Same time next year , but this year appears to be no different from last season

Same time next year , but this year appears to be no different from last season

A month into the baseball season and fans are now exhilarated with the play of the teams and their impressive starts in several cases. With that in mind it should be noted , that there are a number of teams that have fallen short in failing to meet early expectations . Injuries have played their part but none more so than per usual . The New York Yankees have Derek Jeter , Alex Rodriguez , Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson still sidelined , in various stages of recovery , but with no timetable actually set as of yet for their return . Consider the fact , that the five players in question , account for more than $83 million of the team’s annual $227 million payroll for 2013 , which currently are not on the playing field for a team that now has posted a 18-13 (.581) record , good enough for third place within the AL East .


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For the Yankees’ fans , I believe that they will continue to rally behind the team , in spite of their off the field issues , as it relates to their still ailing and troubled star Alex Rodriguez . The third baseman is once again embroiled in another sordid affair , in which his name and that of several other Major League players are in engulfed in a further story of illicit banned substances , that have been allegedly supplied to them by a South Florida supplements’ company , Biogenesis , owned by Floridian businessman , Anthony Bosch . The company is at present subject of joint investigation by the DEA , FBI and US Justice Department . Meanwhile, MLB Commissioner , Bud Selig is said to be closely monitoring the ongoing investigation from afar . I liken Selig’s interest in the matter , much as in the same way he monitored the financial misdeeds of Frank McCourt , as he financially ruined the Los Angeles Dodgers , Saul Katz’s and Fred Wilpon’s continued “ idiotic” stewardship of the still financially embarrassed and uncompetitive New York Mets . Need I remind you all, of the ongoing mess that remains the Miami Marlins and the very fact that team owner , Jeffrey Loria still seeks to apportion blame elsewhere for the team’s ineptitude in 2012 , while then seeking to conduct his own “ bargain basement sale “ , in terms of trading away many of the team’s high-priced acquisitions of last season ?

The Miami Marlins, losers of two straight and are 5-5 in their last ten games . It does beg the question , how much more will the fans of this impoverished team continue to tolerate , in spite of the claims by many analysts, that baseball , Major League Baseball , remains a viable option within the state of Florida . Granted , the state does remain a hotbed for excellent talent and the Spring Training (Grapefruit League) home for several teams around the league , as well as their Minor League affiliates . Yet beyond that , for Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays , there has been either a steady decline or sparse attendance for their home games , as well as what appears to be an anemic fan-base .

Having been a one-time supporter of the Miami Marlins , I long shied away in my continued support of the franchise , after the inherent lies perpetrated by the team’s ownership , that has been continually been suborned by Bud Selig and an “ absolutely clueless” hierarchy , that is seemingly supported by the also clueless on air radio and television analysts , and personalities who cover the sport . As to the print media and their idiocy , well let’s just say if those assholes cannot succinctly inform the public of anything worthwhile, as it relates the real underlying issues of baseball . Then under what circumstances, are we to believe that they would be able to explain to us in depth , the reasons behind the continued economic imbalances as well the continued cheating that still runs the gamut of Major League Baseball ?

This season if anything , we have seen a string of great performances from several pitchers within the AL and NL , that has given us a clear indication as to the reason behind the “rise of the pitcher” and less of an emphasis in terms of run productivity . . The Texas Rangers’ starting ace , Yu Darvish came within “ two outs” of pitching what would have been baseball’s twenty fourth “perfect game “ in baseball’s history earlier in this season , in an exemplary display of a controlled pitching performance that was simply scintillating to say the very least . On the receiving end of that 7-0 loss , were the woefully inept Houston Astros (9-24) , whose record this season , is the worst in the Majors , and it is looking increasingly like that this team could very well end up surpassing last season’s mark within MLB for the worst record (55-107) in the game.

Speaking of teams, that are, and will remain inept, beyond the Astros , Miami Marlins. There is a growing belief that the Chicago Cubs , New York Mets and San Diego Padres , simply show no wish to be competitive . The continued excuses , especially amongst the Mets’ fans has become mind numbingly stupid and beyond belief ! No amount of excuses can be made for the ineptitude shown by the front office staff , even after the dismissal of former general manager , Omar Minaya , with the influx of Sandy Alderson and J P Riccardi , to now assume control for all of the executive decisions made , with regard to the acquisition of player personnel , either through the draft or free agency . . The Mets are not even remotely competitive within the NL East this season , and in all likelihood , if Terry Collins and his managerial staff are unable to turn things around . Then, we are likely to see the dismissal of the manager, from his first managerial position within the game .

