They did what and why? And their explanation, was what again ?

They did what and why? And their explanation, was what again ?

I have some serious misgivings when I read of the never ending idiocy happening within the world of sports . And nowhere, has it been more candid, simply sordid , and beyond belief than at the collegiate level . It is hard to understand how a bureaucratic monolith of an institution such as the NCAA can be allowed to operate in its present guise , while being so corrupt and completely damn well devoid of any intelligence and leadership . Countenancing this all in many respects has been NCAA President Mark Emmert , who says all of the thing, he believes the public wishes to hear , but lo and behold , he like many of his subordinates simply go out and their actions simply belies and undermines the good they seek to bring about and the changes needed to salvage the years of inaction , and the simply idiocy of the previous administrators of this institution . Emmert succeeded Dr. Myles Brand in November 2010, after his predecessor’s death due to pancreatic cancer .


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Since his rise to the position of NCAA President , Emmert has sought change , much of that primarily with regard to student stipends , said to be part of the change in culture and perception of the “paid student athlete “ , something that no one can now deny is actually prevalent at the collegiate level. Yet , it remains college sports’ dirty little secret , that they do not want uncovered , to then create the perception that they have been unwilling to do anything about the sordid underbelly college sports, beyond the prevalence of sexual crimes that has also become a part of the culture on college campuses across the country . And the apathetic view being taken by so many , is if it goes unreported , then it is not a statistic that we need to worry about . Nothing new , when you consider the fucking idiots in complete denial after the Jerry Sandusky “affair “ and the actions of the Penn State trustees and that of the late Joe Paterno .

Emmert’s rule within the NCAA, has also brought a great deal of criticism from insiders within the collegiate athletic body , as he has systematically removed trusted administrators and replaced many of them, with a number of bureaucrats . However , his rule has been described as being almost autocratic bordering on maniacal in some cases . And when things are said to be not to his satisfaction , he has been known to berate subordinates with such disdain that accusations of abuse can be leveled against him . Yet thus far , he appears to be like ” The Teflon Don” , as nothing ever seems to stick . He is however viewed by a number number of legislators within the US Congress as someone who has brought back some semblance consistency within collegiate athletics . Given the fact that , that the NCAA is granted non-profit status as a charitable organization , by the US Congress , rather than what it just happens to be , a commercial enterprises whose annual revenues runs into the tens of billions of dollars . Somehow , this must have escaped legislators such as Senators Charles Schumer (D-Ny) , John McCain(R-Az) , Rep Darrell Issa (R-Ca,) , Lindsey Graham (R-SC) , Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Jim Cooper (R-Tn) .

In recent months, Mark Emmert’s reign as the NCAA President has come under increased criticism after the mea-culpa and mistakes made by NCAA investigators and what was said to be their ongoing investigation of the Miami Hurricanes’ athletics’ program and the misdeeds of former Canes’ booster , now incarcerated felon , Nevin Shapiro . Claims of fabricated evidence and previous known associations with Shapiro , by several of the investigators from the NCAA’s Infraction Committee conducting the investigation at Emmert’s behest , questions the integrity of any impartiality and that of the NCAA , as an institution. Furthermore, it has been witnessed over the years that Collegiate Athletics’ governing body punishes with impunity programs it seeks to make an example of , only to allow other to carry on with their own nefarious misdeeds , away from prying eyes . How else can one simply explain the repeated occurrences of the U Conn Huskies Men’s Basketball program and the actions of former head coach Jim Calhoun ? Lies by the former coach as to player eligibility , recruitment violations , cheating scandals , all of which seem to have been overlooked by the NCAA and specifically by Emmert . Calhoun , has been succeeded by his assistant and former NBA player , Kevin Ollie , to lead the program , after his twenty six years with the U Conn program . Hopefully , Ollie will ring in a reign, where the program can be looked upon with a great deal more integrity , in spite of the success achieved with Jim Calhoun at the helm.

As to the situation with the Miami Hurricanes and the disruption caused, and the fact that former AD Shawn Eichorst , has since left the school , to hold accept a similar role with the University of Nebraska (Cornhuskers) brings about this question . How can the NCAA, now conduct any further investigation of the school in spite of the claims of Shapiro and the evidence he provided to the FBI and the NCAA , when the institution’s own investigative body cannot carry out and conduct an investigation , without their now being any perceived interpretation of impropriety ? A strong case can be made where Mark Emmert has countenanced this incompetence , because his own reign thus far has also been one of sheer incompetence without anything of tangible note being put into place to strengthen the integrity of the NCAA as an institution. Instead , the body in question is mired in and with incompetence , all too corrupt practices and the very fact that they continue to bleed their broadcast partners dry , by overcharging them for the content they provide to ABC/ESPN , TNT , Fox Sports , CBS Sports and NBC Sports .

