Don’t blame me for what an ancestor did , that was then , this is now

Don’t blame me for what an ancestor did , that was then , this is now

Over the past ten years a concerted effort has been made to right an evil wrong perpetrated within this country , that most would rather forget and simply choose to ignore , or better yet, claim , that as it was a thing of the past , then it should be forgotten . Well , racism is not a thing of the past nor has it been forgotten . Today , we have the proliferation of sex trafficking and slavery across the globe , and the United States has become one of the largest market places for the industry . Many of those who are being trafficked are young girls , as well as young boys , as the purveyors of this trade cater to the needs of their perverted customers . Never let it be said , that money doesn’t get you what you want and when you want it . And yes , the oldest profession known to man remains the livelihood of many , with law enforcement simply at a loss as how to eradicate its presence .


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Many of you may well be aware of such boxing luminaries from the past , Archie Moore , and Floyd Patterson , who reigned over the heavyweight scene , when the sport was rich in talent and the title fights actually meant something . Long before, the prominence of Muhammad Ali , George Foreman , Sonny Liston , Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson came into being . The two most celebrated fighters within the division , of any era and weight category , were boxers who paved the way for the sport of boxing to be respected and where boxing historians still reveled in their notoriety , fame and skill-set . Less of the stupidity , as to the “ greatness” of Rocky Marciano , who on his best day would have been hard pressed to defeat either Jack Johnson or Joe Louis Barrow . The latter , whose given name was Barrow , took the name Joe Louis , and then rose to become the greatest heavyweight in boxing history , until the ascent of a young man from Louisville , Kentucky , by the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay. Clay , as you know , would later become known as Muhammad Ali , having converted to Islam , and the Sufi sect, of one of the world’s great religions.

Jack Johnson became boxing’s first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion , when the sport , not so much in its infancy , was still finding a way to legitimize itself and become recognized as a sport that appealed to the masses . Routinely , triumphed as a discipline of gentlemen , the sport was essentially dominated by Caucasian males who refused to fight their African-American contemporaries at the time (turn of the century) , for fear of being beaten or shown to lack the physical ability in proving to be the better athlete or boxer. Much as it was within the game of baseball, and the continued belief that Babe Ruth was, and still remains the greatest player to have ever played the game baseball . The inductee within Baseball’s Hall of Fame , refused to play against teams from the Negro Leagues and was a staunch supporter of the sport remaining segregated . Granted , there were laws on the books that prevented teams from within what was then MLB from facing any affiliate from the Negro Leagues . However , it was known that these edicts were circumvented , when money was said to have changed hands, in order to facilitate such games , which were never actually recognized in or for the record books . Historians and the revisionists of baseball, would later seek to change that all , primarily to suggest that the game at the time was being played on a level playing field . What a crock of fecal matter !

Joe Louis remains amongst the top five heavyweight champions in boxing history , his record of twenty-five consecutive title defenses and the longevity of his boxing reign and career , places him amongst the pantheons of the sport . Yet it was his demeanor away from the ring that enamored the fans of boxing , while at times , we knew there to be detractors, because of Louis’ ethnicity . As World War II (WWII) was about to reach , and spread its tentacles widespread , and the rise of Nazism becoming a plague across Europe . Joe Louis would be used as a battle cry for the war effort , when he fought then former foe and nemesis , German boxer , Max Schmeling , in an epic rematch , that has been described as one of the greatest fights in the annals of boxing history. It should be remembered that Louis , lost to Schmeling , when the two met in a non-title fight at Yankee Stadium , in New York City , New York on June 19th , 1936. A then unbeaten Louis (24-0-0) was the prohibitive favorite for the bout ,which would end with a knockout in the twelfth round victory for Schmeling. The shock of that loss and the fact that the news was reported back to then German Chancellor , Adolph Hitler , was met with a great deal of adulation and exaltation by the leader and German people , as they sought to prove themselves the “Master race “ and that indeed , the rise of an Aryan Nation to profligate the world, and to try and prove that nation’s dominance . Alas , it would prove not to be , for Hitler , or for the German people .

