……..


  7. At this point I’m not sure why Jerry Jones should continue to show loyalty to Tony Romo. He’s had plenty of opportunities to prove himself, and once again with the game on the line he couldn’t get it done. With RGIII injured and the Redskins passing game non-existent, Romo’s interceptions killed the Cowboys chances.


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

      The more I hear about Romo and how good he is said to be as a player , the more I know how f#ked up the world just happens to be ! The Cowboys’ quarterback just isn’t good enough to lead this team , much less any team coached by Jason Garrett and owned by Jerry Jones to a Superbowl . The likes of Ron Jaworski and Merril Hoge can continue to drink out of the porcelain pot that the player jointly with Jay Cutler continues to defecate and urinate in !

      The game between Dallas and the Redskins , clearly defines why the Cowboys will always be overrated ,. even with the departure of RGIII , those dumb as$holes still couldn’t take advantage of the situation and eke out a win . That’s all you need to know about the Dallas Cowgirls , who will always menstruate their seasons away ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! It’s that time of the month and year !

      Tophatal ….. …..


  8. With Blaine Gabbert’s lack of success in Jacksonville along with Tebows ability to pull in the fans and sell merchandise, the Jags should do what they can to sign him. I know you’re not Tim’s biggest fan, but you’ve got to admit, from a financial standpoint it makes a lot of sense.


    1. aero

      We know Gabbert has struggled but look at what he’s got by way of the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks’ coach ? Not much wouldn’t you agree ?

      If Tebow comes to the Jags , beyond the franchise making few extra dollars , do you honestly see them competing against the Colts , Texans and Titans , within the AFC South ? Be honest with yourself, at least .

      With that as a basis , do you not believe that it’s likely to Groundhog Day all over again , were he with the Jags , especially when you look at the makeup of the division and the dominance of both the Colts and Texans ? . And especially when you consider Tebow’s experience with the clueless Jets !

      With regard to Tebow my knock against him , is that he hasn’t shown me that he has a propensity to learn ! He was coddled in college by Urban Meyer , who did little to assist Tim Tebow to improve his game at the collegiate level , hence the real lack of success at the NFL level . Fans are simply not bright enough to be damn well cognizant of that very fact , instead it’s this asinine notion just give him a chance . The NFL is not a welfare agency , when I last looked at the league and the players at the upper echelons of the quarterback ranks were not welfare recipients !

      Milani's breasts

      I’m sure you wouldn’t mind placing your hands on Denise Milani’s plump but “juicy assets ” ?


      Tophatal ………………..


    2. aero

      In terms quality of quarterback play in the league this season , you’d be hard pressed to not suggest that the AFC South , AFC East , NFC West and AFC West haven’t got some of worst players at the position /quarterback in the NFL .

      NFL quarterbacks taken in the NFL Draft since its inception . And here are their stats .

      And the likely quarterbacks anticipated to declare their eligibility for the the 2013 NFL Daft .

      A little birdy whispered in my ear , telling me , you like your women hot , not too slutty , and simply willing to oblige ? How true is that ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Or do you live by the credo , a gentleman never discusses such things in public ? So what do you think about the above female ? Do-able ?

      Tophatal ……………………


  9. I think if Jacksonville signs Tebow it will be a prime example of capitalism. Given the fact that he was raised in that area and the fans would come in large numbers to see him play, he would definetly be paying his own way. There are versions of the spread offense popping up all over the NFL and let’s face it the Jags can’t get much worse. I’d give him a one year deal, if it works great if not send him on to his ministry. Cheers brother!


    1. aero

      One man’s idea of capitalism, is an anathema to others . Fans may well come out to see Tebow at Everbank Field but after a while if the Jags aren’t winning , which they now do so infrequently . , I seriously doubt that they’ll even come out to see him play , even out of curiosity !

      Tebow needs to get in touch with his masculine side and ” nail ” a couple of chicks , and then get back to honing his game , or he will be thought of as a monumental bust .

      Last season the franchise made a little over $28 million in profits , as a small market concern in the NFL . Here’s my problem with the Jags , since the days of Boselli , Fred Taylor and Brunell , the franchise hasn’t really achieved much at all . Hell , I doubt most fans around the NFL actually would be aware that there are three professional NFL franchises in the state of Florida, and that one of them was actually named the Jacksonville Jaguars .

      The last time an NFL franchise from the state of Florida had any major success was over decade ago when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders in Superbowl (SBXXXVII) in 2002 .

      Since then , there have been some really lean years , for all three NFL franchises based in Florida . This state has become the armpit and the elephant’s asshole that’s defecating and taking a piss , when it come to any form of tangible success in league , since the Buccaneers’ triumph .

