Failure to launch, the growing idiocy within sports and amongst the fans

Failure to launch, the growing idiocy within sports and amongst the fans

As Major League Baseball and the NFL find themselves at their lowest points in their recent histories, respectively. I can`t help but wonder, why the vast majority of fans remain so gullible and downright stupid ! In the NFL, in the past ten days we have seen the arrests of Aaron Hernandez for capital murder, with quite possibly additional charges likely to be added to his indictment . A second, New England Patriots` player, Alfonzo Dennard has been arrested for DUI and resisting arrest . To add the league`s already tarnished image , we now have two front office executives from within the Denver Broncos` organization also being arrested for DUI and failure to stop at the scene of an accident . Yet, within the midst of this all, there has been a failed response from the New England Patriots and that of the NFL hierarchy led by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell .


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From my own perspective, since Goodell`s ascent into the league`s highest executive position, I have found his tenure to be an unmitigated disaster ! His lack of communicative skills , autocratic rule and a failure to understand the rule of law are but a few of the reasons why I believe he is ill-equipped to carry out his role as commissioner . Granted , a great deal as changed within the game since he succeeded Paul Tagliabue , but it would appear that the incumbent has failed to learn anything from his predecessor. Meanwhile, the NFL team owners must be decrying the fact that Goodell has remained silent on the current state of affair within the league and recent arrests. Not that the owners such as Jerry Jones , Robert Kraft , Stanley Kroenke , Daniel Snyder , Jeff Lurie or their peers are prepared to speak openly on the growing discord and the behavioral issues of the players within the NFL . It is also asinine of the fans to try to make comparison in terms of percentages of arrests amongst players in the entirety of the league, in comparison to the populace as a whole . The athletes/players are in the public eye and under scrutiny constantly , and with twenty-four a day news cycle. We should expect that at every turn, athletes` movements and decisions are being constantly monitored .Last I looked, hardened or petty criminals, were not subject to the interests of the paparazzi or prime-time news or sports` broadcast outlets . The media , sports hierarchies and agents build up these athletes not necessarily for failure , but somehow the likes of Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth , Donte` Stallworth , Josh Brent and Leonard Little have found a way fail and at the same time bring their own images and reputation into disrepute . The NFL and may well continue to survive, but at what cost to its overall image ?

Now while the legal process must be played out concerning Aaron Hernandez , a great deal of conjecture , speculation and debate will begin as to the reasons why Hernandez has been implicated in a homicide and why was it that with all of the player`s prior troubles were all overlooked . This was not done , by the New England Patriots, but also the NFL, but more importantly by Urban Meyer , Jeremy Foley and the University of Florida . Surely, winning , at all costs , does not mean , you take under your wings, a person whose character as a juvenile was already under, suspicion, and question . Yet, these are the things, which are now being ignored at the professional level, as well as at the collegiate level of sports . Granted , one can subscribe to the fact, that everyone is deserving of a second chance and that we as a nation , look to give offenders another chance to redeem themselves . Somehow, this was all lost on Aaron Hernandez , and the athletics department of the University of Florida .

Baseball will now enter the second half of its season as of next Thursday , but it could be said that the first half of its season has been filled with one or two surprises . For a while, it looked as if the Pittsburgh Pirates were looking to surprise us all, by making a spirited run at winning the NL Central . Now, it looks as if Clint Hurdle`s Pirates are about to make that customary swoon into an oblivion, that we have all become accustomed to seeing over the past few seasons . Do I believe that this team has what it takes to take down the likes of the Milwaukee Brewers , Cincinnati Reds and St Louis Cardinals within their division ? Well, dependent upon what we have seen from the Pirates as of late , they may well have a better than even chance . However , given what we have all witnessed from the Pirates over the years , the answer in the end would have to be a resounding and emphatic no !

