No fool like an old fool …….. this is the NFL

No fool like an old fool …….. this is the NFL

Well the NFL begins its season with the Hall of Fame enshrinement game this weekend , that will then lead into the preseason and then lead into a string of games , formally opening up the NFL preseason . I do not put a great deal of store into the preseason, albeit , that coaches and executives will be assessing their new draftees as well as their respective acquired free agents . And while much of this off-season has been encompassed by the arrest and detainment of Aaron Hernandez , on the murder charge of a former close acquaintance , Odin Lloyd . It must be said , that the NFL as a year-round source of entertainment and information, remains the abject scene of incompetency we have known it to be for several years now , ever since the ascent of Roger Goodell into the commissioner`s role , as the league`s highest ranking executive.


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As if to further exacerbate the league`s already tarnished image. It now has to deal with the rather inexcusable and inexplicable behavior of Philadelphia Eagles` wide receiver, Riley Cooper`s racial tirade against an alleged antagonist, during an altercation at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cooper was said to have been behaving belligerently when approached by a security official at the venue during a Kenny Chesney concert . The player and the security professional exchanged words, before Riley Cooper went on his racial barrage threatening to fight every ni#ger there at the venue .

In what appears to be a less tan contrite apology, “ tweeted “ some forty-eight hours later. Cooper explained , that his actions and behavior were due to the fact that he had been drinking and was at the time, extremely intoxicated . To my mind it is a poor excuse from the player and if anything, his actions were truly indicative of his feelings at the time of this rather unsavory and unfortunate incident . With over seventy-two percent (72%) of the NFL`s makeup being African American and many of Cooper`s teammates on the Eagles roster , also being of the same ethnicity . I have to ask myself , first off , what the hell was the player thinking ? And secondly, is he simply that naive and stupid, to think that he could have got away with that type of behavior without it going unnoticed ? Do bear in mind also, that the scene of the incident, also happens to the home venue of the Philadelphia Eagles. So now , not only has Cooper caused a great deal of embarrassment to himself , but he has also heaped a great deal of unwanted publicity to a franchise going through transition , while at the same time their being a great many questions not only about the team , but also its first year head coach Chip Kelly . Suffice to say , GM Howie Roseman and team owner Jeffrey Lurie will have a great deal to contemplate concerning Riley Cooper as well as the ambitions of the franchise for this upcoming season .

The Eagles` front office looking to save themselves further embarrassment, have since fined Riley Cooper an undisclosed sum and have also sent the player into to a sensitivity training course . Pardon me for saying this , but a mere monetary fine and a psyche course , encompassing sensitivity and allegedly teaching a person about etiquette , is too little , too late . If Riley Cooper, is simply not intelligent enough of an individual, to realize that his actions were indeed stupid and infantile. Then, it now sends a clear message as to the type of unintelligent individuals now in the NFL , never-mind that the player just happens to be another one of the products from the University of Florida (Gators) football program where Cooper and Aaron Hernandez were teammates and who played under the head coach, Urban Meyer . It now seems ironic that both players drafted in 2010 , now find themselves at the forefront of unwanted publicity , for all of the wrong reasons .

Cooper`s recent act of contrition, seems to be falling on deaf ears as to its sincerity. Meanwhile, several of his Eagles` teammates have come out openly in support of the now beleaguered and troubled wide receiver. How this must all sit with several of the player who happen to be of African American descent, may well be best represented by comments of the Eagles` quarterback Michael Vick , who stated “ it was time to move on and turn over a new leaf in this chapter “ . Vick`s younger sibling , Marcus Vick , took the opposite view, by going on notice , issuing a $1,000-00 bounty for anyone prepared to take out Riley Cooper on the field of play during the season .

I guess for Marcus Vick , he is unable to escape is own foibles and peccadilloes, in terms of his own career as a collegiate athlete? The younger Vick sibling`s past as a college player, was littered with controversy and went and in and also in terms of the troubles of his now elder and more widely known sibling, and his less than dignified past as it relates to his troubles with law enforcement .

