It takes a village to raise a child , but what does it take to make an NBA franchise better ?

It takes a Village to raise a child , but what does it take to make an NBA franchise better?

By Tophatal

Well with the NBA schedule now eagerly making its way into the third quarter of the season , we can see that the divisional and conference standings now taking shape . No real surprises here , with the Miami Heat (40-14) and San Antonio Spurs leading their respective divisions with comfortable leads . And before the rather inane supporters of the New York Knicks (33-20) start to belly ache with their continued idiocy as to how dominant their team has been , let’s really take a look at that shall we . Beyond, leading the Heat in their season series , the team’s record and play has been somewhat uninspiring . I mean how and why is that they have disappeared into the shadows faster than a priest caught disrobing , as they seek to force themselves upon a young victim ?


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Only, the ever so obnoxious Knicks’ fans can one moment speak so passionately about their team, one minute , to then remain silent , the next ! Now not only are the Knicks suddenly a team without direction but they now find themselves as the third seed within the Eastern Conference , ½ game behind the suddenly surging Indiana Pacers (35-21) , a team , which recently blew Mike Woodson’s players off the court , in a rather embarrassingly lopsided twenty-six loss to the Pacers 121-95. Somehow , you won’t hear the Knicks’ ingrates discuss that loss , but they will suggest that Carmelo Anthony ought to be considered a worthy candidate for this season’s league MVP. Granted, there may well be some veracity to that argument, but this year , the race is essentially between LeBron James and his shadow , because no one else, is even remotely close to the player in terms of his extraordinary play this season .

Consider the fact that, the New York Knicks are now 4-6 in their last ten games , whereas the team that they seek to supplant , the Miami Heat , as the “best “ in the Eastern Conference are in fact 10-0 in their last ten games . Hardly ,seems fair , does it,? Yet, these are blatant facts borne out , for those who really seek to delve further into the matter . Yes, you, the Knicks’ fans out there, why so goddamn quiet? ? You guys, can talk the talk, but as always, more often than not , there tends to be more bullshit behind it , as you are not always prepared to “walk the walk” , more than anything else !

I don’t that there is a great deal to be said about the Detroit Pistons , as this franchise is seemingly heading into oblivion . Coming off an eleven-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks , I am not so sure that GM Joe Dumars and the team’s ownership group led by billionaire venture capitalist , Tom Gores and Dennis Mannion could have ever envisaged this team , playing so ineptly . Head coach Lawrence Frank , in spite of his youthful exuberance and experience , it is becoming abundantly clear that the franchise , while its core of players are considered to be young , the talent level and leadership needed , simply is not there , for them to be even considered a legitimate contender within their division , much less the Eastern Conference as a whole .

Greg Monroe , , Jose Calderon and Rodney Stuckey , might well be considered the franchise’s best players , and the remnants from the Pistons’ most recent success , the title team of 2004 , are now a fast fading memory, for the fans normally in attendance at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit , Michigan, . And for Dumars , the architect of that championship winning team , time must be now fast running out , as I seriously doubt , that Tom Gores can considered it , to be in the franchise’s best interests to have the front office executive remain in his current position , that much longer .

The 2012 NBA Draft cannot be considered to be a productive one for the Pistons’ franchise , with Andre Drummond , (9th pick overall) taken in the first round , to be followed by Khris Middleton and Kim English . Thought to be prudent, but worthwhile picks , all three players having contributed overall in the team’s play , it is apparent there are still some great strides needed , before each can be considered a major star in the NBA . Albeit , that both Drummond and Kyle Singler , the franchise’s top pick from the 2011 draft , do figure in the top twenty of the league’s rookie players for scoring this season . Leading the way, in that specific category has been the Portland Traiblazers’ Damian Lillard, whose exciting play has been one of the standout highlights , for an otherwise somewhat under-achieving season for the Western Conference franchise .

Coming off a thoroughly convincing 92-86 victory over the now laboring Boston Celtics at the Rose Garden in Portland , Oregon,. It has to be said, that if the Trailblazers (26-30) are to chase down the eighth seeded Houston Rockets (31-27) and the ninth seeded Los Angeles Lakers (28-30) for that eighth and final qualifying berth for the chance to be an active participant in the postseason. Then, the level of play we are currently witnessing from the team will have to be of a much higher standard .

Blazers’ head coach Terry Stotts and GM Neil Olshey can only hope to achieve any semblance of success , just as long as team owner, Microsoft co-founder , billionaire, Paul Allen , is willing to keep the “purse strings” open , in order that the franchise is able to lure talented free agents to the Pacific Northwest . And given the premise that success, as it relates to the Portland Trailblazers in recent years, has become something of a lost cause , their last postseason appearance came by way of the 2011 postseason , in which they suffered a first round series’ loss (4-2) to the eventual NBA champions , the Dallas Mavericks .

