Think you can handle the truth ?

Think you can handle the truth ?

With the world said to be aghast, because another high-profiled athlete finds themselves on the wrong side of the law . I for one , would like to know why it is the fans and the public are showing their surprise ? I mean , athletes have always thought themselves to be above the law , and not to be held accountable at all for their actions . The NFL much like the other four major professional team sports have all been caught with the customary stigma , when the professionals there, have been embroiled in some sort of controversy . Aaron Hernandez may well now be implicated in three homicides , but there was already a disturbing pattern of behavior associated and established with the now former New England Patriots` tight end dating back to his pre college years . Yet, this was all ignored at various points during of the player`s athletic career, collegiate and within the professional ranks. And along the way, we have seen the hypocrisy of the various bodies and coaches who have presided over the player`s career . So now we are looking for answers to questions that most psychologists would explain not only as dangerous deviant behavior , but also as something that was ongoing , that would reach a boiling point and come to a head .


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At the same time I have yet to read anyone suggesting that the NFL and Players` Union , ever seeking to deter or better yet , seek of ways to curb the excess and grossly dangerous behavior of its players . Does anyone actually remember the actions of Donte Stallworth and his repeated lies to the press and prosecution , concerning the tragedy in of the case of the vehicular manslaughter death of a South Florida citizen ? Stallworth , got behind the wheel of his $ 175,000 vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.143 , almost twice the legal limit within the state of Florida . Not only that, but the Patriots` wide receiver tested positive for marijuana , which both he and his lawyers claimed, played no part in the death of 59 year-old Mario Reyes , a father of four . The case against Stallworth was straight-forward , but somehow , the course of justice was perverted by the State Attorney`s Office , with the player only serving a twenty-four days of what was meant to be a thirty-day sentence . Am I missing something here ? Were this, simply a civilian as a defendant , I am certain that having been found guilty , or willing to take a plea agreement, as was the case here , at a minimum that individual would now be serving no less than five years in a case of vehicular manslaughter . The public expects more from its public officials, as well these athletes , but instead , they are placed on a pedestal by the press and fans alike.

Well , as of now, I find this whole situation to be to be not only repugnant , but also repulsive !

A patron of my site recently suggested that the country as advanced racially and socially to the point where are at a point , were we should no longer be overly concerned with race in terms of equality . Well, unless he has been living under a rock, the country remains extremely divided along racial lines . And that is now being played not only in the court of public opinion but also right in-front of our very eyes , as the trial of George Zimmerman takes place in the city of Sanford , Florida , in the death of seventeen-year old African-American , Trayvon Martin . Considering that in the past eighteen months within the state , this is as such, is the eight such instance, where the use of the `stand your ground law has been used as a crux for the slaying of an unarmed victim , were the victim has been someone of ethnic ethnicity . I would like to know, are we as a society , still depraved ? The answer I believe to be yes, and empathic yes , I might add ! The criminal case has begun to capture the nation`s attention, while also showing that the legal establishment within the state is and remains extremely mediocre . The prosecuting and defense attorneys, are pandering and posturing for the cameras, rather than seeking to establish any semblance of the truth. A simple microcosm of a mediocre societal system will be played out in-front of our very eyes over the ensuing weeks . Then at the end of it all, we can assess whether her or not, if justice has been served .

With the free agency status of NBA players able to declare their eligibility declare their status as of 1:00 AM tonight . It will be interesting, to see which players will seek to ply their trade elsewhere . If the rumors are to be believed , then it seems all but certain, that Los Angeles Lakers` center Dwight Howard will leave the franchise and seek a new home for his talents . Personally , I am of the belief that Howard, beyond not being entirely happy with his sojourn in the city of Angels, his relationship with the team`s best player Kobe Bryant , was severely tested . Lakers` head coach Mike DAntoni , to my mind , is not someone I believe is capable of corralling a cast of characters , such as in the makeup of this Lakers` roster . The team`s play throughout much of this past season was lethargic and unconvincing . And those who were of the belief that gathering the talents of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to play alongside Kobe Bryant would make the Lakers a legitimate playoff contender and championship caliber team were clearly misguided , if not stupid .

