It was the best of times and the worst of times ……

It was the best of times and the worst of times

With the final week of Spring Training now upon us, teams are looking to prepare themselves for Opening Day of the 2013 season. A number of ball-clubs teams will certainly be look to acquit themselves after something of a disappointing season. Cases could be made that two of the biggest disappointments from a competitive standpoint came by way of the Texas Rangers (93-69) and Philadelphia Phillies (81-81). And with both of these ball-clubs having among the highest payrolls of last season , it is easy to understand why both were considered a major disappointment to their fans and the analysts alike.


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For the Texas Rangers , major upheavals have taken place during the off-season , with the departure of outfielder and slugger, Josh Hamilton for the millions that Arte Moreno and the Los Angeles were offering the player , to add some potency for their offense . GM Jon Daniels and team President Nolan Ryan had a difference of opinion as to how best to deal with a number of player issues beyond meeting what was said to be Hamilton’s ludicrous contract demands. With that taken into account, Ryan was forced to step down by several of the team’s other syndicated partners. Daniels, is now solely responsible for all of the player personnel decisions in conjunction with Ron Washington and the coaching staff.

The fact that Josh Hamilton was allowed to leave may well prove to be fortuitous for the ball club, with the player’s criticism of the organization , when both he and his wife stated that they were made to feel un-welcomed by the team’s hierarchy . Something , I fail to understand , given the Rangers’ support of Hamilton during his sobriety and drug issues as recently as of 2012 , and the admission, that he was once again drinking. However, what had become clear , was that in spite of the vast financial resources now at the team’s disposal , they no longer felt that a long-term five or ten- year contract , rewarding Josh Hamilton in excess of $150 million , would be in their best interest.

With Nolan Ryan, now being forced to step aside , his position within the Rangers’ organization is now , not even in “name only “. President Emeritus, any input or decision-making, even of the slightest, would now have to go through Jon Daniels. Further emphasizing how little power, he now has within the organization. If anything, this is something of a payback , after the power struggle that is said to have taken place , that led former front office executive , Chuck Greenberg, being forced out by Nolan Ryan and his backed supporters. Much of the Rangers’ initial success in the aftermath of the ball-club being acquired by the Ryan led syndication group , can be placed with Chuck Greenberg, a successful corporate lawyer and former sports’ agent. It was at his insistence, and input , that led to major corporate coups, that gave the ball-club to a more stable financial situation of the Texas Rangers on a long-term basis. It should be noted ,that when the Rangers came out of bankruptcy proceedings after the disastrous era under the tenure of former owners, Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette .

Many felt, that this was one of the most disruptive and most incompetent chain of events that had taken place in the franchise’s history. Much of which, all came under the tenure, in which an ever docile MLB hierarchy , led by Bud Selig , stood idly by , while Hicks and Gillette , were simply left to run amok with the Rangers’ finances. Kind of reminds you of the idiocy , that Frank McCourt was allowed to get away with , while almost bringing the Los Angeles Dodgers , almost to ceasing their operations , with the hierarchy of baseball, for a number of months having to guarantee the team’s payroll , because of the ineptitude being shown by McCourt , GM Ned Colletti and former CFO , Peter Wilhelm . And there were idiots within and outside of the game, still trying to claim that the ball-club’s problems were simply minor issues ? How fucked up, was their thinking to begin with ? And what actual, business acumen, did they actually possess, to make such asinine pronunciations ?

Greenberg’s abrupt departure may well have paved the way for Nolan Ryan’s attempt at having a stranglehold on the reins of power within the Rangers’ hierarchy . I simply believe, that this did not sit well, with a board of directors led by Ray C Davis , Bob Simpson , Neil Leibman , Rick George and Courtney Krug , to name but a few of the several wealthy individuals , who ploughed much of their wealth into the acquiring of the franchise . It should be noted , that the Rangers , much as in the same way that the Dodgers have been able to negotiate a rather lucrative television contract , beyond the revenues derived via the MLB Network and baseball overall. With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ reputed deal , said to be worth approximately $7 billion over a two decade period , based on certain initiatives . It has to be said that the Rangers’ $ 3.2 billion dollar-deal , over a similar time-span does seem to have its advantages , as well as placing the franchise in a great position to pursue top-quality free agents almost at will. Which begs the question , if the large market teams can go out and be so aggressive . Then , why the continued belly aching by so many of the small market teams, who feel that they are being disenfranchised , while they simply have their municipal councils eating out of their hands , while they themselves have done a piss poor job at seeking out additional revenue streams for their respective organizations .

