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With the NBA season now winding down , teams are jockeying position for the divisional as well as conference berths , with thoughts of qualifying for the postseason . The Miami Heat and the New York Knicks could very well be on a collision course for a meeting at some point during the playoffs. The fans and broadcast outlets will undoubted be hoping that these two titans and avowed foes will meet in the Eastern Conference Finals .


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The Eastern Conference is turning out to be quite a competitive staging point this season , but once again it would appear that injuries have played a part in the fates of a number of teams . Stars such as Rajon Rondo , Derrick Rose , Danny Granger , Kevin Love , Dwyane Wade and Amar`e Stoudemire have at some point been sidelined for all or part of the season . And for their respective teams , it has meant them showing their resilience, because of the adversity in question. While we may well choose to overlook this factor , it should be noted that the teams in question have fared well within the conference . With the Heat’s recent twenty-seven consecutive game winning streak coming to an abrupt end , with their assault on the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers’ record of thirty-three consecutive wins , is at least safe for another season. The focus now , has to be now , how does the team rebound from the disappointment of not being able to equal or surpass that feat . The eyes on the prize , has to be the bigger picture of winning the NBA title . As the defending champions , the Miami Heat knew that a target had been placed on their backs. And that might well have been further exacerbated by the fact , that the franchise , has proven to be relentless in acquiring free agent talent , as evidenced by the Heat’s acquisitions . Ray Allen and Chris Anderson to complement the franchise’s ready collection of “ high-profiled stars “ and role players on the team . And it could be maintained that Allen and Anderson are being well compensated , as contributing to the team’s , and being a part of the Miami Heats’ franchise .

Head coach Erik Spoelstra and the front office led by team President Pat Riley and team owner , Micky Arison have seen the value of the franchise rise exponentially , while remaining competitive and extremely profitable. Ever since the Heat’s acquisition of three-time League MVP , Lebron James , the expectations were and have remained high , with the evidence of that paying off with a rise in the franchise’s value and profits . It is prudent to add in the fact, that the Heat have now become the biggest and best show in town , as they have seen a rise in the attendance levels for the team’s home games at the AA Arena in Miami , Florida , since the star’s acquisition by the franchise. .

The Miami Heat for their part , will now seek cement their lead (ten games ) within the Eastern Conference over the second placed New York Knicks (51-26) and within their division . Currently, that lead within the conference is now at a staggering 10.5 games , with five games left in the regular season , it will be interesting to see how things pan out for the teams seeking to be part of the NBA’s postseason foray .

Wednesday will offer the fans ten games on the day’s schedule with the marquee match-up being the game between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets . The match-up could add more intrigue in the pecking order of the conference makeup , with both teams vying for the second third places within the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference . The Nets are currently the fourth ranked team within the conference , with the Celtics seated as the seventh ranked team , above the eighth ranked Milwaukee Bucks (37-40) . Both teams have had their struggles this season , and this game should go a long way in determining how both teams maintain their composure going into the postseason.

I may well have missed something but for some unknown reason Sacramento city mayor Kevin Johnson , believes it prudent to still chase after pipe-dreams , as he seeks to retain the Sacramento Kings within the state capitol. As you may well be aware, the Kings’ Maloof family have agreed in principle to the sale of the franchise to a consortium led by Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer and venture capital billionaire , Chris Hansen . The duo seek to relocate the team to the city of Seattle and it would appear that the duos bid of $575 million , with Joe and Gavin Maloof still retaining a minority stake in the team. Pending the NBA’s hierarchy and its Board of Governors’ approval , it does appear that the Kings will be relocated .

A last-ditch attempt is being made by Kevin Johnson to have the remain in Sacramento , but his hopes now look to be dashed , as it will be derailed , after Californian real estate mogul , Ron Burkle dropped out of a rival bidding consortium , of which Johnson ,himself, is a member . However, with the departure of Burkle, the most visible and high-profiled member of this syndicate, after some internal frustrations, an d fractured relationships , which the billionaire entrepreneur refuses to address. One might still question why, Johnson would seek to retain a barely profitable enterprise , that remains one of the NBA’s least supported franchises over the last eight seasons. I was once told by a Sacramento native and patron of this site , that the Kings remain a viable franchise , but herein lies the idiocy of that individual’s statement. Yet here are the facts , the Kings remain an uncompetitive , mismanaged franchise, without any leadership on , or off the court . From a financial standpoint, there is little to be desired or to suggest that under GM Geoff Petrie . or the Maloof family, that they would have been able to turn things around , much less where the meager fans in attendance, could hold out any sort of hope that this team could be resurgent once again.

Courtesy of CBS Sports

Ron Burkle drops out of group vying to buy Kings

By Royce Young, NBA Writer

On the surface, it seems like a major blow for Sacramento in its fight to keep the Kings. With 10 days to go before the NBA Board of Governors decides the future of the franchise, billionaire investor Ron Burkle is pulling out.

Why? Because of a conflict of interest. Via the Sacramento Bee:

Facing questions over a conflict of interest, Burkle instead will focus on redeveloping other portions of Downtown Plaza. “He’s so committed to Sacramento,” the mayor said, adding that he spoke with Burkle on Monday. “There’s a host of ancillary development opportunities that Ron will participate in.”