With the resurgence of the Washington Redskins and the expected return to competitiveness of the New York Giants after an understated season in 2012 . It will be interesting to see how Chip Kelly`s Eagles will fare in 2013 , especially against their noted divisional rivals. Add into this all , the never-ending drama that always surrounds the Dallas Cowboys , and the NFC East could either prove to be a season of a comedy of errors or a season for fans to truly relish. Given the propensity of Cowboys` owner Jerry Jones to make bold predictions and the propensity of Tony Romo to simply implode in moments of undue pressure . I am inclined to believe that the fans are likely to be treated to a little of both over the entire regular season schedule !

The Eagles will start their season with an away game against Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins to be played at FedEx Field in Landover , Maryland . Last season`s two eventful divisional games between these two stalwarts of the NFC , with the Redskins coming away victorious in both divisional encounters were endemic of the division as a whole . Both losses signaled the turning point and the end of Andy Reid`s reign in Philadelphia, as the Eagles` longest serving head coach. Reid`s blinding loyalty to Vick and the very fact that the veteran quarterback`s declining skill-set did not seem to deter the much maligned coach that was indeed time for a change at the position. A 4-12 season and three straight losses to end the year, pretty much summed up 2012 for the Philadelphia Eagles and the firing of Andy Reid . To state that this came as a surprise , would have to be looked upon as comical . Yet, it seemed a sad way for the coach to depart after all of the success attained by the franchise during his reign . As to what the future holds for Eagles under Chip Kelly remains to be seen and whether or not Vick can recover from a disastrous season in 2012 .

The Minnesota Vikings and their running back Adrian Peterson provided the league last season with an astonishing experience . Peterson single-handed made us all, as NFL fans sit up and take note , as he sought to break the single season rushing record (2,105 yards) . The fact that the player came within eight yards of breaking Eric Dickerson`s mark recorded in the 1984 season , is enough to remind us all how astonishing the feat remains and that it has taken almost three decades for anyone to come remotely close to surpassing the feat . This season however, I believe that Peterson`s concentration will be set more on casing after team glory , rather than the sole purpose of singular personal achievement . Granted , should the player get off to an extremely fast start and is able to average just over 131.5 yards per game over the Vikings` first six games , then all bets could very well be off , as the reigning league MVP sets out once again an improbable journey of trying to break one of the league`s most cherished and recognized records .

The NFC North this season could prove to be logjam , with all four teams , the Chicago Bears , Detroit Lions , Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings , all looking to be in the thick of things , in what should prove to a very competitive division . In spite of the departures from the Packers` roster during the off season, and what I believe to be some prudent acquisitions as well as a very good draft class . This division, once again , will be the Packers for the taking and to do with as they please. If Mike McCarthy and his coaching assistants can remedy the woes of the defense , then there is every reason to believe that they can repeat as the divisional champions .

Weeks eight and twelve will see the two divisional meetings between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings in 2013. Yet , I believe the most attractive match-up on the Packers` schedule is likely to be their opening game of the year against the reigning NFC champions the San Francisco 49ers , which will be played at Candlestick Park in San Francisco , California on the 8t September, 2013. It could very well be the most attractive of the regular season games to be played on the opening weekend of this NFL season . This game will pit the Niners` young and mercurial quarterback , Colin Kapernick against one of the league`s very best passers , in Aaron Rodgers of the Packers . While I believe San Francisco to have a slight edge, as on paper, they do appear to be the better balanced team . As we know, this is a new season, with teams seemingly focused on putting last year in their rear view mirror, as they seek to start anew .

I will say this for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers` GM Mark Dominik , he is certainly looking to make a name for himself amongst his peers within the NFL. Last season was a compendium major mistakes in terms of draft picks , personnel decisions as it related to free agent acquisitions . Yet above all, the one constant remains the lack of progress made in the game of quarterback Josh Freeman . Four years in and Freeman has yet to have a truly standard bearing game or string of games , that Buccaneers` fans can point to and say “ wow “! Josh Freeman knows that this season may well be the last chance for him to prove himself to be good enough to be thought of as a starting quarterback in the NFL . The doubts have definitely begun to set in concerning the player and I firmly believe that Greg Schiano`s patience is growing thin with the young signal caller and passer .

