Today’s athlete , well worth the hype, or simply, a sham ?


Today’s athlete , well worth the hype, or simply, a sham ?

Perhaps , I’m wrong , but the idiocy of the fans out there concerning Lance Armstrong’s admission of guilt , is simply another cycle of what we are seeing from today’s athlete, and that is to circumvent the rules for their own financial gain . . Fans are now seeking to jump to the athlete’s defense , because , after his appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s , OWN Network in a prime-time expose` , to discuss his admission of guilt . Having been banned from cycling , Armstrong now seeks to return to competition, as a triathlete , a sport that is now seeking ratification as an event in Summer Olympics . The now, disgraced athlete, took it upon himself lie cheat and steal , in order to get ahead financially and competitively. Anyone who bore witness to this mess of an interview , has to be in complete denial, in thinking that Armstrong was being either contrite or remotely genuine .


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At the center of Lance Armstrong’s stance , is that , when he was made aware that his son sought to defend him while in school , he felt it was time , to step and admit his guilt . It now seems ironic, that having retired from cycling in 2010, now of all moments, would be the time, and he sought to admit his guilt . In that time-frame the cyclist has won several monetary awards in the UK, in several high-profiled defamation and libel lawsuit cases winning awards in excess of $ 4 million. Yet these anally retentive fans, seeking to defend Armstrong, have overlooked the fact he has defrauded the defendants in those cases . And, it should now be noted , that one of Lance Armstrong’s most prominent corporate endorsers , was the USPS (US Postal Service). The Postal Service , also, was one of the three teams that the rider rode for, professionally over the course of his career. This agency , albeit a nongovernmental enterprise , the US government is a guarantor of the agency’s debt , albeit , that the US Postmaster General Patrick R Donahue , is under a great deal of pressure to downsize the postal business as a concern , while seeking to return to profitability once again .

Pardon me for saying this , but with the postal service being a goddamn mess , what business has it, in sponsoring a cycling team , when in terms of marketing and advertising , its monies could have been better spent within the print, television and radio market as a viable way of getting their brand and product more widely known to the public ? The US Postal Service has not been a profitable concern in over eight years . Armstrong signed a multi-year, $30 million deal , which was subject to a morals’ clause when this contract became legal in standing and validation. Again, another situation, that has been overlooked by the fans seeking to come to Lance Armstrong’s defense . As of yet , neither the US Postal Service or the US Justice Department have stated whether or not they will seek to sue Lance Armstrong for the return of the sum paid out to the athlete , because he has in essence broken the terms of his contract by breaching an agreement and his admission of guilt . So I say to the fans out there still jumping to Armstrong’s defense , even if you are entitled to an opinion , do you now also condone his defrauding of the US government , as well as the US taxpayer ?

Over two consecutive nights of bile inducing giddiness, Oprah Winfrey fawned over her guest , while not seeking to elicit a meaningful answer or answers from her subject . Yet the public, were meant to take this idiotic interview, seriously ? All of Lance Armstrong’s altruism has been irreparably damage from a PR standpoint , because the fallout from this all , is that we have seen a precipitous drop-off in donations to Live Strong , Armstrong’s charitable organization. Having raised in excess of $ 500 million over the past decade for cancer research, the one good thing that the cyclist has done in his life will also somehow be besmirched in light of his recent admittance .

With ever-growing possibility that he will most definitely face the legal wrath of his former corporate sponsors , do you get the feeling that the idiotic actions of Lance Armstrong show him to be a scheming and deceitful individual , Those whom he once held as close confidantes within his inner circle , whom he then cast aside , when they became defiant and questioned his the veracity of his claims that he “was clean” , the cyclist simply sought their ruination by any means necessary , with his subordinates taking the lead . Greg Lemond , multiple winner ( three-time ) , of the Tour de France winner , cycling’s most prestigious event , also questioned the veracity of Lance Armstrong’s claims , that he competed as a drug free competitor. We now know that not to be true , however , what has now come to light was the fact Lance Armstrong used his legal representatives through surreptitious means to ruin Lemond’s Trek Cycling , a company (builder of competitive mountain and racing cycles) which Greg Lemond co-founded with several business. The former champion , was simply unable to gain financing or able to gain further access to the billion dollar annual market , when Armstrong and his legal representation fired off oral and repeated written insinuations , that Greg Lemond was not someone who could be trusted . Am I mistaken , Lance Armstrong insinuates, that , Lemond could not be trusted , but he hid behind a web of deceit and lies to cover up his own misdeeds ? . At what point , are the public meant to believe the sincerity of Lance Armstrong , when even he cannot be truthful with himself , family , friends or the public for that matter ? Fuck Lance Armstrong , the horse he rode in on , along with his throng of anally retentive fans ! Armstrong with his admission of guilt has done irreparable harm to his image , that no matter he now hopes to achieve professionally or in his private , the vast majority of the public will treat with a great deal of disdain , and deservedly so !

