As one door closes , another one opens . For Christ’s sake , keep the f##king door shut !

As one door closes , another one opens . For Christ’s sake keep the f##king door shut !

Well the idiocy of the NFL Draft has come and gone , in spite of this high-profiled event , nothing will really be learned until many of these rookies get their first taste of the NFL , during week one of the upcoming season . And to hear many of these draft geeks and on air personalities speculate and prognosticate , you would’ve thought that all thirty-two teams in the NFL were in sheer dire straits . In reality this draft had more to do with personalities , lack of real talent in a vast array of areas , in spite of the recommendations being made by members of the media .


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Now Tim Tebow having been cut from the organization at the behest of GM John Idzik , speculation still remains as to the future of the team’s beleaguered quarterback , Mark Sanchez whose performances in 2012 , were amongst the worst in the AFC and NFL throughout much of last season .

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Testaverde disappointed Tebow didn’t get a chance

By Darin Gantt

While just-released quarterback Tim Tebow hasn’t had much support today, at least one former Jet is disappointed he didn’t get a chance to stay.

Former quarterback Vinny Testaverde had worked with Tebow recently in Florida, and he said he saw significant mechanical improvement.

“I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping he’d get a chance to show the coaches what we worked on,” Testaverde told Rich Cimini of “I think they would’ve been impressed if they had compared this year to last year ” .

Testaverde spent a week with Tebow, concentrating on his footwork. In layman’s terms, Testaverde said Tebow “was stepping in the wrong direction when he was throwing the football.”

Testaverde also consulted with IMG instructor Chris Weinke, saying they “speak the same quarterback language” because they both played under Dan Henning.

“Chris and I looked at Tim careful and we were both amazed,” Testaverde said. “Everybody has been focusing on his throwing motion, trying to fix that, but nobody had picked up his footwork. His footwork was all screwed up. Chris and I looked at each other after about four or five throws, and we saw the same thing. We got his footwork fixed. His throwing motion is now a non-issue.


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Sanchez is owed in excess of $12.8 million for the upcoming season , but it seems that in all probability , John Idzik will seek a trade of the player, rather than retain him for the entire season while still having to make the financial outlay . He is due a roster bonus of $4.1 million due on the 1st June , and a possible trade partner , if anything would rather seek to only pay a nominal sum with regard to the player’s salary , and then assuming the remainder of Mark Sanchez’s contract from 2014 through to 2016 . This upcoming season for the Jets will be very interesting to see how they fare in their season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the 8th September 2013 ,

It seems that fans , agents and analysts alike were simply surprised that a quarterback was not taken in the top ten of the first round of this NFL Draft . The fact that it was the Buffalo Bills , with the sixteenth pick in the first round taking EJ Manuel , made that whole premise all the more surprising . That being said , now consider the franchise’s options at the position , when you consider that Kevin Kolb is meant to be the Bills’ starter for the upcoming season . Shit , I’d rather walk on hot coals , rather than seeing Kolb quarterback any franchise within the NFL , as he simply does not possess the talent needed to be a starter in the NFL . Yet somehow, Bills’ head coach Doug Marrone and the front office believe the veteran to be their man . It is my belief , that sooner , rather than later , Manuel will be a starter in the league , quite possibly this season , if Kolb’s recent performances are anything to go by.

The AFC East , if nothing else , should prove to be a great deal fun , considering the antics of the teams from within the division and their performances from last season . Among the teams seeking redemption from last season’s nightmare , just happens to be the New York Jets , whose head coach , Rex Ryan barely escaped from the franchise’s purge of a mediocre coaching staff from 2012 . Out went , offensive coordinator , Tony Sparano , whose ides of team offense bordered on being absurd . And the very fact , that he has now joined the coaching staff of the Oakland Raiders , further enhances the notion , that coaching in the NFL , is no longer about creativity in terms of coaching talent but simply the “ rehashing” of “ mediocre coaches” “ , whose ideas are in essence , from a bygone age “ ! How else can one simply explain the fact that Sparano and Ryan were simply so how out of touch reality , while being allowed to ruin the franchise , and with asinine belief that Tim Tebow would be able to contribute to a team that was lacking in talent and creativity , never-mind poor coaching from every layer , within a considerably inept organization. Yet boneheaded individuals swayed by their emotions, continued to call for Tebow’s inclusion either as a starter or in some other capacity for the franchise . Fantasy geeks were either that blasé or simply that goddamn stupid, throughout much of 2012.