There is no doubt in my mind, that if Freeman shows any signs in the lack of confidence in is game and the belief of his teammates that he is the player to lead this unit. Then it is quite clear, that the decision will be made to trust rookie quarterback Mike Glennon into to the role, as the starter on this team . The saving grace for the Buccaneers in 2012, was the growth and maturity shown by Doug Martin , who simply exploded onto the scene in his rookie season for the franchise . Freeman will be given his chance during the preseason to show the fans that he is game ready and ready for the rigors of the regular season. He is likely to play several series in each of the four exhibition games . The first of the quartet of those games will be against the reigning Superbowl champions the Baltimore Ravens . As I alluded to earlier, I do not put a great deal of emphasis on the preseason, but I do believe that for Josh Freeman , this game be a make or break for him , based upon his performance and the confidence shown .

For the Buccaneers , a great deal will be predicated upon their season and how they are likely to fare against divisional rivals the Atlanta Falcons , Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints . At best , I can see the team going no better than 3-3 within the NFC South , before taking aim against the remainder of the opponents on their 2013 regular season itinerary . The first of those games will be against the ongoing troubled and thought to be newsworthy New York Jets in game to be played at MetLife Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey . Encounters between the two teams are not often memorable , with the last three meetings , being something of a none event for the parties concerned . If fully fit , then Buccaneers` defensive player Darrelle Revis will get the first chance to meet his former team, since being acquired in a highly publicized trade , as Mark Dominik opened up the vault and made a big splash to obtain the Pro Bowl caliber corner-back.



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In light of the recent behavior of NFL players , do you believe that the league hierarchy bears a certain a certain amount of responsibility in how those players conduct themselves on and off the field of play ? And do you believe that the Players` Union (NFLPA) should be working in conjunction more closely with the NFL in such matters ? Also, what if anything, are you most hoping to see from the preseason ? Finally, which team or teams do you believe could provide the biggest surprise of the regular and quite possibly the postseason ? Do leave a comment as you see fit , and thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) In this Sunday, July 28, 2013, photo, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper pauses during the NFL football team’s training camp in Philadelphia. Cooper has been fined by the team for making a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert that was caught on video, leading him to say he’s “ashamed and disgusted” with himself. The video of Cooper making the slur surfaced Wednesday, July 31, on the Internet. AP Photo/Michael Perez ….

(2) Eagles` wide receiver Riley Cooper receivers speaks to the convened press , while seeking to offer his apologies in what he claims was an altercation that took place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , between himself and an African American male at a Kenny Chesney concert . The player who claims he was intoxicated at the time, when he used several derogatory racial epithets in his encounter in what turned out to be a security personnel member at the venue . Cooper first `tweeted` an apology on Twitter before the viral altercation went live over the internet , having been seen by several hundred thousand viewers in the past few days . The Philadelphia Eagles seeking to distance themselves from the player have fined him and undisclosed sum and he as since been sent into a sensitivity training seminar . Teammates are said to be rallying around Cooper , offering him their support. As to how this will be viewed by other players around the NFL remains to be seen . AP Photo / Paul Castellano …

(3) Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick (7) is seen here alongside is younger sibling Marcus Vick , himself a former college quarterback who had somewhat of an undistinguished career while at Virgina Tech , where he was dismissed from the program in 2006 . In the aftermath of the Riley Cooper incident , Marcus Vick has offered a $1,000-00 bounty for any NFL player willing to take out Cooper during an NFL game preseason or otherwise. The elder Vick , sibling , has been quick to distance himself from is brother`s ridiculous statement , coming out instead, to offer his own support of his now besieged teammate , Riley Cooper . Getty Images / Mark Frasier …..

(4) Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson hands a football to his son Adrian Jr. at the end of practice at NFL football training camp, Monday, July 29, 2013, in Mankato, Minn. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall ….

(5) There is no quarterback controversy , but the embers are beginning to reheat as Tampa Bay Buccaneers` quarterback Josh Freeman once again comes under a great deal of criticism after a lackluster 2012 season . The player is seen here alongside head coach Greg Schiano during a game played against the Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte , North Carolina , in a 2012 regular season meeting game between the two teams. The Buccaneers would go on to defeat Carolina 27-21 . Getty Images / Paul Ammon …..



