Desperate times call for desperate measures ………..

Desperate times , calls for desperate measures ……

Strange as it now seems, the NBA finds itself in a quandary with the departure both the Los Angeles Lakers and now the Boston Celtics from postseason play. This now leaves the league without the two most prestigious teams in NBA history and quite possibly, what is likely to lead to a decline in viewership, for postseason play . The fact that both teams were unceremoniously dumped in the first round was not astonishing but it does lead us to question however , what is it and where will both franchises be heading , in terms of their immediate and long-term future ?


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For head coaches Mike D’Antoni and Doc Rivers , it now leaves both , questioning whether or not they can proceed along into next season , with aging rosters , and in some case , players who are essentially , either past their prime or who have simply underperformed . From my own perspective I believe it to be both and the very fact that a false sense of security led both to believe that their teams were simply good enough to make a deep playoff run during this postseason . Now we know, that has not been the case , and both teams in their current guises, are likely to be revamped by their respective front office staffs.

While many of the results of the postseason might not have come as a great surprise to a number of fans and analysts alike . It must be said , that the fashion in which a number of teams were dispatched from the playoffs did come as a surprise . Perhaps none more so than the Brooklyn Nets whose payroll is was amongst the highest in the league . The team’s three main stars , Deron Williams , Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace accounted for more than 54% of the ….. team’s $83.9 million payroll .

With Nets’ fall from grace against a short-handed Chicago Bulls’ team , where the ramifications were great and the judgment from the front office , was swift and “cold-blooded “ . GM Billy King , in conjunction with team owner , Mikhail Prokhorov have summarily dismissed interim head coach PJ Carlisimo , issuing a public statement, announcing that the coach would not be returning for next season. . Carlisimo was able to get this team playing with a great deal of resolve during the regular season , but somehow , the their postseason play was lackluster and uninspiring . As to the continued idiocy that Deron Williams is one of the premiere and “ elite “ point guards in the NBA . I would like to know what it is , that Williams is said to have done to warrant such plaudits from analysts and fans alike ? More style over substance than anything else , with the idiotic hyperbole surrounding a player who has failed to reach anywhere near his alleged potential. Williams cannot be seen as a leader , and he simply does not possess that trait , in spite of comments being made to the contrary about the player .

Pushed to a game seven , which was played at the Barclays Center , in Brooklyn , New York . The Brooklyn Nets simply did not have an answer for Joakim Noah , whose play during the game was simply outstanding . Never mind that from a defensive standpoint , this PJ Carlisimo coached team seemed to be as slow, as a group of aging geriatrics in search of a bedpan , as they sought to discharge themselves of a bodily function . Suffice to say , the stench now emanating the NBA’s newest venue had more to do with the odor of fecal matter and urine which may well have emanated from the bodies of the Nets’ players , who were ran off their home-court by Tom Thibodeau’s players .

Where this now leaves the Brooklyn Nets and the decisions that will undoubtedly have to be made as it relates to this roster , and that of the hiring of a high-profiled head coach. A great deal of that will now boil down to the mindset of the team’s billionaire owner , Mikhail Prokhorocv and the price he might well be willing to pay , to get the right man for the now , open vacancy. We already know that his desired choice , eleven-time NBA title winning coach , Phil Jackson is not available for the position . Jackson has accepted in principle , an executive position with the Detroit Pistons , having met privately with the team’s owner , Tom Gores . That now creates a dilemma and a great deal of speculation as to whether or not , the Pistons’ general manager , Joe Dumars will remain a part of the organization , in essence , becoming a subordinate of Phil Jackson , whose role within the organization will be a great deal similar to the role held by Jerry West , within the Golden State Warriors’ front office under co-owners , Joe Lacob and Peter Guber .

