This is not what I signed up for !

This is not what I signed up for !

By Tophatal

The NBA season is moving along nicely, but for a new of teams , it now looks as their seasons could very well be over before we have reached the midway point of the 2012-13 NBA calendar . The plotlines to the season are now being played out , with Charlotte Bobcats , Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards , all three teams are seeking to redefine mediocrity , and now the fans have been witnesses this all.


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In the Eastern Conference , the three teams that seem to the setting the pace , are the Miami Heat(23-11) , New York Knicks (23-12) and the surprisingly resourceful Indiana Pacers(22-14) . While the reigning champions, the Heat are looking to make a successful defense of their title. Yet on the face of it, this team do seem to be trying to make things extremely hard for themselves with their rather inconsistent play. The NBA season, having had the first of two coaching casualties, with the dismissals of Mike Brown of the Los Angeles Lakers , five games (1-4) into their season , with a rather asinine explanation coming from GM , Mitch Kupchak , as to the reasons for the improbable decision .

The other casualty to fall , was Avery Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets , and whether or not this is pertinent , but it would appear that Nets’ point guard , Deron Williams , is now becoming known , as something of a “ coach killer” . It should come as no surprise , with the evidence being there for all to see , first with the Utah Jazz , and the departure of Jerry Sloan, albeit the famed former head coach resigned , rather than being forced out , but the tell-tale signs were there for all to see . An underperforming star , continually, complaining about his team’s play, without ever once, showing any form of leadership to his teammates . I’ll say this for Deron Williams , in spite of his play , his lack of maturity far outweighs anything that he is said to have achieved at this point of his career .

The Brooklyn Nets , with P J Carlesimo , now coaching the team on an interim basis , have made a hard push to lure famed and future bound Hall of Fame coach , Phil Jackson , out of retirement , literally offering him a King’s ransom and a rumored minority interest in the Nets’ franchise . Part ownership of a listless team, that is also without a leader , much less having any real character , is not I believe, a scenario where Jackson would be lured back into coaching ! And the same situation can now be applied to the idiocy that has now befallen the Los Angeles Lakers , another aging , uninspired franchise and team . As Kobe Bryant , recently stated, we’re getting old and heading nowhere fast “ . It is now beginning to look all the more probable that the franchise could very well end up missing the postseason , should the team continue with their ongoing season of ineptitude and inconsistency. It has now left many fans and NBA analysts wondering , how could things spiraled so out of control, so fast , without their being any inclination at the start of the season , that , it would be one , of sheer ridicule of the ownership and management ?

The hiring of Mike D’Antoni to succeed Mike Brown , is befuddling to myself , as to this ongoing belief and fascination with the paparazzi, that the career of Lindsay Lohan , still remains relevant when she has done absolutely nothing of merit over the past five years. As to D’Antoni’s resume` , well let’s just say , there’s not a great deal that one could truly say , is altogether inspiring ! I truly believe, that Mitch Kupchak and Lakers’ SVP, Jim Buss , have now erred twice in their most recent managerial hiring! If you believe my statement to be a mistake, then do take the time to explain your reasons why?

The makeup of this Lakers’ roster pivots around the play of Kobe Bryant , and as he goes , then so does the rest of the team, Granted , Bryant can go off , for forty-plus points , and inevitably given their play of the team, and they still end up losing . Yet the enigma, here , is that the team either choose not to , or has no idea , how to play a lick of goddamn defense , when it matters most ! As things now continue , with the winners of four of their last ten games , it begs the question what is the perceived direction that the team , is said to be heading in ? The Lakers now sit 12.5 games out of first place , within the Pacific Division behind the surging Los Angeles Clippers (28-8).

With Blake Griffin leading the way alongside one of the NBA’s premier point guards , in Chris Paul , it has to be said that the Lakers’ task is becoming all the more unenviable , especially when the Clippers are now seen “ as the best story happening , in the city of Angels” . Failure at this juncture , and we could very well see the franchise go through their second managerial change inside of a calendar year . Something, I would have said , was impossible at the start of the season . And this is a franchise known for its semblance of continuity , albeit , that the glitterati and paparazzi make the organization the center and focus of the NBA landscape , and that is with due respect to the residents of the “Big Apple” and “ Brooklyn” .

