Think big , spend big and then end up broke ….

Think big , spend big and then end up broke ….

With the upcoming NBA Draft but a few days away and the NBA postseason soon to come to an end . It will be worthwhile assessing how some of these young college players will go about acclimatizing themselves to the role of a professional athlete in the NBA. Repeatedly, we are told that the life of an athlete is not necessarily a glamorous one , yet the NBA does seek to glamorize the lifestyle of its athletes and the game’s highest profiled star , LeBron James , who right now is a participant in this season’s NBA Finals , with the Miami Heat facing off against their Western Conference opponents the San Antonio Spurs .


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In his ten years in the NBA , LeBron James has been simply been more than a prodigious talent . He has in fact become the face of the NBA , a marketing phenom , and a face that corporate America now loves and simply cannot enough of . Other than , Kobe Bryant , Tiger Woods , Dale Earnhardt Jr , Peyton Manning and Tom Brady , there might not be a more marketable athlete in the North American market place . For the whining Tim Tebow apologists out there who believe the player to be a bankable and marketable asset? Simply try to assess the so-called high-profiled endorsement deals that he is said to have signed. Not one is with a Fortune 500 Company , and I grant you , because he may well have the highest selling jersey in the NFL , it simply does not equate to millions of dollars for the player , by way of annual residuals or for that matter , major revenue for the NFL franchise that he might actually be assigned .

In this day and age when we have a government that is so damn clueless on the economic woes of the country and wherein the electorate remains apathetic. It should come as no surprise that although financial frugality is preached by the federal government , they simply cannot and choose not to live within their own means . Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and the recently appointed Treasury Secretary Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew can point to few positives within the economy as a whole . Likewise within the NBA hierarchy and the outsized ego of David Stern and his notion of a financially stable NBA , and its brand now reaching beyond the borders of North America .

The NBA commissioner still cannot stem the tide of stupidity being shown by the team owners , general managers or the players themselves . A four a half billion dollar a year industry is essentially now on the verge of overheating . Financial restraint is not something that the league can point to and with many of the games` players now earning well into seven figures with multi-year multimillion dollar contracts . I believe that we should be asking, what are the league and union now prepared to do , in order to stem the tide financial capriciousness on the part of the teams and their players ?

At the end of the daft process the rookie players and their agents will meet the general managers and team owners to essentially hammer out the details of their rookie contracts . The top pick in the NBA Draft will be guaranteed a three-year $`12 million contract , with a sliding scale being used to determine the subsequent contracts through the remaining rounds of the draft . Though the general managers and the teams’ legal counsel, can choose to add in certain incentives to such deals. Many of these young rookies are under the impression , are that once, they-put-pen to paper , having signed that deal , they are now set for life , and the subsequent years , in terms of any additional contracts that they may well sign . How this will all fits into their lifestyles can be seen by how they choose to spend their new-found wealth . You can choose to maintain one place of residence and drive one $400,000 sport’s car at a time . Yet somehow , that seems to be lost on a number of these young stars . And if you were of the opinion that the NBA is the only place where such trappings of wealth and opulence may well take place , then you would be sadly mistake , as the NFL and Major League Baseball (MLB) seemingly has players of their own who are of the very same mindset .

In a recent episode expose` documentary , as part of ESPN’s acclaimed series 30/30 , a segue was done on NFL players who have found themselves bankrupt and simply penniless , albeit that a number of them had several very successful years playing in the league . With the average life of an NFL player being no more than 6.8 years , their greatest earning period or span comes between the fifth to eighth years , dependent upon the position played . And clearly in the NFL where quarterbacks come at a premium , they are by far in a way the highest paid in the league on an annual basis and by way of the determining length of a contract.

In recent weeks and months we have seen reigning Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco parlay his spectacular postseason displays into an extraordinarily rewarding contract , that comes courtesy of Baltimore Ravens ` GM Ozzie Newsome and team owner , Steve Bisciotti . Flacco , himself , believes he can be even better this upcoming season , as the Ravens seek to make a successful defense of their Superbowl title . As to how the player will now seek to spend and invest is new-found wealth remains to be seen . Yet , I can only hope that the misfortunes that befell Bernie Kosar , do not become a part of Flacco`s personal and professional life .