In the aftermath in the death of Los Angeles Lakers’ owner , Dr Jerry Buss , it was a time of soul-searching , solemnity and dare one say , “ empathy for this renowned franchise” ? Well, the time for mourning, is now over and it is back to playing with passion, rather than going through the motions. In their most recent games , it would appear that the team have begun to heed the words of teammate Kobe Bryant , after the player chastised his fellow players for their sheer lack of effort . Personally, I have no problem with the presumed team leader “calling out “ his teammates , especially where , in the case of the head coach , in this case , the witless Mike D’Antoni , who is being paid a King’s ransom , but yet he has brought not a goddamn thing to the table by way of his coaching acumen . It were as if he is now leaving the players to figure it out for themselves , because he sure as hell , hasn’t been able to figure it out along with that lame assed coaching staff , whom he apparently calls upon for assistance. At times , this season , it were as if Sarah Palin were advising the team on their playing strategy , but I digress, the Tea Party advocate and “ doyenne of all things stupid “ , might just be more equipped to proffer up meaningful advice than a bonehead , such as Mike D’Antoni ! The Lakers’ head coach brings with his a resume’ that first glance seems impressive , until you realize he has never achieved anything of note from a coaching standpoint , nor has he ever developed a player that has become a perennial All Star . Need one say anymore, on the matter?

Presiding over this debacle in recent weeks or to be more accurate, throughout this entire season , has been GM Mitch Kupchak and Lakers’ EVP Jim Buss . The deluge of abuse and criticism , rendered against the duo , has been far and wide, it has been deeply scathing and seething with such venom , that you would be hard pressed to suggest that much of that was not warranted. And granted, while the Lakers have now played themselves into the position where they now sit on the cusp of obtaining a playoff berth , but it remains to be seen whether or not the team will be competitive for a deep playoff run in the postseason. Beyond the 2012-13 acquisition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash , the makeup of this roster is uninspired and failing in so many ways. Unfortunately, the apathy shown by the fans is what you should now come to expect when success in recent years has simply been bought through high-priced acquisitions , rather than being organic and from within .

Does anyone feel truly threatened by names such as Robert Sacre , Darius Morris , Andrew Goudelock , Earl Clark , Darius Johnson-Odom , Jodie Meeks and Devin Ebank ? Yet somehow , there was this rather asinine idiocy that a team bolstered by Bryant , Pau Gasol , Nash , Howard and Metta World Peace , would be deemed a likely conference favorite for an NBA title ? I would have drunk the Kool-Aid , until I realized that it might well have been pissed into by profound idiots such as Skip Bayless , Tony Kornheiser and Jon Barry , allegedly knowledgeable NBA pundits and media darlings , who are trying to sell this organization as a credible contender for the world championship. I’m sorry, but, I have never drunk from the pot, that others have defecated or urinated in ! It is simply not my style , nor will it, ever be!

I have long-held the contention that the Lakers will be a franchise , that will be bereft of leadership and talent , the moment that Kobe Bryant officially walks away from the game . He will go down in history , as one the top fifteen players in NBA history , Look beyond the career statistics and where he ranks amongst the all-time greats and look at the player’s achievements on the court as a player , and I believe that you get a much clearer picture as to what he simply about as an individual and as a competitor . There is not one player on this existing roster that has the competitive instinct or the all-round ability to lead this team into for the next decade or more . And for anyone to have the temerity that Dwight Howard can be seen as such an individual , leads me to believe that the person in question is either a downright blithering ass or clearly a person, who simply doesn’t understand the nuances and the fundamentals of this game ! Howard has never been, a leader, nor does he possess the intelligence or the maturity to assume such a role . And the mere fact that Mitch Kupchak sees the center as the heir-apparent to Kobe Bryant, is both a sign of desperation on the part of the executive , as he clings to straws, while looking for a lifeline to save the Lakers’ floundering season . . The team’s next game will be against conference rivals the Minnesota Timberwolves , scheduled for tipoff at 10:30 pm EST at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California , on Thursday evening .