Wednesday afternoon , the New York Mets will play host to another struggling ball-club , when they take on the Chicago White Sox at Citi-Field , in Flushing , New York . A game , where I expect that the attendance is likely to be somewhat dour , if not anemic ! Taking the mound for the Mets will be Jeremy Hefner (0-3, 4.34 ERA) who faces Jake Peavy (3-1, 3.38 ERA) .. At 12-16 , the Mets are in need of victories , as well as series’ wins , if they are in anyway of having a chance , much less of keeping in close proximity of the division leading Atlanta Braves (19-12) , . who are closely followed by the Washington Nationals , Philadelphia Phillies , followed by the Mets and the barely recognizable Marlins at the foot of the division.

As I alluded to earlier , this season the pitching within the Majors seems to be significantly better than I expected it to be ! In the past few seasons there has been the propensity see a significant rise in home runs and , RBI’s , but one of the more startling statistics that has come to the fore, has been the fluctuation in the number of “walks” from season to season . Either the batters are simply not that good , or the pitching , however cyclical it might well be , is now back at a level where the likes of Yu Darvish , Matt Cain , Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez , Clay Buchholz , Clayton Kershaw and Jordan Zimmerman being dominant this season .

It has been a number of years since the game has seen a player reach one of the pinnacles within the game and that is forty home runs and 40 stolen bases in a season . Seven years in fact , a feat that has only been accomplished four times in the game’s history . Alfonso Soriano , then playing for the Washington Nationals was the last player to achieve that feat in 2006 , which now seems to have become something of a rarity within the game of baseball. Personally , I now find that feat somewhat more enthralling, far more than the single season home run record . Albeit , that the taint and stain now associated with the players that have surpassed Roger Maris’ mark over the past decade and a half , does make the game of baseball all the more tawdry and dare one say , meaningless in terms of Maris’ feat ? It must be said , the “era of steroids “, simply has been a blight , casting a giant shadow over the game today , while the league hierarchy still remains at a loss , how best to address the issue . Meanwhile, the game’s revenues increase exponentially , primarily from the re-negotiation of the television contracts and less from the profitability of the league’s thirty teams.

As to the aspirants , seeking to succeed the reigning World Series’ champions , the San Francisco Giants . It must be said that one of the prohibitive favorites before the season started , might well have been the cash-laden and definitely ambitious Los Angeles Dodgers . Lead managing partners , Mark Walter , Todd S Boehly and Magic Johnson , have simply let it be known “ no expense would be spared “, as the Dodgers seek to bring back a title to the city of Los Angeles and to a ball club simply starved of that success.

It will be a quarter of a century since the Los Angeles Dodgers were triumphant in baseball’s biggest postseason fare. As the 1988 team proved to be successful in defeating their fame instate , rivals the Oakland Athletics 4-1 in a best of seven series finale to the season of that historic finale series . World Series MVP , Orel Hershiser had an “ outstanding series” as mirrored in his stats for several of his electrifying performances for the Dodgers , who were managed by legendary franchise icon Tommy Lasorda .

The Los Angeles Dodgers managed by Don Mattingly is suddenly struggling to get an an injury riddled …. team competent to compete against divisional rivals within the NL West . It`s pretty much safe to say that if Mattingly isn`t able to at least guide the Dodgers deep into the postseason . Then there is the likelihood that GM Ned Colletti will have to consult the front office as to whether or not it would be in the franchise`s best interest to retain Don Mattingly`s services as the team`s manager .

A knock against the was the bravado sown by their fans and owners alike , was in thinking , that merely because of franchise`s monetary resources, backed by a multi-billion dollar television contract and the $125 billion in assets of venture capital firm Guggenheim Partners Inc , parent company of Guggenheim Baseball Properties , owners of the Dodgers` ball-club. With a payroll now exceeding $233.1 million of which , there is now $68.9 million now committed to players on the team`s disabled list . It is easy understand, one of the numerous reasons behind the Dodgers problems this season , specifically as it relates to the team`s play . If there is one thing that we know about this team , it is that from a pitching and from an offensive standpoint the Dodgers are capable mounting a mid-season assault that could very well place them amongst the thick of things within the division as well as the NL overall . From an offensive and pitching standpoint the team does possess the weapons to get the job done , but much of that will be dependent upon the leadership shown by the likes of Matt Kemp , Clayton Kershaw , Adrian Gonzalez , Josh Beckett , Hanley Ramirez and Carl Crawford , whose combined salaries make up a large part of the financial commitment that the front office has made to the aforementioned players .