I am now , sick and tired of the goddamn excuses , of individuals such as Stuart Sternberg of the Tampa Bay Rays , David Glass of the Kansas City Royals and “ moronic buffoons “ such as , Sandy Alderson and his asinine decision-making as it relates to the woefully inept New York Mets , a franchise , still hemorrhaging red ink , like a female still on her menstrual cycle .

The Rangers for their part, coming off two AL pennant appearances in the past three years , were something of a major disappointment in 2012 . And nowhere was this more self-evident, than on the final day of the regular season of this past year. In a game , in which they needed a victory, to secure not only a playoff berth but also the outright AL West crown for a third consecutive season. Somehow , this team would find a way to simply shoot themselves in the foot , in succumbing to the Oakland A’s in that final game . What might be even more exacerbating, was the very fact that for all but eighteen days, of the entire 2012 schedule , of one hundred and eighty-two days , the Rangers led the division , only to then surrender the lead and their crown to the A’s on that fateful day, in October of 2012. That 4-3 defeat , may well have explained a great deal about the “lack of heart “ of the Texas Rangers , not only as a team, but also something that may well have mirrored the complacency shown by the organization , whose very presence, was seen at times in the conceitedness of Nolan Ryan. “ It’s my bauble, and I will do with it, as I please “ ! Could those sentiments, better represent Ryan , not only as an executive , but also as a player ?

That defeat , led to the Rangers having to meet the Baltimore Orioles in a one game-playoff with the wildcard round , of the newly formatted postseason . Suffice to say, that the dark clouds hovered over Arlington Ballpark, in Texas, as the Orioles dismantled the Rangers 5-1 . No third consecutive return to the World Series , and seeking to avenge losses in 2011 and 2010 . Heartache and tears might be the best way to describe the Rangers after those two gut wrenching series’ defeats.

The Rangers’ preseason apart, Ron Washington, may well be spending a great deal of time now assessing this new-look team , with its acquired free agents and none roster invitees , but you simply have to know , that another season of missed opportunities , are likely seal the fates of a number of members of the player personnel, and quite possibly the manager’s role within this organization. A diminish role for Nolan Ryan, doesn’t exactly sit well, with one of the most prolific pitchers in baseball history , as well as being an outspoken executives.

A Rangers’ team predicated on offense last season , where they were also effective with their pitching , yet at times when it mattered the most, it was nowhere to be seen. Yu Darvish , has been able to establish, that the stories reported as to his being a star, are indeed true. What 2013 holds for the pitcher and the organization remains to be seen. It will be incumbent upon Darvish , as well as the rest of the staff to be at their very best , if the Texas Rangers are to be in with a chance of winning the AL West and making return to the MLB postseason.

Say what you will about the Philadelphia Phillies , but their recent track record in the NL East, up until last season, was quite impressive . However, take away from the years in question, from 2007 through until 2011, and you can see that the ball-club , essentially, fell on the leanest of times. Five years of highs and lows with Reuben Amaro , may well have brought about the franchise’s most recent by way of a series’ title in 2008 , with their defeat of the Tampa Bay Rays . Yet along the way , fans were able to witness the ball-club overpaying for paying for talent and where that still remains a part of the front office psyche. With the return of Pat Gillick in the primary role of a special consultant , advisor and de-facto SVP/General Manager. You would not be wrong to think that Gillick is simply there, to rein in the capricious mindset of Amaro. Take into account that manager , Charlie Manuel , has been repeatedly and heavily criticized for the team’s lack competitiveness in 2012. Injuries asides , a payroll of $174.5 million for last season , should have brought about a great deal more success, than a .500 record of 81-81 , good enough for a third place finish within the NL East , 17 games behind the newly minted divisional champions , the Washington Nationals.

As prolific as the team’s offense has been known to be , last season , with Ryan Howard being sidelined for much of the season due to injuries , and with Raul Ibanez , off to bolster the New York Yankees , and to complement what was already competitive laden offensive team. It must be said, that the Phillies suffered greatly from the loss of both players in 2012 , which was further exacerbated by the inconsistency of the pitching , primary from the relievers , who simply gave up whatever opportunities that were afforded them by the team’s starters . Given that those starters were , Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee , Roy Halladay , Kyle Hendricks , Antonio Bastardo , Vance Worley , Joe Blanton and Jonathan Papelbon , you simply have to question, not only the monetary investment in those players , but also the ineptitude of the performances in 2012.

