Going for broke ……..

Going for broke

I find it simply amazing the gullibility of today`s sports fan and a belief that they seem to have that because a franchise owner (NBA) is steeped in billions . There is no simplicity to the madness, that an owner can simply spend tens of millions of dollars on talent, in seeking to gain success overnight. Rarely has that been known to happen overnight and more often than not , the franchise itself may well have lost just as much as the owner has spent in acquiring the athletes to fulfill their dreams. Nowhere has this been more self-explanatory than with the fortunes of the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat in recent years . The two franchises in question are the winners of the last three NBA titles . Team owners Mark Cuban and Micky Arison are amongst the wealthiest owners in North American sports , with their names to be found amongst the Forbes` 400 wealthiest Americans. That in of-itself, is by no means a guarantee of their alleged successes as owners of a sport`s franchise. For years, both the Heat and Mavericks toiled in the obscurity of the NBA, as other more illustrious franchises held the limelight and the glare of the spotlight before attaining the success denoted in their respective histories.


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For the Dallas Mavericks after a disappointing season , during which the team posted a 41-41 record , good enough for tenth place in the Western Conference . The front office led by GM Donn Nelson and head coach Rick Carlisle , in conjunction with Mark Cuban sought to revamp the roster of last season , in the hope of building a competitive contender for the upcoming year . What has become abundantly clear with the Mavericks` owner in recent years , was that money was of no object , as he chose to offer king`s ransom to any player willing to sign with the Texas-based franchise . At the height of the executives` capricious spending in seeking to lure some of the top-flight free agents , Mavericks` payroll was as high as $92.5 million during the 2008-09 season . As the sixth seed for that year in the Western Conference , the team would meet the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the NBA Playoffs . The Mavericks` foray in the postseason would be short-lived as they would fall to the Denver Nuggets in the conference semi-finals 4-1 .

Fueled by that loss, Mark Cuban continually spent money unwisely in the chase for that elusive first NBA title, and along the way racking up losses for the Mavericks` franchise in excess of $103 million . Now one should bear in mind also that the NBA did have a soft salary cap in place , with teams exceeding the cap being penalized under the luxury tax penalty structure. . For the teams who sought to exceed that cap , NBA Commissioner David Stern and the league hierarchy continued to sell the fans a “ bill of goods“ , knowing full well that the financial health of the league`s teams were nowhere as healthy as he was trying to suggest . Between 2009 and 2011 the league`s executive committee ( hierarchy) sought financing from major financial institutions to aid teams around the NBA , who were said to suffering acute financial problems . The sum borrowed exceeded over $515 million . At the time , NBA Commissioner David Stern stated that … “monies received by these franchises should not be viewed as a bailout , but merely a way to aid the teams overcome what had been a difficult period for the NBA in the midst of an economic downturn that was adversely affecting the country “ . So good to know that at the time the league could avail itself over of a half billion dollars ($500,000,000) , while small businesses around the country could not be facilitated with a small business loan . Your thoughts on that specifically ? From 2003 to 2011 , the NBA and its teams have received financing exceeding $2.3 billion ($2,300,000,000) and yet it would appear that the greed of the league and its owners seem almost boundless .

The 2010-11 season would see the rise of the Dallas Mavericks , as the team led by Dirk Nowitzki , would finally slay the dragon , on their way to a rather surprising Finals` victory (4-2) over the highly favored Miami Heat , who were at the time were led by their trio of NBA All Stars , LeBron James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh . What took place during those series of games was a testament to the strength of the Mavericks and what I believe to be the sheer arrogance and complacency of the players on the Heat`s roster . Nowitzki would come away with the Finals` MVP award and adding to his legacy as perhaps the best European to have played in the NBA during its history.

This upcoming season the Dallas Mavericks will be built around Dirk Nowitzki as the central focus point of a team looking to get younger . As to how they will fare against much younger and far more athletic rosters within the Western Conference will be predicated upon the defensive and offensive capabilities , and how they are able to play in transition . The veteran forward will be looked upon to be and provide a large part of the team`s offensive productivity, Something that the player has been able provide for the franchise over the majority of his career. And it is proof , to the testament of his game and the longevity of his career.

