And so the idiocy continues ..

And so the idiocy continues ..

Tophatal …..

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the Penn State “ scandal “ , it now appears that the state’s governor Tom Corbett will seek to challenge the NCAA’s $60 million fine penalizing the educational establishment in light of the heinous actions of former assistant coach , Jerry Sandusky, who is now incarcerated , having been sentenced to 60 years imprisonment having been found guilty on forty-five of forty-eight counts of sexual assault , battery , sexual battery , lewd and lascivious acts . What, we have now been made aware of, concerning all of the parties embroiled in this sordid affair. The now deceased, former head coach, Joe Paterno , has seen his legacy diminish , with it now being in tatters , with allegations in part that ,he failed to monitor the actions of Sandusky, even in light of other allegations of sexual misconduct , after the famed coach reported an incident not just to the campus police but also to the board of trustees of the now disgraced university.

And so the idiocy continues ..

Tophatal …..

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the Penn State “ scandal “ , it now appears that the state’s governor Tom Corbett will seek to challenge the NCAA’s $60 million fine penalizing the educational establishment in light of the heinous actions of former assistant coach , Jerry Sandusky, who is now incarcerated , having been sentenced to 60 years imprisonment having been found guilty on forty-five of forty-eight counts of sexual assault , battery , sexual battery , lewd and lascivious acts . What, we have now been made aware of, concerning all of the parties embroiled in this sordid affair. The now deceased, former head coach, Joe Paterno , has seen his legacy diminish , with it now being in tatters , with allegations in part that ,he failed to monitor the actions of Sandusky, even in light of other allegations of sexual misconduct , after the famed coach reported an incident not just to the campus police but also to the board of trustees of the now disgraced university.


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The “Freeh Report” was a damning indictment of the school , and their lack of accountability shown , where it showed that at all levels of the hierarchy of the academic facility , they were complicit in a widespread cover-up that was so egregious , that this now makes Corbett’s actions , all the more inconceivable . Tom Corbett, a former , state attorney general , is now himself a seated member of the board of trustees , and it begs the question , what if anything, might well have been known , their actions , and how it all played out , as law enforcement and journalists alike uncovered the magnitude and egregious of Sandusky’s actions .

Courtesy of ESPN

Penn State’s failure of power

By Howard Bryant , ESPN

Even now, as the heartbreaking details emerge, pages of grand jury testimony are absorbed and parsed, and a seamy picture of alleged child abuse and the subsequent failures to act comes into clear, indefensible focus, the reflex of the Penn State hierarchy involved is one of tone deafness.

That focus revolves not around the children who most needed the adults to be grown-ups but around protecting the power: the big, untouchable football program with its legendary coach with the big name and the big reputation, the do-gooder charity with the board of directors with the big names on it.

Surrounded by so much bigness, virtually everyone in a position of authority at Penn State has, thus far, seemed to come up very small. Jerry Sandusky might not be innocent, but, as of today, he is legally not guilty. He was charged with 40 counts of felony sex abuse against minors. Despite anger and public opinion, Sandusky deserves the due process of the court of law as well as the presumption of innocence until his case is complete.

But Penn State president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley, vice president for business and finance Gary Schultz and coach Joe Paterno should be held to a higher standard. So should The Second Mile, a charity that was founded to help children. Whether or not Sandusky is convicted, each was faced with a critical choice with damning information and chose to protect the program. This is what power has become. More accurately, it is what power has always been, in existence to protect itself.

There is no defense for the number of people in positions of authority who had an opportunity to stop Sandusky and did not.

The university, responding to information provided by a graduate student in 2002 that he witnessed Sandusky performing anal sex in the shower on a boy about 10 years old, did nothing. The university did not call authorities and did not ever sever ties with Sandusky, allowing him to maintain an office on campus for years.

The entire edifice of the Penn State monument is crumbling, yet no one involved seems capable of producing the most obvious, and decent, response, to acknowledge that each of these men failed to uphold his responsibilities spectacularly. They failed their communities, and they failed the eight young boys the state is accusing Sandusky of sexually abusing.

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Tom Corbett, is a buffoon , if he now feels that the proposed legal action is likely to be an outright success . It should also be noted , that there are several other parties , who as a bye product of this subterfuge have been indicted , and who now await trial on a litany of charges , ranging from perjury to the obstruction of justice . Graham Spanier , Gary Schultz and Tim Curley await their trial dates , whereas , Mike McQueary seeks damages in a $ 4 million whistle-blower lawsuit lodged against Penn State. This whole sordid affair , simply won’t go away , and those now embroiled in the drama, seek recourse and financial reward . Meanwhile, the victims , so often overlooked , will still be left with their lives in ruins , albeit that the university states , that they will provide the victims with whatever assistance they seek to reclaim their lives .

As I alluded to earlier , Governor Corbett , a former state attorney general , has not been able to downplay his often imbecilic actions during his agency’s investigation of the infamous “Hersey School “ sexual abuse scandal and the indictment and prosecution of a former school employee involved in sexual assault and battery on the students at the school . Corbett as the District Attorney was said to have handled this prosecution “ so haphazardly “ that it made a mockery of the legal system within the state of Pennsylvania . Yet somehow we’re now to believe, he is trying to morally and ethically appropriately do the proper thing , to “ right an egregious wrong” ? A procedural hearing and trial will be heard within the US Federal Courts in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania,.

There has yet to be a formal response from NCAA President, Mark Emmert on the pending legal action by the state of Pennsylvania , in seeking to have the fine and action reversed , but there is this a growing suspicion that this is simply being done to save face by Tom Corbett and further reduce the impact and damage done to Penn State’s already tarnished image .