Sanchez is owed in excess of $12.8 million for the upcoming season , but it seems that in all probability , John Idzik will seek a trade of the player, rather than retain him for the entire season while still having to make the financial outlay . He is due a roster bonus of $4.1 million due on the 1st June , and a possible trade partner , if anything would rather seek to only pay a nominal sum with regard to the player’s salary , and then assuming the remainder of Mark Sanchez’s contract from 2014 through to 2016 . This upcoming season for the Jets will be very interesting to see how they fare in their season opener against Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the 8th September 2013 .

With this draft I expected the New England Patriots to do a great deal more than they did , but once again I believe they have failed miserably with this particular draft class . To try and suggest that Jamie Collin s , Aaron Dobson , Logan Ryan , Duron Harmon , Josh Boyce , Michael Buchanan and Steve Beauharnais . These are the players drafted by the organization with view redeeming itself after a monstrous postseason foray , which was best summed up in the team’s embarrassing loss to the eventual Superbowl champions , the Baltimore Ravens , in the AFC championship game . Given the team’s malaise during the game itself and the very fact that Bill Belichick was out-smarted and outmatched by his opposite number John Harbaugh .

I firmly believe that Belichick failed to address the concerns of this team on defense , albeit , that they made a few off-season deals that would suggest that he , GM Nick Caserio and the coaching staff have addressed the team’s failings over the past three seasons. ( 2012 , 2011 & 2010 ). This season if this team in its present guise is unable to address those woes , then the Patriots’ 2013 regular season foray is likely to be an extremely tough one . While fans and analysts alike will point to the potency of the team’s offense over the past few seasons . One should also remember , defense wins championships , and the offense is simply there , as the mainstay of the regular season .

With the NBA postseason now in full swing with the opening round series in some instances , all but established . It seems somewhat unbelievable to believe that the league’s two most renowned franchises are about to be or have been eliminated the first round of the NBA Playoffs . The Boston Celtics have fought back from the cusp of being eliminated in game four , but still find themselves with an almost insurmountable issue in having to still erase a 3-1 deficit in their first round series against the highly regarded New York Knicks .

Having watched this series unfold , to say that I am disappointed in the lack of commitment being shown by the Celtics , would be a tremendous understatement . The core of this roster simply is not good enough , nor has there been any leadership shown by seasoned veterans such as, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett . Granted , while Doc Rivers does not have the privilege of having the team’s best player on the court , It must be said , that as surely as Rajon Rondo is missed, it should not be made or seen as the primary excuse for the team’s poor play in this series . Knicks’ head coach Mike Woodson has simply instilled into this team a real “killer instinct” , not often witnessed with the Knicks’ teams from the franchise’s recent past .

It would be fair to suggest that the Boston Celtics and the franchise’s front office will have to reassess the makeup of this roster and look to build around either Rondo or seek to bring in a marquee free agent during the off-season . Certainly , GM Danny Ainge and senior managing partner Wyc Grousbeck will have to come to a decision , sooner , rather than later as it relates to the immediate and long-term future of this renowned franchise .

This series may well be far from over in the eyes of the Celtics’ fans and players, and it does seem highly unlikely that the team will be derail what now appears to be a focused Knicks’ team obviously looking towards that perceived showdown with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals . Alas , it is my belief that after all of the in-fighting within the Boston Celtics’ locker room and the animosity that allegedly lingered between Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen wasn’t quashed by the coaching staff , head coach or by the Kevin Garnett , the perceived leader of this roster . Instead , Garnett chose to show his immaturity , by berating his former teammate , haranguing him , after his departure , but even more so , when it was announced that Allen had signed with the reigning NBA champions , the Miami Heat.

These are certainly the twilight years in the careers of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce , certainly , two players that are likely to be enshrined in the Naismith (Basketball) Hall of Fame , having met the eligibility requirements upon their retirement .

Despite their value and profitability , it would be fair to say that the Los Angeles Lakers are the most storied franchise in NBA history alongside their most heated rivals the Boston Celtics . With the two franchises accounting for over thirty of the NBA Finals competed for in NBA history .