Emmert’s career prior to his succeeding Myles Brand has been blighted by controversy and a great deal of incompetence on his part. And with the latest allegations now surrounding his tenure at the University of Connecticut , it begs the question , was there not a more qualified candidate , without this type of baggage to succeed his predecessor ? It is alleged that Emmert along with two other top officials at the university knew of the difficulties that had beset a $100 million construction project on the university’s campus , but somehow they chose to ignore the warnings of mismanagement that had surfaced , while failing to notify the board of trustees of the continued and growing problems surrounding the project including , that there were also actions of fraud by those said to be at the center of the allegations. It has now led to an investigation which will be carried out by the state’s Attorney General George Jepsen , at the behest of Governor Daniel Malloy . And all of this is now happening twelve years after this project first came into being , which would suggest to most conspiracy theorists that something was awry . What the fuck!

Courtesy of USA Today

Digging into the past of NCAA President Mark Emmert

The man entrusted as the NCAA’s moral compass is seen as both a deft manager with politician-like savvy and a self-serving salesman who escapes blame when scandal visits.

By Brent Schrotenboeur , USA Today

INDIANAPOLIS – Six years after Mark Emmert left his job at the University of Connecticut, the governor of Connecticut ordered an investigation into a massive construction project on campus that had been ravaged by scandal, including more than $100 million lost because of mismanagement.

To find out where things went wrong, the investigators looked at old papers of Emmert, who once supervised the project as UConn’s chancellor. They soon found a bombshell.

DOCUMENTS: Take a look into Emmert’s past

Memos from 1998-99 showed that Emmert and two other top UConn officials knew about the construction project’s big problems then, but failed to disclose them to the school’s board of trustees or the state legislature.

The other two officials ultimately resigned after being placed on leave. The third — Emmert — went on to become president of the NCAA.

“There is absolutely no question that he was briefed on the magnitude of the problem three years into it,” Jonathan Pelto, who co-chaired the investigation for Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell, said of the findings. “He was in a position to blow the whistle and didn’t.”

COMING WEDNESDAY: How Mark Emmert has stirred up the NCAA during his tenure

Gov. Rell called the fiasco “an astounding failure of oversight and management .”

It had no bearing on Emmert. By the time the problems were found, he was long gone, having become chancellor at LSU in 1999. Connecticut officials said their efforts to question him about his role in the matter were unproductive.


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There are those who have suggested that Mark Emmert has brought back some of the integrity lost by the NCAA and collegiate athletics overall. I would beg to differ , as this simply more evidence a system that remains broken and where the Presidents and Chancellors as well as the athletic directors on the university campuses across the country have no wish to repair , because as long as that gravy train of , money arrives on time , and continues to meets their expectations , they simply could not give a shit , if Mark Emmert were a homicidal maniac or a damn child predator and pedophile .

The recent firing of Rutgers’ Men’s Basketball coach Mike Rice either has to be one of the most half assed decisions ever rendered by a person in a position of power . The school’s AD Tim Pernetti now states that insight he erred in not firing Rice earlier after repeated and misconduct by Rice against his players over the past three seasons dating back to 2010. If you have not seen the viral scenes since shown over the internet , the abhorrent behavior of the coach , and his repeated verbal and physical abuse of the players bordered on being psychotic and malevolent in its depravity . Throw in, the homophobic and racial epithets used by the coach and now asinine apology , indicates , Rice’s face saving exercise was insulting . And there are those who are of the belief that socially and racially that this country has made such great strides as how it views minorities and transgendered and homosexuals are still treated equally? Perhaps those who take a view to the contrary should take a look at the displays of Mike Rice and then come back with a comment .

Courtesy of ABC News

Fired Rutgers Coach Mike Rice to Receive $100K Bonus

By Kevin Dolak

Fired Rutgers coach Mike Rice is due a $100,000 bonus from the university for the 2012-2013 basketball season, a payout he would not have received had he been sacked when the tapes of his tormenting his players came to light in November.

The New Jersey school fired Rice, 44, Wednesday amid a quickly unfolding scandal that began when ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” aired footage of the coach’s pushing players in the chest, grabbing them by their jerseys and yanking them around the court. Rice could be heard screaming obscenities and gay slurs at players, including “f–king f-ggot” and “fairy.”

Rice earned $622,500 in 2012 and, as part of his deal, receives bonuses for winning games and graduating players. The $100,000 bonus results simply from his completing last season, as stipulated in his five-year contract, The Associated Press reported.

WATCH MORE: Coach ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Kicking Players

The school will pay the bonus because it’s contractually obligated to do so, Athletic Department spokesman Jason Baum told the AP.