The Dallas Cowboys’ 28-18 loss to the Washington Redskins in their final regular season scheduled game , has not yet led to repercussions for the franchise , but it has clearly expressed the futility of the Cowboys’ year . Team owner , Jerry Jones , and the team’s beleaguered quarterback , Tony Romo are off once again , now doing the rounds , and making excuses as to the reasons why the franchise has once again came up short . Repeatedly , year in and year out , claims are made , that , this will be the season in which the Cowboys will reign supreme , and it has now become “ a broken record” which no one , longer wishes to hear !

Granted , the ones who disavow common sense within the ranks of the pundits of the broadcast media , would rather make their bold predictions , rather than being insightful with their prognostications. And it has to be at this point , that we need to ask , what else is needed by the Dallas Cowboys , to make that team a great deal better ? A Pro Bowl quarterback , who has clearly failed to meet expectations , is being handsomely rewarded by the team and league standards

. Yet somehow, for all of those regular season statistics , Romo has nothing to show for it all . In a game, that was of equal importance to both teams, it was the Cowboys’ quarterback who blindsided the fans with his errant plays , leading to three costly interceptions in the game against the Washington Redskins. What also exacerbated , this whole situation , was that Romo’s opposite number , Robert Griffin III, was having a less than exemplary game , when one considers his exploits over the course of this season .

With the Dallas Cowboy being unceremoniously dumped , and missing the playoffs for a second successive year , one has to wonder where Jerry Jones , now goes from here . Draft picks asides, the Cowboys’ offense can be bewildering , one minute being the model of consistency , to the next , being completely incompetent and simply being devoid of creativity. The ramifications for the Cowboys , are twofold , one , in missing the postseason , it’s another missed opportunity for a lucrative payday , and two , with each passing season , failure by this team simply places an even greater burden upon Jason Garrett , to prove himself worthy of being a head coach in the NFL . Alright, so he wasn’t plucked from obscurity by Jerry Jones to become the head of the franchise , having succeeded Wade Philips.

So let me get this straight , a team that finishes 10-6 , having missed the playoffs , because a divisional rival , the Minnesota Vikings secured a victory in their final game of the season . In essence , it meant that Lovie Smith deserved to be fired , thereby sealing his fate and that of the Chicago Bears for the season ? Bears’ general manager , Phil Emery , has to be either the most gullible of individuals , or he simply has to no wish to apportion blame where it rightfully belongs , and that is upon the shoulders of not only Smith , but the entire roster of the Chicago Bears . It was primarily upon Emery’s insistence that the franchise acquired the highly inconsistent quarterback , Jay Cutler , who in his six years in the NFL has yet to win a meaningful game for either of the franchises where he has played.

Cutler’s propensity for simply wanting to pass the vast majority of the time, simply doesn’t assist in the play of the Bears and if anything , the quarterback becomes even more of a liability, as he has a propensity for turnovers , interceptions and need I say being sacked , numerous times throughout the season? Jay Cutler spends more time laying on his back, in a prostrate position, than a female porn star has been known to , on a film set , when asked to do a retake , simply because the director isn’t at all happy with the aesthetic imagery he is said to be seeking . Here’s a thought, perhaps Jay Cutler should give up playing in the NFL and ply his trade in the adult entertainment field. A quarterback, who can spend that much time on his back, has to be good for something , don’t you think? He may well give a whole new meaning to “taking one for the team” . Lovie Smith, is likely to fill a coaching vacancy elsewhere in the NFL , after Monday’s purge of the coaching positions around the NFL , with seven head coaches being relieved of their duties , all in a single day.

There is no denying that the Jacksonville Jaguars had a monstrous season in 2012 , with the team only being able to muster two wins over the course of their sixteen game schedule . Team owner, Shahid Khan , subsequently , has fired general manager , Gene Smith , and it would now appear that head coach , Mike Mularkey’s future could very well be in jeopardy . For much of the season the team , played without their running back , Maurice Jones-Drew , due to the player’s injury issues . Yet, that alone, cannot account for the team’s woefully inept performances over the course of 2012 . Continued poor play from both of the quarterbacks on the team’s roster became an ongoing recipe for disaster “. Suffice to say , that Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne , will not be atop anyone’s list of the most sought after quarterbacks should either be placed on the free agency market , this off-season. And now for the comical side to this all , with widely speculating rumors that the New York Jets may well seek to jettison one , if not two of the three quarterbacks now on their roster .

With Shahid Khan, showing a distinct interest in bringing Tim Tebow back to the Jacksonville area , as the city has now become the familial home for the Tebow clan. One has to speculate, is this simply being done, more for show , or is Khan really of the belief that the much maligned three-year player has something to offer the franchise by way of his play ?

Personally, after Tebow’s season with the New York Jets , I am not so sure his departure from a franchise that had more in common with a lunatic asylum , and where indecision at every point in the New York Jets’ thought process became the norm , might not be considerably better , than a franchise where having gone 2-14 , there is even more indecision within that organization (Jaguars) , than can be found with a virgin , unsure that the prom would be the best night for her to be deflowered , by her so-called steady boyfriend , who she’s only gotten close to , over the past three months. A little bit of “petting “ but not allowing him to get to third base may well seem fine , but now it’s all in (pardon the pun) , as everyone seeks to be gratified . There is no guarantee that such a move for Tim Tebow, will give him the opportunity he seeks. And in all honesty , the Jaguars are a hell of a long way off from where they need to be , to even mount a serious challenge in the AFC South , against all three of their rivals within the division . And last I looked, God , himself , had not bestowed upon Tim Tebow any miraculous traits , that would in essence , turn him from being a mediocre player, into one of the most sought after and gifted athletes currently playing in the NFL. You heard me right , Tebow isn’t gifted , nor is he that great a player , he is simply an affable guy , and the sooner fans realize that fact , the better off the NFL will be , without the ridicule of having to discuss his merits as a player, and where he should stand on any franchises’ pecking order as a quarterback .