Burkle was going to take the lead in developing the proposed $448 million arena and would have held a small ownership stake in the team. Sacramento officials had said his presence was a huge asset in part because he successfully developed a new arena three years ago for his hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Burkle is part-owner of Relativity Sports, which manages some NBA players’ careers.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson insists Burkle’s departure won’t hurt the city’s chances to keep the team, instead claiming other investors were going step in and fill the hole.

“I don’t look at this as a slow-up or a hiccup,” Johnson said, via the Bee. “We won’t miss a beat.”

With Burkle taking a step back, Vivek Ranadive and Mark Mastrov are going to be “lead investors” of the group. The report also says the Jacobs family of San Diego, who founded Qualcomm telecommunications, would take on a more significant ownership role.

The Jacobses didn’t join the Kings effort until late March and have kept a low profile. One of the family’s members, Jeff Jacobs, issued a statement Monday saying “we are thrilled to join Vivek and Mark in their efforts to keep the Kings in California and revitalize Sacramento.”

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has announced a new investor to help fill the role vacated by billionaire Ron Burkle in the city’s bid to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle.
Johnson also said Tuesday that Sacramento developer Mark Friedman has joined the group. Friedman will help build the planned arena downtown.

Burkle still plans on having a part in solidifying the future of the Kings in Sacramento, though, as he plans to work on developing the downtown area around the new arena.

Burkle was the original investor to step up in an effort to match the Seattle group’s bid for the Kings after the Maloofs reportedly sold the team for $525 million. He also stepped up in 2011 while the Maloofs angled for a move to Anaheim and helped shut down that.

“The Maloofs do not like Burkle,” sports-law expert Michael McCann told the Bee. “By removing him from the story … it could end up helping Sacramento.”


The Sacramento Kings, is a franchise in name only , and the sole purpose, has to be placing a public face to this issue , for the residents to witness how inept and incompetent they have been . It simply makes no sense to retain a franchise within a city that itself has its own budgetary crunch , with the mayor now seeking an assist from private enterprise , as well as using public funds in seeking to retain a beleaguered NBA franchise . Yet somehow , this, has been the rallying call of Kevin Johnson . I simply wonder if the residents in the state capitol are fully cognizant of that fact ?

Well, Kobe Bryant may well have reiterated what many of us are coming to grips with , and that is , this may well be the player’s penultimate or final season in the NBA . Now a seventeen-year veteran in the NBA , having entered the league as a draftee of the then Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draft as the thirteenth pick overall in the first round . How different might the fortunes of both the Los Angeles Lakers and Bobcats may well have been , had not then Lakers’ GM Jerry West pulled the trigger on a deal that brought Bryant to the Lakers in exchange for some nondescript entities superfluous to that franchise’s needs . Five NBA titles , four All Star MVP awards , two NBA Finals’ MVP awards and a League MVP award , along fourteen All Star Appearances , have pretty much cemented Bryant’s legacy in the NBA and the game’s history. Granted , the one accolade that might escape Kobe Bryant should he choose to retire at the end of this postseason , will be the chance to supplant Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s most prolific scorer in terms of career points (38,387). Bryant currently holds the record amongst active players with 31,506 points which presently places him fourth all-time in regular season career points. He also sits third all-time in career postseason points with 5,640 in the postseason , all amassed with the Los Angeles Lakers .

This season for the Lakers , after the initial managerial upheaval , there were still frailties concerning this team , in spite of the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash . Head coach, Mike D’Antoni has been entrusted to run this ship , while executives Jim Buss , son of the late owner , Dr. Jerry Buss and GM Mitch Kupchak have presided over the drama and subplots , that have made up the Lakers’ soap opera season . Often critical of his teammates , Bryant has had to temper his angst , in order to produce as only he can , on a roster that really does lack cohesion , in spite of what their recent record might suggest. He remains the leading scorer and the second leading provider of opportunities in terms of assists per game for the team . If the Lakers are to prevail in the postseason , in the aftermath of Bryant’s prediction and guarantee of a playoff berth , then in all honesty every player on this roster will have to raise the level of their play over the remainder of the regular season and into the playoffs , itself. Anything short of that , and it will be all for nothing .

Tuesday night , Mike D’Antoni’s players “downed “ the New Orleans Hornets 104-96 in something of an uncompetitive game during its latter stages , without their being a genuine effort on the part of the away team ,in seeking to derail their more renowned Southern Californian rivals. Next up for the Lakers will be an away game against the Portland Trailblazers (33-44) , led by leading Rookie of the Year Candidate , Damian Lillard who will be ably assisted by teammates , LaMarcus Aldridge , Nicolas Batum , Jared Jeffries , Luke Babbitt , Wesley Matthews and J J Hickson . Blazers’ head coach Terry Stotts , will be looking for a spirited late run from his players , knowing that they have missed out on a playoff berth , with some missteps along the way during their season . With a central core built around Aldridge and Lillard , I believe that the Blazers’ front office , can acquire the players needed to place this franchise amongst the elite within the conference , with a view of making a genuine run of winning an NBA title. GM Neil Olshey certainly has the credentials to make this reality .