Mattingly will lead is players into a three-game series starting on Friday 10th May at home in Dodgers` Ballpark , in Los Angeles California, against the Miami Marlins , led by first-year manager Mike Redmond . This is a series that should tell us a great deal about the apparent directions that the teams are said to be heading in and their overall ambitions over the course of this season.

For the moment the Boston Red Sox (21-13) seem to be riding on the crest of a wave with the best record in the American League . A mark , which they currently share , with the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers , however , to my mind , the team that has been playing the best baseball over last ten games has to be the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers (19-12) , who over their last ten games , have gone an astonishing 9-1 , best in the Majors , and most certainly by far the best in the American League .

Yet , for all of grit and determination shown there is a common belief that the Tigers lack real leadership quality and the very fact that for all sense and purpose , the team`s manager, Jim Leyland appears to be too laid back a coach . I could very well be wrong in my summation of Leyland , but last season`s World Series` loss to the San Francisco Giants , I believe was a damning indictment of what was said to be wrong with the team and organization , from top to bottom . Add in the laissez-faire approach of the managerial staff and what could be further from the truth ?

The Tigers were brushed aside with the utmost of ease , in a rather embarrassing 4-0 series sweep , in what could only be described as one of the more embarrassing series’ defeat MLB postseason history . For Detroit Tigers’ GM Dave Dombrowski and owner Mike Ilitch , these are trying times for a franchise that has labored for years and who have not won a title since 1984 , when they defeated the San Diego Padres 4-1 for the last of the ball-club’s four titles that they have won over the course of their history. Bittersweet memories , when you consider also , that prior to last season’s appearance against the Giants , Jim Leyland and the Tigers would also come up short in 2006 , when the team fell to the St Louis Cardinals and the heroics of the diminutive David Eckstein , who was named World Series MVP after his heroic performances for the Cardinals .

In spite of their being three legitimate All Stars on the Tigers’ roster . I am inclined to believe that Miguel Cabrera , the game’s most recent Triple Crown winner , along with Cy Young and AL MVP winner , Justin Verlander and the always prolific Prince Fielder are likely to struggle should they make another return the postseason . Last season’s anemic postseason displays were simply endemic of what appears to be an ongoing problem for the franchise, as a whole . The Detroit Tigers appear to be gun-shy and all too afraid of even their own shadow being cast across a baseball diamond . Your thoughts , on my assumption concerning the Tigers?

The consensus coming into this season, was the fact that the Tampa Bay Rays might possess the best pitching staff in the Majors . Last season’s AL Cy Young winner David Price was said to be confident and the fact he was the recipient of a one-year $10.1 million contract was a boost in confidence for the player and presumed leader amongst the Rays’ pitchers . Instead for Price , his season has been one of indifference , and some shoddy pitching from a number of his teammates , thought to be able to provide Joe Maddon with the biggest weapon that the Rays have in their arsenal and bag of tricks .

Amongst the Rays’ pitching staff , it has been Matt Moore (6-0, 2.14 ERA ) off to a surprising 6-0 start that seems to have caught everyone by surprise and placed him among the best pitchers in the AL as well as the league (MLB) as a whole , with the season barely just over a month old .

Coming off a decisive 10-4 victory over a struggling Toronto Blue Jays’ lineup , the Rays will again play host to the team at Tropicana Field on Thursday evening . Taking the mound for the Tampa Bay Rays will be David Price against R A Dickey (2-5, 5.36 ERA) in what should a fascinating match-up the game’s most recent Cy Young Award winners from the AL and NL , respectively.

Given, the season that Dickey had in 2012 with the Mets , where he was the sole reason to watch that impoverished team play . Now the fortunes of the Blue Jays seem to have taken a turn for the worst and it would appear that even in light of their propensity to make a lavish splash in the off-season with a number of high-priced acquisitions . Someone, may well need to remind GM Alex Anthonopolous that a team cannot be made up from ill-fitting parts, that is completely lacking chemistry as well as leadership both on and off the field of play .

Blue Jays’ manager John Gibbons and his staff will be thoroughly tested throughout the course of this season , and it should come as no surprise if once again , this franchise were to have another failed season .



Picture gallery .