In what wasn’t seen as a strange turn of events, when the Bryant-less Lakers met the San Antonio Spurs in their opening round series , expectation were high. Instead lackluster … performances , an injury riddled roster and the growing immaturity of Dwight Howard shone through , in what can be best described as piss poor performances all-round from every participant on this Los Angeles Lakers roster during the series. And you simply know things are bad for the franchise when one of the Lakers’ most celebrated fans , actor , Jack Nicholson offers his congratulations to Gregg Popovich and the entire Spurs’ roster , while ignoring several members of the Los Angeles Lakers’ playing staff.

With the Lakers being swept 4-0 in the series , it was the franchise’s earliest exit in the postseason , where the Lakers has a lost series , in such an embarrassing fashion , with that coming in the 1967 Western Conference Semi-Finals to the San Francisco Warriors (Golden State Warriors) .

Mitch Kupchak and SVP Jim Buss now have the unenviable task of assessing the roster and making a number of far-reaching decisions as it relates to the makeup of this team . In my m honest opinion , the general manager and team owner have erred in so many decisions as it relates to this franchise in recent years , that it has been a constant comedy of errors , watching the Lakers as their season came to an abrupt end. Suffice to say , with Dwight Howard showing a real lack of commitment and his getting into foul trouble in the third quarter of game four (103-82) , the fate of this team was sealed as the Spurs came away with a rather lopsided victory , as they now await the victor of the series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies .

The Los Angeles Lakers, are now left on the outside looking in , as their season has simply gone up in flames . In all likelihood, with the Lakers’ bloated payroll ($100.1 million) , and no semblance of financial rationale for the never-ending stupidity to simply overpay for marginal talent , much as it would appear to be for a number teams around the NBA , while David Stern inexcusably tries to make the claim that the franchises of the NBA are financially responsible . Perhaps the NBA Commissioner could indicate the transparency of the claims he continually makes ? Once a boneheaded asshole , always a boneheaded asshole ! Nothing more , nothing less as it relates to David Stern !

ESPN’s David Aldridge is reporting that there will be a stay of execution as it relates to the sale of Sacramento Kings by the Maloof family to a consortium led by billionaire venture capitalist , Chris Hansen and Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer . In what is said to be a last-ditch attempt by the city of Sacramento mayor , Kevin Johnson , it appears that the NBA hierarchy and its Board of Governors have vetoed the sale of the franchise , and the consortium’s bid of almost $600 million is now likely to be overruled ,with the commissioner having been left with egg on his face , as initially he welcomed the pursuant bid of Hansen and Ballmer .

Courtesy of ESPN

In shocking twist, the Kings will likely stay in Sacramento

By David Aldridge

The NBA has all but officially decided to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento.

In a unanimous vote of the league’s combined Relocation and Finance committees Monday afternoon, 12 NBA owners recommended that the league’s Board of Governors vote to deny the relocation of the Kings to Seattle — and, in doing so, deny the sale of the team from the Maloof Family to a Seattle-based group led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

The recommendation will be taken up by the full Board for a formal vote the week of May 13. But it is almost certain that the full Board will go along with the recommendation and vote to keep the Kings in Sacramento, at least for another year.

Relocating a team requires a majority, or 16 of the league’s 30 teams to vote yes. As 12 teams have already voted no, that means the Seattle group would have to get 16 of the league’s remaining 18 teams to vote yes, a near-impossibility. And once relocation is voted down, the sale of the team to Hansen’s group would follow, for Hansen has consistently said he was only interested in buying the Kings if he could move them to Seattle.

“I’ve never been prouder of this city,” Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Tweeted Monday afternoon. “I thank the ownership group, city leaders, but most of all the BEST FANS IN THE NBA!!!”

While the Maloofs are not obligated to sell the Kings, they will now be under incredible pressure to do so, after Sacramento put together a group led by software magnate Vivek Ranadive, who would be the first majority NBA owner of Indian descent. Ranadive’s group submitted a formal bid to the NBA earlier this month that NBA Commissioner David Stern said was comparable to the Seattle bid, and which the league considered binding.