Well, as LeBron James and the Miami Heat seek to make a quick return to the NBA Finals . The questions arises, which of the teams within the Eastern Conference will seek to compete against the reigning champions ? There was a great deal of hype made over the acquisitions made by the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks prior to the season commencing.

The Eastern Conference is not profligate with great teams, just a number of good teams , with the lone standout exception being the Miami Heat, as defending champions. And, as LeBron James goes , <a href=”″&gt; then so does this team . . The Heat (26-12) , coming into Monday , had the best record within the conference , and are closely followed by the New York Knicks (25-13) , the surprisingly resilient Indiana Pacers 25-16) and the Brooklyn Nets (24-16) . Now while there can be no denying that LeBron James is an exceptional talent , with the player first coming to the nation’s attention , with ESPN , essentially covering much of James’ high school playing career , with prime-time broadcasts , and very much the feeling , that this was simply being done , to cultivate his jump directly from high school and into the professional ranks of the NBA .

The league simply yearned for a star, that would give its image an uplift , in spite of the fact that such established stars as Kobe Bryant , Kevin Garnett , Tim Duncan , Dirk Nowizki and Allen Iverson were already providing the NBA with a great deal of entertainment and value . Undeniably, while the league has sought to market , its stars , rather than the franchises , which in essence, has led to the financial morass , we now see encompassing so many franchises around the NBA . What was really sought , was competitive balance or dare one say , a gripping rivalry within the league , it hadn’t seen since the heydays of the old …. Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers (Showtime rivalry) rivalries . And the days of Larry Bird of the Celtics going up against Magic Johnson of the Lakers , now resonates more , than a current match-up of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers , being led by current stars , Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett .

LeBron James’ entrance into the NBA ,as the number one overall draft pick from the 2003 NBA Draft , a class , in which the player was the standout athlete and personality from the rookies of that season. Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers , whose owner , billionaire financier , Dan Gilbert , whose virtues sought to extoll the franchise’s wishes of bringing a championship to the city of Cleveland within five years, merely because of the presence of his prodigious talent and number one draft pick. The fact of the matter was , on paper alone , one could see that the roster was not a team one could see as a posing a formidable challenge for the NBA title that season, or any other season , unless the franchise was prepared to build around the prodigious talents of LeBron James .

Courtesy of the Morning Journal

Cleveland Cavaliers maintain connections with LeBron James’ agent (NBA Insider)


Say what you want about Rich Paul.

He might be young and inexperienced in the dog-eat-dog world of sports agents, but he has one very endearing quality: He’s like the Pied Piper.
Paul, 32, founded his own sports agency, Klutch Sports Group, in September. When he left Creative Arts Agency, he took an impressive list of clients with him. The most noteworthy was Miami Heat forward LeBron James.

Paul, a graduate of Benedictine High School, has begun a working relationship with Cleveland agent Mark Termini, who will oversee contract negotiations for Paul’s clients.
Termini founded Mark Termini Associates Inc. in 1986 and has negotiated more than $400 million in pro sports salaries. He has represented 15 first-round picks in the NBA and served on the Agent Advisory Committee to the National Basketball Players Association for the 1993, 1997 and 2003 NBA collective bargaining negotiations.

When Paul left CAA, several agencies tried to recruit him. He’s the hottest name in sports agents and his client list continues to grow. He recently added Wizards forward/center Kevin Seraphin to his already growing list that includes Cavaliers forward/center Tristan Thompson, Los Angeles Clippers point guard Eric Bledsoe, Wizards forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Spurs guard Cory Joseph.