In the long-awaited rematch , Joe Louis would exact his revenge, with a sweeping and stunning victory , which saw Max Schmeling KO’d in the very first round , when the two fighters met for the second and final time of their illustrious careers. A long-lasting friendship would be built between the two up until 1981 , and the passing of Joe Louis , whose funeral would be attended by Schmeling , who had now become a successful businessman and industrialist .

Louis was hoisted and used as a tool to try to sustain the myth that Rocky Marciano should and would become a great champion . Marciano’s career (49-0, 43 KO’s) was unblemished upon his retirement, and the fact that he fought and defeated , a past his prime Joe Louis , only showed the slippery slope that the sport of boxing would take over the ensuing years . One of the more embarrassing aspects of the post Joe Louis’ career , was the fact that as a ” war hero ” and military veteran , he would then be pursued by the federal government for the non-payment of taxes by the IRS, the agency responsible for such endeavors . It would take the assistance of Louis’ former nemesis, Max Schmeling to come to his aid , with then known gangster , Frank Lucas , disgusted with the treatment of the boxer by the US government , paying off a $50,000 a tax lien levied against Joe Louis by the agency . It would not be the last of Louis’ financial woes , much of which were caused by caused by the mismanagement of his finances by his then manager , Mike Jacobs .In the wake of it all , we can see what happened then to Joe Louis, has been mirrored repeatedly down the years within the sport of boxing , countless times , with promoters and managers defrauding their clients , and simply leaving them destitute .

Jack Johnson’s career was marred by the inherent racism that was abound within the sport and the very fact that the early part of his boxing career was simply prefaced with bouts against “colored fighters” , speaks largely to the fact that the country was still divided primarily along racial lines , before one could actually mention socioeconomic lines . It would also fair to say , that even though the sport had yet to attain an international presence by way of an internationally recognized body to run boxing . Fledgling groups grew out of the need , for there to be some sort of structural setup. However , the main groups were all Caucasian controlled , with the input coming from wealthy financial backers , who simply saw fit for the none inclusion of Black or even Hispanic fighters at the time . Out of this grew the nondescript organizations with claimant of being a legitimate body to govern the sport for colored fighters. Quickly shot down , it was the growing reputation of Johnson as a pugilist , that would catch the attention of the now more famed white fighters, who sought to debunk the myth that their black counterparts were superior and who were merely ancestors of slaves simply looking for another avenue to vent their anger and to seek reparations . Those claims and particular that of Johnson, that would also hold sway with the promoters and manager of James L Jeffries , who at the time was the world heavyweight champion .

During the ensuing years of his reign , Jack Johnson would be the subject of numerous racial attacks, in which, on several occasions he narrowly escaped death . And if to further exacerbate this all, Johnson also became the subject of ongoing police investigations , as law enforcement in the South as well as in his home state of Texas, sought to make an example of him , rather than see him prevail with his new-found fame , wealth , and notoriety. I was recently rebuffed by two patrons who tried to suggest that the racial divide within the country as such no longer exists . Unless I’m mistaken , the “so-called advances” that have been made , are now being trampled upon , not only by the electorate themselves , but also by the highest court in the land , the US Supreme Court. If anything , the apathy of the electorate and the ongoing existence of racism hasn’t declined but can and will remain within our midst , only because so many , no longer wish to question this type of behavior .

Away from the ring , Jack Johnson’s life was lavish , as with his new-found notoriety and acclaim , came the trappings of wealth , success and the very fact that abroad , specifically in Europe, he would find the sort of respect and reverence he would be unable to find in America . The very fact that the Parisians of Paris, France , held the boxer in such high esteem , simply showed, that he could gain respect elsewhere , that was not afforded or granted to him in the land of his birth. Can anyone not see the similarities in Johnson’s life and that of Muhammad Ali’s , at the time of his wrongful incarceration for being a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War ? Ali became a man without a home , having been imprisoned , vilified in the press as a coward , and then to have his family subjected to heinous racial epithets, as well as physical harm . Par for the course in a country that tries to hold itself up as a moral beacon of light , when it subjects many of its citizens to such heinous acts , never-mind the continued mistreatment of the native American Indians .

