Big news, little news and not so ingratiating news

Big news, little news and not so ingratiating news

Well the sports` world is abuzz with the arrest of NFL player Aaron Hernandez ,with the tight-end player being charged with tree counts of homicide , five counts of illegal gun possession and a slew of other charges , which if found guilty , he could very well be facing a life-sentence or possibly worse . From hereon-in, the justice system will be left to deal with this ongoing matter . As to this idiocy of their being public outrage that an athlete has been implicated in a homicide . Well , let`s look at the NFL as a league, and the very fact that since the Superbowl twenty-eight players have been arrested for some type of legal infraction . In 2011, there were 163 arrests of NFL players for a number of wide ranging legal issues . Yet somehow , in the midst of the New England Patriots` tight end being arrested , there now seems to be some outrage ? Does anyone the cases of Leonard Little , Rae Carruth and perhaps the most infamous of them all , O J Simpson ? How soon , we tend to forget ? Or is this the usual absurdity and apathy of the sports` fan in general ?


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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his union counterpart, DeMaurice Smith have yet to issue a public statement concerning the arrest of Aaron Hernandez , which in essence is no big surprise, given the absurdity of how each of the individuals tend to deal with and look at the NFL`s image overall . Goodell tries to use platitudes to describe the league , repeatedly pointing to growing revenues and not much else beyond . Smith for is part, simply wants to talk about the growing strides made in his members` rights and the relationship with the league hierarchy . Perhaps , if Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith spent more time looking at the behavior of the players both on and off the field of play . Then perhaps, the NFL would not find itself in its present predicament .

The State Attorney General`s Office in Massachusetts , knowing now it will be placed under microscope, as this story will remain front page news until a trial date is set , cannot afford any missteps being made as they seek to make their case against Hernandez and his accomplices in the death of Odin Lloyd . And with the court of public opinion being what it is . The justice system will also be tested, as once again, we question whether not a celebrity or athlete is treated any different from an ordinary member of public when they become a defendant . I guess we already know the answer to that don`t we ? Because this belief that the US legal system is amongst the best in the world, has become something of a farce and a complete oxymoron .

Don`t look now, but the NBA`s answer to Groundhog Day is once again upon us . The NBA Draft and everything that it is said to represent , is just that , another reason for the league hierarchy and David Stern to create the perception that the fans should be riveted by the events they unfolds, as the league`s newest members seek to make their fortune , as well as grace us with their athletic ability . Personally , I find the drafts , as they relate to each of the four major professional team sports to be boring and a seamless act of futility . The NBA Draft is, and the process of its Lottery, is simply skewered to add needless intrigue . The Cleveland Cavaliers were given the dubious privilege of having the first pick, which they used on Anthony Bennett , out of UNLV .

Cavaliers` owner, Dan Gilbert and GM Chris Grant can now go about molding this franchise into a championship caliber contender . Given the missteps of Gilbert and the inane rants against former player LeBron James . Now, might well be the time for the besieged executive to simply keep quiet and stop with the rater petulant behavior that he has become associated with .

Away from the spectacle of the Draft , the biggest NBA story , was that of the trade, which saw both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce depart from the Boston Celtic to join the Brooklyn Nets . I guess this is what is meant by keeping up with the Jones`s ? As Nets` owner, Mikhail Prokhorov and GM Billy King seek to keep up in-city and conference rival the New York Knicks . Pardon for me saying this, but the two NBA franchises within the state of New York were about as impressive to me during the regular and postseason , as a full frontal pictorial of Rosie O`Donnell , naked , leaving simply nothing to the imagination . There is not much else that needs to be said after such a ghastly site . An aging Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce alongside Deron Williams , might well prove to be engaging almost alluring , but the fact of the matter is , without a respected head coach , and a team that seems to be simply averse to playing defense , you can`t hold out much hope of the Nets being viewed as a legitimate contender for an NBA title . Granted , the odds-makers in Las Vegas may well take an opposing view , but isn`t what they are meant to do , in order to lure in those sucker bets ?