Funnily enough , Bruce Bochy , the manager of the NL: team for the All Star Game was placed in a position where the Pirates , who as of four days ago , had the best record in baseball , but the players from their team included on in the NL roster , were not amongst the active starters for the mid-season showcase event . Pardon me for saying this, but if having the best record in the league means not a goddamn thing. Then why all of the hoopla over this event, with the downright fastidiousness of the fans calling for players, but with no than thirty or forty games under their belts to be included in a voting process that is simply nothing more than a popularity event ? The only thing that make this whole premise all the more asinine, were if the if the rules applied to the reality show American Idol , were adopted for the mandates needed to be included on the All Star Game rosters . Better yet, why not adopt the rules of Miss USA Beauty Pageant and have the players answer questions of note on specified subjects ? Please note, foreign-born players, would not be subjected to stereotypical and racially motivated questions built around certain biases .

Yasiel Puig has been voted off the island , having not made the roster for the NL team . Now let the inane ranting begin , because fans want to see the young stars grace us with their presence and athletic abilities . Would this be the very same fans , who in spite of the mounting evidence of the past decade plus of rampant steroid use within the game , are now calling for changes to be made by baseball`s hierarchy ? Don`t get me wrong, while I have been impressed with the skill-set shown by Puig , as he has been on a tear with the Los Angeles Dodgers . Let`s not fool ourselves into thinking, were it not for the lackluster production from their more high-profiled stars , the player would not have been called up and become a starter this season . Furthermore , the moment Yasiel Puig goes into a distinct tailspin, do not be surprised if he were to be demoted . With a payroll , now in excess of $230 million . Don Mattingly and his managerial staff can ill-afford to have this season become a monumental bust . And it certainly is not the reason why managing partners and team owners , Mark Walter , Todd Boehly and Magic Johnson spent $2.15 billion to be seen as an afterthought at the season`s end . A roster, filled high-priced stars and the biggest story concerning the franchise this season, just happens to about a young Cuban exile .

Winners of eight of their last ten games , the Los Angeles Dodgers now stand a game and a half behind the division leading Arizona Diamondbacks (48-44) within the NL West , and a further 4 ½ games out of a wildcard berth within the National League. The division itself has been one of the poorer performers in all of baseball throughout much of the season . That is simply because, so many of its inhabitants, have hovered around the .500 mark , in terms of their respective records . If that is not an overall bad indictment of how mediocre the baseball being played has been during the first half of the season . Then clearly , the fans of the teams in question could very well be privileged with seeing a great deal worse during the second-half of the schedule . The Dodgers` next scheduled game will be against the Colorado Rockies at Dodgers Ballpark , in Los Angeles , California , this Friday , between the two divisional rivals .

Away from the Yasiel Puig drama , could there be anything more comedic and disastrous to find out that baseball as once again found itself involved in even more melodrama ? Steroids, rears and raises its ugly head , and again the story is nothing new . Ryan Braun , Alex Rodriguez and Nelson Cruz are three of the central figures involved in the latest escapades of “As The `roids Turn“ . This time fans, to top it all, a two-time drug offender , we should now feel privileged to know has returned to the game . Albeit , that Manny Ramirez , is now playing in the Minors, with a Texas Rangers` affiliate , and to date , Ramirez`s crimes have gone unpunished in true sense of the word . The next time I hear an idiot, calling for changes to be made within the game . The only thing I will be asking , is what fucking changes do you want to see made and by whom ? Because to date , all the said changes made in the game by Bud Selig with regard to a steroid testing policy , still has not deterred players from cheating .Selig has been hog-tied , by the MLBPA (Players` Union ) because of their unprecedented powers ___________ which seems to be something these so-called fans seem to be completely ignorant of, because of their plain stupidity. A fifty-game suspension , a one hundred-game suspension and even the threats of a lifetime ban , have not deterred players from cheating at the Major or Minor League Level and that is in spite of the claims made by Bud Selig .