The NBA Draft of 2003, literally provided the NBA with a plethora of stars , that over the past decade have provided the league with one of its richest era during the NBA`s existence . If you simply peruse the list of players taken over the first two rounds , you can see undeniably, that a number of those stars players are still around and very productive within the NBA. . Granted , there were a few hits and misses made by a number of teams in the assessment of the players drafted .

Lebron James taken number one overall, by the Cleveland Cavaliers would be followed by Darko Milicic , taken by the Detroit Pistons . A pick that many believe was so stupid in the sheer gullibility and lack of thought made by Pistons` GM Joe Dumars . The pick would set the franchise back for a number of years , due to Milicic`s lack of productivity , but the Pistons would somehow come through to pull off what I believe to the biggest upsets in NBA Finals` history over the past two decades , when they simply outplayed the Los Angeles Lakers on their way to the 2004 NBA Finals` championship (4-1) .

The Miami Heat`s success in acquiring their first title was built around the premise and skill-set of Dwyane Wade and surrounding him with players complementary of his skills . Wade along with center Shaquille O`Neal , Jason Williams , Gary Payton , Alonzo Mourning , Michael Doleac , Dorell Wright and other role players . Then head coach Stan Van Gundy would be ousted from his position in 2006, as the team would go on to make that season`s NBA Finals. While the controversy concerning Van Gundy`s ouster had more to do with is souring relationship with central figures O`Neal and Wade . It was widely known, that Heat team President Pat Riley sought one last shot at winning a title as a head coach. Riley denies that Van Gundy`s ouster was anything more than his desire to return to a head coaching role. Riley would excel in leading the Miami Heat to their first NBA title along with Wade`s bravura postseason performances that would also see him garner a Finals` MVP award as the team derailed the hopes of the Dallas Mavericks that season .

Micky Arison and Pat Riley would not let team expenditure in terms of the payroll be a hindrance to what was their ultimate goal . Winning that elusive first title would prove to be profitable, but also create even bigger problems going into that off-season . From a team high payroll of $119 million and with the salary cap of $49.5 million , Miami during the off-season paid just over $70 million to the league hierarchy in luxury taxes. Teams surpassing the cap figure were imposed with the customary dollar-for-dollar penalty, as mandated under the collective bargaining agreement. . The team`s payroll would drop from the aforementioned figure to a more manageable $78.2 million for the following season , but still remaining above the league mandated cap (soft salary cap) .

A patron of this site whose business acumen as such simply revolved around zeroes and the wealth of NBA franchise owners, was of the opinion that the Brooklyn Nets merely because of having acquired Kevin Garnett , Jason Terry and Paul Pierce would be a competitive franchise with the prowess of Deron Williams , Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez . The fact that the addition of the former Celtics trio adds an additional $33 million to the team`s already bloated payroll for the upcoming season which will be set at $ 102.7 million , ranking the Nets` payroll atop of the league`s thirty teams . In the past two seasons Nets` owner Mikhail Prokorov has squandered in excess of $250 million in payroll and luxury tax fees on a franchise , whose playoff run was a single appearance last season , that ended rather abruptly in a first round playoff series` loss , with the team itself , being less than competitive , lacking in leadership and any heart , in being able to play , even a modicum of defense during the postseason . Yet somehow, here was an individual now rather vainly and I do believe idiotically, trying to extol the virtues of a team where three aged veterans will not be able to truly contribute to a roster lacking in leadership and who will now have a rather inexperienced head coach at the helm, in Jason Kidd . The Brooklyn Nets are simply an organization looking to keep up with many of their more illustrious luminaries , while simply believing tat throwing money at an issue is the ultimately the best way to solve it , without showing any real knowledge of know what it is they are doing .

In the subsequent years between the Miami Heat winning first NBA title to successfully making a defense of their second title won in 2012. The franchise has seen a number of highs and lows . None more so, than the less than celebratory departure of Shaquille O`Neal and the we ill will between the player and the organization . During the intervening years , there have been multi-million dollar losses , $140 million u in total , upheaval of the rosters and a change of coaches. Pat Riley`s protege Erik Spoelstra succeeded Pat Riley in 2008 , and the young head coach brought a about a great deal of stability and , with the players buying into his coaching style and blend of youthful exuberance .