Make of it what you will, but teams that simply do not plan ahead for the future , and who would rather spend their way to success , tend to fall abruptly from grace because the know-how , and business acumen simply isn’t there ! Cases, can now be made for both the Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks , of which the latter is now simply on its last legs, as they seek to gain the last gleaming remnants of competitiveness out of Dirk Nowitzki , and the now laboring Mavericks . At 25-30 the eleventh placed Dallas Mavericks are now on the outside looking in , as they seek to climb out of their present position and up the conference rankings . Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban ” gambled and lost” in the Deron Williams’ sweepstakes as the Nets’ point guard chose to remain with the Eastern Conference franchise , as they sought resurrect their fortunes . The Brooklyn Nets with a payroll of $87.6 million for the season , have the second highest payroll in the NBA , which is led by the Los Angeles Lakers and their whopping $100.1 million , far exceeding the league’s “ soft salary cap figure” of $58.044 million for the 2012-13 season . And far be it for me to suggest, but even though the Mavericks’ figure of $69.6 million seems minuscule by comparison , in 2011 , they were amongst the highest salaried teams within the NBA , with Kobe Bryant being the highest paid player in the league that season , with a salary of $24,806,250 .

Mavericks’ GM Donn Nelson is now left seeking ways , how to best move forward as they seek build towards the future with the winding down of Nowitzki’s career . The 7’ center/power- forward has been of the best European players to graced the NBA over the past two decades , and to my mind there has not a player this good , from the European continent the Croatian , Drazan Petrovic graced the scene as a player with the New Jersey Nets . And Petrovic’s skill-set was as a mercurial point guard who simply astonished the fans with his passing dexterity and playmaking abilities . The closest we have now come to seeing this by way of European point guard , might well be the San Antonio Spurs’ dangerously deceptive Tony Parker , a three-time winning NBA titlist with the NBA franchise .

It is hard to see where the Mavericks will go from here because the team in its present guise is suffering growing pains , even in light of this and their 2011 draft picks . Defensively , the Mavericks are exceedingly poor and giving up 102.6 points per game for fourth worst in the league. And from an offense standpoint , the team remains woefully inadequate in more ways than Mark Cuban and Donn Nelson would care to admit.

Mikhail Prokhorov , the billionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets cannot be entirely happy with what he has witnessed from his team this season . Already on their second head coach of the year, after the firing of Avery Johnson , who would be replaced by P J Carlesimo . As the interim head coach , he now has to work with the self-indulgence of Deron Williams , an “ overrated “ point guard , and the lackluster Joe Johnson , who with $60 million plus , remaining on his existing contract , he could very well be “ one of the biggest busts “ of the NBA season by way of his lack of productivity . GM Billy King , may well be rethinking his original stance of acquiring Johnson , albeit , the thinking would be that the player would be deemed a comfortable fit , alongside Williams and Brook Lopez , the young center , that the franchise now pins their hopes upon , having lost out in the race to acquire , then free agent , Dwight Howard .

The Nets are coming off a rather debilitating 76-72 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies , in which the team played some uninspired basketball in their defeat by one the Western Conference’s best teams. As to what this says about this Nets’ franchise and their overall ambitions over the remainder of the season , one can only surmise how it might all end . The team will seek to recover from that rather lackluster performance as they are the guests of the New Orleans Hornets , one of the NBA’s more uninspired teams of the season. A second successive defeat would not necessarily write off the hopes of the Nets , but it certainly wouldn’t create a conducive environment , as the franchise moves into the final quarter of their schedule . And with the outlay by way of the team’s payroll (87,577,676) , anything short of the playoffs and a deep run in the postseason and the front office of the Brooklyn Nets might seek to make some long-term changes right across the board that would most certainly have some far-reaching ramifications for the franchise. The financial resources asides , with Prokhovorov , being worth an estimated $13.2 billion , a fortune which places him as the fifty-eighth richest individual on the planet. It does lead one to believe that even with the Russian’s vast wealth , he must have known that his fortune alone , the lure of Brooklyn , and the ostentatious-ness of the cavernous Barclays Center/Atlantic Yards’ Complex. That alone , as the attractive pearl , could not have been enough of a driving force , for him to truly believe that his franchise could be taken as a legitimate contender for this season ? For him to have truly believed that , either he was under the mistaken belief , that the team was simply that good or the fact that rest of the Eastern Conference was simply mediocre , and would be willing to become “ lambs to the slaughter “ as the Nets laid siege to the conference . Which, do you believe it to be?

From my own perspective , I never bought into the Nets to begin with , as this current team had no real body work for which one could truly judge by . And the continued apathy , and idiocy shown by the fans of both the Knicks and Nets , as if it is now , both of these franchises’ time to shine, is simply idiotic to begin with ! As I alluded to earlier New York Knicks were a mediocre 5-5 in their last ten games , hardly something to tie one’s hat on , by way of viewing them as a legitimate , much less a perennial contender . Meanwhile, the Nets are simply a team , lacking in leadership , with a coach whose greatest claim to fame , was the very fact that he escaped being choked out by a psychopath NBA professional several years ago.

