When, it’s all said and done , the better man, or team won . Or were they ?

When, it’s all said and done , the better man, or team won . Or were they ?

By Tophatal

Well, the 2012-13 NFL season has come to close , with the Baltimore Ravens winning their second Superbowl since 2000. The “ Harbaugh Bowl” lived up to all of the hype and expectations , one have come to expect of the nation’s biggest sport’s event . The city of New Orleans were wonderful hosts, and the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans Louisiana , was the perfect setting for the event.


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With Ray Lewis now riding off into the sunset as a retiring NFL player , happy with the knowledge of having won his second world title ring , whatever awaits defensive lineman , undoubtedly will be a great deal of wealth and adulation. The wealth, will come in the form of the monies that will obviously be offered to a player by a number of broadcast outlets seeking to have Lewis become an NFL analyst , and who might well be described greatest defense player of his era, and quite good enough to be placed amongst the top five players at the position to have played the game in the NFL . The Ravens came away with a moral and well deserved victory , in a thrilling 34-31 win over their NFC counterparts , the San Francisco 49ers . Opposing quarterbacks , Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick , for the most part , were excellent , and it would suggest that both of these players, should have long and successful careers for their respective teams. Flacco was named the MVP of Superbowl 47 , albeit , that I felt either Jacoby Jones or Ed Reed could have supplanted Flacco for the award, but at the end of the day, the recipient of the award , seemed just right.

For winning head coach , John Harbaugh , he now becomes the first coach in NFL history to have taken a team to the postseason in each of his first five seasons , and to have won a Superbowl in his very first attempt. Baltimore Ravens’ owner, Steve Biscotti , billionaire industrialist , and avid sport’s fan has worked tirelessly in making the franchise he now owns a source of pride in the greater Baltimore area . Both Bisciotti, and general manager, Ozzie Newsome , have built the Ravens into a formidable franchise both on and off the field of play. And this victory was a culmination of their efforts along with that of the entire coaching staff , the players and the fans , themselves . . Newsome drafted prudently , and acquired players , using due diligence , while not having to pay outlandish salaries , in assembling this current roster . Inasmuch, as we know that there is bound to be off-season upheavals amongst the playing staff, there simply can be no denying that the Ravens will be amongst the contenders and quite possibly be viewed as a prohibitive favorite for the Superbowl , for next season. . Your thoughts, on this ? Simply chime in with a comment.

At a time when the NBA should be content with its environment , the game is mired in mediocrity , and lo and behold the self-indulgent union, the NBPA (union) now finds itself mired in controversy , that can only be deemed as an embarrassment not only to the union , league but also the sport , and the brand itself. The now embattled union has seen its Executive Director, Billy Hunter , be forcibly asked to step down , but he states, he is in fact taking a voluntary leave of absence , while the union’s executive committee conducts an in-depth investigation into the misappropriation of league funds , and suggestions that Hunter , sought to transfer $ 7 million in NBPA funds , to be used as an investment to shore up the finances of a Cherry Hill , New Jersey based bank, where two of his children , just happened to be employees . What makes this latest mea-culpa so embarrassing, at the center of this all, is the very fact that Billy Hunter’s intent was have this transaction take place without having advised any senior executive member of the union hierarchy. And here was I thinking , the only such organizations who conducted themselves with such secrecy, were the Teamsters Union , UAW , AFL-CIO and the now inept US government .

It is hard at this juncture to feel any empathy towards the union , Billy Hunter , who is being paid a $ 3 million annual salary to provide the union with his expertise in labor laws, as well as a wide variety of union related issues concerning the NBA . Somehow, I now feel, that Hunter’s days with the union are numbered , with him being in all likelihood being fired. Only a formal announcement awaits , pending the outcome of the investigation , with union President , Derek Fisher , or his deputy , VP , Keyon Dooling , making the statement that Billy Hunter will be relieved of his duties, as the union’s Executive Director , to take effect , immediately .