The biggest coup for the franchise however , was Pat Riley`s engineering of the deals that would bring both LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the team , along with the re-signing of Dwyane Wade. An immediate impact could be felt on the franchise’s bottom line and that proved to be fortuitous along with the astonishing rise in attendance for the organization . Teams at home facing the Miami Heat saw an immediate attendance spike , alongside concession sales . There is a unique business principle that comes into play , something I believe that is often overlooked by inane fans, simply making pronouncements about teams and their willingness to simply spend money on a whim . If you are going to make such a presumptive statement , at least have the temerity to back it up with something more substantive , than that is a good team, simply because of the makeup of the roster and the fact that the team`s owner has a great deal of money to spend . It simply shows ignorance and even more so, a lack of understanding about the economics of a sport that is not solely about X`s and O`s.



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LeBron James, since his entry into the NBA as proven to be everything the analysts and fans believed him to be. The accolades received, have been a testament to that fact , as his game has become more well-rounded , along with a leadership ability , the respect of his peers and the growing belief now , that he could very well over the next five or so years reach the unprecedented heights of surpassing almost every feat achieved by his boyhood idol Michael Jordan . There is no denying that James` decision to come to Miami, was not only of benefit to the player, but a major part in the turnaround of the franchise and the economic impact brought to the city, but quite possibly above all, to the NBA as a whole. James as now joined the rarefied air of being mentioned in the same as breath of many of the all-time greats within of the game . Justified or not, I will let you be the judge of that ! As to the statements made within this article , do you believe that the NBA can now continue on its current course, when so many of the teams choose to ignore the league`s soft salary cap ? Also , do bear in mind that in spite of the increased values of a number of the NBA franchises , a number of the organizations have acute financial issues , wherein profitability is their greatest concern . Your thoughts on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter? Chime in with a comment, as you see fit.


Picture and slideshow gallery details below .

(1) Pictured from left to right, are Miami Heat owner , Micky Arison , head coach Erik Spoelstra and team President Pat Riley. The trio celebrating the franchise`s 2012 triumph in winning their second NBA title . A feat that would be repeated again this past postseason with the Heat`s second consecutive title and third overall in the past six seasons . The Miami Heat hope to achieve their own historic three-peat by winning a third consecutive title in the 2013-14 season . The franchise is now a heavily backed favorite by the odds-makers in Atlantic City and Las Vegas , respectively. AP Photo /Bruce Moss …..

(2) Jason Kidd , left, is seen here alongside Dallas Mavericks` team owner Mark Cuban , head coach Rick Carlisle , Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki. The group are pictured just after the franchise`s triumph over the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals . Getty Images / Kim Moran ….

(3) Mikhail Prokhorov team owner of the Brooklyn Nets is seen here with former minority stake owner in the NBA franchise , rapper and entrepreneur Jay-z . The entertainer has since sold his interest in the team back to Prokhorov , having become the founder and owner of sports` management company RocNation Sports , a full consultancy sports management firm sports marketing and promotions company , managing athletes and their business portfolios . Jay`z was also licensed as a certified sports agent by the NBA, WNBA , NFL , NHL , MLB . Prokorov for his part in conjunction with team general manager Billy King in the past two seasons have spent in excess of $ 375 million on team payroll and luxury taxes for a franchise , that has yet to progress beyond the first round of the postseason since he assumed control of the Brooklyn Nets . Getty Images / Mark McNair ….

(4) Carmelo Anthony , left is seen here with LeBron James on the night of the 2003 NBA Draft . The two players were drafted in the first round by the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers respectively , with James being the number one pick overall . NBAE/Getty Images / Christopher Riggins ….

(5) LeBron James and Michael Jordan . Comparisons are now being made between the two players and their respective careers . I believe that certain similarities can be made , but on making a call upon who is said to be the better player . It should and is best left to NBA historians after the career of James has ended , and then true comparisons can be made . Matte Inc . @ copyrighted material ……..



NB: The NBA bailout , twenty-two of the league`s thirty teams were recipients of the funds disbursed during the years mentioned .


tophatal ……….

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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

27 thoughts on “Going for broke ……..”

    1. Chris

      Let`s face it , Dwight Howard does not handle pressure very well in spite many believing him to be the best center in the NBA . As good as he is , he is simply lacking the mental aspect of being a good enough player at the position to be even considered amongst the top twenty to have played center , over the last two decades . His career stats while impressive , simply does not bear out the fact that at times he becomes lazy , disinterested and a player who does not like to be criticized .