It is not clear what steps the league could take if the Maloofs opt not to negotiate with the Ranadive group or sell to it. Stern reiterated earlier this month that the league does generally allow owners to sell to whomever they want, provided the new owners’ finances are in place, even though the league decides whether teams will be allowed to move.

The league also knew that its owners’ decision would rip the heart out of one city or the other. There was no solution that could make both happy.

“It’s not exactly comparing two cities,” a source with knowledge of the discussions said Monday. “It’s been hard to leave a place that’s been good to the NBA. Leaving a team, leaving a city, leaving a bunch of fans when they stepped up. That’s what it is.”

The decision caps an incredible comeback by the city of Sacramento, which looked doomed to lose its team after Hansen and the Maloofs announced in January they had reached a binding deal for the Maloofs to sell 65 percent of the team to Hansen, or $341 million, on a franchise valuation of $525 million. Hansen gave the Maloofs a non-refundable $30 million deposit as part of the agreement.

Ranadive’s group, according to an April 17 letter from the Maloof Family to the league that was leaked to the media, agreed to match the $525 million valuation for the team, but wanted to give the Maloofs a $15 million non-refundable deposit instead of $30 million. The Maloofs claimed that entering into an agreement with the Sacramento group would constitute a breach of contract with the Hansen group and would reduce the family’s leverage to negotiate in case the league vetoed the sale to the Hansen group.

Hansen had meticulously put together a plan over two years, purchasing land near Major League Baseball’s Safeco Field on which he wanted to build a new arena for an NBA and National Hockey League team. He reached an agreement with the city of Seattle for construction of a $491 building with up to $200 million in public funds.

But Sacramento, led by Johnson, came roaring back, putting together its own arena deal and ownership group, first led by supermarket mogul Ron Burkle and 24-Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov. But Burkle had to drop out of the team and arena plans after a conflict of interest with one of his businesses, which represents NBA players, was discovered.

Burkle was replaced by Ranadive, a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, who quickly became the face of the Sacramento group. The city and the Ranadive Group reached agreement on construction of a $447 million arena, with Sacramento contributing $258 million toward the costs.

The Board of Governors postponed a final vote on whether to accept the Seattle or Sacramento plans when it met earlier this month, with NBA Commissioner David Stern citing the incredibly complex issues the league faced. Could it vote to leave a city whose fans had been incredibly loyal over the years, and who had reached agreement with the Maloofs last year on a new arena deal, only to see the family walk away?

On the other hand, Seattle had famously lost its team, which became the Oklahoma City Thunder, in 2008, and the NBA had lost a potentially dynamic market. The Hansen bid for the Kings wildly inflated the value of all other NBA teams, and the potential revenues from a regional sports network and other corporate dollars made Seattle an enticing city. In addition, Hansen’s group went about its business quietly, as the NBA prefers.


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For the last eight years the Sacramento Kings have been one of the least supported franchises in the NBA , along with being one of the least profitable of the NBA’s thirty teams . Why in the world Johnson would seek retain a loss making concern that is barely supported with anemic attendance level seems somewhat idiotic , but for the life of me I cannot understand the reasoning behind the mayor’s madness when his city has its very own budgetary woes to deal with . As with any asinine politician, who ill-serves his electorate, and the citizens who have entrusted him to lead. It does beg the question , will he now seek to use public resources to aid millionaire software magnate Vivek Ranadive and his last-minute bid for the Western Conference franchise ? Ranadive stepped into the fray , the moment this consortium hastily put together by Kevin Johnson , when billionaire real estate magnate , Ron Burkle dropped out the syndicate citing personal and professional reasons . In reality, Burkle’s concerns lay elsewhere , as he is one of the lead developers of the downtown Los Angeles area, seeking build a commercial and private real estate development , that will potentially house a 85,000 to 100,000 seat stadium with the view of luring a relocating or a new NFL franchise into the nation’s second largest ad market and its second most populated city. Be that as it may , my question for commissioner , if he is now prepared be mindful of the Board of Governors’ wish in such an instance . Then what in essence is now so different here from the same situation that arose when the Seattle Supersonics’ sale to Clay Bennett , when that franchise was then relocated to Oklahoma City ? Clearly , the league hierarchy , in this instance, has never acted with any real transparency , as it relates to their decision-making .