At the start of the season , in the midst of the upheavals around the league with so many off-season moves . A great deal was made of the fact that the Brooklyn Nets would be seen as a viable candidate to challenge the perceived dominance of the Miami Heat within the Eastern Conference . After an inauspicious start to their schedule , Nets’ GM Billy King summarily fired , beleaguered head coach , Avery Johnson and promoted , his assistant , PJ Carlesimo to the position of interim head coach , until the end of the regular season . And while the Nets under Carlesimo , have proven to be a great deal more energetic in their play , I am not so sure that this team , will be able to challenge the likes of the Miami Heat or the New York Knicks , were it to come down to a postseason seven game series !

At 28-19 , the Brooklyn Nets , currently sit in second place , three games behind the New York Knicks (30-15) within the Atlantic Division . In what might be seen, as one of the more competitive divisions within the NBA , it has to be said that the three teams in contention within the division , cannot now afford to make any major slip-ups between now and the end of the regular season , with so much being on the line , and where a drop in a conference position , can mean a life or death situation for those teams and their postseason aspirations. Personally , I am not convinced that the makeup of this current Nets’ roster is simply good enough or anywhere near talented enough to win an NBA title. The team led by Deron Williams , Joe Johnson , Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries have proven to be somewhat inconsistent , albeit , that since the installing of P J Carlesimo as the head coach , there has been a gradual overall improvement in the team’s play.

Are you beginning to wonder how good the Chicago Bulls(29-18) might be , were Derrick Rose fully fit and playing on that current roster ? Taking up the slack , in the absence of the point guard , have been Luol Deng , Carlos Boozer , Joakim Noah , and Nate Robinson . And this has all been borne out , by having the third best record within the Eastern Conference ,while leading the Central Division over their closest rivals , the Indiana Pacers (28-19) . Bulls’ head coach , Tom Thibodeau , in spite of his postseason letdown in 2012 in the playoffs , which at the time , it was the scene of what precipitated to the loss of the Bulls’ point guard , in their first round series loss to the Philadelphia 76ers . Thoroughly outplayed in the entire series , the reverberations from that series’ defeat to suggest that beyond the inexperience shown by the team at the time , Thibodeau’s inexperience was glaringly transparent for all to see. With Rose, now on the mend , and thought to be almost nearing the end of his rehabilitation from his surgically repaired left knee . The anticipated timeline for his return, is said to be, after this year’s All Star Break (15th-17th February 2013) , which will be played at the Toyota Center in Houston , Texas , with the rosters of the East and Western Conference being made up of the game’s biggest stars.

The Bulls’ next game will be on Monday night , when they face the Indiana Pacers in a pivotal match-up , that should tell us a great deal about these two teams and where they currently now stand . However , with the anticipated return of Derrick Rose , Tom Thibodeau , has to be mindful , as to how the insertion will affect the rhythm, that the team currently now have. Winners of seven of their last ten games , which is amongst hottest streaks now going in the NBA . As I alluded to earlier , the expectations are high for the return of Derrick Rose , and the likelihood , his first game back could very well be either against the New Orleans Hornets on 19th February , or quite possibly against the Charlotte Bobcats on the 22nd February . There is an intervening game in between 19th and 22nd , on the 21st February , which would I believe would prove to be too stern a test for the player, in having to face the Miami Heat at home in the United Center , in Chicago , Illinois .

If Rose can recapture the form that won him the NBA league MVP , in 2011, then it would certainly bode well for the Chicago Bulls and their very ambitious point guard .

Call me naïve , but it may well take more than a kick in the a$s for David Stern to realize that the NBA brand is in the midst of a down year from a competitive standpoint in comparison to last season . And it would certainly help if the commissioner and the league hierarchy would acknowledge that fact, rather than continually extol the virtue of a league that is lacking in truly appealing stars. Granted , the likes of LeBron James , Carmelo Anthony , Dwyane Wade , Kevin Durant , Russell Westbrook , James Harden , Tony Parker , Chris Paul and Blake Griffin , are some of the most recognized names , and well-paid stars in the NBA at present . Yet, even that by itself, is no real guarantee concerning the success of the league. The revenues of the brand , will grow and decline exponentially , as the NBA finds itself in the midst of another economic downturn .