It is my own belief , that Dumars is likely to relinquish his role within the Pistons’ front office, having guided the franchise to their most recent win of an NBA title in 2004 , when the team coached by Larry Brown won with surprising ease , , shoving aside a star laden Los Angeles Lakers’ roster of All Stars . In the subsequent years , fate has not been too kind to a franchise that has simply labored , while making numerous mistakes in terms of , off and mid-season trades , mishandling of the rather archaic and asinine salary cap ($58.044 million) and draft classes .

Unless I am mistaken, the New York Knicks and their fans either believe that this postseason , they are meant to be a team of destiny , and supposedly the likely combatants to meet the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals . Anyone who has witnessed team’s play in their first round match-up against the Boston Celtics , will know that they were extremely luck to come through unscathed , ultimately with a series’ victory (4-2) . Yet this team was far from convincing under Mike Woodson’s tutelage . If nothing else , the Knicks’ players showed their complacency but above all , they clearly misjudged the mental approach that the Celtics brought in this series .

Now when it matter most , the Knicks are back to the ways of old , proving that they simply do not have the mental or physical toughness to play with any real grit or determination . In the opening game of their Easter Conference semifinals series against the Indiana Pacers . This Carmelo Anthony led team , was exposed , and all of their flaws were on display, for everyone to witness . Defensively incapable of stopping a much younger team at its core , the New York Knicks are said to be ” showing their age “ . Granted , with age comes experience , and along with that there should be dexterity in one’s play . Yet , somehow , Anthony and his teammates were simply unable to do that , in seeking to defend their home-court advantage in game one of this series .

Frank Vogel , his coaching staff and players have to be delighted with the fact that they fired the opening salvo , with a 102-95 victory at Madison Square Garden in front of a sold out crowd , with millions more , watching via a national television broadcast network . Now the question becomes , can the Knicks avoid going down 2-0 in a series , that will undoubtedly be defined by their presence of mind , and whether or they can defend their home-court with any sort of distinction ? Your thoughts on the matter ? The two teams will resume the series on Tuesday evening during prime-time , where Mike Woodson and his players will surely be looking to avenge that game one defeat .

It’s still early days yet in the NBA postseason , but overall , are you completely satisfied with the turn of events that have taken place ? Also , which teams do you believe are now in need of a good enough head coach to lead that franchise where they need to be ? Chime on this and anything else you believe to be pertinent to the subject matter at hand


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(1) CHICAGO, IL – MAY 02: Brooklyn Nets Head Coach, P.J. Carlesimo, addresses the media during a press conference following Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Chicago Bulls during the 2013 NBA Playoffs on May 2, 2013 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The much traveled and well-respected head coach will not be returning to the Nets next season , a decision said to have been jointly made by GM Billy King in conjunction with team owner Mikhail Prokhorov . Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(2) Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau reacts to a call during Game 6 of their first-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets in Chicago, Thursday, May 2, 2013. The Nets won 95-92. AP Photo/Daily Herald, Joe Lewnard …

(3) Pistons’ general manager Joe Dumars (left) is seen here with the team’s owner Tom Gores . The franchise has brought in famed former head coach Phil Jackson in a consultancy and executive role to provide Dumars with insight on personnel decisions . However , it is being widely speculated that apart from Dumars’ role being diminished , it could very well lead to his abrupt departure from a a franchise where he has spent his entire professional career as a player and front office executive . AP Photo / Michael Ross ….

(4) Boston Celtics’ head coach Doc Rivers is seen here with the team’s general manager Danny Ainge . This off-season Ainge and senior managing partner , Wyc Grousbeck will face several tough questions , as to whether or not the roster will need to be revamped for the upcoming 2013-14 season . Veterans Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are nearing the end of distinguished careers , but their productivity was very much lacking when it was needed the most during the postseason . AP Photo/ Kirk English ….

(5) Indiana Pacers forward David West (21) drives past New York Knicks forward Kenyon Martin (3) in the second quarter of Game 1 of their second-round NBA basketball series at Madison Square Garden in New York, Sunday, May 5, 2013. AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(6) From left to right , Avery Johnson ,former head coach of the Brooklyn Nets is seen here with team owner Mikhail Prokhorov, center , and the team’s general manager , Billy King . With a bloated payroll and simply no one on the roster capable of playing any defense , much less their being team defense exhibited by team . It became increasingly clear why the Nets were unceremoniously dumped out in the first round of the NBA Playoffs , by an injury plagued Chicago Bulls team. AP Photo /Richard Carter ….


