Why not simply place a mannequin in your shop window ?

Why not simply place a mannequin in your shop window ?

No good can ever come from letting your heart rule your head when it comes to business or in the world of sports . Let’s face it, those now trying to suggest that an NFL team would benefit having Tim Tebow on their roster solely from the point of being able to lure fans to an NFL venue . Case in point , did that scenario actually work for NFL franchise, the New York Jets in 2012 ? Granted , the team and franchise were thoroughly mismanaged with Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano simply making a mockery of their profession as NFL coaches . Never mind the fact that , then GM , Mike Tannenbaum and many of the alleged asinine decisions that were said to have been made in conjunction with both Ryan and Sparano . Those decisions included the signing of Tebow after what was said to be “his great season” in 2011 and the fact that he led the Denver Broncos into the postseason .In reality , those exploits were less about Tebow and more to do with the desire of the team and their front office staff led by former Broncos’ star and Hall of Fame inductee John Elway .


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In the aftermath of the Broncos’ short-lived postseason foray , John Elway and team owner Pat Bowlem made the decision that changes would be needed in terms of the make up of the team’s roster and who would ultimately lead the team during 2012 at the quarterback position . Tim Tebow became superfluous to the team’s needs and he was traded to the New York Jets . The trade itself was met with a great deal plaudits as it was felt that the Heisman Trophy winner would bring a revived presence to the Jets’ offense and a luring of fans to their palatial venue , Met Life Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey , home to both the AFC East franchise as well as the New York Giants . Inasmuch , as I believe Tebow to be a great ambassador for the game of football , at as a player , but for a few fleeting moments in 2011 , he has yet to show that he can play in the NFL with a great deal of consistency . As to Tim Tebow being viewed as a brand that can sell tickets much less be the face of a major corporation. Well let’s now take a look at that shall we ? Can Tebow be considered a “winner “ in the NFL , because essentially that is what an advertiser will base their product’s selling point on , apart from what they believe are the quarterback’s unique qualities . Furthermore , in terms of Tebow’s marketability , beyond his Christian faith , this asinine notion that he is now the most influential athlete in North America does actually ring hollow , if not being downright asinine and insulting .

Beyond Tim Tebow’s affability , what is it that the fans can actually most look forward to ? The NFL in this day and age is about winning , making money and the overall marketability of its stars . Tebow is a draw , but he is not a major draw where instantaneously you would be drawn to him or a product that he would be hawking on behalf of a major endorser . And while we are at it , let’s look at the so-called major endorsers now said to be part of the Tebow “ branding “ . Other than his ads for TiVo , the player’s presence as a major marketing draw for Madison Ave , is barely noticeable and his annual earnings of $ 4 million by way of his off the field activities , pales into insignificance when adjudged against that of Peyton Manning , Drew Brees and Tom Brady . Granted, the three players in question, have longer tenures in the NFL and have been far more successful than the now unrestricted free agent with a four-year career to his name .

The rumblings, well not necessarily around the NFL , but more so within the state of Florida and the NFL franchise that is in desperate need of more notoriety .Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan is said to have taken a liking to Tim Tebow, and originally upon his multimillion dollar purchase of the beleaguered North Florida franchise , it was being suggested that the team acquire the former Florida Gator . This AFC South team has been in a state of disarray for several years , and this has revolve around the lack of progress and productivity in the play of Blaine Gabbert and the fact that his coach at the time Jack Del Rio was ill-equipped to aid the player in his troubles , in spite of his experience and that of the coaching staff at the time . Khan and general manager David Caldwell may have mulled over the novel idea of bringing Tebow to Jacksonville , with a view to luring fans to one of the NFL’s least supported franchises and where in their last eighteen regular season home games , the Jaguars have been unable to sellout a single game and thereby initiating in the NFL’s television blackout policy .

