I will paint you a picture and you can tell me how you would like the story to end …

I will paint you a picture and you can tell me how you would like the story to end

Training camps are now underway in the NFL , with a number of teams now in full swing as to mandatory workouts with rookies and seasoned veterans already in camp. Headlines around the league have been bleak, with players now becoming part on law enforcement blotters for all of the wrong reasons .


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Not to be left out of it all, there have also been two high-ranking Denver Broncos` executives who fell afoul of law enforcement for two DUI misdemeanors and who now await some sort of action to be taken. The matter was dealt with rather swiftly by the Broncos` Head of Football Operations , with John Elway placing the two individuals in question on administrative leave without pay, pending the outcome of the law enforcement investigations. Unlike the rather laughable actions taken by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has simply sat back and watched the NFL placed into further disarray by his lack of authority and complete inaction . The league might well be able to rebound from this latest mea-culpa , but with the likelihood of a media circus surrounding the upcoming homicide trial of New England Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez . I am not so sure that this is the staple that the league wants to be part of any time during part of its regular season schedule .

Away from the menagerie of player misbehavior, there have been one or two notable moments. Reigning Superbowl champions the Baltimore Ravens saw the retirement of defensive stalwart Ray Lewis , the departures of Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin as well as other roster changes that could either lead to the Ravens again being a contender to successfully defend their title or perhaps, simply fall from grace, as we have been accustomed to seeing of recent champions over the past few years . In all likelihood, it all makes for a great premise to be rolled out within the AFC North this season .

As to the expectations for the Baltimore Ravens , the questions likely to be raised are. Can Joe Flacco show the form witnessed during the postseason , as he guided the team to the franchise’s second Superbowl triumph in its young history . The quarterback, having excelled in postseason play , was able to garner a lucrative contract that in terms of guaranteed money is the fourth highest NFL history. Also, with the departures of such seasoned veterans, are the team`s young rookies and sophomore players able to step up to the plate for head coach John Harbaugh and his staff ? The Ravens` exhilarating Superbowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers and the fact that team owner Steve Biscotti and GM Ozzie Newsome can feel vindicated in assembling a roster and building a franchise , that is now amongst the most well-respected organizations in the NFL .

The preseason for the Ravens will be a situation where John Harbaugh can get to acclimatize himself with his new look roster in light of the off-season player-personnel upheavals . Games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week one of the exhibition schedule to be followed by the Atlanta Falcons , Carolina Panthers and St Louis Rams will act as a precursor for the rigors of what should prove to a fairly tough regular season schedule for the reigning Superbowl champions .

As an ardent fan of the NFL I am not expecting a great deal out of the preseason , as I find the whole exercise a futile effort on the part of the league hierarchy and team owners to excoriate even more money out of the fans for meaningless games, that simply plays no part in the makeup of the regular season . Rising ticket and concession prices, to go along with what at times has come to be rather bland product, does now seem to be alienating some fans , without us having to delve into the behavioral issues of the players and the total lack of urgency being shown by Roger Goodell and the NFLPA (Players` Union) to address the situation head on .

Call me naïve, but every time I hear the Dallas Cowboys` owner Jerry Jones talking about the expectations for his franchise each upcoming season. I tend to wait with bated breath, just to see if he will suddenly fall down from having drank far too much alcohol in giving his State of the Cowboys` speech on an annual basis . Each season for the past decade the expectations have been continually high. And repeatedly the Cowboys have never failed to disappoint with their continued ineptitude . Could this season be any different for the franchise, often described as America`s Team ? I will leave it for you all, to be the judge of that !

The off-season for the Dallas Cowboys saw the departure for defensive coordinator Rob Ryan , who was ultimately being blamed for the team`s defensive woes last season . Ryan`s replacement is the aging Monte Kiffin whose prior place of employment upon his return to the NFL was to aid his son, Lane Kiffin in turning the USC Trojans into a lackluster and perennially defensively mediocre program for a number of seasons during his foray back amongst the collegiate ranks .