Having injured during the 2012 NBA playoffs , the Chicago Bulls’ , Derrick Rose , it was felt would take enough time to recuperate from what was thought at the time to be a serious injury , but not a career threatening catastrophe . Now at almost at the culmination of the Bulls’ regular season schedule , and the point guard and 2011 League MVP , has yet to suit up in a Bulls’ uniform for a game this season . With the player sidelined and unable to give a definitive time or any expectation , as to his return , head coach Tom Thibodeau is now left with the unenviable task of having to choose whether not to include Rose as part of the Bulls’ postseason roster. Rose has stated that his practices have been almost “near perfect” , with his body back to almost being in game shape. However, Derrick Rose’s issues now , might not be physical , but more psychological , as there seems to be a fear of re-injury , as it relates to his torn ACL and MCL. It would be something of a shock , were the young point guard’s career come to an abrupt end , having never fully reached the undoubted that many believe Rose has. From my own perspective , if the player is unable to play , then the coaching staff and front office need not take the risk of having him be a part of the roster as they enter into to the postseason ! That may sound somewhat cynical , but I feel given the investment made in Derrick Rose , he is seen as the heir apparent to Michael Jordan and the face of the franchise’s future . It is prudent if the player returns under his own time-frame , even if the fans and public alike , would like to see his quick return.

The Chicago Bulls were formidable enough to show the fans what they were capable of , when they derailed the Miami Heat’s quest in surpassing the Lakers’ consecutive games’ win streak , when they defeated LeBron James and his teammates’ quest for basketball immortality . A Bulls’ team showing that type of resolve and resilience is quite capable of derailing the hopes of some the Eastern Conference’s more prominent teams . A first round match-up based on the current conference standings, would pit the fifth seeded Bulls, against the fourth seed , Brooklyn Nets . It should come as no surprise that the Chicago Bulls leads the Brooklyn Nets 3-1 in their season series , in their meetings during the 2012-13 season . The Bulls also lead their potential postseason counterparts by an almost similar margin when it comes to their match-ups. Dating back to their first to their first meeting in 1998 at that stage of the NBA calendar , the franchise holds a 3-0 mark over the Brooklyn Nets.

In recent seasons the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love has evolved into one of the best Power forwards / centers in the NBA . Love’s evolution from an awkward angular player into on an offensive and rebounding giant has made him a superstar in the NBA , as well as an Olympian and member of Team USA’s gold medal winning team in London. And Love is handsomely paid for his prowess by the Timberwolves , and he is amongst the highest paid players at his position in the NBA .

Kevin Love has been sidelined with a fractured right hand which has prolonged his stay on the sidelines this season for the Timberwolves . With his being on the bench , although he has suited up for a mere eighteen games , it has been left to Nikola Pekovic and Andrei Kirilenko , to lead this team from an offensive and defensive standpoint . With Timberwolves’ head coach Rick Adelman and his staff being entrusted to guide this team , it will be interesting to see how the franchise manages to steer their way through the remainder of the season , while looking forward to next season and the presumed imminent return of Kevin Love. Adelman recently became the eighth coach in NBA history to have won 1,000 games over the course his coaching career . The all-time NBA leader is Don Nelson with the figure of 1,335 wins over the course of thirty-three year coaching career in the league . With that in mind consider the fact that amongst active coaches of which Adelman is now the current active wins’ leader . The next coach expected to pass that milestone will be the San Antonio Spurs’ head coach Gregg Popovich (904 wins). That feat is likely to be accomplished with the franchise at some point during the during the 2014-15 NBA season .

The San Antonio Spurs may not be viewed as one of the glamor teams within the NBA , and while all of the hullabaloo tends to be about the Heat and the Knicks . Consider the fact, that , this will be the fourteenth consecutive season that the franchise has made it to the postseason , while averaging .. 50 wins per season . And yet the hype has been about the New York Knicks and their recent unbeaten run . Let’s get real for once , until this Knicks’ team has achieved something of relevance , simply don’t go overboard , because in reality the franchise has languished for four decades hoping for the “winds of change “ . And no amount regaling by the fans about past and current feats , can hide the years of inconsistency and gross mismanagement . The fans and prognosticators alike , tend to show their apathy , rather addressing both the positives and negatives concerning the Knicks’ franchise .

While the Eastern Conference has been granted with the presence, privilege and confidence of knowing that they have the reigning NBA champions within their midst . It must be said that this season, the occupants within the rival conference , the West , will try to do their damnedest to make sure that their Finals’ representative will be the best that the Western Conference has to offer . With the conference now locked with a two-way tie atop with the Oklahoma City Thunder (57-21) and San Antonio Spurs now sharing the best record in the conference, as well as within the NBA as a whole . It certainly will be interesting, to see how things play out, over the four games remaining over the course of the NBA schedule. Though the brackets have yet to be locked into place, as to who the first round match-ups will be , the prevailing thought appears to be, the way things are situated at present , will be as such, be representative of the first round series we are likely to see . With the Thunder holding the tie-break in their series this season against the Spurs , the chance for San Antonio to end up with the best record within the conference will mean the team having close out their schedule with at least three wins , with the hope that Kevin Durant and the Thunder drop at least one of their four remaining games on their schedule .


