In the land of milk and honey ………

In the land of milk and honey

Well the NFL Draft came and went without too much fuss or ballyhoo , but yet fans are now either trying to speculate as to what now is likely to take place amongst a number of franchises around the league . The biggest story might well have been the New York Jets’ decision to waive the team’s backup quarterback, Tim Tebow . GM John Idzik in many respects , was simply being polite with regard to the player’s future and undoubtedly his deteriorating skillet . Yet , for some sense of purpose there seems to be fans around the NFL , who believe that the player is still capable of playing the game at a high level within the league . From my own perspective in spite of what Tim Tabor was able to achieve in 2011 , he is simply not good enough to play the position in the NFL . Doubt my word , then simply look at the stats which will bear this all out , most notably in 2011 and of course last season .

The pressure now seems to be on the Jets’ incumbent starting quarterback , Mark Sanchez , whose own long-term situation will be under scrutiny by the front office . Not to be left out of that equation also , will be the future of head coach Rex Ryan , whose four years with the franchise , has seen more lows than highs. Ryan it was said , was a defense minded guru of the game , but over the past two seasons, this was not borne out at all , by the team’s play . And with the team’s draft class , said to be one a mixed bag of tricks , with the biggest name of that class being West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith . As to what, this might now mean for Mark Sanchez, can now be determined in the public statements made by John Idzik . The general manager for the fans and public’s consumption has said that in essence all five quarterbacks on the team’s roster will be part of the competition , to fill the starting role for the franchise this upcoming season .

Character issues or not , the young rookie quarterback will have a great deal to prove in his rookie season , if it is his intent to beat out Sanchez , David Garrard , Greg McElroy and Matt Simms , for the starter’s role on this team .

There now seems to be a complete disconnect in the NBA between the intelligence of the players , how they view themselves and what now seems to be happening in the real world . As all know , athletes today, simply see themselves , as above the fray , above the law , and if nothing else , they will have their agents , simply create an image, that in no way reflects who these athletes , actually are . The New York Knicks in the past forty-eight hours have gone from a franchise that was one everyone’s lips as the likely contender and opposition for the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals , to a roster full of self-observed players , in which their fans are now looking to make excuses for the players’ lapse in judgment and their somewhat anemic performance in game five of their first round match-up against the Boston Celtics . A Boston team , who now seem to be playing with a great deal of emotion , in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy . As to the lapse in judgment , put that down to the juvenile mentality of a seasoned veteran , in Kenyon Martin , who seems to be having something of a rejuvenated NBA life after something of an underachieving career overall . It was at Martin’s insistence , that he and his teammates dressed in black as a show of unison , and apparently as a way of somehow imposing their will upon their opponent . Well, that idiocy seemingly backfired , with the Knicks being hoisted on their own ass , deservedly so , as they were soundly beaten by their Eastern Conference rivals .


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Forced into a pivotal game six match-up , albeit , that the Knicks lead the series 3-2 , they simply cannot allow the Boston Celtics to come away with a victory tonight , when the two teams meet in a packed TD Bank North arena , in Boston, Massachusetts ,. With seemingly nothing to lose , Celtics’ coach Doc Rivers knows that with his team riding on a wave of emotion and with the fervent support of the residents of Boston , leveling the series and then setting up that series’ deciding game seven , would place the Knicks in an unenviable position . A scenario that doesn’t exactly bode well for the New York Knicks and specifically New York sports’ fans in general . The 2004 ALCS between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees , not only did that series rancor the New York fans , but it set about the spiraling out of control of every fan within the tri-state area who just happened to be a Yankees’ fan , after the Red Sox came back from erasing a 3-0 deficit to win the series 4-3 , then going to win the World Series that season .

The likelihood of that scenario now happening does seem remote , but given the uncertainty shown by this Knicks’ team and the inexperience of this current roster as it relates to postseason play. It would not necessarily be something of a surprise to see the team bow out postseason play . Yet on the other hand , it would be seen as catastrophic , given the high expectations of this organization , the coaching staff and players . It would be pretty much safe to say that after Carmelo Anthony’s spectacular season , the one thing the one thing he is likely to regret , would be for this team to dumped out of the postseason unceremoniously , while the whole NBA world looks on .