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  1. In all honesty I have become sick and tired of athletes and anyone using alcohol as an excuse for gross misbehavior and even when it comes to an alleged addiction . It is an individual`s personal choice when it comes such an act and the misuse of alcohol . So in such a case Riley Cooper has no damn excuse at all Philadelphia Eagles` general manager Howie Roseman and Jeff Lurie did the right thing in fining the player , but to my mind , he should still have been suspended . It simply sends an all too bad a message that an athlete can simply get away with a mere slap on the wrist in such instances .

    I am surprised that he ( Riley Cooper) was not sent to the corner of a room and had a dunce cone/cap placed atop of his head ! The NFL remains a god-damn joke when it comes to dealing with such matters and it is asinine for anyone to simply think that the Eagles` action was enough in such an instance .

    C`mon guys , Riley just wants to be a ` wigger` , that`s all .

    Is Riley Cooper now in grade school ? Or is he meant to be a grown @ss individual , granted the privilege of playing in the NFL ?

    Will we now have medical professionals claiming that the misuse of alcohol is now also a disease beyond being an addiction when those who misuse it , choose to do so of their own volition ? What next , pedophiles, serial killers and rapists ought to be placed into the same damn category ?

    The NFC East should prove to be interesting this season . I believe that the New York Giants and Washington Redskins will be the teams to beat within the division , with the likely winner being RG III and his teammates repeating as divisional champions . Too many player departures from the Giants` roster from last season for me to believe that they are now good enough to beat the Redskins for the divisional title .

    Josh Freeman and the Bucaaneers are now on the clock . Failure to even remotely compete within the NFC and NFC South will be their own undoing this season .

    Darrelle Revis , left , Mickey Mouse , center, and Josh Freeman . Which of the these three individuals is best suited to be lined up in Bucs` uniform tis season ? Answers please , in no more than fifty words written or orally . Thank you !

    Darrelle Revis hasn`t played a game in the NFL in almost twelve months . And anything claimed to have been done by Freeman in 2012 cannot be considered playing football . Enough said !

    Freeman now has all the offensive weapons needed to succeed . At the same time , the defense as to be considered an upgrade over last season`s unit .

    No more excuses from the player or the entire organization for that matter or from their fans . It must be now or never for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . All their fans ever continue to now whine about was the success of the team from the 2002-03 season . Damn , that was a decade ago . What have you done lately by way of actually being competitive ? Speak now or forever old your peace . Gruden is long gone and so too are the members from that team . Need I add anymore to the debate ?



  2. Are Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson meant to be two of the primary reasons why I should consider the Minnesota Vikings favorably this upcoming season ? They look good on paper , but on paper , it means nothing . It is actually what you do on the field of play that counts and I believe that this team will be in for a tough time this upcoming season , especially in their two divisional games against the Packers .

    Christian Ponder is no …. Aaron Rodgers . And as good as the Vikings` running game is meant to be , primarily because of Peterson . The team will need a great deal more than that to be competitive within the NFC . Firmly believe that the NFC North is Green Bays` for the taking !

    Green Bay Packers` news

    Minnesota Vikings` news


    Touch one of Amber Rose`s ample assets and make yourself feel happy . Go on , do it ! .

    Now try again , but this time , really act like you do enjoy it

    tophatal ………………..


  3. Ahhhh finally feetsball! Dunno why pro athletes, some anyway, are such asses. Super egos tend to lead to disaster. Now, I think the Steelers will do better this year.


    1. Al Clements

      The Steelers are good enough to win their division (AFC North) , but I believe that the real issue remains the core of that roster and the lack an all-out running game to solidify what is ready a good passing game , as evidenced with Roethlisberger .

      The fact that Riley Cooper came out of Florida and was drafted by the Eagles in 2010 , actually tells you all you need to know . Both were made for each other .