From a stellar career in the NFL , upon retirement , Kosar went through a financial and personal maelstrom where his personal fortune , a reputed $ 50 million, simply went up in smoke , through bad business investments , a major divorce settlement , members of the family simply stealing from the player . Most of all , Kosar was simply negligent and all too trusting of a father , who acted as his agent , and was someone , who simply had no legal or financial experience to handle the player`s business affairs . Bernie Kosar today , is a broken man , both financially and from a health standpoint , as he now suffers from arthritic pains in both hands as well as his hips . Furthermore , the former Cleveland Browns ` .. quarterback spoke of the fact, that he also suffers from neurological issues , which he believes came from the multiple concussions suffered throughout much of his professional playing career.

Bernie Kosar joins a long list of professional athletes who down the years have simply been all too foolish with their earnings . It would appear that any business venture offered up as an investment that came their way . Many of these players would simply turn over countless thousands of dollars to their alleged business partners . Many of those schemes in some cases, would turn out to be a Ponzi Scheme or a multi-layered sales` gimmick , where the money was simply being siphoned off to an offshore bank account. Amongst the other NFL players, willing to speak on camera about their own experiences as part of this documentary program , were Andre Rison and Keith McCants . McCants` own story was very troubling , given his career and then his sinking into being a prolific drug user, petty criminal, who would also become homeless and panhandling on the streets of Atlanta , to aid in his chronic drug use . Now five years free, from narcotics and alcohol , Keith McCants spends much of his time speaking to and lecturing young children about the dangers of drugs , alcohol and their dangers as an athlete . McCants would also suggest that the NFL simply as not provided incoming rookies with enough education or information , in warning them of the dangers of suddenly coming into a great deal of money and the sharks who seek to make them their prey . Those signing bonuses as part of a player`s contract, are in fact the only thing that is guaranteed in a compensation package that an NFL player receives .

For Andre Rison , noting was ever too big , as a way of showing off is opulent lifestyle . As mercurial a talent as the wide receiver was said to . It was also his off the field activities and lifestyle that often brought the player to the fans and public`s attention alike . From wanting to be a musical impresario , Rison was known to have once backed a budding rap artist paying some $500,000 merely as an advance for the recording of that artist`s rap album . An album, which would go to sell less than 30,000 units nationally , and would end up being less than a shrewd investment for the player , who would also spend a further $1.5 million to build a state of the art recording studio in his home , in the hopes of budding a budding music star , having also bought a recording facility and created his own record label in downtown Atlanta . Sports` cars , $2,000-00 bottles of champagne merely to celebrate an Atlanta Falcons` win was nothing out of the ordinary for the 1989 NFL first round draft pick for the Indianapolis Colts , as a wide receiver .

Perhaps the most infamous incident we can all remember as it relates to the troubled wide receiver, was the now infamous event of is then companion , musician , Lisa Left-Eye` Lopez , who set fire to the 11,000 square foot , $5 million mansion that the couple shared in suburban Atlanta , Georgia . After the incident , Lopez would state ____ “ I just wanted it to burn and for it to hurt him “ . Andre Rison for his part , was remorseful over the incident , as he believed that he could have handled the situation a great deal better , rather than it turning initially into a physically violent altercation from the outset , before Lisa Lopez`s own actions . Rison does have regrets concerning many episodes concerning is colorful and all too dramatic life. Many of which he acknowledged , that if he had it all to do all over again , he would have been less exuberant and more trusting of those offering more trusting advice . Numerous legal issues in the ensuing years , forfeiture and seizure of property as well as owing state and federal authorities monies in back taxes , and a number of paternity suits have all but left the player bankrupt and penniless .

The NFL does now offer rookie symposiums for their players to attend , which are now mandatory for all rookie entrants to into the league . Those meeting constitute visits and lectures by certified financial planners , accountants , well-respected lawyers and agents . Yet somehow it does seem almost inconceivable that if the statistics are to be believed , as many as 63% of all players within five years of their retirement do undergo financial hardship , with many having to file for personal or corporate bankruptcy . All this ,while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to speak in volumes as to the growing revenues of the NFL , without ever once addressing the financial hardships that befall many current and former players .