Four decades on , ask yourself , how far has this country really advanced , and how it treats the minorities within its borders ? Do you really, have an answer that you believe to just and even based on principles that you would hold true?

Johnson’s undoing, it was believed would be the fact, that his private life became more public , when he remained in America . Lavish cars , the parading of his wealth and his accompanying of females , especially those from outside of his ethnicity ran afoul of the laws of the land. A black man, cavorting with a white woman, and parading her off as a chattel ? Yet, a white male raping a black woman , and you would be hard pressed to find law enforcement agencies seeking to arrest the perpetrators of such a crime , let alone have him being placed on trial . Less, we forget also, interracial relationships were frowned upon , and marriages within those racial demographics , were unlawful, during the early part of the twentieth century . Jack Johnson epitomized the lifestyle of so many of today’s high-profiled athletes , a disdain for the law , specifically those that he felt were unjust , and the very fact that in spite of his wealth and his wish to enhance the life of those amongst his own race , he was treated with disdain by his white counterparts within his chosen profession, as well as by the bodies who sought to represent the sport across the country.

Lucille Cameron, a white female , whom Johnson would be in a long-term relationship for several years was questioned by the police , who sought to coerce her into making a false claim that she had been abducted , and taken across state lines . Under the outmoded and archaic “Mann Act “ (1910) , it was unlawful to take a white female across state lines for a pernicious act . The law itself was drawn up specifically to stop acts of immorality , and prostitution , but more often than not , it was used to target black males with a desire to enter into a sexual relationship with a white female . In the rural south of America , and in the Midwest , it was not uncommon to hear of a black male being railroaded into pleading guilty, for such a crime , even when there was said to be no evidence of a crime being committed . And for Jack Johnson , his fate was a year imprisonment on a trumped charge , for which it was never proven that he took Cameron across state lines , only that the two traveled together as companions , while at the time both he and Lucille Cameron were in a relationship , albeit that it was frowned upon because of their ethnicity . As I alluded to earlier , white male raping a female could go unpunished , but god forbid a black man at the time , got involved with a consensual relationship with a white female .

Over the past two decades, several congressional leaders have sought or proposed a legislative measure to have this crime expunged from Jack Johnson’s record . However , as of late , it has been the past decade , Senators John McCain (R-Az) and Harry Reid (D-Nv) have sought to obtain a Presidential pardon for Jack Johnson , which has been reviewed by successive administrations from Bill Clinton on down to the present White House incumbent , Barack Obama to have a pardon be granted . Having been reviewed by the US Justice Department under then President Clinton , a pardon was never granted. And as the descendants of Johnson’s family, awaits for some kind of progress in the petition for his pardon , it does seem odd that in this day and age, it is left to an ambiguous and some might determine an inept bureaucratic agency to make a recommendation to a President , who seems more intent on trying to create the perception that he seeks to represent the electorate and is said to understand the rule of law . Yet when questioned on the initiative concerning Johnson , he appeared to be nonplussed and out of sorts as to whom this individual was said to be .

Courtesy of USA Today

Pardon still pushed for ex-heavyweight champ Jack Johnson

Members of Congress introduced a resolution Tuesday to pardon ex-champ Jack Johnson

By Jon Saraceno USA Today

The fight for the legacy of Jack Johnson continues unabated.

Two U.S. Senators and two U.S. Representatives introduced a resolution Tuesday to pardon the first African-American heavyweight champion, wrongfully convicted of violating the Mann Act in 1913.

Since 2004, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) have sought a posthumous pardon of Johnson, whose racially motivated prosecution and conviction imprisoned him for a year.

The Mann Act prohibited transporting women across state lines for immoral purposes; Johnson dated a Caucasian woman.

Johnson’s reputation and Hall of Fame career were ruined.

Johnson, the son of a former slave, was born March 31, 1878, in Galveston, Texas. His boxing skills were honed in “battle royals,” events in front of white audiences in which several black men fought until a last man was standing to collect the coins tossed his way.

He turned professional in 1897 and went on to win the heavyweight title in 1908 by defeating Tommy Burns in Australia.

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Rep. William “Mo” Cowan (D-Mass.) joined McCain and King in co-authoring the resolution.