Personally , I think that even if Tebow were part of the Jaguars’ roster , merely as a selling point , he would add nothing more than the curiosity and novelty factor for the franchise ! In a hotbed area , where College Football ” rules the roost ” , it easy to understand the reasons why the Jaguars have failed to attract a fan-base big enough to fill its venue , Ever-Bank Stadium , in Jacksonville , Florida . From an economic standpoint , how much in value would Tebow add to franchise such as the Jacksonville Jaguars , by way of their bottom line , overall value or for that matter by way of additional revenues overall

? Just because he has the top jersey sales in the NFL , that simply counts for squat ! In reality however , all three NFL franchises that reside in Florida , do have a tremendously tough time even attracting and selling out on a regular basis for their regular season home games and that has been widely known amongst sports’ economists and the NFL hierarchy for several years now . Something that you would be hard pressed to even get NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , to readily admit , much less that of the ownership groups of the Jaguars , Miami Dolphins or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

The NFL is actually big , in Florida , but not to the point, where fans are thronging to see the three franchises domiciled within the state . Go figure ! .

What the immediate future now holds for Tim Tebow, is now based upon whose statements you are prepared to believe , whether or not they are coming from NFL insiders , on air television personalities who cover the sport or from Tebow’s own agent . At present Tim Tebow’s agent , Jimmy Sexton has not provided the public or any of Tebow’s fans with a desired destination of his client . Yet this much we do know , Tebow still yearns to be a player in the NFL , though not as a position player but simply as a quarterback . As to the possible takers for the player’s lackluster talents , even if he were to be viewed as a backup or merely as a selling point for a franchise . In light of 2012’s debacle in New Jersey with the New York Jets , would you as an owner , general manager of head coach bring in Tim Tebow to be part of your franchise ? I think that New York Giants’ co-owner Steve Tisch , summed it up best, when he stated , “ the Jets ruined Tim Tebow “ ! Truth be known, Tim Tebow was already ruined before he ever played his first down in the NFL . The Florida Gators’ coaching staff under his college coach , Urban Meyer simply did not prepare the player in terms of his skill-set in preparation for what he should have expected in the NFL . One should also take note that another of Meyer’s pupils Alex Smith struggled for the first few years of his NFL career , only in 2012 to be then subjected to humiliation and then be beaten out by second-year quarterback Colin Kaepernick for the staring role on the San Francisco 49ers in 2012 . The rest as they say is history as it it regards to Kaepernick’s own accomplishments in 2012 with the franchise .

Well over the weekend the once and highly favored New York Knicks were summarily dumped out of the NBA postseason . Reasons to be happy ? Hell yeah , if you’re not a Knicks’ fan but then again , who amongst really expected to the Mike Woodson to guide this team deep into the postseason ? Were we meant to be sold on the fact that Carmelo Anthony , on his own , would lift his fellow teammates unto his broad shoulders and take them to the promised land ? In no uncertain terms , the reality for the Knicks and their loyal devotees , this team couldn’t support their own lofty goals much less anything else . Aging at their core , the New York Knicks’ roster had more in common with prospective members of AARP , than it would for a franchise seeking to win their first NBA title since the ’72-73 NBA season .

So much was made of the prodigious talent on this Knicks’ roster and the fact that its offense was said to be explosive . Yet what no one failed to pick up on , even those who are said to be avowed experts on the game , was the very fact , the New York Knicks were a defensively challenged team , and where several players on the team were simply averse to playing a defensive role , even when not called upon by Woodson’s coaching staff . The very fact that they were summarily dumped out of the NBA postseason by the Indiana Pacers in game six of the Eastern Conference semifinals was enough of an indicator to me , what playing as a team was meant to be about and simply having one superstar and a group ill-fitting parts that were so disjointed , that you would have that they were glued together with saliva mixed with epoxy resin. Nothing ever stuck and so errant and inconsistent was the Knicks’ play against the Pacers that 4-2 series’ loss was nothing short of a real embarrassment . However, the Knicks’ fans will try to make light of this all , by trying to suggest that their only wish was to see the team simply make the postseason . Well , they were able to achieve that , but the front office led by owner James Dolan and GM Glen Grunwald , expected a great deal more from one the NBA’s most respected franchises .