A win in 2008 , of the World Series, gave the Phillies’ franchise their greatest triumph in recent history. Subsequent years, have seen highs and lows, more lows, I believe, than the rapturous and overwhelming cacophony of success! This season might be the last , in which Charlie Manuel will be afforded to get it right , and failure to do so , could very well lead to his dismissal from the organization , along with several members of his coaching staff . Not to be left out of that equation either, will be the players undoubtedly thought to be superfluous to the organization’s needs . And given the payroll commitment to the players on this roster . I get the feeling, that many of those high-priced individuals who fail to perform up to expectation , may well be customarily shown the door .

As far as I am concerned this asinine quadrennial event cannot disappear fast enough ! The World Baseball Classic , has been imbued upon the fans and public as another form of torture . God damn , and the baseball itself has simply been a frigging embarrassment to watch , in more ways than one ! Take nothing away , from the lesser lights who just happen to be willing participants in this god forsaken mess , but when Team USA waved the white flag of surrender in the double elimination round of the quarter-finals , it was simply time to call it quits ! Every other team , sought to get their best available players for what is said to be the most international team competition , outside of the IBAF sanctioned World Cup. Don’t forget now , baseball is no longer part of the Summer Olympics , as the erstwhile commissioner of the game in North America, sought fit to play both possum and chicken, with an institution singularly as frigging clueless as MLB , when Bud Selig challenged the authority of IOC President Jacques Rogge. If you are being repeatedly being asked as to why , “ you do not have in place a form of on-site and in depth set of testing protocols for illicit substances as well as PED’s “ ? And one of your many responses, is simply viewed as an excuse, when you simply state “ it is a privacy issue “ ! Then what sort of response would you have come to expect from Rogge , in the first place ?

Baseball has been kicked to the curb and it is unlikely to make a swift return to the Summer Games. The sport’s last representation came by way of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Much to the ire and angst of MLB , and the sport’s international governing body , IBAF . Now all that is left for the sport is a cooperative effort with the International Softball Federation , to make one last appeal to Jacques Rogge and the IOC Executive Committee for one final appeal of reinstatement. At the earliest , baseball’s quickest return would have to be at the 2020 Sochi Games , but even that is not a foregone conclusion at this juncture . So, what are we left with? The rather ludicrous and ill-conceived World Baseball Classic , an international team tournament, that has simply been, a sheer and utter mess ! Proponents of this competition have sung its’ praises highly , without realizing that as an organizational endeavor , from a logistical standpoint, it has been a nightmare . Never mind the fact the television ratings for the event and the staged games by way of the North American audiences , have been minuscule at best . I am now beginning to wonder, even if, ESPN as a co-sponsor and broadcaster, will be able to recoup its investment from in this eyesore! From an economic standpoint, with the MLB Network’s coverage , and the fact that we know that Bud Selig has the business IQ , might be marginally above that of Sarah Palin, this event has been simply an utter mess , from its inception.

I won’t go into the details of the 2013 event , other than to let you know that Team USA failed miserably , managing to be knocked out in a double elimination , in the quarter-finals of the competition . Tonight’s championship game will pit the Dominican Republic against Puerto Rico , which will be played at ATT&T/Pac-Bell Park in San Francisco , California . I am sure that there will not only be a large Latin contingent on hand to support both teams , but somehow , the commissioner may well be on hand to try to sell us once again, on what a tremendous tournament this has been . My response to Bud Selig , would be , “ please eat $hit and die “ !


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(1) Philadelphia Phillies shortstop, Jimmy Rollins, right, gestures as he talks with New York Yankees outfielder Ben Francisco , back to camera, before a spring training baseball game in Clearwater, Fla., Tuesday, March 19, 2013. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

(2) The ball sails over the the glove of a leaping Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard as New York Yankees Chris Stewart (19) reaches on a throwing error by Phillies third baseman Michael Young during a spring training baseball game in Clearwater, Fla., Tuesday, March 19, 2013. The Phillies defeated the Yankees 4-1 . AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(3) Phillies manger Charlie Manuel, right, speaks during a news conference Thursday as senior vice president and general manager Ruben Amaro Jr . looks on. The two individuals face a daunting task this season as the Phillies seek to rebound after a disastrous season in 2012 , in which the team finished third in the NL East with a .500 record of 81-81 . A major disappointment for a franchise with a $174.5 million payroll in 2012 , which was amongst the highest in all of Major League Baseball . Associated Press/ Carter Mitchell ..