Courtesy of ESPN

Broke and going nowhere

According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, 60 percent of former NBA players are broke within five years of retirement. By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress. Sucked into bad investments, stalked by freeloaders, saddled with medical problems, and naturally prone to showing off, many pro athletes get shocked by harsh economic realities after years of living the high life. Drawing surprisingly vulnerable confessions from retired stars like Keith McCants, Bernie Kosar and Andre Rison, as well as Marvin Miller, the former executive director of the MLB Players Association, this fascinating documentary digs into the psychology of men whose competitive nature can carry them to victory on the field and ruin off it.

Director Billy Corben (The U, Cocaine Cowboys, Limelight) paints a complex picture of the many forces that drain athletes’ bank accounts, placing some of the blame on the culture at large while still holding these giants accountable for their own hubris. A story of the dark side of success, “Broke,” is an allegory for the financial woes haunting economies and individuals all over the world.

Director’s Take :

In June 2009, we interviewed quarterback Bernie Kosar for the ESPN 30 for 30, The U. Anyone who knows Bernie will tell you, he’s as kind and generous a guy you could ever meet. In fact, he was extremely generous with his time that morning; he talked with us for several hours and, afterwards, took pictures and signed autographs for the crew.

A few weeks later, Dan LeBatard broke the news: Following a series of bad investments and a costly divorce, Kosar had filed for bankruptcy. It was a shock. Beyond football, Kosar was renowned for his business savvy and known to have been even more financially successful after his decade-long NFL career than during it.

Personally, it broke my heart. Other than appearing tired at times, there was little or no indication during the hours Bernie spent with us that he was in the midst of this ordeal.

In the early part of the millennium, you’d occasionally hear about a high-profile athlete suffering financial difficulties, but Pablo Torre’s article, ‘How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke,’ in the March 2009 Sports Illustrated, cast a spotlight on what seemed to be an emerging epidemic in the wake of the 2008 economic meltdown.

These days, it seems there’s a new story every week and we felt these stories were worth exploring. Not everyone was so enthusiastic about it, though.

They say the most uncouth subjects for dinner conversation are politics and religion. I gotta add money to that list. Athletes, a famously proud group, were not particularly anxious to discuss the state of their finances, so getting interviews for this project, not surprisingly, proved to be a challenge. I really admire the people who agreed to speak with us because they sincerely felt like they have something to offer the next generation and hope that others will learn from their experience.

The way “Broke” is structured, it’s not about people, per se, but the problem, told by the people who experience(d) it. It’s essentially a step-by-step guide, How To Lose Millions of Dollars Without Breaking a Sweat.


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In the NBA , the figure is just startling concerning the financial hardship faced by a numbers players there in the immediacy of their retirements . Latrell Sprewell and Antoine Walker are two players , whose stories of financial hardship have been well chronicled , with both having to file bankruptcy , owing their creditors a combined $35 million , with assets of less than $2 million . It is that sort of insanity that tends to be overlooked , as we continue to heap praise upon many of these athletes , in many respects for no good purpose , other tan to laud their athletic feats . With 76% of their players seeking some sort of aid after retirement and considering that in the NBA , salaries are entirely guaranteed . It begs the question , what is it and why is that these players become so enamored with spending so capriciously without ever really thinking about their long-term future and post-game life ? Granted , the likes of Michael Jordan , Dave Bing and Magic Johnson have each become extremely successful entrepreneurs in their own right . Yet it speaks only to a very small percentage overall of the players who can successfully point to the fact , that they have been able to leave the game in a better financial and physical shape than when they first entered the NBA .



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Again , with the NBA also following in the same footsteps of the NFL in terms of also having their own rookie symposiums . One has to ask , are the leagues in question as well as that of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the NHL doing enough to avoid a major catastrophe , as it relates to the financial well-being of their players ? Your thoughts on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter at hand ? Chime in with a comment, as you see fit .


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(1) Miami Heat small forward LeBron James smiles as he speaks during a news conference before NBA basketball practice, Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. The Heat host the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday . James as been at te forefront of te game ever since is entry into the NBA as the number one overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft . In that time he has become the game`s best player as being deemed it`s most marketable star and ambassador , along the way amassing a fortune now an estimated at 130 million . AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee ….