One of the more comical aspects as to the Cowboys` off-season was the very fact that Jerry Jones sought to extend the contract of the often overrated Tony Romo , whose playoff career reads like a horror story from a Bram Stoker novel . One playoff-win was somehow enough to garner Romo a seven-year $119.5 million deal , of which $40 million is guaranteed , inclusive of a $25 million signing bonus . Which begs the question, is Jerry Jones now printing his own money , beyond the lucrative and extortionate deals he has been able negotiate with various sponsors ? As profitable and valuable as the Dallas Cowboys` franchise is said to be . There has to come a time when common sense must prevail from within this particular organization . Alas, there seems to be no signs of that even with the rather asinine insistence and notion of some fans and NFL analysts alike, who seem to be under the impression that Romo is an elite, if not a top-ten quarterback in the NFL .

Tony Romo has continued to spend more time making excuses for team losses racked up during his tenure than he has shown in is continued lack of effort in terms of all-round leadership ability . Other than the Chicago Bears` …. Jay Cutler and Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals , could there be a more overrated and under-achieving quarterback currently playing in the NFL ?

A tepid 8-8 season in the NFC East , once again summed up the plight of the Dallas Cowboys in 2012 , in spite of the coaching indecision of Jason Garrett , who continues to flounder under the weight of expectation and the ongoing implicit faith being shown in him by the league`s most self-absorbed and rambunctious owner .

The front office of the Cowboys having parted ways with a number of players that the coaching staff and Jones in particular, felt were superfluous to the team`s needs . This year`s draft and a number of free agent acquisitions were the basis for bolstering the roster for the upcoming season. Inasmuch, as I believe that Jason Garrett will have his eyes on the divisional games within the NFC East . His first priority must be the preparation of is players on what will be a do or die season for many of these players and I believe undoubtedly for the head coach himself ! Jerry Jones has been known to tolerate a great deal as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Yet I seriously doubt that he finds the bitter taste of losing as harmonious as he would be in winning, and winning on a consistent basis . The franchise’s last playoff win came in the wildcard round of the 2009 postseason . And since then, the cupboard has been essentially bare .

I am not one to point to conspiracy theories behind a franchise’s high s and lows . One is, either to make your own luck , or if you are unable to do so, simply fly by the seat of your pants. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys over the past decade, it has been the singular-minded belief of Jerry Jones , that as team President and general manager , he can do no wrong in either role . What has become abundantly clear however , is that Jones` mistakes have been paramount in the failure of the franchise to be successful in terms of the on-field product of the Cowboys . More misses than hits in recent years, concerning the draft and overpaying for players who have been somewhat unproductive for the team in recent years , are glaring examples reasons why the team has failed abysmally. With the preseason being no indicator of what is likely to place during the regular season . All that is left to do , will be for Jason Garrett and his staff to assess the merits of a revamped roster and how best to equip themselves for the upcoming season .

A week one opening regular season schedule for the Dallas Cowboys against the New York Giants, could prove prophetic for both franchises, as each looks to regain their swagger. For Eli Manning and the Giants, after last season`s 9-7 divisional second place finish and squandering numerous chances to make the postseason . This divisional match-up might just be the test to they need to gauge themselves against an opponent where their contests have always proven to be very competitive .

So to avoid indictment and further embarrassment to himself the franchise he purchased and the NFL as a whole. Cleveland Browns` owner, Jimmy Haslam has agreed in principle that his company Pilot Flying J Inc will pay the rebates (several million dollars) due to clients , rather than facing a federal indictment and a trial . The fact that Haslam agreed to this all , after at first, denying any culpability on his part , even in the advent of several Pilot J executives and mid-level managers being fired , among those , several who suggested that Jimmy Haslam was privy to the fraud being perpetrated . It would appear all along, the Pilot Flying J proprietor, did indeed have something to hide . What might be even more unpalatable over the course of this whole sordid mess ? The NFL hierarchy and its Board of Governors approved the sale of the Cleveland Browns` franchise while the Criminal Division of the US Justice Department was conducting an investigation into the business dealings of Haslam`s company . Suffice to say, not a great deal of due diligence was being used by Roger Goodell and the in-house investigators and financial experts used in such instances . It begs the question, if the NFL can be so lax in such procedures, and then what else are they also incapable of doing so incompetently?

