It’s not just practice , athleticism , it is also about character , character, character and integrity ….

It’s not just practice , athleticism , it is also about character , character, character and integrity .

By Tophatal

If you don’t believe character plays a part, in the determination of a player or should I say an athlete’s status , then think again . So much of what I’ve read by patrons within this domain, simply veers around ability , rather than looking at other innate intangibles . If one tends to overlook character and integrity in the belief that also isn’t a desired trait in an athlete , then that front office executive along with the coaching staffs in question , are liable to end up with egg on their face .


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Throughout the years teams within the MLB , NBA , NFL and NHL have made costly blunders by way of their draft choices by simply going after what they believe to be a great athlete , rather than looking at a number of other intangibles . With the 2013 NFL Draft set for April , from the 22nd to the 24th , it will be interesting to see how those teams go about making their choices as it relates to the franchises’ needs at the time . Already, there seems to concerns over a number of players and their presumed status . Perhaps, no more so, than it relates to Notre Dame defensive player and Heisman Trophy candidate finalist , Manti Te`o.

As good as Te’o was said to be for the Fighting Irish during the season , undoubtedly, it was the player’s apparent off the field issues that brought more attention and his claims that he was duped into an online relationship with a female he had never met, Lennay Kekua, whom he insisted was his girlfriend . Having come forward to profess his love for this female , Manti Te’o would then go on to inform us of the untimely death of his grandmother , and then, that of his girlfriend. What we now know , is that the whole episode as it related to Kekua, and played out chronologically, was false and littered with a great deal of perception on the part of the perpetrator and by Manti Te’o , who for some apparent reason, chose to play along with this charade . The individual in question, who engineered this deception, was a male admirer of the Notre Dame Player. Roniaoh Tuiasasopo, a closeted homosexual, claimed that his intent was simply to get the athlete reciprocate what he felt was a reciprocal emotional affinity with the athlete . Yeah , that’s the sort of horse-#hit you tend to read about when there’s said to be a psychologically imbalanced individual on the loose . ” I want him to love me , but , he doesn’t know I’m male and not female ” !

Notre Dame AD , Jack Swarbrick , jumped to the defense of the athlete without ever apparently obtaining a full explanation from Manti Te’o , as to his original statements about his now apparent imaginary girlfriend. Te’o , a defensive lineman and linebacker for Notre Dame, is thought to be a consensus top ten pick in the upcoming NFL Draft . . If Teo’s actions are not seen as a sign of the player’s lack of credibility and integrity , then can someone advise me, what is ? Because , with the young Irish player now claiming that his actions should not affect his draft status , as he should be judged purely by his accomplishments on the field .Granted , Manti Te’o was very good for his team throughout much of the season , but when it mattered most , both the player , team and coaching staff were simply nowhere to be seen , as Alabama , literally blew their opponents of the field in the BCS national title game with a rather embarrassingly lopsided 42-14 victory .

If Teo’s actions are not seen as a sign of the player’s lack of credibility and integrity , then can someone advise me, what is ? Because , with the young Irish player now claiming that his actions should not affect his draft status , as he should be judged purely by his accomplishments on the field .Granted , Manti Te’o was very good for his team throughout much of the season , but when it mattered most , both the player team and coaching staff were simply nowhere to be seen as Alabama , literally blew their opponents of the field in the BCS national title game with a rather embarrassingly lopsided 42-14 victory .

I do believe that Manti Te’o is likely to be a first round draft pick in this upcoming NFL Draft . However, the question remains , which team is likely to take this young man , given his lack of maturity , but yet, his undoubted skills ? We know that several franchises around the NFL are desperate for NFL defensive help , and at a wide variety of positions , beyond linebacker . At the end of the day, it will be left to the general managers and head coaches , to come to a decision which will undoubtedly have far-reaching ramifications for their long-term ambitions, no matter which way one seeks to look at this situation .

Well the “culling “ has begun in the NFL as teams seek to gain some exposure and placed themselves in a healthy position under the proposed NFL salary cap , which is likely to be in the region of $126.5 million for the upcoming season . And for several franchises , this may well mean having to rid themselves of several high-priced veterans , who are deemed no longer productive , or simply beyond the fact that their salaries are too much of a cap-burden , as they prepare for the upcoming draft.