Many of you will know by now, that there were allegations made that the NBA acted with a great deal of subterfuge as they simply sought to relocate the Sonics’ franchise because of the advantage tax breaks that would be received by the Oklahoma City Thunder , from the municipality of Oklahoma City . Over the first five years of the residency within their new home (Chesapeake Energy Center) , the franchise was able to receive in excess of $65 million in tax breaks and other lucrative benefits for the state of Oklahoma’s only professional NBA franchise , much less its only professional sport’s franchise. It now begs the question what benefits will the city of Sacramento offer to the new ownership group of the Kings and their wish to remain in the California state capitol ? Is this really how Kevin Johnson and his fellow city commissioners wish to spend the goodwill and the resources of the city, while the NBA once again profits from this all. Most of all, the biggest benefactors from this all will remain the Maloof Family , and the lead siblings, Joe and Gavin Maloof , who preside over the sports’ interests of the familial holdings .

If Vivek Ranadive’s bid is now approved , and the Maloofs walk away with their newfound cash haul of $600 million to aid them in now ailing business interests as it relates to the family’s beverage , hospitality and transportation interests , their departure from the ranks of owners within the NBA fraternity , cannot come around quick enough in some circles . Joe and Gavin Maloof’s alleged business acumen as it relates to the Kings , has been at best , mediocre and a complete farce . The very fact that GM Geoff Petrie has also presided in and over this fu#king mess , makes it all the more asinine , that David Stern continues to make these dubious claims as to the league’s continued financial health and well-being. Meanwhile, anally retentive fans, continue to buy into the commissioner’s continued bull$hit ! The sooner the commissioner departs from his post , the better off NBA will be ! Unfortunately, Stern’s heir-apparent , Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver will assume his role in February 2014 and will follow in the same vein, as his predecessor. What else could the NBA ask for, at this juncture ? Simply one more reason to see the NBA for what it has simply become , a brand and business template completely devoid of character , integrity but above all , real leadership from anyone with a position of authority. Does anyone actually believe that David Stern has always acted in the best interest of the league?



What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? By all means do leave a comment as you deem fit , concerning the subject matter and anything else that you believe to be pertinent .


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(1) In this Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012 photo, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) warms up before an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, N.Y. The New York Jets say, Monday, April 29, 2013, they have waived Tebow. AP Photo/Gary Wiepert ….

(2) Tim Tebow (15) is seen here alongside his now former teammate, Mark Sanchez(6) , after the former Heisman Trophy winner was waived by the franchise . The New York Jets still have 5 quarterbacks remaining on the roster . There now seems to be mounting speculation that Sanchez is likely to be traded by the Jets , should they be able to find a suitable trade partner willing to undertake the remainder of the player’s sizable contract . GM John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan have refused to speculate on Mark Sanchez’s immediate future at this juncture . AP Photo / Richard Carter ….

(3) Jets’ front office executive John Idzik, left, sits next to New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan while waiting to be introduced as the Jets new general manager on the Jan 24th, 2013 . AP Photo / Mark Ruffo …..

(4) West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is seen here making his first public appearance as a member of the New York Jets . The quarterback was drafted as in the second round by the AFC East franchise . Smith hopes to make an immediate impact and contribution for the Jets this upcoming season . Yet it appears unlikely that he will be the starter in week one , as the common belief is , that veteran quarterback David Garrard will be the starting quarterback in that game , their season opener , against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Getty Images North America / Paul Windham …..

(5) Veteran quarterback David Garrard, pictured inset , is likely to be the team’s starting quarterback during the regular season , but he is likely to face stiff competition from newly drafted rookie Geno Smith , as well as the other passers on the roster seeking to become the primary quarterback in the team’s depth chart . AFP / Ricardo Marchiallo ….

(6) New York Knicks’ Raymond Felton (2) gets a high-five from a teammate as Boston Celtics’ Doc River s walks onto the court after calling a time out during the second quarter of Game 3 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Boston, Friday, April 26, 2013. AP Photo/Winslow Townson ….

(7) New York Knicks’ Iman Shumpert (21) tries to control the ball as Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce (34) struggles with Knicks’ Kenyon Martin , far right, during the second half in Game 4 of a first round NBA basketball playoff series in Boston, Sunday, April 28, 2013. The Celtics won 97-90 in overtime. AP Photo/Elise Amendola …..