With several teams said to be vying for the Lakers center`s services , it is hard to assess where would be the best fit for a player who over the past two years has simply failed to live up to expectations . Long thought of as being the best center in the NBA , I am not so sure that those claims can still be justified at this juncture . yet these are merely my observations and no one else`s. Howard lacks leadership skills , maturity , but most notably when placed under a great deal of pressure , he simply fails to deliver .

This past season the NBA salary cap was held steady at $58 million , but with their being a growing view that a number of the big-market teams who would like to see that figure raised . It seems inconceivable, that is likely to happen, if the league hierarchy would raise keep the luxury tax rates and salary cap above their existing levels . A dollar for dollar or $1-50 per dollar surcharge, would certainly impede the teams over the league`s current soft salary cap , and it would certainly lead to a contentious situation between the parties concerned . So unless the league, team owners and union (NBPA- Players` Union) can come to some sort of compromise , then that scenario is unlikely to take shape . And given how contentious the relationship has been between the NBPA and league hierarchy, I certainly do not believe , that we are likely to any changes come about overnight . Concessions would have to be made on all sides . As of this moment, the Players` Union remains highly distrustful of team owners and of David Stern , in particular . The latter , who prides himself on being the voice of reason for the NBA . Anyone who has witnessed the commissioner`s autocratic rule , will know that Stern is very much like an immature child , who if things simply do not go his way , he is likely to pick up his toys , cry off , while seeking to apportion blame elsewhere .

One can already see the teams that are likely to be encumbered with monstrous payrolls this upcoming season , unless those franchises seek to get rid of the dead weight on their respective rosters . Leslie Alexander , owner of the Houston Rockets along with head coach Kevin McHale , James Harden , GM Daryl Morey , have met with the player and his agent Dan Fegan . However, there are several other meetings scheduled for Howard and Fegan over the next few days before a formal announcement is made as to the player`s desired destination . Dwight Howard can seek to obtain a maximum contract from any of the vested parties , a contract most certainly make the player amongst the highest paid players in the NBA , and most likely at the position in the league . Ultimately, whatever the destination of Howard , I do believe that the center will be in a for a rude awakening , as he seeks to resurrect his career. . A six-year contract paying Dwight Howard between $118 million to $125 million , does seem inflated for a player who has no proven signs of leadership , and has often been known and witnessed , to simply give up , when adversity stares him directly in the face . I have never been truly enamored with Dwight Howard as a player , as I find him more often than not , to be a mere caricature and a cartoon character , showing almost infantile like behavior for an athlete described as one of the best players in the NBA. A formal announcement is likely to be made by the player by no later than the 10th July, 2013 .

Just like The Jefferson`s , it would appear that the Brooklyn Nets are seeking their own deluxe apartment in the sky . The fact that team owner , Mikhail Prokhorov and GM Billy King have seen fit to acquire both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics , in exchange for a two first round draft picks (2013 , 2014) and monetary exchange , might bode well for the besieged franchise . In an effort to take the glare and shine off their conference rivals the New York Knicks . This maneuver could either lead to the franchise’s undoing or at the end of the day , be seen as spectacular , if not a genius move engineered by King . Given the disarray shown by the team during the postseason . it is clear the Nets need to be installed with leadership ability . It clearly has not come from Deron Williams , in spite of his eight years in the NBA . If Williams has not learned that trait by now , then there is no certainty that he ever will , in spite of his many supporters . There is a definite reason why the likes of Steve Nash , Chris Paul , Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo are viewed as figureheads on the teams were they play . Granted, the same can be said of Williams , but he has never been a player who it is said , has led by example or in fact , instilling that eagerness to win . Yet somehow, all of the plaudits and vocal accolades heaped upon the Nets` point guard simply cannot deter the fact that he has in essence, become the face of a player who is in fact a prima-donna ____ very much a self-absorbed athlete and `coach-killer` . I would countenance that by saying , this is the image of so many players around the NBA , that has now become the norm , rather than the exception to the rule .