If the Los Angeles Lakers` season wasn`t enough of a melodrama , this off-season , it now seems to be taking on a life of its own . GM Mitch Kupchak is trying is best to retain a player , in Dwight Howard , who by his demeanor simply has no wish to stay with the team . Howard and his agent Dan Fegan , may well say one thing but the player it has been revealed is said to be considering meeting with officials from the Houston Rockets , Atlanta Hawks , New Jersey Nets , Denver Nuggets and most notably the Los Angeles Clippers . I know in such instances, players like to keep their options open , as they are about to become unrestricted free agents . Yet, if the league`s alleged best center is intent on staying with the Lakers , then why would he seek to engage several other teams to gauge their interest in his services? Remaining with the Lakers , the franchise would be able to offer him the best deal possible in terms of a long-term contract (five or six years) . however , in terms of a higher annual salary for lesser deal in terms of length , then his options would be best served by signing with one of the aforementioned teams in question .

From my own standpoint , one of the reasons I believe Dwight Howard is likely to leave the Lakers, is because what I feel is a deteriorating relationship with Kobe Bryant ! There seemed to be no on-court camaraderie between the two players and that to me is a clear indication of two players who only play at having a mutual respect for each other . If Mike D`Antoni as a head coach was not able to realize those dynamics along with Mitch Kupchak , then it is extremely clear that these two individuals clearly have no idea as to what the hell they are actually doing .

Lakers` fans have now become eternal optimists, because they now know that Kobe Bryant is now on the downside of an illustrious career and with no heir-apparent to assume the mantle as the leader of this team . It is extremely to difficult to see in what direction the franchise will ultimately seek to go . If Dwight Howard were to depart , given the presumption that the franchise is able to lure a big time free agent during the off-season . It would have to be some of unique talent and a major draw that would have the fans packing the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California . Spending money , merely it is readily available , doesn`t always guarantee a title , which is something that the Los Angeles Lakers` fans have seemingly become accustomed to . And it is this type of mindset, that has become all too prevalent around the NBA, as teams seek out glory . Unfortunately, the league hierarchy has also fallen into that trap, leading to severe financial problems around the NBA for several of the franchises. Doubt my word ? After the Miami Heat`s first NBA title , in the subsequent years leading up to the franchise’s second title win , team President Pat Riley presided over annual losses that would amount to, in excess of $123 million. Things were turned around rather quickly, when the ubiquitous executive engineered the acquisitions of Chris Bosh and LeBron James to coincide with the re-signing of Dwyane Wade. The rest as they now say _______ is history , with the franchise having won back to back titles , as well as making three consecutive NBA Finals` appearances . Along the way, the club has become one of the biggest draws in the game, as well as one of the NBA`s most profitable teams .

I am not prepared to go out on a limb as of yet , but it appears that the Pittsburgh Pirates (48-30) are the best team in baseball , that no one seems to be interested in talking about . Not that I would blame them , given the misgivings that the Pirates have provided us with, repeatedly over the years . At present the team does possess the best record in baseball alongside fellow NL Central residents the St Louis Cardinals .

A case could be made that Clint Hurdle should be seen as the mid-season candidate for Manager of The Year , given what he has been able to achieve and though , not many felt that the Pirates would be challenging for a divisional title or playoff berth . Winners of eight of their last ten games , Hurdle and his players are playing with a mindset that they are seeking some semblance of respect from their peers . Hurdle`s coaching staff led by hitting coach , Jay Bell , and pitching coach Ray Searage as part of a staff tat as been one of the primary reasons behind the team`s success this season.

Pirates` All Star , Andrew McCutchen leads a lineup that has been one of the most productive teams in the NL this season in terms of home runs . The outfielder , along with Starling Marte , Garrett Jones , Russell Martin , Gaby Sanchez , Jason Grilli , Wandy Rodriguez , Jeanmar Gomez , A J Burnett and James McDonald are among the players, who have the Pirates and their fans riding on the crest of a wave in attendance at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Coming off a 9-4 away victory over an uncompetitive Seattle Mariners` team , the Pirates are seeking to win their first divisional title since 1992 , when they won the last of three consecutive divisional titles under then manager Jim Leyland . And after that empathic victory over the Mariners the Pirates will play host to the Milwaukee Brewers in the first of a three-game series at their home venue . On the mound for the Brewers will be Johnny Hellweg who faces off against Gerritt Cole , the Pirates` number one overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft . Cole is proving to be everything that GM Neal Huntington believed that he would be , having scouted the player, gauged his career at UCLA (Bruins).