At this point of the MLB season , what if anything, has been the biggest surprise to you as a baseball fan ? And by the All Star Game , do you believe that a number of teams can be ” written off “ as lost causes , in terms of their perceived expectations ? Chime in with a thought on this , and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Juan Nicasio, front, reacts as New York Yankees’ Vernon Wells , rear, rounds the bases on his two-run home run in the first inning of a baseball game in Denver on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. AP Photo/David Zalubowski …

(2) New York Yankees’ Vernon Wells , left, follows the flight of his two-run home run with Colorado Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario in the first inning of a baseball game in Denver on Wednesday, May 8, 2013. AP Photo/David Zalubowski …

(3) Injured Derek Jeter (2) of the New York Yankees looks on from the dugout with teammate Jayson Nix (17) during a game against the Oakland Athletics at Yankee Stadium on May 4, 2013 in the Bronx borough of New York City. There does not seem to be a timetable set for the short-stop’s return after complications related to his recuperation , from his leg injury . Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images …

(4) Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria and David Sansome seen here at the inaugural opening the 34,500 seat Marlins’ Ballpark in Miami , Florida built at taxpayers’ expense and now having become something of an elephants’ graveyard for the teams’ home games since its opening in April 2012 . Miami Herald / Hector Rodriguez ….

(5) Yu Darvish (11) is seen in a baseball game played against the Astros , in Minute Maid Park , in Houston , Texas , where he was on the cusp of becoming the twenty fifth player to have thrown a perfect game in baseball history . The Houston Astros were able to derail Darvish’s bid for baseball immortality . AP Photo / Sam Parish ……….

(6) Matt Kemp (27) of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates his three run homerun with manager , Don Mattingly(8) during the fifth inning to trail 5-4 to the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium on September 21, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. Mattingly’s contract with the Dodgers at the end of this season and it would appear that Stan Kasten , SVP of Baseball Operations appears to be noncommittal with regard to the manager’s future. After thirty-three games into the season and with a plethora of injuries to several All Stars on the team’s roster . The Dodgers are 13-20 , firmly placing them at the bottom of the NL West . Harry How / Getty Images …..

(7) Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Matt Moore throws during the first inning of a baseball game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Moore has gotten off a fast start going 6-0 with a 2.14 ERA , which places Moore in the upper echelons of the AL pitchers in terms wins as well in MLB as a whole . AP Photo/Mike Carlson …..



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20 thoughts on “Same time next year , but this year appears to be no different from last season”

  1. Don Mattingly
    will be under a great deal of pressure to succeed this season , and failure to do so , could very well lead to his dismissal in spite of the team’s injury woes and some might say lackluster performances in terms of the losses inflicted on the Dodgers .

    “I’m Donny Baseball , I don’t feel pressure ” !

    Is there anyone who is the slightest bit concerned whether or not Alex Rodriguez returns this season to play for the Yankees ?

    “Look , I hold the active home run record and when I break the career home run record , all of you ‘haters’ will come to give me the respect I’m due ” . A-Rod

    “Jim I’m not concerned if we have a gay player on the team . I just want to know if he’s a ‘ switch hitter’ who can play DH really well ” ?

    “Pricey , I got this , I’ll get ejected and we can talk about your new contract extension for next year in the locker room . Trust me I know what I’m doing , ‘Sheildsy’ and Wade Davis were never good to begin with ” . Maddon & David Price

    Tophatal ……………………….


  2. Toppy,,,,,my biggest disappointment so far this season….and its early…..was a battle between the Dodgers, the Angels and the Jays. But in my mind, the Jays win. EVERY player they picked up during the off season has underperformed….Reyes has had plenty of trouble suiting up for full season outside of last year….160 games with Marlins but well less than that the prior three for the Mets. Durability was part of the reason he was let go. Josh Johnson came back from shoulder surgery in 2010 (started 9 games) to an 8-14 record last year. He’s on the DL as well….with shoulder problems. Buerhle is a horse….30+ starts and 200+ innings every year since 2001…but he is getting rocked with a 7.00+ ERA….prone to the long ball with 11 HRs surrendered already.
    Melky hit .348 on PEDs with the Giants…and .305 the year before in KC. But his BA in his four years with the Yankees ranged from .255 to .280. Today he’s hitting .270 with one home run and power numbers almost at career lows. And of course RA Dickey. 2-5 with a 5.28 ERA. former CY Young winner with the Mets, he succeeded because his knuckleball had some heat…..but his velocity is down due to shoulder and neck pain…and he’s day-to-day. Terrible start for every one of their new guys….That GM traded the Jays future away for these guys . I’d say he’s on the hot seat and out before the year is over.
    The Rockies are my surprise team. Pitching is SO far better than a year ago. One stat….last year their home ERA was over 6.00…..this year its 3.85. MAJOR. Lineup is deep….Fowler at lead off was unreal early but has slowed a bit with a slightly injured foot. Rutlege hit two and is beginning to take advantage of the big bats behind him. Cargo, Tulo, Cuddyer just so steady and clutch in the middle delivering RBIs and scoring runs. Todd Helton just back to protect Cuddyer, Arenando the rookie 3B swinging well and catcher Rosario is a legitimate star. They have gone from 68-94 last year to leading the NL West in a tie with SF. All that with a manager they hired whose only experience was running a high school varsity team in Denver…Walt Weiss.

