Being, self-absorbed doesn’t offer dignity, it simply proves you are an ass


Being, self-absorbed doesn’t offer dignity, it simply proves you are an ass

By Tophatal

Well, after a rather meaningless gathering, the less than flattering body of the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America) more commonly known in my circle as the Baseball Writers Association of A$sholes , came to a decision that the 34 players on the 2013 the Hall of Fame ballot was not worthy of being inductees in this celebratory ceremony . Now as many of you may know, that among the list of candidates were, three of the most prominent players associated with the “steroid era “ of baseball.

Roger Clemens , Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa were part of that list of players , where the adjudicators would have to make the decision to vote those candidates in , by a margin of no less than 75% of the tallied votes .


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Not wanting to make light of this all , but celebrated columnist and journalist , Bob Nightengale of USA Today , wrote a <a href=””&gt; column stating why he would in all likelihood vote for all three of the aforementioned players to be enshrined . Nightengale suggests that on pure stats alone , the triumvirate were worthy of that accolade . It should be noted , the writer is also a voting member of the aforementioned BBWAA , a body , which I believe, no longer has any credibility or integrity ! Much of that is based on the non-committed stance of that group when the subject of “rampant steroid use” was prevalent within the game , and the very fact that this journalistic body , essentially chose to obfuscate their responsibilities as journalists , only seeking to write salacious tales or what was at the time , essentially the “ tainted feats “ of Bonds , Sosa and Mark McGwire . Needless , to say , legal actions , subpoenaed testimony in front of a congressional committee has done nothing to lift the credibility of the players involved , or raised the integrity of the BBWAA , altogether .

The BBWAA does not seem to possess the journalistic aptitude to even seek out the stories within the game that resonate with the fans and public at large , never mind the odious and often at times banal pieces that can be found within this forum on the subject matter of the illicit use of PED’s and other prohibitive substances within the game of baseball. However, it is simply not just the print media that should also bear responsibility for this apathy, because the sports’ broadcast outlets and the major television media, have essentially remained quiet on an ever </awide ranging list of topics associated with the </aseamier side of the game. Usually, it is not until a story has started to gather a great deal of steam that we tend to see all parts of the news’ media outlets start to scurry and give their perspective , one that is skewered uninformed and at times poorly written and without any real focal points, to that piece at all ! .

Courtesy of USA Today , Bob Nightengale

Barry Bonds was the first name I checked on my Hall of Fame ballot.

Roger Clemens was the second name I checked.

Sammy Sosa was the third.

There was no hesitation. No moment of wavering. Didn’t even blink.

Bonds, a seven-time MVP, might have been the greatest baseball player since Babe Ruth. Clemens, a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, was one of the most dominant pitchers of the last 50 years. Sosa, the only man to hit 60 or more homers in three seasons, was one of the most prolific home run hitters we’ve ever seen.

Oh, the steroids debate?

None ever failed a drug test after Major League Baseball implemented testing in 2004. They were never suspended by MLB for steroids, human growth hormone, amphetamines or any other performance-enhancing drugs.

Clemens was exonerated on perjury charges for lying about steroid use in federal court. Bonds also beat perjury charges and was convicted only on an obstruction-of-justice charge that he’s appealing.

Do I still believe they cheated? Absolutely.

Do I have proof? No.

Do I have strong suspicions that Mike Piazza and Jeff Bagwell cheated after witnessing their colossal changes in body type and performance? Absolutely.

Click on link to read in full .

Thankfully, Bob Nightengale and his cabal of idiots for once , may well have done the right thing , in not voting anyone in , from among the list of candidate on the 2013 list of prospective inductees. Craig Biggio came the closest , garnering 68.3% of the necessary 75 % of the votes needed for enshrinement into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. However, he may well face an stiffer task in 2014 , when the list of candidates will include among those notables , Greg Maddux , Tom Glavine, Edgar Martinez , Frank Thomas , Mike Mussina , Luis Gonzalez , Kenny Rogers , and Hideo Nomo , among in the category of eligible first time candidates due for induction. And one would be hard pressed to state that neither Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine are not worthy for induction into the Hall of Fame , in Cooperstown, New York .