So here we are, at or close to the midpoint of the season and the AL East is said to be up for grabs. The Boston Red Sox leads the division , with the ever-present New York Yankees in close proximity of the first-place team . Also within distance, are the Baltimore Orioles , with the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays closely trying not to be viewed as the division`s cellar dwellers . An eleven game win streak may well have created the perception that the Blue Jays were back in the race , but nothing could be further from the truth . With all of the bally hoo made over the acquisitions made by Toronto in acquiring R A Dickey and Jose Reyes , the team has been or playing .500 baseball for much of the season . Once again proving you don`t build a franchise by merely putting together ill-fitting parts , for a roster that simply is not good enough to win its division, much less be considered a legitimate wildcard candidate .

Chris Davis and Manny Machado may well be two players that have provided Orioles` fans with a great deal to relish this season and perhaps long-term for the franchise. Yet to my mind and for all of their accomplishments , I do not believe that two singularly or combined, have provided as much excitement this entire season as the singular feat on Friday night as Miguel Cabrera single-handed destroyed an overrated Tampa Bay Rays` team . Rays` fans are optimists and not much more than that , by way of their overall intelligence . As to this idiocy, that Evan Longoria can lead the Rays to any sort of dominance this season. Well, that is not about to happen , with the player once again injured , and now perhaps dashing the hopes of the fans and the team in general .

. Miguel Cabrera, is proving is why he is the best pure hitter in baseball , by far surpassing many of his peers in the game today . Chris Davis may well lead the league in home runs , but his overall body of work is simply now befitting a player who has toiled in the shadows ___ now having a breakout season . By comparison, Cabrera is simply carrying on from where he left off from last season , while showing what many first saw in the player when he first broke into the Majors as a rookie with the Miami Marlins in 2003. A Triple Crown winner 2012 , Miguel Cabrera, while proud of that feat , would like nothing better, if he could now seal the deal with a World Series title for the Detroit Tigers , after the franchise’s lackluster efforts in last season`s showcase finale , which resulted in a lopsided series` loss to the San Francisco Giants .

It now remains to be seen whether or not the Tigers can fulfill the ambitions of their well-respected slugger and the franchise’s fans .

In what can be best described as two children squabbling over a toy . The latest drama surrounding the New York Yankees , between GM Brian Cashman and third baseman Alex Rodriguez , is proving to be an embarrassment and an unwanted spectacle for the franchise . I tend to look at such child-like antics with a great deal of glee ! I mean, where else can you find a millionaire athlete being belittled by the one of team`s leading front office executives with the general manager simply stating that the player should shut the ##@k up“(choice expletive) . With the team owing Rodriguez in excess of $100 million over the next four seasons to a player whose productivity has been on the decline . It easy to understand the uneasiness that Brian Cashman now has and the proliferation of a mistake that he made in re-signing the third baseman . Now reviled by the fans and press alike , it does make one wonder how Alex Rodriguez now believe that he can really be of any use to the Yankees at this juncture .

The Yankees are struggling mightily and with the loss of Mark Teixiera for the season, the only ray of hope appears to be the imminent return of Curtis Granderson and at some point over the next six to eight weeks , team captain Derek Jeter . Manager Joe Girardi knows that he is under a great deal of pressure to guide this team into the postseason . Failure to do so , would be considered a major failure by the front office led by lead managing partners , Hank and Hal Steinbrenner . The Steinbrenner family has a great deal of money vested in the ball-club with Alex Rodriguez being the highest paid player on the team`s roster .