(8) Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol (16) , of Spain, knocks the ball out of the hands of San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan during the second half in Game 4 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series , Sunday, April 28, 2013, in Los Angeles. The Spurs won 103-82 and swept the Lakers in four games to bring the Los Angeles’ franchise’s season to an abrupt end . AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill ….

(9) Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard , right, looks on along with San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal , left, after receiving a technical foul during the first half in Game 4 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series, Sunday, April 28, 2013, in Los Angeles. Howard scored seven points before getting ejected early in the third quarter for arguing . The Spurs won 103-82 . What we have seen from Dwight Howard in recent years has been the player’s growing immaturity and complete lack of leadership skills , but there are those who stand by the claim that he remains the best center in the NBA , and that may well be the case from a defensive and offensive standpoint , but it has to be said that he lacks the leadership qualities as such revered centers as Shaquille O’Neal , David Robinson , Hakeem Olajuwon , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain . AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill ….

(10) Indian-American software mogul Vivek Ranadive who is now showing an interest in purchasing the beleaguered Sacramento Kings . In the aftermath of 12 of the NBA’s thirty owners voting against the sale and relocation of the franchise , it now leaves the road clear for Ranadive’s bid to be accepted by the league hierarchy and Board of Governors . Getty Images North America / Bill Parker ……….




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  1. I am a Christian who hates homosexuals because it’s a sin against’s God’s teaching and my name is Chris Broussard ! F@uk you Broussard and the horse you rode in on , you hypocritical a$shole !

    So typical of a moronic a#shole ( Broussard) who makes Stephen A Smith , Jason Whitlock and former plagiarism journalist Jayson Blair seem like damn geniuses . . Organized religion if represented by idiots such as Broussard and Reverend Fred Phelps can’t figure it without their bigotry . Then it’s clear that their intolerance cannot be tolerated and now that pompous ingrate Broussard has his employees covering his dumb ass after his completely insensitive and unwarranted statements . Chris Broussard can show that sort of intolerance but his fu#king a$s was nowhere to be seen or heard from when Kobe Bryant was embroiled in a rape allegation . What sort of a frigging ingrate does that make this moron to begin with ?

    Broussard can be critical of Jason Collins because he has come out and declared his sexuality as a homosexual , which isn’t against the law, but yet he all but excuses the behavior a known philanderer and then accused rapist , Kobe Bryant , whose credibility still remains in doubt to this day , even in light of his affair with actress , Sanaa Lathan and reconciliation with his wife Vanessa Bryant . Chris Brossard you’re a fu#king waste of space as a journalist , human being and as an avowed Christian . If truth be known , you are in fact an intolerant bigot . !

    The Jets may not have a tough sell , should they seek to trade Mark Sanchez , because Idzik and Rex Ryan are likely to be asking far too much for the five year veteran quarterback drafted b the franchise in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft .

    The Celtics are a team which who is old at its core , lacking in leadership , and who in Kevin Garnett , they have a player who is longer as good as his best years would suggest . The Knicks ought to put them out of their misery and close out this series as quickly as possible .

    Now comes the off season for the Lakers and now we will how much mettle GM Mitch Kupchak has whether or not he can make the decisions needed to make the Lakers better , rather than repeatedly seeking to bring in, high priced free agents , that in large part have proven to have some success but in the past four years that success has been fleeting .

    Dwight Howard statistically might well be the best center in the NBA during the regular season , but from a skill-set , this postseason both Marc Gasol and Brook Lopez have proven to be more than his equal .


    A trip to bountiful and plentiful , if you know what I mean ? Jordan Carver and Wendy Fiore

    Ha , ha , made you look, didn’t I ?

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  2. David Stern
    once again proving that he simply doesn’t give a shit about the fans of the NBA ! Anyone with an ounce of remote common sense will know that Stern’s only wish is to simply con the various cities where there are NBA franchises domiciled out of as much money as they can .. For proof of that you only have to see what took place in Seattle that led to the Sonics departing , albeit that they (city) received a $25 million cash payoff , after being repeatedly being lied to by the league and the then , new owners , led by Clay Bennett of the Oklahoma City Thunder .