One of more patronizing side of the BBWAA is that self-righteous belief that is espoused is as such , as knowledgeable historians of the game , their “printed word” is sacrosanct. In all honesty , given the institution to simply sidestep controversy , merely to stay in the good graces of baseball’s hierarchy . I am beginning to wonder , whether or not it would simply be more beneficial to have a body of current and retired players along with managers and front office executive to be arbiters for a players’ induction into the Hall of Fame . Can anyone say that there is any real credence in the way the baseball writers conduct their voting process ? Who better than the players , managers and general managers to make such a decision , rather than a bunch of doe-eyed word and often times gregarious idiots be left to make such a decision. The purists and traditionalists out there may well think otherwise . Yet more often than not those are the very same imbeciles , who will make a case for the argument that the actions of Bonds , Sosa , Clemens , McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro did not do irreparable harm to the game. If they have profited financially from their actions while defrauding the fans and public alike , then off course irreparable damage has been done to the image of baseball . Only, an anally retentive asshole , would seek to suggest otherwise !

Beyond the rhetoric proffered up by baseball’s writers within their own little sphere of influence , and who have never really delved with any great depth into the financial imbalances within the game , other than to report who just happens to be the highest paid player in the game , or to remind us that the New York Yankees still carries the highest team payroll in baseball . It has been the very fact that they feel it obligatory , simply to not fall afoul of Bud Selig and his subordinates. And for the commissioner for his part , with his mind numbingly low IQ , simply offers up such banality , that is now hard to take him seriously as the game’s highest ranking executive . At $25 million a year , as a salary , I would have to say that Selig has done an extremely piss poor job through the majority of his tenure ! His handling of the “ steroid era” notwithstanding , it has been his lack of foresight and insight shown , along with not fully comprehending the malfeasance of Frank McCourt, in almost bringing about the ruination of the Los Angeles Dodgers ,

Needless to say , while Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz , fiddle , while the embers are still aglow around the New York Mets , Bud Selig will suggest to us, that there is due diligence and oversight being shown as to the franchise’s ongoing financial difficulties . Albeit , that a patron of my site has pointed out the fact , that the organization has been able to obtain financing from a number of financial institution, and that a glowing report has been written about the Mets’ “ alleged” improving financial status, by none other than Standard & Poors . Suffice to say , the once proud financial markets and investment research firm has about as much credibility as Lindsay Lohan’s acting career. These are the very same ,bumbling buffoons , who with their vast research resources were not able to spot the horrors on the horizon , short-term and long-term , when it came to the major financial institutions’ use of the derivatives’ ,markets to send not only banking sector into a downwards’ tailspin but also the vast majority of the residential mortgage industry as well. Yet because a patron points to a report , I should be assured that the Mets are heading in right direction from a financial standpoint ? This being the same baseball franchise that showed a $41 million loss , and is still projected to lose approximately $65 million for the upcoming fiscal year . But also , do bear in mind , Mets’ GM , Sandy Alderson , recently offered an exorbitant contract to David Wright , an eight-year deal worth approximately , $134 million .

Now I could go on to lambast Sandy Alderson for this apparent idiocy , but what good would it do ? I mean , given the Mets’ dreadful record last season , and their continued propensity for making such outlandish personnel moves , while considerably overpaying for moderate talent . .It is increasingly clear why the franchise has been such an incredible mess . COO & CFO , Jeff Wilpon , has taken to running and ruining the franchise , as if it were a child’s toy , that will soon outlive its’ usefulness !

The New York Mets may well have dodged a bullet when Irving H Picard , the plaintiffs’ lawyer, in a multibillion dollar lawsuit that sought the return of $1.225 billion in monies received by franchise and siphoned through another Wilpon family-controlled and owned business entity , Sterling Equities Inc . These funds were said to be the returns on the investments made, in the now infamous “Madoff Ponzi Scheme” over the past two decades , which saw in excess of 8,000 clients lose $57 billion , through the misdeeds of now incarcerated financier , Bernard “Bernie” Madoff . And for some inexplicable reason Irving Picard, would reach an out of court settlement the defendants , the New York Mets, that would see his clients receive a little over 16 cents on the dollar , netting the plaintiffs , slightly less than $100 million. Far be it , for me to suggest , but if I were one of the plaintiffs , and that agreement were reached , there would be no way in hell, that Irving Picard would still be alive today ! I would be on him “ like white on rice “ , beating his ass , to within an inch of his life ! Lawyers , just as disingenuous as a congressman , with perhaps, slightly less morals? I’ll leave it for you to be the judge of that !