(2) Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke (L), speaks while Treasury Secretary Jack Lew listens during an open session of the Financial Stability Oversight Council at the Treasury Department, April 25, 2013 in Washington, DC. The session was held to discuss the financial markets and emerging threats to financial stability and make relevant recommendations. Getty Images North America/Mark Wilson ….

(3) Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco is seen here with teammate Ray Lewis after the Baltimore Ravens` victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Superbowl (SB XVII) . Flacco in the aftermath of the team`s victory was able to parlay his postseason performances into a multi-year , multi-million dollar contract that makes the quarterback amongst the highest paid players in the NFL . Sports Illustrated / Curtis Matthews ….

(4) Former NBA star Antoine Walker , whose storied career saw him win a college national championship as well as an NBA title , but also having earned in excess of $100 million in career earnings , the player filed for personal bankruptcy after some bad business investments and gambling habit that simply overtook his personal and professional life . Walker is now back in the league but playing in the NBA`s Development League , were his impact has been minimal . Antoine Walker still believes that he can still contribute to a legitimate title contender in the NBA at this juncture of his career . AP Photos REUTERS /Keith Marshall …

(5) Former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar is seen here with neurosurgeon Dr Richard Sponaugle , as the player makes the public announcement that he is now suffering from a neurological disorder (CTE) that now affects his speech as well as his ambulatory movement . Kosar , one time successful entrepreneur now lives a life of simplicity , relying primarily on his NFL retirement benefits to aid him . Having seen large part of his personal fortune simply disappear through a number of fraudulent deals overseen by his father , and a divorce settlement the player did not challenge . It is extremely difficult to have any compassion or feel any empathy for an individual who simply was far too trusting , naive and who simply chose to ignore the warning signs in his presence at each juncture of his life . Hamilton News Media Outlet ……..

(6) Former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison is seen here with former companion , Lisa Left Eye` Lopez , a co-founder of te seminal best-selling female rap group TLC . The two individuals had a very tempestuous and volatile relationship that was often violent and spontaneous . Rison , no stranger to controversy, has become the public and private face of a gifted athlete who lived an excessive lifestyle and who somehow was able to throw away many of the opportunities tat came his way . Now with little left to his name the former player spends much of his time lecturing young individuals on the dangers that comes along in being an NFL player and not being financially responsible . Getty Images North America / Paul Engle ………

(7) Keith McCants , six-year NFL linebacker professional whose career was essentially cut short by injuries . McCants is seen here talking about his career on te ESPN magazine program 30/30 (Broke) and the fact he is now broke . The player became a chronic drug user addicted pain prescription medication . Unable to meet his demand for many of the narcotics he became addicted to , McCants would resort to and commit acts of petty crime , such as theft , and check cashing fraud to meet his addiction demand . Now drug and alcohol free, Keith McCants has been critical of the NFL and their unwillingness to provide retired veterans with aid for such addictions as well as the fact that at the time of his being drafted there was not a program in place to assist the players in learning financial responsibility , providing them with the proper assistance in terms of agents (now certified) by the NFL , and lawyers (offering legal advice on a wide variety of issues) . The latter scenario was put into place by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue in conjunction with the NFLPA and their , then , Executive Director Gene Upshaw . Courtesy of ESPN @ copyrighted material all rights reserved ……………..



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24 thoughts on “Think big , spend big and then end up broke ….”

  1. Right now, everything seems perfect in South Beach, but for the long-term, things aren’t so pretty. In 2014, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and (gasp) LeBron James can opt out of their contracts with the Heat. For the more immediate future, if the Heat don’t bolster their supporting cast, the Bulls (finally healthy) and Pacers are both more than capable of taking them down in the postseason.


    1. Sam

      I don`t believe that either of the Heat`s Big Three will opt out ! They have set their sights on a goal and that is to win multiple titles , not less than five is my belief . The biggest task however, is to have the suitable pieces in place to complement the skill-set of James , Wade and Bosh .

      If Pat Riley and Spoelstra can work something out, without having to break the bank in terms of salary , then I believe the organization will be set long-term !

      NBA teams` payrolls

      Your thoughts with regards to this article and specifically on the lack of action by the NBA , NFL , MLB and NHL in teaching their players about financial responsibility ? As and when you`re ready chime back in with a comment .

      tophatal ……………..


      1. The supporting cast needs to improve. I believe that both Chicago and Indiana are capable of taking down the current Heat in next year’s postseason.