With bipartisan support, McCain hopes President Obama will take action. In past years, both chambers of Congress unanimously have passed the resolution but no executive action was taken.


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In spite of his relationships , and marriages , Johnson’s yearning for respect from his white counterparts would lead to a bout , that saw the beginnings of the decline in his career . His fight with Jess Willard at the Oriental Park , in Havana , Cuba , with the World Heavyweight title at stake , would take on epic proportions. As the fight was staged and fought in humidifying heat , in an outside arena , with the temperature , in excess of 105 degrees. Johnson as the champion could have refused to have taken the fight , but such was his pride and ego , that he simply made light of the threats , from the promoters , his opponent and his detractors who were in attendance , seeking the black champion dethroned . The bout would go on for an astonishing twenty-six rounds , with Willard , winning by a knockout . Yet that was not in part all of the story , as during the fight , Johnson punished his much bigger opponent relentlessly , knocking him down , only to have the referee Jack Welch , disregard what was a clear knockdown , by claiming that Willard slipped during the fight in the third round . A further knockdown took place in the seventh round, that saw a prolonged count , beyond the mandated ten seconds’ count , that allowed the challenger , Jess Willard , to regain his composure and to continue . Johnson would then realize, that this fight could and would not be won by the champion , and that it would not be won fairly , according to the Marquis of Queensbury rules .

Attrition would get the better of the champion in spite of his gallant effort and the very fact that he out-boxed his opponent throughout the entire fight , even after having been knocked down, himself . In the twenty-sixth round the bout came to an end with Johnson being knocked down , seemingly unwilling to make it to his feet. He would later acknowledge that he could have carried on and would have beaten Jess Willard , but knew that any effort that was put forth by him would have been in vain. The 5th April , !915 , would forever , change the face of boxing as we know it, as it would be three decades later before the sport would see another heavyweight champion of color , when Joe Louis won the title by defeating James Braddock , on June 22nd , !937 at Comiskey Park , in Chicago , Illinois , with an eighth round knockout of the champion.

After the championship title loss to Jess Willard , Jack Johnson would fight for another sixteen more years , winning twelve of his final thirteen bouts , never once being allowed to challenge for the heavyweight title again. The boxing establishment in America had enough the braggadocio pugilist and his claims as being the best boxer on the planet who mocked his white opponents for their lack of ability. In reality , it may well have had more to do with the fact that they saw with Johnson’s reign as the champion , more young men of color would seek to make a name for themselves in a predominantly white Caucasian driven sport , that was also dominated at every level by Caucasians and that had intertwined itself with the gaming interests in a number of circles that was also dominated by organized crime . Now the sport of boxing no longer needs organized crime to remain and maintain its seediness , as the remnants of such endeavors have now found themselves at the highest echelons of the sport within each of the main international governing bodies of boxing . Wherein , corruption prevails , promoters dictate, what title fights take place and in many respects, which fighters are given title shots , even when their credentials remain suspect . And I might add, in a sport that now sees declining audience participation, and where the two most prominent boxers of today, are now said to be in the waning years of their careers . It could be said, that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao can bring nothing new to the sport of boxing , that we have not yet seen from a bygone era .

Both Jack Johnson and Joe Louis , had the skills and the talent to garner fame worldwide , while carrying themselves with a great deal of character and respect. Can the same actually be said of many of today’s fighters, who followed in the footsteps two of the sport’s most renowned talents ? Do bear in mind that Johnson set the template for many of the antics we would later see with Muhammad Ali , with his imbued talents , of which a great many of his traits were also reminiscent of Joe Louis at his very best . Say what you will about the era of Mike Tyson , but in reality Tyson was not so much a boxer , he was more of a street brawler , with an intimidating disposition, that simply scared many of his opponents in the early part of his career .



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What thoughts if any, do you have concerning the careers of Jack Johnson and Joe Louis ? Is it your belief that the sport of boxing during the era that each fought had a resounding effect on their lives and the way that they were said to have conducted themselves ? Chime in with a comment as you see fit on this and anything else that you feel is pertinent to this particular subject matter ?


Picture and slideshow details below .