    ”Adam and I are men of our word and we have never intentionally lied to anyone ” . David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver

    “If you mutha-##ckers double-cross me , I’ll gut you both like a fish and have my homies fu#k every female member of your family and I might even go Brokeback on both your asses , myself ” ! Sac-town mayor , Kevin Johnson (middle) , seen here with current Kings’ owners Joe and Gavin Maloof .

    Now once again the city of Seattle , is likely to be left out in the cold, because the commissioner is now reneging on an earlier promise made to Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer that they would be assisted in their bid for the mismanaged and woefully inept …… Sacramento Kings .

    Inasmuch as I know Stern is boob , there’s no way in hell he’s as big a boob as this .

    Never been able to get over that Monday morning feeling ? Denise Milani , has .

    Tophatal ………..

    Tophatal ………………….


  3. Been busy with spring football/baseball studying but found time to ask you Alan one puzzling question.

    HTF is Mel Kiper known as the ‘Draft Expert’? His mock draft annual is being discontinued. Personally, I think Dan Patrick started the moniker as a joke and it stuck. This guy picks more losers than Yankee GM Cashman.

    Also Alan, do you think Tiger Woods surpasses Jack’s majors victory record? Kinda split down the middle here. Lotta both sides private wagering.


    1. Ronbets

      With the upcoming football season , it will be interesting to see whether or not Nick Saban can win a fifth national title with the Alabama program because that team is likely to be stacked with talent from top to bottom along with phenomenal coaching staff to aid Saban in his endeavors .

      Mel Kiper is about as much an expert on the NFL Draft as Paris Hilton could be considered a Ph.D candidate for Harvard in Molecular Biology . He simply offers the fans and draft geeks alike little tidbits , while he has no frigging credibility , having been known to frequently associate himself with the rookies’ agents , merely to glean information , which he then uses as his own and showing those players favorable comments . That’s showing bias , rather than being insightful and informative , which in reality , is what the fans actually would like to witness from these so called analysts .

      Are these, two of your newest best friends bouncing up and down so happily ?

      Tiger Woods is likely to win the four majors needed to equal Jack Nicklaus’ mark of eighteen Grand Slam tournament wins . The real pertinent question that ought to be asked , is what is the actual time-frame will be , leading up to that historical nineteenth win that will surpass Nicklaus’ mark .

      Lindsay Vonn . Is she worth bangin’ ?

      Another question we could also ask , is how many times a week does he get inside of Lindsay Vonn’s pants to see some “real action” ? Does Tiger use his 9 iron when he gets into or approaches Lindsay’s rough or her bush ?

      Tophatal ……………


    2. I’ve said it before, Mel Kiper is an entertainer, and not a draft expert. The NFL Draft has become a television ratings winner for ESPN and the NFL Network. It scored a higher rating that the NBA playoffs believe it or not.

      So Kiper is there just to play his role of “Draft Expert”, whether he really is or not. Even if he was at one time, he doesn’t have to be any more. It’s all about the show now, and Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock or whoever the talking head of the moment is, they don’t have to be right, all they need to do is have a take and keep the show rolling..


    3. Ronbets

      Frank Caliendo below impersonates Mel Kiper .

      When I open the patio door to my house there is a draft that enters the home . Does that mean Kiper’s expertize is not that far behind ? LOL,LOL !!!

      Dave Chappell’s famous skit on the racial draft .


  4. For Jets fans, keep worrying. Things are going to get worse before they get any better.
    Same thing for Celtics fans. And stop complaining that Ray Allen on this team would have made a difference. It wouldn’t have.
    For Lakers fans, back to the drawing board. There are about to be some changes made here… you better hope.
    And for Sacramento Kings fans, you all have Kevin Johnson to thank.


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      The Jets and the front office are so goddamn clueless that it took someone of GM John Idzik’s intelligence to actually do what was right . Former GM , Mike Tannenbaum was a and still remains a frigging as#hole and the guy couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to spot talent , were it to fall from the sky and land on the end of his pe#is .

      For these bleeding idiots who still believe that Tim Tebow is capable of playing in the NFL , can they answer me this , what fu#king position in the league is he capable playing adequately and which team in their right mind would have him on their roster ?