If things were to get any worse for the Boston Celtics (30-27) , then what guise would it take? They have lost their best player, point guard Rajon Rondo for the rest of the season, and the dark shadows have begun to set over this franchise. Rumors are circling that GM, Danny Ainge , would like to jettison Kevin Garnett and his burdensome contract , given his age and the fact that there are said to have been several inquiries from interested parties looking to acquire the seasoned veteran. Yet, with a no-trade clause tied to the contract , which would have to be waived and agreed upon by the player. It seems highly unlikely, that Garnett would actually leave a franchise , where he has stated categorically , he would like to play out the rest of his career with the Boston Celtics. With three years remaining on Garnett’s existing deal and approximately $36 million owed to the player , it would take a major concession on the part of the veteran and multiple All Star , to suddenly jump ship. And I can only envisage, Garnett going to a legitimate contender , rather than Ainge and owner , Wyc Grousbeck simply engineering a salary dump . As to what this might indicate to the Celtics’ fans , who may well see it, as the front office simply giving up on the season , when there is still something to play for , could very well sit either way , with those diehard individuals .

As the seventh seed within the Eastern Conference , the Celtics are quite comfortably set , with a two-game lead over their closest rivals the Milwaukee Bucks (27-28). All that is now being asked of Doc Rivers and his staff is to guide this team into the playoffs , and then simply let the chips fall where they may .


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It may well takes a village, to raise a child , but sheer know- how , real expediency and acumen is needed to make a successful NBA franchise . Something I truly believe, to be lacking in several of the franchises now playing within the NBA ! David Stern , longing to be seen as the best executive in professional sports , often comes off and across as a conceited self-serving pompous ass ! And is further proof is needed , during this last labor dispute with the NBPA (union) , while seeking concessions from the union , the commissioner was still compensated to the tune of $25 million in salary , not inclusive bonuses and other discretionary incentives . It simply makes you wonder . what really , does the NBA have to offer the fans by way of a very good product , and if anything by way of real integrity or intelligence ? The apathy of the fans , who state that there are some wonderful story-lines to be had , only speaks to their sheer stupidity , if it is simply a feel-good story that an individual is said to be looking for , when the product being served up , is nothing more than a rehashed meal , that is simply being reheated and packaged to look ever so fresh . Your thoughts, on this all ?


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(1)MIAMI, FL – FEBRUARY 26: LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat works up the crowd during a game against the Sacramento Kings at American Airlines Arena on February 26, 2013 in Miami, Florida. The Heat would go on to defeat the Kings 141-129 . Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images …

(2) Sacramento Kings’ John Salmons (5) fouls Miami Heat’s LeBron James (6) during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Miami, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. AP Photo/J Pat Carter …

(3) San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan (21) passes under pressure from Phoenix Suns’ Goran Dragic , of Slovenia, during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013, in Phoenix. The Spurs would go on to defeat the Suns 97-87 . AP Photo/Matt York …

(4) Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith (5) shoots around Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe (10) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich., Monday, Feb. 25, 2013. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio …

(5) Detroit Pistons’ owner , Tom Gores is seen here with the team’s GM Joe Dumars during a pregame shoot around at the Palace of Auburn Hills , in Detroit , Michigan, . This season has simply been one of immeasurable struggles for the franchise , whose roster has been completely been revamped over the past two seasons . AP Photo & Detroit Free Press / Asa Hutchinson …

(6) John Starks (3) , left of the New York Knicks , looks to defend against the Nets’ point guard Drazan Petrovic during a game played at Madison Square Garden , in New York City , New York . Petrovic’s career in the NBA was cut short , when he died in an airplane accident , in his native Croatia , formerly known as Yugoslavia . Heralded as one of the greatest European players ever to have played in the NBA , his legacy still lives on in the minds of many Nets’ fans who saw him play. Courtesy of @ copyrighted material all rights reserved ….



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36 thoughts on “It takes a village to raise a child , but what does it take to make an NBA franchise better ?”

  1. So as the NBA enters the final third of its season , and what should we now expect of the teams by way of their play ? If the results are anything to go by it won’t be that much and for the fans who were jumping on that Knicks’ bandwagon , without this team ever having shown any body of work . How does it feel to see them now fall from grace so fast over their past ten games ? Especially , where they are at a point in which they no longer hold the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference ? Simply , do not go with style over substance , as it always comes back to bite you in the proverbial ass ! It’s as plain and simple as that ….. get it , good ? Good !

    The Heat will waltz all the way through the remainder of their schedule , as they really do not have anything to fear from anyone within their conference . Only being complacent can derail their ambitions of making a successful defense of their NBA title .

    Someone wake me up when Joe Johnson has actually done something of note for an NBA franchise that he has played for . He has been robbing those teams blind for the past several years and the Nets are now finding that out ! .