Beyond Carmelo Anthony , the Knicks’ guard was barely supported in this series , which begs the question what will be or should one say , what decisions are likely to be made by Mike Woodson and Glen Grunwald concerning the makeup of this roster , as it relates to the upcoming season . Power forward , Amare Stoudemire is owed an astonishing $44 million over the next two seasons , and it once again further emphasizes why this franchise still remains absolutely bereft of intelligence within the upper echelons of its organizational structure .

Forty four million dollars to guy way past his prime , and whose wish is to go out a winner ? Grunwald’s predecessor Isaiah Thomas as the architect of that deal , still casts a giant shadow across the whole panacea of this Knicks’ franchise beyond his alleged sexual proclivities and peccadilloes that cost the organization in excess of $2 million in a legal suit settled in the US Federal Court several years ago .

It is my own personal belief that as ambitious as Carmelo Anthony just happens to be , he simply cannot win an NBA title being surrounded by a team that at its core while showing a great deal of playing experience , in reality those players’ best years have already passed them by ! It certainly will be interesting , to see what players are jettisoned from the roster and which are likely to be retained .

Whatever was said by Bud Selig to convince Houston Astros’ owner Jim Crane to make the jump from the NL Central to the AL West this past off-season , was clearly a situation where beyond the added “sweetener “ of a $60 million rebate after his purchase of the franchise . The Houston billionaire must have been lulled into a false sense of security , as to how his team would fare in the AL . The Astros alongside the Miami Marlins , currently have the two worst records in all of baseball and are likely to be on course of actually surpassing last season’s marks for sheer ineptitude by both franchises .

Astros` GM Jeff Luhnow has done as much as is humanly possible , but his biggest mistake in terms of the personnel decisions made , may well have been the hiring of Bo Porter to manage this team . Beyond that , what looks like the inexperience of Porter’s coaching staff , has been the multitude of mistakes by the manager and his staff , concerning game strategy and what his best starting lineup might just be . At 12-32 , losers of eight of their last ten games , the Astros are twelve games behind the division leading Texas Rangers (29-15) within the AL West.

The Astros will play host at Minute Maid Field , in Houston , Texas in a three-game series against the Kansas City Royals , staring today . Jeremy Guthrie will start for the Royals against Dallas Kuechel of the Astros in a game that will tell us a great about both of these teams and their apparent ambitions as it relates to the overall season . .

Jose Altuve and Carlos Pena appear to be the most productive players on the Astros’ roster by way of the team’s offense , yet the team’s struggles this season are not solely confined to the offense but also their pitching . . .

The Astros’ projected number of wins’ total for the season is 46-116 , and when adjudged against last season’s total of 55-107 , it easy to understand why there seems to be a great deal of apoplexy and some might suggest the belief that it was misguided to have the Houston Astros relocate from the National League to the American League.



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(1) Sports agent Jimmy Sexton is seen here in his office . At present Sexton’s most visible and high-profiled client ,Tim Tebow , is an unrestricted unsigned free agent , still in search of an NFL team . AP Photo / Roger Carter ……

(2) Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez look on, as as Jets’ offensive coordinator Tony Sparano and head coach Rex Ryan explain a play to starting Greg McElroy during an NFL game in 2012 . AP Photo / John Corbett ………

(3) From left to right Jaguars’ head coach Gus Bradley , Shahid Khan and David Caldwell . The trio are beset with multiple of issues concerning this upcoming season and the ambitions of this franchise and their ambitions . The team’s quarterback Blaine Gabbert , has simply been lackluster in his performances for the franchise and it is one of the primary reasons behind the team’s failures in 2012 . AP Photo / Clark Devlin …..