The New York Knicks’ fans may well have been justified, in suggesting that their team were perhaps the ones to beat during the regular season , with the exception of the Miami Heat within the Eastern Conference . Yet , when asked to succinctly put into words the strengths and weaknesses on this roster , it was akin to watching a child trying to speak their very first words . They were enraptured , by style over , any real substance , it was as plain and simple , as that ! This Knicks’ team lacks a great deal of heart , lacks toughness , but it overall , when it comes to real adversity , there is no one willing enough to step up to the plate and lead by example . While ESPN analyst and noted journalist Stephen A Smith gushes over the team like a high school senior out on a prom date , believing that he’s unto a sure thing . At the back of his mind , even Smith , is now having reservations as to whether or not they possess the psyche to actually get the job done .

With their being some critical game sixes on the schedule tonight , for all sense and purpose a number of teams participating , are likely to see their seasons come to an abrupt end . This much I do know , of the first round series that have taken place or that have yet to reach their finality . None has been more entertaining than that of the series between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets . Not only has this contest become one of mental attrition , it has become physical , with now an apparent dislike between the two teams and the opposing head coaches , each making their feelings felt as to the lack of sportsmanship by either . It’s time for George Karl and Mark Jackson to “ throw down “ , take off the gloves , really say what they mean and might feel .

Last night , it all came to a head when the two teams met in game six , with the Warriors looking to close out the series and the Nuggets simply looking to stay alive . Instead , the game became the “coming out party “ for Steph Curry , who this postseason , has been the most electrifying player to watch , as his stature and game has grown. . There was a sense that we were seeing the NBA’s new star , and indeed Curry may well be what the Warriors’ fans have yearned for, after all these years in the wilderness and being the butt of so many jokes around the NBA.

Warriors’ owners , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber , along with Jerry West , have steered this franchise from being a nondescript entity to one of the league’s more surprising teams this season . A season in which the franchise has shone , a great deal now is expected of this team as they proceed forward . In the conference semifinals , a second round match-up against the number two seeds , the San Antonio Spurs awaits Steph Curry and his teammates . As to the likely outcome of that series , much of that will be predicated upon the play of Curry and the coaching ingenuity shown by Mark Jackson . I get the feeling that while that series will be entertaining , the likely outcome will not be what the Warriors’ fans are hoping for !

On Saturday night , WBC and WBA light middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather (43-0,26 KO’s) will defend his welterweight title against fellow American , Roberto Guerrero in what will or should be a highly entertaining spectacle . Mayweather , long regard as the best pound for pound fighter on the planet , in reality is now fighting merely to pad record and the monetary gain. The financial rewards for the titleholder for this bout , is likely to see him , walk away within excess of $25 million , simply for defending his title, and before any residuals are added to that figure. Already , a shrewd businessman , Floyd Mayweather , along with his partner Leonard Ellerbee , through his promotion’s company , now have the financial clout to dictate when , where and whom he fights and that is all set to his own schedule.


Mayweather remains the biggest draw in boxing , and the long awaited bout that many have yearned for , is now unlikely to ever take place . With two recent losses on his record , Manny Pacquiao is now on the decline and no longer a desired opponent of Floyd Mayweather , in spite of his own claims, of having offered the Filipino fighter $25 million guaranteed , to face him at a place of their choosing . The titleholder knows how to talk up a fight , denigrate an opponent , but most of all , he simply knows how self-promote. Not since Muhammad Ali at his very best , have we seen a fighter with this much talent , simply wade through his opponents as if it were all secondary to him and simply a light workout . Granted , one might point to “Sugar” Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson at the height of their acclaim , but neither fighter had the aptitude or showmanship now being exhibited by the Michigan native .

Mayweather for is part, seeks to stake his claim , as one of the best ever in the annals of boxing history . With career earnings in excess of $ 225 million , the fighter recently signed a six-fight deal with the CBS owned Showtime Network , that will see Floyd Mayweather earn $200 million over the duration of the deal, which does not include any of the ancillary benefits normally associated with such deals. Boxing`s steady decline, in terms of viewership and the sport`s now narrow audience , no longer makes it the prerequisite destination for the average male , let alone the legion of females drawn to the bouts and the fighters .