    I’m sorry but Joe Dumars ” has to go “ as the general manager of the Detroit Pistons ! He might as well be using an Etch-A-Sketch, Lego or Linkin’ Logs to rebuild that Pistons’ roster , which in reality is just no goddamn good , as evidenced by their most recent results , their conference and divisional standing . A billionaire entrepreneur such as Tom Gores , must have figured it out by now ! Or hasn’t he ?

    The Lakers may well be playing themselves back into contention within their conference but it is clear that the team will not be good enough to take down anyone in a protracted series during the postseason . The team has and , literally plays no defense , in spite of the idiocy being uttered by some of these anally retentive on air tv analysts !

    Croatian , Drazen Petrovic seen here playing for the New Jersey Nets , one of the franchises most revered players in its history .

    Drazen Petrovic was undoubtedly one of the top five players from Europe to have played in the NBA in spite of his short career . Anyone who saw him play in his prime , will know that at the time he was one of the top ten players in the NBA .

    Tophatal ……………..


    1. bobby gee

      The only way that the Heat fails to win the NBA title , by way of making a successful defense , they will have to become so completely complacent, that they fall off the competitive landscape ! And that is not going to happen while Spoelstra coaches this team , with Riley in the wings orchestrating everything and with LBJ playing lights out ball !

      The Knicks are not even in the same area code in terms of competitiveness , much less being as good as their rivals , albeit that they have a lead in their season series .

      Mike Woodson’s Knicks , defensively, have been so incompetent over their last ten games (5-5) that even their fans have to be worried .

      Tophatal ………………..


        1. Maurice Barksdale

          For me it’s all about LeBron , as he goes , then so does the rest of this team . And with Wade not fully fit , it’ll be down to Chalmers and Bosh to really pick up the slack with regard to the scoring and we’ve seen it already with Mario Chalmers showing us what he’s capable of when given the chance to shine .

          And for me , there’s no one in the East that can stop the Heat , certainly not the overrated Nets .

          As to the Knicks , there you go , hype over substance …….. and look at their recent record 5-5 against teams that with the exception of the Pacers , you wouldn’t take note of . That Knicks’ team is now back to its ways of old , not playing defense and thinking that all they’ve got to do , is to turn up and everyone will cower in their wake , when nothing could be further from the truth . The team in many ways are just as conceited and obnoxious as their damn fans !

          Tophatal ………………


            1. Maurice Barksdale

              If this is a lull for the Knicks given their recent record , I’d hate to see what’d happen if there was a turbulent storm and other enclament weather !

              That Knicks’ team couldn’t play defense if their friggin’ lives depended on it , Yet , you have their fans talking this team up , as if they’re ready to take down the Miam Heat ? Are you kidding me ?

              Heat vs Knicks all time match-ups .

              Tophatal ……………..


              1. I never siad they would take down the Heat. However, they are good enough to get one of the top four spots in the East, and possibly win a first round series. But winning a championship isn’t in the cards for the Knicks I’m afraid.


                1. Maurice Barksdale

                  Sunday’s game between the Heat and Knicks should tell us a great deal about both teams and the direction both are said to be heading in . Their earlier , meetings saw victories for Mike Woodson and his Knicks’ team .

                  The Spurs are ” about take a major hit “ with the loss of Tony Parker for at least a month or quite possibly more . It could make a severe dent in their conference aspirations and completely alter the playoff picture altogether , as well as the playoff seedings , as it now stands .

                  Tophatal …………………


        2. Maurice Barksdale

          I am not inferring that you did or didn’t suggest that the Knicks would be able to defeat the Heat in a postseason match-up . But after-all , with the current conference leaders being viewed as the leading candidate , isn’t that after-all the ultimate prize at stake for the other seven candidates at that stage for the participants within the East at that point of the season ?

          Here’s a look at the leading scorer within the East and team stats offensive and defensive within the conference during the postseason in the 2011-12 NBA playoffs of last year .

          Your thoughts on this and based on that which teams do you believe might pose the biggest threat to the Miami Heat amongst the other seven leading candidates at this point based , upon the potential conference standings and the playoff picture makeup ?

          Chime in with your thoughts upon this ?

          Thursday night’s games results

          NBA statistics as of last night 02/28/2013 .


          Melissa Rauch

          Last but not least, would you “butter ” Melissa Rauch’s “biscuits ” ? Those are real and they’re not “fake” !

          Tophatal …..


    2. bobby gee

      In the Western Conference , the drama throughout much of the season has been encapsulated around how mediocre the Lakers have been for the greater part of their schedule . I believe that if they make the playoffs , their stay there, will not be a long foray at all ! They are likely to be crushed by any of the top three teams within the conference at whatever point they are likely to meet in the NBA playoffs .