At a time when the NBA calls out for a rivalry to match the most famous of them all , that of the “ heated rivalry “ between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers during the regular season , but one which took on a life its own during the playoffs , but even more so during the NBA Finals . The budding embers of what could be this best era’s rivalry , that of the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder was on view last season during the 2011-12 NBA Finals. And we have seen growing stature and respect between the game’s two best players , in Kevin Durant and LeBron James . Their teams , which they represent , the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat, are considered to be amongst the best in the NBA , but this season it is clear that the league is seeing some rather mediocre play being exhibited by the teams in the NBA .

For the Thunder’s head coach , Scott Brooks , his team’s play has been as resolute as ever , even in light of the departure of James Harden from last season’s roster in a stunning trade that sent Harden to the Houston Rockets , and one which literally took everyone by surprise. Currently, with the second best record in the Western Conference. At 36-12 , the Thunder sit two games behind the conference leading San Antonio Spurs (38-11) who are winners of ten consecutive games , currently the longest such winning streak in the NBA at present .

In their regular season meetings between the Heat and Thunder , since the inception of Western Conference franchise , these two teams have met a total of 54 times , when one takes into account the franchise’s former being as the Seattle Supersonics . The Miami Heat currently leads the series 30-19 during the regular season , and by a margin of 4-1 in the postseason , as reflected in their only series’ postseason meeting , which took place in last season’s NBA Finals.

In the 2012-13 season , and their only meeting thus far , the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 103-97 in the Heat’s regular season opener to start the defense of their NBA crown. Kevin Durant , and LeBron James, led all scorers , scoring 33 and 29 points respectively , for the Thunder and the Miami Heat, during the game. The next scheduled meeting between these two franchises will take place on the 14th February when they will meet at the Chesapeake Energy Center , in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma , in front of what is sure to be a rabid and vociferous crowd of primarily loyal Thunder supporters . It could be seen as a precursor, as to another possible encounter in the postseason , but much of that will be predicated upon how both teams acquit themselves over the remainder of their respective regular season schedules, and in the earlier rounds of the postseason.

Shrewd businessman and some might say perhaps , one of the ” most despised “ owners in the NBA . Yet somehow , Mark Cuban , owner of the Dallas Mavericks , and a constant thorn in claw of David Stern, has always found a way to either keep himself in the news , or that of the franchise that he owns. In the subsequent years, since the Mavericks won it all, in 2011 , when they defeated the Miami Heat in a surprisingly easy 4-2 series’ victory , with Dirk Nowitzki , being named Finals MVP. Since that triumph , the Mavericks have fallen on hard times, with Cuban and general manager , Donnie Nelson , having to shed burdensome contracts , or simply players who were under-achieving with the franchise. Head coach , Rick Carlisle , will be asked to work his magic once again , this time however , with something of a younger cast to complement the aging and declining skill-set of Nowitzki, who is now , in the twilight of an illustrious career.

Now playing for pride more than anything else , it is extremely difficult to see how the Mavericks can hope to play themselves into playoff contention , and currently playing with a sub .500 record at 20-28 ! The team lacks real scoring , and defensively , there remains a great deal to be desired , from unit that gives up on average 102.9 points per game and a staggering 33.7 defensive rebounds a game. Definitely, not the sort of statistics that is likely to win a franchise a championship. Away from the court , Donnie Nelson, is having a tumultuous time in dealing with troubled star , Delonte` West , a player , whose off the field troubles and well chronicled run-ins with law enforcement , have shone a light on West , far more than anything he has ever achieved on the field of play throughout his troubled career . His refusal to originally report for duty , with the Mavericks’ D League affiliate the Texas Legends , can only cast further doubt , on whether or not he has a role to play for this franchise , much less a have a future at all within the NBA . At this juncture , I would think it pretty safe to suggest that either by the trade deadline or at the end of this season , Delonte West will no longer be with the franchise ! I mean , why have a loose cannon , within your midst , when your coaching staff is trying to create some semblance of camaraderie and competitiveness amongst the players ?