        Financial responsibility is a gaping hole in sports, but I believe that players are getting smarter by looking at others’ mistakes.


        1. Sam

          If you believe that the players are getting smarter in terms of their financial well-being , then why is it that failure rate remains so high in terms of the NBA and NFL respectively , at over 70% for both sports seeing players having retired , within five years they face financial ruination or almost on the verge of declaring bankruptcy ? Bud Selig chooses not to make the stats public as it relates to the players there . When pressed for that specific information MLBPA Executive Director Michael Weiner refuses to discuss the issue .

          Pat Riley this off-season will seek to improve the roster and at same time get rid of dead weight on the team . If they are able to do that , then there is no team in the Eastern Conference that will be able to contend with the Miami Heat . That was certainly evident this past season .

          tophatal ………….


      2. I’m sure each of those leagues has some sort of program or tutoring in place for players and their finances, but the leagues can’t manage their finances for them. I just think it’s human nature. Some people are more responsible with their money than others. For some, no amount of teaching is going to help.


        1. Maurice

          Both the NBA and NFL have their rookie symposiums directed at rookies entering the respective leagues in question .

          However , herein lies the caveat , many of the agents who are certified simply have no legal , or financial background . Case in point , rapper Jay-z , has since been certified as an agent by the NFL , NBA and MLB as a sports` agent . I mean what credentials does the rapper have, beyond being an entrepreneur rapper and owner of a sports agency ?

          Look at Bernie Kosar`s situation , could that ave been much worse ? As for McCants and Rison , well let`s just say , they were their own worst enemies .

          Courtesy of USA Today

          Jay-Z officially a certified MLB, NBA agent

          By Bob Nightengale , USA Today

          Rapper Jay-Z will soon embark on a summer tour with fellow superstar Justin Timberlake. During his down time, he can negotiate baseball and basketball contracts.

          Jay-Z officially became a certified baseball agent, the Major League Baseball Players Association confirmed Thursday morning to USA TODAY Sports, enabling Jay-Z to negotiate a deal for New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano whenever he wishes.

          MORE: Did Jay-Z violate NFLPA’s agent rule?

          Addtionally, Ron Berkowitz, a spokesman for Roc Nation Sports, confirmed Jay-Z has been certified by the National Basketball Players Union to serve as an agent. Roc Nation Sports president Juan Perez was also certified.

          Jay-Z’s status with the NBA union was first reported by Sports Business Journal.

          “Shawn ‘Jay-Z ‘ Carter submitted an application to the NBA league office to sell his interest in the Brooklyn Nets and our review process is underway,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass said. “Our rules prohibit an NBA owner from having businesses that represent NBA players. Jay-Z has been certified as an NBA player agent by the NBPA, and upon successful completion of the transfer of his ownership interest, there will be no prohibition from him representing NBA players.”

          Earlier this month, Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant severed ties with agent Rob Pelinka. USA TODAY Sports reported then that Durant is interested in partnering with Roc Nation Sports for marketing opportunities. The star forward is signed throughout the 2015-16 season, meaning he wouldn’t need an agent to negotiate a new contract.

          Click on link in full to read .


          This country is full full of itself and at the same so fuc#ked up , that the public simply remains apathetic , damn pathetic and goddamn clueless .

          tophatal ……………….


    2. Right now, it’s big three or bust for the Heat. They have no presence at center. Bosh plays there, but he’s out of position and is better suited to power forward. Also, they have a true backup in Chalmers starting at point guard. If they could find a way to upgrade those positions, then the Heat’s chances of getting the three-peat will become a lot better than they are.


  2. I saw the ESPN 30-30 on athletes who are broke. very touching ands sad. My friend Julie Bowen was taken for big bucks by unscrupulous manager. we all have to be careful. Family and friends are worst- Miami won LeBron James is the next Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt never got his two titles on two of the greatest teams in NBA history.


    1. bobby

      These athletes only have themselves to blame , if they seek to be ignorant and stupid, when it comes to their finances . It is the same thing with the idiotic politicians and how they continue to squander the nation`s wealth .

      tophatal …………….


    2. bobby

      Props to LeBron in leading the Miami Heat to a successful defense of their 2012 NBA title and the franchise`s third overall . Now comes the hard part , putting together a team built for the long haul next season and seeing if they can essentially three-peat .