      Tophatal ………..


  2. Today’s scheduled games should not create much movement within any of the divisions , given the fact that a number of teams have created some distance between themselves and a number of their closest rivals .

    And with scoring at a premium for some teams , how bad is it for so many teams who simply can’t get it done on either end of the floor ?

    There are some serious issues to be dealt with concerning the Orlando Magic as Jacque Vaugn is having a really tough time in his first season as the head coach of this team . At 16-41 and with a mere 25 games to go in their schedule . It doesn’t seem at all possible for the franchise to end up with a winning record and being close to .500 within the Eastern Conference much less their division .

    GM Rob Hennigan and COO Alec Martins will have a great deal of deliberating to do, as it concerns their free agents , cap unfriendly salaries , but overall with regard to the unproductive players on the roster . The team’s payroll is not overly exorbitant in comparison to the other teams within the NBA . And one should bear in mind the idiocy of the league’s “soft salary cap” of $58.044 million , which a number teams simply feel that they do not have to adhere to . Yet , there are idiots within this forum , who come up with some of the most asinine of statements , claiming that because the league can rescind and buyout contracts , it can save the teams money . Bull#hit , here’s the proof , teams’ profits and losses within the NBA . Bear in mind , that franchises going over the soft cap threshold have to pay a dollar for dollar surcharge “tax” , which is then disbursed among the team beneath the soft salary cap .

    “We will and lose by the decisions I make on and off the court and you can see clearly that the team’s record is a reflection of that fact ” . Jacque Vaughn , head coach of the Orlando Magic

    Orlando Magic roster , stats , payroll , cap hit and yearly salaries .

    Orlando Magic schedule and their next game will be against the Sacramento Kings

    Orlando Magic front office staff

    Tophatal ……..


    1. SportsChump/ Chris Humpheries

      What’s the saying ? " You can't dress a pig and turn it into a sow " ! The Knicks are a pig and the butt-head fans of the franchise and that front office are way too dumb to realize that this team simply isn’t good enough to win an NBA title .

      There have been idiots within this forum hyping up the Knicks , and they can’t even write a succinct article on the pros and cons for that team . It’s f#cking pitiful , as are , this team ! They’ve been hovering around the #2 seed within the conference but that 125-91 ass kicking they were subjected to by the Pacers , shows you how damn weak this franchise just happens to be . Beyond ‘melo , this roster isn’t worth squat ! The whole damn world knows it , and so too are the lame ass Knicks’ fans ! Anally retentive fans ? I’ll let you be the judge of that !

      Tophatal ………….


    2. Chris Humphries/SportsChump

      The fools who were getting an erection watching and then writing about how great the Knicks or how credible there were going to be have no damn clue what they were actually talking about ! The team can’t defend and they have an aversion to playing defense , <p? Now all of a sudden their (Knicks) diehard fans are nowhere to be found , much like the morons such as Republican , political commentator, Dick Morris who tried to sell the public on why Romney would win the last Presidential election in a landslide . Morris is an a#s ! And the same can be said of the fan trying to sell the virtues of the Knicks without any basis to proffer up at all !

      Look but don’t touch …… Wendy Fiore .

      Rub a dub , dub , two big titties in tub . Me like !

      Knicks’ fans out there would be better off getting an erection looking at pictures of Wendy Fiore rather than offering up asinine prognosis about the New York Knicks . Please at least get a clue !

      Now that’s PHAT and temptin’ . What a fine piece of @ss !


      Here’s your “erection connection” Wendy Fiore . Do you like ?

      Tophatal …………….


    3. Chris Humpheries

      Look, leave Kenny Smith’s wife (Gwendolyn Osborne) out of this as everyone would like get on that ride and she’s not even a kids’ merry go round attraction at a theme park .

      And she (far left) appears on tv’s game show ” The Price Is Right ” . It doesn’t take much talent to be onstage presenting prizes on display but she’s earning .

      Yes, ” the price is definitely right ” for her to get a piece of some ” real dark meat” !

      Personally, as she’s an expat Brit , I’ll give her a pass , albeit that isn’t the only thing I would love to give to her !


      Smith , with his wife , Gwendolyn, seen here with Charles Barkley .