(4) New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith reacts late during the second half of Game 6 of an Eastern Conference semifinal NBA basketball playoff series against the Indiana Pacers, Saturday, May 18, 2013, in Indianapolis. Indiana defeated New York 106-99 to win the series 4-2 . AP Photo/Darron Cummings …

(5) INDIANAPOLIS, IN – MAY 18: Head Coach Frank Vogel of the Indiana Pacers gestures during the Game Six of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers during the 2013 NBA Playoffs on May 18, 2013 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(6) New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson talks to Carmelo Anthony (7) during the first half of Game 6 of an Eastern Conference semifinal NBA basketball playoff series against the Indiana Pacers Saturday, May 18, 2013, in Indianapolis. AP Photo/Darron Cummings …

(7) Pittsburgh Pirates’ Pedro Alvarez , right, rounds the bases in front of Houston Astros shortstop Marwin Gonzalez (9) after hitting a home run in the fifth inning of the baseball game on Sunday, May 19, 2013, in Pittsburgh. AP Photo/Keith Srakocic ….

(8) Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve , top, hops over Pittsburgh Pirates’ Michael McKenry as he is forced out on a fielder’s choice on a ground ball to third by Clint Barmes in the fifth inning of the MLB interleague baseball game on Sunday, May 19, 2013, in Pittsburgh. AP Photo/Keith Srakocic ..

(9) Astros’ owner Jim Crane , left is seen here with team general manager Jeff Luhnow at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas . The team has gotten off to an incredibly bad start this season are projected to win no more than 46 game games as part of their one hundred and sixty-two game schedule in 2013 . Should that figure be correct , then it would fall considerably short of the fifty-five games won in 2012 , which was an MLB season record low for the thirty teams that make up the league. Getty Images North America / Bob Levey …



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34 thoughts on “Why not simply place a mannequin in your shop window ?”

  1. Lots of love for Tim Tebow , but where it matters most the NFL teams just aren’t biting and it simply doesn’t matter if he is now being tutored by either Danny Wuerffel or Vinny Testaverde . It just won’t make a difference as it relates to Tebow’s play . He simply doesn’t possess what it takes to play at the highest level . And for anyone believing that he makes for a good brand selling attraction as it relates to the Jags . How many extra fans will that place in the seats at Ever Bank Field in Jacksonville , Florida ? The Jags have had a hard time selling out their home games during the regular season over the past eighteen months at least .

    The Knicks bow out of the postseason all too embarrassingly and their fans will now continue to bemoan that fact , rather than admitting that they simply weren’t good enough to beat the Pacers , much less know how to even play a modicum of defense during the series .

    Jim Crane got what he thought was a sweetheart deal from Bud Selig , in terms of $60 million in incentives .Pity , he should return the $60 million and ask to have the team move back to the NL Central . Because based on the Astros’ play this season they are no better off than they were last year .

    tophatal …………….


  2. Couple of things Alan…………….
    Knick fans moaning about the disparity in fouls between them and the Pacers. Apparently they aren’t really watching the game. The Pacer are banging in the paint and Knicks are sniping from beyond the arc. What do they expect 50-50?

    This LA Dodger situation is embarrassing to a once proud franchise. Joe Torre pulled a Dean Smith and got his man(Mattingly) promoted. Solution? Fire GM Colletti for obtaining a AAA bullpen and while he’s packing his bags give the pink slip to Mattingly also.
    Pitching coach and convicted cheater Honeycutt has to go also. Replacement? Look in the organization first. I discreety inquire about mlb exec Tony LaRussa.


    1. La Russa , I can`t see returning to the game as he wants to spend more time with his family , and specifically his wife , and her philanthropic efforts , as it relates to the canine and feline community . They run a charitable foundation and shelter that caters to rescued cats and dogs , and they work in conjunction with the ASPCA and the Humane Society in those endeavors .

      tophatal ……………….


  3. Ronbets

    Neither the New York Knicks or their fans have been that intuitive at all this …. season , as they have simply talked up this team as if they were second coming of the roster that won the title in 72-73 . This Knicks team plays no defense , has no heart and beyond melo , they simply have noting worth appreciating . Too old , too goddamn slow and not worth a crap !

    The Dodgers have been a major disappointment this season , but the biggest issue I have with the Dodgers is the fact that Ned Colletti and Tommy LaSorda still remain with the ball-club.