      As a die-hard Spurs` fan , I am not despondent about the series` loss , as the team had their chance to close this series out , but simply did not make the most of the opportunities tat came within their grasp. The future looks bright however , if GM RC Buford and Gregg Popovich builds around , Parker , Gary Neal , Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard .

      NBA news

      Miami Heat news

      San Antonio Spurs news

      tophatal ………………


  3. Baseball`s Lenny Dysktra , a poster child for stupidity and sheer excessive greed .


    Courtesy of San Jose Mercury News

    Lenny Dykstra released from prison

    LOS ANGELES—Former All-Star outfielder Lenny Dykstra has been released from a California prison after serving time for bankruptcy fraud.

    Dykstra, 50, who had a 12-year career with the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, was freed, according to federal Bureau of Prisons records, but no other details were available. A message left for his attorney Christopher Dybwad was not immediately returned Friday.

    Dykstra was sentenced in December to 6 1/2 months in prison for hiding baseball gloves and other heirlooms from his playing days that were supposed to be part of his bankruptcy filing. He already had served seven months in custody awaiting sentencing.

    The prison term ran concurrently with a three-year sentence for pleading no contest to grand theft auto and providing a false financial statement.

    Dykstra, who bought a mansion once owned by hockey star Wayne Gretzky, filed for bankruptcy four years ago, claiming he owed more than $31 million and had only $50,000 in assets.

    After the filing, Dykstra hid, sold or destroyed at least $200,000 worth of items without the permission of a bankruptcy trustee, prosecutors said.

    He pleaded guilty last summer to one count each of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering.

    Dykstra is now on three years’ probation and must complete 500 hours of community service, participate in a substance abuse treatment program and pay $200,000 in restitution.


    Click on link to read in full .


    Dyklstra is a pompous prick .

    Lenny Dykstra`s career earnings

    tophatal …………….


  4. Athletes are targets for the sharks in suits. You know as well as I that a man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun.
    Have a good weekend and cheers!


    1. aero

      Yes that is true but one can`t excuse their naivete or damn stupidity at times . Mike Tyson has earned over $300 million in career earnings from boxing and look at him today . Evander Holyfied isn`t that far behind and the only reason his dumb ass continues to fight , is to pay child and alimony support for the various kids he`s fathered in and out of wedlock .

      Taking a bite out of Evander , that`s our Mike , hungry to prove himself .

      Tyson and Holyfield between them ad combined career ring earnings in excess of half a billion dollars ($500,000,000) . Now the two haven`t a pot to pi$s in and a window to trow it out of as bot are now financially destitute .

      How many Mercedes Benz`s could Andre Rison drive at any given time ? The guy had a fleet of exotic cars that would make an exotic showroom dealership proud .

      While Keith McCants played for the Bucs , did he ever achieve anything of note ?

      Go Rays !

      tophatal ………..


  5. Too many hanger-ons who get treated. No real good business managers, too much money and media attention. Dudes gotto have high IQ’s to be able to remember detailed plays, but……..
    All of them get bad advice at one time or another…..some would be best served to put all that wealth under or in a mattress. I remember a story about Jackie Gleason….in more than several
    theaters he had money stashed in chests…just in case he became broke or his career went South.
    Fame and money doesn’t bring smarts…..Joe Louis got screwed as did John Wayne, Wesley Snipes and many others who had been raking in the dough.


    1. And the reason they got screwed was one , naivete , lack of education but above all they were too trusting of individuals who simply had their own agenda .

      Joe Louis , a war hero and he was screwed by his second manager and then the US government who hounded him for back taxes . John Wayne was simply a bombastic ass who thought the roles he played were enough to get him noticed and respect by all .

      tophatal ……………….


  6. It`s amazing how a klutz like Lenny Dykstra was able con so many people as a player , when he was never that good to begin with ? Now after his retirement , he went about trying to suggest he was a legitimate real estate investment professional and again depriving individuals out of their hard earned cash , while coming up with the usual get rich quick schemes , normally used by slick skilled cons . Yet somehow , his time incarcerated , seems like a damn slap on the wrist after all of damage he was able to do . Once again , proving that the legal system simply benefits the wealthy , privileged and celebrities . At the lower end of the socioeconomic scale and you simply have no chance of getting any sort of real justice .

