It’s not what you do or the way that you spend , it’s just that you’d better be spending it wisely

It’s not what you do or the way that you spend , it’s just that you’d better be spending it wisely

Two things now seem to be taking center in the world of sports , one just happens to be the conference tournaments within the world of College Basketball , and the just happens to be the NFL and their free agency window to sign unsigned or trade cap hit players they deem , unworthy and destined for elsewhere . With the NCAA Tournament not yet upon us , but with the dance cards of certain teams now being set , it will be interesting to now see which programs will be granted the privilege of being an invite to this season’s competition . It seems remarkable that last season’s triumphant Men’s champion , the Kentucky (Wildcats) are likely to miss out on defending their title . This season the Wildcats have simply been pitiful within the SEC and equally so , on the national stage in their out of conference play .


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Top 5: Sizing up the best conference basketball tournaments

By Scott Gleeson , USA Today columnist

USA TODAY Sports dissects the top little dances that prelude the big one. Here’s a look at the five best conference tournaments:

Big East Conference

Dates: Tuesday-Saturday

Venue/location: Madison Square Garden, New York


Second-round matchups (Wednesday): No. 8 Providence vs. No. 9 Cincinnati (noon, ESPN); No. 5 Syracuse vs. South Florida/Seton Hall winner (2 p.m., ESPN); No. 7 Villanova vs. No. 10 St. John’s (7 p.m., ESPN2); No. 6 Notre Dame vs. DePaul/Rutgers winner (9 p.m., ESPN2)

Quarterfinal matchups (Thursday): No. 1 Georgetown vs. Providence/Cincinnati (noon, ESPN); No. 4 Pittsburgh vs. Syracuse/USF/Seton Hall (2 p.m. ESPN); No. 2 Louisville vs. St. John’s/Villanova (7p.m., ESPN); No. 3 Marquette vs. Notre Dame/DePaul/Rutgers (9 p.m. ESPN)

BIG EAST: Conference bids farewell to tourney tradition

**Semifinals (Friday, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., ESPN) | Championship game (Saturday, 8:30 p.m., ESPN)

Main story lines: Georgetown, Louisville and Marquette finished in a three-way tie for the regular-season title at 14-4, leaving a cutthroat tournament to determine the top overall team. This is the final year of the tournament as we know it, with seven of the league’s Catholic schools — DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, St.John’s and Villanova — forming part of a new 10-team conference. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are leaving for the Atlantic Coast Conference (Notre Dame is likely to join the league earlier than planned), and Rutgers is going to the Big Ten. Longtime Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim’s potential retirement surely will be a subplot, despite his assertion he is not thinking about stepping down.

Key players: Otto Porter, Georgetown (16.4 ppg, 7.5 rpg); Russ Smith, Louisville (17.9 ppg); Vander Blue, Marquette (14.4 ppg); C.J. Fair, Syracuse (14. 5 ppg, 7.1 rpg); Jack Cooley, Notre Dame (13.6 ppg, 10.6 rpg)

Projected winner: Marquette


Atlantic Coast Conference

Dates: Thursday-Sunday

Venue/location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, N.C.


First-round matchups (Thursday): No. 8 Boston College vs. No. 9 Georgia Tech (noon, ESPNU); No. 5 North Carolina State vs. No. 12 Virginia Tech (2 p.m., ESPNU); No. 7 Maryland vs. No. 10 Wake Forest (7p.m., ESPNU); No. 6 Florida State vs. No. 11 Clemson (9 p.m., ESPNU)

Quarterfinal matchups (Friday): No. 1 Miami (Fla.) vs. Boston College/Georgia Tech (noon, ESPN2); No. 4 Virginia vs. N.C. State/Virginia Tech (2 p.m., ESPN2); No. 2 Duke vs. Maryland/Wake Forest (7 p.m., ESPN2); No. 3 North Carolina vs. Florida State/Clemson (9 p.m., ESPN2)

**Semifinals (Saturday, 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., ESPN) | Championship game (Sunday, 1 p.m., ESPN)

Main story lines: Miami might have the No. 1 seed, but Duke is playing like the best team in the country with the return of Ryan Kelly, who scored 36 points in his first game back against the Hurricanes. Considering the last matchup was a close game, and Miami previously beat Duke by 27 points, a tournament championship rematch would be well received, as would a North Carolina vs. Duke semifinal. North Carolina State has been inconsistent, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Wolfpack find a late rhythm. Florida State’s Michael Snaer (14.5 ppg) has made four buzzer-beating game-winning shots this season.

Key players: Shane Larkin, Miami (13.7 ppg, 4.4 apg); Mason Plumlee, Duke (17.2 ppg, 10.3 rpg); James Michael McAdoo, North Carolina (14.6 ppg, 7.6 rpg); C.J. Leslie, N.C. State. (14.9 ppg, 7.5 rpg); Alex Len, Maryland (11.8 ppg, 8.1 rpg)

Projected winner: Duke


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In what might be the most disappointing season of his career , Wildcats’ head coach John Calipari , will have to carefully scrutinize where things went wrong for his team over the course of this program’s schedule . The loss of Nerlens Noel , certainly can’t have helped , and neither can the inconsistent play of the team over the course of the year. The only opportunity left for the Kentucky Wildcats will be their conference championship , and a spirited deep run, with the culmination of the tournament win , will be the only chance left for the players to show their prowess , and that they are deserving of an NCAA championship berth .

Inasmuch , as I have questioned John Calipari’s honesty , integrity and complete lack of character ! I can’t help but wonder ,what might have been , had he been availed his full squad of players at full strength within the SEC this season. Yet, while he and the Wildcats seek redemption , their conference rivals , the Florida Gators , are rolling along , and seem intent on proving that their play over the course of this season and their record of 24-6 , is not an aberration. And Gators’ head coach , Billy Donovan , the chance to possibly take this team on another historic run and a third national title in seven years , would be nothing short of miraculous . However, that premise is predicated upon the program gaining a favorable draw in the NCAA Tournament , beyond possibly winning the SEC championship tournament .

Mark Few and his number one ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs (30-2) are simply looking to justify their current national ranking, while looking to make some history of their own. The West Coast Conference program seemingly has a comfortable lead within that conference , while on a win streak of fourteen consecutive games and a solid RPI (5) . Are they capable of winning college sports’ most renowned tournament ? Well that remains to be seen , although , I believe that the ultimate prize within collegiate athletics will be won by one of the more renowned programs within College Basketball !