Well, the story that was, and is, the New York Jets , shows no signs of abating . The newly appointed general manager, John Idzik , having succeeded. Within the franchise’s front office . Idzik , has remained tight- lipped , as to the immediate future of the team’s Pro Bowl corner-back Darrell Revis , and whether or not the player will be placed on the trading block. Yet, it appears that Tim Tebow’s future with the franchise , is now all but certain , that the player will be part of the cotillion of players who will be shown the door .

A disaster filled season for the Jets, was further evidence of the fact that Rex Ryan , as the head coach , had lost control of the team , was simply unsure of what his best lineup would be from week to week , never-mind the fact , he had no means of telling how diabolical a player , Mark Sanchez would continue to be over the course of the season , where indeed the starting quarterback was among the league’s worst performers at the position throughout much of 2012 .

Backups , Greg McElroy and Tebow , used in whatever ways thought up by then , offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano , was simply another indication as to how bereft of creativity the coaching staff just happened to be , but the mere fact that Ryan , himself, would continue to make excuses for the team’s poor performances , without ever once holding his players accountable . That pretty much summed up the entire Jets’ season , without adding to the fact, that team owner Woody Johnson chose to “ cry foul” , by stating that he was pressured into acquiring Tebow , by his front office, against his own reservations , which somehow , he just failed to communicate with former general manager , Mike Tannenbaum , who along with Rex Ryan , were the original proponents of what has now described, as one of the “more asinine trades” in recent NFL history . can’t say, that I would disagree with that statement at all ! As to where Tim Tebow’s future may well lay , is anyone really overly concerned at this juncture ? .

Riddle me this, name the NFL franchise which in this past season was amongst the worst performing defensive teams in NFL history ? If you guessed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , New York Giants , Tennessee Titans , New England Patriots or the Jacksonville Jaguars , you not be that far off in your estimation . The answer is , none other than the New Orleans Saints , who gave up a monstrous 440.1 yards per game which ranked the beleaguered franchise last among the NFL’s thirty-two teams. That figure equates to just over 7,000 yards over the course of a sixteen game schedule , and a record in NFL history.

The impasse between Roger Goodell , the Saints’ players , the NFLPA (union) , their animus towards the league hierarchy’s handling of the now infamous ” Saints’ Bounty” scandal , speaks volumes as to why the NFL commissioner has far too much power, in terms of his authority within the hierarchical setup of the league entity . And even with the rescinding of the suspensions of the four players centered within this scandal, you still get the feeling that this whole episode is far from over ! Saints’ defensive player, Jonathan Vilma , has yet to stop his legal action , pursuant of the NFL and Goodell , in which as a plaintiff, in his lawsuit at the Federal level for slander , libel , and defamation of character , for which he is said to be seeking punitive damages. Vilma , if anything has right to seek recourse in such a manner , as from the very outset Roger Goodell set out to be antagonistic , rather than being impartial , as the league’s investigators gathered their evidence , in some cases by dubious and surreptitious means. As defendants in this case , the commissioner and the NFL as a whole, have now either to, publicly issue some form of an apology to the player, or seek to settle this matter out of court.

Away from those legal issues , it would be fair to say , that in spite of the injuries , it would be fair to say that the New Orleans Saints had an underwhelming season , falling far short a number analysts and fans’ expectations . The fact that the team failed to make the postseason , falling short and completely out of contention not only within the NFC South, but also within the NFC , casts a giant shadow their 2012 sojourn. The franchise’s coaching staff at times , used a plethora of excuses for the team’s lackluster performances during the season.

With head coach , Sean Payton , having been reinstated ,after his year-long suspension mandated by the league , he recently re-signed with the franchise , “inking” a five-year deal , worth north of $42.5 million , including performance based, incentives and bonuses . That deal would make Payton amongst the highest paid head coaches in the NFL , ranking him alongside Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks , Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins and Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots .

As I alluded to earlier, the Saints’ biggest concerns were with their defensive corps , but yet, there was evidence there to suggest , that the team’s once prolific offense of recent years had now began to splutter , rather badly . Those issues I believe will be addressed in this upcoming NFL Draft by Sean Payton and the front office staff , headed by general manager , Mickey Loomis ! Last season , the franchise was expedient in addressing their needs , in a variety of positions, as they availed themselves of the talent available in that particular NFL Draft (2012).

For this upcoming draft , before anything is actually done , I believe that there will be some rather expedient decisions that will have to be made, as to the franchise’s salary cap issues as it relates to the team’s payroll ($138.6 million). The team will need to pare down , just off over $25 million to place themselves in a comfortable position to either re-sign a number of their impending free agents or pursue free agents in the open market , as well as meet their obligatory needs , as it relates to their payroll for the upcoming season based on the league mandated cap. Teams such as the Saints will be under the gun , as by 3:00 PM , Eastern Standard Time( EST), today , general managers around the league, will have to come to a decision, as to the contracts of their impending free agents , and whether or not to cut them or simply seek to re-sign at a lower base salary. “Capologists” , will now come into play as they seek to make a name for themselves inside of their respective front offices. In the lead-up to the NFL Draft they might just be amongst the most important employees inside an NFL franchise , as they are able to do from a financial standpoint can go a long way in saving a franchise tens of millions of dollars over a three or four-year time-frame .

Gainful employment sought, unwilling applicants need not apply. Yes, these are now the deafening tones now being heard across the entire NFL landscape. Can someone explain to me why Brandon Jacobs would seek to talk himself out of what was thought to be a fruitful position with the San Francisco 49ers ? It now appears all but certain , that the running back will be jettisoned by the Forty Niners’ front office headed by GM Trent Baalke. The franchise has already began with a slew of moves as they seek to create a comfortable enough cap space , before they embark on their off-season moves. One of the other much-discussed scenarios , has been that of the future of the team’s starting quarterback in the earlier part of 2012 , Alex Smith .

Having lost his starting spot , to understudy , Colin Kaepernick , who would then go on to guide the franchise to the NFC championship game and then on to a thrilling Superbowl 47 (SBXLVII) loss to the eventual champions, the Baltimore Ravens . The consensus seems to be that Baalke and head coach Jim Harbaugh may well seek to gauge the interest of any vested parties seeking to gain a veteran quarterback. From my own perspective , I believe that it would be in the Forty Niners’ best interest to retain Smith , rather than allowing the player to leave via a trade . The player, still has two years remaining, on a three-year $24 million contract , of which he is owed $15 million, and wherein , he is due to become a free agent in 2015 .

I certainly do not believe, any NFL franchise can operate competitively without a standout backup quarterback in the league today ! Doubt my word? Then simply look around at the depth chart of the franchises within the NFL and peruse the rosters of the teams in question and the backup quarterbacks at the coaches’ disposal.


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I certainly do not believe, any NFL franchise can operate competitively without a standout backup quarterback in the league today ! Doubt my word? Then simply look around at the depth chart of the franchises within the NFL and peruse the rosters of the teams in question and the backup quarterbacks at the coaches’ disposal.


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(1) Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide (L), and head coach Brian Kelly of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish talk before the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship game at Sun Life Stadium on January 7, 2013 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Alabama would go on to defeat Notre Dame 42-14 in a lopsided and embarrassing defeat for the then, number one ranked team in the nation . The win , garnered Saban his fourth BCS national title as a head coach of a college program. Gettty Images /Kevin C. Cox ….

(2) Manti Te’o (5) of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish warms up prior to playing against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2013 Discover BCS National Championship game at Sun Life Stadium on January 7, 2013 in Miami Gardens, Florida. The player throughout much of the Irish’s strove to fight off questions concerning his sexuality , in the aftermath of it being revealed that the alleged female he was said to be involved , in a relationship , never existed . Ronaioh Tuiasasopo , a closeted homosexual with unrequited love fomented a charade , which somehow Te’o chose to play along with , even after revelations were made that Lennay Kua was never existed . Much ado about nothing ? Or simply the possibility of a high-profiled athlete not wishing to reveal a taboo in testosterone driven sport of college football, ” where a man must be and reveal , he is a man ” . Quite frankly , there has to be male athletes within the college game and NFL who are definitely gay , but who are simply too afraid to reveal their sexuality because of the stigma that is still attached to the lifestyle within collegiate and professional sports amongst male athletes . Getty Images / Mike Ehrmann …..