(4) SURPRISE, AZ – FEBRUARY 20: Pitcher Yu Darvish (1) 1 of the Texas Rangers poses for a portrait during spring training photo day at Surprise Stadium on February 20, 2013 in Surprise, Arizona. Coming off a sensational season , his rookie season with the Rangers . The starting ace will seek to improve upon last season’s stats within the AL .Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images ..

(5) Texas Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg (center), watches as team president Nolan Ryan gives the microphone to general manager Jon Daniels , after Ryan made the prediction that the Rangers would win the World Series in seven games at a Texas Rangers pep rally at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on October 1, 2010. It was not to be , for the Rangers in the postseason , particularly in the World Series , where they would come unglued in their series’ loss to the San Francisco Giants in a rather lopsided event 4-1 . In what was believed to be something of an internal power struggle , Greenberg was forced to step down , having been relieved of his duties ,with Nolan Ryan , summarily assuming control . However, this past off-season , Ryan, himself , was usurped with several members of the Rangers’ board of executives , said to be dissatisfied with the team President, and his autonomous role and lack of communication with his fellow executives . Now pushed aside, Nolan Ryan , finds himself on the outside looking in, without any real position of power within the Rangers’ hierarchy , as GM, Jon Daniels, now assumes the full control for all managerial and personnel decisions concerning the organization. Dallas Morning News/ Ricardo Echevarria ….

(6) Los Angeles Angels left fielder Josh Hamilton , left, and first baseman Albert Pujols joke around before the Angels faced the San Diego Padres in a spring training baseball game Wednesday, March 13, 2013, in Peoria, Ariz. Pujools , Hamilton and rookie sensation , Mike Trout will be looked upon to provide the bulk of the team’s offense this upcoming season . A season in which , the expectations are extremely high for the team and in particular , for Mike Scocsia and his coaching staff . AP Photo/Gregory Bull)



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  1. Let’s see how things will pan out for both the Phillies and Rangers as things get underway on the 31st March . , which is officially Opening Day for the 2013 season .

    With an astonishing $165 million plus payroll , the Phillies will have to more than justify that outlay this year . Anything short of a divisional crown or a playoff berth and both Reuben Amaro Jr , Charlie Manuel and several members of this playing staff will have to be let go .

    The $3 billion tv contract that the Rangers will as such have at their disposal , I think goddamn ridiculous in the midst of the hardwork done by their staff , minnows such as the small market teams get to profit from that overall. Especially teams such as the frigging Royals whose management and executives are so goddamn hopeless and frigging stupid ! . David Glass may well have been the CFO of Walmart for a number of years , but as the owner and managing partner of the Kansas City Royals , he has shown the business acumen of a blind man playing hopscotch in a damn minefield . I know that Bud Selig’s dumb ass will vet the minutiae of this deal , before much of the monies in question will be disbursed to teams will minimal payrolls as deemed by the league hierarchy .

    Rays’ owner Stuart Sternberg needs to shut the f##k up, stop whining about a new stadium , put his money where his mouth is, once and for all ! Because in terms of overall intelligence , I swear the majority of Rays’ fans calling for the building of a new venue , when the cities of Tampa and St Petersburg as well as the respective counties of Hillsborough and Pinellas are having mounting financial issues . I would like to know from these morons, which of you , are in favor of such an initiative , where the ##ck is this money going to come from ?

    Nolan Ryan is a condescending and conceited bastard , deserving of his present fate ! He stabbed Chuck Greenberg in the back , after the noted lawyer and sports’ agent used his expertise in maneuvering the waters of taking the Rangers out of bankruptcy reorganization after the mismanagement of former team owners’ Tom Hicks and Ken Gillette .

    As to the performances of the team , last season , this group of players were simply gutless and the repeated excuses were nothing short of embarrassing .

    To think that the Rangers led the AL West for 162 of the 182 days of regular season play , suggests how bad this team just happened to be , especially during the months of September and October , as the losses just piled up , leading them to end up losing and making a successful defense of their AL West crown.