It’s unclear whether the university is also obligated to pay for the remaining two years of his contract. He has not had a winning season in his three years at Rutgers.

The sudden firing of Rice has also led to calls from faculty, lawmakers and activists for further investigation into the school, and possibly more firings of the school’s top brass.

A group of 13 members of the university’s staff have called for the ouster of the school president, Robert Barchi, this morning, according to ESPN. In a statement released Wednesday, Barchi said he was informed of the video showing Rice’s actions in November, but did not personally view the footage until Tuesday, the same day it aired on ESPN. Barchi announced Rice’s firing Wednesday.

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Really ? Was Rice unto a new style of Dodgeball ? Ni##ga and Fag#ot Fairy Dodgeball ? Mind you , no Klan members took part in this exercise in cheap thrills an utter fucking stupidity . I wonder why ? Perhaps Rice didn’t have their number on speed dial ?

Rutgers’ President Robert L Barchi is now under a great deal of pressure to fire Pernetti , after his poor handling of this whole sordid affair . Tim Pernetti’s original maneuver of fining Rice $75,000 and a suspension of three games, obviously , had done nothing to alter the mindset Mike Rice’s continued behavior , even after , having those penalties levied against him , as he continued to chastise and assault his players physically and verbally . Once again , showing that for all of the testosterone driven fucking bullshit within sports, when it comes to common decency , there was none evident from anyone within the coaching staff of Mike Rice , much less amongst the faculty of the school. And while everyone now seems to be appeased by the coach’s firing , one could ask the question , why was such behavior tolerated to begin with and why did none of the players from years past not make the public , aware of this , rather than this all coming to the fore by way of several scenes being posted on the internet and there now being the evidence of the records retained by Tim Pernetti and made public for mass consumption .

With Barchi’s position now coming under pressure and calls being made within the New Jersey legislature for his removal . This whole episode could become even more dramatic and controversial than it has already been , with the ramifications being far-reaching and possibly altering the landscape of the Rutgers’ athletic program for years to come.

Sexism , racism it still exists , screw “ Title IX “ and what it’s said to represent ! In the aftermath of the firing of Bev Kearney as the coach of the Texas Longhorns’ Women’s Track program . A program that Kearney molded into being one of the best in the nation , having guided them to six NCAA titles during her tenure . The coach was fired , after having a consensual relationship with a student . At the time Bev Kearney , a divorcee , knew that her actions would be questioned and that character would come under scrutiny. However, what one should take into account while this all played itself out , a similar premise was also being played out with Major Applewhite , an assistant coach with Mack Brown’s coaching staff of the Longhorn’s renowned football program. If an initiative such as Title IX is meant to level the playing field for women within the landscape , then when it comes to morality , then why should it not be on an equal footing there as well ?

Applewhite for all of his acclaim, his actions , also entered into a consensual relationship with a student and also a graduate assistant , while at the time being married . The second of the two marital affairs , took place while his wife, Julie Applewhite was pregnant with their first child . Ho hum , you might say , but herein lays the idiocy of what has taken place . While Kearney was fired, for her relationship , Applewhite was promoted by Mack Brown to an assistant head coach. In amidst this idiocy and blatant act of sexism , comes the comedic analysis of Longhorns’ AD DeLoss Dodds and his comments, that Bev Kearney’s actions brought the Texas Longhorns’ program into disrepute . If that is the said case , then what do you believe his view of Major Applewhite’s actions were to said to have been ? Well , you’ve guessed it , Dodds has offered no comment , concerning the assistant coach , but if anything, he has probably congratulated the former Longhorns’ player , patted him on the back , and told him to “ keep on sowing “ and plowing “his wild oats” amongst the coeds on the Longhorns’ campus .

Kearney , under advisement , has spoken with several members of the legal fraternity, with a view to suing the state educational institution, and the possibility of seeking to being reinstated to her former position. However, with the faculty now circling to protect themselves , Dodds and Longhorns’ President William “Bill” Powers have sought to protect themselves and the university from any legal action by now suggesting that Bev Kearney kept her actions hidden and lied about it when first confronted . A claim , which Kearney completely denies and stands by to this day , in the aftermath of the new claims being made by Bill Powers and DeLoss Dodds.

I firmly believe that collegiate athletics has now become a cesspool of corruption at every level from conferences on down , starting with the faculty members through to their athletics directors , coaches , compliance officers , on down to the athletes themselves . Granted , as the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments winds down , with the nation in awe of both events. Don’t at all be fooled by the displays of sportsmanship and camaraderie being put on show. At the center of it all, are the millions of dollars to be reaped by the institutions in question are front and center for the participants in question.



