Some year, but it was 2012, just like any other year

Some year, but it was 2012, just like any other year


The first week of 2013 will come to an end from a sporting standpoint , we can either seek to relook at 2012 as a successful year in sports or we can simply say “ well it was good but the drama and infamous moments far outstripped the great moments “ .


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Biggest story, by far, had been the outrage and scandal that engulfed the famed football program of Penn State. And the very fact that the state’s self-absorbed governor ,Tom Corbett now seeks to address a matter that he and his fellow trustee members of school had decided that they would not seek to veto any punishment mandated by the NCAA , in light of the findings of the school’s request of an in-depth investigation carried out former FBI Director , Louis Freeh , in what has been detailed in “The Freeh Report” . With Corbett now seeking to overturn the $60 million monetary penalty that the NCAA rendered as a verdict , the governor’s actions smacks of self-indulgence and the very fact that there seems to be a lack of common sense on his part. Well , I suppose it always came down to greed and not much else as it related to many of those within the hierarchy of the once proud educational establishment . Anyone who backs Corbett’s stance should be ashamed , given Penn State’s now infamous decision to cover up the actions of the disgraced and incarcerated Jerry Sandusky. Suffice to say, Tom Corbett should bury his head in shame, rather than his asinine comments stating that the NCAA , far out-reached their authority. My question for Tom Corbett , as a trustee member , why did you not seek to hold former , university President, Graham Spanier and Tim Curley accountable for their actions ?

I’m sorry, but with Lance Armstrong now stating that he is now prepared to admit his guilt , with the fact that he has lied about his actions in stating , that he had not taken performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). At what point, should the public seek to say simply say to the disgraced athlete , why did you simply not admit from the very beginning you have been lying , instead of hiding behind a pack of lies and a great deal of deceit ? Clearly, with Armstrong all along , it has been the ” financial gain ” , and the reputed $ 100 million fortune , he sought to protect . And for the anally retentive assholes, who jumped in, with their idiotic support of the disgraced cyclist, and the claim that neither USADA (US Anti-doping Agency) or WADA had no jurisdiction or standing in punishing the athlete. Perhaps, those very same idiots should actually review what this non-governmental agency, is asked to do , by way of their work? The USADA at the behest of the USOC (US Olympic Committee) , has a mandate to carry out investigations of what they believe to be suspicious acts of illicit drug use . And though that agency does not have subpoena powers , when they seek to act in conjunction with the US Justice Department , it does carry credence to the work they carry out. It is amazing to actually how damn uneducated a great number of the public seem to be , when they choose to not actually seek out the information for themselves and simply feed off the bile and diatribe that is continually served up within their midst !

Having been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles as well as Olympic gold , Armstrong’s legacy and reputation is now in complete tatters along with that once pristine reputation . But then again, Lance Armstrong’s actions all along in this whole saga all along spoke to his lack of character to begin with ! He was so steadfast as to his innocence that even when his former teammate , Tyler Hamilton , revealed his claims under a signed affidavit and then subpoena, that both he and Armstrong had been facilitated with the use of EPO (erythropoietin) , and stanazolol amongst a slew and battery of illicit and prohibitive substances banned by the IOC as well as by the ICU (International Cycling Union) , the international governing body for the sport of cycling . It has also been the ICU’s own lackluster efforts , that should also come into question throughout this whole episode, that has engulfed not only Lance Armstrong but several world-class riders over the past decade.

In the world of baseball , the San Francisco Giants marched through the postseason with the utmost ease , serving notice to the rest of the baseball world , that they will not be an easy pushover in 2013. As the reigning World Series champions, and twice winners of the title in the past five years , it begs the question , who is capable of stepping up to the plate and stopping the dominance of the Giants within the NL , much less the rest of baseball ? Will it be, the free-wheeling and big spending Los Angeles Dodgers or the newly revamped Los Angeles Angels ?