Braun having met with league investigators concerning his alleged association with Anthony Bosch of South Florida supplements` company Biogenesis , has been totally uncooperative , refusing to answer any questions posed by the investigators . Yankees` third baseman Alex Rodriguez is due to meet at the New York headquarters of Major League Baseball on Friday to answer questions . It remains to be seen whether or not the player will be cooperative or like Braun , he will seek to not answer any questions . Given what we already know about the player , who has yet to suit up for the Bronx Bombers this season . My question is , will he be calling on his now infamous cousin Yuri Sucart , to see if he is willing to once again take one for the team , as in Team Alex . In 2010 , in that rather inane act of contrition, that was very unconvincing. Rodriguez went on to suggest that the steroids he used from 2001 to 2004 , were supplied by his cousin , who obtained the performance enhancing drugs from a pharmacy in the Dominican Republic. In fact all of the statements made by Alex Rodriguez on that day, were a complete lie . Yet in the midst of it all, the press and the New Yankees` front office bought into the tale of remorse and regret of the now disgraced player , never once conducting their own in-depth investigation into the matter. The same must be said of Bud Selig , who in the aftermath of it all , went on to suggest that the matter was close and that he wished Rodriguez well . Yep, that`s baseball`s commissioner for you , a complete bumbling buffoon and one monumental pain in the ass !



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At a time when neither the hierarchies of baseball or football has a real leg to stand on , it does seem strange that fans are now looking for ways to make sense of it all , while also seeking out answers as what can best be done to stop the irreparable damage that has already been caused . Consider the fact of the steps taken by the respective hierarchies over the years on the litany of issues faced . Then ask yourself the following , are either of the sports better off now , than they were perhaps five years or even a decade ago ? Both Roger Goodell and Bud Selig have a great deal of work to do in convincing the fans that they actually know what they are doing and that they are leading their respective sports along the right path ? Your thoughts on this and anything else you may well feel is pertinent to the subject matter ? Chime on in with a comment .

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(1) FILE – In this Jan. 20, 2013 file photo, New England Patriots corner-back Alfonzo Dennard walks along the sideline during the second half of the NFL football AFC Championship football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Foxborough, Mass.Dennard has been arrested and accused of driving drunk in Lincoln where he once starred as a Nebraska defensive back. Lincoln police say 24-year-old Dennard was pulled over southeast of downtown Lincoln just before 2 a.m. Thursday, July 11, 2013. AP Photo/Elise Amendola ….

(2) In a photo provided by the Douglas County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Department, Tom Heckert , the Denver Broncos’ new director of pro personnel, appears in a photo after he was arrested on June 11, 2013, and charged with driving under the influence and careless driving. Another Broncos executive, Matt Russell, was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence. AP Photo/Douglas County Sheriff’s Department …

(3) Matt Russell , the Director of Player Personnel for the Denver Broncos is seen here on Draft Day for the franchise as he and members of the scouting staff and front office personnel go over their draft determinations . Russell is the second of two Broncos` executives to ave been arrested in the past ten days for a DUI . Team owner Pat Bowlem and Head of Football Operations John Elway have yet to determine how both Matt Russell and Tom Hekckert ought to be punished for their alleged offenses . AP Photo / Tim Paul ….

(4) Pittsburgh Pirates’ Pedro Alvarez watches his single that scored a run , off Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Tommy Milone during the third inning of a baseball game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar ….

(5) New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez runs after a hit during the first inning in his second rehab game with the Charleston River Dogs in Charleston, S.C., Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Rodriguez was put out on the play. Alex Rodriguez will meet league officials on Friday to discuss is association with Antony Bosch and his supplements` company Biogenesis . The player is said to be one of as many twenty prominent figures in the game named in documents , in which Bosch states he supplied with performance enhancing drugs , as well as, several banned substances prohibited by Major League Baseball. The MLB hierarchy has stated if there is substantive evidence to prove the players` guilt, then they are likely to be banned for as many as one hundred games . Rodriguez , the game`s highest paid player would likely miss the rest of the Yankees` regular season and the postseason . AP Photo/Chuck Burton …

(6) National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell (L) greets NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw (R) as Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig looks on before testifying to the US House Subcommittee on Commerce- Trade and Consumer Protection about the use of illegal performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports on Capitol Hill February 27, 2008 in Washington, DC. The subcommittee also heard testimony from officials from the US Olympic Committee , National Thoroughbred Racing and the US Anti-Doping Agency. Getty Images North America / Chip Smodevilla …..