The NFL is not a governmental welfare agency handing out food stamps , or in this case giving a player a chance to play , merely because he is on a team’s roster . Tebow’s current coach , Rex Ryan apart from admitting that the staff made a mistake in their usage of the player , has gone on record in stating that the quarterback has a fantastic “ work ethic” . My question is for Rex Ryan and for all of the fans who called for the player’s installation as Mark Sanchez’s successor when the incumbent starter , had his on-field issues . Why was it that Tim Tebow, was unable to dethrone Sanchez for that starting role , if as alleged by the head coach that the player was said to be working so hard ? If all of that hard work had been paying off , then would it not be a fact that Tim Tebow would have had at least one , if not two or three regular season starts for the New York Jets ? Yet fans who are clearly are not using the damn intelligence given to them , would rather make the asinine statement that Tebow is simply not being given the chance to start in the NFL . A few fleeting moments in 2011 , doesn’t make you an overnight sensation or a Pro Bowl caliber player . Suck it up guys , Tim Tebow is human , and I repeat not the second coming of Joe Montana or Johnny Unitas for that matter . Get over it, once and for all, and get on with your lives.

So finally , after three years of misinformed judgment , another season of infamy was needed for the Spanos family to come to the decision to relieve both Norv Turner and AJ Smith of their duties within the San Diego Chargers’ organization. There had to have been not only sighs of relief , but also tears of joy for the long-suffering Chargers’ fans . Far be it for me to suggest ,much less pose the question but would Dean Spanos have waited one more year and wasted another sixteen game schedule for a repeat of the diatribe served up by the head coach and the now former general manager ? The two having worked in conjunction , collectively ,they have had more misses than hits in assembling a competitive roster and identifying the needs of the franchise during their reign.

In light of his dismissal , Norv Turner has been vociferously critical of the Spanos’ family (owners of the Chargers) for their actions . Yet somehow , he has failed to acknowledge his own contributions that led to his being fired . In the last three seasons, Turner has gone a combined 24-24 (0.500) , and during which the Chargers’ last winning season came in 2010, and prior to that in 2009, with his best season, being that very same year. As a head coach of the San Diego Chargers , Turner took the team to the playoffs on three occasions , where they managed an appearance in the 2007 AFC championship game , which ended in a loss to the New England Patriots , who would themselves go on to the Superbowl of that year.

It has been a complete travesty having to witness the Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium , in San Diego , California , and there can be no denying that Dean Spanos would like nothing better than to relocate the franchise to the downtown Los Angeles area . For the moment, the Chargers will remain a tenant at Qualcomm, subject to the existing lease agreement, with the city and its expiration date. . Meanwhile, veteran Chargers’ quarterback , Philip Rivers labors under the burden of a heavy yoke around his neck , with a team that is lacking in zeal and one which possesses not an iota of leadership from anyone on the roster . One lay the blame at Rivers’ feet , but he is not the only person on the team , who should be held accountable , beyond the ineptitude shown by Norv Turner and his coaching staff . Everyone fell asleep at the wheel, while the Chargers simply careened out of control over the past few years . Had they gone over a cliff, would anyone have noticed? I guess not!



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With the postseason beckoning , this off-season will see a great deal of activity from a number of teams , specifically those who have made the moves to change their coaching status . Last season , we did not see any major coaching upheavals amongst the coaching staffs .However, we were witness to a number free agency moves across the NFL landscape. Do you believe that we are liable to witness any major moves this off-season and which teams do you think will be among the “major players” in such a scenario ? Tom Corbett’s decision, to rescind the NCAA’s fine of Penn State , do you think it a prudent decision by the Pennsylvanian governor ? Merely state your thought on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


Picture and slideshow details below .

(1) Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett speaks at a news conference following a night of rioting in response to the firing of head football coach Joe Paterno in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky “scandal ” on November 10, 2011 in State College, Pennsylvania. Corbett is the former state attorney general who launched the investigation in 2009 that eventually brought criminal charges against three former Penn State officials this week. As governor, Corbett is now an ex-officio member of Penn State?s board of trustees. Paterno was fired amid allegations that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was involved with child sex abuse. Mario Tama/ Getty Images North America …

(2) Penn State Board of Trustees member John Surma listens the board holds an open public meeting in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal at the Nittany Lion Inn, November 11, 2011 in State College, Pennsylvania. Penn State’s interim president Rodney Erickson was introduced at the meeting. Head football coach Joe Paterno was fired amid allegations that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was involved with child sex abuse. Getty Images North America / John Smith …

(3) Penn State president Graham Spanier , left, and athletic director Tim Curley , center, celebrated coach Joe Paterno’s 409th win . Both Curley and Spanier , having been forced to resign or having taken early retirement, now face charges within the state’s court system , as to their actions in the “alleged ” cover-up that took place at Penn State . The former high-ranking officials at the university vehemently deny any involvement in a cover-up and have promised to shed light on the details they say were details overlooked in the ” Freeh Report” . AP Photo/ Gene J. Puskar ……

(4) Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary (L) leaves court following a preliminary hearing for former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz on December 16, 2011 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Both Curley and Schultz are charged with lying in a grand jury investigation about Jerry Sandusky’s alleged child sex abuse. Getty Images / Robb Carr …

(5) Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett , left, greets Washington Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan after an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012, in Landover, Md. The Redskins won 28-18, securing a playoff berth . AP Photo/Nick Wass …

(6) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) pauses during a media availability after an NFL football game against the Washington Redskins Monday, Dec. 31, 2012, in Landover, Md. The Redskins won 28-18 , securing a playoff berth. Romo failed to deliver once again , when his team needed him the most , with questions now arising as to whether or not he is indeed capable of leading the franchise deep into the playoffs , let alone a Superbowl victory . AP Photo/Evan Vucci …

(7) Lovie Smith , foreground, is seen here with Bears’ GM Phil Emery , background at the Chicago Bears 1st summer camp practice Thursday at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois, on the July 26, 2012,. Emery made the formal announcement that Smith had been fired , having guided the Bears to a winning record (10-6), only for the team to miss out on a playoff berth , after the Vikings’ narrow victory over the Green Bay Packers . Phil Velasquez/ Chicago Tribune …

(8) Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan , is said to be keenly interested in acquiring disgruntled Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow , and have him compete and earn the starting quarterback role with the franchise. Both Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne have failed miserably this season in guiding the team , who ended the season with a 2-14 record and will be afforded the right of having the number one overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft . AP Photo/ Charles Howard ….

