Push or pull ?

Push or pull ?

The NFL pre-season began with the Hall of Fame game between the Miami Dolphins and the erstwhile Dallas Cowboys . That game along with the series of games that were presented as part of the week one schedule of the preseason , gave the fans a chance to look at the rookies and newly acquired free agents on the various teams around the NFL . From my own perspective , I have never placed much store in the exhibition games that act as a precursor to the regular season . Granted , for a number of players now under a great deal of pressure , it now becomes a matter of making the grade now , or losing their starting role to a young rookie or a seasoned veteran .


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While much of this off-season has been encompassed by the disturbing news with the arrest of former New England Patriots` tight end Aaron Hernandez for murder, and with further news now suggesting that the player`s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins may well have aided Hernandez and his two accomplices by disposing of the weapon used to murder the victim , Odin Lloyd , a former acquaintance of the couple . It does now beg the question , what more can now unfold as far as this tragedy is concerned ? The real tragedy in all of this beyond Hernandez’s alleged guilt or innocence. It is the very fact that neither the NFL hierarchy or the NFLPA (Players` Union) seems to be prepared to address the situation of player misconduct .

At a time when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be seeking input not simply from the coaches , but also from the team owners and the union itself . It would appear, that the commissioner`s mindset is elsewhere. Adding to the whole unsavory issue , is the recent announcement by NFLPA President Dominique Foxworth of his wish to see the voting process for the NFL Pro Bowl changed , in order that there is more of an input from the fans and with the whole process itself, to be worked out in the form of a fantasy draft . If this is what Foxworth, now believes will elicit the fans` attention and at the same time add to the allure of the end of season event. Then clearly, it is time to do away with the game, which seemingly has no meaning whatsoever , other than to add monetary gain for the players, in terms of their contract incentives. The game itself, by way of television viewership, is almost a non-starter , and in terms of game attendance. Well, let`s just say, other than the scenic value of Honolulu , Hawaii. I seriously doubt that the opulence of the event outweighs a meaningful regular season game! Yet, this is now what the fans have come to expect from the NFL and its avowed greed .

With the return of Sean Payton to the coaching fraternity of the NFL and with all of the drama that surrounded the New Orleans Saints` Bounty-gate scandal . It would appear that the franchise is now back on an even keel . That being said , Payton knows that he and his coaching staff will remain under the watchful eye of the league hierarchy and its officials . The players embroiled in the saga have either retired or returned to the game, looking to aid their respective teams. For Saints` quarterback Drew Brees , this will be a season of redemption for himself, his teammates , but above all, for the Saints` organization and a way of renewing the faith of club`s fans as well as that of the NFL fans in general .

Now one could subscribe to the fact that the punishment meted out by the league for the heinous infractions , were somewhat laughable, when one has to consider that the Saints might not well have been the only team practicing such a scheme . It is just the fact that they were the ones to be caught and punished , for what in essence, was a sheer act of stupidity and something that could have proven to be extremely dangerous and reckless on the part of the players who were willing participants in this all . As I have previously mentioned in an earlier article within this site . Were one of the league`s marquee players, the victim of one of the hits executed by a Saints` defensive lineman . Would the rest of the NFL have been so quiet and noncommittal in voicing feint disapproval ? For a team that has much as $ 100 million invested in .a player and that franchise’s success . The risk to reward ratio would simply have gone up in smoke . Yet the utter ridicule, shown by a number of fans over the whole saga of Bounty-gate, was almost incredulous and beyond belief .

Payton`s return to the Saints` franchise along with that of GM Micky Loomis , after their suspensions , now gives team owner Tom Benson the satisfaction of seeing several key pieces back in place. The hard part for the organization, is now rebuilding its tarnished image , albeit , that fans in the Crescent City never lost faith in the New Orleans Saints , but their disdain for Roger Goodell was clearly evident . The commissioner, was seen as a villainous scourge who sought to do harm to the franchise . It has to be said, that those fans do have a point , when one considers that the accusations concerning the scandal were known the league hierarchy as far back as the 2010 NFL season , but had been in execution by the Saints franchise in 2009 . Which begs the question, if this was known to the commissioner and his fellow executives at the time . . Then why not immediately conduct an investigation into those allegations, rather than leaving the issue untouched for almost three years ? To date , no one from inside the NFL`s headquarters has answered a question, as to the reasons why they failed take immediate action concerning into the allegations, and deal with the matter at the time. . Is there really anyone, who truly believes that Roger Goodell has performed competently as the NFL commissioner ? Your answers, please?