      Tophatal …………….


  10. You’re right, Al.

    There is a lack of quality coaches in the league and now tenured coaches as well.

    Only three coaches hired before 2005 are still with their teams: Lewis, Coughlin and Belichick.

    But it’s a win now league so that explains the high turnover.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Perhaps only the sport of baseball can lay any real claim to say that they’ve now got some quality when it comes to coaches/managers ? In the NFL …. coaches . The NBA , only Carlisle , Popovich , Rivers and Spolestra of the current crop of coaches have won an NBA title .

      NHL current coaches .

      The NHL , well that’s a flea bitten dog of another sort and considering they’re now three months plus into their league induced lockout , where both the hierarchies of the NHL and Players’ Union (NHLPA) , might as well be walking around with dildos stuck up their asses ! Does anyone really care, if they return to make a shortened season ? I know that I certainly don’t , nor do I care ! Hockey isn’t a well ran sport and both Bill Daly , Gary Bettman , union Executive Director, Donald Fehr , have no goddamn idea , as to the irreparable damage they’ve now done to the sport, and its image . As for the idiocy of some of the claims made by the patrons within your site , concerning hockey and its recovery . Well it’s become abundantly clear , they simply don’t know what the fu#k they are talking about !

      At present , only the NBA and NFL , have my undivided attention ! Everything else on the sports’ landscape , is simply non-existent , as far as I’m concerned !


      Melyssa Ford

      As a matter of fact , gimme some “beaver” , like Melyssa Ford and I’m frigging happy !

      Boy, what I wouldn’t do to “hit that” ! Esmerelda Luciano , a real nice piece of hot Latina as$ !

      Tophatal …….. 01/04/2013 04:42 AM EST


  11. Well, Alan, I have to say it’s quite a journey to the comments section of your posts! All of the thoughts among all the “chick pics” can take days to get here! As for your post, it is vivid and expressive. I agree with most of it, especially about Romo and the Jets organization.

    Most all of these coaches and players are paid ‘a king’s ransom’ to perform well, and several fail to do so. It’s a high-stakes gamble with many teams…who to trade for, who to draft, etc. I think we’ll see some good games in this year’s playoffs, however!

    Good post, Alan!


    1. Steven Jeffries

      With regard to the chic pic, well I loves me some chicken-n-beer and women ! The girlfriend who’s a partner in an interior designer firm , well a number of their clients are high end firms and once in a while on a weekend when I am visiting her in O-town (Orlando) , I get the chance to see some of the talent available at these modeling agencies amongst other things .

      Now unto all things mediocre ……………. how best to describe the Cowboys’ season of missed opportunities and the continued excuses ? Jerry Jones would still try and find a way to be happy if he were in the midst of a field filled of cow dung !

      I’ve yet to hear him (Jones) rip his players or the damn coaching staff . That Cowboys’ organization is too damn soft and so too are the players on the roster ! Anyone who believes to the contrary is a clown !



    2. Steven

      There’s a tv “movie of the Month ” awaiting to be made concerning the Jets’ season , as Hollywood , merely has to find the director , a cast , a producer’/ idiot willing to put up the financing for the project . The MPAA is unsure what rating it should have . PG ? PG 13 ? R or XXX ?

      What do you think ?

      Tophatal ………..


        1. Especially if it’s (movie) going to be directed by Rex Ryan ! Speaking of which , the Cowboys won’t ask Rex’s brother , Rob Ryan , back , to be the defensive coordinator next season . There’s a lesson to be learned there ! Unfortunately , it’s falling on deaf ears with regard to the Jets , as the only thing they’ve done is to fire GM Mike Tannenbaum and Tony Sparano . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!! Even when the franchise seeks to do something meaningful, they come across looking completely incompetent !

          Tophatal …………………


          1. Well, it looks like a race to the bottom between the Jets and the Cowboys! Did you see the Eagles are interviewing Lovie Smith for the head coaching job? Good for them…


            1. Lovie Smith isn’t the guy for the Eagles ! He’s too soft and certainly not a disciplinarian . If that were the case don’t you believe that the …. Bears would have a great deal more success ?

              Smith couldn’t corral a character like Jay Cutler and with that current egotistical team , how much success do you believe that he will be able to achieve with the Eagles ?

              The NFC East this season was atrociously awful !

              Tophatal ……….


              1. Well, the AFC West stinks ti high heaven too. San Diego, Oakland, and KC haven’t put together an inter-divisional competition for several years now. And they all have lousy years overall as well.

                No, you can bet Reid will need to make as many changes in KC as he would have had to make in Philly. And as for Smith in Philly, I really don’t see that as a “good fit.” Now watch, they’ll hire him and the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl…LOL!