World Series MVP , Pablo Sandoval , essentially, cemented his legacy with the San Francisco Giants, and now he seeks to be the dominant force on what is now a very good Giants’ team. The front office of this organization has been well led, and prudent in their spending . GM Brian Sabean and lead managing partner, Larry Baer , will be intent on seeing growth with this team , while manager, Bruce Bochy and his coaching staff , will carry on from where they left off from last season.

The Miami Heat , reigning champions of the NBA . Head coach , Erik Spoelstra and team President , Pat Riley have sought to revamp the team’s roster from last season . The additions of Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen , has been fortuitous , adding a mix of veteran experience as well an offensive presence , that should bode well for the team over the course of this season.

Now while the reigning champions seek to find their best lineup , and contend with their conference rivals , one of the major storylines of the season, has been the rise of the New York Knicks. And for the Knicks this season , their All Star forward Carmelo Anthony has simply been playing the best basketball of his career , in leading the team to the second best record in the Eastern Conference , while leading the starting roster to their present position , as the leaders of the Atlantic Division with a mark of 23-10.

With the recent reintroduction of Amar`e Stoudemire back to the roster, it remains to be seen how the forward will be able to acclimatize himself back into playing shape.

I firmly believe, that the Knicks will be in contention for a top five seed within the Eastern Conference at <a season’s end , but for now it is all about seeing how Mike Woodson’s players fare , as they seek rewrite a new chapter in the franchise’s history .

The Heat’s opponents in last season’s finals , the Oklahoma City Thunder are riding high while leading their division (Northwest) and are second in Western Conference. Though the Los Angeles Clippers (27-8) lead the Pacific Division of the Western Conference and like the league as a whole , it would take a fool to suggest that the Clippers are by far the best team in the NBA at present . As good as they have been , there is no real body of work other than this season to go by, whereas the Thunder over the last two seasons have have shown us their merits.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook , Serge Ibaka and Nick Collison seem to moving along nicely ,as they seek to make a quick return to the NBA Finals.

From last season to this season and the expectations that beckon , the fans are being subjected to some great basketball . However, that may well be taking on a whole new meaning when you consider play of the Charlotte Bobcats (8-24), Cleveland Cavaliers (8-27) and the woefully inept Washington Wizards(4-27). Are there some bad teams in the NBA , or simply bad coaches ?

A brief, and momentary mention for the NHL , yes we know that the Los Angeles Kings are the reigning Stanley Cup champions , here’s a thought, the league hierarchy have reached a tentative agreement with the NHLPA (Players’ Union) to return for a shortened season, after their almost four-month league mandated lockout. I’m sorry, but do you, still consider hockey one of the four main professional team sports? For an industry with revenues of $2.5 billion annually , the NHL hierarchy and the players’ union have completely lost their senses , while obfuscation their responsibilities as the custodians of the sport. As to the idiots, who would suggest that the popularity of the NHL remains as high as ever. Well, that might be true, if you were comparing the sport’s popularity to that of the approval ratings of the US House of Representatives , Senate and the present Presidential US administration. The NHL would be hard-pressed to be even considered as remotely popular, as College Football , College Basketball , much less their peers at the professional level within the , NBA , NFL and Major League Baseball (MLB).

Last season in the NFL, the fans of the league were swept away in the euphoria of witnessing the New York Giants win their second Superbowl in the past five years . The Giants’ scintillating victory over the New England Patriots added a further chapter in Eli Manning’s ongoing career, albeit that the teamfailed to make the postseason in 2012. Now through in the fact that at the culmination of the regular season , seven teams saw fit to fire their head coaches , with the biggest casualties of them all , being Lovie Smith , formerly of the Bears and Andy Reid , with the Eagles .

Andy Reid , having met with the Kansas City Chiefs’ hierarchy , formally accepting the vacant head coach’s position with the franchise. As to how Reid will seek to turn around the fortunes of a team that went 2-14 in 2012. Unfortunately, the problems for Romeo Crennel , Reid’s successor , it all stemmed from the extremely poor quarterback play from Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn . The pairing might just be two of the worst quarterbacks in the league over the course of the season , gives credence as to one of the many reasons why the Chiefs failed so miserably. Kansas City may well seek to address that issue during the off-season, either by obtaining a free agent quarterback or by way of the upcoming NFL Draft (2013).