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As the regular season winds down what if anything to your mind has been the most memorable moment or team this season by way of expected or unexpected success ? And to your mind which player or players have impressed you the most , with regard to their attitude, and overall play ? Chime in, with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe to be pertinent to the subject matter .

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(1) Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade , left, sits on the bench with forward LeBron James during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Tuesday, April 9, 2013 in Miami. Wade was ruled out of Tuesday’s home game against the Bucks, the fifth straight contest that the All-Star guard will miss while tending to a sprained ankle and bruised knee. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …

(2) WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 10: Shane Battier (31) of the Miami Heat and Ray Allen (34) of the Miami Heat celebrate a victory over the Washington Wizards on April 10, 2013 at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images …

(3) Boston Celtics power forward Brandon Bass (30) dunks over Brooklyn Nets’ center Brook Lopez (11) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Boston, Wednesday, April 10, 2013. AP Photo/Elise Amendola …

(4) BOSTON, MA – APRIL 3: Rajon Rondo (9) of the Boston Celtics practices shooting prior to a game against the Detroit Pistons on April 3, 2013 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Rondo, who is out for the remainder of the season, underwent ACL surgery in February. The point out with a torn ACL , now looks to recuperate during the off-season , with the hope of making a comeback for the 2013-14 season . Back up point guard , Jason Terry will be asked assume the role successfully filled by Rondo for much of his career with the Celtics . However , also on the roster , Celtics’ head coach Doc Rivers does also have the privilege of the use of using Avery Bradley , Jordan Crawford , Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams . Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images …..

(5) City of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson , center , is seen here speaking to the convened , press after a hastily arranged meeting, to explain the last-minute withdrawal of billionaire real estate mogul , Ron Burkle . The billionaire investor, an avid sports’ fan is happens to be the nemesis of the Maloof Family , owners of the Sacramento Kings, the franchise which Johnson hopes to retain within the California state capitol. However, it is also being rumored that Ron Burkle also has a conflict of interest in such a proposal , as he is also involved in a consortium seeking to develop the downtown Los Angeles city area , with a view to building $3.5 billion commercial and retail project that will also house a football stadium , with a view to either luring a relocated and existing NFL franchise or with the hope adding a new Los Angelean NFL team to the NFL’s thirty existing teams . AP Photo / Keith Marshall ………….

(6) Famed real estate mogul , entrepreneur and political Democratic power broker Ron Burkle . The businessman for what are said to be , personal and professional reasons, has dropped out of a consortium that sought to lodge a rival bid , in pursuant of the proposed bid made by rival suitors Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer , who as a duo have agreed in principle to buy and relocate the Sacramento Kings and move that franchise to Seattle , Washington , state . In what will undoubtedly be seen as a last-ditch effort by the Sacramento city mayor , Hansen and Ballmer’s bid , now only seeks the NBA hierarchy and Board of Governors’ final seal of approval. NBA Commissioner , David Stern has not commented publicly on the efforts of Kevin Johnson and his attempt to retain the Kings’ franchise in Sacramento . AP Photo / Tim Marshall …

(7) Timberwolves’ head coach Rick Adelman , is seen on the sidelines talking to his star center and forward, Kevin Love . The two have a very respectful relationship , that has seen Love’s career blossom over the past few seasons . However , with the player being lost to the team for much of this season , the Minnesota Timberwolves have labored after a promising start to the year . It is hoped that Love will make a fully recovery from his wrist injury to be a part of the franchise’s off-season workouts . Getty Images North America / Christian Hernandez ……….

(8) Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant , left, drives on Portland Trail Blazers guard Will Barton during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Portland, Ore., Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Bryant scored a season high 47 points , leading all scorers in the game against the Trailblazers . AP Photo/Don Ryan ….


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28 thoughts on “Buzzer beater ………………….”

  1. Kobe Bryant drops 47 on the Trailblazers and then has the temerity to suggest that he’d have beat down Mike Rice formerly of Rutgers had he been on the team as a Scarlet Knights’ player .

    Kobe shut the fu#kup ! The only thing you actually beat regularly , is your pe#is , while jerking off for self gratification ! You’re a kid from Lower Merion , Pa , not exactly a bastion or ‘hood known for its toughness .

    Rome and Bryant

    Bryant is showing that he remains anal , with a modicum of intelligence ! Rather than coming up with a constructive response . he shows his stupidity by sinking to Rice’s level .

    Kevin Johnson is clearly devoid of intelligence ! The Kings have barely made money over the past five seasons , their games are sparsely attended , and the team is uncompetitive , as borne out by their divisional and conference standing . Yet as Mayor of the city of Sacramento he is seeking to use public monies and work in conjunction with private enterprise to retain a sorry ass NBA franchise ! Never-mind the fact that his city faces a budgetary crunch , with an infrastructure that is desperately in need of repair . Kevin Johnson , has obviously learned nothing from the events that took place when the Sonics upped and left Seattle to move to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder . The city of Seattle may well have received a $25 million payoff from the NBA hierarchy , but beyond that , they were left with egg on their face .