Now unless I’m mistaken, we were led to believe that the NBA is a brand that has become world renown , yet, I seriously doubt David Stern would have expected three teams within the Eastern Conference subjecting the fans of the league , to such abject futility! The Charlotte Bobcats (9-26) , Cleveland Cavaliers (9-29 ) , and the Washington Wizards (5-28) , this season have given a whole new meaning to the words , “ futility” and “mediocrity” , which is clearly reflected in their respective records and play.

Inasmuch , as I have admired Michael Jordan’s career as an NBA player , it has to be said his successes as an NBA front office executive is now “peppered” with a “ litany of failures” . Anyone who would now suggest that Jordan is at the forefront of his present career, as owner and de-facto general manager , should now begin to acknowledge that he might now be the NBA’s answer to Jerry Jones of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys . I am not about to suggest that Michael Jordan doesn’t accept the input of his fellow executives , in particular that of GM, Rich Cho . Yet it has become , and will remain abundantly clear, that Jordan is prepared to things his way , and is not truly prepared to accept any criticism leveled his way. And the Bobcats for their part , are not making the situation any more acceptable with the ongoing futility of this team . If there is a silver cloud to this nightmare , then it is the fact that , the organization is unlikely to end up with the worst record within the NBA at season’s end , especially when one bears in mind , the franchise’s 7-59 mark of last season , in reduced schedule of sixty-six games , from the customary eighty-two game schedule the NBA is naturally known for.

I’ve called it , and the anally retentive idiots who sought the retention of the Sacramento Kings in the California state capital , clearly have no fucking idea as to what is happening within their very midst , let alone within the front office of the Kings , altogether. I suppose that all comes down to the apathy of those fans , and what they feel is their all-knowing belief, that the NBA eats , breathes and shits , by the events take place on the West Coast, and shapes this league as a whole ! In what should not be seen as a surprising turn of events the ownership group the Sacramento Kings , led by the Maloof family , of Joe and Gavin Maloof , have agreed in principle to the sale of the NBA franchise to a Seattle-based consortium that will relocate the Kings to Washington State. For the better part of two and a half years, the city’s mayor , Kevin Johnson , himself a former NBA player , has judiciously negotiated with the Kings , primarily with GM, Geoff Petrie , but also with, Joe and Gavin Maloof.

Courtesy of USA Today

Sacramento Kings’ possible move uneasy for players, fans

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Aaron Brooks has been in an awkward spot since news surfaced that the Sacramento Kings could be sold and moved to his hometown of Seattle.

The Kings guard has no answers for family and friends who have been calling and texting for information. Even the excitement his brother, Alvertis, had when he showed up for a visit evaporated once he realized those in Sacramento might feel the same sorrow as when the SuperSonics left for Oklahoma City in 2008.

NEARING DEAL: Seattle group negotiates with Maloofs

“Seattle does need a team. But you would hate to have a team leave a city you know wants a basketball team,” Brooks said. “It’s unfortunate.”

For Sacramento players, coaches and fans, this is not an easy time.

In the first game since the latest — and perhaps most serious — round of relocation talks began, the Kings lost to the Dallas Mavericks 117-112 in overtime Thursday night, with chatter around the aging arena seemingly centering on everything but basketball.

GAME: Mavericks come back from 17 points down

Newspaper and television reporters from Seattle showed up along with an increased local media presence. Fans contemplated whether they should keep supporting a team they love. Ushers and parking attendants who depend on the team for work approached reporters wondering if they knew what might happen.

Even players and coaches admitted all the attention made it difficult to focus on the game.

“It’s definitely going to be a distraction,” said Kings coach Keith Smart. “But we’re pros. We’ve got to figure out a way how to separate the two and then get ready to play.”

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However, it has been intransigence of the franchise’s owners and the very fact , that David Stern has failed to act as a willing intermediary and peacemaker , that has led to this actual debacle . From the very outset, it was my belief that Johnson was negotiating from a position of weakness! And this continued idiocy by a number loyal but misguided Kings’ fans that it would be in the city’s best interest to use public funds in conjunction with that of private enterprise within the city’s locale , presently shows why the state and city remains a “complete cluster fuck “ , politically and economically , with no apparent leadership or the capacity to do what is ethically right , and that is to walk away while you have the option , instead of being made to look like a complete asshole ! As of now, that can be the only way to view Kevin Johnson and the Sacramento City Council. When will these municipal politicians, learn that continually kissing the ass of a billionaire or millionaire professional sports’ franchise owner , rarely benefits a city in the long-term !