With two of the wildcard round games having given us results , in which we see Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans , march on to the divisional round of the postseason. Sunday, offers the remaining two scheduled match-ups , with the Baltimore Ravens playing host to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts . Luck, the first quarterback taken in the 2012 NFL Draft , has led the Colts to double-digit wins, in his rookie season , while essentially making believers out of the vast array of NFL fans around the league.

The other game the fans are eager to see , will pit two rookie quarterbacks , who themselves have set the league alight . When the Washington Redskins host the Seattle Seahawks at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland , the opposing quarterbacks will be Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson . And the Seahawks quarterback has been the hottest quarterback in the NFL during the month of December as the team has been on ” tear “ within the league. And with two highly explosive offenses , the Seahawks and Redskins should provide the fans with an exhilarating game.

The College Football season has given us great deal to appreciate, and yes we still yearn for postseason playoff format that isn’t a charade , in spite of what the BCS and major conference commissioners continually insinuate . College Football has now become about those who have and those who do not ! When you have programs bringing in excess of $100 million annually in revenues , while programs not considered members of the major conferences are left “ fighting for the scraps “ left at the table . It begs the question , in whose best interests does the BCS operate ? It is pretty safe to say , it not in the interests of the schools outside of the major conferences.

The BCS national championship game pits number one ranked Notre Dame (12-0) against Nick Saban’s number two ranked Alabama (Crimson Tide) , which will be played on Monday <a href night , at the Sun Life Stadium , in Miami , Florida. Brian Kelly , head coach of Notre Dame, subject of so much speculation with the belief that he will be offered one of the several NFL vacancies that at present remain open. I certainly don’t believe that Kelly will leave the program after merely a year in charge and with the growth of the players under his tutelage . And for freshman quarterback Everett Golson and defensive stalwart , Manti Te’o , this season must have been unimaginable , when one considers the issues with the Fighting Irish , have faced in recent years. A rise back to prominence and all is well , once again at one the most esteemed programs in college football.

If there is one thing that I do know and that it is , you simply do not put much store in the Men’s Basketball rankings too early in the season ! And I certainly don’t put any store with regard to the prognostications of individuals such as Digger Phelps and Dick Vitale . Moreover, if their calls prove to be wrong , it is very rare that you will hear either admit to that fact. At present , the Duke , 14-0 (Blue Devils sit atop of the rankings as they are undefeated . Mike Krzyzewski , perhaps the most respected and revered coaches in the game today , has this program playing with a great deal of passion . Leading the way for the team are Mason Plumlee , Seth Curry , Ryan Kelly and Rasheed Sulaimon . The players are answering the call of Coach “K” as he seeks his fifth national title as a head coach . And the defending champions , the Kentucky (Wildcats) appear to be having something of an indifferent season , it should be noted , John Calipari, as a head coach , has a way of getting his players ready for the NCAA Tournament , at a time when it matters most.

Calipari, for his part, continues to be an individual, that many continue question , as to his integrity and character. From my own personal standpoint , while the Wildcats’ basketball coach can continue to skirt the rules of the game, with the NCAA simply overlooking what on the face of it are violations , then in no way can we consider to take NCAA President , Mark Emmert at his word, when he states that he would like to create an environment within collegiate sports , where there is transparency at all levels within the various programs of collegiate athletics and within the universities themselves. So far, Emmert , the NCAA and college sports are batting way below the Mendoza Line , and then some ! Now many might conclude that the actions of the NCAA in penalizing the Penn State were appropriate , when you take into account the heinousness of Jerry Sandusky’s “ acts of depravity”. However , when also called upon to act with integrity , the NCAA has proven to a rather archaic and an all too pedantic authoritative force .