Termini will continue to run his agency and represent Nuggets center Kosta Koufos and several players overseas. His existing clients will not become part of Klutch Sports. The two companies will remain separate entities.
Click on link to read in full.

As I alluded to earlier , James first caught the nation’s attention with the televising of his high school games by ESPN , while the young prodigy honed his skills at St Mary’s High School , in Akron , Ohio. A state title added into the mix , made Lebron James a top recruit , amongst the powerhouse college programs across the country , but he would eschew those choices, for the financial inducements, rewards and untold wealth that awaits in the NBA . Granted , there were rumors , unfounded to this day , that James , was already privee` to the financial backing of a benefactor , with suspicions being that it was his long-time agent and business partner , Leon Rose , allegations which have always been denied by the player and agent alike. Yet , there has always been a genuine suspicion , unfounded or not , that nothing everything was above board , as it related to James’ high school career . I firmly believe to this day, had he made the jump straight the college ranks , he would have been found , immediately ineligible , because of the alleged improprieties that surrounded his high school career ! There was a great deal that James would not divulge publicly , and while it no longer warrants speculation , it does give credence that although changes would later be made concerning the eligibility process of players entering the NBA Draft , specifically from the high school level , at eighteen . The concern has always been , even with those mandated changes agreed to, in principle by the NBA hierarchy , team owners and the NBPA , those maneuvers could not stop a youngster from seeking to make a professional basketball living , by simply playing in South America , Europe or China .

Be it for business purposes or otherwise , James has left the “uber-management” agency CAA to join the burgeoning sports’ management agency of Rich Paul of Klutch Sports (Management) Agency LLC,. LeBron James, remains a media darling, without having any major off-court controversy attached to his name or persona . His brand, has now become a global phenomenon , with a vast array of commercial interests attached to his name , which had made him highest earning NBA athlete leading Kobe Bryant , inclusive of on-court earnings and commercial endorsements .

The accolades for James have been pretty impressive , as he now enters his tenth year in the NBA , three league MVP awards , Rookie of the Year Award, Finals’ MVP , multiple All Star appearances (nine-times) , as well as being the youngest person to score 20,000 points and reach 5,000 assists all before the age of 28. However , the greatest non-controversy of his career , may well have been of his own creation in part , which led to his abrupt departure from the Cavaliers. A year removed from the Cavaliers’ lone appearance in the 2007 NBA Finals , rumblings grew out of the James’ sheer frustration of seeing the team embarrassed at the hands of Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs in a totally lopsided series in which the Cleveland Cavaliers were swept 4-0 .

At 10-32 , the Cavaliers are firmly rooted at the bottom of the Central Division within the Eastern Conference , with no signs of a respite on the horizon. Meanwhile , LeBron James has as such cultivated an image , in which he now might be not only be the best player in the NBA , but also its most popular player , by an enormously wide margin. Whether or not, he is able to emulate the achievements of his hero and NBA icon , Michael Jordan , remains to be seen . But it is now, becoming increasingly , that the only person who can now derail James’ own fortunes , is LeBron James , himself . LeBron James, now has the world at his feet , with the goals that he is setting for himself , as he seeks to join the legendary greats of the game . Unfortunately , the same cannot be said for a number of athletes across the sports’ panacea , who through their own sheer stupidity feel that they can either circumvent the rules of the game , or more often than not rule of law , with the ever apathetic fan , more often than not either seeking to jump to their defense ,by making the most asinine of statements without ever seeking out the details for themselves as to the athletes’ own motivations behind their misdeeds .

It seems a bygone era has past , since the sports’ world had real sportsmen parading their athleticism , on the North American sporting landscape, showing their sportsmanship both on and off the field of play. Names such as, Arthur Ashe , Bill Russell, David Robinson , Barry Sanders , Peyton Manning , Jackie Robinson , Roberto Clemente` , Sandy Koufax , Greg Maddux , Ed Moses , and Marvin Hagler graced us all with their exceptional skill-sets . We are now, being sold athletes who are gift wrapped with very little personality , invariably are moderately passable skills, in their chosen fields and who might be the possessed with the IQ to barely conversant in the English language , much less knowing how to carry themselves with some semblance of class , dignity and integrity . Make of it what you will.



Picture gallery .