Tom Crean
, coach of the Indiana Hoosiers , I firmly believe can and will one day be a head coach in the NBA . Though the opportunity has yet to arise , there have to be at least a few envious franchise owners and general managers around the professional ranks , certainly looking enviously at the young coach, and what he achieved at this historic program. Suffice to say , that come the off-season , when the coaching merry-go-round will begin , with perhaps one or two managerial firings , I have no doubt that Crean’s name will be atop of a number general managers’ lists . He has gotten the best out of a mercurial talent , in Victor Olidapo , while Cody Zeller , is, as good, as advertised. Granted , the team has slipped in the ranking in recent weeks, after a somewhat telling spell , where Crean’s players were exposed as being flawed on the defensive end of their game .

Crean’s resume’ speaks volumes as to his experience and character , yet I somehow get the feeling that he would now like nothing better than to lead this program to their first title in College Basketball , since the NCAA Tournament of 1987 , when they defeated Syracuse 74-73 , in what can best described as an “ epic final” . Finals’ MVP in that national championship game was Keith Smart, current head coach of the Sacramento Kings . One of the reasons behind the reverence of the Hoosiers’ program has been the abiding faith in what was essentially built by Bob Knight . As we know, the legend of this often controversial coach , is still clamored for, in this bedrock of College Basketball , which if anything, far outweighs the popularity of the NFL and resounding might I suggest all of the fable and mythical reverence that has been around Notre Dame football ?

As I alluded to earlier , Victor Olidapo and Cody Zeller have been the fulcrum that has essentially driven this Hoosiers’ team. Their most recent game , came by way of a narrow 72-71 victory over the Michigan Wolverines . Now with the Big Ten Tournament , now in full swing , it will be interesting to see how Indiana and the Wolverines fare as this particular competition gets underway , with the programs all seeking postseason aspirations beyond the recognition of being called the Big Ten tournament champions for the season.

Well , the NFL has kicked off what I like to think of as their “silly season” , wherein , the general managers around the league , seek to bolster their rosters , after the disappointment of last season . For the current Superbowl champions , the Baltimore Ravens , this off-season has proven to be an eventful postseason lull , even with the retirement of future Hall of Fame inductee Ray Lewis . GM Ozzie Newsome , and team owner , Steve Biscotti , it appears, have felt it best , not to rest on their laurels , but seek to bolster the team’s roster . In what has turned out to be something of a surprising move , wide receiver Anquan Boldin was traded to the San Francisco 49ers . And with their being ongoing rumors that the front office may well also seek to trade veteran free safety, Ed Reed to their opponents in this most recent Superbowl.

Forty Niners’ GM , Trent Baalke, either has to be seen as a wizard of or extremely fortuitous over the past five days. The franchise’s 2005 first round draft pick , in fact taken number one overall in that season’s draft , was traded to AFC West franchise the Kansas City Chiefs . A team that was in need, of an effective and an extremely efficient quarterback . None of which , was applicable to either Matt Cassel or his backup , Brady Quinn. And with new head coach , Andy Reid seeking to make the Chiefs a formidable force this upcoming season . It will be interest to see how a revamped roster will seek to acquit themselves during their 2013-14 schedule. The AFC West is likely to be a somewhat competitive race , but I do believe that once again, the division will be the Denver Broncos to lose, based upon their performances and their divisional play of last season !

As an avid New England Patriots’ fan, at this time of the season I long to see what mysteries will tend to unfold , as that mindful genius and often considered to be a megalomania-cal head coach , Bill Belichick , considers what his options might be , as it relates to the team’s roster , cap space , and whom he feels to be superfluous to the Patriots’ needs ! In what I believe to be gut-wrenching and inexplicable decision , it would appear that the front office and Belichick have decided to allow their wide receiver and in my estimation , the team’s best player , not named Tom Brady , in the departure of Wes Welker ! If the current ” twitter chatter “ is to be believed, then Welker will be off to join conference rivals the Denver Broncos , further adding to the offensive artillery of Broncos’ quarterback , Peyton Manning. Far be it for me to suggest , but the Patriots’ acquisition of Danny Amendola , by comparison , is simply allowing a Ferrari , off your lot and replacing it with a less impressive vehicle , by way of a Corvette ? Just my opinion , mind you , merely my own observation and opinion !

As to how Wes Welker’s departure might sit with Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, might be something of an indicator, as to the player’s overall reaction and any public statement that he may well choose to make to the press . Somehow, I feel that when the quarterback in question, sought to restructure his contract , in aiding the franchise with an additional $9 million

in cap space . My first instinct would have been to believe, that the Patriots would have re-signed Wes Welker to a two or three-year contract extension ! Alas, it was not to be , and yet somehow , I can’t but wonder , if this decision, won’t ultimately come back to “ bite the franchise “ in the proverbial ass !

If this is meant to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ year, this upcoming season . Then their off-season moves , and alleged ambitions , are quite impressive . Yet , beyond that , all of the talk in the world simply cannot hide the fact that , as this team goes , will be solely based upon the play of their four-year starting quarterback , Josh Freeman . Anyone , who simply believes to the contrary , clearly has not seen this team play, and how mindlessly inconsistent they can be , while exacerbating the patience of even their most devoted and loyal of fans . Two in particular , come to mind , Hillsborough County residents , and patrons of this site , SportsChump and “ Aero” , long-time devoted fans of the Buccaneers.

Buccaneers’ head coach Greg Schiano , may well be saying the sort things that he believes that the fans want to hear. Yet , I somehow , can’t help but wonder , if he believes the statements he continues to make , are based in fact, and anywhere close to being truthful . OK , as impressive as it was , the signing of Dashon Goldson , may well go a long way in bolstering the team’s defense , but their failure so far to obtain a productive free agent quarterback , veteran or otherwise , clearly hasn’t addressed the fact of one of the franchise’s biggest needs. Freeman , has become a relentless turnover machine and there seems to be no signs of abatement in that specific category of his play.

While all of the considerable talk appears to be about the Buccaneers’ wish also to obtain corner-back Darrelle Revis , a player who will not become a free agent until 2017 , but somehow given the fact that he spent much of last season on the Jets’ injured-reserve list . It might be considered too much of a gamble, for a player coming off a severe knee injury , and who no one really knows, whether or not, he can return to his best form , which came in 2007 , the year in which he was drafted by the New York Jets, as the fourteenth overall pick . In pursuant , to the Jets’ own decision , it may well be that the asking price of the franchise, may well be too high , as the Pro Bowl corner , is still viewed as one of the preeminent players at the position , as well as being one of the best defensive players in the entire NFL. Clearly , what will now take place between the Buccaneers and Jets , will all be about brinksmanship , and the sort of offer desired , and whether or not an amicable agreement can be reached .