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During the Superbowl , which incident or incidents do you believe may well have been the focal and turning point of the game ? And do believe, the explanation of electrical the power outage was good enough, given the importance of the event? Last but not least , what do you believe to be the biggest disappointment behind such lackluster play season in the NBA at this point of season ? Chime on in with your thoughts as you see fit


Picture and slideshow details below for your perusal.

(1) A fan looks around the Superdome after half the lights went out during a power outage in the second half of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert …

(2) Baltimore Ravens players look around the Superdome after the lights went out during the second half of NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. The game would resume after a 34 minute delay with the Ravens defeating the Forty Niners 34-31 , in the most watched Superbowl game in NFL history . AP Photo/Matt Slocum ….

(3) Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy during a news conference after NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game Monday, Feb. 4, 2013, in New Orleans. The Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 . AP Photo/Darron Cummings ….

(4) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell poses for a photo with MVP Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco at a news conference after the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game Monday, Feb. 4, 2013, in New Orleans. The Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. The unassuming quarterback whose contract expires on the 31st March seeks a new deal with Ravens’ organization . Team owner , Steve Bisciotti , in conjunction with GM , Ozzie Newsome have stated that they will do whatever it takes to retain their Superbowl and MVP winning quarterback without having to resort to “breaking the bank” . AP Photo/Darron Cummings ….

(5) San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh , left, greets Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh after the Ravens defeated the 49ers 34-31 in the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game, Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Dave Martin …

(6) Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, left, and linebacker Ray Lewis celebrates their 34-31 win against the San Francisco 49ers in NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game, Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Matt Slocum ….

(7) Hall of Fame tight end Ozzie Newsome , who also happens to be the Baltimore Ravens’ general manager . Newsome became the franchise’s general manager in 2002 , having worked as a consultant with the Ravens prior to being promoted by owner Steve Bisciotti . In the subsequent years , it has been the executive’s keen eye for talent , which has drawn rave reviews from his peers. He now joins a select group of NFL individuals to have won a Superbowl as a player and in the role as a front office executive , but it should be noted that with the victory, he becomes the first African-American to have guided a franchise to a Superbowl victory , in his present capacity, as a general manager. Courtesy of USA Today /AP Photos / Mark Warren …

(8) NBPA President , Derek Fisher , left, is seen here with the union’s Executive Director , Billy Hunter , right , taking questions from the convened press , at a time when the union was at an impasse with the NBA hierarchy over the renegotiating of a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Hunter , is now embroiled in tawdry scandal that involves the misappropriation of union funds by a subordinate in his employment who was in fact a family member (daughter – Alexis Hunter) . Further allegations. though not fully substantiated but showing a pattern of behavior suggesting that the union executive sought to transfer $7 million in union funds to a Cherry Hill's , New Jersey based bank , where his son just happened to be a mid-level executive . The intent was to use the funds to prop up the balance sheet of what was then a financially impoverished concern.

(9) Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries (43) shoots over defending Chicago Bulls players in the first half of an NBA basketball game at the Barclays Center , Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, in New York. AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(10) Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (41) shoots in front of Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka (9) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Monday, Feb. 4, 2013. AP Photo/Alonzo Adams ….

(10) Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) drives past Charlotte Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 in Miami. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee ….





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Actress , author , philanthropist and entrepreneur , Jaime Pressley .


And as most would aspire to see Pressley !

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

18 thoughts on “When, it’s all said and done , the better man, or team won . Or were they ?”