(1) World heavyweight champion , Jack Johnson , pictured , prepares to defend his title against Tony Ross at Duquesne Gardens in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , in June of 1909 . Johnson would go on to defeat Ross with sixth round victory , referee Jimmy Dime presiding . @ copyrighted material ………. all rights reserved .

(2) Jack Johnson is seen here during a ring workout in preparation for a defense of the World “Colored” Heavyweight” title . Johnson before actually winning the legitimate world championship primarily fought only black or Latin fighters because of the restrictions that prevailed within the sport of boxing at the time . The sport was a closely monitored and controlled by primarily white businessmen and organized gambling , who sought no participation whatsoever at any level by minority fighters or trainers . As with all of the major sports’ recreational activities , segregation dominated the landscape completely . In many cases there were legal statutes on the books around the country restricting mixed sports between Caucasians and minorities of any ethnicity . AP/REUTERS archives ….

(3) Johnson is seen here with the third of his three wives , Irene Pineau . The couple were married for twenty-five years , right up until his death in 1946. Attalla pictorial biographies .

(4) A pensive Joe Louis is seen here having just finished an arduous and rigorous ring schedule . Louis still remains the longest tenured champion in heavyweight boxing history , along with having made a record 25 consecutive title defenses . Time Inc @ copyrighted material ….. all rights reserved ….

(5) Joe Louis would prove to be triumphant in his rematch against German fighter Max Schmeling . Considered bitter rivals at the height of their respective careers . It was the “fog of war” and the looming appearance of the country having to enter WWII that brought about much of the seething vitriol and xenophobia aimed at Schmeling . The two ring rivals would end up being close friends , right up until the time Louis’ death , which Max Schmeling who had become a wealthy industrialist , and who would come his friend’s financial aid , as well as attending his funeral in 1981. REUTERS/ Thomson Inc …….

(6) Joe Louis , left , is seen here with former boxing adversary Max Schmeling . The two former pugilists fought two epic battles during their careers , but would later become firm friends . It was Schmeling who would provide Louis with financial assistance when the former world champion underwent financial difficulties , much of which was self-inflicted . However, a large portion of Louis’ ring earnings were squandered on meaningless investments or simply withheld from him surreptitiously by his then manager , Mike Jacobs . Joe Louis was also given assistance when renowned Harlem gangster and drug Lord , Frank Lucas paid off a $50,000 tax-lien placed against the fighter by the IRS. It should be noted that Louis a war hero and veteran during WWII , had been hounded by the IRS and US government for his debts. It would later take an act of Congress to have that debt stricken , in recognition of Louis contribution to the “war effort” and his contributions to the sport of boxing . Hearst Inc. / Keith Appleton ….. …….



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NB : Reference source Ten Fascinating Interracial Marriages in History


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  1. Unless I’m mistaken this Congress have now sought to save their ass , rather than simply doing what they know to be morally and ethically right . But then again , what should you expect from a bunch of gutless mother-##%king assholes within the Senate and the House ?

    Over two decades have past since this initiative to grant Jack Johnson a Presidential Pardon and yet , it still hasn’t been granted . How asinine is it that we now have an administration and government that remains leaderless , uninspired , completely devoid of intelligence and frigging leadership ?

    Jack Johnson and Joe Louis deserved better from their country than they actually received ! And while both have been inducted into Boxing’s Hall of Fame . It smacks incredulity at various points during their careers , that they were both treated with such disdain by the country and specifically the federal government , itself . Both sacrificed a great deal of themselves to contribute and enrich the sport of boxing . Yet there are those inane individuals, who would suggest that because of the era of their dominance , there was not much that could be done . That’s the same sort of fu#king apathy that now exists today . Sadly , there are those who simply cannot handle the truth , be it in the written word , or when spoken out aloud !

    Tophatal ……………………….. .


      1. Maurice Barksdale

        Given the inherent stupidity that we have seen from this Congress in the past 48 hours , are you at all surprised by the incompetency shown all round from the highest levels the administration , on down .