Friday night saw New York go down in flames with a 4-3 loss to the Baltimore Orioles in a game played at Orioles Ballpark/Camden Yards , Baltimore , Maryland . The two teams will meet again on Saturday and Sunday , to end a three-game series between these two famed clubs . As contentions as we know the AL East to be , it will be now or never for New York to prove themselves worthy , or simply bow out at this juncture . A $225 million payroll simply cannot hide the numerous flaws on this Yankees` team and that was all too prevalent with CC Sabathia being unable to gain his two hundredth career win in Major League Baseball. Two hundred wins while credible , the benchmark in the modern-day game is three hundred wins , which we are unlikely to see again within the game of baseball .The active wins` leader is Andy Pettite , with two-hundred and fifty career wins (250) and counting , with the Yankees` ace likely on the downside of a fantastic career .



Picture gallery .

With the All Star Game just around the corner , it will be interesting to see how the teams will fare between now the game`s mid-season showcase event . At this point last season , it was something of a spectacle to see the schedule take shape by way of the – ball-clubs` play and how the year actually panned out . Should we expect more of the same in 2013 ? Amongst these and other questions , are the ones that will be the prevailing scenarios that are likely to play out . Your thoughts on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter are certainly welcome .


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(1) Friends and relatives arrive for Odin Lloyd’s funeral service embrace outside of Church of the Holy Spirit in Boston, Saturday, June 29, 2013. Hundreds of relatives, friends and well-wishers wept together and hugged at the funeral for Lloyd, a semi-pro football player whose killing led to murder and weapons charges against former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer …

(2) Former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez stands during a bail hearing in Fall River Superior Court Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Fall River, Mass. Hernandez, charged with murdering Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player, was denied bail. AP Photo/Boston Herald, Ted Fitzgerald, Pool …..

(3) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ,left , is seen here alongside DeMaurice Smith of the NFPLA , as the two answer questions in front of a Congressional Committee in 2011 during the NFL work stoppage . Goodell and Smith, have yet to address the situation concerning the arrest of Patriots` tight-end Aaron Hernandez on charges of the counts of homicide (capital murder) as well as weapons` related charges . Hernandez is one of twenty-eight players arrested in 2013 and it appears that there will be no signs of abatement concerning the gross misbehavior of the league`s players as it relates to law enforcement. Something of which the NFL and the union have an extremely poor record of addressing , either by choice or through their sheer stupidity . Atlanta Journal Constitution / Paul Marcus …

(4) Miami Heat President Pat Riley is seen here alongside Ray Allen and team head coach Erik Spoelstra . Allen was a member of the team that won the franchise its second NBA title in seven years . The veteran player was also re-signed when the front office exercised the $3.5 million option , with Allen being a member of the roster for the upcoming 2013-14 season . The world champions also bolstered the lineup through the NBA Draft . Te Miami Herald / Ernesto Aguirre ….

(5) LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 28: Dwight Howard (12) of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts while playing the San Antonio Spurs in Game Four of the Western Conference Quarterfinals during the 2013 NBA Playoffs at Staples Center on April 28, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The player who can become an unrestricted free agent during this off-season has been non-committal as to whether or not he will be returning to the Los Angeles Lakers . Meanwhile , Lakers` GM Mitch Kupchak has stated that it is his intent to re-sign the center to a long-term max contract , that would pay Howard $123 million over six years. Dwight Howard and agent Dan Fegan have stated that the player will make his intent clear on 10th July in a press conference. Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images …

(6) Pittsburgh Pirates’ Pedro Alvarez (24) , Starling Marte (6) , Jordy Mercer and Andrew McCutchen (22) celebrate after the Pirates defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 10-3 in a baseball game Friday, June 28, 2013, in Pittsburgh. The Pirates won 10-3 . AP Photo/Keith Srakocic …

(7) FILE – Alex Rodriguez, right, seen in this May 6, 2013 file photo and the New York Yankees are not seeing eye to eye on his hip injury. The star third baseman tweeted Tuesday night June 25, 2013 that his hip surgeon has cleared him to play in rehabilitation games, a move that angered Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, seen in this March 6, 2009 file photo, according to The two individuals have never really seen eye to eye and the relationship can best be described as testy , if not frosty . It has been revealed that Cashman approached team President Randy Levine with a view to voiding the player`s contract when it was revealed that his name had become embroiled in the Biogenesis scandal . No action was taken , but the MLB hierarchy has yet to render a decision concerning any player suspension concerning the players named in the documents in the possession of the US Justice Department . AP Photo/File …..