    “Look at me , now look at these di#cks behind me , now back at me , now back at them ” . Josh Hamilton

    Why do I get the feeling that even with the addition of Hamilton , the Angels will still struggle this upcoming season , because their pitching is simply not good enough once you get beyond Jered Weaver ?

    As for Josh Hamilton , with his criticism of Rangers , having joined the Angels , it shows him to be immature and not completely having overcome his sobriety issues .

    Los Angeles Angels payroll .

    Los Angeles Angels news and their year by year standings over the past eight years

    Philadelphia Phillies results over the past eight years


    Philadelphia Phillies payroll .

    Philadelphia Phillies’ news and their year by year standings over the past eight years

    Los Angles Angels results from 2005 to 2012

    Tophatal ……………. 2013/03/19 07:37 pm EST


  2. Blog Surface/ CDR

    What type of
    teasing did Team, USA use to lure us into believing that they had a chance of actually winning this tournament ? They lost early, they lost because , they were complacent and they lost because they were simply no damn good at any point during the entire competition .

    I love girls with big tits or who are scantily clad , way more than I love to watch international team baseball (WBC) !. There’s nothing to be compared whatsoever ! This competition is a goddamn joke and has no credibility to it at all ! Only someone in need of therapy would be so enamored with this bull-crap crap (World Baseball Classic) !

    So unless Team USA’s manager Joe Torre had some scantily clad females on the diamond before the team played , I can’t see how the players were a lure or had our interest piqued in terms of watching their sorry ass play !

    “David , what type of women fascinate you ” ?
    ” Well , girls with big tits , who like to give good ##ad , as that’s what I like ” ! David Wright of the Mets & actor Matthew McConaughey

    You’re like a bee being drawn to the honey pot when it comes to David Wright . You and he should be more concerned as to how the Mets will fare this season in the NL East and over the course of their schedule in 2013 .

    Alderson and the entire front office have a great deal of work on their hands , and at the same time Terry Collins is under the ” clock” , because if he is unable to get this team playing competently , he is unlikely to last the entire season within the organization ..

    Tophatal ………..


  3. The Bums missed Howard. This year he will help the schmucks maybe win the NL East. We will see but the Phillies like the Eagles always break your heart. Lets see how this all turns out. Pitching will be the strong suit. Hitting has always been the problem. Th bums are streaky. Good, great and stink for long periods of time. WBC – who gives a crap.


    1. bobby gee

      Beyond , Lee , Hamels and Halladay , the Phillies’ pitching is suspect , but also , if there is a momentary drop off in their offensive production , then there is trouble on the horizon for the team . They will need to get off to a fast start this season and maintain that momentum .

      The NL East will be considerably better this season because the Nationals and Braves will be considerably better . On the other hand , the Marlins and Mets will continue to struggle, as those are , two extremely bad teams .

      Tophatal ……..


      1. The Bums b=never really start off fast. the Braves and Nationals are good but let’s how they do as well. Taken em off the steroids and all hell will break. loose. Let’s change MLB to SLB Steriod League Baseball.


            1. bobby gee

              It’s bad enough that baseball got kicked out of the Summer Games ,because Selig and his dumb and pompous ass , suggested that there were privacy concerns , had he initiated a testing process for steroids without taking a vote of the union (MLBPA) . Like I said, his dumb ass has been on the job , way too f##king long !

              Tophatal ………….


                1. bobby gee

                  If you remember at the end of 2010 , Bud Selig did state that he would be stepping down in 2012 . It’s now 2013 and his long awaited retirement won’t now come about until 2014 .

                  Coincidentally , NBA Commissioner David Stern will also be retiring that same year ( February 14th exactly 30 years in office) .

                  Both Stern and Selig , their average salary apiece has exceeded $20 million annually . When adjudged against the highest paid players in baseball and basketball , doesn’t that make you mad and angry ? Especially when you consider that the quality of the basketball and baseball being played has been so goddamn mediocre !

                  Tophatal ………………..

                  Tophatal ………………


                    1. bobby gee

                      The ongoing hypocrisy within both sports is beyond belief , and anyone trying to claim that in recent years the likes of Selig , Stern and Goodell have been good for their respective sports . Then they had better think again , because as commissioners, they have become a complete embarrassment and a damn joke !

                      The NBA to my mind has been putrid, bordering on being absolutely vile ! Granted , the Heat have been beating the living crap out of everyone with the exception of that narrow victory over the Celtics on Monday night . They are not being challenged , other than challenging themselves on the court , both defensively and from an offensive standpoint .