        Joe Louis

        Louis was a war hero and he was treated with such disdain by the government as they harassed him for nonpayment of his taxes , knowing full well that a number of the problems that encapsulated his financial woes , came into being because his manager (Caucasian) defrauded him of a large portion of his career earnings . And there are inane idiots who would try to suggest that this county has progressed along racial lines ? What frigging planet are they currently living on ? The Central Park Five are still seeking to have their records expunged for a crime that they did not commit and where there was no DNA linking them to the alleged rape of a white female , and this all happened well over two decades ago . For God’s sake why don’t these individuals simply pull their heads out of their own ass ?

        Long before, Ali the showman , boxer , Jack Johnson was the template for all of the antics we would later see from Muhammad Ali , in his prime . Historians don’t tell you that , they simply chime on about damn meaningless stats , much like the idiots within the game of baseball .

        Jack Johnson may well have had an ego , but consider the fact of the era lived in and where in some parts of the country he was seen as even less of a man than , even a mentally challenged Caucasian .

        Tophatal …………….


        1. It’s CYA. But I suspect that Obama will sign the pardon on his way out of office. I believe if not for men like Jack Johnson and Joe Lewis fighting the plague of racism all those years ago, Barack Obama might not be president right now.


          1. Now inasmuch as Johnson and Louis , played their part , if it wasn’t for the likes of Paul Robeson and :Langston Hughes , neither of the premises that arose would have come into being .

            In reality however , this country is and never will be truly ready to accept a minority holding the highest political office in the land .

            Granted , Barack Obama has ascended to the position , but revisionists and historians will see his Presidency as something of a failure , albeit that many of the issues he inherited were not of his making .

            Yet I can guarantee you this , had Romney become President , he would have been just as ineffective and quite possibly have shown a great deal more incompetency . Mitt Romney is so damn clueless on such a wide range of issues , that he makes Sarah Palin seem intelligent .

            Mitt wants to get all up into Palin’s business but he’s not so sure that she likes to do it doggy style .

            I wanted it before I could get it . Mitt Palin

            It’s not rocket science is it ? F$$k that s##t !

            He was nothing more than a entitled moron without a damn clue about running a country . At Bain , he was simply one a number of executives making the decision , but he certainly was not the most prominent Bain Capital executive and that is what these a-holes have actually failed to realize .

            Tophatal ………..


          2. The issue of a Presidential pardon for Jack Johnson has been going on now, for over two decades , and the only reason McCain has jumped into this all , was simply because as a member of the USAF , he boxed as an amateur while serving his country . I seriously doubt that John McCain could tell you or simply name five African Americans who have held the world heavyweight title .

            “John as a Mormon I didn’t discover what a va#ina looked like until I saw my best friend’s girlfriend naked while I was in college and I became ever so shy ” Mitt Romney ” Mitt I saw my first va#ina in grade school when Suzy Weaver let me stick my finger in it , it tasted like apple pie ” .John McCain

            Tophatal ……………………….


  2. The heavyweight scene in boxing has now become a complete joke ! East Europeans in a boxing ring is almost as bad as watching two elephants or porcupines mating . Your thoughts ?

    He’s getting it in , alright . Now what ?

    “Hold still , this might hurt , as I insert my prick into you . ”

    Tophatal ……………..


    1. The NFL has taken all of the great would be heavyweights out of the pool for Boxing. Those guys are now Defensive Ends and Outside Linebackers. Football recruiters are identifying them early, and offering them football scholarships.

      All of those great Heavyweights from yesterday, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Larry Holmes would be in the NFL today. I doubt they would ever even step foot into a boxing gym these days.


      1. Maurice

        The ex fighters and champions you’ve mentioned , probably would step inside , but probably not to fight , merely to use the restrooms or actually witness how marginal the talent within the sport now happens to be . In truth , while Mayweather , on the face of it remains an undoubted talent , many of the opponents he’s now facing are at best bottom feeders looking for that big payday that they can get for the “suspect privilege ” of facing him in a welterweight title bout .

        Manny Pacquiao , is now , well past his prime and is now suffering under the delusions of grandeur that he still has something to offer the sport . He should now retire given the fact that in his last two bouts he was soundly beaten by Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel-Marquez . Only the uninitiated and first time observers are convinced that he even won the fight against Bradley , which he clearly did not ! , Over the last three rounds he was out-maneuvered and out-boxed , It’s not damn rocket science .