(8) Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera, center, and Austin Jackson, left, celebrates with on-deck batter Prince Fielder after Cabrera hit a first-inning, two-run home run off Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Alex Colome during a baseball game, Friday, June 28, 2013, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Cabrera went four-for-four , hitting two home runs , with four runs batted in , in the Tigers` 6-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays . AP Photo/Chris O’Meara …..


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19 thoughts on “Big news, little news and not so ingratiating news”

  1. As if the NFL didn`t have enough to deal with concerning Aaron Hernandez , now another moronic player , Joe Lefeged , amongst its ranks gets popped for having an unlicensed firearm while a passenger in a vehicle . What else can we expect from the anal retentive pretentious as$#ole players of the NFL ? Roger Goodell and his union counterpart DeMaurice Smith are two of the biggest ass-wipes involved in professional team sports as executives. .

    The NFL`s latest asshole , Joe Lefeged .

    The NFL shouldn`t just be known as the No Fun League , but the No F##king Intelligence League . Because there is now no damn intelligence to be found in the league .

    NFL and baseball alike , is being ran by incompetent morons !

    tophatal ………


  2. I for one don`t expect Dwight Howard to re-sign with the Lakers , because I truly believe his relationship with Kobe Bryant isn`t one built on any sort of mutual respect much less team camaraderie . Besides ,. Howard as a player with the Lakers was simply average at best. Furthermore claims as to is being the best center in the NBA might not be a claim that can any longer be validated . Besides , does anyone know what type of coaching strategy that Mike D`Antoni has a coach ? The Lakers` coach doesn`t possess the mindset or intelligence to make defense a necessity for any of the teams that he has coached over the course of his career .

    The Pirates may well be the surprise team of 2013 , but I don`t expect them to make the playoffs . GM Neal Huntington may well have hit pay-dirt with Gerritt Cole and Andrew McCutchen , but I believe that the team will have some serious problems during the latter part of their season .

    Pirates` best players Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen .

    Alex Rodriguez won`t be be doing anything to make the Yankees better this season , because in all likelihood , if Bud Selig shows he has some balls , we are likely to see a decision made to suspend te players named in the Biogenesis scandal , rather than showing once again , how incompetent he just happens to be .

    Best pure hitter in baseball and he has been that for the last two or three years without a doubt , that is Miguel Cabrera .

    and Pierce going to the Nets ? Will the Barclays Center and Nets` front office offer pre and regular season discounts to members of AARP during the upcoming season ?

    tophatal ……………………….


    1. I agree with you on Howard. He is not a fan of D’antoni’s fast-paced system, but the Rockets have the fastest pace in the league! In the end, it will come down to whether he wants his own team (Dallas) or to contend for a title (Houston). I see D12 choosing the Rockets.


        1. I agree. Harden is the franchise player and should be in control, as he embodies a true leader. In Houston, a title may very well be on the horizon, but they face stiff competition in the West.


      1. Sam

        There will be very few teams in the NBA that will be able to afford to pay Dwight Howard the type money or contract that he seeks . And that is even if the NBA salary cap rises from $58 million to the ludicrous figure of $72 million being projected . The league cannot afford to raise the salary cap that high for the upcoming season , in spite of the idiocy coming from so many of these anal retentive on air NBA analysts . The league hierarchy is not going to raise the salary cap by almost 20% , not when teams are still struggling financially . It`s not goddamn rocket science .

        tophatal ……………..


  3. Seth Jones , son of former NBA player Popeye Jones is likely to be the #1 overall pick in the NHL Draft .

    Now the question becomes , with Jones being the first African American player to be drafted that high in NHL history . How will he be treated by the fans in general , given the racial epithets thrown around at games directly aimed at players of color within the league .

    Jarome Iginla , Wayne Simmonds , Emerson Etem , this past season were directly assaulted by verbal racial abuse , but yet fans are trying to point out that the sport is growing and has become really healthy ?