    Kevin Love has to be one of the unluckiest players in the NBA over the last two seasons , just as his career is set to take off into the stratosphere , he suffers another injury, that doesn’t necessarily place his future in jeopardy , but it sure as hell doesn’t make it all together clear cut .

    “Coach trust me , when I tell you, my knee still hurts even during sex , when she’s on top or when I’m taking her doggy style ” Rose and Tom Thibodeau

    If I’m Tom Thibodeau of the Bulls , I wouldn’t yet start to question the toughness of Derrick Rose , but I would sure as hell be worried about the kid’s psyche ! Rose says he wants to return to play and his body of 95% in shape but it is his mindset and psyche that prevents him from returning to play in a competitive professional game . Cause for concern , you think ? Especially , if you’re a member of the Bulls’ front office , with the guaranteed money invested in the player ?

    Chicago Bulls’ news

    Tophatal ………………


    1. Kobe Bryant’s accomplishments have cemented his as an all-time great, but he’s also one of the most arrogant and unlikeable players in NBA history in my opinion. A great closer with an indomitable will to win, but he’s also an unapologetic, egotistical jerk.


      1. Maurice Barksdale

        I can’t say that I’d disagree with you ! Kobe Bryant can and will remain something of an ass ! Undoubtedly he will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame having met the qualifying criteria as designated by the adjudicators of that body . Simply look at his career stats and where he lies amongst the Lakers’ all-time great players and then against his peers and predecessors from the past . You simply cannot question his talents , his drive and will to win .

        The questions as it relates to the Lakers will be whether or not they can make a deep run into the postseason . They have to win out and then ride that wave of optimism resilience , when they either the Spurs or Thunder .

        What are your thoughts on the idiocy concerning Kevin Johnson’s wish to retain the Sacramento Kings in the state capitol ? Doesn’t it smack of stupidity at a time when his city is undergoing stiff budgetary woes and he’s spending time assisting multimillionaires seeming increasing their wealth , while the franchise at the center of this all is a barely profitable concern ? Never mind the fact that the Maloofs as owners of the Kings are and have been disingenuous and cannot be trusted to tell the truth .

        Tophatal …


        1. Bread and Circuses is what they called in during the Roman Empire. A diversionary tactic politicians use to keep the masses attention focused fun and games, and off of the truly important issues.

          This tactic still works today. And I’m sure if Kevin Johnson gets the Kings to stay in Sacramento, it will bring him more political power than any other piece of legislature ever would.


          1. Maurice Barksdale

            And that’s been Kevin Johnson’s issue all along . His concerns should not revolve around a bunch of ingrates such as the Maloof family , but moreover his biggest concern should be what is best , and in the best interests of the residents of Sacramento !

            Idiot politicians are a dime a dozen , The electorate demands leaders with common sense leadership and moral qualities . Unfortunately , it is now becoming a rarity at all levels within politics and within both main political parties , Democrats and Republicans ,

            Johnson is facing an uphill battle, and the very fact that David Stern is , and has yet to make a public statement on the issue , leads me to believe that the fans of the Kings are about to be disappointed . I say , they should be elated , because the franchise has become a monstrous bore to watch , barely profitable or competitive for that matter . And in reality , they are being completely mismanaged and ruined by the Maloof family .

            Stern will follow the same tact used when he and Clay Bennett lied to the Seattle city council , and then had the Seattle Supersonics relocate to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder . In the end Seattle city government got a $25 million payoff and Thunder’s brass( management) has since recouped that sum in Oklahoma City as they have become one of the more successful franchises in the NBA from an economic and competitive standpoint over the last four years .

            Look at the idiocy of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and the state legislature’s approval of a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings . The state has a $5.3 billion budget deficit and they approve the financing for a $1.63 billion venue that will house what will become the new home to the Vikings , Meanwhile , they have furloughed state employees , cut budgets and are now cutting education and health programs across the board . The nasty taste that came out of this all , was the fact that Zygi Wilf spent $ 500, 000 on lobbyists to make sure that the finance bill was passed for the venue .

            At a cost of almost $1.3 billion , the legislature approved a $2.255 billion ($2,255,000,000) bill that will see a new stadium, as well as retail and residential properties . All well and good , but at the end of the day , what of the state infrastructure and the legislature’s complete unwillingness to deal with its budgetary woes ?

            Vikings’ owner , Zygi Wilf and his partners have not had to pay one red cent of their money into the proposed project , yet all you continue to hear from fans is their bitching and whining about being taxed far too much . The electorate at large are not that bright and they goddamn sure as hell don’t realize what is happening within their very midst as it relates to what their own damn state legislature and legislators are actually doing .

            NBA teams’ values and profitability

            Tophatal ………….


        2. Kobe is a great player, but I also think he has lived somewhat of a charmed life as a Laker. I question how many championships if any he would have won as a member of the Hornets if he’d never been traded?


          1. Maurice

            I believe that had the Hornets retained Alonzo Mourning , then he along with Kobe , might well have factored in on making what was then an average Charlotte Hornets team considerably better and perhaps a formidable franchise within the Eastern Conference at the time .

            The makeup of that Hornets’ roster was quite impressive .

            It now looks as if the Lakers’ season is now over and done with . Bryant tore his Achilles’ tendon in last night’s game when the Lakers played their divisional rivals , in their narrow victory over the Golden St Warriors .