(9) Former Chargers’ head coach Norv Turner is seen here addressing members of the convened press at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego , California . The coach of six years was dismissed by Dean Spanos , COO of the NFL franchise , who also terminated the services long-serving front office executive GM , A J Smith . Turner voiced his disapproval of the timing of dismissal , suggesting that the Spanos’ family had reassured him that he would be brought back to coach the San Diego Chargers for the 2013 season . AP Photo / Olivier Pacheco …..

(10) Chargers’ COO Dean Spanos, left, is seen here with Norv Turner center-field at Qualcomm Stadium , prior to a home game during this season . AFP/REUTERS/ Paul Rutland …


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  1. The one sports story that everyone felt was so out of character and deplorable but somehow the Penn State scandal simply won’t die . Tom Corbett as governor of the state has a of number skeletons of his own in a closet . His handling of the Hershey School scandal was enough to suggest that Chris Darden and Marcia Clark of the LA County prosecutors’ office in the original OJ Simpson homicide trial may well have been legal scholars of the highest order in comparison to the Pennsylvania governor .

    Corbett may well have gotten a conviction but at what price to the legal system in Pennsylvania ?

    So was the Cowboys’ final regular season game enough of a damning indictment for you all to confirm that Tony Romo is simply an overrated quarterback who’s just good in the regular season . Come the postseason he’s been a complete embarrassment !

    Now , neither Romo and Jerry Jones can continue to make those continued asinine excuses as they’ve done over the years !

    At what point did it occur to Norv Turner that the Spanos family no longer wanted his ###king dumb @ss ? Six years and his record with the Chargers was barely tolerable , if that ! The franchise’s draft history over the past five years reads like an ongoing horror story ! And as for AJ Smith , he’s as clueless as lump of coal !

    Shahid Khan made his fortune as an automotive parts’ King and he may well make some money ($28 million) with the Jaguars . But bringing in Tim Tebow won’t make them an immediate hit within the AFC South . That team this season and last have been inept in just about every facet of the game .

    Laura Prepon

    Laura Prepon . A fine piece of @ss !

    Tophatal ……………..


  2. I simply refuse to believe that Bears’ GM Phil Emery thinks that Lovie Smith shoulder the brunt of the blame for the franchise’s misfortunes this season ! The team may well have been inconsistent , but consider who they have as a quarterback , the pass happy Jay Cutler , who has been more of a goddamn liability than he has been asset to the Bears ever since he was acquired by the franchise .

    “We are of the opinion that Jay is our best option going forward , and the fact that he promised each of us that we could ##ck that hot wife of his ” ! Bears’ executives Ted Phillips (background) and George H McCaskey

    Ted Phillips and George McCaskey , two of the principal partners in the Bears’ ownership group are just as goddamn clueless as the GM Phil Emery !

    Cutler’s wife Kristin Cavallari , former tv reality show star .


    “I came to the Bears to become a winner and I won’t let anything get in my way” ! Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler

    Jay Culter has remained a self-absorbed prick , who also happens to be a selfish bastard and a lousy teammate ! He’s done little to prove his worth and has been a complete waste of time in a Bears’ uniform . The fact that another dimwitted individual , Brian Urlacher remains a stern supporter of Cutler , while not showing much support for the now departed Lovie Smith , indicates how much of damn mess the Bears’ locker room just happens to be in . There are no leaders on that team , just a bunch of high-priced as$-wipes !

    For what Cutler is being paid alongside his teammates and in comparison to his peers , the Bears’ quarterback should consider returning at least 75% of his salary from the 2012 season .

    Chicago Bears news’ feed and archived Bears’ stories from 2012



    Kiya Renae , a sista’ that any guy wouldn’t mind frolicking around with , for several hours . I certainly know that I would !


    Getting all up into Kiya’s business would be an ideal pass-time ! All up in her business , and then some !

    Tophatal ……………………..


  3. Pennsylvania governor , Tom Corbett has no goddamn integrity or credibility at present ! His stance of wanting to rescind the NCAA’s monetary fine ($60 million) of Penn State , speaks to his naivete as well as culpability in the school’s handling of the scandal . What’s even more inconceivable is Corbett sat on the board of trustees as a senior board member , and now he’s looking to absolve himself and the school in part, for their gross misconduct and malfeasance in trying to overturn NCAA President, Mark Emmert’s edict .

    ” I can honestly say , that I might’ve been asleep during the trustee meetings when we discussed the ‘Sandusky affair’ , but guess what , my homeowner’s and car insurance are all with GEICO ” . Pa Governor Tom Corbett

    ” The Freeh Report ” was a damning indictment of the school’s lackadaisical attitude , in not first addressing the allegations , and to top it all , then university President Graham Spanier and AD Tim Curley , fomented their scheme for a mass cover-up . The NCAA did not overstep their boundaries , as they merely sort to punish the school for their egregious deeds in this , beyond the reprehensible and deplorable actions of Jerry Sandusky . Tom Corbett without doubt , he is a fu#king a$shole !

    Tophatal ……..


  4. Louisville’s
    coach Charlie Strong , after his team’s extraordinary win over the Gators was overheard asking some of the Gators’ coaching staff and players he helped recruit …. ” who’s your Daddy now ” ?

    Gators’ coach Will Muchamp responded …. ” I’m Charlie Strong’s bi$ch and I don’t like it” !