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(1) Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett speaks at a news conference following a night of rioting in response to the firing of head football coach Joe Paterno in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal on November 10, 2011 in State College, Pennsylvania. Corbett is the former state attorney general who launched the investigation in 2009 that eventually brought criminal charges against three former Penn State officials this week. As governor, Corbett is an ex-officio member of Penn State?s board of trustees . Paterno was fired amid allegations that former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was involved with child sex abuse. Corbett has sought to challenge the NCAA’s authority in rendering a $60 million fine against Penn State , in what the governor sees as NCAA President Mark Emmert and the NCAA overstepping their authority . It should be noted that Corbett sat on the board of trustees , who themselves , sought not to originally challenge Emmert’s decision . There now seems to few supporters for Mark Corbett’s actions in light of the heinousness of Jerry Sandusky’s depraved crimes . Getty Images North America / Mario Tama …

(2) Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is now consulting with his legal counsel with the intent of issuing a public statement admitting his use of performance enhancing drugs . The cyclist also faces a legal fight in the UK for $2.5 million for a payment made to the cyclist by a UK media conglomerate and the original suit, in which Armstrong was victorious in a defamation lawsuit . AP Photo / Victor Allen …. .

(3) FILE – In this Oct. 28, 2012 file photo, San Francisco Giants celebrate after the Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers, 4-3 , in Game 4 of baseball’s World Series in Detroit. The Giants won the World Series 4-0 . AP Photo/Charlie Riedel …. (4) 2012 World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval is seen here with his World Series trophy after the Giants 4-0 sweep of the Detroit Tigers in the World Series for the organization’s second triumph in the past five years . Getty Images North America / Jason Riordan …

(5) Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sits on the bench after a knee injury during an NFL wild card playoff football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Landover, Md., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. The Seahawks defeated the Redskins 24-14 . In Griffin’s first postseason appearance he was somewhat pedantic , with less than stellar figures in the Redskins’ defeat. AP Photo/Evan Vucci …

(6) Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson greets Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III after an NFL wild card playoff football game in Landover, Md., Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. The Seahawks defeated the Redskins 24-14 . AP Photo/Evan Vucci …

(7) Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly pose with The Coaches’ Trophy during a news conference for the BCS National Championship college football game Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 . AP Photo/ Giles Moor ….

(8) Alabama’s Eddie Lacy interviews Christion Jones during Media Day for the BCS National Championship college football game Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013, in Miami. Alabama faces Notre Dame in Monday’s championship game. AP Photo/David J. Phillip …..

(9) Duke’s Quinn Cook ,right, challenges Wake Forest’s Codi Miller-McIntyre for the loose ball in a game played between Duke and Wake Forest at Cameron Indoor Arena , Durham , North Carolina ,. The Blue Devils would defeat the Demon Deacons 80-62 . @ copyrighted material all rights reserved Washington Post/ Ted Richardson Associated Press …

(10) Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski directs his team during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Wake Forest in Durham, N.C., Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013. Duke won 80-62 . AP Photo/Ted Richardson …

(11) Duke’s Seth Curry drives to the basket ahead of Wake Forest’s C.J. Harris , bottom right, during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in Durham, N.C., Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013. Curry scored 22 points , and Duke won 80-62. AP Photo/Ted Richardson ..

(12) Kentucky head coach John Calipari looks to his bench during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game against Eastern Michigan at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. Kentucky won 90-38 . AP Photo/James Crisp …

(13) Eastern Michigan’s Da’Shonte Riley (1) fouls Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. Kentucky won 90-38. AP Photo/James Crisp …



Last year proved to be an exciting season of sports and although I have not covered areas of boxing or MMA , at a later date I will carry an introspective look at both sports and the events that unfolded over the calendar year. Simply chime in with your thoughts as what you believe were some of the sporting highlights of 2011.


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21 thoughts on “Some year, but it was 2012, just like any other year”

  1. Tom Corbett , everything you know is wrong with a self serving politician who’s simply clueless as to the feeling of his constituents , never mind the fact , that his dumb ass as a member of the board of trustees now comes across looking like the a$sholes , most thought them to be , along with the alumni association of the university itself !