If there were a team in baseball that needed to succeed , rather than being continually be looked upon as an “also ran” , then it would have to be the Los Angeles Angels . Team owner, Arte Moreno and GM , Jerry DiPoto made the “big splash” last season obtaining C J Wilson and Albert Pujols , while paying out the “big bucks” in terms of the contracts offered to both players . Yet , for all of that financial commitment , the “ best player “ on the Angels’ roster over the course of 2012 , was rookie sensation Mike Trout , who literally blew the “ door off its hinges “ , while seeking to keep pace with Miguel Cabrera as the most dominant offensive player in the AL during 2012.

And while from a competitive standpoint within AL West , the Angels simply were not up to scratch . Inconsistent pitching became just one of the many problems that Mike Scocsia and his staff had to face , as the team struggled to find their way throughout much of 2012 . A disappointing third place finish, behind the revelation of the season , the Oakland A’s , surprise winners of the division and a postseason entrant from the AL. This left Jerry DiPoto and Arte Moreno , asking , what else might be needed to bolster the team ? Money , off course was no object , given Moreno’s wealth and a financially viable franchise in the nation’s second largest ad market bodes well for the organization . Yet , having to play “ second fiddle” to the Texas Rangers for divisional supremacy over the last few years has proven to be arduous .

Adding into the frustration for the Angels, was seeing the sudden resurrection of the Los Angeles Dodgers , under the ownership of two financial “ big hitters “ and a Hollywood mogul . Throw in an NBA legend as part of ownership group that paid an astonishing $2.155 billion for beleaguered franchise , and with the ensuing talk by minority stakeholder and “ hype-man” , Magic Johnson “ that money would be of no object , in chasing after success” . And one could well understand why Moreno and company might feel like he is on the outside looking in , on a a party that he had been invited to , but somehow security will not relent , and allow him , to enter the party in question .

As I alluded to earlier , pitching was a problem for the Angels during 2012 , but it should also be noted , that a once potent offense suddenly started spluttering for all of the wrong reasons during the most untimely of situations , at times befuddling Mike Scocsia , drawing his ire. The decision was made to acquire free agent slugger , Josh Hamilton, whose final year with the Texas Rangers was filled with highs and lows through much of the season. Hamilton and his agent, Michael Moye, sought a long-term commitment from GM, Jon Daniels of the Rangers. But, team President, Nolan Ryan did not believe it prudent to acquiesce to the player and his agent’s demands, which is said to be a ten-year $275 million contract. Those demands , clearly, could only be met by a select few teams within baseball. DiPoto , at the behest of Arte Moreno swooped in , and a five-year $125 million offer was made to the slugger. Hamilton , will certainly add to the potency of this Angels’ offense, but the greatest concern , would have to be , Josh Hamilton’s health , but more importantly , his well- known sobriety problems. A recovering drug addict and alcoholic , Hamilton, has repeatedly “fallen off the wagon” , much to the angst of his family , but also drawing a certain level of criticism from the Rangers’ front office. I would certainly like to think that Josh Hamilton can keep his sobriety in check while contributing greatly to the aspirations of the Angels this upcoming season !

The Angels will open their regular season schedule with a three-game series against the Oakland A’s , beginning 9th April, 2013 , at Angel Stadium , in Anaheim , California ,.

The AL West will have a new addition to its stable with the relocation of the Houston Astros from the NL Central to its counterpart within the AL. Somehow, I do believe that Astros will be in for a long and arduous season , and for manager , Bo Porters , 2013 , might just be a year he would rather forget. Simply based on the Astros’ record (55-107) in 2012, this is not a team , that I believe will be able to compete their fellow cohabitants within the AL West , much less the rest of baseball ! Sound off , with your thoughts on this particular point raised.



Picture gallery .