            Courtesy of USA Today

            Kobe limps off court with torn Achilles

            By Adi Joseph , USA Today

            A knee injury and ankle injury weren’t enough, but a foot injury took Kobe Bryant out.

            The Los Angeles Lakers guard was helped into the locker room Friday by trainer Gary Vitti after falling with an injury for the third time. The Lakers said the injury probably was a torn Achilles tendon and would have an MRI on Saturday.

            “I can’t walk,” Bryant said when asked if he thought he might return this season.

            Bryant spent most of Friday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors getting banged up but didn’t leave until apparently hurting his foot on a foul. He writhed in pain before knocking down two free throws with 3 minutes, 8 seconds left in the fourth quarter, then the Lakers fouled intentionally to get Bryant off the court.

            The Lakers held on to win 118-116. But it couldn’t have happened without Bryant, who had 34 points, five rebounds and four assists while playing the first 45 minutes of the game. The Lakers trailed by nine points early in the fourth quarter, but Bryant and company launched a furious comeback. When Bryant went out, the game was tied at 109.

            “I hate it for Kobe. I hate it for us. I hate it for L.A.,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said.

            BOX SCORE: Lakers 118, Warriors 116

            Bryant, who guaranteed the Lakers would make the playoffs earlier this season, has played more than 40 minutes in six consecutive games and had played every minute Wednesday and Friday before leaving with the injury.

            In the third quarter, Bryant came down hard on his knee after a collision on a layup. He stayed down for a minute but got back up and stayed in. Then Bryant seemed to twist his ankle on another drive to the basket but again stayed in the game.

            The play that caused the injury came on another drive, with Bryant crumbling after seemingly minimal contact from Harrison Barnes.


            Click on link to read in full .

            If they do finish up as the eighth seed in the Western Conference and then are pitted against either the Spurs or Thunder as the case maybe dependent upon the final standings. Then there’s no way in hell that team can overcome the loss of Bryant and then be asked to defeat either of the two aforementioned teams .

            Tophatal ………….


      2. Maurice Barksdale

        Your thoughts on the injuries to Rajon Rondo , Kevin Love and Derrick Rose ?

        The fact that Rose, seems to be unsure as to when he seeks to return, does seem troubling as the player says he is almost 95% fit , but yet , it is his psyche that remains in doubt .

        Love is simply a player who has proven himself to be amongst the top fifteen players in the NBA .

        And for me in terms of the Rookies’ Honors , well , hands down , it has to be the Trailblazers’ …. Damian Lillard ! The kid has simply and played lights out basketball and anyone who doubts that , clearly hasn’t seen Lillard play .

        Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers and the player’s bio , and his rookie season stats

        Is Lillard the best rookie not taken #1 overall to enter the NBA Draft since LeBron James was taken as the top pick in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers ?

        James and ‘melo (Carmelo Anthony) on the night of the 2003 NBA Draft

        NBA Draft 2003 detailing rookies’ stats from that season

        2003 NBA Divisional standings

        Tophatal ……………..


        1. Some people react differently to injuries. The psychological effects of coming back from an injury can sometimes be harder to deal with than the physical. Especially when you are dealing with elite athletes who are used to performing near super human feats with ease.

          When that’s taken away, it can be a very humbling process. But I think Rose is ready to return physically but not mentally. But ultimately for him I think he’s gong to have to just get out there and go for it. He may be more ready than he thinks.

          I think Kevin Love realizes that he doesn’t want to be Minnesota and he’s not going to expend any more energy trying to make that team win than he needs to.

          Lillard is good, but he’s a few years older than LeBron and Melo were as rookies. So I think the advanced maturity gives him an advantage they didn’t have as rookies. Not to take anything away from Lillard, because he is very good.

          But being older makes him closer to his peak potential than those others were. So I see him being a very good all-star caliber player over the course of his career, but I doubt he’ll develop to a super star level of a Lebron.


          1. Maurice

            So true with that you’re saying concerning athletes , especially those playing at an elite level .

            Mentally , Derrick Rose isn’t ready and physically as much as his body might feel OK , It all comes down to the mental aspect .

            The Kevin Love situation , is simply one of unfortunate timing . This much I do know , if he and Ricky Rubio are part of the central core . of that roster and team . Then there’s no reason why the Timberwolves cannot become a major and perennial contender for an NBA title at some point in the future .

            It then comes down to ambition and will of the front office to spend money and build around that duo of Love and Rubio , while drafting good young solid players .

            Tophatal ……….


  2. For most teams now in with a chance of making the postseason , there are simply either three of four games left in their regular season schedule before the NBA Playoffs commence on the 24th April

    Now as good as the Knicks have been …. playing , I certainly do not envy their task of a possible first round match-up against the Celtics ! Recent history shows us that the Knicks have not had the better of their most recent meetings . And in spite of stellar play of Carmelo Anthony this season . The thought process has to be this Knicks team will have to raise their play beyond the level shown in last season’s playoffs and most certainly above what we are now seeing . They will be facing a Celtics’ team with a chip on their shoulders , and , with nothing to lose ,

    Then factor in, the heated rivalry between these two renowned franchises and we might just see some guerrilla warfare on the court , as both sets of players raise the level of intensity of their play .