    In all five times , is the number of times I’ve spoken the members of the board on this issue of Jerry Sandusky , the rest of the time the board of trustees’ meetings dealt with whether or not we should have bidets installed for the female athletes at Penn State . That’s how we do things here at this institution ” . Pennsylvania’s anally challenged governor Tom Corbett .

    Corbett is an a$shole if he believes the monetary fine weakens the university ! Doesn’t he understand the moment this scandal came to the forefront of the public’s and the media’s attention , Penn State was already weakened ? And this is the guy that Pennsylvanians voted into office . Ed Rendell didn’t want to run for another term ? LOL, LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    “There are lot of things that Tom Corbett and I disagree on , but I can tell you this , his head is not too big for him to shove it up his own @ss ” ! Ed Rendell

    Boo hoo for Lance Armstrong , ___ that lying sack of s#it ! From the very moment he started off with his denials , you simply knew he had so much to hide .

    Now that sack of crap, seeks the public’s empathy, merely because he knows that the companies (corporate sponsors and endorsers) in essence he defrauded could now come after his estimated $100 million fortune , as they seek financial recourse for his larcenous deceit . He failed to go after Astana teammate , Tyler Hamilton for defamation and libel , but his ass was intent on hunting down anyone else , who stated he took any form of illicit substance .

    And for the morons out there who jumped to Armstrong’s defense , are you now happy you’ve been made to look a complete ass ? Lance Armstrong , much like Bonds , Clemens and Sosa , are simply bunch of cheating bastards, and the idiots out there who believe that the rampant and widespread use of steroids does no harm , then you should read succinctly about the bye products of using those substances abusively , renal failure , progressive cardiomyopathy , and impotence are long terms ailments that cannot be overcome . Hopefully , Armstrong’s own reproductive organs have shrunk to the size of a pea .

    Who’ll be tough enough to hang with the San Francisco Giants this season within the NL ? Will it be the Braves , Dodgers , Nationals , Cardinals or Reds ? And which team in the AL is likely to win the AL pennant ?

    The Bobcats , Cavaliers and Wizards this season are giving a whole new meaning to the word “suck” and when used in the sentence ” boy, do we suck ”

    David Stern , should consider having all three franchises (Bobcats, Cavaliers and Wizards) demoted to the D League or the WNBA .

    The Redskins were hampered in their game against the Seahawks , because RG III wasn’t fully fit .

    for the Colts , led to their ultimate downfall against the Ravens , but I expect them to be a very good team within the AFC next season !

    Joe Webb
    being thrown in at the deep end for the Vikings , was in essence , like placing a lamb amongst a pack of wolves ? What did Leslie Frazier actually expect to happen ?

    Arian Foster
    , is most definitely a top five running back , running back in the NFL. As both he , Marshawn Lynch and Ray Rice are proving their worth for their respective teams .

    seems to be playing some great basketball at present and Mike Krzyzewski is obviously steering the team towards the NCAA Tournament for this season .

    As for the Wildcats , let’s see if the hype about Nerlens Noel is at all justified .

    Tophatal ……… 01/07/2013 2:54 am EST


  2. With the lame ass NHL having a season after-all and their seeking a certification of a ten-year deal . In all likelihood those as$holes within NHL hierarchy and the union (NHLPA) , will still find a way to f#ck things up . It took these a$sholes 118 days to finally figure out how to split $2.5 billion in a 50/50 split .

    Hockey fans , do you honestly believe that these three as$holes actually know what they are doing ?

    From left to right , NHLPA Exec Director , Donald Fehr, NHL Commissioner , Gary Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Billy Daly .

    How the fu#k has the NHL survived this long with a bunch of anally challenged retards literally ruining the sport ? Never mind , these blowholes are actually paying NBCSports to carry their brand on the broadcast outlet’s networks . That makes about as much sense as a hermaphrodite sticking their dick in their own ass or va#ina . These morons lack common sense , in all actuality they possess about as much as much business acumen as Frank McCourt , Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz , combined .