The New Orleans Saints kicked off their preseason schedule with a 17-13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs , in a game that was symptomatic of what we have all come to expect of the NFL preseason as a whole . Starters were in for a few series and then it was left to the backups to simply fill in , and to try and make a name for themselves. As for those who have now become a part of the Saints` supporting cast by way of the draft and free agent acquisitions . Sean Payton and his staff are going to be well-served by a number of those players . Yet perhaps, their biggest concern, will be how good the offense is likely to be . Pierre Tomas and Mark Ingram will be asked to shoulder the load jointly in terms of the rushing offense . With Brees` potency as a prolific passer . There too, the team is once again likely to make great strides based on last season`s performances and the likelihood that the quarterback will be looking to surpass many of last season`s personal accomplishments, as he looks to further cement his name in the franchise’s record books .

If there is one thing that we have come to know concerning the New Orleans Saints , it is that the team is best happy when it as a lead and then seeks to protect it. However, a frailty of the Saints, has been the very fact that the defense has not always been proficient enough to always meet the needs of Sean Payton. Kenny Vaccaro , John Jenkins and Rufus Johnson were the defensive players drafted by the franchise , with a view to bolstering the NFL`s most porous defense in 2012. It will also be interesting to see whether or not seasoned veterans such as Darren Sproles , Marques Colston , Broderick Bunkley , Kenyon Coleman , Patrick Crayton , Jabari Greer and Zach Strief can provide the added leadership already shown by Drew Brees , as the Saints seek to challenge for NFC South divisional supremacy, as well as the ultimate goal of winning a second Superbowl to add to the franchise’s lone success in 2010. For Saints` tight end Jimmy Graham this also could very well be the season where we see the player make even greater strides, as he also looks to supplant himself atop of the list as one of the game`s best young players at the position in the NFL.

Coming off that victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Saints` next preseason game will be against Oakland Raiders at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana , on Friday , during which , there will be four games scheduled on each of the following days , Thursday, Friday and six on Saturday , as part of the week two schedule of the preseason . That match-up against what remains a beleaguered Raiders` franchise should prove to be a rather interesting contest .

The NFC South this season, I believe will be a truly competitive division . Seeking to make a successful defense of their divisional title will be the Atlanta Falcons . Mike Smith’s Falcons, after their abrupt dismissal from the postseason will be looking to rebound in 2013. Against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC championship game as a highly favored favorite , as Matt Ryan and his teammates would succumb to Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers in an epic match-up of two very good young quarterbacks.

Ryan may well be able to rebound from last season , but it the continued knock against the Falcons, has been that they have been unable to get the job done when it matters most , and that is during the postseason . The week one regular season contest between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints could prove to be very enticing and amongst the very best of the regular season during the opening week`s schedule for 2013. The series between these two franchises have always proven to be highly competitive and will remain so, while they possess two very good quarterbacks calling the plays for their respective teams . And in Drew Brees and Matt Ryan , we do have two of the very best currently playing today .

It would be fair to suggest that Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers have proven to be a major disappointment of the past four seasons . During the off-season with the dismissal of Norv Turner and A J Smith . Managing partner and owner Dean Spanos sought to reset the Chargers organization. The departure of Smith and Turner were not seen as a major surprise . Yet, Norv Turner sought to vent his frustration with how he felt that he had been mistreated and led to believe that he would be returning for the 2012-13 season . Turner`s firing and the hiring of rookie head coach Mike McCoy , resets the scales and of course the situation now becomes about how much time will the new incumbent be allowed to get things back on track .