    “Like George Jefferson , I’m moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky ” ! Louisville Cardinals’ coach , Charlie Strong

    As a former assistant with the Gators , Strong really has no heart feelings .

    Tophatal ………..


  5. It’s the wildcard round of the NFL postseason , and to your mind will there be any major surprises in terms of the results in the opening round of the postseason ?

    Well the Ravens’ Pro Bowl defensive lineman Ray Lewis formally announces that he will retire at the culmination of the team’s postseason foray .

    Lewis Ray

    Kudos to Ray Lewis on a tremendous career , as well as having turned his life around and devoting an extraordinary amount of his time to aiding in the education of at risk children through his charitable foundation , which does tremendous work in the greater Baltimore , Miami and Polk County area , of Central Florida .



    Kanye West … feat’g … Young Jeezy ” So Amazin’ ”

    Tophatal ……………….


  6. The firing of Lovie Smith reminds me of when the Bucs fired Tony Dungy. Both men are very good coaches who couldn’t get the most of their offenses. In my opinion their terminations were premature at best.
    Being a Gator fan I just want to express congradulations to Coach Strong for his team’s victory last night. The sting of the loss is somewhat lessend by knowing a former Gator was the reason.


    1. aero

      I watched the game with a number of work colleagues , who themselves are Gator alumni . Man , they were shell-shocked in the way that the Gators simply caved during the game , as the Louisville Cardinals laid down a massive can of whup ass .

      The Gators will be fine for next season , given their sophomores , juniors and freshmen that will be part of the roster next year . .

      What thoughts do you have concerning Tom Corbett’s asinine move to have the NCAA’s monetary fine ($60 million) overturned in US District Court in Philadelphia ? Corbett has no credibility whatsoever , especially when you bear in mind that he’s a seated member of Penn State’s board of trustees . Where the hell was he , when these allegations first came to their attention ?

      The Penn State scandal is one news’ story that simply will not die and that’s specifically , because of the goddamn stupidity shown by the university’s staff , most notably the campus police and former university President Graham Spanier and AD Tim Curley . Never mind the actions of Joe Paterno and assistant Mike McQueary . Now you have McQueary , suing the school , and seeking in excess of $ 4 million in damages , as part of whistle-blowing suit . Unfortunately , the victims and their families are not being given the full blown assistance by the college, in spite of the claims made by current university President Rodney A Erickson .

      Young boys were ” his bread and butter” , hopefully , while incarcerated there will be a role reversal , where Jerry Sandusky will be getting his ass cheeks spread , while they roll a train up , on , and in , his ass . . All aboard , as the prisoners will be hitting Sandusky’s Hershey Highway .

      Meanwhile , Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers are seeking to have his conviction overturned and a new trial set , because of what they felt were inaccuracies in the claims made by the victims and their being a failure to disclose certain evidence in the possession of state Attorney General’s Office .

      Spanier and Curley have been charged but you simply know that this won’t be the last that we’ll be hearing , concerning this story , as the victims will get no closure as they’ll be put through the ringer , with such a fu#ked up legal system in the state of Pennsylvania , where it appears the defendants’ rights are given far more credence than that of the victims’ ! .

      Tophatal ……………..


    2. aero

      There’s no common sense to be found in the Bears’ front office at all ! GM Phil Emery just happens to be a damn clown , concerning his statements after Lovie Smith’s firing .

      This Bears’ team was simply overrated , inconsistent and Jay Cutler bears the majority of the responsibility for the team’s repeated failures over the past few years . Bears’ fans are simply too stupid to be cognizant of that fact .

      “Jay you’re the man ” . ” No , Matt you’re the man . ” Jay can I f$ck your wife ” ? ” Matt, I’m gonna let that happen ’cause I don’t mind having a threesome ” ! Jay Cuter & Matt Forte

      Cutler is so damn pass happy , that he forgets he’s got a damn good running back in Matt Forte . Hence another of the reasons for the Bears ambivalence and this belief that the six year veteran quarterback can seen as the franchise’s savior .

      Bears’ ranking in offense covering pass and rushing .

      Cutler is way overpaid by comparison to his fellow peers in the NFL .

      Tophatal …………….


    3. aero

      If Lovie Smith’s firing was unjustified , then how comical was Norv Turner’s firing and that of GM , AJ Smith with the Chargers ? Turner has the audacity to berate and be critical of the Spanos’ family (owners ) , as he felt that COO Dean Spanos had implied just prior to the start of the franchise’s season , the head coach would be retained for 2013. Has Norv actually looked at and reflected on his record with the Chargers over the last four years ? Only the US Congress and Obama’s administration have been less productive in that time-span ! I kid you not ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Tophatal ………….


    4. aero

      The Chargers’ season was an unmitigated disaster , with the team failing miserably in so many aspects of the game .

      The AFC West was simply a one-horse race , as Peyton Manning had no one to contend with but himself within the division . And I can’t see things getting any better immeasurably , for either the Chargers , Chiefs or Raiders , once next season comes around . All three teams have so many issues all over the place , both on and off the field of play !

      Tophatal …….


  7. In my opinion Penn State is getting off too easy. I don’t understand how the scum that were responsible for the cover up can possibly rationalize their actions. Let the punishment fit the crime!


    1. aero

      What Tom Corbett is now trying to do, is unconscionable and defies all logic . There was a widespread coverup that went to the very top of the school’s hierarchy that involved its former President, Graham Spanier , AD Tim Curley and quite clearly several current and former members of the board of trustees . But the goddamn apologists and alumni who are now trying to mitigate the actions of the school are just as reprehensible as that piece of sh#t Jerry Sandusky !

      The state of Pennsylvania is so damn corrupt to begin with , that even its legal system can’t viewed as being transparent , much less having any real legitimacy . Not unlike both legislative chambers ( Senate and House ) within the state .