Start afresh, and then hope that the chips will fall your way? Well, that now seems to be the mantra of the Miami Dolphins . Much like their baseball counterparts , the Miami Marlins , here is another professional sport’s franchise within the locale, that has simply done a damn disservice to their fans . Marlins’ owner , Jeffery Loria , has now taken to the print and television media , blaming that segment as well as the fans, for the ball-club’s misfortunes of last season . F#ck you , Loria , and the horse you rode in on ! You hired a self-absorbed and opinionated asshole, as a manager , who was simply unable to communicate or motivate the players under his guidance . Ozzie Guillen was never that influential in the Chicago White Sox’s winning of a World Series in 2005 , as much of the team’s success that season and into the postseason , came by way of the determination of the players , rather than the input of Guillen and his coaching staff at the time !

In the case of the Miami Dolphins, the team’s billionaire owner , Stephen “Steve “ Ross , is now seeking the city of Miami’s sole input and financing for the refurbishment of Sun Life Stadium, a venue that is entirely owned by the billionaire entrepreneur. And less we forget , the city still remains under investigation by the US Justice Department , for what is believed to be their misdeeds , in the financing of the Marlins Ballpark , which has now become something of a white elephant , which was sparsely attended for many of the team’s home games , during the venue’s inaugural season of 2012.

Perhaps, it is me , but Ross’ apparent wealth , and the very fact that he is and remains amongst Forbes’ 400 richest Americans , should not prove to be a hindrance in his being able to obtain private financing for a stadium that he owns . Furthermore, the NFL has its “ 3G financing program “ to aid their franchises with such issues . Something, I believe that Ross , his GM , Jeff Ireland , the CFO Mark Brockelman are fully aware of , but instead, would rather use a great deal of connivance and deceit , in order to get an already beleaguered city municipality , burdened with mountains of debt , looking to further plunge itself deeper into indebtedness. I was once told, by a patron, that the state of Florida has advanced from years of corruption and incompetence . Somehow, I believe that to be a myth, because the state continues to be mired with incompetence at all levels of government within the state . Simply, look no further than the rising evidence and allegations now leveled at the state’s Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll (R-Fla) ? And yet, her initial actions, in touting a business where she held an executive position , while in office, was in strict contravention of the state’s laws. Moreover , the state’s asinine governor , Rick Scott (R-Fla) , initially jumps to her defense , clearly showing , that his dumb ass , has no idea as to the rule of law , much less the goddamn laws of the legislature within his own frigging state .

The Dolphins have been bold , while seeking cap space , they have rid themselves of running back , Reggie Bush , who it appears , now becomes the featured “back” with the Detroit Lions . Good luck, on that one boys …..?

After something of a disastrous season in 2012 , this Dolphins’ team will undoubtedly have to raise the level of its play all-round , or simply suffer the ignominy of a repeat, of last year . Quarterback , Ryan Tannehill , their first round pick from the 2012 NFL Draft , had something of an inconsistent year , but obviously his exploits paled into insignificance when adjudged against that of Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck , Russell Westbrook , sophomores , Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick . That being said , head coach , Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland , have shown and will continue to show a great deal of faith in the young player , as he seeks to progress and gain legitimacy as a young quarterback in the NFL . So this season for Miami Dolphins will be imperative, as they seek some respect within the AFC East.

While I don’t begrudge the NFL at this time of the year , as it becomes, same old story repeatedly , season in and season out ! The story remains the same , it’s just the cast of characters that tend to change in terms of the change of events , and how we are asked to view them by print and television media, alike .


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Picture gallery .

With the NCAA Tournament brackets not yet set , as the conference tournaments are still ongoing, do you believe that , there may well be one or two prominent programs that will remain on the outside looking in , having not been invited to the “ Big Dance” ? And in terms of the beginning of the NFL off-season , and the recent turn of events , what major moves do you believe will be the most significant or in your estimation the biggest gamble of them all ? By all means , do take time to proffer up a comment on this and anything else , you believe pertinent to the subject matter .

Picture gallery and slideshow details .


(1) Gonzaga’s Kevin Pangos (4) shoots against Portland in the first half of an NCAA college basketball game on Saturday, March 2, 2013, in Spokane, Wash. AP Photo/Jed Conklin …

(2) Gonzaga’s Elias Harris (20) goes up for the dunk against Portland in the first half of an NCAA college basketball game on Saturday, March 2, 2013, in Spokane, Wash. AP Photo/Jed Conklin …

(3) Kentucky’s Ryan Harrow (12) shoots as Florida’s Michael Frazier II defends during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, March 9, 2013. AP Photo/James Crisp ….

(4) Coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats directs play against the Florida Gators February 12, 2013 at Stephen C. O’Connell Center in Gainesville, Florida. The Gators won 69 – 52 . Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America …. .

(6) FILE – In this Nov. 18, 2012 file photo, Baltimore Ravens free safety Ed Reed (20) runs after recovering a fumble by Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace during the first quarter of an NFL football game in Pittsburgh. The Houston Texans will meet with free agent Reed on Thursday, March 14, 2013. The team said on its Twitter site that general manager Rick Smith is flying to pick up Reed in a private jet owned by team owner , Bob McNair . AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar …

(7) This Jan. 20, 2013, file photo, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) talks to wide receiver Wes Welker (83) before the NFL football AFC Championship football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Foxborough, Mass. The Denver Broncos have found a new target for Peyton Manning, agreeing to a two-year deal with Pro Bowl receiver Wes Welker. AP Photo/Elise Amendola ….

(8) FILE – In this Jan. 29, 2013 file photo, San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson (38) smiles during media day for the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game in New Orleans. A person with knowledge of the contract says free agent Goldson has agreed to a $41.25 million, five-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, because the team had yet to formally announce Goldson’s deal. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey …..

(9) FILE – In this Jan. 1, 2012 file photo, Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham (55) pressures Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman (5) during the first half of an NFL football game in Atlanta. The Falcons have released running back Michael Turner , Abraham and corner-back Dunta Robinson . The moves were announced Friday, March 1, 2013, by a team that came up just short of the Super Bowl. With an almost $8 million salary received by the Buccaneers’ quarterback in 2012 , it has to be said that he offered the team a meager return on that investment . AP Photo/David Goldman ….



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  1. “Bill , I’m not at all happy with this Welker thing , it’s scaring the #hit out of me . especially when I keep on hearing this story about a large angry black man ! Who the #uck, is this Tophatal , guy ” ? GM Nick Caserio and Bill Belichick

    I’d really like kick the #hit out of both Belichick and GM Nick Caserio , but if anything I’d prefer to “punch ” Wendy Fiore’s ticket !


    Few and Kelly Olnyk

    Gonzaga has been good this season , but there’s no way in hell Mark Few will be guiding that team as far as the Elite Eight much less the Final Four or the NCAA Championship , itself !