    To my mind the new ownership group should not have been retained Colletti or LaSorda by new owners , Mark Walter , Todd S Boehly and Magic Johnson . These two executives did absolutely noting , when Frank McCourt was pilfering monies from the ball club for is own personal use , Never mind that pompous moron Bud Selig watched this all unravel and was idiotically mystified .

    Tim Tebow simply is not good enough to play any position in the NFL adequately and until fans begin to realize that fact and stop with this idiocy that he can still used to sell tickets . Its clear that individuals behind such a scenario, have no damn idea ow a business ran and what is needed to genuinely to make money . Having Tebow associated with an NFL or any franchise at this juncture would be reminiscent of the McCain/ Palin ticket that sought to win the Presidency in 2008 , as they were doomed for failure right from the very beginning .

    “Is that a pencil in your pocket John or are you just happy to be with me and to see me “ ? Palin & McCain circa 2008

    tophatal ………………..


  4. Leave Tebow. Enough of this bull crap- The NFL- ESPN morons and the rest- Is he an NFL quarterback- NO! Can he play another postion? who knows? The Knicks weren’t as good as the fools at ESON said they were. Anthony was their only real player.


    1. Can you honestly say , you would pay to go and see Tim Tebow play in an NFL game if he were on the team you supported ? Fans are making it seem , as if this kid is simply deserving of the NFL`s gratitude . As to this asinine notion that he remains a major draw as a marketing machine , that has to be the biggest crock of all . Tebow earns a mere $ 4 million in terms of endorsements and even if with the best selling jersey in the NFL , it simply doesn`t equate to anything ,

      Tebow`s QBR ratings in several of the games that he started are amongst the lowest ever recorded for an NFL quarterback , never mind his completion percentage rating in many of those games . So my question is , what the ell are these fans looking at , if they actually believe that he can play in the NFL ?

      The Knicks are their own worst nightmare and it is clear that fans would rather see apathy rather than real effort or the actual pursuit of excellence . Look at the core of that roster old and decrepit . The contributions made to the team`s efforts tis postseason was woefully inept . Nowhere was that more self-evident than with Jason Kidd`s anemic contributions . To say the least , it was abysmal !

      The Knicks do not play defense because no one on the roster actually understands the meaning of the word !

      They still owe Amare Stoudemire in excess of $40 million on the remaining two years of his contract . What migt be even more asinine , was at the time of the signing he (Stoudemire) was coming off knee surgery and then GM Isaiah Thomas tried to suggest that the player still had his best years ahead of him , It was then further backed up and emphasized by Thomas` penultimate successor Glen Grunwald .

      Donnie Walsh who succeeded Thomas wanted to trade Stoudemire but team owner, Jim Dolan was against the idea . Clearly showing that the front office is simply bereft of intelligence .

      tophatal ……………


      1. You are missing my point- Tebow is not an NFL QB- he was good in college and won the Heisman Trophy – If the marketing people want pay him that’s their business not mine. That’s my point-


        1. bobby

          I understand what you`re saying but I am asking you a direct question concerning the player and what he is expected to do on the field of play ? Perhaps better stated as a head coach or general manager , would you seek to have Tebow on your team`s roster ?

          tophatal ……………


          1. That’s what you should have stated and asked me. If I were a GM- I would ask him to become a tight end or X or Y reciever. QB NO! If Tebow doens’t want to then its next!


                  1. For most but he could be a fit. Some GM’s wanted to use him as a running back- In the end this is nao serva para nada- for Terbow wants to play QB- This is his choice- At least he played three years in the NFL- That’s more than most-


                    1. bobby

                      Well at least he (Tebow) had a longer career than either Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell . And that is saying a hell of a lot don`t you think ?

                      “Do you think my ass is to fat to fit in a pair of skinny jeans “ ? JaMarcus Russell .

                      “ I got`s me a white girl and my degree from UT but I`m still broke . I wants back in , into the NFL , and I will work for food if not room and board “ ! Vince Young

                      tophatal ……………..