    Pretty interesting start to the year.


    1. Jed

      My issue with this season is that the Opening Day payroll for the teams in baseball topped $3 billion for the very first time in the game`s history . Now at the end of the day what has that bought either the Dodgers or Yankees who combined , have over $145 million tied up players . on the DL at present .

      The Rockies yes , are a disappointment , as well as the Padres , Marlins , Astros , Angels and Cubs .

      It`s also beginning to look as if Derek Jeter could very well miss the entire Yankees` season and to my mind quite possibly bringing an end to an illustrious career ..

      Now am I mistaken but Cubs` owner , Tom Ricketts intends to spend $500 million to refurbish Wrigley Field , but his frigging dumb @ss will continue put a pi#s poor product on the field of play , as they have been doing for at least the last six years . What`s up with that ?

      “So you want me to do what with this team ? Theo Epstein (left) & team owner Tom Ricketts

      So much for Theo Epstein coming in and making changes that would effectively turn things around . Well that hasn`t happened as they`re still in some cases overpaying for marginal talent .

      Dale Sveum

      Could the Cubs have performed any worse than they have done this season ? The NL Central is a runaway train and this Dale Sveum managed team isn`t on board the train .



  3. Jed

    Another team that continues .. to beguile while continuing to disappoint has been the Tampa Bay Rays . David Price is already …. struggling this season after having a career defining …. year in 2012 , Having won the AL Cy Young Award , he as now fallen back down to earth . David Price is now 1-3 with a 6.25 ERA . Very mediocre and pedantic from my viewpoint !

    This season Price is nowhere near the best pitcher on the Rays` current staff . Add in the fact, that the run support from the offense as been downright anemic and it all nonetheless becomes a recipe for a monumental disaster .

    Evan Longoria simply doesn`t provide any leadership , but he bitches and whines about former teammates (Shields & B J Upton) , which to my mind shows complete a lack of maturity and leadership on is part ! .

    David Price`s regular season stats & postseason stats . The starting pitcher signed a one year contract extension that pays him just over $10 million for this season . I don`t believe he will return to the Rays in 2014 , because they simply do not have or possess the financial resources to give him (Price) a desired 5 or six-year long-term deal averaging between $12 to $15 million a year .

    Furthermore , the idiocy shown by lead managing partner and team owner , Stuart Sternberg and GM Andrew Friedman , shows that both executives would rather sell the fans in the locale a bill of goods , as the apathetic support shown by them ? (fans) and media blowholes , moan about getting a new stadium to replace Tropicana Field without their dumb ass explaining how that venue would be paid for .

    . Tophatal ………………………


  4. A year ago, today , the MLB standings were not necessarily representative of how the season would end , but if did give us something of a sign as what to expect from certain teams looking to make that mid to late season run to the top of the standings .

    Yesterday’s results and divisional standings

    MLB daily leaders .

    Can these damn MLB umpires get a goddamn clue for once ? It’s no use Joe Torre as a member of the MLB hierarchy summoning them for questioning after they’ve clearly blown a call in a game that in the end clearly benefited one team over another . This has been something going on repeatedly and yet with all of the frigging technology at the game’s disposal . These @ssholes (baseball’s hierarchy) are still acting as if they reside in the Mesozoic period of man’s development when ###gging dinosaurs roamed the earth .

    Tophatal …………….


    1. I think those umpires simply didn’t have the guts to overturn their call, so they chose not to. They probably thought it was close enough that no one would notice. But that’s one thing that umpires need to understand moving forward, every call they make will be scrutinized, so they’d better get used to it.

      NFL Referees have moved beyond this nonsense of letting their egos influence their calls. It’s time MLB umpires did the same.