      Tom Corbett is suggesting that the NCAA and its President Mark Emmert overstepped their authority overstepped their authority . Clearly , the Pennsylvania governor as a member of the board of trustees has a selective memory issue , as he and the other board members agreed in principal to accept whatever penalties that were levied by the NCAA , after they themselves agreed not fight any proposed actions meted out by college athletics’ governing body . Corbett much like Ed Rendell is a pompous gas bag and an imbecilic buffoon ! . Tom Corbett , has a credibility and integrity issue , as this moron clearly is only concerned with the school’s reputation , rather than that of the victims’ plight after the heinous actions of that rat fink ba$tard Jerry Sandusky !

      Any judge who presides over this hearing and finds in favor of the state (plaintiff) , has to be viewed as an a$s !

      Tophatal ………..


  8. It’s all politics. Corbett probably has constituents (campaign donors) threatening to oust him from office, so this lawsuit is probably a move to appease them. However, it’s clear to me that Penn State had a mindset that football was more important than life, and they should pay the price for that mentality.

    The school’s leaders tried to cover up child abuse for no better reason than to protect the reputation of their football program. They have a price to pay, and the community who stood by and allowed people like that to hold positions to make such decisions should be punished as well.

    And maybe the NCAA did over step their bounds, but how could they do anything less than that, when Penn State so clearly under stepped theirs for years on this issue? If the NCAA wins, they should place even greater sanctions on Penn State for clearly not learning the lesson that’s being taught. Football is not more important that life.

    If Penn State gets away with this, then it sends a message that how they handled this scandal is acceptable, and it’s OK for other schools to handle it the same way. Cover it up, and continue to make millions off of football, because that’s more important than the insignificant victims who got run over by the machine that is college football.


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

      First off , apart from being a seated member on the board of trustees of Penn State . Tom Corbett as the state’s highest ranking politician , has a duty and a service to provide the for the electorate and to what is in the best interests of the university . Having served also as the state’s Attorney General and now its governor , I would have been under the impression that he does possess a sound legal mind . But this decision smacks of sheer stupidity on his part and that of the board members , especially they’d unanimously agreed in principal not to fight the NCAA’s rendering of this monetary fine to the tune of $ 60 million . Had they not done so , then criminal attorneys across the tri-state would have been lining up around the block and across College Park and Beaver Stadium to sue the f$ck out of the university . And quite rightly so , when one considers the coverup engineered and suborned by then , President Rodney A Erikson and AD Tim Curley . Never mind that the alumni of the school have been a bunch of self-serving rat fink bastards whose only concern , was the school’s or what they believe was an unblemished image . At no time had they shown a concern for the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s heinous crimes .

      Less we forget also , several members of the board were also complicit in this deliberate subterfuge . And for the fucking assholes who thought that Louis Freeh a former Director of the FBI fudged this investigation , well it gives credence as how damn stupid they just happen to be. ” The Freeh Report ” was an in-depth and succinct investigation that even if it did besmirch Joe Paterno’s . reputation the facts are there for all to see , and it is that the now famed and deceased coach , it was , that he did not act with due diligence . Jay Paterno , son of the coach , has stated that the investigation conducted by an independent investigator , which was actually suborned by board of trustees, was filled with falsehoods and because Freeh wasn’t granted subpoena powers , it had no real veracity or validation. Well , yeah , of course, they had no subpoena powers , because the investigation wasn’t being carried out by a law enforcement agency . How fucking dumb is Jay Paterno to begin with ?

      So if board of trustees , were said to be unhappy with those findings , then why did they not say so at the time , when the report was made public ? Corbett and the university have been blatantly incompetent and their only concern has been the $100 million a year in revenues that is derived from the football program . .

      When and if this issue should go to trial in the US District Courts in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , then I for one , hope that the presiding judge throws this claim out of their court , while telling Tom Corbett to kiss his own ass ! This action has grounds or basis to begin with ! And NCAA President , Mark Emmert , I believe will use their legal counsel to fight this action vehemently and win an outright decision to uphold the body’s original action !

      While this is all going on , there seems to be growing speculation that Bill O’Brien after a successful first season , he may well leave , if offered a vacant coaching position in the NFL . Any franchise who does pursue O’Brien would have to fork out several million dollars because of the clauses in his employment contract and the conditions under which he’s compensated and how he can leave with program without having been dismissed.

      Tophatal …………


    2. Maurice

      This isn’t what the fans of Penn State want to see and that I believe would also be applicable to the public at large . There still isn’t closure as the trials of Spanier and Curley , and they have yet to reach their culmination. And then you have , Mike McQueary’s $4 million whistle-blower lawsuit , filed against the school in the Pennsylvania Court System . Everyone has sought to profit from this with the exception of the now incarcerated Sandusky and the victims .

      Tophatal ……….


  9. Corbett is a ass……but I agree with his suit…why should the school suffer for the actions of a few””ones wh0 suffer most are the students…not just the athletic students either


    1. How can you agree with Tom Corbett’s action , when as a seated member of the board of trustees , when he in part suborned the actions of then university President Rodney A Erickson and AD Tim Curley ? Less we forget also , the board agreed in principal not to fight the penalties levied against Penn State by the NCAA after NCAA President Mark Emmert made his public announcement . Or had you forgotten that ? Are the people in College Park falling asleep at the goddamn wheel ?

      The school from the campus police on up and the entire coaching staff under Paterno were negligent and did not use any due diligence and the fucking assholes of alumni association are some of the biggest douche bags of them all , with their piss poor attitude and uncaring feelings towards the victims . All of the candlelight of the ‘vigils were simply an image and PR exercise .

      A $ 100 million-a-year program
      , this is what it all boils down to , when it comes to Penn State , the athletics program and the football program in particular .
      This decision has more to do with money than Tom Corbett wanting to been seen doing what is ethically and morally right . If you remember this $60 million was meant to be used to used to facilitate in the use of fighting sexual abuse and setting programs in motions on campus as well as statewide .