  1. So Flacco will be going to Disneyland after-all ? Well , that doesn’t really come as a surprise but then again why wouldn’t he take the family to the House that Mickey built ? Isn’t it better than going to Cancun or Puerto Vallerta , Mexico ?

    “So Joe how’d you feel about having sex with a Disney character figure not named Snow White or Sleeping Beauty , cause I’m available ? It’s me Mickey Mouse aka Cindy , a former high school sweetheart of yours ”

    There is no way that the Ravens’ quarterback is deserving to be placed in the $20 million a year bracket . He is a good quarterback , but his body of work , is far off from where it needs to be for him to be viewed as a great , much less an elite quarterback in this league .

    The brand of basketball currently being played in the NBA at present is an abomination ! Far too many bad teams ,and bad coaching .

    Defensively and offensively , a number of the teams are truly challenged to even be productive in those facets of the game , never mind the individual players , themselves .


    Bada-bing, bada-boom ! Hot damn ! Jaime Pressly is one fine piece of @ss !

    Tophatal ……………


  2. The Ravens will now see their value as a franchise , simply soar exponentially after the Superbowl win .

    Newsome , Biscotti & John Harbaugh

    The reason behind beyond that fact beyond the franchise’s location, comes down to the shrewd business acumen of team owner , Steve Bisciotti , GM’s Ozzie Newsome’s flare for spotting great talent by way of the draft since 2002 , and having one of the best young head coaches in the entire NFL , in John Harbaugh .

    Tophatal ………….


  3. There was no doubt that the Baltimore Ravens deserved to win the Super Bowl. The Ravens started fast and ended in the same manner. Joe Flacco had a monster game and the day was meant to be for Baltimore.


    1. Blog Surface

      As good as Baltimore played , I can’t help but think that the momentum in the game was killed for both teams , during the stoppage ! Yet the idiocy , of the excuses being used as to the reasons why this all took place made this all such an embarrassment for the NFL and the Louisiana Exposition Authority , owners of the Superdome and part of the city’s organizational committee as part of the Superbowl festivities . .

      The NBA this season has been pretty much a mess in terms of the teams’ play over the course of this schedule . There are very teams at present in the league that are truly impressive, in terms of their overall play from a defensive and an offensive standpoint .

      In terms of player efficiency , it all points to the major stars and perhaps Damien Lillard amongst the rookies of this season .


      Gemma Atkinson

      Tophatal …….


    2. Blog Surface/CDR

      It’s not , that it wasn’t meant for Baltimore , but experience was the advantage here for the Ravens , over the youthful zeal of a young and inexperienced Niners’ team . Cut, dice it , and slice it , whichever way you want , but that was the prevailing theme concerning the game and it showed in the Niners’ play .

      Quarterback stats SBXLVII

      Baltimore Ravens’ news

      San Francisco 49ers news

      Tophatal ………


  4. Well the bloodletting has already started in the NFL , as teams begin to render themselves of players whom they believe are too costly to have on board by way of their salaries and taking a cap hit .

    Michael Boley
    of the New York Giants was cut as of Tuesday .

    And on we go to the NBA where there are so many incompetent teams whose records bear this out by being near .500 or sub .500 . Never mind the fact , that a number of them are genuinely inept from a defensive standpoint and that does include a number of teams with very good records who are either atop of their divisions or jostling for a high seed in the conference standings , as they seek to gain a playoff berth .

    Anthony Davis may well have been taken as the #1 overall draft pick in the 2012 NBA Draft , but Damien Lillard is proving to be the best rookie in the NBA this season by far , albeit , that the Portland Trailblazers are having an indifferent season .


    Girls who definitely like to be on top, and then there the girls , who like to be at the bottom . Emily Dean & Louise Glover .

    Tophatal …..


    1. aero


      Number one , here’s what I do know …………. Jaime Pressley is a hot piece of ass !