    LeBron James has now come into his own and now proving that he is not only the best player in the game over the past decade , but likely to go down as one of the top ten in NBA history upon his retirement . James is now the darling of Madison Avenue and corporate America (Fortune 500 companies) and amassing a wealth (estimated present wealth approaching $100 million) that is likely to make him one of the richest athletes in North America .

    tophatal …………


  7. There are critics out there that say the Heat winning was better for the NBA and I just can’t see that. LeBron still isn’t well-liked and it’s not entirely because of ‘The Decision’. I think most people are over that, but the way he handles himself on the court – whining at the refs, plus the things he says in the media – just turn people off. The people are done with the assembled Heat, and to see an aging team that was build from the bottom up, that would have been great to see. The Spurs almost had it… it was a good series.


  8. The Wife Hates Sports (Kevin Paul)

    Miami winning its third NBA title in six years , is most definitely good for the NBA . The organization has the game`s best player and perhaps now the most popular team and that is with due respect to the overrated Knicks and a declining / Los Angeles Lakers` organization . The NBA hierarchy , yearns for the Miami Heat to be a long term success and perennial title contender , because as of now , the Boston Celtics are heading nowhere , the New York Knicks are several pieces away from were they need to be , and as I stated , the Lakers are a mess . There is no chemistry on the team and I can`t see an aging Steve Nash playing anywhere close to eighty-two games , much less 20-35 minutes a game . Nash is on the downside of a very good career .

    Kobe Bryant , at best , has no more than two good years, if that , left in him . In that time , they had better draft well for the future beyond their usual trait of acquiring high-priced free agents .

    tophatal …………..


  9. Well , here I am a die-hard New England Patriots` fan and my thinking is , round two of the Tim Tebow circus. Instead , it has become the idiocy of Aaron Hernandez and the asinine advice he is being given by his attorney . From a person of interest , in a homicide , now the tight end has become the lead suspect based on his actions and unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement . Much more of this as a distraction and the New England Patriots would be quite within their rights to cut the player and void the remainder of his contract .

    If I did it , don`t you think that I would own up to it already ` ? Aaron Hernandez


    And as things now stand , the team`s options at the position are not looking all that great with Rob Gronkowski , having to undergo back surgery , and likely to be out for the entire preseason and regular season .

    NFL tight end stats in 2012 , 2011 and 2010 .

    Tight ends drafted in the 2013 NFL Draft .

    Tight ends drafted in NFL history

    Free agent tight ends

    tophatal ……………….


  10. In what has to viewed as one of the best NBA Finals in recent history , the Miami Heat set about their task and got the job done . Now with the NBA Draft just around the corner , it will be interesting to see how Miami and San Antonio set about building their respective rosters, as they prepare for the 2013-14 NBA season .

    Erik Spoelstra now joins a select group of coaches to have two NBA titles within the first five years of their professional coaching career having began .

    The Clippers after their season of disappointment , have now seemingly made fools of themselves , specifically in the front office under the auspices of owner , Donald Sterling . Clearly this organization remains in a state of disarray and now disrepair . The league hierarchy have seen fit to negate the trade sought by Clippers acquiring Celtics` coach Doc Rivers .

    Going into the draft without a head coach in place , is simply baffling and idiotic on the part of the Los Angeles Clippers .

    Los Angeles Clippers` news

    tophatal …………..


  11. Professional athletes need to learn how to manage their money and more importantly, not kill people. That’d also be a refreshing change.

    Ya’ know, Al. The NBA instituted that one year of college rule and still this year’s draft class is pretty weak. Where are all the clear cut number one picks? Only one top draft pick in the last thirty years has actually won a title for the team that drafted him.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      If owners in professional sports as well as the coaches and general managers would spend less time worrying about how much goddamn money they can make and how best to nurture the talent within their midst . Then , there would be more continuity and some semblance of success with these teams and the damn athletes, themselves .

      In the case of te athletes, not being financially responsible , don`t you think in large part , that also has to do with education and their lack of it thereof ? These kids can`t even make a four-year commitment to college , but yet we then expect their dumb ass to look after themselves financially, with all of the millions that is simply thrown their way ?

      tophatal ……………….


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