(3) Linebacker Manti Te’o of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish works out at IMG Academy on January 23, 2013 in Bradenton, Florida. Te’o is considered a top-ten consensus pick amongst the line-backers declaring their eligibility for the upcoming NFL Draft (2013) . Getty Images / J Meric ….

(4) New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan answers a question during a news conference at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. The beleaguered head coach faces, and will be , under a great deal of pressure to resurrect the fortunes of a franchise that had a disappointing season (7-9) within the AFC East , having failed to make the postseason . With their being upheaval , within the front office , with the removal of former GM , Mike Tannenbaum , to be replaced by John Idzik who would then subsequently relieve offensive coordinator , Tony Sparano of his position. As if to complicate matters further there still remains the uncertain future of quarterback Tim Tebow , as the Jets seek to revamp their roster . AP Photo/Michael Conroy ….

(5) John Idzik talks to the media during an NFL football news conference introducing him as the new new general manager of the New York Jets, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, in Florham Park , NJ,. AP Photo/ Julio Cortez ….

(6) John Idzik, center, reacts while standing next to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson , left, and head coach Rex Ryan during an NFL football news conference introducing Idzik as the team’s new general manager, Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, in Florham Park , N.J. AP Photo/Julio …

(7)FILE – In this Dec. 12, 2012 file photo, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell smiles during a news conference after the NFL owners meeting in Irving, Texas. Roger Goodell was paid $29.49 million by NFL owners in 2011, nearly triple his compensation from the previous year. Goodell earned $11.6 million in 2010. Throughout much of 2012 , the commissioner very much had antagonistic and contentious relationship with the New Orleans Saints’ organization , as well as with the NFLPA (union) . All, in all , after the rescinding of the suspension of four players , said to be involved in the Saints’ Bounty scandal , it should be acknowledged that Goodell has seen his once autocratic power diminish , somewhat . Of further embarrassment to Roger Goodell , has been his complete failure to enact the HGH testing protocols that had been agreed to , between the NFLPA and the league hierarchy. The commissioner insists that the edict will be carried out , but the never-ending delays have now drawn the attention of Congress’ House Oversight & Government Reform Committee as well as the Senate Commerce Committee and that of Senate Judiciary Committee . Having given to testimony to the congressional committees in question , it now clearly shows how incompetent the tenure of Roger Goodell has been since he succeeded Paul Tagliabue in 2007. AP Photo / L M Otero …

(8) Mickey Loomis , executive vice president/general manager of the New Orleans Saints, talks with Saints head coach Sean Payton, right, in the first half of an NBA basketball game between the New Orleans Hornets and the Phoenix Suns in New Orleans, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013. AP Photo/Bill Haber …..

(9) San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick (7) and Alex Smith (11) talk on the sideline late in the fourth quarter of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel …

(10) Brandon Jacobs of the San Francisco 49ers in seen here during a game played at Candlestick Park , in San Francisco , California ,. The veteran running back has somehow managed to talk himself out of a job with the franchise , after his continued sniping at the coaching staff and front office at his not being given enough playing time under the staff of head coach Jim Harbaugh. The player has since been cut by the franchise , with his immediate future somewhat uncertain. In an ironic turn of events, Jacobs’ former Superbowl winning teammate with the New York Giants , Ahmad Bradshaw was also let go by that franchise for salary cap reasons . AP Photo/ Mark Pettigrew …. ==========================================


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That’s a hot piece of Asian-American ” persuasion ” Annie Thao .


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23 thoughts on “It’s not just practice , athleticism , it is also about character , character, character and integrity ….”