      There is a clear reason why both Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski simply want no part of him , when it comes to the US Team`s national roster . Dwight won`t be a part of the roster for the FIBA World Championships and that if anything should be a clear fact of why he is not considered that highly by two individuals who know a great deal more about the game than @ss kissing sycophants like Stephen A Smith and Tim Legler .

      Dwight took less money to be with the Rockets and be out of te spotlight , because he knows if the teams fails , the first fingers will be pointed at the likes of Harden , Jeremy Lin and then , himself .

      tophatal ……………..


    2. Chris

      Look at the Mavericks` team of last season and their stats . Now look at the roster for the upcoming season . Tell me what it is , that you believe to be so imposing about this current crop of players ?

      Nowitzki has lost a step or two , and is nowhere near the player that won an NBA title two years ago . So tell me what indicators is that you see, will make the Mavericks all the more of a competitive threat in the Western Conference this upcoming season ?

      Dallas has always struggled on the defensive side of the ball and that is something I clearly believe , you have overlooked !

      tophatal ………………..


  1. So I am really to be impressed with the additions of Garnett, Piece and Terry to a team that simply cannot play defense as the 2013-14 season comes into being because they will be playing for the Brooklyn Nets ? Did anyone see what bot the Celtics were capable of from a defensive standpoint during the regular and postseason by any chance ? I guess only those said to be gullible would actually believe tat te Nets are capable of taking down the likes of the Heat , Pacers , Bulls and Knicks based on last season`s performances by the team ?

    At best , the Nets are no better than a fourth or fifth seed within the Eastern Conference for the upcoming season .

    Joe Johnson at no point of his career , has ever been good enough to be considered one of the top ten players at his position , but yet he is vastly overpaid on a team that was very much overrated last season and will be this upcoming year.

    tophatal …………….


  2. Dwight Howard is blow hard- great talent but he is okay. His ego is over blown. At Lebron james backs up his words with action. Howard is a blowhard nothing more. Mak Cuban is the same way.


    1. bobby

      There is absolutely nothing endearing at all about Dwight Howard and his antics since his entry into the NBA . Throughout his career , he has shown his continued immaturity , lack of growth as an individual , and he remains childlike in his mannerism . How the hell can anyone believe him to be capable of leading a team to any type of significant glory whatsoever ?

      Houston Rockets news

      Not only has LeBron James backed up his words , he is now proving that he could very well be better than Kobe Bryant at his very best . Albeit , that James as yet to win as many titles as Bryant . However , within the next six or seven years, the Miami Heat player could very well surpass the achievements of bot the Lakers` guard and that of his idol , Michael Jordan , in terms of championships won .

      Both of these team owners , Mark Cuban of the Mavericks and Mikhail Prokhorov of the Nets will continue to spend money like guests of a wedding party throwing rice or confetti at the bride and groom , as they leave the church to depart for their wedding reception . Consider the fact that the combined payroll of the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets for the upcoming season will exceed $150 million and you can understand why the NBA and a number of its teams are a morass of badly ran and unprofitable teams . Yet idiots fans , whose business acumen is beyond stupidity , offer inane commentary about how owners can spend to achieve success . You do spend , but you spend your money wisely , not idiotically .

      tophatal …………


        1. It has been Mark Cuban`s ego more than anything else that as been his greatest downfall and that of the Mavericks` franchise since they won the NBA title in 2011 . From thereon-in , the team has been an abject bore in terms of their play on a basketball court and it was mirrored in their standings in 2012 and this past season .

          “ I am rich, because David Stern continues to be my bi#ch . Now blow it out your @ss Stern !“ Mark Cuban

          Dallas Mavericks` team stats 2012 and 2011

          tophatal ………………


                1. And we all know that bird droppings when falling to the ground can also be a health hazard . The way the NBA is now being ran , it is very much like fecal matter , extremely hazardous to its very own existence and financial health .

                  tophatal ………..