      Sensitivity training ? What the hell is that about ? This country sends off 18-22 year old`s , off to war , and almost certain death in some cases , but the moment a frigging dumb athlete falls afoul out of their own goddamn stupidity , they get treated like a kindergarten pupil , who as been told to stand in the corner and to behave . What a load of bull$hit ! It is enough to make you want to puke ! Anyone who believes that the Eagles` actions concerning Riley Cooper was absolutely correct , is simply an idiot .


      I trust that you touched one of Amber`s assets for good luck ? If not , then shame on you ! LOL,LOL LOL !!!

      tophatal …………..


  4. Hello Chip Kelly. Welcome to the NFL. Chip are you wondering why the student athletes acted more mature? This youtube video sums it up for me:


    1. Ronbets

      Chip Kelly must wish he`d stayed in Oregon with that Ducks` program but then again he would still have the NCAA sniffing his rear end because of the stink he created with that football program to begin with .

      All of the lying on his (Kelly`s) part and the skirting of some of the most serious issues was the main reason he left there under a cloud of suspicion .

      By the way , who the hell is Marcus Vick to be telling anyone to ` take out` a player because of a racially derogatory comment ? Wasn`t this the same Hokies` player who stomped on an opponent while he was laying down on the ground injured ?

      Way to go Marcus ___ you prick !


      Marcus Vick has the mentality of an idiot and an IQ that could possibly be lower than Paris Hilton .



      Amber Rose , does she make your toes curl ?

      tophatal …………


  5. Oh, let me add something. Bountygate in the NFL is history right? If I’m a DB, I’ll do the job gratis. If I’m African-American? I’ll pay for the opportunity.
    Can you imagine any American baseball player playing in Japan and going on a tirade ridiculing the product and people? Suspend his ass and tell his mom and dad they didn’t do the good job he claims.


    1. Ronbets

      Riley Cooper`s actions were stupid , insensitive and shows an individual completely lacking in intelligence . What I find irritating , are all of these fools now looking to analyze the situation and get to the bottom of it all ! Do these people simply not understand that this country has barely moved an inch in terms of race relations ?

      Four decades on from the civil rights` era with a biracial incumbent in the White House and still it irks a certain part of the population , who are actually too scared to say what they really feel . So instead , it becomes a diatribe about socialism . I mean what do the Conservatives / Tea Party have to offer ? Sarah Palin , Mitt Romney , Marco Rubio , Michelle Bachmann , Paul Ryan and John Boehner ? LOL, LOL !!!

      I am no admirer of either political party in this country , as I find them both to be just as incompetent as the other ! Neither has any idea how to deal with te most acute issues that the United States now faces . And add in diatribe concerning both PFC Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden , and you simply know that the members of Congress are as dumb as a box rocks .

      Snowden worked for a private government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton that is paid annually close to $1 billion ($1,000,000,000) to carry out a wide variety of duties around the globe on behalf of federal government . In the case of Edward Snowden are you trying to tell me he was able to obtain a Grade IIII security clearance and then be privy to some of the most sensitive of material ? A number of the board members of Booz Allen Hamilton are either former Congressmen or lobbyists on K Street , in Washington , DC . So why now all of this outrage from a number of Senators and Representatives ? They are all a bunch of hypocrites !

      The NSA could have hired a tech whiz straight off the campuses of one of the following universities without now encountering this problem . MIT , Harvard , Yale , Stanford , Loyola and UCLA .

      What took place in Benghazi, Libya was a wake up call for the US , because in reality its two closest allies are Canada and the UK . Israel is simply a bottom feeder that dictates the country` s (USA) foreign policy through its close ties to AIPAC , and need I remind you that they still obtain annually , in excess of of $ 2 billion in discretionary aid and loans ?

      Way too much secrecy went on, concerning what these four victims were doing in Libya , when several other Western Countries had either removed their diplomats from the country or beefed up their security at their consulates or embassies .

      What I find unconscionable to this day , was the demeanor our of Hillary Clinton as she cherry-picked the questions she chose to answer when being questioned by Senate Foreign Relations` Committee .