  1. Manti Te’o , apparently comes from a good Christian upbringing but somehow on appearance alone the Irish’s player for his age seems immature naive’ , but if anything scared to reveal his true sexual identity . All , of his now apparent falsehoods , cannot all be totally explained away , by his monosyllabic answers . Furthermore , his, and his family’s reluctance to give a full depth interview , rather than gut wrenching and somewhat orchestrated interview with Katie Couric , only further enhances the notion that the player has something to hide .

    He will probably be drafted , but by whom ?

    “So Manti how are you now feeling , after these recent revelations ?” Katie Couric ” Well Katie , my new girlfriend Dickin Mya$s has been comforting me, and I feel ever so relieved by this ever so emotional relationship , because I feel as if I have now found a kindred spirit who shares my dreams and aspirations ” ! Manti Teo’


    “Tony, is that the playbook you’re reading ” ? Rex Ryan ” No it’s Dr Zeus’ Green Eggs and Ham , I find it works just as well with the players ” ! Tony Sparano

    Rex Ryan can count himself extremely lucky, he was allowed to retain his position , after the mess of last season and his forcing the issue, in the signing of Tim Tebow , when he had no goddamn idea how to use the player in the Sparano’s hodgepodge of so called offensive strategies . Wildcat offense ? How quick did it take the rest of the NFL to figure it out when he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins ? Tony Sparano and Ryan are completely bereft coaching ability ! As for their cluster of quarterbacks , Sanchez and McElroy are likely to be there with the Jets for this upcoming season , but it is abundantly clear, that Tim Tebow will be put out to pasture like a dairy cow to graze and for milking , because he’s not fit for anything else within the NFL ! Moo !

    Can I get a what , what for the Saints ? Damn that defense of theirs was bad ! They gave up a NFL record 7000 yard plus of total defense (averaging just over 440 yds per game), compiled through their sixteen regular season scheduled games .

    NFC South standings


    “I’ve nothing to say about my compensation as that is completely a personal and private matter, between myself and my wife ! Get over it ” ! Goodell

    Goodell gets an almost 300 % increase on his salary inside of a three year span but this ##@%%%% called upon the union (NFLPA) for concessions during their labor dispute ? What has this a-hole achieved as NFL commissioner , during his six year reign , so far ? Answers , please !

    Next season in the NFC West will be all about who is bringing what weapons to the table . Guys with switchblades cut-throat razors , need not apply . It’s gonna be AR 15’s up in that $$$ch ! The division I believe will be highly contested between the San Francisco 49 ers and the Seattle Seahawks ! There are several good young quarterbacks within the division , wherein , the offenses and defenses are also particularly good .

    Tophatal ……..


  2. For once, I hope that Belichick and GM Matt Caserio in the Patriots’ front office can do right by Wes Welker and stop treating this guy like a proverbial doormat . He is a among the most productive wide receivers we have seen in the NFL over the past five seasons , but yet , the hoopla remains constantly about Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson , Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall . This past season , Welker was once again among the most productive receivers in the entire NFL .

    Welker of the Patriots

    Franchise tagging Welker , ultimately , serves no purpose if after a year and not renegotiating , you then, allow the player to walk.

    Courtesy of NFL News

    Wes Welker reportedlty won’t be franchised tagged by the Patriots

    By Marc Sessler ,

    Have we seen the last of Wes Welker with the New England Patriots?

    A source with intimate knowledge of the team’s thinking told Ron Borges of the Boston Herald that the Patriots “are simply not going to put an $11.4 million franchise tag” on the 31-year-old wide receiver.

    Borges argues Welker has worked himself into a corner, and he’s right. With little leverage in the situation, Welker isn’t about to receive a better offer than the fully guaranteed two-year, $16 million deal he turned down in 2011. By signing his franchise tender last May, Welker veered off a path that helped previous players get paid.

    Players who carried contract demands to the brink in New England — Richard Seymour, Asante Samuel, Vince Wilfork and Logan Mankins, for example — were among those awarded open-market value by the team. Welker squelched that opportunity by agreeing to his one-year, $9.515 million tender last spring. Contract talks went south soon after.