In light of the decision made by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to not have a 2013 candidate inducted in , for this year’s ceremony , do you believe it to be the right decision made ? Or are you of the opinion , that no matter who the nominee might happen to be , he should be voted in , based on the association’s criteria , whether or not they are tainted by the steroids era ? Chime in, with your thoughts on this and anything else you feel pertinent to this topic. Do you believe, that the Los Angeles Angels will be able to mountain substantive challenge within the AL West this season ? And finally, do you believe columnist Bob Nightengale’s article , gave you a much clearer picture as to the mindset of the other adjudicators within the BBWAA ?


Picture and slideshow details below .


(1) USA Today columnist , Bob Nightengale, seen here being interviewed by veteran sports’ anchor Bob Costas of NBC Sports . Nightengale a featured with the national daily , is the paper’s featured writer on baseball along with Hal Bodley . Bob Nightengale’s most recent column for the paper, gives us his unique opinion , on why , he will vote for Roger Clemens , Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa to be enshrined from the class of 2013 into Baseball’s Hall of Fame , in Cooperstown , New York .

(2) From left to right , Barry Bonds , Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens . All three were part of the class of 2013 enlistees eligible for the adjudication process for Baseball’s Hall of Fame . The trio having been stained by “steroid era” within the game , failed to obtain the necessary warranted votes (75%) to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame. AP Photo / Ellis Parsons ….

(3) MLB Commissioner , Bud Selig , left , is seen here , with now former Los Angeles Dodgers’ owner , Frank McCourt . The beleaguered businessman was forced to take the famed ball-club into bankruptcy proceedings whilst in the midst of an acrimonious divorce from ex-wife, Jamie McCourt. Bud Selig presided over this , but it was widely known that McCourt had been contravening the bye-laws of the game by using the franchise as business collateral for several of his surreptitious business deals . The league hierarchy was forced to send in an outside authority (C Thomas Schiffer) to preside over the ball-club on a day-to-day basis , much to the dislike of the owner , who stated that he was being a scapegoat for baseball’s own deficiencies . The Dodgers were auctioned off in what was said to be a sealed “bidding process” for the sum of $2.156 billion . However , a number of team owners were dissatisfied with the process , especially after it was revealed that Bud Selig interjected himself in the midst of the deliberations , and is said to have favored the winning consortium’s bid , prior to the whole endeavor’s commencement . AP/ Getty Images / Paul M . Metcalf …

(4) (L – R) Saul Katz, CEO of the Mets, Fred Wilpon, president of the Mets, Sandy Alderson and Jeff Wilpon, chief operating officer of the Mets pose for a photo during Alderson’s introduction as the general manager for the New York Mets on October 29, 2010 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Getty Images North America / Andrew Burton …

(5) Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno joins free-agent outfielder Josh Hamilton, right, for photographs at a news conference, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, in Anaheim, Calif. Hamilton, a five-time All-Star and l2010 AL MVP, joins the Angels MLB team after signing a $125 million, five-year contract . Clockwise from Moreno is his wife Carole, Hamilton’s wife Katie, holding daughter Stella, Hamilton; with daughters Sierra, Michaela, and Julie. AP Photo/Chris Carlson …




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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

22 thoughts on “Being, self-absorbed doesn’t offer dignity, it simply proves you are an ass”

  1. Credibility is not something that the BBWAA has a great deal of at present , instead they are acting like a bunch of pontificating and sanctimonious a$$holes ! These are the very same journalists and columnists who went running for the hills , rather than doing their jobs when the steroids era came into being ! Instead they sought to then lambast Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada for their work .

    Furthermore , in light of the financial irregularities that have gone on , with the Chicago Cubs under former owner Sam Zell , the Rangere with Tom Hicks , the Dodgers with Frank McCourt and now the ever increasing farce with the Mets and the ” two a$$ clowns , Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon . , What piece of responsible investigative journalism , much less one iota real journalism has been done concerning financial morass within baseball as a titular substantive piece by any member of the BBWAA , that has taken place under Bud Selig; watch ? Fu#k , is this really what the fans and readers deserve from these butt-holes of the Baseball Writers Association of America ?

    If the BBWAA issuea a statement saying that they’re unable to make a choice from the class of 2014 from among the candidates there . Then each and every member of that institution (BBWAA) should be hung up by his ankles and be castrated !