With Jason Kidd having recently retired , after a successful career in the NBA , the future Hall of Fame player , was recently introduced as the successor to PJ Carlisemo . No coaching experience , but a wealth of insight on the game, from his playing days, this could very well be the wrong scenario for the league`s newest head coach to embark upon a coaching career. It has to be said Kidd`s start will be a baptism of fire more tan anything else . Egos on the court of play and having to deal with a no-nonsense owner , I believe will be far too great a task for the Nets` new coach to deal with ! Garnet , Pierce and Kidd in terms of their respective careers have served the NBA combined for the better part of three decades. Whether or not , Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Deron Williams can coexist, while taking instructions from Jason Kidd remains to be seen , but it will create an interesting dynamic as to the environment within the Nets` environment and locker room at game time . Kidd has stated that his coaching staff will be made up of the best possible talent available . So , I guess Jason Kidd knows of the obstacles he now faces, as he now embarks upon a new phase of his NBA career .

If there is one thing that we have to be aware of when it comes to the NBA , its it is that much like their counterparts in Major League Baseball , the NBA`s team owners are just as capricious and ostentatious . Baseball , reportedly prides itself on being fiscally conservative , but that is the farthest thing from the truth . Especially , when Commissioner Bud Selig is not known for transparency , much less be willing to have the game`s finances be opened up for public scrutiny . It should serve as a warning to the fans, but somehow it simply does not , because in large part , the vast majority of these fans would be unable to fully comprehend even the mildest financial principles that the teams operate under , much less be able to explain how the league`s luxury tax system actually works . The same premise also holds true for the NBA , and the bile that David Stern continually sells to the public en-masse as to the overall health of the NBA .

To further expand on the nonsensical whims of the NBA , and the fact that team owners and general managers believe that it is best to simply try to outspend their rivals . This past season the Brooklyn Nets with a payroll of $89.583 million , ranking it amongst the highest within the league . From an economic standpoint , given the gravitas of Mikhail Prokorov and the uninhibited manner under which he operates the Nets . It should come as no surprise that the franchise will have to pay a $31 million surcharge , with the organization having exceeded the league`s soft salary cap of $58 million for this past season . A large portion of the Brooklyn`s payroll was tied up in the salaries paid to Deron Williams and Joe Jonson . As to evidence the naiveté and sheer absurdity tat the NBA continues to operate under , Johnson`s contract still calls for the player to be paid another $67 million over the next tree seasons. All this , for a player whose presence the court for his team was barely noticeable this past season , during the regular and postseason .



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No grandstanding , no standing on ceremony , the next chapter in the LeBron James` quest to be rightly or wrongly be called The King or Great One , will take a new approach . James knows that the comparisons are already being made to his idol Michael Jordan . Personally , I feel it best to make such comparisons once a player`s career is over . Then we can truly judge as to the perceived greatness and attributes of the players in question . Making comparisons by way of age or shall we say what was accomplished by a certain point of their respective careers does not give one a true gauge on what could ultimately transpire down the road . What I am fully aware of , is that during this postseason , LeBron James put on array of performances that allowed the Miami Heat to defeat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals , thereby guaranteeing the franchise`s successful defense of their title . As an avowed fan of the game, though not necessarily of the player , I acknowledge and congratulate LeBron James on his success ! . If anything, as the league now seeks to make new inroads in terms of its global presence , it will be James who becomes the face and persona of the NBA . Hopefully , David Stern can see what he has in front of him as a marketing tool and simply not make a damn mess of things , as he has been known to do and then to apportion blame elsewhere for his own mea-culpas. Your thoughts on this all and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter ?

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(1) Shayanna Jenkins, middle, fiancée of former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez, is escorted by attorney Janice Bassil, left, and an unidentified attorney after a bail hearing in Fall River Superior Court Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Fall River, Mass. Hernandez, charged with murdering Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player, was denied bail. AP Photo/Elise Amendola …

(2) Aaron Hernandez accomplice Carlos Ortiz appears in court and is arraigned for his role in the murder of Odin Lloyd. Ortiz had relatives that denied his involvement and he teared in court on June 28, 2013. Photo : Twitter/AP ….