    Unless he bends, Welker is no guarantee to return in 2013. With Brandon Lloyd due a $3 million option bonus on top of a $1.9 million base salary, it’s conceivable Tom Brady could be throwing to a cast of new faces next season.

    Welker has been invaluable in New England, and it’s strange to imagine this offense without him, but let’s not forget who these Patriots are — unsentimental. They’re willing to shed players before anyone sees it coming. Unwilling to mortgage the future based on what has come before.


    How asinine has it now become in the NFL , where guys who are not as productive as Welker , are receiving far more by way of an annual salary and contract ?

    Given what the Patriots have by way of wide receiv ers , it would be best for the franchise to retain the player , rather than allowing him to leave and join a contender or for that matter a major foe . Imagine Wes Welker as part of either Washington Redskins or Indianapolis Colts and then see how much more dangerous and potent , both of those offenses would be .

    New England Patriots’ news

    New England Patriots’ transactions

    New England Patriots’ team payroll

    New England Patriots cap hit

    New England Patriots’ free agents


    GM Nick Caserio , left , & head coach , Bill Belichick

    Tophatal ……………..


  3. Who can forget that 98 NFL draft when all those GMs passed on Moss. Those kind of mistakes can cripple your franchise.

    As for Alex Smith, I do believe the Niners work out a deal to trade him. As someone who has followed his career closely, it’s just time for both Smith and the Niners organization to part ways.


    1. Tim Solis

      It never ceases to amaze me when head coaches and their general manager counterparts simply give up what appear to be sure things , merely , because there’s a trait they don’t see in a player ! Granted, if it’s an issue of character and integrity , then a case can be made ! However, here you’re right, it was Randy Moss , whose career legacy speaks for itself .

      If the Forty Niners can fortify their offense , then there’s no reason why Moss and the team can’t prosper next season within the NFC and the division as a whole .

      And it looks as if GM Trent Baalke will sign Moss to a one year contract extension . Moss’ 2012 stats .

      Forty Niners’ payroll and cap hit commitments

      San Francisco 49ers’ news

      Tophatal ……….


    2. Tim Solis

      I for one don’t believe that any team in the NFL can simply operate without a very good backup quarterback on their roster ! Any decision by the Niners to trade Alex Smith simply because of cap room on the part of the franchise has to be treated with a certain amount of skepticism .

      We all saw for ourselves last season how completely inept the Jets were with McElroy , Sanchez and Tebow ! As a general manager of that franchise what decision would you make, concerning all three ? And which of that triumvirate, would you actually retain ?

      Tophatal …………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      We’ve discussed this several times before and this is what I know, collegiate sports to an extent , will tolerate sexual ambivalence up to a point , but when it comes to “male oriented team sports , then , the ” buck “ stops there . There are openly gay male players within college basketball , but not at the D1 level within the game . I can tell you this however, there are players at the FBS level in football who are gay, but afraid to openly declare their sexuality , because of the ” alleged taboo” that is believed to be despised within the locker rooms within the NFL .

      Te’o has not done himself any favors , with his continually ambivalent answers , to some rather pertinent questions . It was apparent in his interview with Katie Couric . He will be drafted by a team seeking a linebacker to bolster a shoddy defense .

      “No, I’m not aware of Manti’s new girlfriend Dickin’ MyA$s , but I am aware of his best friend, di#k in my hand ” . AD Jack Swarbrick

      Manti Teo , clearly has character issues , with his lying as to this whole idiotic episode . And the stupidity, shown by Notre Dame’s AD Jack Swarbrick , simply shows why a college’s hierarchy in matters such as this , remain completely clueless . Swarbrick , jumped to the player’s defense , not knowing any of the facts , as he was simply looking to abate any ” possible PR damage” to the school and specifically when it came to the player’s Heisman Trophy candidate hopes at the time . How idiotic on the part of that school official !

      Tophatal …………..


    2. Chris Humpherys

      Someone needs to explain to me succinctly , how Manti Teo on a college campus such as Notre Dame , where there’s a student body exceeding 15,000 students . How is it, that this kid couldn’t find a piece of @ss to nail ” , and n what does that indicate to you about Toe and his apparent lack of confidence and quite possibly about his sexuality ?