      What was it about the eve of 9/11 (Benghazi attack ) tat gave te impression tat Obama`s administration and specifically te State Department did not need to be on high alert at their embassies and consulates around the globe ? Is there no goddamn intelligence to be found anywhere within Barack Obama`s administration or from the man himself ? Parading around te country and talking about clean energy and job growth is asinine . Especially when the unemployment figures at present are not a true reflection of the job situation overall. As for his clean energy initiative . Can someone remind Obama`s dumb @ss of the Solyndra fiasco and the half a billion dollars ($500,000,000) of taxpayers` monies lost that will never be seen again ? Not one executive from the company has yet to be either arraigned or indicted for a massive fraud perpetrated on te American public .

      Now in all likelihood, Hillary Clinton will seek the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 . Unfortunately , she looks to be for the moment , the best of a bad bunch of fecal infested crap that the Democratic supporters will have to choose from .

      Why Barack Obama picked Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State is beyond me ! She ad no experience , beyond traveling around with Bill Clinton , while he was President . So unless, it was some kind of reward , after she got trounced for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008 . That choice simply makes no damn sense whatsoever . I mean, can you name one major achievement during her tenure in that role ?

      Hillary Clinton along with Tim Geithner and Eric Holder , are three current or former Cabinet members I simply despise !

      tophatal …………….


  6. stupid is as stupid does! I am sick and tired of over paid high price butt fucks who think they are above the law- The media is just as bad. They blown this stupidity into a national story- How about four Americans are killed in Benghazi no one gives a flying crap about these folks who are killed. Obama covers it up Clinton screams The press turns the other way and carries the water For the evil Obama. The republicans scream we want to get to the bottom of this. They are bunch of blow hards. They are covering their silly asses. Circle wagons and now this stupid moron Copper is a big story. Am I stuck in the Twilight Zone. FOUR AMERICANS WERE KILLED WHAT CRAP IS DONE ABOUT NOTHING! our Liberties and freedoms are being trampled on- The jack boot tyranny is on our necks Cooper is a big story- This is typical of the liberal state run and state controlled sports media- These fools will be out of job- black children are being murder by other black gangsters Not a word from the media. You tell me what is wrong with this scenario.


    1. bobby gee

      Riley Cooper is like a petulant child and the fact that te Eagles are now wiping his ass and putting him in a corner means absolutely noting ! I will now pose this question to every single patron who now posts a comment . When has the league hierarchy (NFL) , owners and union ever gotten together to publicly address the situation concerning player misconduct . The NFL is now being ran by a bunch of goddamn @ssoles along with the NFLPA hierarchy (union) ! Enough said !

      tophatal …….


    2. bobby gee

      See my comments to Ronbets concerning Benghazi .

      With regard to murders of young minorities . It should not matter what color the victim should happen to be . What should matter at the end of the day . Will the victims` families get any real recourse through what is now a broken and archaic Justice System ?

      tophatal ……………..


      1. don’t forget the evil Obama, and the rest of government- they have the jack boot of tyranny squarely on our necks.


        1. bobby gee

          I try forget Obama as much as is humanly possible ! I find him to like the character in the kids` story …. ` The Emperor`s New Clothes `. Barack Obama , has no clothes or new ideas. Almost five years in office and he is simply strutting around butt naked , devoid of ideas and intelligence .

          I believe this cartoon sums it all up ! Don`t you ?

          And this image also , I believe now sums up Barack Obama . How much s#it can one man throw up against a wall , seeking to find a solution to what ails the country without fully understanding what is actually going on ?

          tophatal ……………….


          1. I call him a typhoid Mary The shit he pedals kills other people but him. Obama is purely evil. The sad fact he does and all of this is done on purpose.


                1. bobby

                  I simply find him to be completely incompetent ! Fails to realize or acknowledge his errors as if they were nothing , and do not affect others .

                  No apologies were offered publicly to the nation after the Benghazi incident , because not only was it a disservice to the victims` families , but also to the nation in failing to protect those diplomats as needed . To date , the assailants have yet to be brought to justice for that heinous crime .

                  tophatal ………..


                  1. The evil Obama never will. This is hard to wrap ones head around but this is all done on purpose. It is done by design Read Saul Alinski Rules for radicals- The Communist Manifesto- It is all about power and control. Obama sees himself as the Messiah- a god. The second comming.