    “One and done ? What’s this one and done , you speak of ? My kids have always played hard, done things the right way ! Things are misconstrued by the haters and the press out there “. John Calipari .

    As defending champions Kentucky are likely to miss the NCAA Tournament , but they may well get an invite to the lesser recognized NIT Tournament . Their only saving grace may well be to win the SEC Tournament or simply have an impressive run there .

    “Hi , my name is Dashon Goldson , and I like play to hard , fu#ck hard and drink hard ! Guess which one of those things, is atop of my agenda at the moment ” ?
    Goldson , center , GM Mark Dominink , far right and Greg Schiano , foreground

    No matter what Schiano’s plans are for the Bucs , if he has yet to learn that Freeman hasn’t got what it takes , then the team won’t be going anywhere this season , much less have divisional or conference , playoff or Superbowl aspirations .

    Tebow . Misunderstood ? Missing in action ? Or simply intellectually challenged when it comes to playing in the NFL ?

    Will there be any room at the inn for “Tiny ” Timmy Tebow , when it’s all said, and done ? What about Timmy ? LOL,LOL,LOL, LOL !!! Let him play ? Screw that ! What has he done to be deserving of a starting quarterback position in the NFL ? As we all now know , 2011 was an aberration . It’s time for everyone to cut their losses concerning the former Gator ! .

    You should always be careful what you wish for .

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    “Now girls remember after this it’s back to the champagne room where you can both make this ol’ white guy really happy , by sucking on Uncle Dicky , if you know what I mean ? I do have two balls , you can also juggle and play with “. ‘phins’ owner Stephen Ross , who also happens to be a member of the Forbes 400 List of wealthiest US citizens .

    Both Williams’ sisters , also happen to be minority shareholders in the NFL franchise based in South Florida .

    “My wanting to improve aesthetic value of Sun Life Stadium , has nothing to do with me being a cheap bastard . “ Dolphins’ owner Steve Ross .

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  3. Shaq claimed he banged one of the Williams sisters and later recanted. Wilt never kiss and told. Even if the 10k he(Wilt) claimed he bedded is hyperbole, is 5K something to scoff at. When the NBA tried to label Dwight Howard “Superman” they were kidding right? “The Big Dipper” Wilt Chamberlain was THE REAL SUPERMAN.


    1. Ronbets

      Is Shaq is claiming or did claim he ” banged ” one , if not both of the Williams’ sisters , let’s hope that Venus got to play with both of his balls . I get the feeling that she’s a lesbian . Serena we know has been linked with movie director Brett Ratner and she also spent time with the rapper , Common . Venus on the other hand , she’s never really been seen in public with a guy , other than her father , Richard Williams .

      Common & Serena

      “Sorry , I prefer your sister because she’s got bigger tits ” !

      Venus’ carry on luggage for international flights, a vibrator , several sets of DD batteries and a phallic shaped fruit or vegetable of her choice .

      Shaq also had one of Flava Flav’s cast-offs from his reality show …. Nicole “Hoopz “ Alexander . Hopefully , Shaq had tetanus shot after laying the pipe to Hoopz .

      “Foo-fi foo-fi, you want me to suck on your long dark chocolate pole ” ? Flava and Brigitte Nielsen , who it was said were involved in an eighteen month on again , off again relationship . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! How much weed and hard liquor were they doing , between the two of them ?

      How ##cked up was that relationship to begin with ?

      Flav has been all over the place , and less we forget , he unclogged Brigitte Nielsen’s drainage . God damn ! Now that’s got to be a sore site and an eyeful .

      Flav “tapped” that ass and Shaq then , had his left-overs ? Boyyyyyyeee ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

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      As great , as many claim Dwight Howard to be , he will never be as good as many of the best centers that the game has seen over the past four decades ! He simply lacks the commitment to truly improve his game , remains immature , but above all , he lacks leadership and a real will to win !

      By comparison , we have seen how good the likes Wilt , Russell , Kareem , David Robinson , Olajuwon were ! . Dwight , won’t even come remotely close to matching any of those guys , by any stretch of the imagination .

      Is he (Dwight Howard) really the best center in the NBA currently playing ?

      With Kobe ….. now on the sidelines for the Lakers , let’s see if Dwight Howard , really has what it takes to lead this team . Or will he simply remain a pu$$y ? Skip Bayless gets an erection at the mere mention of Dwight Howard’s name .

      The relationship between Bryant and Howard , is already testy and tenuous as it is , because Howard , can often at times be lazy. And for all of the people who question Kobe calling out his teammates in public . Why shouldn’t he , when he’s the only one , night in and night out, who actually comes to play ?

      Lakers’ stats this season . And their remaining scheduled games . Divisional standings and conference standings .

      NBA teams’ stats overall : Offense


      Western Conference : Defense


      Difference /Margin

      NBA playoff picture as 14th March 2013

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    3. Ronbets

      Were you aware that Shaq recently obtained a doctorate degree (Ph.D) in Education ? Let’s hope he really puts it, to good use with his appearances on TNT’s NBA coverage alongside Kenny Smith , Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson .

      “Ernie doesn’t like to be the only white guy , when we get it poppin’ off in the clubs , as he has no game on or off the court ” . Kenny Smith From left to right , Shaq, Ernie Johnson , Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley


      Shaq obtains his Doctorate (Ph.D Ed) from Barry University in Miami , Florida .

      Dr O’Neal , is in the house .

      Courtesy of ABC news

      Shaquille O’Neal Earns Doctorate Degree

      The four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal donned a cap and bright red XXXL-sized gown to receive his doctorate degree from Barry University Saturday in Miami, Florida.

      On stage, he showed his enthusiasm in a way only someone over seven feet tall can do, by lifting his professor into the air.

      After leaving Louisiana State University early for the NBA, Shaq went back to school and earned his bachelor’s degree and then a master’s degree and now, a doctorate in education.

      O’Neal told ABC News there are three reasons he hasn’t just kicked his feet up and lounged on an island since his retirement.

      “One, I promised my parents I would[follow my passion for education]. Two, I wanted to continue my education and three, I wanted to challenge myself,” he said.

      “The hardest part was getting back into high school mode. You ever have that high school teacher that says, you’ve got to read six chapters over the weekend?” he said.

      He wrote his thesis on the value of humor in leadership, because he says he’s a natural leader who loves to laugh.

      The graduate wants to become a motivational speaker and plans to go to law school.

      O’Neal told ABC News there’s “no way” anyone is allowed to call him Shaq anymore.

      Click on link to read in full.