                    1. If they were in the private sector like you and me and did this bullshit they would all be put in jail for many years. This why these people are statists. They want to rule over outr lives. If it wasn’t for the evil Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, cantor and the rest we could even shit, wipe our ass or put in a light bulb. It is all about the elites ruling over us. We are notg their servants or serfs. i can’t wait to read Mark Levin’s new Book The Liberty Amendments


    1. al clements

      Congress` debt ceiling is something like the NBA`s soft salary cap ($58 million) because there , team owners and general managers are concerned how much they spend , and are not concerned with the fact that nearly quarter of the teams in the NBA are actually unprofitable . Yet repeatedly, NBA Commissioner keeps on blowing smoke up everyone’s ass concerning the financial health of the league .

      David Stern remains a pompous @sshole and that is a fact !

      Courtesy of CNN Business Section

      Congress awaits debt ceiling

      By Jeanne Sahadi CNN Business

      NEW YORK (CNNMoney)
      It’s not negotiable: Congress will have to soon raise the debt ceiling. The only question is when.

      On Wednesday, the Treasury Department said again that it can continue to pay the country’s bills in full without breaching the legal limit on borrowing until sometime after Labor Day.

      Nailing down an exact date is hard to do at this time, because of several factors affecting the government’s cash flow, according to Matthew Rutherford, assistant secretary for financial markets.

      But budget experts forecast that the debt ceiling will likely have to be raised by mid- to late fall because of a better-than-expected fiscal picture.

      Indeed, an improving economy, the expiration of tax cuts on high-income families and the across-the-board budget cuts combined with large one-time payments to Treasury from mortgage financing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have greatly reduced Treasury’s need to borrow money.

      The debt ceiling now stands at $16.699 trillion ($16,699,000,000,000)

      That level was reached in mid-May. So Treasury began to employ a host of “extraordinary measures” to buy Congress time and continue paying all the country’s bills in full and on time. For instance, Treasury first temporarily stopped issuing special securities to state and local governments. It may also, for a time, stop reinvesting federal workers’ retirement savings in short-term bonds.

      If Congress doesn’t raise the ceiling in coming months, the United States will be at risk of default. Without being able to borrow new money from the markets, Treasury won’t have enough revenue coming in to pay all the country’s obligations.

      That’s an untenable position. Treasury would be forced to make legally questionable decisions — either picking who to pay and who to stiff until lawmakers approve a debt ceiling increase, or choosing to delay payments to everyone on any given day.

      The expectation is lawmakers won’t raise the debt ceiling until they absolutely have to. Many Republicans say they won’t approve an increase unless their spending cut demands are met. Democrats, meanwhile, say they won’t agree to the magnitude of cuts that Republicans want, especially on domestic programs.


      The national debt is now greater than the country`s GDP ( $14.677 trillion – $ 14,677,000,000,000) and is it any wonder that the US Treasury in conjunction with the US Commerce Dept are now seeking to rework te figures to include such things as monies garnered by television rights` syndication and tv residuals to reflect a much broader based economy ? In other words, simply manipulate the figures to try and deflect the real pain that still continues .

      If tat is not an indication of te government seeking to place a Band-Aid on a hemorrhaging gunshot wound to the abdomen , then what is ? Now Obama is seeking to replace Ben Bernanke , Chairman of of the Federal Reserve , with that pompous and aloof ass-wipe Larry Summers ?

      Bernanke will be stepping down to take a position within the private sector . Asking Summers to now handle the country`s monetary policy and banking sector, is akin to handing a kid a box of crayons , several sheets of paper and then telling him , to go and play for a couple of hours .

      tophatal …………………. .


  3. bobby

    The country at present is in a complete cluster-##ck and no amount of touring the country by Obama speaking on issues as energy efficiency and clean energy and an slow recovering economy can now change the environment or our way of life .

    There are no high quality high-paying jobs being produced in the areas needed , to reverberate and make the economy vibrant . I mean where are the engineering , teaching , doctors` jobs , and specifically in the field of manufacturing . ? The country has a now become a service based economy and it is a sad indictment of the policies of this administration , House , Senate and someone who I now look at as a second-term lame duck President in Barack Obama .

    The one initiative driven through , in undue haste , without any thought of the initial impact cost was abhorrent and downright stupid . Obama`s healthcare plan is flawed and filled with numerous potholes, way too much bureaucracy and unneeded litigious issues .