What also has come out of this , is a class action lawsuit filed in the US District Court by twenty-five national trucking companies , seeking punitive damages from Jimmy Haslam and Pilot Flying J Inc . It would appear that this will not be the last that we will hear on the matter should there be a trial. The Browns` owner insists that the franchise is not for sale . Yet , it is my belief that should this situation become even dire , there will be calls amongst the NFL`s Board of Governors to force Haslam into an unwanted sale or in all likelihood the league itself, taking over the day-to-day operations of the franchise . Even with this action by the Browns` owner , it does appear likely that the US Attorney overseeing the case for the US government will press ahead, seek an indictment and then proceed on to a trial . This paints another bleak picture for the image of the NFL and specifically amongst the team owners . Far too often they old themselves up as captains of industry , yet in reality, their business practices in and outside of the NFL ranks, are akin to that of a racketeer or Mafioso Boss. Il Capo dei Capi (Boss of Bosses) .

The Cleveland Browns, coming off a 5-11 season (2012) and a last place finish in the AFC North , will be looking to rebound from last season . A great deal of that will be predicated upon the play of quarterback Brandon Weeden and how the player seeks make up for a rookie season filled that was with highs and lows . A chance of a sophomore breakout year could be expected , but it will be predicated upon the weapons available for the quarterback . For second-year head coach Rob Chudzinski and his staff , this year might well be the opportunity they seek to prove that 2012 was something of an aberration .

On both sides of the ball , last season proved to be an immense struggle for the Cleveland Browns. There is no doubt in my mind that Chudzinski has sought the upgrades he believes necessary by way of the NFL Draft and free agent acquisitions to improve both the offense and defense . If those solutions are dealt with adequately, then there is no reason to believe why the Browns cannot create some sort of competitive edge for themselves within the AFC North and AFC in particular


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The off-season of the NFL has proven to be rather unsavory for a number of reasons , without their being any type of proven leadership being shown by anyone within the league hierarchy or from the union (NFLPA) for that matter . Yet, we are now to believe that the league can continue to withstand the continued type of adverse publicity without any type of criticism being leveled at the brand , its leadership and all that is said to represent ? By all means, do leave a comment as you see fit concerning anything you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) FILE – In this June 27, 2013, file photo, former New England Patriots NFL football tight end Aaron Hernandez stands during a bail hearing in Fall River Superior Court in Fall River, Mass. The legal problems of current and former SEC players _ from ex-Florida and NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez to LSU’s Jeremy Hill _ has cast a negative light on the league that has won seven consecutive national championships. Coaches in the conference say they have to weigh a player’s talent vs. trouble in or out of the locker room. AP Photo/Boston Herald, Ted Fitzgerald …

(2) Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco warms up during practice at the NFL football team’s practice facility in Owings Mills, Md., Tuesday, July 23, 2013. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky ….

(3) Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh speaks during a news conference after practice at the NFL football team’s facility in Owings Mills, Md., Tuesday, July 23, 2013. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky …

(4) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo throws a pass during NFL football training camp, Tuesday, July 23, 2013, in Oxnard, Calif. AP Photo/Gus Ruelas …

(5) Dallas Cowboys` head coach Jason Garrett , left is seen here with team President & general manager Jerry Jones at the team`s practice facility in Arlington , Texas . Jones believes that the team will be rebound from a rather lackluster season in 2012 , during which the franchise missed the postseason for the third consecutive year , having finished third within the NFC East , behind the high-flying Washington Redskins (10-6) , eventual divisional champions . Getty Images / Chris Walker …