  5. Bud Selig should seriously take a look at how bad the Astros are . From a 55-107 record last last season to potentially (46-116) an even worst record in 2013 ? That`s not competitive baseball , that is baseball that is simply diabolical and a damn insult to the game and to the Astros ` fans who deserve a great deal more than the crap that they are being served up at Minute Maid Park and away from that venue by this team and the managerial staff .

    “Ump, I know that my team sucks , but don`t do this to me I am fighting for my livelihood here “ . Astros` manager Bo Porter

    Bo Porter could not coach or manage ….. his way out of a wet paper bag ! .

    Astros` team payroll , contracts , and free agents .

    Houston Astros front office

    tophatal …………………..


      1. Alan,
        I try to base my evaluations on visual observation, sabermetrics(some), and hard copy stats. Tough to argue on Barry’s opinion of Miggy. Too bad Barry didn’t have dad Bobby’s speed. He had shown flashes of it before heavy juicing. I do predict he will get into the HOF before “Shoeless” Joe and after “Charlie Hustle”.


        1. Ronbets

          If Bonds is overlooking Albert Pujols , then what does tat tell you in terms of Pujols` achievements , if the seven-time NL MVP can overlook the Angels` slugger , who himself , has been a multiple MVP winner and batting champion .

          Ichiro …

          Last I looked , isn`t Ichiro still playing at a high level ? I know that he doesn`t often hit for power , not that he is unable to do so . Yet all you have to do , is to simply look at Ichiro Suzuki`s stats as to the poof , as to how good he has been over the course of his career .

          tophatal ………………………


        2. Ronbets

          I continue to find baseball to be a damn joke from an economic and competitive standpoint ! The financial template that the game continues to work from is untenable , for the mere fact that there are so many imbalances beyond the team payroll structure . As of the 17th May the players on the Dodgers and Yankees` DL combined , exceeded over $125 million in salary for 2013 . How many teams in the league at present actually have a payroll even approaching that figure , much less surpassing that ? Bear in mind also several teams around the league have to be aided simply to turn a profit , much less meet their payroll commitments .

          Have you had your fill or feel of a Kardashian today ?

          Kris Humpheries played so badly for the Nets this postseason . Sums up his game and his life in general . Gets `some play`, but not where it matters most . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

          “And Kanye said I can`t sing and I told him the baby might not be his , because I dreamed I had been impregnated by an alien . Now I am pregnant and my breasts are swollen and I can`t fit it into all of my expensive outfits “ .

          tophatal …………………


  6. College Football “ruling the roost” in Florida is an even bigger reason for the Jags to sign Tebow, as the Florida Gators have a huge following. Signing local players is a good way of tapping into that market. Tim Tebow gave fans in that region a lot of good memories, and they love him for it. If they have no emotional attachment to the Jags, then they most certainly do for the gators and Tebow.

    A franchise in the situation the Jags are in, are foolish for not even trying it. Again, I’ve never said that Tebow is a good QB, all I’ve ever said is he’s not much worse, if at all than what the Jags currently have at the position. That much can be debated, but not denied.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      College Football will always rule the roost in the state of Florida . Most of the professional sports within this state are poorly supported to begin wit , Yet the anal retentive fans within this locale carry on as if it remains the epicenter of the sports` universe .

      Peruse the following figures concerning attendance levels for baseball , basketball , hockey and the NFL for franchises here in Florida .

      The “Tebow experiment “ would be a complete failure as you would be asking the fans in attendance at Ever Bank Field to tolerate even more mediocrity all for supposedly getting a few extra butts in the stadium . Look if the franchise over their last twenty-three regular season home games have not been able to sell out or even meet the NFL mandate to avoid a televised blackout . Then what makes you believe that Tebow donning in a Jags` uniform would actually make a difference ?

      Given attendance levels with the Jets and the team`s poor record last . season , we are likely too see a mirror effect with the Jags this upcoming season . So once again explain to me why you really think tat this is likely to be an overall success for the Jaguars ?

      Do you honestly believe that 50-65,000 fans would be happy to sit and tolerate seeing their team play eight home games and simply look pitiful for their entire home regular season schedule ?

      tophatal ……………..