      Two , this off-season , Joe Flacco will need a Brinks Truck to take his signing bonus away, if he chooses to take it in cash ! He’s going to be paid like a mutha-###ker . Whether or not he’s worth $20 million a year along the lines the likes of Brees , Peyton and Eli , Brady and Rodgers , is another question and thing altogether . But I am sure that Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome and team owner , Steve Bisciotti , know what they’re doing !

      Forbes Magazine now values the Ravens’ franchise at $1.2 billion ($1,200,000,000) , and their profits after the Superbowl XLVII win , will see that figure and their profitability rise exponentially .

      Another thing , if I want smoke blown up my @ss , I don’t want to be hearing bull#hit excuses from New Orleans’ mayor Mitch Landrieu or from Goodell or the Superdome operations’ manager telling me that the power outage that disrupted the game for 34 minutes was only a minor blip . It wasn’t a minor blip at all , not when it has now been made public that the venue had electrical issues dating back to early November 2012 , and that a work order for repairs and an upgrade , costing $750,000 , was fast-tracked to sidestep contractual bids , so the work could be expedited in time, ( 2 months was said to be needed to complete the upgrade), but the work was only started , not until after Christmas . So what the f##k are these idiots talking about to begin with ? The Louisiana Exposition District Authority , a governmental agency which owns the venue is riddled with graft and corruption , and great deal of incompetence , just like the goddamn federal government and the politics that is synonymous with the state of Louisiana and its legislature .

      Tophatal …………..


  5. This was a great game. It lived up to the hype. The NBA. I don’t really follow it. College hoops is kinda crazy with a bunch of good teams Arkansas upset Florida. There is a revolving door for Number one. a ton of fun.


    1. The first two quarters may well have felt like an aberration for the Niners’ fans , as the Ravens went about having their way with them . But the second half was played at an unbelievable pace .

      Flacco and Kaepernick put on a tremendous display of passing efficiency during the Superbowl .


      This time of the year in the lead-up to the NCAA Tournament is great .

      Tophatal ……….


  6. Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson , has some explaining to do , when he states ….. ” I’m an old school type of a coach ” !

    One Tuesday night the Warriors get blown out 140-109 , in which the Rockets shot 23/40 57.5 % in three-pointers on their way to a thoroughly lopsided victory over their Western Conference rivals . Does any team in the West actually play an iota of defense ?


    Sheneka Adams ………. mamacita !

    Tophatal ………………………….


  7. Chris Humpherys

    Apart from the power outage which was an embarrassment when you consider that the Louisiana Exposition & District Authority (venue’s owner) a quasi governmental agency already knew of the issues concerning the Superdome , and they delayed dealing with those problems through their damn neglect and incompetence , with their being no goddamn oversight from either the organizing committee or the NFL hierarchy , itself ! So what does that indicate to you concerning the now asinine comments from New Orleans Mayor , Mitch Landrieu and Roger Goodell , in the aftermath of the cluster -f##k ?

    The game itself, through the first two quarters looked as if the Ravens might run away with it , and then suddenly, Kaepernick and the 49ers found a new lease of life and simply went after John Harbaugh’s team with all of their might . And , but for some needless mental errors on the part of the Niners , Kapernick could have won his first Superbowl and collected the franchise’s sixth win of Lombardi Trophy .

    It’s hard to say, what Flacco is said to be worth when contracts for quarterbacks are now being handed out like confetti or rice grains at a wedding reception , everyone gets in on the damn action , even the guys who are so undeserving , and then some .



    Kanye West ………. ” I Wonder ”

    Tophatal ……………..


  8. I’ve stated before, the NFL gives it’s fans what they want to see, where as the NBA gives it’s fans what they choose to give us, whether we want it or not. The NFL gives properly managed teams a chance to win a championship, but in the NBA unless you spend a lot of money or are lucky enough to have an elite talent, then your team has little to no shot at winning a championship.

    The NBA places more importance on it’s All-Star game than on deciding it’s champion. A game in the NBA Finals draws the same ratings as an episode of Monday Night Football. And even though every year the NBA seems ecstatic about those ratings, that fact alone tells you just how far in popularity the NBA is below the NFL.