      The Celtics’ roster , at its core is far too old , and they simply do not have an out and out scorer . They are far too reliant on Paul Pierce to provide the team , with the bulk of their offensive productivity . GM Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers , in terms of an upgrade simply did not do enough to improve the makeup of the team or their play on both ends of the floor .

      Kevin Garnett can no longer be considered the appropriate leader of this Celtics’ roster , and if anything , he has become a bloviated asshole and a frigging monstrous bore , whose best years are behind him and most certainly not ahead of him !

      Boston Celtics’ news

      Tophatal ………………..


    2. Chris Humpherys

      The Kings’ fans are simply not intelligent enough to realize that they have been ” sold a bill of goods , that hasn’t been worth anything of value over the past five years at least . The
      has been mismanaged and financially irresponsible . Yet their dumb ass fans talk about making money from the concessions, such as parking and the the sales of memorabilia . How fu#king clueless are those fans to begin with ?

      No one goes to the Sleep Train Arena to actually watch the team play , which hasn’t been a surprise or a rarity when you consider how bad this current team just happens to be . The Kings’ fans simply can’t handle the truth , as they’re nowhere near intelligent enough to realize that the idiocy that has been taking place right in front of their very own eyes .

      Kevin Johnson is now prepared to use over $250 million of public funds to aid a multimillionaire to build a venue , while his own city undergoes budgetary woes , and he continues to furlough and or ” pink slip” municipal employees . Simply typical of today’s fu#king clueless politicians whose idea of dealing with an acute economic matter is place a Band Aid on a continually hemorrhaging wound .

      Would you love to pin her down for a submission ? Wendy Fiore

      Tophatal ……………


  5. The NBA playoffs boring. I tried watching but I can’t. Maybe two minutes and most and then it’s click- This crap is horrible. The NFL draft- give the Tim Tebow crap a rest. The fools at ESPN tell us the media circus follows Tebow. Who created the media circus? ESPN, Fox and the rest of fools. That;s who. Leave him alone. leave us alone too


    1. It`s a story (Tim Tebow ) that just won`t die and the NFL simply has no wish to see it completely disappear , because as long as it remains a part of the news cycle the happier they and the media outlets remain .

      Te moment the Lakers were ousted from the playoffs you simply knew that their fans would disappear into the wind . Now could also be on the cusp of seeing the Celtics also be dumped out of the postseason rather unceremoniously .

      tophatal …………..


      1. As long as Tim Tebow pushes the interest meter for ESPN, they will keep talking about him. It’s entertainment. People ask why Fox News has a bunch of conservative blowhards all over their network? And the answer is because they bring ratings. Television networks are in business to make money through advertising. So whatever pushes the meter is what they will talk about.


        1. Wen it comes to Fox , and their parent company News Corp ,. all you need to know , although they`re one of the globe`s leading media companies , they are certainly not the most profitable by any concern . And in terms it programming what does Fox really have to offer the consumer ?

          Their film studio , Twentieth Century Fox , is far too reliant comic book staples to move their profits than quality movies with real substance .

          Tophatal ……………..


        2. What the fu#k is it that idiots fail to understand as it relates to Tebow`s lack of football intelligence ? Yet you have idiots chiming in with this continued idiocy that he deserves another chance . Why ? Tim Tebow was never that good to begin with !

          Tophatal …………………..


    2. The only team for me, that as really created excitement this postseason has been the Warriors , primarily because of the play of Step Curry .

      Tophatal ……………………..


  6. Soooooooo, where are we goona put the Jets this year? Seems sthe brass dunno, so just screw the fans……has become a lousy organization


  7. >

    I wasn’t aware that movie director Barry Sonnenfeld had cast the Knicks for MIB IV ? So what went wrong last night for New York Knicks , apart from looking like a bunch of supercilious a#sholes leading up to the game ?

    Nets’ owner , Mikhail Prokhorov has to be worried that his overrated Nets’ team , are simply not meeting his lofty expectations .

    The Nets are being outplayed by the Bulls and they are being embarrassed on both ends of the floor .

    NBA postseason brackets & overview

    The postseason breakdown of the various series .


    Melyssa Ford

    Tophatal ………..


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