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;(1) Mark A. Emmert, president of the University of Washington, speaks during a news conference after being announced as the president-elect of the NCAA, in Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 27, 2010. AP Photo/AJ Mast ….

(2) Dr. Myles Brand who preceded Mark Emmert as the President of the NCAA , collegiate athletics governing body that governs at the apparatus sports for the nation’s institutions of higher learning across the country . AP Photo / David Pearson ….

(3) Nevin Shapiro said this photo was taken during a basketball fundraiser in 2008, in which the booster donated $50,000 to the program. . From left to right are men’s basketball coach Frank Haith , Shapiro and University of Miami president Donna Shalala . Shalala is holding Shapiro’s donation check. Haith has since been succeeded as the Canes’ basketball coach by Jim Larrinaga who guided the team to the Elite Eight in this year’s NCAA Tournament . The Canes’ football program is now under an investigation by the NCAA’s Infraction Committee . The investigation is now mired in a great deal of controversy with haphazard investigation procedures and claims of falsification of evidentiary records by the investigators , some of whom are said to have a known association with incarcerated felon Nevin Shapiro, who is now serving a multiyear sentence in a federal penitentiary . AP/REUTERS / Ephraim Moralez ….

(4) Mack Brown head coach of the Texas Longhorns’ football program is seen here alongside his assistant , Major Applewhite . Brown’s assistant promoted within the staff hierarchy was embroiled in two consensual relationship with students at the University of Texas . Senior faculty members DeLoss Dodds and Bill Powers have come to the defense of Applewhite , in light of his actions , albeit , that , they were not so courteous when it came to resolving a similar issue with women’s track coach Beverley “Bev ” Kearney . Courtesy of Longhorns Network @ copyrighted material ….. all rights reserved .

(5) Beverley “Bev” Kearney . coach of the six-time NCAA national champions of the University of Texas women’s track team . Kearney was fired from her position by Longhorns’ AD DeLoss Dodds for her involvement in a consensual sexual relationship with a student. Getty Images North America / Christine Parsons ….

(6) DeLoss Dodds , the athletics director of the University of Texas athletics program . Courtesy of Longhorns Network

(7) Mike Rice the now disgraced former head coach of the Rutgers basketball program. Rice was fired by AD Tim Pernetti after the resultant viral stream of the coach verbally and physically abusing his players . These actions have been taking place for a period of three years , during which Rice used racially and homophobic insensitive derogatory remarks to attack his players . Pernetti for his part has now admitted that he erred on the side of caution in not first firing the coach back in 2010 when the first of these incidents occurred , fining the coach a sum of $75,000 and suspending him for three games . New Jersey Star Ledger / Matthew Stiles ……….

(8) Mike Rice and Tim Pernetti are seen here after Rice became head coach of the basketball program . Since being fired, Rice has issued a less than contrite apology for his insensitive remarks directed at his players . New Jersey Star Ledger / ……….



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27 thoughts on “They did what and why? And their explanation, was what again ?”

  1. Rutgers’ now former head coach Mike Rice is either the dumbest mother fu#ker on the planet or truly an avowed dumb ass and a racist . And for the ongoing morons , who suggest that the country has moved forward socially and racially , take a look at Rice as an example , and then his homophobic and racist rants . Anything else that concerns your continued and ongoing lunacy ? Wake up people and stop with this fucking lunacy and denial as what’s right and what’s said to be wrong !

    “I’m trying to do the right thing here why doesn’t anyone believe me ? I am sincere with this apology ! Hey bi$ch when is that ni#ga loving f#ggot going to answer my question about doing an interview on Oprah ? ” Rutgers’ former head basketball coach Mike Rice

    The coaching staff of Mike Rice , were those lame ass mutha-f$ckers that intimidated by a bone headed racial bigot ?


    ” Don’t blame me I’m only the messenger . Look I’ve got gay African American male friends who have friends who like to play dress up and act like fairies . Wait does that make me gay , also ” ? Rutgers Scarlet Knights’ AD Tom Pernetti

    Mark Emmert is and will most certainly remain the most disingenuous individual in collegiate athletics . His ongoing incompetency and that of the NCAA should not come as a surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense . And given Emmert’s pass history , especially while as a faculty member at the University of Connecticut should be an indicator as how inept he just happened to be . Or would it be more appropriate to suggest that he might even be corrupt ?

    DeLoss Dodds is a sexist asshole ! His response as to Kearney’s firing is as asinine and it simply shows that sexism and racism is alive and well within the state of Texas , as well as on the University of Texas campus .

    Tophatal …………….


  2. If Applewhite had been a married African American assistant of Mack Brown and the co-respondent in this relationship been a Caucasian female , there is a strong possibility that he might well have been fired .