Courtesy of USA Today

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he’ll save Kings

By Sam Amick , USA Today Sports

SACRAMENTO — Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson swears he still has a shot to save his hometown team.

Johnson, the native son and former NBA point guard who has spent recent years trying to keep the Maloof family that owns the team from taking it elsewhere, told USA TODAY Sports on Friday night that Seattle hasn’t won this game just yet. Asked if his window had closed in light of a Wednesday report that the Maloofs and the Chris Hansen-Steve Ballmer group were finalizing a deal to bring the NBA back to Seattle and more reports on Friday that the deal was done in principle for $525 million, Johnson spread his hands wide and smiled. The window, he swears, remains open.

“(NBA Commissioner David Stern) knows that I’m going to make a request to speak to the governing board (before any Seattle deal is formalized),” Johnson said, noting that the deadline to file for relocation is March 1.

NBA A-Z: Sacramento turns out to support Kings

Stern said Thursday night that potential buyers who might keep the team in Sacramento deserve a shot, even naming billionaire supermarket mogul Ron Burkle as one candidate.

“This will be decided by a committee of owners and the NBA’s board of governors with the advice of me but not leading the way,” Stern said on Thursday night.

As was the case when he made an impassioned and ultimately successful pitch at a board of governor’s meeting in New York to keep the team from going to Anaheim, Calif., in April of 2011, Johnson — who had an agreement in principle with the Maloofs and the NBA for a new arena last February before they backed out — is confident Stern will give him the time necessary to organize his effort.

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A web of lies, and deceit , have been built around this whole sale , and it is clear that the Maloofs simply sought vested parties willing to take a beleaguered and an unprofitable franchise off their hands . Now comes the hard part , how will the fans act with regard to his monumental betrayal by the ownership group , and their malfeasance ? The irony here , has been the apathy of the fans who bought into this fucking bullshit , with regard to Joe , Gavin and Robert Maloof’s intent of keeping the franchise in Sacramento . I’ve always maintained before you run , you have to learn how to walk , and before you start to talk about the economic sports, at least have the goddamn temerity to know what the hell you are talking about , and that has been the stupidity of the Kings’ fans at this juncture !

At 13-23 , there does not seem to be a great deal that the Kings seem to be offering their fan at present , no matter how you view the situation. Coming off to a tough 117-112 loss to the Dallas Mavericks at the archaic and impoverished Sleep Train Arena , one of the NBA’s more dilapidated venues , for which the Maloofs, offered no assistance in refurbishing, when this whole negotiating process began . From the very outset it was abundantly clear , that neither Joe or Gavin Maloof, intended to negotiate in good faith , yet Kings’ fans in their continued bewilderment and sheer stupidity , held out hope that an amicable agreement could be reached between the city of Sacramento and the owners of the NBA franchise. It was merely the blind, and the blissfully stupid, being led down the garden path by the Maloofs . At the end of the day , one simply knows that David Stern in celebratory mood will commending the new owners of the soon to be relocated franchise , while the city of Sacramento , are left egg on their face and a white elephant , whose only use will be to stage a number of concerts and perhaps , a number of business expositions .

Next up for the Kings, will be two consecutive home games , with the first being tonight against the Miami Heat to be followed by a meeting against the Cleveland Cavaliers , on Monday night . There is not a great deal that can be said in terms of a positive for head coach Keith Smart and his coaching staff . The team’s best player remains Tyreke Evans , who’s ably assisted by Aaron Brooks , John Salmons and the troubled enigma that is , DeMarcus Cousins , whose exploits off the court , have now become the sole reason to even take an interest in the troubled player , who just doesn’t seem capable of harnessing his abilities and being truly productive for this beleaguered franchise . Beyond that, there is not much left, that can be said !