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Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

31 thoughts on “Failure to launch, the growing idiocy within sports and amongst the fans”

  1. Alex Rodriguez is unlikely to cooperate with MLB`s ongoing investigation of Biogenesis` known association with as many as forty to sixty players and not the twenty as claimed and named in the documentation in their possession . Anthony Bosch founder of the company , is still in the midst of negotiations with the US Justice Department and is prepared to name further players implicated and to whom he supplied PED`s and other illicit substances .

    A-Rod remains the biggest sham in the game .

    Should the Yankees` third baseman be uncooperative , then to my mind , the organization would be quite within their rights to void his contract as things now stand . For far too long Rodriguez has skirted the game`s rules .

    Inasmuch as Bud Selig carries on and continues so to make proclamations , until he actually pulls is fingers out of his @ss and does something . Then the game will be held under a cloud of deceit and lies .

    Davis of the Orioles

    Brady Anderson

    There are now already doubts beings cast on the gd accomplishments this season of the Orioles` Chris Davis who leads the Majors in home runs . And considering that Davis has never it more than 30 home runs in a season in his career , one can understand the doubters . Does anyone remember Brady Anderson , another Baltimore Orioles` player and the doubters there , concerning Anderson and his home run tally in a season , where he hit 50 home runs ? After that feat in 1996 , he never reached that rarefied air again .


    For the unenlightened who felt that Yasiel Puig was cheated out of a spot on the NL All Star roster . How `bout them apples ? Really , Puig was really more deserving than others who played in games and overall played better over a longer period of time ? This isn`t a superficial beauty pageant .

    tophatal ………………


  2. It seems the Patriots thought that by drafting players with questionable backgrounds in the later rounds that they were some how getting a steal, and yet limiting their losses if the players didn’t work out. But even if a player falls and is drafted later it doesn’t really matter, because the player is still a risk regardless. As the Patriots have discovered, just being associated with the player can still become a PR problem.


    1. Maurice

      While I agree with what you`ve said the franchise has also acquired players with troubled backgrounds such as Corey Dillon and Randy Moss . It all comes down to a mindset and maturity . Unfortunately , it now looks as if all the teams in the NFL will need to have a damn psychotherapist on their staff or on call , 24/7 , 365 days a year .

      Alfonzo Dennard is likely to be cut by the Patriots` front office , because this was simply the last thing that Robert Kraft needed at this juncture .

      tophatal ………………….


      1. Corey Dillon and Randy Moss were both proven veterans by the time they got to the Patriots and multiple time all-pros. They had both come from bad teams in the Bengals in the Raiders, and adapted well to a winning environment. There wasn’t nearly as much risk with veteran players as with unproven rookies.


        1. Maurice

          True enough they were proven veterans (Dillon and Moss) who at the time were mature to figure out that being part of a winning organization meant something . And need we be reminded that both had earned millions of dollars at that point of their respective careers . So wealth meant nothing .

          For young rookies , beyond being drafted , their biggest concern appears to be monetary status and opulence . That, along with the fan and media adoration plays a great deal in their somewhat incessant stupidity .

          If the team owners , general managers and coaches haven`t figured it out by now , then they never will . As to the idiocy sown by Urban Meyer concerning Aaron Hernandez and the coach seeking to apportion blame elsewhere . , Well , to my mind , it simply shows the type of individual , he just happens to be . It simply isn`t about the well-being of the players in his custody , but winning . As to these oafs who believe that the NCAA is there for the well-being of the student athlete . Obviously those idiots would not know their ass from their elbow . As it is , the NCAA is now plagued by its own corrupt actions under the tenure of NCAA President Mark Emmert .

          Explain to me how and why the NCAA Infractions Committee having misplaced investigative evidential evidence , would then seek to fabricate and falsify records ? Because that is what certain members of the Infractions Committee are said to have done in their fact-finding investigation of the Miami Hurricanes program , in light of the allegations made by then Canes` booster , Nevin Shapiro , who is now serving time in a federal penitentiary .

          Also several of those carrying out the investigation , actually had close ties to the now disgraced and incarcerated Shapiro . The NCAA can`t be trusted to tie their own shoelaces properly , but the fans and press alike , believe that their working in conjunction with the BCS can bring about a fair and impartial system , as it relates to determining a national champion at the FBS level in College Football ? How so ? What a load of s#it , it , along with the assholes who are actually buying into that bull$hit !

          tophatal …………


          1. College players are just being herded through like cattle. Coaches and administrators trumpet how these players are getting a free education, but a large percentage of those players don’t even graduate.