      The doctor is in the house . And now he wants a law degree ? Hold up ? Shaq the lawyer ?

      Thursday night NBA results

      It’s beginning to look like Kobe’s claims of the Lakers making the playoffs are now in imminent danger . His loss to the team because of an injury (sprained ankle for an indeterminate period) will put a real dent in their chances over the remainder of their schedule .



  4. Alan, btw………the Jets should keep Tebow and draft Te’o. The 2 virgins should room together on the road.

    Also, I miss the late Anna Nicole Smith.


    1. Ronbets

      Here’s my take on Manti Teo and Timmy Tebow , put them both in the hills of Montana , and have them reenact several of the male sex scenes for real from the hit movie ” Brokeback Mountain ” !

      If it only it were true ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Teo remains sexually ambivalent and about his sexuality , whereas Tebo is simply ambivalent and of the opinion that , he’s still good enough to make it in the league as a quarterback , tight end , wide receiver of running back . In reality the kid is simply not good enough , and it is abundantly clear that he does not have the skill-set to play any of the aforementioned positions at the NFL level . Only an idiot, would believe to the contrary !

      Teo’s innermost thoughts while performing at the NFL Combine . ” Mmm I wish I could get inside Tim’s briefs and see what his package looks like ” ! …….


      Or could he also be a “switch hitter ” ?

      “Let’s quash thing right from the start , we’re not drafting and then signing Manti Teo , even if he wants to conduct bible studies in showers with the players
      after the game ” . Jets owner , Woody Johnson speaking to new GM John Idzik , with Rex Ryan waiting on the right

      The Jets’ front office remain too frigging dumb for their own good, even with the new general manager brought in. Team owner , Woody Johnson , remains a complete as$hole completely bereft of any goddamn intelligence ! Only a guy with a man-gina or a hemorhphrodite would use the excuse that he was forced to accept the signing of Tebow ! If Johnson had both the female and male reproductive organs , he would certainly get off , as only he can .

      Tophatal …..


    2. Ronbets

      Anna Nicole Smith ? Way too much woman for me ! I like my women svelte and athletic looking ! Or better yet , simply slutty !

      Alexis Amore , certainly knows how to get to the head of things, as she gives, ” good head ” .

      Tophatal …………….


  5. The Gators are too inconsistant to win a championship this year , but if they get hot at the right time I can see them making the sweet 16.
    I like the Goldson signing and I’m hoping that not giving up on Freeman pays off. The Bucs have a long history of quitting on promising quaterbacks too soon. Doug Williams being the most glaring example , but there were others.
    I don’t understand how people can fall for these billionaire con men when they attempt to extort money from taxpayers to support avery profitable private enterprise. In my opinion the bastards should be prosecuted for extortion.
    Have a good weekend brother an cheers!


    1. aero

      I believe the Gators’ chances moreover , rests on the bracket they’re are drawn in , as to how far they will progress. Billy Donovan does have this team playing at a fairly high level , but as you have so rightfully said , it has been their inconsistency that has been the cause for one’s biggest concern .

      If the Gators can also have a great showing in the SEC Tournament that could also be a key to the team quite possibly obtaining a good draw . Had their overall record (24-6) and ranking been better , I believe a high seeding would have been possible !

      In terms of the Buccaneers , the Goldson signing was quite a coup , and if the front office , is serious about acquiring Darrelle Revis , then they ought to pursue that vigorously , rather than simply talking about their desire to obtain the player . “More action , less talk ” ! Money talks , bull$hit walks , as the saying goes .

      As to professional sports’ franchise owners , our idiot politicians are so smitten with them , they are prepared to kiss their a$s , drink their urine and even eat their fecal matter if push came to shove . Why else do you think Dolphins’ ‘ owner , Steve Ross , who owns the stadium outright would propose the city of Miami pay for the $400 million plus refurbishment of Sun Life Stadium ?

      Ross seems to forget that the city still remains under investigation by the US Justice Department for the Miami Marlins’ Ballpark fiasco .

      Now we’ve got this idiocy with the state Lt Governor General Jennifer Carroll and that dumb ass, Rick Scott’s response to the allegations . Who the hell voted for Scott , in the first place ? And you know what’s really bad about this all , as dumb as this all makes Scott and Carroll look ! There are still dumb ass idiots still willing to support both of these buffoons .

      Rick Scott and Jennifer Carroll , two of the dumbest individuals ever to hold their respective positions within the state of Florida . This state is regressing right back into the dark ages , politically , socially and economically . And the epicenters for it all , Tallahassee , Central and South Florida .

      She (Carroll) obviously wasn’t hired as his running mate because of her brains , and quite possibly not because of t her looks . So why the hell was she hired to begin with ? She can give ” good head ” ?

      Courtesy of WP TV

      Jennifer Carroll, former Florida lieutenant governor, must testify in taped conversation scandal

      JAMES L. ROSICA, Associated Press

      TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A judge told lawyers Thursday that former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll can provide information in a case against an ex-employee charged with illegally releasing taped conversations from the lieutenant governor’s office.

      Circuit Judge Frank Sheffield released Carroll from his previous order giving her some protection from answering questions from defense attorneys.

      “That was because you were concerned about them asking questions that would somehow impinge upon her office as lieutenant governor of the state of Florida,” he told prosecutor John Hutchins. “Well, she’s not anymore. So she’s subject to (questioning) the same as anybody else.”

      The defendant, Carletha Cole, was arrested in 2011 and accused of giving a reporter a surreptitiously recorded conversation between Cole and Carroll’s chief of staff. She was later fired.

      Carroll stepped down Tuesday in the wake of an investigation into an alleged gambling operation that netted nearly 60 arrests. Carroll provided public relations work to the company before being elected.

      The recording at the center of the criminal case was placed on the website of The Florida Times-Union. On it John Konkus, the chief of staff for Carroll, can be heard saying that Steve MacNamara, Gov. Rick Scott’s former chief of staff, is afraid of Carroll. Konkus also complained that Scott “is not leading.”

      Cole’s attorneys have asserted that their client was being set up because she witnessed unprofessional behavior by Carroll and other employees, including walking in on Carroll and a female aide in a “compromising position.” Carroll, a former Navy officer who is married, has denied the allegations.

      It is against Florida law to record someone without consent, but there have been questions about recordings made in public buildings. Cole is charged with a third-degree felony and faces a maximum five-year sentence if convicted.

      Steve Andrews, Cole’s lawyer, also complained to Sheffield about evidence against his client, particularly the metadata on the recording.

      Click on link to read in full .


      What f$$king laws was it that both Scott and Carroll, have failed to understand concerning conflicts of interests while in office ?

      Tophatal ……………..