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NBA team salaries (cap figure of $58.044 million for the 2012-13 season)

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17 thoughts on “Desperate times call for desperate measures ………..”

  1. I’m sorry but can someone explain to me which ignorant @sshole failed to vote for LeBron James in the NBA’s MVP ballot thereby denying the player , ng an outright unanimous win ? The NBA writers in the convened markets lack more credibility than any member of the US Congress

    MVP voter explains why he didn’t choose LeBron

    MIAMI (AP) — The writer who did not choose LeBron James of the Miami Heat as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player believes Carmelo Anthony ”meant more to his team” this season.

    Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe says Anthony made the New York Knicks relevant again by leading them to their first division title in nearly two decades. Washburn’s explanation was published Monday, one day after James won his fourth MVP award.

    Washburn says the Knicks would not have made the playoffs without Anthony, while the Heat have plenty of other talent besides James. Washburn also says that he believes James will eventually become the league’s first seven-time MVP and that his vote was ”no LeBron conspiracy.”

    James collected 120 of 121 first-place votes. The NBA has never had a unanimous MVP selection.



    Give Washburn a lump of coal and bucket full s#it to devour , please !

    Tophatal ………………


  2. It doesn’t really surprise me that neither the Celtics nor Lakers are still in the playoffs. The Celtics are old and when Rondo went down, that pretty much sealed their fate. And the Lakers, they were totally dysfunctional this year.

    These two franchises, despite their history, can’t just expect to be there. It’s not their birthright.


    1. ChrisHumpherys (@SportsChump)

      It was never meant to be their birthright and that is the primary reason for their decline , not just in the regular season but also this postseason . Both teams ( Celtics & Lakers ) have performed poorly defensively as well as on offense this postseason and it was also mirrored during the regular season as well in both categories , defense and offense .

      It`s clear that general managers Mitch Kupchak and Danny Ainge have erred seriously over the past six years at least in terms of their draft classes , never mind many of the lame ass trades that each team has made . And need I remind you where they stand in terms of team salaries ?

      God forbid that the Knicks should go down swinging and whiffing in every game against the Pacers , because they sure as hell performed badly in game one , never mind barely squeaking through against the Celtics .

      Courtesy of

      By Sekou Smith

      HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – The sting of blowing a Game 7 on their home floor will linger for a while in Brooklyn. There is no way to dress up that debacle.

      A new coach, though, one with a high profile and Hall of Fame credentials, is a good place to start. And from all indications the Nets are setting their sights high. Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, Jeff or Stan Van Gundy and even Larry Brown‘s name has been mentioned by a few league executives who are watching the Nets and waiting to see where they go next.

      They are all on the Nets’ short list as of this afternoon.

      Nets GM Billy King didn’t even let the sun rise the morning after that Game 7 loss before P.J. Carlesimo was informed that his services would no longer be needed. Carlesimo is an old pro at this. He knew what we all did when he took over after Avery Johnson was fired, that anything short of a miraculous championship run from the Nets would mean he’d be cleaning out his office at season’s end.

      What makes the Nets search for a replacement for the replacement is that Sloan, who coached with and clashed, at times, with Nets star Deron Williams in Utah, is on the list of candidates to fill the job.

      Much like the other candidates on the Nets’ list, Sloan’s name tends to come up whenever there is an opening. This Nets opening, however, appeals to him. He said as much to Chris Haynes of

      “I’m open, I would listen,” Sloan told via phone. “I haven’t done the research on their roster, but I would definitely listen if they called.”

      Already linked to the Milwaukee Bucks Head Coaching gig, Sloan admits he’s interested in getting back to roaming the sidelines, but only under the right circumstances and conditions.