Things remain acute for this franchise and the very fact that there remains constant rumors as to whether or not the Chargers will seek to relocate from their present location to the greater Los Angeles area . And clearly with overtures having been made , there is no doubt in my mind that the Spanos family will consider every option available to them as it relates to the San Diego Chargers` long-term viability and profitability . Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego , California , remains an archaic and outmoded relic not really suitable to host an NFL franchise. The city of San Diego has sought to retain the NFL team within its locale, but even with a number of upgrades and minor renovations to the stadium . I do not believe that those maneuvers alone, will be enough to secure Chargers` retention for the long-term. Los Angeles remains a viable proposition, with a much larger demographic and a more of a disposable income amongst the populace in comparison to San Diego.

Spoiler alert for this season concerning the ambitions of the San Diego Chargers and their possibly derailing the hopes of the Denver Broncos in making a successful defense of their AFC West title ? There is a chance that premise could arise , but on paper alone the Chargers as a team, I do not believe that they are a good enough to match to bring about a synopsis where that would now arise during this season . The two scheduled divisional meetings between these two teams for this year may well prove me wrong , but I seriously doubt it ! Weeks ten and fifteen are the due dates when the Colts and Chargers will resume their divisional rivalry for the year.

The San Diego Chargers will begin their regular season schedule against the Houston Texans and their high-powered and prolific offense led by Matt Schaub , running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Andre Johnson . If the Chargers are able to get off to a good enough start against their conference rivals , this could prove to be a very competitive contest between the two teams.

Chargers` GM Tom Telesco and the . coaching staff have gone about revamping the roster during the off-season , with bring what they believe to be capable and athletic rookies to complement a team , along with the customary platoon of free agent acquisitions . Philip Rivers remains the San Diego Chargers` best player and their best hope to win under the current climate . Yet for some reason over the years since being drafted in the 2004 NFL Draft . The player has struggled not because of his own deficiencies , but from the mere fact that the front office has never truly gone about complementing his skill-set with the players necessary to fulfill Rivers` ambitions and that of the organization as a whole . Your thoughts on this all and anything you believe to be pertinent to the subject matter as it relates to this article . By all means, feel free to leave a comment as you see fit .




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(1) Frisco, Texas, mayor Maher Maso , left, presents a street sign to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones , center, and his son, Stephen Jones , after a new conference announcing the new home of the Dallas Cowboys headquarters Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, in Frisco, Texas. Frisco officials overwhelming approved a $115 million deal to build the team headquarters and a practice facility in the Dallas suburb. The agreement will end the Cowboys’ four-decade relationship with Irving, most likely in 2016. AP Photo/LM Otero …

(2) Shayanna Jenkins , middle, fiancée of former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez, is escorted by attorney Janice Bassil , left, and an unidentified attorney after a bail hearing in Fall River Superior Court Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Fall River, Mass. Hernandez, charged with murdering Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player, was denied bail. AP Photo/Elise Amendola ……

(3) DeMaurice Smith (L) executive director of the National Football League Players’ Association laughs at a comment made by Baltimore Ravens corner-back Dominique Foxworth (C) during a news conference July 25, 2011 in Washington, DC. The NFL players and owners are set to agree on a labor deal and end the current lockout. Getty Images / Rob Carr …

(4) Head coach Sean Payton and Drew Brees (9) of the New Orleans Saints on the sidelines during play against the Carolina Panthers at the Louisiana Superdome on November 8, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ronald Martinez / Getty Images …

(5) Chargers` CEO Dean Spanos , left, is seen here with team head coach Mike McCoy, center and starting quarterback Philip Rivers . McCoy succeeded is predecessor , fired former coach Norv Turner in January 2013 . Also departing , was former general manager A J Smith. Tom Telesco , takes over from Smith with a view to bringing new-found success to an impoverished franchise . AP Photo / Carl Roberts …..

(6) Tom Telesco(left) is seen here with San Diego Chargers` owner Dean Spanos . The newly appointed general manager is seeking to restore the Chargers` image and making them a success this upcoming season . Getty Images / Keith Montrose …..


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  1. Shayanna Jenkins is a skank ! If charged with a crime , hopefully her dumb @ss will be locked away from an indeterminate period of time . It is this sort of idiocy that really does give credence to athletes and their whore shanks should not be seen or heard from , when they run afoul of the law .