(3) Donte Stallworth is seen here accompanied by his attorneys in July 2009 , as the jury renders a verdict of guilty in his vehicular manslaughter trial in the death of Miami native , fifty-nine year old Mario Reyes , a father of four. The player was given a thirty-day sentence , but served only twenty-four days in jail , after a plea agreement reached with the district attorney . Stallworth would also see the suspension of his license and was placed on five years probation . An out of court settlement was reached with the Reyes` family , with Donte Stallworth having to pay the Reyes` family $2.5 million . Public outrage was vented at Miami Dade State Attorney , Katherine Fernandez-Rundle as to the leniency of the sentence and for her office negotiating a plea agreement which in essence brokered this abhorrent deal , subverting the pursuance of any real justice . Miami Herald / Ignacio Chela …..

(4) Defendant George Zimmerman in the Sanford Courthouse, Sanford , Florida during his trial for manslaughter in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin . Judge Debra Nelson has already caused a stir with her ruling that the audio of the apparent incident cannot be used as evidence in the trial of what she stated was insufficient technology available to disseminate and clarify the voices of the defendant and victim . Unless I am mistaken , the technology the judge questions , is used on a daily basis by not only Federal Law enforcement agencies but numerous state agencies around the country for the use of , and in monitoring and surveillance . Incredible , the level of incompetency that is already being shown in the trial`s infancy by the prosecuting , defense attorneys, as well as the presiding judge . AP / NY Times / Craig Ross …..

(5) Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers is seen talking to the convened press after the team`s first round loss the San Antonio Spurs having been swept 4-0 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs . Howard is now an unrestricted free agent and in what appears to be a last-ditch effort attempt by the Lakers` hierarchy , GM Mitch Kupchak , team owner , Jim Buss have pleaded with the center to remain with the franchise . Also throwing himself into the mix , is Hollywood A List actor Jack Nicholson , a die-hard Lakers` fan , who sent a personal message to Dwight Howard . Courtesy of SI ……

(6) Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King , left , is seen here with the team`s new head coach Jason Kidd , himself a former with the franchise . Also new to the new organization will be aging veterans Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce . Billionaire team owner Mikhail Prokhorov is hoping that the experience of the trio can bolster a team that failed to live up to h is own lofty expectations this past season . Getty Images / Elsa Amendola … .

(7) Miami Heat players laugh as they watch highlights of center Chris Bosh, right, Monday, June 24, 2013, during a celebration for season ticket holders at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Other players from left are: Shane Battier, Juwan Howard, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Rashard Lewis. The Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs 95-88 in Game 7 to win their second straight NBA championship. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …




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26 thoughts on “Think you can handle the truth ?”

  1. The whole world watches, as Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith being the buffoons that they are , ________ simply out of touch with reality . All of this outrage by the fans is simply asinine when they themselves, have sat back and voiced no outrage with the likes of Rae Carruth , Leonard Little , and Donte Stallworth . Is the loss of one life any less significant than the loss of two or three from a violent crime ? Ask yourself that for once , rather the inane rantings about changes you would like to see . I mean it is not as if the NFL really does anything to curtail the behavior of their players . Especially when one considers the litany of crimes committed and charges that have been faced (rape , drug possession , trafficking of narcotics , arson , felony capital murder , assault with a deadly weapon , mail fraud , grand larceny) by NFL players down the years .

    `Look let`s get today`s procedures over and done with , I`ve got a 6“ vibrator waiting for me at home ` ! Judge Susan Nelson

    Incarcerated , Rae Carruth . The former NFL player, still maintains his innocence and seeks exoneration , and is now looking to have his sentence quashed while seeking a retrial .

    Pregnant Cherica Adams prior to her untimely death .

    Carruth`s son seen here with his maternal grand-mother .

    Why no real outrage concerning Rae Carruth who with his two accomplices shot his pregnant girlfriend Cherica Adams ?. Adams died during labor , wherein her child was induced . The son born out of that relationship now suffers from cerebral palsy. .

    Everything that anyone could have thought was wrong with the state of Florida is now being played within the legal system as evidenced in the Sanford Courthouse , in Sanford , Florida . Judge Debra Nelson is proving to be just as incompetent as the two opposing teams of attorneys .

    Dwight Howard , everything now one tends to despise with a player who lacks maturity , is way too sensitive but above all , someone who has become a constant pain in the @ss .

    tophatal ………………..