    Fans such as this are definitely in deep denial and without a damn clue concerning many of the underlying issues of the sport . Never mind that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has done very little in conjunction with the league hierarchy and union to address the issue of growing racial discord by fans aimed at players of color .

    Someone explain that rather than the idiotic diatribe of hockey being popular, with millions of fans watching on broadcast television , which is a joke , when you consider 5 million is barely a 1% percent share as measured by Nielsen`s Ratings system .

    The younger Jones, has already signed with rapper Jay-z`s Roc Nation agency to be his agent representation .

    Courtesy of CBS Sports

    Seth Jones, No. 1 or not, is NHL Draft’s most-important player

    By Chris Peters

    Each time a general manager makes a selection in the first round of the NHL draft, his decision will have a profound impact, one way or another, on his franchise and its future. It is very rare for that same general manager to make a selection that changes not only his team, but potentially the league as a whole.

    On Sunday afternoon in Newark, N.J., one NHL general manager will approach the podium on a stage overlooking his peers. He will step up to the microphone and by the time he steps away, he’ll have made history.

    In all likelihood, Portland Winterhawks defenseman Seth Jones will be one of the first two selections in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. He will become the highest-selected player of African-American descent in the history of the league.

    With all due respect to Nathan MacKinnon, who seems to be the favorite to go first overall Sunday and may be the best overall player available, Jones is the most important player in this draft and it’s not even close.

    By now, you’ve probably heard his story.

    Jones is the son of former NBA player Popeye Jones. He was born in Texas, and spent much of his life there, but took to hockey while living in Colorado. It was right in the middle of the Colorado Avalanche’s heyday when Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg and Patrick Roy were taking the NHL by storm.

    Upon learning his sons wanted to play hockey, Popeye Jones, who was playing for the Denver Nuggets at the time, approached Sakic to find out what he should do to get them started.

    Sakic’s advice was for the elder Jones to get his boys to take skating lessons before trying hockey since they were bound to grow into large men. At their size, it would be important to be good skaters.

    That’s what the Jones brothers did, learning to skate from a figure skating coach before ever putting on the pads. Thus began the makings of one of the most exciting prospects the league has ever seen.

    Click on link to read in full.


    I`ve yet to read or hear any fans of this so-called beloved sport address this one acute issue . Is either through ignorance or an unwillingness to admit that racism exists within the sport ? Call it or go home . Too many people live in a god-damn dream world at present , under the belief that racial harmony still exists , when it simply does not .

    tophatal ………………


    1. The lack of racial diversity is one of major reasons that the NHL is losing ground to the other sports leagues. At this point they should do everything in their power to discourage racist comments from fans.


      1. Maurice Barksdale

        The things we already know that transcends this sport (hockey) , its lack of racial diversity , lack of African American officials , coaches , (assistant or otherwise ) , never mind any high ranking executives amongst the NHL hierarchy . It is not something Gary Bettman seems to have placed on his agenda as of now . It`s also a sad indictment of a sport , that also fails to truly acknowledge the contributions of the African American pioneers within the game of the past .

        Willie O`Ree , now director of Youth Development for the NHL . (Current picture of the octogenarian , below ) O`Ree , like Jackie Robinson in baseball broke through the stereotypes and color barrier within hockey .

        tophatal …………………….


    1. bobby gee

      Lewis wasn`t arrested this year but his original arrest , along with the multitude of players from the NFL points to a league that is completely out of control without leadership in terms of Goodell`s weak kneed tenure and that of the Players Union , who have done little to curb the behavior of their players . As to this idiocy, that the vast majority of players are above reproach and model citizens , that is simply a crock of s#it . Once they ran afoul of the law they seek ways tho either circumvent the legal process or have the prosecution simply pervert it , by way of a plea deal for a much more a lenient sentence .

      Now we have a Colts` player getting `popped ` for having unlicensed weapon while a passenger in an SUV . The NFL now as become a joke and fans and analysts alike with their anal retentive ideas as to what needs to be done , simply have no frigging idea what they are talking about , much less how best to seek a resolution .