Do you believe that today’s professional athlete should be looked upon as a role model , or better yet be repeatedly used in such as medium by their respective governing bodies ? Chime on this topic and anything else you believe to be pertinent on this subject matter .


Picture and slideshow details below .


(1) Lance Armstrong is seen here being interviewed by talk show host and entrepreneur , Oprah Winfrey. Over two nights with each night being set aside for what was said to be an in-depth interview , Armstrong was evasive with a number of his responses , and tried to any deflect any responsibility for some of his actions. The now disgraced cyclists , seeks to make a return to the ranks of professional sports , as a triathlete . Whether or not is a a possibility remains to be seen. The sport’s governing body in North America , USA Triathlon , might not wish to be associated with the now disgraced athlete , with the baggage he still carries , in terms of his admittance and he is bound to be a defendant in a slew of litigious actions that will be taken against him as defendant in a mountain of civil suits , that could very well wipe out his estimated $100 million fortune. AP Photo/ Marc Wilson /USA Today picture @ copyrighted material …

(2) Culpable , deniability , Lance Armstrong looks pensive, as he is asked a question by Oprah Winfrey . USA Today / AP Photo / Marc Wilson ….

(3) Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) passes over Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant during the first half of their NBA basketball game, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013, in Los Angeles. The Heat would go on to defeat the Lakers 99-90 . AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill ….

(4) LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 17: LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat rises for a dunk against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on January 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(5) Miami Heat’s LeBron James (6) dunks against the Golden State Warriors during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif., Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013. James on Wednesday became the youngest player in NBA history to score 20,000 points . AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez …

(6) Cavaliers’ GM , Chris Grant , left , is seen here , seated alongside head coach Bryon Scott at the Quicken Loans Arena , in downtown Cleveland, Ohio,. This season the Cleveland Cavaliers are struggling within the Central Division of the Eastern Conference , as they are firmly rooted at the bottom of the division. It would appear that some major upheavals might be on the way concerning the roster as teams approach the the trade deadline on the 21st February , 2013 . AP Photo / Andrew Hughes …..

(7) The 2003 NBA Draft class , showing several of the first round picks . Among the notables are # 1 overall pick LeBron James , far right , Dwyane Wade , fifth from the right , Carmelo Anthony , front row, left, and immediately behind Anthony , is Chris Bosh . This class of 2003 is said to be one of the most “impressive ” and productive in recent NBA history . Picture archives ….

(8) Arthur Ashe is seen here alongside Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon . Ashe became the first African American male to win a Grand Slams singles’ title , as well as being ranked # 1 in the men’s rankings . Arthur Ashe, would go on to defeat Connors in the 1975 Wimbledon Men’s Singles Finals pulling off the improbable upset over the then , highly favored Connors , defeating the fellow American , in four sets , 6-1, .6-1, 5-7, 6-4. BBC Enterprises …

(9) 2005 Hall of Fame inductee , Sandy Koufax is seen here at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown , New York. . The much revered , Koufax , has been called one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history , and most certainly his stats bear this out . The player is however , admired for his integrity both on and off the field of play , and for his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts crossing all ethnic divides . AFP/ REUTERS/ Andrew McKinnon …

(10) Often called the ” greatest middleweight boxer” of the “modern era” , ” Marvelous” Marvin Hagler was an assassin in ring , but a gentleman outside the ring , leading a humble life . After his controversial loss to ” Sugar” Ray Leonard for the undisputed middleweight title in 1987 . Hagler, would quit boxing , vowing never to return to the ring again, citing the fact that, boxing had become corrupt, and filled with seedy officials at every rung of the ladder within the sport. Marvin Hagler wasn’t far off the mark in his suspicions , given the ongoing corruption , controversies and exploitation that still befalls the sport of boxing today . Ring Magazine / Boxing archives ……




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  1. Lance Armstrong should really just find a rock to hide under for the next decade , because the guy simply has no credibility or fu#king integrity left ! Unfortunately , the damn the clueless , will suggest that he should be given another a chance . Will you all get a ###king clue ! He has not only lied but also knowingly defrauded the US Postal Service of $30 million , for which the loss making agency ($ 15.9 billion for the fiscal year ending 2012) has yet to state whether or they will seek legal means to recoup that sum .