        Tophatal …………………..


  3. Alan,
    I met Joe Louis at Caesar’s Palace. In his later years he was a ‘greeter’ at the hotel. I was in awe of the man, but somehow felt he was being used and belittled by the Caesar’s corporation. Our brief conversation wasn’t about boxing or sports…………instead it was about military life. This man was a true American hero that overcame just as much as JRobinson. There were no word’s spilling from his mouth stating “I ain’t got nuthin against those Japanese.” One of his greatest achievements?………..getting into Lena Horne’s pants. LOL. Seriously, an American legend.


    1. Ronbets

      As a kid I grew up enamored with the sport of boxing and legends such as Jackson , Joe Louis were the fighters , I admired . And amongst the modern day fighters , they were , Ali , Hagler , Hopkins , and when he was in his prime , John Mugabe .

      Unfortunately , now____ boxing hasn’t a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of . Now you have the likes of Bob Arum and Don King turning the sport into an elephants’ graveyard . No one wants to watch the sport , not even when it’s the likes of an aging and over the hill Manny Pacquiao and a spousal abuser , such as Floyd Mayweather Jr .

      I’ve no real affinity for the sport any longer , other than to watch the odd documentary that might crop on television . Now for me , I find more pleasure watching MMA (Mixed martial arts) under the UFC banner ! That’s specifically because I got into martial arts long before the sport had a massive genre appeal and became more mainstream . Now , the sport (MMA) makes boxing and the NHL somewhat benign and damn near irrelevant ! And that’s as it should be , considering the ineptitude now being shown by Gary Bettman within the NHL hierarchy and pompous as#holes such as Bob Arum and Don King . Arum and King would place any female relative of theirs into prostitution , if they knew that they could make a quick buck $$$ .





      It’s sad to see that these two renowned fighters (Johnson and Lewis) were subjected to such humiliation even when they were in the service of their country . Explain that to me if you can ?

      Tophatal …………………….


    2. Maurice

      That isn’t the sole reason , but it is one of many reasons why no more young African American males show a disinterest in the sport of boxing . When you have corrupt individuals such as promoters Don King and Bob Arum continue to ruin the sport . Why the hell would any young black athlete consider even becoming a boxer ? Not even de La Hoya’s jump from boxer to manager promoter at Golden Boy Promotions Inc has managed to stem the tide of blatant corruption , with the big promoters but it is also rampant inside of each of the four prominent international governing bodies within the sport (IBF , WBA , WBC , and WBA ).

      However , you have clueless as#holes such as John McCain ” calling MMA barbaric ” , but yet boxing remains corrupt , baseball is littered with steroid abusers , and his frigging ass hasn’t had worthwhile piece of legislation passed in the Senate , in years . McCain is about as much a student of history as Paris Hilton can be considered a worthy candidate for enrollment at either Harvard or Yale . This from the guy who chose Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate ? How much “blow” had he done , when he came up with that lame ass decision ? Or better yet , did Palin actually “blow him” by doing a “Monica ” to get the job ?

      Tophatal ………………


    3. Ronbets

      Hey, Joe was simply servicing a need , when he got all up into Lena Horne’s business . Hell , I’d have done the same thing as well to both Lena and that fine piece of ass at the time , Dorothy Dandridge . It’s as Mr Miyagi said ….” wax on and wax off ” . And I would’ve been waxing both of their asses and then some on a damn near frequent basis . I’m no fool !

      Dorothy Dandridge

      Lena Horne

      You wouldn’t have to tell me twice to act out a love scene with either of those two beautiful actresses !

      Wax that ass bro , just keep on waxing that ass !

      Paula Patton

      And of today’s hot African American actresses , I would certainly like to get to ” pound ” Paula Patton’s “pound cake ” !

      Tophatal …………………….


  4. Jack Johnson’s success opened the door for fighters like Joe Louis. Louis was a hero and the people who took advantage of him were the ones that should have been prosecuted. The corruption in boxing has been slowly killing the sport for years. I am and will always be a fan of the sweet science who hopes for it’s resurrgence. Cheers!