      Chicks who dig jocks and would love to suck a ##ck


      Am I missing something ?

      I am sure that there’s an Irish chapter at Notre Dame of “College Girls Gone Wild ” and ” College Girls Who Love to F##k and Suck D##k ” .



  4. Alan,

    Your assessment of Te’O is spot on. However, I will add that his size or lack of is also a concern at the Sunday level.Georgia has an outcoming junior linebacker Ogletree that will go waayyyy before Te’o. Bigger, stronger and performed at a higher level in the SEC. His stats weren’t padded against the “Little Sisters of the Poor.”

    Wes Welker? Great, but lost a little after the knee surgury. Yeah, Kraft and crew will 86 your ass when they deem ready. Let’s forget about WW….it’s his sassy mouthed trophy wife he’s banging. WAPofA!!!


    1. Ronbets

      I know of Alec Ogletree and he’s one hell of a player ! By comparison , as good as Manti Te’o is said to be . I am in agreement with you , that the Bulldogs’ player is by far the better option in the upcoming NFL Draft .


      Ogletree of the Bulldogs

      If Patriots’ owner Bob Kraft knows what is good for the franchise , then he will insist that GM , Nick Caserio offers Wes Welker a new contract , rather than seeing the player depart as an unrestricted free agent .

      Wes Welker is, and has been one of the most productive wide receivers in the NFL over the past five years and in NFL history . Doubt it , then look at his stats ,and then look at the stats for career receptions , active and then that career touchdowns receiving and active in that category .

      NFL wide receiver stats in 2012 .

      Welker’s wife Anna (Burns) Welker

      As for Welker’s wife , her best attribute, may well be too look hot , and just keep her damn mouth shut .

      Highest paid wide receiver in the NFL and by comparison Wes Welker’s current contract and yearly salary .

      Tophatal ……………..


  5. The NFL will change . It will become nothing more than a glorified flag football league in the next few years. College football follow suit. The Eagles need to draft “O” linemen and see if they can get QB to guide them.


  6. Bobby Gee

    The Eagles I believe will be in for a tough time this season ! They have so many deficiencies at so many places over their entire roster . And now GM Howie Roseman is asking corner-back Nnamdi Asomugha to take a pay cut and restructure his current contract , which makes him among the highest paid players at the position in the NFL .

    There’s now also talk that the team is interested in trading backup quarterback , Nick Foles , which to my mind would be an immense mistake , given the inconsistency shown by Michael Vick , when he was on the field for the Eagles , last season .

    The franchise does need to draft, meeting their needs where necessary , and now Chip Kelly , will get his first opportunity to prove himself in this upcoming NFL Draft by way of the choices he will ultimately make .

    The list of players available at the OLB , LB and DT , are pretty much unspectacular , but I’m sure that Kelly and his coaching staff will find something adequate .

    Eagles’ draft history

    I believe wholeheartedly that Goodell is averse to change ! If he were really proactive in changing , then he would make it a priority to implement the HGH testing , rather than this continued idiocy that the NFL is actually on top of things, such as player safety and an actual testing protocol for illicit substances .

    Tophatal …


    1. Blog Surface/CDR

      As long as Manti Teo and his continued web of deceit isn’t part of his spiel , then he should be OK . But it is clear that this kid’s sexuality isn’t what he’s making it out to be . And that ass of an AD , Jack Swarbrick , shows how damn well out of touch he just happens to be , in jumping to the defense of a player without knowing any of the details , in the main essence of this overall story . He was merely acting in this as a way , to stave off any perceived adverse publicity that he felt would harm Teo’s chances at the Heisman .

      Tophatal ………………


    1. Hank/Fantasy Furnace

      Do you honestly believe the addition of Nick Foles will be of any real benefit to the Chiefs , considering how inept that team just happened to be with regard to their schedule , both on offense and defense over the course of last season ? There’s a reason why the Chiefs went 2-14 in the NFL in 2012 don’t you think ?