    “I fired Bev Kearney not because she’s African American , but because she wasn’t willing to let Bill Powers and myself ” put a train on her, ” doggy style ! Because that’s how do things in Texas , big , ballsy and we simply don’t give a $$ck ! ” DeLoss Dodds Longhorns’ AD

    “My wife was pregnant and I had an itch that needed to be scratched and sucked on . Don’t you guys get it “? Major Applewhite

    That motto in the background of the above picture says a great deal about what the Longhorns now lack in terms of character and integrity .

    Christine Brennan of USA Today .

    Title IX has been shat upon by college campuses up and down the country for years and the likes of USA Today’s Christine Brennan for all of her feminism is only now beginning to realize that fact .

    Tophatal …………….


  3. The Rutgers coach is a moron. He should have been fired when this first surfaced. The NCAA is all about money, CBS, ABC- ESPN pay billions to the NCAA and the kids get screwed. It is not about Education- It is about putting butts into the seats. College football and basketball is the minor leagues for the NFL and NBA. Pay these kids and stop pretending to be so noble. The coaches, the Presidents don’t give a damn about these kids getting an education- its about money-The tax payers pay for this shit. Then they want us pay five hundred bucks a ticket in the nose bleed section. it is a business, NCAA please don’t give me this holier than thou crap- the morons at ESPN are the same way-CBS and the rest. At least in Futebol they kids are paid contracts by the clubs not out of our pockets.


    1. bobby gee

      Couldn’t agree with you more with regard to Mike Rice ! He makes the antics of Bobby Knight seem almost pedantic and choirboy-like in terms of their premeditation . Racial slurs and homophobic epithets , never mind the physical assaults on the players as far back as 2010 .

      Mark Emmert (left) , is he the front end of an ass ? The back end of an or simply no end of an ass ? I believe it to be the latter ………….. no end of an ass and even bigger asshole !

      As for the NCAA , the moment the story surfaced as to Mark Emmert’s actions while part of the faculty at U Conn , how the hell can anyone take this idiot at his word , in terms of his integrity or character ?

      As to what has taken place at the University of Texas , the moment that DeLoss Dodds and university President Bill Powell changed their stance concerning the firing of Bev Kearney , while firmly defending Major Applewhite , smacks firmly of sexism and some would definitely see a great deal of racism in that decision . Only a fool would believe to the contrary .

      The broadcast networks are like whores , they will pimp themselves out to the highest bidders and then pass on, whatever they want to charge the consumer . Yet, you have Congress granting the NCAA tax-exempt status as a charitable nonprofit organization , when in reality , nothing could be further from the truth !

      The Congress , are damn as well as clueless, as the assholes who believe that the NCAA still has an iota of credibility and integrity .

      Tophatal ………….


            1. bobby gee

              Applewhite had two consensual relationships with females other than his wife while a part of Mack Brown’s coaching staff . The second of the affairs happened while his wife , Julia was pregnant with his their first child . In the case of the women’s track coach , Beverley Kearney , she was actually a divorcee , and not involved with anyone else other than the student in question .

              UT President , Bill Powers , foreground alongside DeLoss Dodds . Two of the biggest goof balls in the hierarchy of collegiate athletics . Both are frigging ass wipes who have no firm understanding of the rule of law or any common decency or any damn integrity !

              A double standard , to be sure, with shades of sexism and racism thrown in for good measure . In the midst of it all, Applewhite gets promoted for his blatant and obvious transgression , while Kearney is fired by AD , DeLoss Dodds , and his actions are then backed by an ignoramus university President , Bill Powers .

              Texas Longhorns , former women’s track coach Beverley ” Bev” Kearney , under whose tenure, she guided the program to 6 NCAA track championship titles .

              Tophatal …………………


                1. bobby gee

                  I concur ! But it’s the old boys’ network . Protect your own and then just to show that Texas is still inherently behind the times and longs for the days when the civil rights’ era was simply nothing but a tedious irritant you witness the actions of Dodds with the firing of Bev Kearney . DeLoss and Bill Powers are frigging hypocrites with regard to their explanation as to why Kearney was fired ,

                  Yet somehow Applewhite’s actions are simply viewed as nothing more than afterthought . That’s is absolutely fu#ked up , and smacks of downright sexism and dare I say in some circles blatantly racist but obscured by tinges backtracking by the senior faculty members in question Dodds and Powers ?

                  Tophatal ……………..


  4. bobby gee

    I don’t believe that Mack Brown has had sex with any female co-eds attending UT , but there’s always a first time for anything and everything isn’t there ? Besides , I don’t know if his benefits from the Longhorns provides him with enough Viargra to keep an erection lasting anything more than 5 minutes let alone 4 hours … LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    “Viagra ? It’s what gets me through the day , and leaves me with a “boner” lasting up to four hours . It’s why I love my job ” ! Mack Brown

    “We’ll do anything for Coach Brown , even give him ‘good head’ ”

    Longhorns’ cheerleaders .