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA standings (conference)

    NBA , potential first round series match-ups based on current conference standings

    NBA statistics scoring (players)

    NBA Rookie scoring

    NBA team statistics (offense)

    NBA team statistics (defense)



    Just in case you hadn’t had enough of Farley’s tits bouncing around , here’s a nice sampling !

    And now check out what Wendy Fiore has to offer by way of her ample assets ,



    Fiore covering up her ” big guns” and I can see and understand the reasons why !

    Do you get the feeling that’s not the only thing she’s had on the tip of her tongue like that ? Your thoughts please .

    Full blown images of both ladies for your perusal ,.

    Tophatal ………….


  3. the Heat are not a shoo in to make the NBA finals. Shit happens along the way. Miami is favored but stuff can happen. In the West. I am glad the Clippers are getting good. they have been the laughing stock of the league when they left Buffalo and moved to San Diego then LA. I hope they can go deep in the playoffs. San Antonio-OKC will probably meet in the Western Conference finals. Knicks-Heat in the East.


    1. bobby gee

      I can’t see the Heat being complacent at this point of the season ! The loss to the Bulls that ended their 27 game winning streak , might well have been a blessing in disguise , rather than adding to the franchise’s list of accomplishments . Herein lies my thinking , James , Bosh and Wade are on a mission , and it’s their wish to successfully defend their title .

      In the case of the Knicks , it’s as I’ve stated , as good as Carmelo Anthony has been playing , and with his teammates following en suite . I am not so sure that they or the front office will relish a first round match-up against the Boston Celtics . History has shown us each time they’ve met in the postseason and as recently as 2011 , it was the Celtics who prevailed and not the Knicks.

      And for the prognosticators looking for every spec of Knicks’ accomplishments to hang their hats on , goddamn it , grow a pair of balls and realize that the Knicks are not even remotely in the same area code in terms of ability when matched against the Heat . And don’t let the regular season match-up be your guide for this season because come the postseason, that’s where everything matters . Given the Knicks’ postseason woes in recent years , their form hasn’t exactly been outstanding .

      Mike Woodson and what little playoff experience he has a coach , pales by comparison when adjudged against Doc Rivers . So make of it, what you will .

      Miami Heat news

      New York Knicks news

      Tophatal ………


      1. Makes sense but the Knicks will want to kick Boston’s ass. This rivalry goes back to the 1950’s. This will be a fun series to watch.


  4. Keepin’ it real , the Knicks will want no part of the Celtics in the first round of this season’s playoffs . Their fans may well feel triumphant that they’ve wound up as the second seeds in the Eastern Conference , but herein lies the issue for the Knicks, their postseason record in their last four appearances have been far from awe inspiring . Never-mind, their last meeting with the Celtics , ended up with them being swept .

    Tophatal …………………….


  5. The Lakers’ postseason hopes may have just now gone up in smoke as the team’s guard , Kobe Bryant left last night’s game against the Warriors with a torn Achilles’ tendon. No timetable as to his expected return , but it’s obvious , should Bryant now seek to make a return for the playoffs , he would be doing more harm than good , as it relates to his immediate and long-term future .

    Bryant being aided by a Lakers’ medical professional during last night’s game against the Warriors in Oakland , California .

    Game recap —– highlights and the boxscore

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Kobe Bryant limps off court with probable torn Achilles

    By Adi Joseph USA Today Sports

    A knee injury and ankle injury weren’t enough, but a foot injury took Kobe Bryant out.

    The Los Angeles Lakers guard was helped into the locker room Friday by trainer Gary Vitti after falling with an injury for the third time. The Lakers said the injury probably was a torn Achilles tendon in his left foot. Bryant will have an MRI on Saturday.

    “I can’t walk,” Bryant said when asked if he thought he might return this season.

    GAME: Lakers survive despite injury

    LAST INJURY: Kobe’s sprained ankle

    Bryant spent most of Friday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors getting banged up but didn’t leave until apparently hurting his foot on a foul. He writhed in pain before knocking down two free throws with 3 minutes, 8 seconds left in the fourth quarter, then the Lakers fouled intentionally to get Bryant off the court.

    The Lakers held on to win 118-116. But it couldn’t have happened without Bryant, who had 34 points, five rebounds and four assists while playing the first 45 minutes of the game. The Lakers trailed by nine points early in the fourth quarter, but Bryant and company launched a furious comeback. When Bryant went out, the game was tied at 109.

    “I hate it for Kobe. I hate it for us. I hate it for L.A.,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said.

    BOX SCORE: Lakers 118 vs Warriors 116

    Bryant, who guaranteed the Lakers would make the playoffs earlier this season, has played more than 40 minutes in six consecutive games and had played every minute Wednesday and Friday before leaving with the injury. The pressure is on because the Utah Jazz are one game behind the Lakers for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference.

    In the third quarter, Bryant came down hard on his knee after a collision on a layup. He stayed down for a minute but got back up and stayed in. Then Bryant seemed to twist his ankle on another drive to the basket but again stayed in the game.

    The play that caused the injury came on another drive, with Bryant crumbling after seemingly minimal contact from Harrison Barnes.