    The anal retentive are actually in some cases going to bat for a piece of fecal matter such Lance Armstrong ! Why the fu#k would anyone be dumb enough to do so when all of the facts were out there ? One only had to look for them that’s all !

    Amstrong’s brain and IQ are like the size of his penis , minuscule and shrinking by the second !

    Courtesy of NY Times

    Postal Service Reports Loss of $15 Billion

    By Rob Nixon , NY Times ,

    WASHINGTON — The Postal Service on Thursday reported a record $15.9 billion net loss for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, bringing the financially troubled agency another step closer to insolvency.

    The widely expected loss, more than triple the service’s loss last year, included accounting expenses of $11.1 billion related to two payments that the agency was supposed to make into its future retiree health benefits fund. But because of revenue losses, the post office was for the first time forced to default on these payments, which were due in August and October. Nearly $5 billion in other losses were because of a decline in revenue from mailing operations. The agency also reached its $15 billion borrowing limit from the Treasury.

    Despite its financial troubles, officials said that the Postal Service would keep operating as usual and that employees and suppliers would be paid on time. The agency had warned that it could face a $100 million cash crunch in October because of a decline in revenue. But the agency reported more than $500 million in revenue from campaign mailings by candidates, political parties and other interest groups before the election. The agency said the revenue from political mail and the holiday season should help its cash situation until Congress acts on legislation to overhaul the post office.


    Click on link to read in full .

    What the ##ck and why are they (US Postal Service ) even in the field commercial sports’ endorsements when they’re losing money annually faster than someone pissing in a bucket with multiple holes in , and that very same idiot seeks to collect seeking to collect their own bye product ? Is it any wonder the congress and the Postal Service are devoid of intelligence have become archaic and monolithic specimens ? The Postal Service is a hopelessly ran , commercial enterprise .

    An almost $16 billion loss ($16,000,000,000) in 2012 , with projected losses set to exceed possibly $20 billion for the fiscal year 2013 . No goddamn oversight from this administration , or from the Inspector General for the USPS and US Postmaster General , Patrick R Donahue is so goddamn clueless , that the guy simply hasn’t a creative idea left in his entire body !

    Class begets class, what we’re now seeing is far too many athletes with a complete lack of intelligence , much less a moral compass , but the apathetic , are calling for forgiveness . Armstrong not only lied to the public but also the most immediate members of his family . What does that tell you as to the guy’s lack of character and integrity ? C’mon , will at least one Armstrong apologists out there , have the ” balls” to step up to the plate or will you simply show your naivete , as you have so often done , when it comes to the steroid issue in baseball ?

    LeBeron James is now marching to the beat of his own drum ! All things in the East , will have to go through South Beach , if they are seeking to take on best of the West in this season’s NBA Finals . The Knicks are good , simply not good enough to derail the Heat in a seven-game series .

    These are the sort of artificial enhancements I don’t mind !

    Tophatal ………….. 01/21/2013 4:17 PM EST


  2. It seems unfortunate that the media tv analysts in this day and age are forcing upon us athletes who are less than intelligent albeit that their skill-set is said to be great . Lance Armstrong remains a conceited bastard , who was being enabled by Oprah Winfrey , and the s#it simply blew up in her face in terms of it being a meaningful interview with a modicum of journalistic integrity ! . Yet then again, what else should we now come to expect from a ratings’ challenged broadcast network ? Sh#t , if crickets were chirping , it would be counted as a viewer watching the OWN Newtork as far as the Nieslens’ Ratings are concerned !

    ” I stuck my pe#is in some apple pie and it was nothing like my friend said it would be , the pie was was sticky and warm ” Manti Te`o

    If Manti Te`o has to resort to making up stories because he can’t get a piece of @ss on a co-ed college campus with a student population of over 15,000 , then what does that tell you about his playa-playa style ? Pencil di%k He should turn in his man and playa’ card , and become a eunuch or a damn priest .

    Manti Te`o is now using his family to back him to the hilt ! Sh#t , you’re in college homey , not still suckling on your mother’s tit ! . Yeah , but it’s Notre Dame , s#it happens ! Overrated and irrelevant program , even in light of their success this season .