    Tophatal …………………….


  5. I’m sorry , but anyone of the belief that Carson Palmer will supplant Kurt Warner as the best quarterback that the Cardinals will have had over the past ten years , then clearly someone within their front office is delusional .

    With Arizona acquiring Palmer in a trade , I truly don’t believe that he will not be the answer to what cures this franchise ! Albeit , that he is considerably better than either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton were said to be over the course of last season for the team within the NFC .

    Well , here we go , as the NL East could very well be the most exciting division within baseball over the course of this season .

    I am hoping that Fredi Gonzalez and his staff can get the Braves as a team off to a fast start and to maintain that momentum over the course of this season .

    The Braves’ pitching I hope can be the equal of the Nationals’ as I believe that they will be the biggest adversary that the Gonzalez coached team will face this year.

    MLB schedule 5th April

    MLB probable pitchers

    Guys stay safe and have a wonderful weekend !

    Tophatal ……………….


  6. The conflict with college athletics is that it’s supposed to be amateur competition played by college students. But the extreme amount of money generated by these sports causes college administrators to compromise their integrity and standards of ethics.

    As long as the money is flowing in, you will see more and more of these scandals pop up with each passing year. I’m sure there are many that are being covered up at this very moment that will soon come to light.

    When coaches have more power and reverence on college campus than professors, then something has gone terribly wrong. When managing an athletic department has become more important as administrating academics for college presidents, then it’s an indication that the system has flip turned upside down.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      The same point was made concerning the Olympics and that was flipped on its head , and then came the Los Angeles Games of 1984 and from thereon in , things just went from bad to worse to now , where the whole event and its staging has become one big goddamn sham ! The broadcasting of the event for NBC Sports , remains one of the few profitable revenue streams for the broadcast outlet at this juncture .

      Collegiate Athletics is now being ran by a bunch of corrupt bureaucrats at almost every damn level that you can think of , Anyone who believes to the contrary clearly has no concept as to what is happening in front of their very eyes .

      Mark Emmert has proven to be a pompous incompetent ass ! And his actions , as it relates to the University of Connecticut is clear evidence of that , And now he has been entrusted to preside over the hierarchy of the NCAA ? Isn’t enough that the Infractions’ Committee has now fu#ked up the investigation the Canes’ athletic program with the investigators’ misdeeds ? People also have failed to realize that the institution itself has a tax exempt status and is considered a not for profit organization , but everything about the NCAA and how it conducts its business suggests that it is in fact no different than a public listed company that operates under its own set of rules and bye-laws .

      I mean have the financial records of the NCAA ever been open for public scrutiny and how their billions received annually , are actually disbursed ?

      So many people who think they know how a business operates, much less the how the NCAA operates , will talk a great deal of fecal matter , but at the end of it all , those idiots couldn’t tell you the difference between a baking sheet a financial balance sheet .

      As to the events at Rutgers , Mike Price , Tim Pernetti and the school’s president , all should have been fired with cause . Once again another cover up (Penn State style) and an act of contrition that was so comedic , that there was no sincerity in it , whatsoever !

      And not for one moment should the actions Major Applewhite or Bev Kearney be excused , as they were in positions of trust and authority , but DeLoss Dodds’ actions as well as that of Bill Powers has to come into question as to their sexist and racial overtones . Applewhite gets promoted , having conducted two extra marital affairs , and Bev Kearney gets fired ? Never mind the fact that the assistant coach’s wife was pregnant with his first child in 2011, when he was having one of the affairs in question . And Mack Brown has come out and stoutly defended his assistant . No one involved in this matter has any goddamn character much less any frigging integrity to begin with !

      Tophatal …………………


      1. It’s no longer about character in college athletics, it’s about wins and losses, and money. Everybody’s hands are dirty. I have a solution, but most people aren’t going to want to hear it. I’ll talk about it more on Fan on Fire.


        1. Maurice Barksdale

          Character and integrity within collegiate sports went the way of the dinosaur , which has been dead for millions of years . It’s become extinct , and there is no longer any form of the traits one had hoped for .

          Tophatal ………………


  7. Mark Emmert tried to take the Roger Goodell, my way or the highway style discipline as NCAA President. The problem is when he began to throw stones, they were thrown right back at him. At this point there is no way to clean up college sports, because it’s too far gone.