    The savings that the country will benefit from , will not take place for at least another five to ten years . The only individuals profiting from this all , are the for profit hospitals and many of the large insurances companies involved in the healthcare insurance industry .

    Cantor , Reid , Rubio , Pelosi , Boehner , Paul Ryan , McConnell , Lindsey Graham and Schumer are all a bunch of hypocrites .

    tophatal ……….


  4. I’m hardly an iso-Joe fan but Joe Johnson is and has been a top ten player at his position for the past half dozen years. In fact, even in his current older/semi- broken down state he is still one of the 5 or 6 top shooting guards. Ridiculously overpaid yes, but still one of the best shooting guards/clutch players in the league.


    1. Drew

      You are absolutely delusional and living in a land of make belief . Joe Johnson was only clutch in his days with the Suns and Hawks . Since then, he has done nothing of note .

      Spend more time watching the games rather than drinking the damn Kool Aid . Show me where Johnson contributed anything to the Nets last season and stop with this damn absurdity ?

      Even when Joe Johnson was on the Hawks , he still wasn`t the team`s best player . You are making all of these asinine claims , but have noting to back it up with . Just pure and utter nonsense , as per usual . Jonson does not lead by example , nor will he ever do so . The guy is very much overrated and it simply left to apathetic fools who look to make an argument and case for a player who over the course of his career , who has simply underachieved .

      If Johnson by your estimation is one of the best five or six shooting guards (2012 stats) in the NBA , then the league is in a poor state of affairs, disrepair and so too is your judgement .

      This past season Johnson barely averaged 18 points per game and look at where he stands amongst his peers at the position . Wake up and smell the coffee. .

      tophatal …………………


    2. Joe Johnson is a good player, but he’s not worth what he’s being paid. Marshon Brooks could have given the Nets close to what Joe Johnson has, and for a mere fraction of what they pay Johnson. The Hawks screwed up by giving Johnson that contract in the first place, and the Nets doubled the mistake by trading for Johnson and his contract.


      1. Maurice

        At what point in his career was Joe Johnson ever good ? People tend to use hyperboles to describe mediocre to average players , as being good and in some cases even great . Johnson has never led by example , even as a player even with the Atlanta Hawks . The guy is soft and will remain soft .

        As to the use of the word ` clutch` in describing Johnson`s game ,/a> . It was momentary and he could never be relied upon to be consistent when it mattered the most .

        Money in this case , brought both the Nets and Hawks a great deal of mediocrity .


  5. If you’re spending the money on LeBron James then that’s money well spent. But throwing money at the problem won’t solve it for Dallas or Brooklyn. Trying to buy a championship rarely works.


    1. Maurice

      GM`s Billy King and Donn Nelson hold their respective positions with the Nets and Mavericks .

      Between them both, they have one NBA title and a slew of misfires when it comes to assessing talent .

      Look at Nelson`s bio with the Mavericks as a clue . And he initially got by on his father`a name ( Don Nelson ) .

      Teams can throw as much money at who they want whenever they want, but only an idiot would believe that in doing so, it will consistently bring success when it comes to the NBA !

      The luxury tax (soft cap of $58 million) will kill some teams this upcoming season and definitely affect their overall bottom lines (2011) .

      The Miami Heat lucked out , in making three straight Finals and winning two of the three. Yet in between winning their first and second titles , the franchise lost in excess of $120 million in the intervening years . That is what some fans desperately need to understand , rather than thinking that an owner is a billionaire it solves all of franchises` problems . That is the sort of crap that the US government works under , thinking that it can print money and live on its good will amongst its creditors .

      Japan and China are now having the last laugh . And the same fate is now being borne out in the NBA with nearly one quarter of its teams unprofitable .

      * Teams will have to pay $1-50 for every dollar that they are over the > $ 58 million soft cap . . Last season that figure was only $1-00 .

      topatal ………


  6. Speaking of the Mavs, I had read that they were in the running for Oden and Howard… yet got neither. For Oden, no one can be surprised that he chose the Heat. When you are likely just going to go down with another injury, why not piggy back off LeBron and the champs, in hopes that you can find the easy way to get a ring and get your hands on the Larry O’Brien Trophy. I see that stuff all the time… and I’ll be shocked if he can actually get healthy and stay on the court for even a quarter of the season.


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