    “Pie ? Who said pie ? I eat pie ,I’ve shoved my di#k in some pie , and I love it “! Jason Biggs’ character ‘Jim Levenstein’ from the classic coming of age comedy series of movies ” American Pie ”

    Tophatal ………


  3. I wonder how Armstrong feels about his legacy now. It would be fitting if he is stripped of all his ill gotten gains, but I doubt that will happen. Who says crime doesn’t pay.


  4. aero

    Lance Armstrong
    has no legacy to speak of , as he’ll now forever be known as a cheat and a damn liar ! Never mind, the fact that he has knowingly defrauded the US taxpayer and government by signing that $30 million endorsement deal with the US Postal Service , while a competitive cyclist. The contract was detailed and specific concerning the misuse of PED’s and any other illicit substances . Yet he lied and then went after those who questioned his claims that he wasn’t an abuser of PED’s. All of these moronic assholes who jumped to Armstrong are clearly devoid of any goddamn intelligence , because if they’d sought to peruse the growing litany of evidence they’d have realized he was a lying sack of sh#t right from the very beginning of this whole episode !

    He went about also seeking to ruin the business of one his contemporaries Greg Lemond , and it simply shows that not only was Lance Armstrong venal , but he simply didn’t care whom he sought to damage , merely to keep his shitty image intact !

    As for Oprah Winfrey , that heifer , would rather fawn over her guests , rather than asking the relevant and truly tough questions ! Four hours of unadulterated bull$hit , covering two nights on her ratings’ challenged network that is still hemorrhaging red ink , while having no meaning programming content to speak of ! . And advertisers are still buying to that business template ? They are a bunch of goddamn morons , if they still persist in doing so !

    Courtesy of Forbes Magazine

    Why Oprah Needs More Than Lance Armstrong To Turn OWN Around

    By Dorothy Pomerantz , Forbes Staff

    Earlier this week, my colleague Jeff Bercovici laid out a very compelling argument about how big gets, like the upcoming two-day Lance Armstrong interview, can help bring millions of dollars to Oprah Winfrey‘s struggling OWN network.

    Bercovici’s point is that high-profile events like the Amstrong interview give OWN the leverage to demand more money from cable companies to carry the network because if there’s something on there that everyone wants to watch, everyone is going to demand that the station is actually available.

    OWN is currently in 80 million households. That means an extra 2 cents per month in carriage fees is worth more than $19 million in additional revenues.

    That’s a meaningful difference for a network whose revenues amounted to just $106.7 million in 2012, according to SNL Kagan. (This year they’re projected to hit $239.6 million.) And it gets more meaningful still if it helps OWN find its way into the almost 30% of pay TV households it has yet to penetrate.”

    But I would argue that OWN needs more than just three or four big “gets” every year. In order to truly succeed, the network has to expand beyond just Oprah Winfrey programming and develop shows (blessed by Winfrey for sure) than can stand on their own and keep bringing women back to the channel again and again.

    As talented as she is, Winfrey can’t be on every show on the OWN network. Instead, it needs to develop its own identity and strengths. Right now the strongest shows on the network are hosted by Winfrey herself, shows like Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah’s Next Chapter and Super Soul Sunday. Other shows, like Iyanla: Fix My Life and In The Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman, are proving less popular.

    Winfrey has always been good at finding proteges who can follow her self-help footsteps and build their own audiences. Big earners like Rachael Ray, Phil McGraw and Oz Mehmet have Winfrey to thank for their money and fame.


    Click on link to read article in full .

    The real problem with today’s athlete is that they’re now being packaged as a product and brand , and as such , we’re being asked to overlook their flaws as human beings . I’ll gladly look at an athlete and forgive them when their act of contrition is very much sincere ! But a sniveling little ass wipe such as Lance Armstrong who was given a platform to bitch and whine , about wanting to return to competitive sports as a triathlete when he’s served no meaningful punishment while profiting greatly from his misdeeds and scurrilous f##king cretins are of the opinion he’s deserving of another chance ? Why ? Were Armstrong a minority he’d be continually harangued in the print and television media . Instead all of these pussies are treating him with “kid gloves ” or opining that can be be productive if given another chance having been given some menial form of punishment . What a @@cking joke ! If you or I were to knowingly defraud the government of $30 million , they would lock our as$es up in a federal penitentiary for a minimum of 15 years .

    Only an idiot would believe that Lance Armstrong was being genuinely sincere in that interview .