  6. Kentucky lost a bunch of key players. They beat Florida last weekend. Don;t count out the cats to win the SEC tourney. Billy Donovan has been a top college coach for years. He is just as good as Coach K. Rick Pinto is Donovan’s mentor. Louisville is good too. Maybe this is the year that Gonzaga will win it all? The Zags are very good. The Eagles picked up a few good free agents. Will we see. The schmucks got rid of the bust at corner back from Oakland. We need a QB. The Ravens are getting rid of their older players. it is time to retool. The morons at ESPN are just making noises like loud farts in the bathroom. Loud noises signifying nothing.


    1. bobby gee

      I knew that Kentucky lost key players last season to the NBA Draft , but that has been Calipari’s mantra at every program where he’s ever coached .

      Hold your horses ,. there’s no way in hell , that Billy Donovan is as good as Mike Krzyzewski ! Simply look at their respective records and how they match up .

      He’s good but yet to prove he’s . one of the all-time great coaches .

      Coack K best coach in college basketball over the past thirty years

      Donovan has never been asked to go in and build a program from the ground up having done that previously with another . Rick Pitino has done that successfully at the college level , unlike Billy Donovan , whose only success has been with Florida .

      Gonzaga are good but they are nowhere near good enough to win it all . They will get a high seeding should they win the West Coast Conference tournament .

      What the Eagles pick up and how they will play next season are two different things entirely . Just look at last season as evidence of that in terms of the players acquired and their season ending record within the division and conference .

      Flacco’s wife , Dana Flacco digs Joe because of his good looks ? His new contract ? Or in proportion to his height , his manhood is well proportioned ?

      The shakeout concerning the Ravens , may well be for the best , but now we will also get to see if that contract signed by Joe Flacco , and whether not the player will be able to live up to it . One season of extraordinary play and specifically as it relates to the postseason , to my mind wasn’t a real justification to give him that sort of a deal . His body of work since his entry into the NFL , it has been for the best part , average at best, until last season .

      Tophatal …………………


      1. Coack K is a great coach, but he’s gotten help from the ACC to attain that greatness. He has considerable pull with ACC adminsitrators and the referees have consistently been favorable to Duke during the Coack K era. And the ACC Tournament is held nearly every year a mere stones throw from Durham, in Greensboro, NC, which gives Duke a clear advantage over most of the conference.

        There’s a reason Coach K has remained at Duke and not gone to the NBA. It’s because he would never have a better situation than what he has now in terms of control over the conference or league. He would still win, but the going would be considerably tougher for him without the advantages he has in place for himself in the ACC. Most coaches could never have it that way, but he does.


        1. Maurice Barksdsale

          Let’s put it this way what prominent coach in College Football or College Basketball hasn’t been aided in some way by their respective conferences ? Without guys like Krzyzewski , Boeheim , Calhoun , Pitino , Donovan , Calipari and Tom Crean . We probably wouldn’t care much about the ACC , SEC , Big Ten , Big Twelve , much less the Pac 12 .

          So let’s not kid ourselves , because in the end, it comes down to the exposure of the coaches , the success attained competitively and the profile of the players , and how much money is simply brought into the programs on an annual basis .

          Tophatal ………


          1. I would care and sure other ACC basketball fans would as well. I’m from ACC country, I grew up on ACC basketball, and I love the conference. But one of things that detracts from it is the bias that Duke and North carolina receives from the ACC in basketball.

            And it’s as I’ve said before that’s one of the main reasons why the ACC is no longer the top basketball conference in the nation. Because the other programs have been weakened by the ACC catering to Duke and North Carolina.

            Syracuse and Louisville are going to find out the hard way when they get to the ACC. Regardless of who their coaches are, as long as Coach K is at Duke he will remain in control of the conference.


            1. Maurice Barksdale

              You’re going to have to grin and bear it , because at all levels of sport there will forever be disparities and inconsistencies .
              OK , so there’s a great deal of bias within the ACC Basketball , do you honestly believe that it’s not mirrored also SEC Football and PAC 12 Football ? And less we forget, look at the NBA postseason repeatedly , when it comes to the inconsistency of the officiating .

              Let’s s not forget the idiocy we have seen this past season in the NFL . Never mind that you have league officials , David Stern , Bud Selig and Roger Goodell obfuscating their responsibilities as the respective leagues’ highest ranking executives . They will choose to ignore the blatantly obvious and then punish players and coaches with impunity , when they seek to criticize the inconsistency and bias shown .

              We all know , that the real driving force here , more than anything else , is money and until you are prepared to acknowledge that , < then you will be able to see the bigger picture in all of this complete idiocy , and the fact that the fans are being cheated in seeing what ought to be impartiality and fairness within all levels sports , be it collegiate or professional !


              Do you remember all of the controversy that took place in the game this past season between the Packers and Seahawks ? Not the only time, we have seen that type of incompetence from the officials and then the complete lack of accountability from the league hierarchy . Golden Tate of the Seahawks knew damn well that wasn’t a touchdown reception by him , knowing full well that he impeded a Packers’ defensive player at the time .

              Inconsistency , incompetence and sheer bias , has become prevalent within sports at the amateur and professional levels of sport . You either choose to observe it , or become oblivious to it all. Which is it ?

              Tophatal …………….


              1. I understand exactly what you are saying and you are right, it’s just the way it is. But one of the reasons I started blogging was to bring these discrepancies to light.

                So even though I can’t change the system by myself, at least by creating a dialougue about it and venting my frustratons, it’s better then saying nothing. And the more people who are informed, the more awareness can be brought to these issues.


                1. Maurice Barksdale

                  I understand exactly what you’re saying and I wholeheartedly agree ! The real issue I believe with regard to what we see within sports as it relates to the undoubted biases , is that so much of what goes on is derived by the lack of accountability that takes place when on-field mistakes are made by the officials , and then they are backed by the league’s hierarchies even when that incompetence is so blatant .

                  Another area where that manifests itself is in the world of politics and the lack of leadership that we are now witnessing at all levels of government .

                  While in the military (Royal Marines) , myself and my fellow Marines could not afford to show that sort of incompetency , while on active duty , much less simply carrying out day to day duties .

                  Tophatal …………….


              1. The game’s value of entertainment is different for me than most people. I would watch most sports whether they appealed to the masses or not. I don’t care about the lack of talent in college basketball, which is something that most fans complain about.

                I see it for what it is. A game played by talented yet amatuer college students. But the fact is for many years college basketball was being played by players who should have been competing as professionals, so the talent was and still is actually higher than it really should be.

                People need to realize this. Players who are good enough to play professionally right out of high school, shouldn’t be playing in college at all, unless they are truly there to get a degree, and not simply as a stop gap to the NBA.