            1. Maurice

              In essence those scholarships are a complete waste for the student who as no intent to fulfill that four year obligation, as their eyes are on a bigger prize , and that seems to be the millions to be earned in te professional ranks . The colleges , administration , coaches and athletic directors simply don`t give a damn as to the well-being of these kids , just as long as those revenue streams keep pouring in from te various sources .

              The kids are in essence indentured slaves and it is a damn same that the NCAA still abides under their corrupt principles and premise that they exist for the betterment of the student athlete .

              Collegiate athletics` governing body is nothing more than a slave master and overseer all rolled up in a singular role .

              tophatal ………..


    1. Maurice

      Both Matt Russell and Tom Heckert need to be suspended without pay for no less than a month by the Broncos` front office . Then any additional punishment deemed necessary by the league can be added on top of that . It is now time for the NFL to be proactive , rather than being reactive far too often . The league simply has learned noting from their own repeated pratfalls .

      John Elway is bound to be pissed at both of these executives and you can bet that he and team owner Pat Bowlem will be discussing the situation seriously and their alternatives .

      tophatal ……………..


  3. The All Star voting system is noting more than titillation for the fans , because it is simply a glorified popularity contest . Intellectually it is on par with the system used by AI (American Idol) .

    Now , we are likely too see all of these Puig supporters crying like pre-school kids . If you`re looking for titillation , take in a show at an adult entertainment emporium . Or better yet, here`s something that might bring a smile to your faces .

    Need someone to do some kitchen work ? Cooking and cleaning are optional .

    Dylan Ryder

    🙂 ,

    topatal ………..


  4. Look for the MLBPA (Players Union) led by Michael Weiner to challenge the veracity of the claims made and the evidence gathered by MLB . Unless the union can claim that the evidence gathered was done so illegally , they have no leg to stand on . A great deal of the evidence was borne out of a subpoena served against Anthony Bosch , who testified willingly to the authorities (US Justice Department) . So make of it, what you will . Collective bargaining agreement or not , neither the MLBPA or their NFL counterparts , the NFLPA (union) actually gives a damn about the image of their respective sports or for that matter whether or not their members break the law .

    As for the anal retentive fans who now seek to have steroids be part of sports . Are these the same ass#oles who would also like to see drug dealers pedaling their products to kids outside a school playground ? Or perhaps some would still like to come forward and plead Lance Armstrong`s case as to his innocence ?

    Smith (foreground)


    DeMaurice Smith and Michael Weiner as the respective heads of the Players` Union of the NFL and MLB. Both individuals have done an extremely poor job in corralling in the behavior of their members and in part , they ave made sure that the image for their respective sports has continued to decline .

    tophatal ………………


  5. So what’s changed. Not a darn thing. DUI, murder, drug or booze addiction in The NFL- You can’t legislate morals and values. Baseball that same thing. NBA tambem. their parents failed as well the family to teach these kids morals.- you see a cuddly baby- in reality it is a rattlesnake. this is a wake up call. lawlessness is the law and morality of the land not Adonai’s laws


    1. bobby

      It`s crocodile tears from the various league hierarchies, because they simply do not care . The athletes believe themselves to be above the law and there are idiot fans , who actually condone their behavior (the idiots who believe that steroids belong in sports ). I wonder if those fools also would condone te selling of hard narcotics to young kids ? . So it all goes and in and .

      Baseball has learned absolutely nothing from or about the steroid era over the past decade . And it is the same thing within the NFL and how they have repeatedly mishandled the behavioral issues of their players .

      tophatal ………..


                    1. The NFL is getting on my nerves. I am at the point to say screw the NFL. Baseball I rarely follow nor the NBA.


  6. bobby gee

    I would like to send Bud Selig , Garry Bettman , Roger Goodell and David Stern on a fact-finding mission to Kabul , Afghanistan and Baghdad , Iraq, in search of land-mines , using nothing but a twig . I just hope it works out well , for all four . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!


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