    The Own Network received in eighty million households in North America , and it barely has a viewership of more than 500,000 for any of its programming content, and that’s even in prime-time .

    Tophatal ……………..


  5. these guys are jocks that’s it. nothing more and nothing less. The idiots sports writers build these clowns up only to take them down. The media is joke. ESPN, FOX, NBC Sports CBS Sports and all of em are nothing more than jackasses with a TV station. The media is all hype. What joke The media. All had my sports heroes but these guys were nothing more than to create my game like theirs-not their lives for crying out loud. They are like us. Many are good decent people. Some are sleaze while others are pure evil. they are like us we come in many forms shapes and sizes but in the end we are fallible. The media creates these lies.


    1. Bobby Gee

      I don’t have a problem with today’s athletes touting their profession , parlaying that into a mega fortune , while carrying out worthwhile and productive philanthropic efforts and deeds ! My issue is when they become like Lance Armstrong , Barry Bonds , Alex Rodriguez , Roger Clemens , Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire , in essence , lying cheating scumbags ! Each have made their millions , while defrauding the public , and then you have the anally retentive individuals , with their goddamn apathy , coming without the most asinine statement , in stating ” they’ve done no harm to anyone or broken any laws “! Only a dumb a$s would consider that to be the case !

      Armstrong knowingly and repeatedly lied , and then sought to destroy those who spoke out against him because the law makes it so easy to go after someone in a defamation suit , when the plaintiff , who has knowingly lied then can go on to reap millions through the legal system as Lance Armstrong has done . Is that something you believe to be right ? Or do you see it as the price that we all should pay because of a broken down and hedonistic society ?

      To date in light of his admittance of guilt those buffoons who are at the upper echelons of the US Postal Service (USPS) have yet to seek recompense in seeking the return of the $30 million defrauded them and the taxpayer of .

      Bear in mind that in 2011 the Postal Service lost $8.1 billion ($8,100,000,000). The Inspector General of the USPS , US Justice Department and the Postmaster General Patrick R Donahoe have simply sat around with their fingers stuck up their fu$king a$sholes doing not a goddamn thing .

      In 2012 , the Post Office lost another $15.9 billion and they are projected to lose in excess of $20 billion for this fiscal year , and it should be noted that albeit the concern is a stand alone business entity , their debt is guaranteed directly by the US Government , in other words the US taxpayer . So let me pose this question , why the hell is the Postal Service involved any type of sports’ marketing and endorsement deals , when they have been losing so much goddamn money , hand over fist , for the last decade ?

      Tophatal ………


  6. The fact that Lance Armstrong finally pleaded guilty to drug use and cheating is very embarrassing. We were one of his supporters when his story broke out and we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s truly frustrating when you can’t find anymore accomplished athletes who doesn’t do drugs.


    1. BlogSurface

      That’s the idiocy of the dumb and the naive …. ” benefit of the doubt “ ! For years the evidence was there ,but the anally retentive chose not to believe . Armstrong’s team manager Johan Bruyneel , has been suspended twice during the time he managed each of the teams , the now disgraced cyclist rode on , but columnists such as USA Today’s Christine Brennan kept on writing her ever so biased idiocy concerning Lance Armstrong . Journalists here, wouldn’t know the meaning of investigative journalism, if it came up and bit them on their proverbial ass !

      Armstrong was adamant he was clean , and went after anyone who came out in opposition to his claims . The moment that his former teammate , Tyler Hamilton came forward , made his appearance in on the CBS news’ program “60 Minutes “ , all of the house of cards created by Armstrong and his accomplices began to fall. Hamilton in a sworn affidavit and then under oath as well as a subpoena in testimony given to the US Justice Department. So you tell me how anally retentive and imbeciles can still come out with this bull$hit about presumption of innocence ? The vast majority when it comes to this sport simply wouldn’t know the difference between a bicycle chain and chain mail .

      The real idiocy how damn naive the attorneys are within the Justice Department , because it has now become clear that their investigation was so damn incompetent , it makes the whole agency look like a bunch of bumbling idiots , which they are , and will remain under US Attorney General Eric Holder !

      I’ve read idiots’ synopsis within this forum , stating that USADA and WADA overstepped their boundaries as was the claims being made Armstrong’s legal representation. That just goes to show how fu#king dumb they just happen to be ! . Had they checked to see under what parameters those bodies operate under , they’d realize that both acted well within their boundaries .