While, I am impressed with the growing stature of the Los Angeles Clippers , and their body of work this season . There can be no denying that if this franchise is to prove itself a success , then their efforts against the top tiered teams within the league will have to be amplified and maintained over the course of the season , and Vinnie Del Negro cannot be complacent in settling for half-measures in terms of his team’s productivity . If anything , while having the league’s best record , the continued “ knock” against the Clippers , will be , until they have proved themselves in the postseason , they will just be looked upon as a very good regular season team.

If the Clippers based upon their record are deemed the best team in the NBA at present , then surely , the Oklahoma City Thunder must pose an ominous threat , along with the San Antonio Spurs , within the Western Conference ? ? The “ dark horses” within the conference are the Memphis Grizzlies , a team capable of beating the very best within the NBA when they apply themselves to the task at hand .



Picture gallery .

The NBA this season , we have been privileged to seeing the ascent of the New York Knicks , Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies . Players , LeBron James , Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant , continue to be dominant , yet why do I get the feeling that I am likely to be continually disappointed by the league in so many ways ? What, if anything has proven to be the biggest surprise and joy to your mind, while also witnessing, the very worst that the NBA has to offer? simply, leave a comment as you see fit.


Picture and slideshow gallery details below .

(1)Indiana Pacers’ George Hill (3) drives against Charlotte Bobcats’ Ben Gordon (8) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Indianapolis, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013. The Pacers defeated the Bobcats 96-88 . AP Photo/Doug McSchooler …

(2) Denver Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried , right, shoots over Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving , left, during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game Friday, Jan. 11, 2013, in Denver. AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez …

(3) Michael Jordan , the Charlotte Bobcats’ owner , is seen here with fiancée’ , Yvette Prieto , watching the Bobcats in a game played at the team’s home venue at the Time Warner Cable Arena , in Charlotte , North Carolina . Jordan and general manager , Rich Cho , have yet to get the Bobcats heading in the right direction , and it appears that their struggles have been on ongoing over the past two seasons . Team acquisitions as well as the draft have yet to be fortuitous for the franchise . AP Photo / Suzy Marshall …

(4) Phoenix Suns’ Sebastian Telfair (31) drives the ball past Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams (8) in the first half of an NBA basketball game on Friday, Jan., 11, 2013 at Barclays Center in New York. AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek ….

(5) ” Clueless in Sacramento ” , Seattle Mayor , Kevin Johnson is seen here Sacramento Kings’ owners , Joe and Gavin Maloof are seen here in attendance of a Kings’ game in 2011 . It is now being widely being reported that the franchise will be sold to a Seattle-based consortium , for a yet undisclosed, sum for which the Maloofs have agreed in principle to the sale . Johnson, has vowed to use every available means within his power avert the ” sale” and to retain Sacramento Kings within the California state capitol . AP Photo/ Paul Pennant …….




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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

19 thoughts on “This is not what I signed up for !”

  1. It’s becoming abundantly clear that the Kings’ fans have been sold a ” bill of goods” both on and off the field of play concerning this franchise ! As for the city’s mayor , Kevin Johnson , shouldn’t his dumb a$s be more concerned with an infrastructure that is decaying rather than kissing the ass of a group of billionaires whose only concern to rid themselves one of the NBA’s least profitable franchises .

    Businessmen my ass ! The Maloofs are a bunch of goddamn fu#king con-men !

    And if billionaire businessman , Ron Burkle enters the fray and bids more than $500 million for the Sacramento Kings , then he is an a$shole ! . The franchise simply isn’t worth that much , as it’s been losing concern for years .

    Ron Burkle , top right , seen with P Diddy

    Tophatal ……..

    I’ll say this for Michael Jordan , in spite of rumored wealth (est $475 million) , as a front office executive , he has become as goddamn clueless , as the NFL’s Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys ! The Bobcats are about as relevant as a used condom would be to a hooker who’s looking to a give a “John” a damn freebie ! It ain’t happening , not this season and most definitely not with this pi$s poor team ! .

    “Lob City ”
    got effed-up , son by the lowly …. Orlando Magic . The “best teams “ in the NBA do still reside in the West , and you don’t need the stats to realize that at all .


    Brooke Bailey . Who wouldn’t want to “tap” that a$s ?


    , has an a$s , worth ” jacking up ” !