    Click on link to read in full.

    With Bryant possibly not returning for any portion of the postseason , where would that leave the team in terms of scoring offense and their defense ?

    Kobe Bryant may well have guaranteed the Lakers making the postseason , but I bet he didn’t count on the team being without him at the start of the playoffs !

    NBA news

    Los Angeles Lakers’ news

    Friday night results in the NBA

    NBA standings by conference , by division

    Projected first round match-ups based on current conference standings



    Have you had your dose of Ewa Sonnet , today ? Well , here’s something to wet your appetite . Enjoy

    😦 … 🙂

    Tophatal ……………….


  6. Bad news about Kobe Bryant, man.
    I really wanted to see what kind of match-up problems this Lakers team could present in the playoffs, assuming of course that they made the playoffs.
    And now, all we’re going to hear is constant speculation as to whether Kobe can return from this injury at all.
    Here’s hoping he does.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      It’s not a matter of if he comes back , but if he chooses to come back . Kobe Bryant had already stated that during this off-season , come what may , he would consider his future and whether or not the stress and the strain was worth it , going through a rigorous 82 game schedule as well as postseason play . All season long , as it has related to this Lakers’ ‘ team , it has simply been Bryant , with very little assistance from anyone else on the roster . And that is even in spite of the recent improved play of Dwight Howard .

      Kobe’s legacy is already cemented , as one of the top ten players in Lakers’ history and perhaps amongst the top ten in NBA history .. Most certainly he will enshrined into the Hall of Fame , having met the requirements .

      Had Kobe remained with the Charlotte Hornets in 1996 , the year he was drafted . I wonder how things might have turned out for him as a player ?

      With the Lakers now likely to meet the Spurs in a potential first round match-up the series itself, may not have as much meaning without Kobe’s presence .

      Tophatal …………….


    1. Blog Surface / CDR

      With the loss of Kobe Bryant , we will now get to see how flawed and susceptible this Lakers’ team just happens to be .

      All season long the Lakers were expected to do something special , and the idiot prognosticators were dumb enough to suggest that this team was the equal of the squad from the 2003/04 season , that ended up losing the NBA Finals that year against the Detroit Pitons , led by Finals’ MVP , Chauncey Billups .

      Tophatal ….. .


  7. The loss of Kobe Bryant will irrefutably show how dependent this Lakers’ team has and will continue to rely on the player . This further also indicates that Mitch Kupchak , as the team general manager, has no further rabbits left to pull out of his hat . The Lakers are a franchise . that simply doesn’t plan ahead for the future , but one that simply chooses to rest on its laurels .

    Sunday’s scheduled games


    Denise Milani , keeping it real ,. jiggles those ta-ta’s baby !


    She’s quite capable of using those . to the full extent of their guile and use .

    Tophatal ……………


    1. jgome

      The fact that Kobe Bryant has been lost to the Lakers for the entire postseason , simply hurts their chances of progressing beyond the first round of the playoffs .

      And you’re right , who knew that Tracy McGrady , would still be part of a team with postseason ambitions ? The fact that it’s with and for the Spurs , is actually all the more surprising ,. As a diehard fan of the franchise , I can only hope that he can contribute with the aplomb of a wily veteran , rather than being a complete embarrassment to himself and the team as a whole .

      San Antonio Spurs news

      Courtesy of ESPN

      Spurs sign Tracy McGrady

      By Chris Broussard of ESPN

      Tracy McGrady is joining the San Antonio Spurs .

      “It’s official,” McGrady told in a text message Tuesday afternoon.

      The 33-year-old McGrady will be eligible to play for the Spurs during the playoffs because he was not on an NBA roster as of March 1. He said he will not play in San Antonio’s regular-season finale on Wednesday night against Minnesota.

      He played in the Chinese Basketball Association this year, averaging 25 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists.

      Asked how much he can contribute to the Spurs, who recently released Stephen Jackson, McGrady was humble.

      "I guess that's the unknown," he said.

      Despite his terrific individual career, McGrady, who led the NBA in scoring in 2003 and 2004, is widely known for never having won an NBA playoff series.

      With the second-seeded Spurs set to face either the Houston Rockets or Los Angeles Lakers in the first round, this may be his best chance.

      "Whatever happens, I'm just glad to be a part of this environment," McGrady said via text. "[It's] something I never experienced while being my best!"


      It will be interesting to see what McGrady can do for thhe Spurs at this stage of his career , playing alongside , Ginobli , Parker , Duncan and Kawhi Leonard ,

      As for Tim Legler of ESPN , his analysis , is like that of Miss Cleo and all of her idiocy . What did Legler , ever achieve as a player in the NBA during his career ? He was simply another white guy , on a basketball court , wasting damn space and everyone else’s time for that matter !

      Does Legler actually believe that a Lakers’ team without Kobe Bryant will have a remote chance of taking down the Spurs , in light of what happened with the franchise in the playoffs last season ?

      Tim Legler , a white guy , who wished he’d been trapped inside a black athlete’s body .

      The Lakers are not a very good defensive team at all , and Tim Legler simply overlooks that fact, while chiming in with his continued idiocy .

      Tophatal ………………………


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