                    1. please believe when I say this- for the evil Obama this is pay back time. get even destroy this country. This is hard wrap ones head around this but all one has to do is examine his record- and the folks who taught him.


  7. Cooper’s gone from camp, Al, and that’s probably a good thing. It’s going to take a long time for that kid to get his head on straight. I’m not sure that leopard can change his spots.

    Isn’t it ironic though that the very same week we kick a white guy out for being racist, the NFL enshrines its very first player whose bust will feature corn rows?


    1. Chris

      I could not care if they gave Riley Cooper a ticker tape parade after this incident . The punishment rendered by the Eagles is a damn joke ! Both you and I know it ! Like I said in an earlier comment , name me one time , when both the league and union have got together to discuss the issue of player misconduct ?

      All Roger Goodell`s dumb ass has ever been prepared to talk about publicly from an image standpoint , are the growing revenues of the NFL. Give me a goddamn break , . has this @sshole (NFL commissioner) got no common sense whatsoever ?


  8. Chip Kelly’s offense is a gimmick. There will be games that it works well, and there will be games where it doesn’t work at all. It will depend on the matchup. The Patriots have used that fast paced offense recently. They had games where they scored over 40 points and they had games where it didn’t work, and that’s with Tom Brady taking the snaps. NFL defenses are too good for it to work all the time. Kelly’s going to find this out.


    1. Maurice

      Chip Kelly could become the Tony Sparano of this season as it relates to the Eagles . Sparano as coach of the Dolphins wanted to run the wild-cat offense for an entire season and it essentially caught almost everyone off guard . Subsequently after that , we found out that he could not coach worth a damn . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      ; Kelly flew the coop in Oregon , because he knew that , he and the AD dirtied the waters and the entire program . And for that , they got their success .

      It is just unfortunate that the NCAA and its continued incompetency , has not fully punished Oregon (Ducks) within all of the parameters possible . That collegiate body also has yet to punish Miami (Hurricanes) for its repeated transgressions .


      1. The read-option works in the NFL, you just need a QB who can run play-action out of it to keep a defense honest. The Dolphin’s wild-cat had a running back taking the snaps, and when you can’t pass out of it, NFL defenses will catch up to it eventually, and they did.

        The problem with the fast paced offense in the NFL, is that in the NFL you have to run the clock and control time of possession, because some NFL offenses are so good that you can’t afford to keep giving them the football with extra opportunities to score. This is what Kelly doesn’t realize yet.

        In the Pac-12 teams can’t score like they do in the NFL, so it doesn’t matter if you give offenses extra possessions, because they’re amateurs and college teams will waste possessions. In the pros you simply can’t let guys let Drew Brees and Tom Brady get their hands on the ball, you have to keep it away from them as much as possible.


  9. I’m hearing people suggest that Cooper should play and just take his punishment through hard and late hits on the field. That will just make the situation worse, as the NFL would never sanction that. Like Marcus Vick and others putting a bounty on Cooper. Cooper just needs to stay away from football for a while.


    1. Maurice

      If Riley Cooper had any damn sense to begin with , he would not have placed himself in such a volatile and inflammatory situation .

      We can send young kids (men and women ) off to war . Yet , the moment a frigging clown, such as the Eagles` wide receiver acts , as he has done in that situation . Everyone crawls from beneath a toad stool to offer up some of the most asinine suggestions possible . Please , just ask them all to crawl back under their rocks


      If Roseman and Lurie (Eagles` executives) really wanted to make point . Then , they should have suspended the player for a minimum of three games , have him publicly apologize and then do some outreach in all parts of the community (not just African American or the Hispanic areas ) in the greater Philadelphia area .

      Roger Goodell remains quiet and all NFLPA President Dominique Foxworth wants to talk about, is how best to make the Pro Bowl better, by way of picking the players as if it were a fantasy draft . Now I have seen and heard it all ! What will be next , might I ask ?

      The NFL is now becoming a joke , as Roger Goodell has become the Mad Hatter !


      What would you like to do to Amber Rose ?

      tophatal ……………..