Away from the gladiatorial arena , Mayweather, in a recent interview conducted with ESPN`s , Stephen A Smith , which sought to soften the boxers image . Smith fawned over the fighter. much like a schoolboy with a crush on a teenage girl . The interview in so many ways , was bile inducing drivel and slop , with the fighter pointing to the fact that he was incarcerated for a six-month sentence, during which he stated he missed his kids , spouse and other immediate family members . It should be noted, that the reason for Floyd Mayweather`s incarceration, was the fact he was charged with assault and battery on his spouse , children, as well as threatening a federal witness and law enforcement officer. Yet , this was excluded in the interview while Smith tried to suggest Mayweather had in fact turned over a new leaf in is life. I`m sorry but Smith , like Floyd Mayweather , were simply seeking to blow smoke up everyone`s ass with an interview that simply had no substance to it at all . Being the biggest, doesn’t always mean the best and that now is certainly the case when it comes to journalistic integrity .

One month into baseball`s long and arduous season, it looks as if we already know the teams that seem to be playing themselves out of contention without any chance of being remotely involved in postseason play . I am not about to suggest that this season is likely to be a monumental bust , but there does seem to be something of anomaly being set in this scenario. Coming into this weekend`s schedule , several games are likely to have the fans rooting wholeheartedly for their teams . The Boston Red Sox (20-8) currently have the best record in the Majors leading the AL East by a 2 ½ game margin over the New York Yankees (17-10) .

The San Diego Padres are a team heading nowhere with the team`s coaching staff seemingly at a loss , as to how best to address the woes of the organization . Far be it, for me to suggest , but having changed hands in terms of the team`s ownership , nothing seems to have changed at all in terms of the mediocrity exhibited by the ball-club .

Bud Black has been entrusted to manage this Padres` team . So far this season , things simply have not gone as planned, with the San Diego Padres rooted firmly at the bottom of the NL West with an 11-17 record . The Padres are scheduled to meet the Arizona Diamondbacks in a three-game series at PETCO Park in San Diego , California . The first of those three games are set to start on Friday , 3rd May 2013 , and somehow this contest between two struggling teams , gives credence as to what can go so wrong , when an organization has been completely mismanaged .

What thoughts if any, do you have concerning the points raised within piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit and as always , thanks for the continued support of this site !


Tophatal ……. 05/03/2013

NB : At the time this posting the series between the Celtics and Knicks was not yet final in terms of a result .


(1) Jets` GM John Idzik and head coach Rex Ryan .

(2) Stephen A Smith and Floyd Mayweather .

(3) Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) shoots over Denver Nuggets’ JaVale McGee (34) during the first half of Game 6 in a first-round NBA basketball playoff series in Oakland, Calif., Thursday, May 2, 2013. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez …

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16 thoughts on “In the land of milk and honey ………”

  1. If Mayweather should lose his welterweight title …. tonight , then it won`t be for a lack of trying on the part of Robert Guerrero , whose record is quite impressive compared to the butter beans and tomato cans , that Floyd has been fighting as of late , while walking away with , at a minimum of $20 million per fight for his last six bouts .

    Could things be any worse for the Padres and in particular for two bad professional sports franchises within the city ? Did anyone watch the woefully inept Chargers last season ?

    Chargers news and draft class (2013)

    San Diego Padres news & team stats (2013)


    Nicole Narain …..

    Tophatal ………………..


  2. You can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink . The Nets were a joke this postseason , no guts , no leadership and overrated point guard in Deron Williams . Never mind the lackluster performances of an overpaid and overrated Joe Johnson . The Nets suck !

    There`s a reason why $hit rolls downhill and not up , here are two , in question .

    Joe Johnson shoots 2-of-14 in Game 7 for Nets

    Once confident the Nets could contend with the Knicks and the Miami Heat, Johnson watched his team fall, 99-93, to a beleaguered Bulls unit playing without Derrick Rose (ACL), Kirk Hinrich (calf bruise) and Luol Deng (illness). Signed to be the perfect complement to point guard Deron Williams (24 points, seven assists), Johnson, suffering through plantar fasciitis in his left foot, managed six points on 2-of-14 shooting.

    By Kevin Armstrong , NY Daily News

    Joe Johnson, the Brooklyn Nets guard making nearly $20 million this season, carried his Louis Vuitton backpack through the losing locker room following Game 7 Saturday night inside the Barclays Center. He laid the bag down on a chair, buttoned up a black corduroy shirt and then pivoted to face the four television cameras trained on him.

    “Terrible game,” he said.


    Once confident the Nets could contend with the Knicks and the Miami Heat, Johnson watched his team fall, 99-93, to a beleaguered Bulls unit playing without Derrick Rose (ACL), Kirk Hinrich (calf bruise) and Luol Deng (illness). Signed to be the perfect complement to point guard Deron Williams (24 points, seven assists), Johnson, suffering through plantar fasciitis in his left foot, managed six points on 2-of-14 shooting.