      “According to reports, I’m interested in every job that’s out there,” Sloan said. “That’s just not the case. I don’t like being linked to every opening. If the right situation presented itself, I will look into it.”

      Sloan dropping his John Deere cap and days spent on his tractor for the sideline in Brooklyn has movie of the week potential. But any team could use his wisdom and guidance, provided the players on the roster are willing to listen.

      The Nets won’t have the flexibility to tinker with their roster this summer, so the most significant change they’ll make will be in the coaching ranks. There is also a temperament change that is needed, one highlighted by many in the immediate aftermath of that lackadaisical Game 7 effort.

      Williams has his own ideas about what the Nets need in a new coach and it’s all about someone who demands his team play with the intestinal fortitude to win a Game 7 on their home floor in the playoffs, based on what he told Mike Mazzeo of

      Williams was asked what quality the Nets need more of.

      “Toughness,” he replied. “I think that’s what we’ve used a lot. Toughness. I think we got out-toughed in that last series, especially [Saturday], so I think that’s the main thing.”

      Williams thinks a coach like his former one in Utah, Jerry Sloan, could get toughness out of his players.

      Click on link to read in full .

      “Nig#a I`m getting my swagger back and I want Jerry Sloan “ ! Deron Williams

      Courtesy of CBS Sports

      Deron Williams, Jerry Sloan share mutual interest in reunion

      You might remember the last time Jerry Sloan coached in the NBA. It was in Utah, where he had coached for 23 seasons with the Jazz. There was a lot of talk and reports later about his inability to get along with then-star point guard Deron Williams. Now that Williams has chewed through two coaches in a single season — and after the Nets lacked any ambition or toughness in a first-round exit at the hands of the Bulls, apparently Williams is missing the good times.

      Williams said in his exit interview that he would be open to having Sloan as a coach again. And as the New York Daily News reports, the feeling’s apparently mutual:

      “I would listen,” Sloan told Comcast Sports Net Northwest. “I haven’t done the research on their roster, but I would definitely listen if they called.”

      A day earlier, Williams — whose rocky relationship with Sloan was reportedly a factor in the Hall of Fame coach quitting the Jazz midway through the 2010-11 season — endorsed his former coach.

      After P.J. Carlesimo is fired Sunday, Deron Williams says the team needs a tough coach and endorses Jerry Sloan as a good fit for the Nets.

      “I’d love to play for Coach Sloan again,” he said.

      via Jerry Sloan open to coaching Deron Williams and Nets — NY Daily News.

      Sloan’s been hanging out, farming for two years, though he has been in talks for various jobs. Imagining Sloan in Brooklyn is an odd idea to wrap the brain around, but he is just what the Nets are looking for. He’s a fiery coach who would coach the pick and roll and could bring out a lot from the roster. He’s a veteran who has won a ton of games, so that carries weight in the locker room, and it’s not like most players are going to get back in his face.

      Williams said he wants a coach who can put a fire under guys, and that’s Sloan. But it’ll be up to Williams to set the tone for the team if they bring in Sloan. He has to show that he wants to do what Sloan says, and that means whatever Sloan says. The leadership structure won’t work otherwise. Is Williams willing to do that?

      It’s a question that could guide whether this is lip service or a legitimate pursuit by the Nets.



      `Coach killer `

      So that narrow narcissistic ass wipe, Deron Williams is now hoping that Jerry Sloan returns to coaching and specifically to coach the Nets ? Why the fu#k would Sloan want to return to coaching and specifically an immature s#ithead like Williams .

      Brooklyn Nets news

      Boston Celtics news

      Los Angeles Lakers news

      New York Knicks news

      Tophatal ………….


  3. The Lakers and Celtics didn’t plan for the future. This is what happens when teams don’t replace older players with younger ones. Whose fault is it? The GM and the owner. I saw the Miami score It would be funny as hell to have the heat bounced by the Bulls. then what the NBA have a collective massive shit.