    NHL team values profitability

    Tophatal ……………..


  3. Three out of the four play off games were predictable. The Skins Seahawks game was a good one, The others ho-hum not big deal


  4. NFL team postseason stats and that of the season players .

    So both the Bills and Chiefs get their men , in terms of a new head coach . Andy Reid will no doubt bring in his own staff with the Chiefs and it is like to be the same with Doug Marrone and his assignment with the AFC East franchise .

    What a lovely pair of flotation devices !

    The NHL will proceed with a mandate of having …… ” busty greeters ” at all games as a way luring fans to the various venues . Does anyone truly believe that’s going to help ?

    Tophatal ……………


  5. Lousy year for sports methinks…..too many dan injuries….almost over….what is NHL season now head 48 games, can’t be, can it


    1. al clements

      You simply know it’s been a bad year in the NHL when their idiot hierarchy and union (Players’ Union) are now trying to “sell the fans” on a forty eight game regular season and wherein , the playoff format still remains intact . That’s akin to the NFL suggesting that after a self induced lockout they’d have an eight game regular season schedule and a likewise playoff format of the customary twelve teams would still be great for the game . That’s sheer utter bull$hit ! . Both Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr and the bodies they represent are complete blithering idiots !

      It took them 118 days to realize how to split $2.5 billion equitably ? Is it any wonder that the sport is a complete fu#k up from top to bottom ?

      The injuries issues within the NFL have been a season ….. long issue , that tends to hurt the teams even more so in the postseason .

      For me the biggest disappointment in wildcard round , has been some poor play by a number of the quarterbacks , in particular , some the rookies and sophomore , Andy Dalton of the Bengals !

      Tophatal …………


  6. Well, my friend, you covered the year pretty well. I have to say I agree with Penn State, and Armstrong. The Clippers are the new “Power” in the NBA, at least for now. OKC, Miami, Spurs, and the Knicks are good. Happy for the NHL fans out there. Enjoy all of your 46-48 game seasons!

    Good post…


    1. Steven Jeffries

      What Tom Corbett is seeking to do , is completely and utterly reprehensible and shameful ! People seem to be forgetting that the $60 million penalty was meant to be used to initiate programs statewide at the collegiate level at the public universities to teach the students about the harmful effects of sexual abuse and its consequences within society . Instead , the governor is seeking to obfuscate his and Penn State’s responsibilities , while seeking not having to spend that money on the program in question .

      Better yet , let me pose this question, what has the school done at this juncture in the aftermath of the Sandusky scandal , other than try to also paint itself as a victim ? There are too many goddamn apathetic individuals who’d rather overlook this tragedy and simply carry on as if nothing had ever happened !

      had not one iota of credibility to begin with ! Anyone who believed to the contrary must be using crack cocaine for medication and as a way making themselves feel good .

      The “Clip joint ” are by far the biggest story …. in LA , no matter the Lakers’ fans might think or what the team’s record might suggest .

      As for the NHL , they’ve got to be pretty dumb if it has taken them 118 days to decide how best to split $2.5 billion equitably ! Only the House , Senate and Obama’s …… administration …. could have this unproductive in such a time frame, and then some !

      Tophatal ………………… 01/08/2013 11:15 AM EST


  7. Listen up everyone , Notre Dame won’t rocking anyone’s world , anytime soon , as they were simply overrated , overexposed , and above all not warranted of the #1 spot in the BCS rankings , a system that continues to remain outmoded a goddamn joke ! Only the apathetic and unimaginative would continue it as justification because they deem it the best system available and that it should continue to be used .

    If the result in the national championship game wasn’t enough to prove how out of their depth Notre Dame just happened to be . Then what else will prove to these college analysts , that being in an Independent , in today’s football landscape , especially with Irish’s football program , has nothing to do with competition , but has more to do with money , and the “tens of millions of dollars “ that the school obtains annually in terms of broadcast revenues and the boosters’ philanthropic efforts .