      Courtesy of

      College Football : Texas tops the list of the most valuable football programs

      Thanks to a record-breaking $104 million worth of revenue in 2011, the Texas Longhorns are the most valuable program in college football, according to a ranking released by .

      College football’s most valuable team is now worth $133 million, up from $129 million last year. The Longhorns generated $104 million in revenue in 2011, the first time a college football team has cleared the $100-million mark. While the Big 12’s conference distributions increased to $19 million in 2011, about 40 percent of Texas’ football income still came exclusively from ticket sales ($32.4 million) and sponsorships ($8 million).

      No. 2 on the list? Michigan , which unseated Notre Dame after a 28 percent increase in value.

      Forbes looked at four components to come up with its ranking, which comprises the 2011-2012 fiscal year:

      The four components, in order of weight, are the team’s university, athletic department, conference and local community. Academic value is the football profit (football revenue less expenses) directed toward the university’s academic programming, including football scholarships, while athletic value is considered the remaining team profit used to support other sports teams and athletic initiatives. Conference value is the distribution of bowl game payouts to fellow conference members, and community value is the economic impact of visiting fans.

      Here’s the list of most valuable programs for 2011-2012, according to Forbes. Not surprisingly, the SEC dominates the top 10:

      1. Texas

      2. Michigan

      3. Notre Dame

      4. LSU

      5. Georgia

      6. Alabama

      7. Florida
      8. Auburn

      9. Tennessee

      10. Arkansas

      Click on link to read in full .


      So explain to me succinctly why Penn State shouldn’t be punished when certain individuals chose to initiate a coverup after Jerry Sandusky’s egregious and heinous actions ? Were this a public company then that entity would be in the middle of a multimillion dollar lawsuit . This all so damn asinine because not one in the state or these moronic alumni members are prepared to accept responsibility for the school's actions , seeking to obfuscate all responsibility . And what of the victims and their families , have they actually gotten any closure ?

      So I ask you again, why do you support Tom Corbett actions ? Do you remember his handling of the Hershey School Scandal as the state’s Attorney General and how that governmental agency fudged that entire investigation ? Albeit , the state got an indictment and a guilty verdict ?

      Tophatal ………………….


    2. al clements

      Let me pose this question also , when these allegations first came out and as you infer the students were being made to suffer . How is it that so many of those very same idiotic students came out in full support of Joe Paterno , refusing in anyway to believe that he was complicit in this scandal , even when there was clear evidence that he knew a great deal more than he was letting on ? Do you now and still believe that the school was unfairly punished ?

      There was a widespread coverup that involved the campus police and their overall negligence and lack of full and thorough investigation , McQueary’s own seeming quest merely to be seen to be doing the right thing , which we now know to be so false , as his only reason , has been to obtain a financial reward , hence his “whistle-blower lawsuit ” seeking $4 million in damages against Penn State . From top to bottom , this whole thing stinks to high heaven , and it not unlike the sex abuse scandal that rocked the numerous dioceses across the United States within the Roman Catholic Church , where even within the damn hierarchy of the Vatican , many knew and they simply chose to move these pedophile priests around the country . In the case of school , AD Tim Curley and university president , Rodney A Erickson , chose to perpetrate a massive fraud by engineering a coverup which has been greatly detailed by the in-depth investigation concluded by output of ” The Freeh Report” . What else would you need to believe that the school should not be punished with impunity for their actions ?

      With your law enforcement background , how can you even choose to ignore all of that, and then come up with your reasoning ? Better yet , were your child or grandchild subjected to the atrocities perpetrated by Jerry Sandusky , would you still hold the same beliefs ?

      Tophatal …………………………….


  10. I’m with you on this one, man.

    I think we all just want to put the Penn State story behind us, as long as we’re assured that those responsible for allowing such actions to occur in the first place are getting their just due.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@Sportschump)

      Too many people have not got the common sense to use the goddamn brains that God gave them to even use sound judgment , yet they would rather sweep this all under the carpet and pretend it simply didn’t happen . Not unlike one of your most staunch patrons who will remain will remain nameless.

      The school perpetrated a massive coverup , yet some only want Sandusky held accountable for his actions . That’s fu#king bull$hit , and both you and I know that to be true . Joe Paterno , another piece of excrement tried to excuse his age and the fact that he could have done more than he did , while only acknowledging that he told the trustees of the allegations and made the claims the informed the campus police . Now even in light of further rumors and allegations coming to the fore Paterno said , and did nothing , thinking that it would all blow over. In truth , his blind loyalty to Sandusky , allowed a depraved pedophile to carry on with his heinous crimes , while those with the power to do something , did absolutely nothing .

      And as for Jay Paterno , son of Joe Paterno , he should simply shut the f#ck up , rather than being so quick to jump to the defense of his father , who acted less than honorably , in this matter .

      Pennsylvania governor , Tom Corbett , is simply now placing himself out there for a further ridicule , even in light of his own original dubious actions as a member of the board of trustees of Penn State , never mind his own less than dubious actions as the then Attorney General that led to the conviction of Thomas Koontz in the Hershey School sex abuse scandal.

      Tophatal …………….


  11. OK everyone , which of the two individuals pictured below now has even greater credibility in light of the renewed awareness concerning the Penn State saga ? Is it , NCAA President Mark Emmert or Pennsylvania governor , Tom Corbett ? Simply chime in with your thoughts .


    NCAA President , Mark Emmert


    Tom Corbett

    Pennsylvania governor, Tom Corbett

    Courtesy of the The Washington Post

    Governor Tom Corbett disgraces himself

    By Jennifer Rubin , Washington Post

    We are just three days into the new year and we have a strong contender for Dunce of the Year. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R) has done the impossible — making the NCAA a sympathetic figure and deepening the horror of the Penn State child-rape scandal . Corbett is suing the NCAA because the penalties imposed on Penn State, which the university accepted in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky child-molestation scandal, are too “harsh “. No, seriously.