    But instead of trying to improve it’s product, the NBA continues to believe that it’s flawed business model only needs minor tweaking and not a serious overhaul. The NBA season is barely half over, but who doesn’t already know it will be the Heat and the Thunder in the NBA Finals? It’s almost a forgone conclusion.

    No NFL player can predict winning multiple championships like in the NBA. In the NFL, a player is lucky to even make it to a Super Bowl, let alone win it multiple times. Until the NBA realizes that it’s product is flawed, and they need to cater more to it’s fans, then they will always come in second behind the NFL. But maybe they don’t mind that reality.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      Both the NBA and NFL have flawed business templates , and one of the reasons they continue to be profitable isn’t through sales but the largesse of the broadcast outlets who willingly overpay and then pass on those costs to the consumers by way of cable price increases and other ancillary raises that they deem to be necessary . And need we be reminded that the ticket price increases annually , just happens to be higher than the rate of inflation ?

      and the NBA hierarchy over the past five years at least , have given us a watered down and thoroughly diluted product , wherein the brand of basketball at times has been and still remains monstrously awful .

      The scoring by the teams remains high and productive but in terms of defense the teams are lackluster and disconnected in so many ways . Prime example was the game recently between the Warriors and Rockets . Harden and his teammates shot 57.5% (23/40 in three-pointers ) on their way to a 140-109 victory . And you have the lame ass post-game statements from Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson , that his team played well and met his expectations . His expectations are obviously way too goddamn low, after that display by his team . I seriously doubt that is what team owner , Joe Lacob , wants to see from his franchise !

      You may well be right concerning the NFL , but I can’t help but wonder why it is that we no longer see any truly dominant teams within the league , who can maintain a longevity ! The last such instance in many respects, were the Patriots , in early part of the last decade , but since then , we have seen no other team being able to emulate their triumphs .

      It may well be the era of the salary cap (now at approx $120.6 million) that has deprived us of that , or quite possibly lack of truly great talent , or teams simply not being able to play fundamentally sound football , either defensively or offensively ? And perhaps we should also look at the caliber of the head coaches ?

      NBA teams revenues & profitability

      NFL teams’ revenues & profitability

      Tophatal ………….


    2. Maurice Barksdale

      The NFL Pro Bowl game has become a meaningless excuse and it simply offers up the players the chance to get their roster incentives and bonuses .

      And when was the last time the fan was actually able to watch a truly competitive NBA All Star game ? And while it’s great that the fans can be up close and personal with their favorite players , it does nothing in terms of raising the popularity of the game domestically , as the brand has now reached its maturation and saturation point within this country , but there remains room for growth internationally , specifically in Europe , Far East Asia, the African continent , the Middle East and within the Pan Pacific basin .

      MLB (baseball) may well be on the right track, in making their All Star Game more of an incentive laden event , wherein the winning league has home-field advantage throughout the postseason .

      The NHL simply isn’t worth anyone’s time of day , as an organizational structure they are a complete mess . And from an economic standpoint , if you have no damn clue how to split $2.5 billion ($2,500,000,000) in annual revenues equally between the teams and hierarchy . Then it’s clear that they need to get their crap together ! Hockey provides about as much interest to me as seeing Rosie O’Donnell butt naked with a well proportioned sexual device as she seeks to insert it into in her va-jay-jay .

      O’Donnell ….

      Tophatal …………….


    3. Maurice Barksdale

      The NBA hierarchy now wants to tweak their luxury tax system (soft cap $58.044 million) in order to make it even more disproportionate as to how teams who go over the salary cap (example [Los Angeles Lakers]) threshold are then penalized . Instead matching dollar-for-dollar amounts above $58 million , a sliding scale would be used , that would see the figure rise to as high as $1.75 per dollar amount over the soft salary cap figure . What the hell !

      Tophatal …………………..


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