    The biggest joke of the college football season was this continued justification to have Notre Dame ranked # 1 , merely because they were unbeaten . Simply look at the ” powder puff schedule” and then set forth a case for that ranking . It was asinine and clearly shows why this rankings’ system is so archaic !

    Tophatal ……


  8. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

    Armstong has been a lying sack of crap for years ! His fellow teammates on the Astana and Radio Shack teams knew he was exactly up to , and they all played their part in the subterfuge ! I’ve read so much bull$hit within this forum by idiots who know fu#k about of cycling but offer up some asinine opinions on this matter !

    Courtesy of Daily Mirror UK

    Coming clean? Lance Armstrong to break his silence on drug allegations in Oprah Winfrey interview

    “Armstrong will address the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating and charges of lying,” says statement

    Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong will break his silence over allegations of drug doping after it was announced he is to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey next week.

    The American was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles by the sport’s governing body the International Cycling Union (UCI), following a report by the US Anti-Doping Agency.

    The report stated the 41-year-old and his US Postal Service team had run “the most sophisticated, professionalism and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen”.

    Armstrong’s appearance on the Oprah show will be his first formal interview since he was banned for life by the UCI.

    A statement from the Oprah Winfrey Network claims: “Armstrong will address the alleged doping scandal, years of accusations of cheating and charges of lying about the use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout his storied cycling career.”

    The interview will take place at 9pm ET on Thursday, January 17 (2:00am GMT on Friday, January 18) and is scheduled to last for 90 minutes.

    The New York Times claimed at the weekend that Armstrong was close to admitting to the damning report from USADA.

    The Texan, who did not co-operate with the USADA investigation, has remained silent since the sanction, although he opted not to appeal the decision.

    Click on link to read in full .


    Now it’s being rumored that he will make a public appearance on Ophrah Winfrey’s OWN television network to admit his guilt . It will be an empty act of contrition on his part .

    Tophatal …………….


    1. Armstrong has been a complete fu#king asshole from the beginning of this whole drama , as it has played out . And the fact that one of your most loyal patrons has shown about as much common sense as can be found in a lunatic asylum . It’d help if a-holes like that actually did research rather than speak as if they are in a drunken stupor .

      Lance Armstrong is a shithead , who at no time over the course of this drama has uttered a one truthful word . And the moment that Tyler Hamilton gave his subpoenaed testimony , did the former seven-time Tour de France champion go after his former teammate , yet he sought to sue magazine and newspaper publishers . The guy is a f$$king douche-bag !

      And for idiot oping about the USADA not having jurisdiction , that a##hole should get a fuc#ing clue and actually investigate what it is that the USADA does , and their work in general .

      Tophatal ………..


    2. Chris Humpherys

      If Lance Armstrong were told that having one of his Astana or Radio Shack teammates shove their di#k in his @ss would have given him an additional advantage to win then he would forced all of his teammates to ##ck him in the a@s , and he would have no doubt loved it .

      Now let’s see , six years ago actor Tom Cruise appeared on Oprah to profess his undying love for his then fiance’ Katie Holmes , and he was jumping up and down on a sofa like a lovesick teenager . Six years later , he’s a divorcee’ earning $25 million a year , while still making crappy movies .


      ” Oprah , I love her and she doesn’t think I’m gay ” Tom Cruise

      What will Lance do , cry while he seeks the public’s forgiveness ?

      Tophatal ….


    3. So the Cowboys are seriously considering hiring 74 year old Monte Kiffin as their next defensive coordinator ? Personally , I think that the real concern should be with that overrated offense and the uninspiring leadership of Tony Romo .

      All of these idiots who talk about the quarterback playing good for three or four games , they never look at the bigger picture . That’s the idiocy of these fantasy geeks , for them it’s instantaneous gratification , much like phone sex .

      Romo has yet to win a meaningful game when it matters most and that’s in the postseason .

      Tophatal …….


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