                      In the postseason , I expect Spoesta’s players , led by LeBron James to simply carve their way through the Eastern Conference with a great deal of ease !

                      At present , I don’t believe there’s better pairing in the NBA , than LeBron Jmes and Dwyane Wade ! They’re making things so ridiculously easy , thereby making it all so powerfully authoritative the way they are going about doing things .

                      Tophatal …………….


  4. bobby gee

    The ongoing hypocrisy within both sports is beyond belief , and anyone trying to claim that in recent years the likes of Selig , Stern and Goodell have been good for their respective sports . Then they had better think again , because as commissioners, they have become a complete embarrassment and a damn joke !

    The NBA to my mind has been putrid, bordering on being absolutely vile ! Granted , the Heat have been beating the living crap out of everyone with the exception of that narrow victory over the Celtics on Monday night . They are not being challenged , other than challenging themselves on the court , both defensively and from an offensive standpoint .

    In the postseason , I expect Spoesta’s players , led by LeBron James to simply carve their way through the Eastern Conference with a great deal of ease !

    At present , I don’t believe there’s a better pairing in the NBA , than LeBron James and Dwyane Wade ! They’re making things so ridiculously easy , thereby making it all so powerfully authoritative the way they are going about doing things .

    Tophatal …………….


  5. Ryan gave the impression as head honcho and owner of the perenial runners-up Rangers. Spending that kinda $$ on payroll doesn’t tolerate place or show…………just win only. I enjoyed your writing, but those 2 chicks wouldn’t make it on the Strip. Maybe the Chicken Ranch though. I can hear the Madame now as we enter the joint, “Girls we have company.” To be followed by the lineup. Now choose your pleasure.


    1. Ronbets

      Nolan Ryan like Roger Clemens are too absorbed with their own self importance . As an executive , Ryan was simply a figure head to lure the fans and the ” whales” with the money to invest in the franchise .

      The Texas Rangers will continue to make money , yet , the real issue is , are they good enough to beat the likes of Angels , A’s , Tigers , Yankees , Red Sox and Orioles ? To my mind those are the teams to beat within the AL , this upcoming season !

      As far as the chicks go, Camila Alves , is actor Matthew McConaughey’s lady and the other chick is simply one who loves to flash her tits .


      The always hot Brit , Lucy Pinder !

      Angrl Lola Luv

      Tophatal ……………….


    2. Ronbets

      Nolan Ryan was brought in as a figure head and not much more than that ! His big head got in the way of common sense when it came to the business side and competitive side of running the Rangers . From the business aspect of it all, much of the early success came by way of the initiatives put in place by Chuck Greenberg , who Ryan then stabbed in the back by having him removed in his original role as CEO of the Texas Rangers . Now it’s Ryan’s turn to be kicked to the curb , and rightfully so !

      Come get under center and lap all of this up

      Tophatal ……….. 03/21/2013 10:11 AM EST


      1. Alan,
        NFL , no not football. Short for NO FREE LUNCH. Besides, many of these American chicks don’t understand French……..menage a trois. Too many hangups. You know her bigger boobs intimidate and get all the attention.LOL!!!


          1. Alan,
            They are trying to cover their collective asses when the limping/maimed oldtimers such as Earl Campbell show up with Perry Mason and Att. Billy Martin. Operation cover-up has begun under Goodell. Yesterday they eliminated the phone “Tuck Rule” and added offensive players penalized for leading with helmet. I don’t like Commish Goodell and dispised his political dad. Another phony peace-nik.


            1. Ronbets

              Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue and the only real success that he can assuredly point to , are the increasing revenues of the NFL . Everything else, is simply debatable in terms of his accomplishments . Goodell is , and will remain a completely crass , and dumb as$hole !

              Tophatal ……………..


  6. If the Phillies can stay injury free, they have a chance to win the NL East. They still have great pitching, and power in the lineup, so we’ll see. However, the Nationals and the Braves are younger and hungrier, so that may be the Phillies undoing.

    The World Baseball Classic is an OK idea in theory, but unfortunately baseball is not a sport that translates well on television. And unlike the World Cup, fans aren’t likely to travel all over the world to see baseball, mainly because of it’s laid back nature.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      The Phillies have overspent , and they have also made some disastrous trades in recent years . That being said , the biggest joke is the very fact that Reuben Amaro and Charlie Manuel are in deep denial .