      Tophatal …………


  3. The Detroit Pistons should have hired Bill Laimbeer as their coach. People don’t like Laimbeer because of his bad boys days as a Piston, but I think Dumars should have given him a shot at the NBA. Many people ignore the success Laimbeer had as a coach in the WNBA, but coaching is coaching in my opinion. And being a former Piston and a four time NBA All-Star, I think Laimbeer would be doing a better job right now, than Lawrence Frank is.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      I’m sorry you lost me at Bill Lambeer coaching the Pistons ! Look there’s a difference between coaching in the WNBA with the Shock and coaching the males in a testosterone driven locker room . To me that’s like suggesting that U Conn’s Geno Auriemma could coach Kentucky’s or Duke’s roster . It ain’t happening .

      The Pistons have been a mess all season long , from the players being jettisoned , to the current roster , and the debacle that they have now become .

      “Hey idiot , why are you asking me questions about the use of estrogen ? I’m here to talk about Detroit Shock basketball and how damn good my team just happens to be . The fact that I want to sleep each member of the team has nothing at all about the way I feel ” ! Bill Laimbeer

      Where did the Shock finish in the WNBA standings last season ? Oops ! They’re no longer the Detroit Shock as they were folded and became the Tulsa Shock .

      The franchise’s owner , Tom Gores has to get rid of Dumars as his judgment in recent years has certainly come into question concerning the draft and the players acquired as free agents .

      Tophatal ………….


      1. I doubt Laimbeer would be doing any worse than Lawrence Frank is right now for the Pistons. And I think a former Piston and a 4-time All-Star like Laimbeer already has a clear understanding of what being a successful player in the NBA entails having already done it.

        Laimbeer knows the NBA, so it’s no that big of a stretch if if even is at all. And judging by how the turnover is in the NBA coach ranks, some teams might do well by thinking outside the box to find a good coach. What harm could it do?


        1. Maurice Barksdale

          while being a good coach , I don’t know that he’ll be, as communicative as needed , in dealing with such a young roster at its core in the makeup of what I believe to be a really disappointing … Detroit Pistons’ team this season ! . Not only are they floundering , but the attendance at the Palace of Auburn Hills are now reaching an all-time low bordering on being anemic .

          Detroit Pistons’ news

          Tophatal ………….


          1. It’s debatable how successful a communicator Laimbeer would be with today’s NBA player, but what ever method of communication Lawrence Frank is using with the Pistons, it’s not working. And Laimbeer’s history with the Pistons might have actually helped them with their attendance problems.

            But it’s a moot point, as I think Laimbeer’s reputation as a bad guy in his playing days is what’s actually keeping him from getting a head coaching job in the NBA.


            1. Maurice Barksdale

              Lawrence Franks early in his career had a modicum of success , but the fact of the matter is in today’s NBA , it is all about the prima-donna superstar NBA player and his testosterone driven ego . It will always be that way , primarily because of the media and 24 hour around the clock news’ cycle and that of the social media platform all being as such orchestrated by either those very same NBA stars or their agents or entourage of lackeys !

              And much of that also , comes down to the fact that David Stern and the league hierarchy have sought to use the players in such a way, rather than marketing the teams , the players play for .

              During the mid to late nineties and early part of the last decade , he made the graphic mistake in marketing the league (NBA) by demographics , specifically aimed towards the young urban and hip-hop , rap ,loving crowd , thereby hurting the NBA brand, alienating many of the league’s biggest corporate sponsors and the major ad firms of Madison Avenue , New York City , New York . It backfired so badly that he did something of an about turn with that idiotic marketing ploy ! At that time we saw the rise of players such as Iverson , Sprewell , Jayson Williams , Marbury and Rodman with their gross out antics .


              Williams was never remorseful in the death of limousine driver Christopher “Gus” Christofi . That bull$hit was all engineered by his legal counsel as he sought to lie , and deceive the justice system , and public, at large .

              The following comes via ESPN , AP article ( as recent as June of 2012) to further emphasize and prove my point concerning Williams’ actions . He lied concerning his sobriety and concerning that tragic event , and then got members of his entourage to act so goddamn irresponsibly !

              Jayson Williams remains remorseful

              WEEHAWKEN, N.J. — Jayson Williams wants to walk. After 26 months behind bars, Williams never squanders an opportunity to stretch the legs that once helped make him one of the NBA’s most ruthless rebounders. Besides, he doesn’t have a driver’s license.


              Dressed in a New Jersey Nets T-shirt and Chicago Bulls practice shorts, the 6-foot-10 Williams looms larger than the Empire State Building behind him in the distance. He takes only a few steps out from a hotel around Lincoln Harbor when a pair of 11-year-old girls want to know if he played in the NBA.

              He sure did. Was an All-Star, too.

              “You’re lying,” one of the girls teases from her bike.

              “Naw, I’m telling the truth,” a laughing Williams said.


              “I can’t swear. But I’ll tell you, it’s the truth. It’s a sin to swear.”