(6) Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is one of the NFL`s newest owners having bought the Cleveland based franchise in 2012 . In recent months, Haslam and is company Pilot J Flying Inc have been under investigation by the Criminal Division of the US Justice Department for failure to pay trucking company clients nationwide rebates amounting to millions of dollars . Haslam denies any wrongdoing on his part , but several senior executives fired by the owner have stated that Jimmy Haslam was party to the massive fraud perpetrated against the clients . Those clients have since filed a civil suit against Pilot J Flying , in US District Court in Tennessee , seeking unspecified and punitive damages . For his part, the Cleveland Browns owner has stated categorically that the franchise will not be put up for sale , in spite of this latest controversy . AP Photo / Matt Carr ……..

(7) Browns` quarterback Brandon Weeden, who is shown leaving the field after an off-season workout in Berea, Ohio, has been working to improve his footwork. Weeden leads Browns` quarterback depth chart made up of himself , veteran Jason Campbell and Brian Hoyer . The Browns will be looking to make a serious challenge within the AFC North this upcoming season . They start their regular season, with an opening home game against the Miami Dolphins in all an all conference AFC duel . AP Photo / Brendan Sykes ………



tophatal ………………


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NFL team payrolls ……………. Salary cap will be raised from $120.6 million to $123.65 million for the 2013-14 season .


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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

42 thoughts on “I will paint you a picture and you can tell me how you would like the story to end …”

  1. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam can`t seem to get his stories straight , at all . Yet, that is to be expected, as he is another one of the damn idiots that Roger Goodell seems to believe will make the NFL ownership fraternity all so relevant . I mean, where else can you find a bunch of lying back-biting _____ bunch of self-absorbed and manipulative of ba$tards ? Well , other than the make-up of the team owners in MLB (baseball) !

    Tony Romo , much like Lindsay Lohan , is considered to have a great deal of talent . Unfortunately. much like Lohan , when it is time to shine , both tend to do a really lousy job in their chosen professions . Great regular season quarterback he may well be , but for all of the @ss kissing Romo proponents out there . Simply look at the guy`s postseason record as to the real reason why he is so god-damn overrated .

    As for Lohan , looks good in a two-piece swimsuit , but she can`t act to save her frigging life .


    tophatal …………………


    1. Tony Romo is only as good as his abilities allow him to be. But Lindsay Lohan’s talent is hampered by her substance abuse problems. If she could get past that, I think she could still have a decent career as an actress, but it may already be too late.


      1. Maurice

        Oh you mean, his abilities to bitch and whine after another loss , where he has played abysmally ?

        Do you not find him amusing ? ` Tony Romo nm

        Tony Romo spends more making excuses , rather than leading that Cowboys` team , on a roster were he is meant to be the franchise quarterback and a leader . What is really crazy , is that Romo now has (56-41 [.526]) just passed the half-way mark , in terms of regular season wins amassed (105-75 [.583]) by Hall of Fame quarterback , Troy Aikman . Son of a bi#ch .

        Romo could take a page out of Aikman`s book and learn what a real leader looks like and is actually capable doing . The butt kissing morons buying into Tony Romo for fantasy stats , really do need to get a life .



        tophatal ………….


        1. Romo is as good as he is, and I doubt he’ll get any better. Troy Aikmen is a hall of fame player, and not everyone is meant to be that good. Unfortunately for Romo the standard of excellence is so high at QB in Dallas especially with Aikmen and Roger Staubach both having won super bowls and in the hall of fame.

          Romo might end up going in the Cowboys ring of fame at some point. I’d say he’s on a similar level of Danny White as far as Cowboys QB’s go.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      On paper , almost everything about the Bucs says that they should be good , until you realize who the quarterback just happens to be . Granted , they have supplied Josh Freeman with the tools on offense and they even gave Mike Williams that big payday .

      In reality, the Buccaneers can only go as far as the defense can take them , in conjunction to Freeman, simply not making mistakes that will cost the Bucs a game .