      This Phillies’ team have a few workhorses , such as Halladay , Lee and Hamels . Yet beyond that , I can tell you this , I am not convinced that this team is good enough to win it all ! They faced a really poor Rays’ team in 2008 and won that series with tremendous ease .

      Your thoughts on the fallout concerning Ryan and Jon Daniels within the Texas Rangers’ organization ?

      Tophatal ………………..


    2. Maurice

      I’m sorry but the World Baseball Classic was an ill-conceived , orchestrated and idiotic competition ! IBAF and the MLB hierarchy are a bunch of damn as#holes ! Now they are counting on this lame ass event to make up for the sport’s loss at the Summer Olympics . It simply isn’t working by any stretch of the imagination ! And the US certainly hasn’t helped by not fielding a talent laden team for the event.

      Tophatal …………


      1. Many agents have advised their clients to forego the WBC. Obviously for the love of $$ and not country….Greedy world we live in. LOL Trainers have pointed out that many participants will suffer the residual effects later during the regular season from a lack of normal spring training routine………especially the hurlers.


        1. Ronbets

          The conservative figure for contracts negotiated for the free agents who signed with new teams was said to be in excess of $1.22 billion ($1,220,000,000) this past off-season . I am sure that the agents’ cut/commission , will keep them all comfortable for a number of years . In 2010 of the eighteen highest paid players in the game , eleven of them were clients of uber-agent Scott Boras . And he still, today , handles many of the biggest names in the game .

          “Alex which skank , are you having an#l sex with tonight ” ? Scott Boras speaking to former client Alex Rodriguez

          It has been Boras, who aided A Rod in being able to sign two outlandish contracts of $250 million guaranteed , apiece , and yet someone like that dumb ass, Bud Selig can’t see the financial disparities that now affect the game .

          Let these managers , teams and executives bitch and whine about the players being hurt because of the World Baseball Classic . Weren’t these the same goddamn assholes who turned a blind eye to the “steroid era ” along with the ass wipes from ESPN , Fox and TNT ?

          Tophatal …….


    3. Maurice Barksdale

      The WBC was never an OK idea ! It was ill conceived and conceived after baseball got thrown out of the Olympics because the MLB hierarchy and the sport’s international governing body (IBAF) failed to reach joint compromise concerning a comprehensive drug testing protocol . Selig was against it , with his lame ass concerns over “privacy issues” which he alluded to at the time .

      IBAF’s President, Ricardo Fraccari fell in line with the rest of the world , unlike a dumb shithead , namely Bud Selig . Only now, almost five years later, having been dropped at part of the Summer Olympics has MLB instituted a form of drug testing, which still remains , really flawed .

      Tophatal ……….

      Tophatal ………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Unpredictable ?
      Here’s , what we do know the Yankees’ pitching will be marginal at best beyond Sabathia and with so many of their players still on the DL , they will need come out of the starting gate really fast .

      Don’t discount the Red Sox just yet , as their new manager John Farrell is no slouch and he’s a far better manager than Bobby Valentine could ever dream of being or that he could wish to be !

      Tophatal ………….


  7. And just when you thought it was safe to step back into world of all things sane within the game of baseball you now have the idiocy of a general manager seeking to make things all the more difficult for other teams to survive within the game .

    Dave Dombrowski of the Detroit Tigers has seen fit to extend the contract of 2011 AL Cy Young award winner , Justin Verlander for seven years and $189 million , making the pitcher the highest paid starting pitcher in history as well as one of the highest paid players in the game . I just hope for Verlander’s sake and that of the Tigers , this will amount to some form of tangible success and not just the team merely winning the AL Central , only to falter in the postseason .

    The Tigers may well be amongst the teams to afford to pay such vast sums to their players while being also fairly profitable , this should in no way excuse maneuver by the Tigers as a whole . It simply creates an even bigger problem for any of the small market teams looking to hang unto their some of their more prominent stars . And as of now this will have certainly the biggest effect upon the Tampa Bay Rays and their hopes of hanging unto 2012 AL Cy Young winner David Price who is being paid a paltry sum by the franchise in terms of a salary .

    That being said , there is no way in hell that Price is worth anything near equitable a sum in excess of $25 million annually over a five or six-year contract !

    Tophatal ……………


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