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      True enough it is indeed a sad situation , but Hernandez brought this all on himself with his continued deviant behavior and with no respect of life . So stop kidding yourself , and not have any empathy or sympathy for the now disgraced player. In recent years , the NFL and , union (NFLPA) have essentially become complicit and accomplices in willful deceit and egregious behavior of their members . And to date absolutely nothing proactive as been done by the league hierarchy or the executive leadership of the NFLPA (Players` Union) .

      This country has now become a nation of simple apathy, stupidity and not much else , spending its time either with its head shoved up its ass or buried in the sand . Simply look at the political leadership now being provided in the House , Senate and by an imbecile , in Barack Obama ! . The NFL provides no leadership under Roger Goodell or from DeMaurice Smith (NFLPA) .

      tophatal ……………..


  2. I may well be wrong but I believe that Jason Kidd will be hard pressed to replicate the success of some of his predecessors , PJ Carlisemo , Avery Johnson and Byron Scott during their tenure with the Nets . No amount depth in the quality of Kidd`s coaching staff can make up for the former player`s inexperience as a head coach , in spite of his astonishing career .

    Enough already with Dwight Howard ! Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss ought to know better but it is clear that the two Lakers ` executives remain clueless , alongside the team`s head coach Mike D`Antoni .

    I don`t care what you say but until you admit that Canadian women are hotter than women from the US , I`m not passing any of you the ball ` . Steve Nash . ` I don`t want to play with you guys , anyway ` ! Dwight Howard

    Kupchak , forever the poor man`s answer to Jerry West .

    tophatal ………….


  3. This is what happens when a nation kicks Adonai to the curb- The NFL not suprised at all. these fools are athletes That’s it they are not paragons of virture or anything else but football players that’s it.


    1. bobby gee

      Kicked to the curb or not , this situation would still arise , as it boils down to these athletes lacking common decency and respect of others wile believing themselves to be impervious and above the law .

      When players from the NBA , NFL , MLB and NHL are repeatedly being arrested , wen ave you ever witnessed any action being taken tat is proactive and tat would curtail the actions of these players . Gary Bettman , David Stern , Roger Goodell and Bud Selig are simply too frigging stupid to be of use to anyone . Yet anal retentive fans, are calling for changes that they would like to see . What goddamn changes are those ass#oles going to make , when they (aforementioned executives) themselves simply bury their heads in the sand , never once , seeking to step up to the plate and address such issues in any great depth ?

      The Four Dumb Ass#s of The Apocalypse

      tophatal ……………


  4. It will be interesting to see how Jason Kidd does in Brooklyn. That’s a huge jump from being a player to a head coach in the blink of an eye. And there’s a lot huge ego’s on that team now who will be challenging his authority. He’s not buddies with those guys anymore, he’s now their boss.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      The Kidd signing in Brooklyn as the franchise`s newest head coach was one done out of desperation rather than being prudent , and the Nets` front office availing themselves and interviewing the best available candidates possible .

      As intuitive as Jason Kidd might happen to be concerning the game of basketball . Were Phil Jackson or Larry Brown to have interviewed for the vacant position , Is anyone going to suggest that the former NBA star would be a better candidate than either of the aforementioned duo ? Hell , Mo Cheeks got snubbed and he has a proven track record as a head coach and working with young players . So what gives concerning GM Billy King and team owner Mikhail Prokhorov ? Any clues or answers ?


      Carmella Bing is liable to be a bigger hit in Brooklyn than Jason Kidd .

      Jigga I don`t think so ! Ain`t nothing hard about the Nets at all ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      tophatal …………………


  5. If George Zimmerman is allowed to take the stand in his own defense , I just hope that the prosecuting attorneys are insightful enough to question him depth in the lead up of the events that took place before Trayvon Martin lost his life . The defendant in his deposition to state attorneys as well to the Sanford Police Department , stated that he was assaulted by Martin , when the victim jumped from behind a bush/hedge to confront him . Yet , on the television interviews he`s granted in the vicinity where he claims the confrontation took place , there was no shrubbery within at least sixty feet of where Martin succumbed to his untimely death .