    Ah the wily Mets , they obtain some additional financing but , this is how f$$ked up their front office just happens to be ! Offering David Wright an exorbitant deal , when the team itself is clearly bereft of talent and leadership . Wright is the poor man’s answer to Derek Jeter !.

    This season it’ll be time for the Angels to put up or shut up !

    With the contract given to Josh Hamilton , as well as the existing payroll and the commitment made Pujols and C J Wilson. About the only person who’s given the Angels value for money has been Mike Trout .

    Bo Porter and Astros , this season will face an impossible task . Had they remained in the NL Central they would still be getting their a$s kicked . Now they’ve moved into a wholly tougher division of the AL West , where they are likely to get an even bigger @s$ kicking from the likes of the Rangers , A’s , Mariners and the Angels . What’s up with that ? Personally , I think this was all part of the lame assed “sweetheart deal ” of a reduction given to Jim Crane when he overpaid , in purchasing ($775 million) the ball-club .

    Astros head to head against teams in MLB over the last six years

    Tophatal …………….


  2. I’m all about fun with Dick and Jane ! Especially when it comes to putting my d#ck inside of Jane ! But if Jane is unable to oblige then I’d definitely insert my ” rod” inside of Kristen Bell !


    Kristen Bell

    Spring Training Schedule for the Braves and it will be interesting to see how the team in its present guise will do after the loss of Chipper Jones and others who left via a trade or free agency .

    Opening Day schedule for the team and then for the month of April .

    Tophatal …………………..


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

      There’s so much damn apathy amongst the fans , concerning misuse of steroids , that they’re under the impression it’s just like sucking a lollipop . Well , nothing could be further from the truth , as its misuse can lead to renal failure , cardio arrhythmical issues , degenerative bone problems , and top it all , impotence and death !

      If two decades from now , Bonds , Clemens , Sosa , McGwire and Palmeiro make it in via the Veterans’ Committee , then so be it , but they had better be sure that Pete Rose gets in before the aforementioned players , even if it is done posthumously , after his death.

      Baseball leaders home runs active and career .

      Baseball leaders pitchers’ wins active and career

      Tophatal ……….


    2. Fan On Fire

      Here’s my take on baseball’s stance with regard to the ” steroid era ” , they used it to make tens of millions of dollars at the fans’ expense !

      Bud Selig and the league hierarchy then became pissed , when the sport was kicked out of the Sumner Olympics by the IOC , and that was clearly down the fact that because the commissioner’s ” weak kneed stance” when dealing the union (MLBPA) on the issue of comprehensive drug testing. The league and the union hid behind that for years , while apportioning blame elsewhere with some of the dumb ass journalists here criticizing the IOC , when there was rampant and widespread usage of PED’s and other illicit substances within the game .

      These very same baseball writers and analysts completely obfuscated their responsibilities with regard to any in depth investigation , believing that the game would self regulate . That was and still some of the dumbest and most half baked shit ever thought up those involved in this area of sport’s journalism !

      Selig is now pressing for IFAB (Int’l Baseball Federation) and the ISF (Int’l Softball Federation) to merge and be the lone international governing body for women’s softball and men’s baseball in order to press ahead and get both sports reinstated at a future Summer Olympics .

      Do bear mind also , that over the past thirty months almost 200 players at the MLB and MILB (minors) have been busted for the illicit use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs . The testing protocols are nowhere near stringent enough and the punishment obviously isn’t enough of a deterrent in spite of Bud Selig’s ongoing statements that the sport is indeed cleaning itself up . That’s akin to the same bullshit that Treasury Secretary , Tim Geithner was selling the public , at Obama’s behest , concerning the behavior of the major Wall St financial institutions who got billions in unnecessary TARP money (taxpayers’ monies) , only for them to now resume doing , what landed them in trouble in the first place . And it’s the same with Major League Baseball , as not a goddamn thing has changed ! .

      Assholes , such as Joe Morgan and Joe Buck can opine all they want , the game , never will be what it once was , not when there is no urgency for real changes to be made by the league hierarchy , union or from the team owners , themselves .