    Tophatal ………….. 01/13/2013 3:44 am EST


  2. So can someone tell me , what was it that these dumb @ss Kings’ fans hadn’t learned from the maneuvers and shenanigans that went on with Clay Bennett and his fellow executives lied to the city of Seattle in conjunction with David Stern ? The new owners implied that the Sonics would be retained in the city , only for them to bolt when they were offered an inducement to relocate elsewhere .

    All of this came about , when they (Bennett) purchased the Seattle Supersonics and then moved the franchise to Oklahoma City , to become the newly formed Oklahoma City Thunder ? If you can’t read between the lines concerning Stern’s acts of ambilvalence, with regard his deceit to former Sonics’ owner Howard Schultz and the Seattle City Council , then the fans of the NBA opining on the Kings shouldn’t be making any sort of damn comment , at all ! .

    Is anyone now surprised that the Maloofs are selling the franchise , having lost millions of dollars over the past few years , which should come as no surprise , as the Kings have been a money-losing concern for years , while being ran by a bunch of anally retentive as_holes , led by GM, Geoff Petrie , Joe and Gavin Maloof ?

    Furthermore, the longer the Kings have that “cancer ” DeMarcus Cousins within that locker room , the more problems they will have with the player , he’s simply not worth it , competitively or economically !

    The team this season , have simply been a mess , and Keith Smart is unlikely to retain his head coaching position at the end of the year . Especially of the franchise finishes with a .500 record and fails to make the postseason .

    What have the Sacramento Kings done over the last few years , as a franchise ? Simply look at their existing record and that of the past eight years ? Anything that stands out for you ? I rest my case ! And a dumb ass such as Kevin Johnson wants to use public resources to retain a loss making concern in his city for an archaic venue , Sleep Train Arena , which might as well be a goddamn morgue ! Because as of late ….. only dead people have been seen there .. attending the Kings’ games .

    They say ” practice makes perfect” , so what better way than to use some fruit …. especially a banana ? Nice !

    Tophatal ………..


  3. All sports teams and business’s should leave CA. Why make money and get taxed at 60% and lose it to the state and the feds. The Heat and the Knicks should compete for the best record in the Eastern conference


    1. Bobby Gee

      Even though those teams get taxed , with the state income tax , it should be pointed out , the franchises also get tax rebates , deferments and in some cases lucrative tax write offs at the state and federal level . What is happening here with the Kings and the city of Sacramento , was simply the Maloofs trying to get the city to pay for a venue that no way in hell should they be involved with , other than to gain the normal sales’ taxes involved in the operation of such a venue .

      Kevin Johnson
      and his city council have enough to deal with , rather than continue to kiss the ass of the Sacramento Kings’ ownership group . As for the fans there , they have been far too indoctrinated with the bull$hit being espoused by protagonists and antagonists on both sides of the issue .

      And the Sacramento mayor , Kevin Johnson , is a complete as$ , if he believes that he will be able to stop the relocation of the franchise to Seattle . It is becoming apparently clear that the local politicians in the municipality have learned nothing from the exploits of Thunder owner Clay Bennett and NBA Commissioner , David Stern screwed over the city of Seattle , as they moved the Seattle Supersonics out of town and to Oklahoma City , Oklahoma .

      Tophatal …..


    2. Bobby Gee

      Teams in the nation’s two largest ad markets can and will survive , only financial mismanagement tends to normally make them unprofitable . See the New York Mets for that debacle and that still is continued under moronic ownership of Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz .

      The Maloof’s business interests have been under steady assault , with the family having sold off minority stakes in various parts of their business empire as a cash infusion was needed . Now even the Palms in Vegas , is feeling the pressure . To top it all, you have the incompetence and uncompetitiveness of the Sacramento Kings , which is mirrored in their divisional and conference standings , overall !

      Tophatal ………………


  4. I still think this is a down year for the NBA, Al.

    If I took the Heat and the field and gave you four other teams that would win a championship, which four teams would you take?

    And the Kings might not split town before Stern leaves office. Not quite sure he’ll want that on his resume, unless of course he moves them back to Seattle, like one final parting gift for a city he screwed over so badly.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      It is definitely a down year in the NBA , and compared to this time last year in terms of the results though not necessarily the standings things are to my mind at best , simply average !