      We all know that from the the Chiefs’ pass offense , they simply have nothing there in either Brady Quinn or Matt Cassel , by way of their play and the fact that both are overpaid for what they offer in return for the franchise . Former GM, Scott Pioli , and head coach Romeo Crennel were not particularly good , when it mattered the most .

      Andy Reid needs to completely start afresh and not rehash players from his past who over the past eighteen months have simply been mediocre . That in part led to Reid’s downfall with the Eagles and his unwillingness to move away from a listless Michael Vick , who’s now past his prime .

      Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman were capricious in offering Vick a one year deal worth $10 million of which it would appear $7 million is guaranteed .

      Manti Teo’s explanation at the Combine as to his past issues is simply a crock of shit , as this kid has something to hide concerning his sexuality and the fact he lied . His character and integrity most definitely comes into question . And for former NFL executive Bill Polian to suggest that it simply doesn’t matter at all , shows his own stupidity .

      Tophatal ………….


    2. Fantasy Furnace /Hank

      The Chiefs have a litany of issues to address , as it relates to their roster, as they have so many goddamn flaws all over the place on that team . Even with having the #pick 1 in this upcoming NFL Draft . As to the NFL Combine , it’s very much like a beauty contest where idiots like Mel Kiper , Todd McShay , Adam Shefter and Chris Mortensen can get an “erection” watching the talent , while offering up some really idiotic analysis . How much of their actual offerings to the public, is ever “spot on “ by way of analysis ? They’re all full of crap, perhaps , no one more so than that a-hole Mel Kiper Jr , who buddies up with the NFL agents and in no way can he deny his obvious bias and show impartiality , when it comes to the analysis he proffers up as to his big board (Draft).

      “My top five is better than your top five ” ! Todd McShay ” Shut the __ck up , because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about “ . Mel Kiper ” You shut the ___uck up , I know more about this game than you will ever see in a lifetime ” . Todd McShay

      Mel Kiper, loves the fact that Teo’s new girlfriend has the last name of Dick-in-hand , as that’s something that this draft analysis putz knows a great deal about , holding his own dick and cupping his balls .

      Kiper, has yet to live down his claims about Akili Smith and Tim Couch , two of the ” biggest busts “ in NFL quarterback history

      Tophatal ………..


  7. Character does play into many aspects of sports, from the players up to the owners, making stops at every level in-between. It is also that way in life. Character, honesty, intregrity…they are all worth investing in. By the way, I think Alex Smith should be voted the “unluckiest” player of the year. The 49ers showed him none of these qualities we’re speaking about.

    Yes, the coach made a decision for the “team.” But he really screwed over his starting quarterback in that process. Glad they lost the Super Bowl! “Skip”


    1. food4thesoul93/Skip

      The NFL now has become a “win first league “ and not an entitlement welfare case for the players .

      I think that former NFL executive Bill Polian to be an idiot, if he believes that character doesn’t play a part in an executive’s decision ! He states that he doesn’t see Teo’s issues as a major hindrance . The kid has lied repeatedly , but he (Polian) sees nothing wrong ? . Bear in mind that Polian was the general manager , when the Indianapolis Colts drafted Peyton Manning as their number one overall pick from the 1998 NFL Draft . Is Polian that much of a hypocrite ?

      In the case of Alex Smith as efficient as he’d proven to be prior to his injury , the moment that Kaepernick stepped in , you could see that he had far more intangibles than his teammate . And that was the primary reason why Jim Harbaugh stuck with the second year quarterback .

      Tophatal ………….

      Polian and a young Peyton Manning


  8. Two of the proposed top 5 picks at the linebacker position at the 2013 NFL Draft have some serious integrity and credibility problems . Alec Ogletree and Manti Teo be warned ” ……. athleticism alone won’t be the only factor that comes into play ” . And for Teo , your stock just went way down with that awful 50 yard dash time . A pregnant Kim Kardashian would have shown far more speed and athleticism ………. 4.92 ? What the hell was that ?

    For Ogletree, that includes a DUI suspension , a number of traffic violations and fomenting rumors about the use of marijuana and an assault ? Damn , Papi , what is going on inside that tiny brain of yours ?

    Tophatal ………….


  9. Great blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
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