      Tophatal ……………


  3. Here’s the thing, Al.

    All of us sports fans with a blog have been awaiting and debating what would happen on this day for years now. Most of us knew these guys weren’t going to get in, at least on the first ballot, if at all. It would have been more surprising had they been LET in.

    Personally, I think they’re being denied entry is as much a testament to what the voters felt not only about them but about the game and how it was managed at the time.

    Thanks, Bud, for keeping a very watchful eye on our sport.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Both you and I know there’s so much fucking hypocrisy and apathy amongst the fans who simply have no idea what the hell they’re talking about never-mind the fucking assholes who call themselves reporters and journalists covering the sport . Tell me which reporter did an in depth study of anything , remotely touching on the subject of PED”s within the game much less the financial morass within baseball ! I’ve one individual suggesting because the Mets got financing from Wall St , it made their situation less precarious . It’s become even more precarious , after that literally f$$king idiotic move to sign David Wright to that bloated and extortionate contract . This is sheer apathy amongst the Mets’ fans who are so dumb to begin with ! They’d believe that a bouquet of red roses covered in shit has an alluring and elegant aroma !

      As to the BBWAA (Baseball Writer’s Association of America) , they are about as useful as a bucket full of shit would be , in a garbage canister , being portrayed as art . They have no credibility whatsoever ! In 2014 , these morons had better get it right , especially when you look at who will be on the list of eligible candidates for enshrinement .

      Eligible of Hall of Fame list of candidates 2014 , 2015 and 2016 .

      Tophatal ……………


    2. Chris

      Stevie Wonder
      or Ray Charles could’ve done a much better job as commissioner ! The guy has been a complete imbecile over his entire tenure ! He’s being paid $25 million a year , whereas the salary of the top ten players baseball are on par with the commissioner’s salary . Now for the fu#king idiots out there suggesting that their teams are financially solvent , think about Selig’s situation at present ?

      Tophatal ………


  4. Steroid use should have never been condoned in baseball. You know as well as I do that it was not only condoned but encouraged. In my opinion, if the Hall of Fame recognizes the players from the steroid era it should be duly noted that they all played in a time when statistical results were largely a product of performance enhancement.
    It is my hope that steroids be eradicated from the game and future generations can enjoy baseball without the stench of fraud.
    Happy weekend my friend, cheers!


    1. aero

      The problem I have with Selig and baseball’s hierarchy has been their continued denial and ongoing culpability with the ” steroid era ” !

      During that considerably tainted era when records were falling faster than the celebrated , celebrity porn sex tapes , were being produced . The teams and players and the league itself profited greatly (financially to the tune of tens of millions of dollars) from that period . Players such as Bonds , Clemens , Sosa , McGwire and Palmeiro , they all lied about

      their association with PED’s . And anyone who believes that Barry Bonds unwittingly and unknowingly ingested these products into his system , has to be anally retentive .

      In the last thirty months in excess of 150 players at the MLB and Minor League Level have been implicated and suspended , and as we both know , the testing protocols adopted by the league is nowhere stringent enough , much less , the punishment being really tough enough , to be seen as a real deterrent . Everything about Bud Selig in terms of his character , integrity and anything he says about the game is soft , and has to viewed as a goddamn joke ! The guy is and has always been a pompous and unintelligent ass !

      Now you have MLB (baseball) pressing baseball’s international governing body , IFAB (International Baseball Federation) to be merged with the governing body for Women’s Softball at the international level ( Int’l Softball Federation -ISF) in order that there be a joint petition to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the reinstatement of both baseball and softball at future Summer Olympic games . The earliest likelihood of either sport being returned to the quadrennial event would be in 2020 .

      It was Selig’s intransigence that led to baseball being dropped from the Summer Games and not this asinine notion that there wasn’t a widespread following or that the level of competition was low . Bud Selig caved to the players’ union , who simply had no wish to be tested under WADA or the USADA guidelines , as they chose to hide behind what they believe to be valid privacy issues .

      Baseball no longer has any ” integrity or character ” , much less any real leadership from the hierarchy , owners , players , much less the union , itself !

      Buck may well have had his “head up ” in Aikman’s as$hole .