    Drew Brees remains a hypocrite and a fraud . Knowing full well, that Sean Payton and GM Micky Loomis not only lied to the NFL hierarchy but also to Saints` owner Tom Benson about their involvement in the now infamous scheme . The quarterback still came out and openly supported his head coach . Thankfully , Payton`s now ex-wife , saw through his bull#hit and divorced his lying @ss .

    As to New Orleans` own hopes for the season and their getting past the Falcons . They will be in for a tough time if their defense remains as bad and as porous as it was last season . The team could not catch a cold , much less stop the run or the pass . Personally , I believe the defense will once again be the Saints` biggest weakness !

    The San Diego Chargers are still a long away from where they really need to be as a team and a serious contender within the AFC much less the AFC West . That was patently obvious last season in terms of the team`s overall play . As Rivers goes , then so do the Chargers .

    tophatal ………..


      1. Sam Brief

        The Chargers` 2013 NFL Draft was uninspiring and I concur with what you have stated concerning the franchise`s season ! They will be lucky if they can actually attain six wins this year .

        Philip Rivers is not getting any younger , and his skill-set is now on the decline . Besides , all roads to the AFC West division will have to go through the Denver Broncos . Of that I have no doubt, because I doubt that the Chiefs or Raiders will be giving Peyton Manning and his teammates that much of a real challenge in 2013 !

        tophatal …….


  2. I was a Drew Brees fan since his Boilermaker days. No more. His lack of acknowledging good service via gratuities is below the Mickelson line. IOW a fkn stiff.
    Rivers? taken too many hits. Slower than Kosar was at the end of his career. BTW, where does Bernie get off berating opposing players as a Cleveland analyst? Forget the apologies Bernie and get off the sauce.


    1. Ronbets

      Bernie Kosar is now suffering from early onsets of Alzheimer’s disease as well chronic arthritis in his hands and both knees . Blew a $65 million fortune because of idiotic business deals , costly divorce and having is father also manage is money. Also to along with that he also suffers from a neurological disorder brought on from the several concussions he suffered during is career as a player . It now affects his speech as well as his ambulatory skills (movement) .

      Kosar , left .

      tophatal ………..


      1. Tophat, wtf do you come up with this stuff? He’s a paid announcer by the Browns and almost fired for assinine comments. Gonna blame that on concussions? Alzheimer’s ? No way. Who GAF about his financial losses. I was commenting on his berating of the Ram’s receivers and Rec/Coach Ray Sherman. Here’s a Kosar comment
        after Rams receiver Nick Johnson dropped a pass from Sam Bradford:

        “This is actually not a bad throw. These St. Louis receivers are horrible. That’s a drop there.”


        1. Let me pose this question why was Bernie Kosar hired ? Was it to offer his insights or to inform ? You have a choice , use the damn remote control and mute button .

          If you can somehow tolerate an @ss like Chris Berman , then why take be so hostile to Bernie ? It is all part of te idiocy of sports` broadcasting .

          Two years after Kosar retired from the game, he suffered a major cerebral that almost took his life .

          People seem to forget why these guys are actually hired in the first place . Not every ex NFL player is that bright to begin with . So don`t get bent out of shape because far more asinine things will be said on the air than anything Kosar is likely to say during a game or pre game or at the post-game interviews .

          tophatal …………


    2. Ronbets

      I once had a great deal of respect for Drew Brees , but lost all respect for him the moment he flung himself out there in full support of Sean Payton and that was even after the head coach admitted his guilt and the fact that he lied to team owner , Tom Benson in the now infamous scandal . Brees believes he can get away with his schtick, because of his nice-guy personality . Dig deeper , and we may well find out that he could very well be a conceited S-O-B .

      tophatal ……………………..


  3. Tophat,

    How do we know that Kemp gave ManRam a Mulligan? Teams are taught from Little League not to bare their dirty laundry. That’s why they call it team unity. Why self destruct via the LA Times? Solve the problems in the clubhouse not press.