      I can see the team quite possibly 8-8 o r 9-7 at best , but it also wouldn`t surprise me if they fell by the wayside with a sub .500 record and completely missed the playoffs . I just do not believe they are good enough to be compared alongside the Falcons and Saints within the NFC South this season !

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers news

      tophatal ………….

      topatal …………..


        1. Sam Brief

          There is no rhyme or reason for some of the stupid decisions being made inside of the Buccaneers` __ front office . GM Mark Dominik is still lucky to be in his current position , considering he was steadfastly behind the promotion of Raheem Morris .

          The contract offered to Mike Williams was unnecessary and clear sign of stupidity for a player not even ranked amongst the top ten receivers in the league in any particular offensive category . A complete waste of money for a player who still has issues .

          Bucs` 2010 Draft class

          tophatal …………


            1. Sam

              In such an instance I would not ave offered a contract of that value ! If anything it would be for even less money ( 4yr $28 million — $12 million guaranteed) , but more incentive laden , on the condition of having met that criteria, we could then up that contract at the time of renewal . Three years in and tell me what is said to be all that impressive in terms of Williams` playing career in the NFL ?

              tophatal ……………….


                1. Sam

                  Consistency was expected and Williams has simply failed to live up to that in spite of 2012 and his rookie season .

                  By comparison look at the Bengals` A J Green and what he has been able to do with the team in conjunction with Andy Dalton .

                  In that time , the Bengals` franchise has been to the postseason twice . Whereas, the Bucs have not even sniffed a playoff berth .

                  Need I say anymore on the matter ?

                  tophatal ……………..


                    1. Sam

                      I didn`t forget 2010 , as their (Buccaneers) fate laid in their own hands and earlier in the season and repeatedly , they simply screwed up . Fans here , in the Tampa Bay area, try to paint a completely different picture by trying to suggest how much of a glorious season it was said to be . It was the only season in his career where Josh Freeman played with any real confidence .

                      NFL divisional standings (2010) and conference standings .

                      2010 NFL postseason

                      Bucs`stats from that season .


  2. If Mike Williams is worth the alleged contract now signed with the Buccaneers . Surely, AJ Green , who is a far better player and a more dangerous threat , is most definitely worth more ?

    It is now clear to me that Greg Schiano , GM Mark Dominik and the entire Glazer family are either entirely stupid or they bought into the bull#it being sold to them by Mike Williams` agent .

    Williams of the Bucs .

    tophatal ……………………


            1. At least they can cut him if they have to. If this were MLB, the entire $40 million would be guaranteed, and he’d probably cruise for six years. This way Williams has some incentive to get better if he wants to earn more of that contract.


  3. I can’t get ino the NFL. It is boring. Players and coaches Bull shit, Jail, flag, murder, pass, run, flag, DUI, murder, the product is bad. The list goes on ad nauseum.


    1. bobby gee

      There`s a memorable scene from the Mel Brooks` classic comedy western “ Blazing Saddles “ , where the henchmen are being hired for the raid on the town (Rockridge) , to rid it of its citizens , so that the railroad company can come in and continue to lay its tracks . That scene reminds me of the players now playing in the NFL .


      tophatal ………………..


          1. it as a classic. Clevon Little dressed in white. Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles a classic. This film would have never been made in today’s climate. yes this is an accurate portrayal of today’s NFL.


            1. Mel Brooks was ahead of is time and it just goes to show what was allowable then and in some respects might be seen as distasteful today . That being said, there are far more distasteful things going on and we can look no further than with the infantile behavior of our elected leaders .

              Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is at it again, with his behavior and somehow his wife is steadfastly standing behind him, as he hopes to succeed Michael Bloomberg as the mayor of New York .

              Eliot Spitzer the state`s former governor , now hopes to be the financial comptroller for the city of New York , whose annual budget would make some the poorest countries in the Southern and Western hemisphere smile with envy .

              Spitzer spent over $86,000 on escorts to have kinky sex. For half the price his wife would have done the same job and still kept his foreskin intact .