    Zimmerman & Mark O`Mara

    It is highly unlikely that the defendant`s lead attorney Mark O`Mara will allow his client to take the stand , as his credibility is already in question , having lied to the pre-trial judge as to his income and that a defense (his) fund which at time was funded to the tune of over $146 ,000 . All such income , was never included in an affidavit supplied to the courts. Clearly , a case where Zimmerman and his family cannot be believed concerning anything relating to this crime .or his integrity . If he is already wishing to commit perjury at that juncture . Then why would anyone believe any utterance of a word subsequently stated by the defendant ? Your thoughts on this ?

    topatal ………………


  6. Joe Johnson will be the highest paid player on the team and more than likely the fifth option. How ridiculous is that? But will Johnson will sit back count his money regardless.

    And Battlestar Galactica was a good show while it lasted. The women were hot too.


    1. I wouldn`t pay Joe Johnson to clean my dirty draws , much less watch him play ball ! He is vastly overrated , has no god-damn heart and is way too inconsistent as a player . Yet this is the absurdity of the NBA and guaranteed contracts , especially for players who in their initial years have a modicum of success and then are given exorbitant contracts based allegedly future potential .

      What potential has Joe Johnson shown , other than he and his agent , Arne Tellem robbing the Nets blind ?

      To paraphrase Dave Chappelle and one his of most notorious sayings … “ I`m rich biooitch “! Johnson of the Nets .

      Arn Tellem
      , Johnson`s agent .

      tophatal ………………..


  7. D12 will land in Dallas or Houston. Book it. SDSG’s odds are as follows: Mavs-4:1, Rockets 6:1, Lakers 10:1, Warriors 20:1 and Hawks 150:1


  8. Drew

    Houston would definitely be the best fit for Dwight Howard , but I am not convinced the player as the mindset to be even be willing to defer to James Harden . Howard no longer has any credibility as a player , leader (which he never was to begin with) and he remains above all , an immature as$ole !

    Everyone may well want him because he is said to be the most desirable free agent on the free market . Yet really , at what cost , in terms of intangibles , when he simply gives up , when adversity stares him in the face ? In the postseason the guy has been hideous over the course of his career ?

    He may well make a lesser franchise better, but they will not be winning an NBA title anytime soon .

    I for one , no longer believe that Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA ! In name only , in terms of recognition that might be the case . Yet , in terms of leadership and playing ability , other players this and last season have proven that they are actually better .

    Highest paid centers in the NBA

    tophatal ……


  9. Rapper Jay-z is either that much of an idiot , having started is sports` management agency , were he now feels he h take digs and swings at rival agents by taking to the airwaves by way of a rap . It will all come back to bite him in the ass . Agents such as Scott Boras and Drew Rosenaus will make his life hell from a business standpoint , in spite of the rapper`s notoriety .

    Courtesy of SI (Sports Illustrated)

    Jay-Z raps about taking Scott Boras’ former client Robinson Cano

    By Scooby Axson

    Move over, Doc Rivers versus Bill Simmons. Now, we have an agent versus agent beef. Sort of.

    Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z, who can now represent MLB and NBA players as an agent, took the time out of his busy schedule to rap about Scott Boras. Yes, the same Scott Boras that used to represent New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano.

    Now, Cano is signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports.

    Jay-Z will release his highly-anticipated album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” on Thursday and name-checked Boras on the song, “Crown.”

    “Scott Boras, you over baby. Robinson Cano, you coming with me,” Jay-Z raps on the song, according to

    Boras, when asked if he had a reply to what Jay-Z rapped, said the following:

    “Baseball has given us everything we have, so we give baseball everything we have, all of the time. We believe that this is the best thing we can do for fans, players and owners, to help players with their total commitment. We don’t represent basketball players or football players. We watch, observe and listen to the game. We help the players who play it with a singular purpose, and that is baseball.”

    “We have a marketing company, but opportunities don’t avail themselves unless players become stars. That’s our philosophy.”

    Roc Nation Sports also represents Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith and Tulsa Shock guard Skylar Diggins.