      Coaching , now in the NBA is at an all-time low , players are more concerned with a highlight reel , rather than truly honing their game . Kobe , KG , Ray Allen , Kidd , Nash , Duncan , Pierce and Nowitzki , are now in the twilight of their respective careers . So other than LeBron and Durant , who else is there really , for the fans to be really excited about ? I mean Griffin and the ” Clip Joint ” , while being an appealing story , their recent track record in terms of the postseason is essentially minuscule .

      We’ve only the perennials there annually , Spurs , Lakers , Thunder from the West and from the East , it’s essentially the Heat and Celtics , with the rest fighting for the scraps left at the table .

      The sale of the Kings will take place , all that awaits is the “seal of approval “ from the NBA Board of Governors made up of the league hierarchy and team owners . I don’t expect a “white knight ” to swoop down to make a last minute bid for the franchise and have them remain in Sacramento ! This whole process will more likely than not take the same maneuvering that led to the departure of the Seattle Supersonics from Seattle to Oklahoma City , with Kevin Johnson and the city of Sacramento being paid a tidy sum for their pain and suffering , as to whatever that might be .

      If billionaire Ron Burkle shows a disinterest in buying the Kings , it tells you all you need to know !

      Tophatal ……


    2. Chris

      The Heat have been having some issues as of late , albeit that Chalmers recently had a big night . I still take them (Heat) to come out of the East , and they will handily win their division by a wide margin .

      The team’s biggest threats , will come from these teams in the West , in no discerning order , Clip ‘joint’ , Grizzlies , Spurs and quite possibly the Warriors , if they can find a way to maintain some consistency .

      Tophata ………


  5. Well you covered a lot Alan and did so very well as usual! I have always thought, just as with the Spurs, that Indiana is a good team deserving of more headlines. I also agree that the Lakers are so screwed up, it will take some big changes to help them.

    The Nets would be able to get Jackson out of retirement with about a 40% ownership, about $15-18M a year, and a nice NY penthouse. The Maloof’s need to let the Kings go, they’ll never be relevant in Sacramento!

    The Clippers are still winning even without CP3 right now. A much better team these days…


    1. Steven Jeffries

      Sorry to burst your bubble , but $20 million a year won’t even come close to tempting Phil Jackson out of retirement . He recently said , that he now , has no wish to return to the NBA to coach . I guess Mitch Kupchak and Lakers’ SVP , Jim Buss in their haste to hire a successor to Mike Brown , made sure that Jackson’s decision was final ? There would be only two coaching positions that Phil would be interested in from the get-go , the Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers , as no other vacancy would even come close to piquing his interest .

      While , Phil can lay the “wood” to Jeanie Buss (daughter of Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss) , why would be want to return to coaching ? He can spend time on his ranch in Montana , looking after that spread and spreading himself all over Jeanie .

      The Indiana Pacers are playing well , but Roy Hibbert is way too inconsistent for my liking , and if he wants to be viewed as one of the best centers in the NBA , then he will have to step up the intensity to his game .

      Pacers’ head coach Frank Vogel is a very good coach , but he will struggle to get more out of this roster , unless a major move is made at the trade deadline .

      The Clippers under Del Negro have now added depth to the roster , and they actually have began to realize that this team also needs to play more defense .

      Lakers’ fans have now realize that the team will have to play at least .650 basketball for the rest of the way , if they’re to remotely be in with a chance of being sure of gaining playoff berth in the Western Conference , much less being of any relevance within the Pacific Division .

      The Kings just need to be shipped out of town , they’ve been hopeless as a franchise over the past six seasons within their division .

      And , at what point , will the dumb fans in the city of Sacramento and as well as their idiot mayor , Kevin Johnson , realize that the Maloofs , have simply been urinating and defecating on their dumb asses over all of this time ?

      GM Geoff Petrie and the entire front office have done the long-suffering fans there within the confines of the city a great disservice ! . But it has been been the sheer apathy of the Kings’ fans , that has me wondering , is there any intelligence to be found amongst their fan-base ? Your thoughts on the Sacramento Kings’ fans as a whole ?

      Tophhatal ………….


      1. I don’t really have any interest in King’s fans. Now, whether or not they have any solid interest in the Kings, I can’t say. But it’s hard to get behind a team like Sacramento who is constantly saying “good bye” to their city!