                One thing the NFL has proven is that parity makes the game more appealing to a broader scope of fans. The NFL is much more popular now than it ever was in the era of dynasties.

                Basketball thinks it needs the Duke’s and the Lakers of the world to succeed, but in the NFL, the Cowboys haven’t been on a championship level for years. And the league doesn’t need them to be. But I guarantee you the NBA through the use of it’s referees will do everything in it’s power to ensure the Lakers make it to the playoffs.

                The more teams that are competitive, the better for the sport. Since college basketball doesn’t have the talent of the past it needs change the paradigm from the thinking of what the game was twenty years ago, to thinking what the game can be twenty years from now.


                1. College Basketball needs the Dukes , Kentucky’s , Georgetown , Syracuse’s and Gonzaga’s of the world , simply to get the fans’ interest pique in the games . I can assure of this , although we love the underdog story during the NCAA Tournament , we also want a “villain” of the piece that we can hate .

                  A selling point of any sport , or drama for that fact , we need a plot-line that draws us in , a hero to we can identify with , and a villain we can damn well hate . There are no and’s , or if’s about it , no matter what anyone might think , it’s all part of the human psyche .

                  Tophatal ………………….


                  1. You are right, theatricality enhances the entertainment value of sports. Vince McMahon (WWE) knows this all to well, and unfortunately so does David Stern. And the fact that both of those names can be mentioned in the same sentence only highlights the true problem.

                    In my opinion, fair and honest competition is much more exciting and ultimately much more dramatic without the manufactured drama interjected by shady sports leagues.

                    At least professional wrestling no longer pretends it’s anything more than entertainment, and not actual competition. Where as the NBA merely disguises itself as actual competition, but in reality it’s borderline sports entertainment. Because the victors are already predetermined before the ultimate competition ever takes place.

                    One of three teams, the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Lakers will win the NBA Title. I know you are a Spurs fan, but in my opinion the NBA will not allow them to win the Championship this year.

                    For 26 to 27 teams each year, attempting to win an NBA Title is an exercise in futility. The NBA fails to comprehend that actual situations create more drama than any script writer ever could. The NBA simply lacks the guts to let things play out naturally, and can’t resist the urge to meddle in the natural process of winning.

                    David Stern thinks that by crowing one of the front runners champion, he’s giving the fans what they want to see. But you could feed a starving man a bowl of slop, and it will taste like the best meal he’s ever had. Essentially, the product in it’s present form is good, but it could be so much better. If the NBA would let the process play itself, fans would become more involved in the league, and evetually would spend even more money, because they believe it’s actual competition and not just manufactured entertainment.


                    1. Maurice Barksdale

                      Do you place any credence with regard to WWE ? Especially as every bit of content is scripted and in essence preordained . That stuff is for kids and those who are intellectually challenged !

                      Next thing you know , they’ll be calling themselves legitimate “athletes “
                      , the ” wrestlers ” within WWE . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

                      Tophatal ……..


                    2. Of course there is no credence to pro wrestling in that it’s entertainment and not an actual ahtletic competition. I grew up watching pro wrestling, and I like it for what it is. I don’t follow it like I did in my younger days, but I keep up with what’s going on.

                      You go to a movie and you know that what you are seeing up on the screen is fiction, yet you go anyway. You watch a magician perform his “magic” and you know he has no supernatural powers, but suspending your disbelief for a moment allows you to enjoy the trick for what it is, a trick. Enjoying these forms of entertainment doesn’t make you intellectually challenged. It’s just mindless escapism.

                      So-called legitimate sports leagues like the NBA operate under the guise that there is fair competition for their championship amongst each of their franchises, but we know that’s not necessarily true is it? The system works better for some teams than it does for others.

                      And although David Stern may not hand pick his champion like Vince McMahon does, that doesn’t mean that he can’t condition the rules and tilt competitive balance in the favor of those teams that he wants to see win. Which is what has been going on in the NBA for many years.

                      Is the NBA the same as pro wrestlng? No. But it’s not 100% straight down the line fair competition either. That’s why I brought up pro wrestling.


                    3. Maurice

                      What I’d like see from both Roger Goodell and David Stern , is less of their empirical and autocratic rule , and their continued talking about increasing revenues , and dealing more with the real issues that affect their respective sports ! . Neither at present has a concrete testing protocol for HGH / PED’s testing . Instead , all either of the duo tends to do , is simply talk a great deal of bull#hit on the subject . Both are simply disingenuous , deceitful and not to be trusted under any circumstance whatsoever !

                      Tophatal …………..


          2. Conference realignment in College Basketball , Baseball , Football and whatever goddamn sport where these lame ass conference commissioners and their bloodsucking ways are simply looking for even bigger revenue troughs . It has nothing at all to do with the competitive landscape , and anyone who tries to suggest that it is , well , they’re a damn moron !

            “How’s the view from down there ? Because it’s really good from up here ” !

            Tophatal ………………….


  7. Someone explain to me , who should now feel more betrayed ? Tom Brady having restructured his contract freeing up $ 9 million in cap money , in a move that he must’ve felt would have helped in the retaining of Wes Welker . Instead , Bill Belichick and Patriots’ GM Nick Caserio allow the wide receiver to leave and then sign Danny Amendola to replace Welker .

    Wes Welker’s deal with the Broncos is for two years , culminating in a $12 million contract . Is someone telling me , that billionaire team owner , Bob Kraft couldn’t dig deep for an extra $ 4 or $ 5 million ? WTF !

    Tophatal ………………….


    1. Belichick is a control freak. Since he alreday has three Super Bowl wins, he doesn’t necessarily need any more. So I think in his mind if he’s going to win more, then it’s going to be his way or the highway.


      1. Maurice Barksdale

        I liken Bill Belichick to Mary Shelley’s , “Dr Frankenstein “ . He’s created the ” Monster ” and now he’s continually tinkering with it . In this case , well over the past five years , it has been the woes of the defense . In 2012 , the defense was once again , and did become a major letdown . And then to top it all we had the inept performance in the AFC championship game .

        Belick wants to top Chuck Noll’s 4 Superbowl victories , and then surpass that figure . In doing so , it cement his legacy and make an all-out certainty for enshrinement in Canton, Ohio , in the Hall of Fame .

        Tophatal …………


        1. I think Belichick is going to the Hall of Fame regardless of whether he wins another Super Bowl. And I’m sure he does want to win more, but he wants to do it on his own terms, and that’s what the Wes Welker fiasco is all about. However, trying on his own terms may eventually become an exercise in futility.