                1. Steven Jeffries

                  The entire Chiefs’ organization is one big mess , starting off in the front office and moving its way on down through the coaching staff , to the complete roster , itself .

                  Where to start is unimaginable , and I for one don’t believe that Andy Reid will be able to turn around the fortunes of the franchise inside of two years ! Their record and play this past season would suggest that they have no leadership , either on or off the field of play !

                  As to the AFC West , the inconsistency as to the teams over the past five years does give credence as to why it is one of the worst divisions in the entire NFL , bar none ! .

                  Tophatal …………..


                  1. I hope he gets that long…most new coaches get 2 years max to make a winner out of a loser. I still can’t believe some guys kept their jobs…Schwartz in Detroit, Lewis in Cincy, just to name a couple.


                    1. Jim Schwartz in Detroit was the biggest surprise, as the Lions have become ill-disciplined and not a very well coached team altogether . If they fail this upcoming season , then I can see some drastic changes being made within the front office , coaching staff and amongst the player personnel roster !

                      If the only thing the Lions had to hang their hats on was Calvin Johnson surpassing the single season receiving yards’ record , then that to my mind is an extremely piss poor return on a really mediocre season !

                      Detroit Lions news

                      It would have been foolish to fire Marvin Lewis , when in the last two seasons the team (Cincinnati Bengals) has made the playoffs . In both cases the losses were to the Houston Texans in the wildcard round .

                      As of now the Bengals are the second best team within the AFC North , and their offense has to be looked upon rather nicely ,as there seems to be a growing understanding between Andy Dalton and the likes of AJ Green and the rest of that offense.

                      Cincinnati Bengals news

                      Tophatal …………


                  1. So who do you think KC should take first in the 2013 NFL draft? Would you work on the offense or defense in the first year?


                    1. Alex Smith may be a good building block for Andy Reid. Smith is a good game “manager” and not too flashy. If Reid could get him a promising RB and a good receiver or two, he could be well on his way to rebuilding the offense.


  12. So the Chiefs get their man in obtaining .. Andy Reid . Will that mean that Reid’s chief ” baggage handler” Michael Vick will be in tow as part of the deal ?

    God knows , the team had problems all over that roster, and it certainly didn’t help that their options at the quarterback position was so limited and mediocre all season long .

    “Hey Matt, what are you reading ? ” Brady Quinn (top) ” Nothing really, coach gave me the playbook but it was so boring , so I’m reading a copy of 50 Shades of Grey , it’s the copy your mom sent me after I met her at a night club ” Matt Cassel

    The Chiefs might well have been a labor of love for CEO & President, Clark Hunt , but it’s become abundantly clear that the hiring of Scot Pioli as the general manager , along the promotion of Romeo Crennel as the head coach ,in latter part of last season , simply indicates how out of touch and devoid of creativity this organization were without.

    This has to be the latest fashion accessory that can be found in the Chiefs’ official store at zArrowhead Stadium .

    This season , it has been more of the same for the woefully inept Chiefs , albeit that they will now have the privilege of obtaining the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft .

    Kansas City Chiefs profile —– front office

    AFC West standings (2012)

    Kansas City Chiefs’ schedule (2012)

    Kansas City Chiefs team statistics

    Kansas City Chiefs roster

    Kansas City Chiefs 2012 draft picks & …. team’s draft history

    Kansas City Chiefs’ team payroll & their free agents (2013)


    Kansas City Chiefs news & … archived stories .

    Tophatal …………


  13. Steven Jeffries

    The Chiefs haven't had a decent quarterback play since Trent Green and Joe Montana suited up for the franchise . Since then , it’s been a bunch of “has been”s and nondescript individuals , who on their best day couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn , were they given the privilege of using the latest in missile guided technology that came by way of the US Defense Department .

    They have used Jamaal Charles ineffectively over the past few seasons and in terms a passing game , this season the franchise was anemic .

    Reid and his coaching staff will have a lot on their plate to deal with , apart from the upcoming NFL Draft .

    So in essence make of it what you will . It is going to be a long tough slog for the Chiefs’ franchise from hereon in , because Reid is not going to be able turn things around overnight .

    Tophatal …………


  14. Steven Jeffries

    My only knock against Alex Smith , is to my mind , it is that , he doesn’t possess that killer instinct , much like an assassin ! If he possessed that trait , then he would have to be considered one of the top top five or six quarterbacks in the NFL .

    Given Smith’s salary , which I don’t believe to be burdensome for the 49ers . I believe that the franchise will retain Alex Smith , and retain the player as the backup to Colin Kaepernick for next season !

    Tophatal …………….. 01/17/2013 … 3:30 AM EST


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