              Before asking for an autograph, the girl tells Williams she’ll look him up online. He encourages the search. “No. 55,” he throws in for good measure.

              What they’ll find of his name in a search engine is more than his successes and stats over an injury-shortened nine-year career. They’ll also discover a cascade of stories detailing legal troubles that stretched more than a decade once his career dried up. They’ll find Williams served eight months for drunken driving in New York and 18 months before that in New Jersey on charges stemming from a limo driver’s shooting death.

              “There’s nothing I can do about that,” Williams said.

              Williams says all he can do today, and for the rest of his life, is apologize for his wrongs and crimes and start to move ahead, grateful for a second chance, with God on his side.

              He quit drinking — 893 days sober and counting — discarded the guns, downsized the house and returned to civilian life with a renewed focus and vigor for community work.

              He walked more than a mile to his barber for a cut Tuesday because he was due later that night at an Upper Montclair Country Club fundraiser for HIV shelters. On Father’s Day, he took a group of homeless men to the same barbershop, after arranging for breakfast at a local shelter, to clean them up and restore a chunk of their dignity.

              In his first extended interview since he was freed from prison in April, the 44-year-old Williams stressed over and over that he’s sorry. He vowed to live life without the toxic tag team of booze and bravado that fueled his reckless behavior and led to the shotgun death in his New Jersey mansion of chauffeur Costas Christofi as well as the night he drove his SUV into a tree in lower Manhattan.

              “People say, ‘Jay, you’re a great guy, you just had a couple of bad nights,'” Williams said. “People that have themselves under control don’t have a couple of bad nights like that. Plain and simple. I could have been better. That’s my goal now, to be better.”

              Click on link to read in full ,

              The idiocy is , if the media prints it in such a way , they expect us all to believe that crap ! He (Williams) sought to hide behind his wealth notoriety and friends , rather than being man enough to admit to his malfeasance and that to me , still makes him less of a man and a human being !

              And now we’re entrenched with so much of what had hurt and continues to be a blight upon the NBA . That is , the immature superstar NBA athlete , their mindless egos , lack of maturity, being somehow socially irresponsible and not looking to being held accountable for their own actions ! . Unfortunately , this just doesn’t only happen within the realms of professional sports but also at the collegiate level as well , as well in the public arena as it relates to our elected officials . While that happens we also have the apathy of the fans and their own damn gullibility which is somehow endemic in this country .

              Tophatal …………


  4. Alan, I see your enthrallment of LBJ. Rightfully so. I don’t wager much NBA due to the variance. However, during crunch time for a pointspread covering basket…….I want Kobe as my shooter, followed by PPierce. We view the game differently. Oh, not the women though. Was that fast-food hamburger joint named after Ms Fiore?? I’ll eat there.


    1. Ronbets

      All I want to know is that , come ” crunch time “ , whether it’s Kobe , Pierce , LBJ , ‘melo , Durant , Tony Parker or James Harden . You’d better be able to stroke that ball and hit nothing but net !

      Wendy Fiore hiding her ample assets .

      You have to squeeze to believe , and yes I do believe !

      As to Wendy’s , who wouldn’t want to sample her menu of venerable delights ? I know I would , as I am a straight up “hound dog “ ! Party like a rock start and have copious amounts of sex like a porn star ! How ’bout them apples ?

      I’d bang one out for the team even if she weren’t the last woman on earth !

      Damn , I wouldn’t mind nuzzling up to her fun bags !


      She could never be mistaken for Snow White , could she ?

      Tophatal ……………….


    2. Ronbets

      My enthrallment with LeBron , goes only so far as , I believe him to be a truly gifted athlete , but yet as a person , in spite of his career in the NBA, he remains somewhat immature ! . I believe his image to be ” so manufactured” , that he could be in for a decisive fall , should he step off the rails , due to his behind the doors’ behavior , much as we’ve seen with other major NBA stars such as Kobe Bryant , Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd ! Your thoughts on that specifically ?

      NBA leaders ppg active and career leaders ppg


      And as a change of pace and off topic, as such. Would you “butter” actress Melissa Rauch’s ” biscuits” ? She appears in the CBS hit prime-time comedy show “The Big Bang Theory” .

      Tophatal …….


  5. 😉


    Real or so , so surreal ?

    Guys , who amongst you wouldn’t want to milk , drink and play with Melissa Rauch’s “puppies ” ?

    See below also as an added bonus .

    Between Kat Dennings , Rauch and Kaley Cuoco , who has the “hottest body ” and ” rack ” ?

    Dennings’ puppies really do need to be squooshed and sucked on , don’t you think ?

    Kaley Cuoco

    Ronbets , these are for you dude . . Do enjoy .

    Tophatal …………….


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