    2. Maurice

      Marcus Vick also needs to stay away from football in all capacities . Perhaps he , Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan can spend some time together talking about their respective careers ? Your thoughts on that ?

      Looking to reboot her career , Bynes will now consider doing porn , preferably interracial .

      `Lindsay consider this foreplay , because once we get back to my place , it will be all about you , down on all fours , sucking Lil` Charlie ` ` Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan

      We stylin bro , and be pimpin` ho`s. Where the white women at ? Marcus & Michael Vick

      tophatal ………..


  10. A lot of material covered here, Top. One thing that stood out was Marcus Vick… it feels like ages ago that he was actually playing football. Now he just puts his mouth into situations where it should not be… although when it comes to Cooper, I can’t blame him or any Philly fans and players for being angry. Still, that guy is always finding trouble, it seems.

    I’m very much looking forward to football season…both the NFL and college. It’s great that it’s just around the corner…


    1. KP

      Marcus Vick is someone I do not wish to see involved in anything to do with football , even at the Pee Wee Level ! The younger Vick sibling , embodies everything you do not want to see from the likes of himself , as he just happens to be a self-aggrandizing @sshole !

      Personally , as it relates to Riley Cooper , were it he and I involved in that altercation . I can assure you , that he would not be able to speak at all , as I would busted his jaw and just to rub salt into the wound. I would have also broken one of his legs . Riley Cooper is simply an @ss , who cannot handle liquor , and he was not brought up with any proper etiquette .

      As an avowed Pats` fan , I was really looking forward to this season ! Aaron Hernandez and Alfonzo Dennard , by way their off-season stupidity , have pretty much made sure, it was a nightmare . Never mind the lack of theatricals as it relates to Tim Tebow , but as of now, the only way is up for the franchise .

      tophatal …….


    2. KP

      With the preseason college rankings already out . It will be interesting to see how Alabama and Ohio State fare over the course of their respective schedules. Ranked at #1 and #2 respectively , one of the two is likely to suffer a loss on their regular season calendar schedule in 2013 .

      As for the NFL , way too much off the field news for me now take any real interest in , until the regular season begins with the week one opening games . The best game to my mind , will be between the Green Bay and the San Francisco 49ers .

      tophatal ….


  11. bobby gee

    When have the press not been concerned about themselves and teir so-called image ? Journalism might just be one step from being an ambulance casing lawyer , pedophile or rapist .

    A clear case in point , the story that brought down CBS news` anchor Dan Rather . In aftermath of that scandal , he tried to blame Mary Maples , who was at the time the news` editor for the early evening news` program .

    Rather himself, was chief news` editor and had the last word on all content material seen on the news` broadcast . So for him to apportion blame elsewhere at the time , was simply asinine .

    ? I always believed Dan Rather to be a conceited and narcissistic son-of-a-bit#h to begin with !

    ` Of course I take my job seriously , I am a hard-hitting journalist and news` anchor, who reports the real human interest stories . I can`t be blamed for the George Bus incident . It wasn`t my fault , as I reported the facts , as told to me , by someone I trusted ` . Dan Rather

    tophatal ……………….


  12. Well , Saturday`s Hall of Game turned to be as exciting as having a tooth pulled . If this is what both the Cowboys and Dolphins expect to entertain their fans with this upcoming . regular season . Then heaven help those fans in attendance but even more so , those at home , having to watch that type of garbage .

    I`ve always maintained that the NFL preseason is simply another way for the league hierarchy to carry on extorting money from the fans , while placing a really an extraordinarily product on the field of play .

    tophatal ………..


  13. bobby

    By the time the election cycle begins for 2016, I don`t believe that the country will be in a better position than it was before Barack Obama took office in 2008 ! Economically the country in certain areas , remains a wasteland without any opportunities whatsoever, in terms of real jobs . Service jobs, paying almost menial wages, has become embarrassing . Look at the situation concerning the employees who went on strike within the fast food industry ? $7.75 an hour in this day and age , is simply slave labor wages , while these companies rake in billions in profits, annually .

    topatal ………


  14. I’m usually to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your web site and hold checking for brand new information.


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