    1. aero

      Undoubtedly , Jack Johnson . opened the door for the African American boxers who succeeded him down the line , in terms of the sport of boxing. What essentially that has all but put the death knell for the sport, has been the rampant and widespread corruption of boxing at all levels . The international governing bodies (WBA , WBC , IBF , WBO) have done little to try and eradicate any form of corruption within their midst . Furthermore the sport here in the US , though regulated by the different state authorities , there are so many inconsistencies, as how the sport is actually regulated and how the boxers are licensed , regulated and even when they undergo not only mandatory drug testing. The very fact, that they do not have to be tested for any neurological disorders , unless a fighter actually suffers a knockout during a bout and then has a Grade I concussion. Well it shows me that the concern if they have any , simply is not being addressed .

      I find actually disgusting that a Presidential Pardon has yet to be granted to Jackson , and this has been an ongoing issue for over two decades ! Yet we have former Presidents granting pardons to convicted felons who have defrauded tens of millions of dollars from investors , causing in actuality a great deal more harm , than the alleged archaic crime that Johnson was accused of at the time . He and Lucille Cameron were lovers and she was a willing participant in the relationship. This was simply the bigotry and racism that existed and still exists to this day , concerning interracial relationships beyond the prowess of a professional athlete .

      Two of the most despicable figures in all of professional sports , boxing promoters, Don King & Bob Arum

      It is unfortunate that the truth has never been fully revealed as to the heinous way that Joe Louis was treated not only by his country , but also by his manager Mike Jacobs , who defrauded the boxer , of a large part of his career earnings , leaving him destitute and reliant upon his closest friends during the latter part of his life . For every Mike Jacobs of that era , we now have several around who have and will do far worst . And now we don’t have to look any further than the likes of Don King and Bob Arum for that , and as to why the sport remains so frigging corrupt !

      Tophatal …………………..


    2. aero

      The sport of boxing won’t be clean , until there is one unified body regulating the sport in the United States or we have the government intervene and create , or has the sport come under a regulatory agency overseen by the Federal Government . If it were to happen then why not have the Commerce Committee oversee the sport ? Not that it would be any good to begin with .

      Consider the fact, that the following agency has the right to subpoena and question the commissioners from the NHL , NBA , MLB and NFL as to how they address the proliferation with regard to steroid use , but yet the government and the sports’ hierarchies in question have done little or have been that forthcoming .

      David Stern , Bud Selig , Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman (NHL)

      Mirror mirror on the wall answer me this , who amongst this quartet is the most intelligent of them all ? How the f$ck should I know ? They’re all a bunch of mother-$#cking a$sholes !

      Tophatal ………….


  5. It’s unfortunate that the apathy being shown today , stems from the fact that people have learned nothing from the past ! And this frigging idiocy that the country has progressed along racial lines will now be put to the test after the events that took place in Boston . Two Chechens youngsters decided to commit a heinous act and now look for the media and specifically those with a right wing bias to show their stupidity . Half of those idiots , wouldn’t know where Chechnya would be located on a map , were they bit on the ass .

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer behaved liked a kid in a candy store looking to sensationalize every event that took place during the broadcast outlet’s coverage . God forbid that Fox News should actually be tolerant in their own coverage , much less show any intelligence .

    It’s not ironic to see the behavior of the managers and promoters of boxing from the era of Johnson and Louis , to what we are now witnessing today . Bob Arum and Don King to name but a few have become pariahs within the sport simply sucking the lifeblood out of it , and what little integrity it had left .

    Tophatal ……………


  6. Chris Humpherys

    Never was a truer word spoken even if were being done by fictional character in a movie ! Cuba Gooding Jr , looked good as the barbershop client . Stunning piece of acting that obviously , though not necessarily gave him , his big break . Both he and Wesley Snipes had been dancers on a number of Michael Jackson videos before getting their breaks in Hollywood and the inevitable stardom that would follow .

    A best supporting actor win at the Oscars and Gooding’s career is at an all-time low . Aren’t they showing him enough money ?

    Tophatal …………..


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