      Tophatal ……….


    2. Blog Surface

      Beyond making it harder . it is also tougher to truly accept their accomplishments and its veracity . Especially in light of the actions of the various governing bodies of the sports in question . USA Cycling has done nothing to Armstrong , neither have USA Triathlon , which is the venue and sport where Armstrong hopes to return as a professional athlete . So make of it what you will .

      Baseball’s own idiocy , remains astounding , as too with the NFL and their ” stand off stance” when it comes to testing for HGH .

      Armstrong is no “hero” , he is a lying , cheating bastard , and doesn’t deserve to be seen as a hero !

      Tophatal ……..


  7. Fans don’t want role models what they want is for an athlete to be themselves and not frigging douche bags ! Lance Armstrong and now Manti Teo are proving to be that at present .

    If at 22 years of age Teo can’t get a piece of ass on or off campus without be played for as an asshole , then he deserves to made to look, a complete fool ! What does it say about his masculinity to begin with ?

    Tophatal …


    1. Chris Humperys (@SportsChump)

      The sport is $2 billion a year industry in terms sales , other interests and its popularity , is highlighted around the Tour de France , Giro D’Italia , and the Tour of Spain , cycling own World Championships and at the quadrennial Olympics . Beyond that , you’re right , no one give a shit about the sport . My issue is the fact that , Lance Armstrong intentionally defrauded the US taxpayers , by way of the US Postal Service , out of $30 million , and neither the Inspector General , Postmaster General Patrick R Donahoe , or for that matter , Eric Holder as the US Attorney General at the Justice Department , has seen fit to go after Armstrong . But yet , were you or I to owe the Federal Government , monies of any sort , see how fast they would be after our fu#king ass for payment in full , inclusive of penalties .

      Tophatal ………..


    2. Chris Humpherys

      The infatuation with Armstrong from the beginning , came out of the story and his overcoming testicular cancer . Were it not for that , we wouldn’t have been pulled in emotionally concerning his fight to overcome that debilitating disease and the bye product of it , which was the Live Strong Foundation , which has raised over half-a-billion dollars ($500,000,000) since the charitable foundation’s inception . Bear in mind everything that the now disgraced Lance Armstrong sold us on , was all based on a lie . And that to my mind is just as egregious as his actions concerning the use of PED’s , because in essence it mocks the plight of the sufferers . What fu#king moron do you know , who having overcome testicular cancer , would then go on to use PED’s so blatantly knowing that over time it will have an adverse effect on their bodies , physically ? Armstrong is a fucking asshole and so too are the idiots who jumped to his defense and still do so to this day !

      Oprah fawning over Lance Armstrong’s ass was a real embarrassment , but then again every goddamn celebrity she has on her show she fawns over like a school girl with a crush. She was so damn embarrassing in her interview of Nelson Mandela , someone whom I genuinely admire , that midway through that interview I turned my television set off ! Dumb ass questions and not one iota of fuc#ing intelligence on her part was being shown !

      Tophatal ………………

      Tophatal ……….


  8. At my age I have begun to say the hell with all of it…..juicing is a way of life now….non one can tell me that current athletes aren’t still using some form of enhancing their ability. I know evolution and diets have changed us over the years….try to get into a medieval knights coat of armor….but damn, pros are soooo big and muscular it boggles MY mind


    1. al clements

      Armstrong has been such a lying cretin, but what’s even more astounding are the idiots who are still seeking to defend the now disgraced cylclist’s actions . Assholes will always remain assholes , even the ones who’ve no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to this particular sport !

      These very same morons will harangue the hell out bastards such as Bonds and Clemens , but when it comes the Lance Armstrong , they view this asshole as some paragon of virtue , merely because he’s raised millions for cancer research ? These morons , haven’t they realized that Armstrong has now caused more harm than good with his repeated lies ? The guy has not one iota of integrity much less any credibility left . And Oprah Winfrey , being such a dumb bitch , she simply fawned over the cyclist , rather than asking any pertinent questions .

      Tophatal ………….


  9. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I believe that you need to publish more about this topic, it
    may not be a taboo subject but usually people don’t speak about such topics. To the next! Best wishes!!


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