      1. Maurice Barksdale

        Why the hell is MLB official Joe Torre calling in those umpires , rather than seeking to reprimand them ? It is this sort of repeated idiocy that we are seeing repeatedly within professional team sports , specifically in baseball , basketball , football and at times in – hockey . .

        “I said we suck , not that I`d #uck your wife“ ! Cubs` GM Theo Esptein & Tom Ricketts , team owner

        You know things are bad with the Cubs when the biggest story of their continued lousy season , is the fact tat they will spend $500 million to upgrade and refurbish Wrigley Field . Team owner , Tom Ricketts and GM Theo Espstein are either that damn naive and stupid to think that they can continue to blow smoke up people`s ass with that sort of stupidity . Look at the Cubs` roster and the . team`s payroll in comparison to the rest of baseball . Nothing unusual with the Cubs continued idiocy and Epstein was said to be some kind of wunderkind ? Wat utter bull$hit !

        Tophatal ……………


  5. i haven’t really followed steroid I mean MLB. The Phillies are just under 500. I check the scores and standings maybe one every two weeks or so. I am tired of SOs in steroid ball I mean MLB. The more things change the more they stay the same.


  6. There’s a lot of hot and cold streaks going on in MLB. Either teams are winning a lot of games in a row, or they are losing a lot of games in a row. It’s hard to determine what’s what so far this season. But I do think this season might make the Yankees start to question how they are spending their money moving forward though.


      1. That’s the arrogance of MLB, a resistance to change. Their umpires have too much control over the game, and there seems to be a reluctance on the part of MLB to take it away from them. Hence the foot dragging on instant replay.


        1. Lets get one thing clear , Bud Selig was and still remains reluctant to use any type of modern technology in order to assist the umpires in adjudicating a game . Look , his (Selig`s) dumb ass , was initially against testing , when it came to a steroid policy . So what the hell did you expect to begin with ? Baseball is being ran by a bunch of goddamn assholes , that if they farted , each would end up with a cerebral aneurysm .

          I can find no real reason to think that Bud Selig has the best interest of the game at heart , when he as no real understand what is happening in the real world . The executives who oversee professional football (NFL) , baseball , hockey and basketball are nowhere as intelligent . as some might believe them to be !

          Topatal …………………………..


  7. I lost my original msg…..Anyhow….I have this to say….Pirates will have ANOTHER bad season, the Penguins will not get to the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Steelers will suck.
    BUT….bring on football season!


  8. Speaking of the Yankees, Al, what’s the lineup cost them that’s actually in their starting lineup as opposed to the players that are sitting on their bench.

    Oh, and I just posted an MLB pick ’em contest on the Chump. Make sure to get your entry in.


  9. One has to hand it to Tom Ricketts and his family , as owners of the Chicago Cubs (15-22) . As as only they could seek jointly to spend $500 million on Wrigley Field on refurbishments while being assisted in that endeavor by the city of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel .

    Meanwhile , the team is languishing in the NL Central , manager Dale Sveum and his managerial staff are clueless as to what and who their best starting lineup might be . Yet , for all sense and purpose , GM , Theo Epstein , the apparent wunderkind in Boston and architect of the two teams that won the Red Sox their most recent titles in 2004 and 2008 . Well there in Chicago , the general manager has been assembling talent , the way that Stevie Wonder might go looking for a fresh piece of ass to screw . He will grab any piece of a “pox riddled skank “ , and think it best serves him , in term of self indulgence and for the privilege and pleasure of the apathetic Cubs’ fan in attendance at Wrigley Field .

    Ricketts is such an ass , if he thinks that at present it’s best to be fielding a dour team rather than seeking to spend money on talent , seeking to upgrade the roster overall . That goat may well have shat in the middle of Wrigley Field , hence the franchise’s continued run of bad luck , and deservedly so !

    “Look I helped you get reelected , now it’s time for you to help me out . I need you to lock down some cash for me and the Cubs ” . Rahm Emanuel & Barack Obama

    Meanwhile , the city’s ass wipe of a mayor . Rahm Emanuel bitches and whines about his city , yet while it remains crime riddled , destitute and on the brink of economic collapse , his was one a political junket to get Obama reelected , being critical of his predecessors , without ever acknowledging the fact that he , himself just happens to be also carrying out many of their archaic and lame ass ideas , while now providing the Cubs’ ownership with the money for their latest folly !

    Chicago Cubs’ news

    Chicago Cubs’ results (2013)

    NL Central standings

    MLB standings ( one year ago today)

    This week in MLB history and this day in baseball history

    Tophatal ……………..


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