    “It was tough not being able to come through for these guys,” Johnson said. “I tried to be there to help them out.”


    Johnson’s first season in Brooklyn after being traded from Atlanta had its ups and downs. He was acquired on July 2 and developed a reputation as one of the game’s most clutch shooters. That carried over into the playoffs as he knocked down a pair of jump shots in the final 12 seconds of the first overtime in Game 4. Interim coach P.J. Carlesimo labeled Johnson “lethally effective.”


    Click on link to read in full .


    Nets playoff stats

    Teams` playoff stats . —– offense and defense .

    The Bulls with an injury plagued roster made the Nets look , oh so , inadequate !

    NBA results 05/04/2013

    In order to legitimize his status Floyd has continued to fight tomato cans over the last six or seven bouts and tonight appears to be no different .

    Nets` payroll and yearly salaries . Team payroll and adjudged against the rest of the NBA .

    Floyd Mayeather comes away having pocketed a cool $35 million from his fight with Guerrero . Neither Amir Khan , Saul Alvarez or Orlando Canizales will pose any trouble, whomever, Money picks as is next opponent .

    Saul Alvarez


    Orlando Canizalesz


    Amir Khan

    “Gonna make it rain up in this bitc# tonight Robert “ ! Money Wayweather

    Boxing results 4 May

    It`s official the Astros (8-22) are the worst team in the Majors , especially after tonight`s 17-2 loss to the Tigers , where Miguel Cabrera went off like a pimp bitch slapping one of whores !

    MLB results 4 May 2013

    Who doesn`t want to be Tom Brady ? Married to Heidi Klum and now he`s a co-owner of the winner of the Kentucky Derby , Orb .


    Bea Flora , simply likes to touch herself and she seems to like it .

    Jugs anyone ?

    Tophatal ……………….


    1. bobby gee

      The NBA is not built for success of the teams but more so , it is about making money , more than anything else . Merely because there are superstars allegedly playing on a number of teams , being overpaid for their talents . In the end the quality and quantity , becomes really lacking .

      NBA team offensive stats

      NBA offensive stats

      Boxing is no longer relevant in spite of the notoriety and success of Floyd Maweather .

      As for the NFL Draft , well that`s a story that will unfold over the course of the off-season and regular season .

      Tophatal ……………….


      1. Many do not realize this the NFL is dead. The liberals have the NFL in their cross hairs and the game is dead. Once liberals get their hooks into life they suck the life out of it. trust me on this- Mike Greenberg is the spokes idiot for the killing of the NFL. He doesn’t even know it but he is killing his own profession as well as many others that work behind the scenes


        1. The NFL isn`t yet a dinosaur but Roger Goodell is slowly leading it there , because of his failure to address many of the issues that affect the game .

          Consider the fact also there are over 3,500 current and former players in the process of litigation against the league at various levels within the US judicial system . Yet , Goodell is now looking to have each case thrown out because he believes that none of the cases has any merit whatsoever .

          Tophatal ………..


  3. As usual, all remains to be seen….thinking teams didn’t play to Tedrows strengths…dunno

    Thoughts on the Penguins getting to the finals??


    1. al clements

      Let`s get one ting straight the Jets` coaching staff led by Rex Ryan and the front office prior to John Idzik , simply weren`t intelligent enough to begin with ! The trade for Tim Tebow was a monumental mistake , and the idiocy of the fans who think Tebow deserved a chance to play , clearly there were nowhere near as intelligent as they believe themselves to be .

      As for the Penguins making it to the Stanley Cup Finals , they`ve as good a chance as anyone else seeking to win the title . And as long as Sidney Crosby is firing on all cylinders , I think that they`re capable of winning it all .

      Irina Shayk

      Tophatal ……


  4. More than anything, we still can’t believe the Los Angeles Clippers are no longer in the playoffs. For all the good things they did in the regular season and to be eliminated in the first round, it’s hard to say it was a fantastic year.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      How could you have doubted the Warriors , given the season that they and Steph Curry have had ? This series against the Spurs is likely to be a testy one , as has been the case , with two fantastic games so far in this Western Conference Semifinals Series .

      I believe that the Spurs will prevail in six or seven games , but much of that will be predicated upon the effectiveness of the team’s defense during this series .


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