    1. bobby gee

      Both the Lakers and Celtics simply believe that they can get by because of their profitability and the revenue streams . But you’re right , owners Jim Buss (Lakers) and Wyc Grousbeck in spite of their alleged business acumen , they’re as dumb as s#it ! There’s no other way to explain their ongoing stupidity , especially in the cases of general managers Mitch Kupchak and Danny Ainge .

      And if last night’s results weren’t enough of a shock , how unbelievable would it be , if both the Heat and Knicks were to be knocked out in the conference semifinals ? Both teams haven’t exactly done themselves any favors by incurring losses in their opening games on home-court in the second round .

      Tophatal …………….


      1. The Lakers will bounce back at some point. Once they get past Kobe’s contract, they’ll just go out sign some young free agents and re-load.

        The Celtics still have Rajon Rondo to build around, so that should ease their decline a little.


        1. Maurice Barksdale

          There is only so much money that the Lakers can spend in spite of the NBA`s asinine soft salary cap of $58.044 million . The franchise needs to build from within organically and then not go out and overspend on players who are either past their prime or in the case of Dwight Howard simply uncommitted to the Lakers` way of doing things . Clearly , it shows that Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss are clearly out of their depth and simply don`t know what the hell they`re doing .

          With regard to the Celtics , the roster has aged fast over the past three years , and it is clear that GM Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers believe that it was best to ride with this team . Now having bowed out of the playoffs , it leads me to believe that beyond building around Rajon Rondo . They will ave to build through the draft and not overspend as they have done in terms of free agency .

          Ainge, actually needs to build around Jeff Green and not just Rajon Rondo . Simply look at Green`s stats in the postseason .

          Tophatal ……………


          1. I think the Celtics will make a run at Josh Smith as a free agent. But regardless if they sign Smith or not, Jeff Green has come into his own, and he an Rondo are two good pieces to have in a rebuilding situation.

            And I think you are right, the Lakers should try to rebuild through the draft. But this is the Lakers we’re talking about. They will go after free agents, and more than likely trade their draft picks. It’s what they do.


            1. With a plethora of free agents that will be coming to the market , it is my firm belief that while there are several players worth looking at , but none of the names are marquee or elite as far as I am concerned !

              Green and Rondo will be the figureheads to lead this Celtics` team long into the future.

              The Lakers are and will remain an ongoing joke as they and their fans are as obnoxious a bunch of self serving ass wipes , as you can find on the face of the planet ! Look at the players drafted over the past six years and tell me what is said to be so goddamn impressive about those names ?

              GM Mitch Kupchak and team owner Jim Buss could not spot talent much less spell the damn word . The franchise has become a complete laughing stock because of those two butt-hole buffoons .

              The team’s playoff stats were unimpressive and pedantic !

              Building for the future , let alone the present ? The Lakers over the past four years haven’t been competent enough to do either ! The front office of the franchise are simply that clueless in so many areas ! Jim Buss is not the guy who should be running the team , let alone making the day to day decisions as the team’s owner . What real qualifications does he possess ? Much like his patriarchal father , he has been something of an oaf and playboy . At least his younger sibling , sister , Jeanie Buss , is educated and actually has a business background .

              Tophatal ………….


              1. It’s the Lakers M.O. Kobe Bryant – acquired via trade, Dwight Howard – acquired via trade, Paul Gasol – acquired via trade, Steve Nash – acquired via sign and trade, Metta World Peace – free agent acquisition.

                It’s unfortunate, but I expect that trend to continue.


                1. Maruice Barksdale

                  And yet the Lakers` front office have learned nothing from that idiocy . Consider the team that lost to the Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals and the makeup of that roster that was literally filled with All Stars . Need I say anymore on the matter ? Yet there were analysts and fans alike , poring over this current roster as if they were a championship caliber team . That , they were definitey not ! lf ow so ?

                  Los Angeles Lakers news

                  NBA playoffs` overview and brackets .

                  Friday night`s results .

                  Tophatal ……………


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