    As easily as the rapper was able to sign Robinson Cano to his agency , he had better be ready to lose some of his clients when they feel dissatisfied with the service that RocNation Sports is providing down the line . He should remember that clearly for future reference . As the sayings goes …….. “ what goes around , comes around “ .


  10. I just can’t help but wonder, Al, if professional sports continuing image problems will turn fans off.

    I mean, why would anyone in their right mind want to watch a bunch of criminals or athletes that don’t give a shit about the sport they play?


    1. Chris

      My three first loves in terms of teams` allegiance in the professional ranks are the Braves (MLB ) and Spurs (NBA) and the Patriots (NFL) . As of now the Patriots have their issues with regard to Aaron Hernandez and the fact that the image of not only the league which as been tarnished but also the reputation of the franchise .

      The Braves and Spurs remain the class of their respective sports` hierarchies and that is with due respect to the other teams involved in baseball and basketball .

      tophatal .,,…………..


  11. Chris Humpherys (Sportschump)

    When I lived down south , Miami Broward County area , some of my best friends were either members of Miami Dade or Miami Police Department , along with guys who held a similar position within Broward County Sheriff`s Department and Police Department (Ft L`dale). Of course , I also had buddies on the other side of the law , not hard cases , but guys who knew how to bend a rule or two .

    Not even the hardcore gang-bangers are as dumb as some of these high-profiled athletes who have now fallen afoul of the law . The biggest joke of all is the very fact , many of them want to be seen as role models initially , merely so that they are more marketable. Yet the moment something inappropriate happens , they are looking to apportion blame elsewhere . Look for that to be the case when the Aaron Hernandez trial takes place. The player`s defense attorney will look to paint the victim Odin Lloyd as a miscreant and then look to show that the defendant`s accomplices were more pivotal in the crime . Remember the axis of the Rae Carruth trial and how the defense went about their case ?

    What is now happening in many of the high-profiled individual and team sports has become an utter farce . And it certainly doesn`t help that the league hierarchies covering all four major team sports are now doing absolutely nothing , in a number of cases , leaving it as they say , for the legal establishment to do what is right .

    Gutless idiots, such as Roger Goodell , Gary Bettman , Bud Selig and David Stern are simply clueless . And many of the asinine solutions I have read by fans , simply shows how damn apathetic and clueless they also remain .

    tophatal ……..


  12. Onliest thing I got to say…..bring back Old West justice. Gimme a rope and a strong Oak tree.
    Got to start coddling thugs and athletes who are thugs….”Hang Em High”


  13. Looks like it’s going to be Houston! Agree that Howard is definitely not the best center in the league right now. When healthy he is still in the top three though…even with the awful free throw shooting.


    1. Drew

      In terms of teams with the cap space and deemed to be legitimate contenders then the Rockets would have to be deemed worthy . That being said , I wouldn`t place Dwigt Howard in my top three centers currently playing , not based on his play during the regular or postseason . As good as we know him to be , my issue with the center, is that he cannot be counted on to lead . It was self evident and there for everyone to see this past season with the Lakers and during the latter part of his career on what can only be described as a really poor Orlando Magic team .

      If I`m a general manager , I am going to want more from a player than a cartoon caricature and an unintelligent buffoon , which pretty much sums up Dwigt Howard as a player and as an individual .


  14. al clements

    It`s now gotten to the stage were the fans and press have coddled the players , placed them on a pedestal and then act all surprised when they screw up . In large part , many of these players are simply damn immature and have the damn intellect of someone who just happens to be mentally challenged .

    During the tenure of Urban Meyer at Florida , all sorts sordid and deviant misbehavior took place . Yet the coach and AD Jeremy Foley turned a blind eye to it all , with Meyer in several cases being a conniving bastard , actually blaming his predecessor Ron Zook for what is said to have taken place . It pretty much serves note to the fact tat Urban Meyer has no frigging integrity and not an honest bone in his goddamn body .

    A pompous and conceited bastard if ever tere was one ! Urban Meyer . Honesty and integrity was never a strong point with the coach . Both he and the Buckeyes deserve each other along with tat blow-hole of a university President of theirs E Gordon Gee .

    E Gordon Gee , foreground

    tophatal …………….


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