            1. I agree, but as great as Belichick is, he got lucky with Tom Brady. Take away Brady and I’m not sure if Belichick would have one Super Bowl victory, but I guess the same could be said of many of the great coaches. Except for Joe Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with three different QB’s.


  8. I don’t think the Patriots (Bill Belichick) have ever forgiven Wes Welker for not catching that pass in the Super Bowl. Notice I didn’t say it was a drop, because it was an attempt at a spetacular catch that was thrown behind him.

    But I think it has been all down hill for Wes Welker as a Patriot since then, and Belichick wouldn’t let him forget it. After Welker was relegated to being a backup at the start of last season it was clear he was being phased out.

    Then when he became a starter again and put up his usual stellar numbers, there was no way Belichick would allow him to return knowing he had been proven wrong.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      can blame no one but himself , because he much like his players were complacent in that game against the Giants . I remember the events so clearly , and anyone who saw the Patriots’ players will know that they were complacent . And I am saying this as a diehard Patriots’ fans who simply dislikes witnessing any form of incompetence and complacency !

      Welker wasn’t to blame for the team’s loss . Bill Belichick is simply a selfish conceited bastard , unwillingly to admit to his mistakes and someone who looks to apportion blame elsewhere for his own needless mistakes .

      Tophatal ………………


  9. Maurice Barksdale

    There’s no denying that ACC Basketball is now at the height of its profile , and with the SEC , they might be the best two conferences in all of College Basketball . Now consider the monies (billions of dollars annually) brought in by the teams within those conferences . Would you deny any program , the visibility that they obtain , due to the coaches within those conferences ?

    Carmella is a ‘deep throat’ kind of gal .

    Jayden Cole

    Tophatal ………………………


  10. Maurice Barksdale

    Well there goes the neighborhood , as Duke fell to Maryland in the ACC Tournament . All this happened with Ryan Kelly on the court for the Blue Devils , and they’re usually 18-0 with Kelly on the roster . This was the team’s first loss with Kelly playing a full forty minutes .

    Why the hell are Team USA a participant in the World Baseball Classic ? They’re a goddamn embarrassment to the game internationally and that is now a goddamn fact ! They had their ass handed them their ass on a silver platter and now they have failed to make it to the semi-finals in two of the three WBC events’ staged . How ’bout them apples ?

    Well , Kobe’s back and he and the Lakers took it to the Pacers , but although they won the game , the rest of their schedule is not as favorable as that of the Jazz and Mavericks . The two teams that they are now in a tussle with, in terms of the conference standings at present .

    Saturday and Sunday’s NBA schedule

    NBA stats

    Tophatal ……………………..


  11. Latest moves around the NFL . And it looks as if the Vikings want to be seen as contenders , after last season’s mea-culpa and their dismal showing in the NFC North and the NFC as a whole .

    Minnesota Vikings’ news

    Vikings’ schedule for the 2013-14 season and what Leslie Frazier believes he can expect of the team , can be seen with a renewed vigor from the players and the fact that they’re
    looking to do well
    when it comes to the upcoming NFL Draft .

    Minnesota Vikings team , depth chart , payroll , cap space , and their free agents .

    Actreess , Eliza Dushku .


    Even actress Shannon Elizabeth needs to be poked and prodded , but preferably poked , I’d say !

    Tophatal ………………….


  12. Damn!! Welker is gone?? Pats sure dumb! Damn ass spoiled pros….how much friggin money can one spend?? Looka what the Steelers lost, course Wallace ain’t goona be missed by many.
    AND… cum they ain’t no free agency for Congress sumone need to buy the whole shootin match o em


    1. al clements

      Congress doesn’t allow free agency as it affects what they do, in terms doling out monies for ” pork barrel spending ” .

      I don’t know what the Steelers are expecting to achieve overall with the recent moves they have made . I can only surmise that they have some maneuvers that they will initiate when it comes to the NFL Draft .


      Wendy Fiore


      Denise Milani

      Steelers’ fans take heart and rejoice , courtesy of Tophatal ….

      Tophatal …………….


  13. Maurice

    When it comes to the NFL and their rules , much less the “rule of law” . I have no implicit faith, in a dumb ass , such as Roger Goodell ! He’s not the most insightful , much less the most intelligent of individuals in all of professional sports !

    Tophatal …………


  14. Maurice Barksdale

    The Lakers won’t be winning the NBA title this season , and they are now in a dogfight to retain the eight spot much less move ahead of the Mavericks in the Western Conference standings . The remainder of their schedule (Lakers’) is not as favorable as either Mavericks’ or the Jazz , who are just behind the Lakers in those conference standings .

    The Spurs have already dealt with the Thunder handily this season , as was proved in their most recent meeting (105-93 [lead the season series 2-1]) . The team , this year , is far better than last season’s roster in so many ways , especially defensively .

    Spurs vs Thunder head to head this season and overall

    Tophatal ………


  15. Maurice Barksdale

    Aesthetic value in sports nowadays is simply crap , because in reality , the competitive level is more now bygone product of assembling , what is said to be the best talent available , rather than growing that talent organically .

    Simply look at the makeup of the current Heat team and their current 21 game win streak ,and tell me that Erick Spoelstra and Pat Riley would have been able to achieve that , if the majority of the players on that roster had been draftees dating back five or six years , as well having won two NBA titles ?

    Tophatal ……….


  16. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

    I don’t know that research will be enough to discern who will win the NCAA Tournament . This tournament is so wide open , because there are no clear cut and dominant teams this season .

    With regard to the Darrelle Revis issue , , the Bucs are saying the right things , but in all honesty do you truly believe that they are being aggressive enough to make a serious run to sign the corner-back , given the Jets’ possible asking price in terms of such a proposed trade ? At best, the Jets will be expecting a first round , one second pick and two latter picks from the latter rounds, four picks overall , for a player coming off , what was almost a year-long injury .

    NFL Draft 2013 and NFL Combine news

    NFL Draft news

    Tophatal …………….


  17. Maurice Barksdale

    Only five sports now , have my undivided attention , basketball , College & NFL , soccer EPL , as an expat Brit , the NFL and the world of MMA under the UFC banner . The latter , because I became ingrained in karate , Tae-kwondo , Kempo and tai-chi chuan . Also taught unarmed combat to fellow military service members when serving in the British , Royal Marines .

    Tophatal ………….


  18. So Brian Urlacher is now without a home having been jettisoned by the Bears ? See , nothing good has ever come out of snaking that ” skank ” Paris Hilton .

    A match, made up of frigging dummies , and deservedly so ! LOL,LOL !!

    Urlacher once described the reality show tv star as being one of the most creative and intelligent individuals he’d ever come across . Kids , there’s a lesson to be learned here ………. don’t do drugs


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