    The Associated Press reports: “Corbett wants a federal judge to throw out the sanctions, saying they have harmed students, business owners and others who had nothing to do with Sandusky’s crimes against children.” In a rare moment on the moral high ground, the NCAA responded that the suit was ”an affront” to the victims and their families. It gets even more depraved:

    Penn State said it had no role in the lawsuit. In fact, it agreed not to sue as part of a deal with the NCAA to accept the sanctions, imposed last July after an investigation found that coach Joe Paterno and other top officials covered up sexual-abuse allegations against Sandusky, a former member of Paterno’s staff, for more than a decade in order to shield the university from bad publicity.


    Click on link provided to read in full .


    And one wonders why this country is in such a fu#king state ? It’s because the “so called politicians” holding high office have no common sense , nor are they leaders or statesmen !

    Harris Franco

    On a side-note , Hall of Fame inductee , Franco Harris is a shameless scum-bag ! Why the the hell is he confronting Emmert , when he should be asking the question as Penn State alumni , ” why did the school not act with more authority , rather than its collusion with a coverup ” ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Franco Harris confronts NCAA president at speech in L.A.

    By Paul Myerberg, USA Today Sports

    NCAA president Mark Emmert was in Los Angeles Wednesday morning to give a speech on amateurism and academics in college sports at the city’s Chamber of Commerce. If you’re familiar with recent events, you won’t be surprised to hear that former Penn State running back Franco Harris and documentarian John Ziegler were right on Emmert’s heels.

    Harris has been one of the most outspoken critics of the sanctions the NCAA levied upon Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal – a $60 million fine, for starters, as well as a four-year postseason ban. Ziegler, who is working on a documentary about how the university treated former coach Joe Paterno, was on hand to film the meeting.

    Depending on who’s telling the story, the inevitable head-to-head between Emmert and Harris – and you knew it was coming – went one of two ways.

    Click on link to read in full .


    Framco Harris seemingly cannot show objectivity and question what went wrong at Penn State. Not unlike, Matt Millen , the former NFL player who sat on the board of Second Mile , the charity that Jerry Sandusky , founded , and used as a ruse to procure many of his sexual assault victims . Where was Millen, when those allegations came to light , even after much of this all came into the public’s view. Never mind , he didn’t step down from his role, until the charity itself was folded . Yet he steadfastly defended Paterno , but even had the temerity to suggest that the charity’s work should continue , even in light of the allegations against Jerry Sandusky.

    Some people , will actually seek to defend the ” indefensible ” , rather than using common sense !

    Tophatal …………… 01/04/2013 01:28 AM EST


  12. Is it me , but is anyone truly convinced that the Houston Texans should ee seen as the presumptive favorites in their wildcard round match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals .

    Another highly anticipated match-up is that of two of the league’s brightest young stars in , Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson . The Washington Redskins will play host to the Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field in Landover , Maryland,. ,

    Other games in the wildcard round this weekend .

    NFL news & news from around the league

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    NFL standings by conference

    Tophatal ….,


  13. The fact that the top officials of Penn State covered this horrific matter in order to save the program begs that a large punishment should be applied. 60MM, 80MM, heck 100MM, no matter the penalty, it has to be done and no one should have anything to say about it. The school must be punished heavily to force an example across America.


    1. Blog_Surface/CDR

      There’s something distinctly distasteful about what Tom Corbett is doing here , even in his position as the state’s governor . Surely he can see that what he’s doing smacks of incredulity , but from a PR and even a moral standpoint , it smacks of everything that one think as being so indecent . This fine of $60 million was meant to be used for an initiative wherein the school would set up sexual abuse counseling , for victims of sexual assault, as an education program that heightens the awareness of this issue on all campuses of the state’s public universities and not just Penn State . That is what seems to be forgotten here , and I would have thought Attorney General , Linda Kelly would have provided Corbett with additional legal advice concerning this , before he came to challenge this original decision by the NCAA , at the behest of that body’s president , Mark Emmert .

      The football program within the athletics department headed by David Joyer brings in an approximate $100 million annually in revenues for the school . This action by Tom Corbett has more do with money than the stance where he believes that the NCAA overstepped its boundaries in rendering their decision. Tom Corbett , sat on the board of trustees , he must have been made aware of the evidence brought to their attention concerning Jerry Sandusky’s heinous crimes. He , Sandusky is now said to be seeking a retrial within the state’s appellate courts . As to that travesty , if it were to take place , there would be a public outcry.

      Away from that drama, you now have the ongoing speculation , as to whether or not Bill O’Brien will return as the head football coach next season . And as good as the team were said to be in 2012 . I am not so sure if were to be offered a position in the NFL ranks , he would jump at the chance . Contractually, it would cost his likely pursuer upwards of $5 million , to as high as $8 million , as was is widely being reported .

      Personally, I would like to think that Tom Corbett would rethink his position , rather than open himself up to further ridicule . But from the start , everyone associated with this distasteful episode has acted disgracefully , from the board of trustees , on down to the campus police , alumni association to the coaching staff of Joe Paterno , and Paterno , himself , and these rather asinine idiots who jumped to to his defense ! Those individuals would rather choose and seek to choose to defend the indefensible , rather than seek to ask why this horrific crime took place and why the highest echelons of Penn State sought to cover this all up. Former university President Graham Spanier and then AD Tim Curley , who both go on trial for perjury and obstruction , have acted disgracefully , as they sought to hide the truth. And it is for that reason above all else why the school should be punished along with the sanctions that went along with this monetary penalty.

      Had that been a public company listed on the NYSE , Penn State would be looking at a massive multi-million lawsuit , which is still likely to be pursued by the lawyers of the victims . I would definitely like to see that happen within the Pennsylvania court system .

      Tophatal ………………. 01/05/2013 01:39 am


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