      Fans buy into the machismo of the NFL but they are not concerned at all with the repulsive behavior of the players . It is their (fans) apathy that also has to be looked at as well .

      tophatal ………….


        1. bobby

          Today`s NFL is simply devoid of intelligence and leadership and that is all you need to know . All Roger Goodell ever wants to talk about are increased revenues , I mean in all honesty for years they (league hierarchy) repeatedly lied about the cause and effect of blunt head force trauma . So what would make anyone be under the impression that Roger Goodell and the union now cares about the behavior of the league`s players ?

          Players have been arrested on felony charges, for incidents such as grand larceny , spousal abuse , sexual assault , sexual battery , robbery , attempted murder , drug possession (grade 1 narcotics) . So this idiocy , with regard their arrests being for minor infractions , is another goddamn joke , once again .

          tophatal ………….


    2. Lewis was complicit in the death of two individuals , but because he had selective memory loss , no one did any time for two homicides . Ray Lewis got himself an image makeover , while allegedly becoming a Christian and the victims` families were left wondering where was the justice and had no recourse or finality as to their faith in a messed up judicial and legal process .

      “If there was no blood on my hands , then I must be a free man “ Ray Lewis s

      Comes courtesy of USA Today

      Ray Lewis’ co-defendant says killings in self defense

      Acquitted co-defendant in Ray Lewis case from 2000 talks about the crime scene and the killings in Atlanta but doesn’t want to say who did it.

      Thirteen years since his acquittal on murder charges, Reginald Oakley still doesn’t want to say who stabbed two men to death on Jan. 31, 2000.

      Was Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis involved in the murders?

      “I can’t answer that,” Oakley told USA TODAY Sports.

      Did Oakley kill anybody and get away with it at trial?

      “I can’t answer that,” he said.

      Oakley, 44, avoids giving away too much information because he says he plans to release a book about it this summer called Memories of Murder. In the book, he said he will provide those answers and his own eyewitness account of the crime scene that morning outside a nightclub in Atlanta.

      DIVIDED: Hometown split on opinion of Ray Lewis

      The crime remains unsolved but now is getting new attention — and rekindling emotions — as Lewis prepares to play in his final NFL game in the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. The game will come 13 years after Lewis and his friends took a limousine to their own Super Bowl party.

      Click on link to read in full.


      Lewis and is accomplices made a complete mockery of the legal system but they were also aided by the moronic @ssoles within the Miami Dade County District Attorney`s Office . I don`t believe that you can find a more incompetent bunch of lawyers anywhere else in the state . But I could very well be proven wrong because Orange County and Seminole County have and are likely to prove that to be false .

      tophatal ………………


  4. Sam

    No matter where Dwight Howard ends up going , he will soon outlive his welcome and whatever usefulness he as with an NBA franchise . Two teams felt that the center could contribute greatly to both franchises , and that simply was not the case with either the Lakers or the Magic . The player is simply a gutless individual, who does not possess the mental aspect to play tough or lead by example . As to this idiocy of him being the best center in the NBA . He is not even that , in name , much less by way of overall talent .

    topatal ………….


  5. This is gonna end badly for Hernandez, Al, as it probably should. You read my take on his case.

    And hear we go. It’s going to be another off-season off incessant Dwight Howard talk. I was over it last summer. Can’t a team just sign him so we can all move on?


    1. Chris

      It is already bad for Aaron Hernandez , as he is unlikely to play in the NFL again . There was a pattern of behavior that was already there , that everyone chose to overlook .

      Look for one of the player`s alleged accomplices to cop a plea and then turn state`s evidence on the other two assailants .

      The less we tend to hear about Dwight Howard , is the better off the actual off-season becomes . Dwight has become a constant irritant and a malignant cancer no matter were he has been over the course of his career .

      The center doesn`t need Kryptonite to prove what a dick he is , because we already can see it , with his diminutive lack of a personality , maturity and intelligence .

      tophatal ………….


  6. There’s a chance the Lakers can re-sign Dwight Howard, but if they can’t then the Lakers may find it hard signing big time free agents moving forward as long as Kobe is on the team.


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