    Too much money is changing hands for people to really care about cleaning it up. Even those who claim to be clean probably have some dirt they’ve swept under the rug as well, which makes it hard to pass judgment on others because everybody is dirty.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      Roger Goodell is not the person I for one would be looking at , as a person to be the voice of reason , much less for any sound intelligence ! His actions in recent months , has shown him to be an idiot , indecisive and clearly clueless as to what his role in the NFL is meant to be about . You are right , Emmert may well have taken the path of Goodell , but look at where the NFL Commissioner has now led the league . His image and that of the NFL has become a complete joke and butt of jokes , amongst comedians and the public at large . Name one good piece of working legislation, put into effect by Goodell, that has even met your own expectations or been a resounding success ? The guy is a simpleton and damn idiot !

      “I’m sorry I can’t answer that , please repeat the question “? Roger Goodell

      ” The question was , are you the front end of an ass , the back end of an ass or simply just an ass or an asshole ” ?

      ” They say a workman always blames his tools , when he messes up , Well , I’ve been working with nothing but chisel and a mallet , so what did you expect “? Mark Emmert , NCAA President

      Tophatal ………………


      1. Only major reform is going to clean up college athletics and everyone involved knows it. But with all of the money changing hands, people are reluctant to change anything. Careers and many sub-industries have been built off of it, and no one wants to bring an end to the gravy train.


  8. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now seeking the removal of Rutgers President Robert L Barchi , with AD Tim Pernettti having stepped down effectively as of today .

    “I’ve no intention of renouncing my Klan membership until it’s warranted ” ! Rutgers’ President Robert L Barchi

    The Rutgers’ President explanation as to why Mike Rice was not first dismissed , is only believable if you completely buy into the idiocy that Pernetti deceived him all along , even after their came into being other incidents of the former head coach still beating , abusing and berating the players on the team , as far back as 2010 up until the latter part of 2012 . Three years of this horror and it took a fired former assistant coach , Eric Murdock make the public aware of this horror . Murdock now has a whistle-blower’s lawsuit pending against Rutgers .

    Now with Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) now calling for Barchi’s dismissal , this episode is far from over .

    Courtesy of the New York Daily News

    Ex-Rutgers ass’t coach Eric Murdock files wrongful termination suit against University
    Murdock’s suit claims the university ignored his warnings – and videos that showed the disgraced coach punching, kicking and belittling players – for six months before Rice was finally suspended for three games and fined $50,000 on Dec. 13.

    By Christian Red & Michael O’Keefe , New York Daily News

    To Eric Murdock, it was clear that Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice had crossed a line by physically and verbally abusing his players.

    But when the Scarlet Knights’ former director of player development expressed his concerns to university officials, they fired him, according to the wrongful termination lawsuit Murdock filed against Rutgers in New Jersey state court on Friday. The suit claims the university ignored Murdock’s warnings — and videos that showed the disgraced coach punching, kicking and belittling players — for six months before Rice was finally suspended for three games and fined $50,000 on Dec. 13.

    “Efforts to get Rutgers to address their problems were ignored for months,” Murdock said during a Friday afternoon news conference in East Hanover, N.J. “Instead, I was removed from my position. That is wrong and why I filed a lawsuit.”

    The suit says Murdock, a former Providence and NBA guard who also played pro ball in Italy, “never experienced a coach whose behavior and treatment of his players and others crossed the line into aforementioned assaultive, abusive and other unlawful conduct.”


    The lawsuit, which also names Rice, ex-athletic director Tim Pernetti, Rutgers president Robert Barchi and former president Richard McCormick as defendants, seeks unspecified damages, attorneys’ fees and legal costs. It also asks the court to order Rutgers to take steps to prevent future bullying and harassment of members of the university community. The suit also seeks an order requiring Rutgers to discipline anyone who condones or tolerates abuse.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Former Rutgers’ coaching assistant Eric Murdock

    Why is this all so reminiscent of the Penn State idiocy ? Another goddamn inept administrative cluster fuck and a hierarchy coverup , involving a triumvirate of frigging idiots ! Barchi , Tim Pernetti and Mike Rice are either that inherently stupid or this was all done merely to save themselves from further embarrassment . Thankfully , it has come back to bite them all in the proverbial ass ! And last but not least , where the fuck were the members of Rutgers Athletics Department , while this madness was going on , especially over the time frame from 2010 through to 2012 ?

    Tophatal ………


  9. Sexism , racism , what other damn ism’s are these dumb ass idiots still in denial about ? Wake the fuck up you intellectually and anally challenged ass wipes !

    Tophatal …………………..


  10. So at the end of it all , after their incompetency both Mike Rice and Tim Pernetti between them will walk away with in excess of $1.3 million as part of an agreed settlement with the university . Who knew that being an incompetent piece of shit could be so profitable ? University President Robert L Barchi has to be a complete frigging dumb ass , with his ongoing explanation as to what took place and how he was informed by school AD Tim Pernetti . How after three goddamn years of Rice’s abhorrent behavior can these assholes be so fucking clueless , and have not one iota of intelligence , much less common decency ?