              I am quite sure that Weiner loves to `beat` his meat , but only after he`s “texted“ a female friend to show off his strokes and the size of his appendage .

              tophatal ……………..


              1. this moron and perv is a hero to the Liberal’s and Dem’s. go figure. Tebow gets bashed by the media and this sleaze is a hero.


  4. If Joe Flacco continues his high level of play, then I think the Ravens can overcome all of the talent they’ve lost. But if Flacco reverts to the player he was during the regular season, the Ravens will struggle to make the playoffs.


  5. Maurice

    You can`t but be impressed with Flacco . Since he has been in the league , each season his game has progressed and he has tasted the postseason regularly .

    All you need to know about the Baltimore Ravens can be summed up in these two words ____ Ozzie Newsome . Since becoming the Ravens` general manager in 2000 . Simply look at his draft record and the franchise`s list of achievements .

    Newsome , right , seated next to team owner , Steve Bisciotti

    tophatal ………….


  6. Maurice

    And this is why the NFL business model works better than the idiocy of what we continuously witness in the NHL , NBA and MLB . Guaranteed contracts kills not only the competitiveness of the game , but also economic workings of franchises within the respective leagues in question .

    The NHL remains a mess from a business mindset , with their damn structure , team payrolls and the now insidious lengths of the contracts of the players . Ten and fifteen years ? What the hell is that about ? Yet all their fans can carry on about is a brand that is on the verge of being obsolete in the US , though not in Canada , where in essence , it is a fabric of their society .

    tophatal …………..


    1. Blog Surface

      When the Patriots drafted Hernandez in 2010 straight out of Florida . They knew exactly what they were getting themselves into , concerning the player and his on and off the field issues . Urban Meyer , his coaching staff and the Gators` AD Jeremy Foley spoke of the kid highly , without ever really going into any depth and revealing Hernandez`s issues ( lack of maturity and narcissistic mentality). Yet they drafted him anyway ..

      Aaron Hernandez will not be the last player drafted into the NFL with behavioral problems , but hopefully , he will be the last to be charged with a capital homicide crime ( felony first degree murder) .

      Now with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick commenting on the tight-end`s arrest . It is a complete joke , with merely the NFL seeking to cover its ass and protect its image as usual .

      The trial will be a three ringed circus , with a great deal of posturing by the prosecution and defense attorneys throughout the entire trial proceedings . It is likely to be televised and garner the same sort of coverage as the infamous O J Simpson murder trial .

      Presumption of innocence or not , there is now enough circumstantial evidence in the state`s possession to put Hernandez away for the rest of his natural life . He is likely to be found guilty , because one of is two accomplices will seek a plea agreement with the state in order to gain a lesser sentence .

      tophatal …………


    2. Blog Surface /CDR

      Life in jail wouldn`t be such a bad thing for someone who is a conflicted individual and an immoral person . Simply look at the charges being leveled against the player in this one incident alone , before even touching on the other alleged charges that could be brought , and ones already on the record . If that is not enough an indication as to prior bad acts , then what is ?

      tophatal …………


    'Boys will not do much this year either…..be surprised if they go 8/8
    Also wonder about your team….will the crap over that killer frazzle them??


    1. al clements

      I believe that the Steelers have come back to the pack within the AFC North and that this season , te division will be a highly competitive one , with all four teams in a dogfight for divisional supremacy . As to the likely outcome in determining a winner . Well, that would be anyone`s guess at this juncture .

      The losses to the team, in terms of the departures may well be overcome by the team acquisitions and their draft . Yet I can`t help but wonder how this will affect Ben Roethlisberger`s psyche .

      Furthermore , Ben`s relationship with offensive coordinator Todd Haley still isn`t rock solid and I believe there remains a trust issue there , in spite of season and the quarterback statistically , having one of his best seasons , since he entered the NFL .

      This should prove to be an interesting year for the Steelers , where I believe they will be severely tested by the Cincinnati Bengals in both of their divisional games .