      1. Tebow barely played for the Jets last season. You call it an experiment. Well the Jets scuttled the experiment before they even saw whether or not it would work. And Rex Ryan and other forces on that team didn’t want it to work. So they never even gave it a chance.

        Besides, the experiment has already worked. It worked in Denver remember. Many people blow it off as a fluke, but that team was going no where fast. That is until Tebow was inserted into the lineup, and he gave them positive energy they didn’t have with Kyle Orton at QB.

        Sometimes positive energy can be the difference between winning and losing. That applies to athletic competition as well as life. You served in the military. Throughout history there many examples of victories and defeats that defy logic. Where forces that were out-manned and out-gunned still ended up winning.

        Maybe it’s luck, but maybe it’s that there were people fighting who didn’t just roll over and submit to defeat.

        People can deny it all they want, but the Broncos would not have made the playoffs that year without Tebow. And like I said the Broncos won’t be giving back the millions of dollars of revenue they earned from that home playoff game, which Tebow had large part in making happen.

        And the Jags will more than likely look pitiful without Tim Tebow. So what’s the harm in looking pitiful with him? At least then you give some of those fans an extra incentive to spend money that they probably would not have spent minus Tebow.

        The Broncos assumed that Tebow would fail when they started him too, and yet he defied those odds. And people still think that Tebow would fail now. But what is failure? There are different ways to interpret it. Every season 31 teams FAIL to win the Super Bowl. Every season 20 teams FAIL to make the playoffs.

        So in a league where only one team truly succeeds, the other teams and their fans have to define success in other ways. For the fans of bad teams, even a small sign of hope is better than nothing. NFL teams should do everything in their power to try and please their fans. The Jets didn’t do that, and Jags aren’t doing it either.

        When teams throw a hail mary at the end of a game, it’s an act of desperation that more often than not doesn’t work. But you’ll never really know if it will work or not, if you choose not to throw the pass.


        1. Maurice

          What experiment worked in Denver , when it came to Tim Tebow in 2011 ? Look at is game stats , completion and QB rating and tell me what as an indicator that led you believe that it was all such a success ? Bear in mind the game against the Steelers in the postseason was more of game of errors , albeit , that the Broncos came out on top . Have you actually looked in dept at Tim Tebow`s game over the course of his career ?

          The Jags have been a mess for the last five seasons at least . As a head coach Jack Del Rio was simply clueless and his draft classes were been nondescript and inept . This franchise as not been relevant since its inception , when they came into the league and after that initial success , it as simply led to repeated years of ineptitude .

          Jacksonville will be lucky if they can eke out more than six wins this year within the NFL much less gain a playoff berth or be remotely in wit a chance of winning the AFC South .

          Jags 2013 Draft class and their upcoming regular season schedule .

          topatal ……………


  7. bobby

    Well at least he (Tebow) had a longer career than either Vince Young or JaMarcus Russell . And that is saying a hell of a lot don`t you think ?

    “Do you think my ass is to fat to fit in a pair of skinny jeans “ ? JaMarcus Russell .

    “ I got`s me a white girl and my degree from UT but I`m still broke . I wants back in , into the NFL , and I will work for food if not room and board “ ! Vince Young

    tophatal ……………..


  8. The Heat are in trouble, Al. Big trouble.

    As a guy who’s been tooting their horn all season long, I have to say that, at least for the time being, I stand corrected.

    Vogel is out-coaching Spoelstra, Bosh can’t find the glass, Wade can’t make a shot and the entire perimeter-oriented team that is Miami is getting manhandled by an Indiana front court that is far superior.

    They better not fuck around in Game Seven or I’d say this series would go down as the biggest upset in recent NBA history.


    1. Chris

      All season long we were regaled as to the greatness of the Miami Heat , when in essence , it was simply the LeBron James roadshow , all year long in terms of the schedule with James producing the bulk of the v team`s scoring along wit being productive in so many other ways . Now come the postseason and it is the same thing all over again . No one steps up to the plate and this idiocy about role players on the team contributing ? When has that really happened for the Heat during this postseason ?

      tophatal ……..


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