        And you may be right about Jackson. If $20M a year, PLUS 40% of the team isn’t enough to move him “courtside” and out of retirement, then money isn’t the compelling factor in his life anymore.

        If that’s the case, he probably will stay on the ranch…


        1. Phil Jackson won’t be returning to the NBA , anytime soon . He has a massive ranch in Montana and he was shunned by the Lakers , when he actually showed interest in returning to the franchise where he won his last six titles . The Knicks appear to be alright at present , and Tom Thibodeau is doing a hell of a job with the Bulls , without Derrick Rose , as both Luol Deng , Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah have stepped up to the plate .


        2. Steven Jeffries

          The Maloofs never had any intention of remaining in Sacramento with the Kings . Anyone with an ounce of damn intelligence could realize that . One of your patrons (& who shall remain nameless) chastised me for lambasting Johnson as being an itinerant buffoon , clearly doesn’t have the common sense to use what God imbued him with !

          The ownership group of the Kings need a cash infusion because their (Maloof) familial business interests are hemorrhaging red ink . Hence the reason Joe and Gavin Maloof reduced their stake in Palms in Las Vegas , amongst their other interests in the hospitality and brewing field .

          When public resources are being used to assist billionaires , who can then use various tax loopholes to then write off certain tax allowances , it is the residents within that municipality who in the end are left with the crap that needs to be dealt with . Clearly Johnson and his anally retentive council members don’t seem to realize that fact , and neither do the Kings’ fans en mass ! Too damn dimwitted for their own good !

          The franchise has been aimlessly heading nowhere for years , like a like a dog licking his own testes , as a way of comforting itself . Same thing too , with the apathy of the Kings’ fans . They are clueless !

          Tophatal ………


        3. Steven

          Apparently there now seems to be a more information behind the pursuers of the Sacramento Kings , it’s a group headed by Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer and venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, Chris Hansen , a founding partner in VC firm Vanguard Capital Inc .

          Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

          Maloofs nearing deal to sell Kings to group that plans to relocate franchise to Seattle

          By Adrian Wojnarowski , Yahoo Sports

          The Maloof family is finalizing an agreement to sell the Sacramento Kings to a group that hopes to move the franchise to Seattle for the 2013-14 season, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

          The deal will sell the Kings for approximately $500 million to a group led by hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft chairman Steve Ballmer. The group is seeking to relocate the franchise to Seattle’s KeyArena for the 2013-14 season.

          The Seattle group’s plans, with support of the NBA, is to play two seasons in KeyArena before moving into a new Seattle arena, sources said.

          No agreement has been signed, but one source with knowledge of the talks described the deal as “first and goal at the 1.” Sources said it will take “some time” to get a formal agreement in place. The Maloofs’ history of changing course late in negotiations still has some uneasy about getting the sale completed. The Maloofs previously neared a deal with Sacramento leaders to help finance a new arena in the city before backing out.

          The Maloofs are expected to keep an extremely small percentage of the team, but will have no real input or say in the franchise, sources said.

          Once the sale is completed, the Seattle-based group will have until March to file for relocation. NBA commissioner David Stern has been a big proponent of the Hansen-Ballmer group, and league officials will work diligently to help the franchise move to Seattle if the sale is finalized, sources said. The Seattle-based group is determined to not have the franchise spend a final lame-duck season in Sacramento.

          The prospective Seattle ownership plans are to change the Kings’ name and logos back to the original proprietors of the city’s NBA history: the Sonics. “Same name and logos,” a source working with the group told Y! Sports.

          When owner Clay Bennett moved the Sonics franchise to Oklahoma City in 2008, he left behind the name, logos and history.

          Click on link to read in full .

          Here’s my thought , Kings’ fans bitch and whine , yet they don’t come out to watch the team play at the Sleep Train Arena . They certainly don’t question the lack of wisdom being shown by Kevin Johnson , in using public funds to assist multi millionaire franchise owners . So what does that suggest to you about that fan-base ? Intelligence or lack of thereof ?

          The city of Seattle is due some good news , after the way that David Stern and Thunder, owner , Clay Bennett used a web of lies and deceit to move the Sonics out of that city and off to Oklahoma City , Oklahoma .

          Tophatal ………………….


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