      “If I lived and played in the era of segregated baseball , I’d have fu#ked every woman of every ethnicity I could find, and then tell the “man “ to…. ” go fu#k himself ” ! Joe Morgan

      And as much I hate to say this , but all of the damn bitching and whining , from the likes of Joe Buck and Joe Morgan , won’t hide the fact that the game is in a goddamn mess from a financial , leadership and integrity standpoint !

      Tophatal ……..


    2. aero

      So the new Jags GM David Caldwell , has poo pooed the idea of Tim Tebow joining the franchise as a quarterback or any type of position player on the team .

      Nobody can take Tebow seriously as a player , he simply doesn’t have the prerequisite talent level needed !

      Tim Tebow won’t be on Jacksonville Jaguars, GM says

      You can eliminate those Tim Tebow-to-Jacksonville rumors. New Jaguars general manager David Caldwell made it very clear Thursday it’s not happening.

      “I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar,” Caldwell said at his introductory news conference.

      “I can’t imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar,” Caldwell said at his introductory news conference.

      It’s rare you hear a whoosh come over an NFL news conference crowd. Some of the media members seemed taken aback.

      “Even if he’s released?” one reporter asked.

      “Even if he’s released,” Caldwell said.

      Well, there you go. That’s why all the reporting last month that said it was a “virtual certainty” Tebow would land in Jacksonville after one season with the New York Jets was so curious. Perhaps Jaguars ownership wanted him, but the ultimate decision-maker was not in place yet.

      Click on link to read in full .

      “Schefter, how many times do I have to tell you , I’m not gay and @nal sex just doesn’t turn me on ” ! ” ‘Mort’ ,If you’re not gay , then why is your left hand in my right pant’s pocket , trying to feel my package ?”

      Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen (far right)

      “It’s time we take a break John , from our tough deliberations and have some fun , so I’m calling Pelosi into the Oval Office , where she can come and suck some ##ck !. Are you down with that ” ? ” Barack , I can call you Barack can’t I ? You don’t how many times I’ve yearned to hear those words …… sucking d$ck and Nancy Pelosi . Can I go first ” ?

      So for the Tebow apologists out there , here’s proof that there is still common sense from within the Jaguars’ organization and for Adam Shefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN , you guys are complete assholes with your so called confirmed or unconfirmed sources from within the Jags’ organization for their wish to sign Tim Tebow . As a duo , you now rival Boehner and Obama in terms of joint popularity .

      Jacksonville Jaguars’ news feed

      Is there any further reason not to believe that once you’re north of the I-4 corridor in the state Florida , the IQ level drops greatly ? Here’s a clue , it actually does have a tremendous drop off !

      Tophatal ………….


    3. aero

      Neither Bud Selig , or anyone within baseball’s hierarchy actually cared , not while reaping in billions of dollars in revenues . At the same time did you ever hear any of the baseball journalists or columnists defiantly coming out against this ? It is clear that the BBWAA have become a bunch of self-absorbed as$holes ! And as far as I’m concerned in or out the feat of being enshrined into the Hall of Fame has become passe` and not truly worth a goddamn thing !

      Now , have you heard that dumb ass , Pete Rose suggesting that Roger Clemens should be inducted , because he was never found guilty by a jury of his peers ?

      Rose is completely devoid of any goddamn intelligence , because he simply knows fu#ck all about the law , and the very fact that the all-time hits’ King , simply doesn’t see the fact that the reason Clemens was acquitted _____ was the fact the prosecution’s case wasn’t just flawed , but the prosecution’s witnesses , clearly had a credibility and character issue , not unlike Pete Rose , himself !

      Tophatal …….


  5. Did these clowns do steroids YES. Do I give a crap NO! Did help them hit more home runs and have more power on the mound? YES! In the end all it is baseball. Who gives a crap these morons did was cut their own lives short. The bad part is that these clowns may have hurt their families and this is the real harm- the kids and wives. no one is talking about them. This is a matter of individual choice. They choose to use roids. Until roids becomes a punishable offense then its their choice. Punishable i mean sent to jail.


    1. Bobby Gee

      The real issue I have beyond the lying and the deceit , well, it is that kids at the middle and high school level are easily influenced by the behavior of the big league ballplayers , never mind that they may well have a high school coach who’ll turn a blind eye to it all , especially when the team is winning .