    Tophatal ……………………


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      It’s not that there isn’t any accountability , it’s that there is a lack of integrity , honesty and goddamn common decency ! And even if the likes of Digger Phelps , Jay Williams , Bobby Knight , Dick Vitale and Jalen Rose , still try to point what’s good in collegiate athletics , We simply know that it’s not true , not when, the incompetency and corruption starts at the very top , and works and worms its way down to the coaches university faculties and to the players themselves !

      What makes the situation all the more unpalatable , is when you read about NCAA President Mark Emmert and the fact that he’s so goddamn disingenuous , dishonest and has no credibility much less integrity or a fucking conscience !

      Furthermore , with the major broadcast outlets now plowing , tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars annually into college sports , the lines get even murkier and the intensity of the misdeeds become all the more egregious , There is not one college program that anyone can look with a certainty , and say that they are clean at the D1 , D2 or even D3 Levels .

      Robert Barchi
      should be removed from office, as President of Rutgers University and Major Applewhite should be fired from his position at the University of Texas . DeLoss Dodds and Tim Fernetti have to be two of the most incompetent college administrators in all of collegiate athletics , Their explanations are in fact insulting and completely without merit or make any sense whatsoever . .

      Tophatal ………………


  11. This behavior has been going on for decades. It just so happens to be that modern technology won’t let them get away with it anymore. It kinda kicked off with the Rodney King mugging. Granted, the late King was no model citizen, but the law is for enforcement not personal punishment acts.

    I find your take pretty spot on especially the NCAA fiasco.

    btw here’s a Bobby Knight classic verified by former players. One day after practice, he had his players take a knee on the sidelines while he took a dump at center court. Told his players that’s the way they practiced today. Nice guy? POS bully.


    1. Ronbets

      I know it has been going for decades but Mark Rice’s behavior was beyond abhorrent . Racial epithets and homophobic rants , and then at the same time he’s been physically and verbally abusing those players from as far back as to 2010 right through to 2012 .

      Meanwhile AD Tim Pernetti and that lame a#s university President Robert Barchi continued to make excuses and that they were being advised by the Rutgers’ legal counsel . Fu#k em ! Barchi had the right to fire Rice and Pernetti with cause ! The moment Mark Rice started to repeat his actions , there was just cause for his dismissal and the same with Tim Pernetti , because of his inaction . I don’t need West’s Law to advise me of that , and I am not even a lawyer , though I do work within the legal establishment as a research analyst within the area of corporate law for a well established national law firm .

      As for Major Applewhite and his actions. Well, if that is what is going to get him promoted after the Longhorns’ lackluster …. season , Then I expect that DeLoss Dodds had better start hiring hookers to have sex with the players . if it will insure the team’s success . Mack Brown should have asked his assistant why he wasn’t passing on his left overs to the rest of the coaching staff and players .

      Bill Powers the Longhorns’ president is a bigoted ass-wipe and should check himself , along with his idiocy . He’s firing Bev Kearney , while Applewhite gets a promotion . Kearney , who has won 6 NCAA women’s track titles for the track program , albeit that the Longhorns’ football program brings in over $100 million annually .

      The cover ups are so reminiscent of the bullshit that went down as Penn State , and the assholes who jumped to Joe Paterno’s defense , in spite of the coach’s idiotic actions in defending his close friend and former assistant , Jerry Sandusky . Let me ask you this , what part of bigotry and pedophilia is now acceptable within the fabric of society ? Am I mistaken, the Roman Catholic church and their lame ass behavior as it relates to the sex abuse scandals .

      NCAA President Mark Emmert has so many goddamn skeletons in his closet , that it makes me wonder how the hell got the job to succeed Myles Brand . The NCAA as collegiate athletics governing body is riddled with corruption from top to bottom and there is no actual oversight of that particular institution . Need I remind you that the NCAA is a registered charity and nonprofit organization . Yet it operates as for profit business and the billions it reaps , we’re told , they make sure the programs benefits from the NCAA’s largess . How the hell do we know that , when their financial records are never made public ?

      The biggest joke is that the idiots who sit on the House Oversight & Gov’t Reform Committee as they are the ones who have made sure that the NCAA retains its status , but yet they have never once questioned the actions of the NCAA . At the same time the ignorant asses within the Senate Judiciary Committee are sitting on their thumbs , or at times , hey are shoving their dicks in each others’ sphincters or in the case of the female committee members they are giving oral gratification to the male committee members

      Tophatal ………………………


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