      The Bengals have been the class of the AFC North over the past three seasons .

      tophatal ……………


  8. Maurice

    Bad coaching or not . Look at the weapons made available to Tony Romo over the years and his inability to lead . If that is not an indication as to how poor a quarterback he just happens to be , then what is ? His record is barely above .500 as a starter in the NFL , yet his proponents place him in the lofty air , alongside the likes of Brady , Brees , Manning (Peyton) and Rodgers as one of the elite quarterbacks currently in the NFL ? Have these morons been sitting under a rock or have they tried to shove their heads up their own @ss ? Need we touch on his mediocre record in the postseason ?

    tophatal ……………….


  9. The Cowboys will continue to suck until Jerry Jones goes riding off into the sunset.
    Have a great weekend brother!


    1. aero

      As long as Jones can bilk every red cent out of the franchise and the use of Texas Stadium . He will be entirely happy with his lot and the fact that he can boast that during his tenure the Cowboys won three Superbowl titles . That being said , over the past eight seasons the Dallas Cowboys` drama has been like something out of a badly written Latin tele-novela.

      Normally I like my drama to add in some sexual intrigue and tension . But it doesn`t seem that anyone within the Cowboys` organization can supply the fans with that . Well , that is unless we get Romo`s wife , Candice Crawford to supply us with some . What do you think ?


      Candice Crawford

      tophatal ………………


  10. Important issues and questions until football starts.
    First off Alan the luscious big butt girls above. The gal on the left has to be Chris Bosh’s wife??
    Weiner and Spitzer? They should open up a internet class on how to beat a lie detector. Stone cold mindset that insists they’ve not committed any sins.
    Saw a local clip on OJ’s parole hearing. OJ looked fat/gray and aged. Regardless of what anyone thinks, he was ‘railroaded’ in Vegas. The prosecutors here think they are God’s answer to “getting even”, Decision comes next week. Even if granted, other consecutive charges continue.
    Someone mentioned the actress JLo? A couple years ago her and BAfflick were shooting dice at a strip casino. Dealers were cordial and helpful. They made a small score. When Ben was about to tip the guys she remarked, “Don’t give them nothing”. Nice gal.
    Mototcycles. Might be OK where your are but not here. Especially when booze is dealt out free 24/7. Oh yeah, ever ride in a microwave? Gave it up many moons ago.
    Enjoy reading your stuff almost as well as looking at the pix. LOL Good work.


    1. Ronbets

      First off , as a Pats` fan I thought my preseason would encompass , a sighting of Tebow and Brady out on the town together . Instead it`s Aaron Hernandez and his buddies turning the New England area into a scene from out of Scarface . The tight- end is liable to get a life sentence, because I feel that the preponderance of evidence is most definitely against him , as well as the fact that one of his alleged accomplices is liable to turn state`s evidence (plea deal) in order to get a lighter sentence .

      As to the Pats` own upcoming season , they may well eke out a ten win season , which hopefully , will be enough to win the AFC East outright . If not , then so be it and quite possibly a shot at a lengthy postseason run . Who knew that being a player under Urban Meyer could be so dangerous for your health ?

      Tim Tebow will struggle to make this team in some type of offensive category and Gronkowski`s ongoing stupidity has to rank up there alongside the sexual exploits of Spitzer and Weiner , combined .

      Romo is not worth $120 million of anyone`s money , even if it is someone like Jerry Jones ! LOL,LOL , LOL !!!

      Two good reasons why Wendy Fiore gives you more bounce to the ounce !

      Thanks for the visit and hopefully , you will continue to be a regular visitor ?

      Less grass , more ti#s and @ss !

      tophatal …………


    2. Ronbets

      J-Lo has marginal talent but a real nice @ss ! She would like to convince us also that she is a smart business woman and someone who is hands on , when it comes to her business empire . In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

      It would be my duty and honor to tap that booty !

      tophatal …..


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