      Is Bud really as dumb as he looks , or he is simply playing a role , to create the subterfuge that we should be sympathetic to his plight ?

      Beyond that , my only other concern has been the countless millions of dollars that baseball has defrauded the fans of , with the web of deceit and lies countenanced by Bud Selig and his fellow dumb ass subordinates of the MLB hierarchy !

      Tophatal ……….


  6. We are a firm believer that if a player has cheated in the past, the league should not allow them to enter the Hall of Fame. Regardless if the league turned it’s head away during the steroid era, Roger Clemens , Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa should not be inducted in. That’s our thoughts.


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      The MLB hierarchy , only makes a list names for the process by voters of the BBWAA , and that is what is so asinine about the whole process ! I believe this system in its present guise is open to abuse , never mind the fact that the writers are so frigging clueless to begin with !

      These very same columnists and writers within the Baseball Writers Assoc of America , were nowhere to be see, when it came to incisive reporting, concerning the ” steroid era ” , never-mind financial mess within baseball , and the goddamn s#it , that has gone down with both Dodgers , Mets and the Marlins in the last three years .

      These mutha-fu#kers simply cherry pick their stories , in order to continue ” curry favor” with Bud Selig and baseball’s hierarchy . When have you ever heard Peter Gammons , Buster Olney or Tim Kurkjian really speak at length concerning the steroid era and the misdeeds of the players , much less the financial morass within game ? Baseball no longer has any credibility , character or integrity . The game is being ran by a bunch of corrupt bastards !

      The BBWAA has about as much legitimacy as Lindsay Lohan’s presumed acting career !


      K Michelle and Brooke Bailey , both are definitely , doable !

      Tophatal ……………….


  7. I agree with the “no vote” voting for this year’s candidates. And, yes, it will be an even tougher field for those who missed this time to get the required 75 % of votes in 2014. It’s a shame that you just don’t really know how many players took PED’s…it’s a black eye for everyone in that 10-15 year period of time in the MLB.

    Well said, Alan!


    1. Steven Jeffries

      Personally, I find it asinine that it is left to be a bunch self absorbed journalists to have the say , as to “who goes in” and who remains , ” on the outs” , in terms of baseball’s Hall of Fame ! The highest accolade possible , is to be voted in , by a collection of one’s peers and managers ! The BBWAA , to my mind has no credibility whatsoever ,as neither they or baseball’s hierarchy have been the “perfect gatekeepers” or custodians of the sport ! Anyone who believes to the contrary , is an idiot !

      Tophatal ………….


      1. I agree with that completely! The vote should be made by a collection of peers, both players and perhaps managers or coaches.

        The BBWAA should not be selecting players based on skills and contributions to the game, because they don’t know how to evaluate such things. All they can talk about is the popularity of a player, or what the fans seem to think of him. That’s not a good enough measuring stick for deciding who gets into the HOF and who doesn’t…


        1. Steven Jeffries

          I lost all respect for the BBWAA , the moment they shunned their responsibilities in reporting not only on the “steroid era ” , but also the financial morass , concerning the misdeeds of Frank McCourt , Tom Hicks , Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz .

          Selig stated that there would be an in-depth investigation of team owner , Jeff Loria and the Marlins’ ownership , after their fire sale . What is there to investigate when the trades have been ratified by the league hierarchy and they have been allowed to stand ? Baseball , no longer has any damn credibility at all ! Anyone who tries to suggest otherwise is a damn idiot !

          Bud Selig is not the guy to be running the MLB hierarchy and as for the players’ union , I’ve no time for those morons !

          Tophatal ……..


        2. Steven Jeffries

          The day that the BBWAA has anything worthwhile to say about game of baseball in print , is likely to be the day that you of all people become besotted with Nancy Pelosi and what you deem, are, her obvious good looks ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

          “Congresswoman Pelosi , how do you feel about the size of the national debt as well as the budget deficit ” ? ” Well , I’m of the opinion that size does matter , the bigger , the better , but certainly not bigger than this !” Nancy Pelosi gives you her thoughts on the debt crisis and penis envy

          Tell me if she were the last female you were about to see , you wouldn’t want to tap that a$s ?

          Tophatal ……………………….


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