    1. Ronbets

      If Matt Kemp had given anything concerning Man Ram . Don`t you think he would have come out and mentioned it ? Or are you giving him a pass ? Kemp ought to man up wen it counts , and not because he feels aggrieved that Ryan Braun won`t return the 2011 NL MVP award . Is this really what second placed finisher`s now do ? Bitch and whine like a spoiled child ? LOL ! ,LOL !!


    2. Ronbets

      Players are taught to play the game with honor , to be fair and have respect for the the sport . Can you now categorically say that at any time during their careers , the likes of Alex Rodriguez , Ryan Braun , Manny Ramirez or Matt Kemp had any respect for the game of baseball ? Think about it for answering .

      tophatal ………………..


    3. Ronbets

      Team unity ? Please ! Matt Kemp remains a jack -ass ! What player currently playing has openly come out and be critical of the cheaters within the game ? Baseball remains a game of hypocrisy that teaches absolutely no damn values whatsoever ! Jeter and Pujols have all remained silent on the issue of steroid abuse and the cheaters themselves .

      There`s not enough combined intelligence in the entire Dodgers` clubhouse to probably be on par with the IQ of Paris Hilton .

      You`re talking about the LA Times, as if that hack of a paper has any journalistic integrity ? I wouldn`t use it to wipe my rear end , if I were suffering from diarrhea !

      Perhaps we could get Kemp to comment on this (above) ?

      tophatal ……………………………….


    1. Blog Surface

      I cannot now be or get excited by a season already .mired in controversy , and where the team owners , union and league hierarchy simply stand idly by as players continue to wreak havoc on society ! .

      Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez could very well end up being amongst the two worst NFL quarterbacks in the league this season . The Jets` offense is not that impressive and the team`s best offensive weapon is a seven-year veteran wide receiver, whose best years are so far behind him , that a rear view would not provide that much of an assist for Santonio Holmes .

      tophatal ………………


      1. Maurice

        Mark Sanchez may well start the season as the incumbent but the moment there is a monumental . mistake on his part , The fans will let their emotions be known and they will not only be calling for the quarterback` head , but also Rex Ryan`s nut-sack to be chopped off , fried in a pan and served up to him as a meal .

        Thinking to myself , what would I do , if I were Tim Tebow ?

        Tampa Bay Buccaneers …. vs ….. New York Jets @ Met Life Stadium , East Rutherford , New Jersey , 8th September , 2013

        tophatal ……………….


        1. I agree about Sanchez, it’s just a matter of time for him to be benched. That should have happened last season. But Geno Smith isn’t ready to be the starting QB of the Jets either. They need to hold that off for as long as they can. The Jets should let Smith learn the system and earn the mantle of leadership over time, and not just hand it to him. His coaches at West Virginia coaches said recently that the Mountaineers lacked leadership last season. Smith’s leadership skills or lack there of had to be included in that assertion.


          1. Maurice

            Geno Smith`s immaturity was there for all to see and witness on the day of the NFL Draft , when the player acted like a petulant child , because he was not made the number one overall pick .

            West Virginia (Mountaineers) and their coaches may well ave made the player`s issues known to NFL head coaches and front office staff who showed an interest in Smith and they are quite right to do so . Especially, when one considers the risk to reward and the millions of dollars that tend to invested in what many deem to be a franchise quarterback of the future. From my own perspective , in spite of his (Geno Smith`s) alleged strengths , I am not so sure that Geno Smith is likely to have an entirely successful career in the NFL and specifically with the Jets .

            Rex Ryan has been humbled and I don`t know that he has now truly learned enough from that humiliation and the experience from it overall .

            Mark Sanchez has certainly learned that having been coddled at USC (Trojans) by Pete Carroll did not make him a better player upon entering the NFL . If he is unable to prove himself in the first three games of the Jets` regular season . then he is likely to be demoted , with Smith being promoted and his being quite possibly the third string backup behind Geno Smith and Greg McElroy.

            tophatal ………….


          2. Maurice

            There is allegedly , this common belief in recent seasons that quarterbacks taken in the first round of the NFL Draft should at some point of their rookie season should be a starter . If they are drafted as backups to the following , Tom Brady , Peyton Manning , Drew Brees , Eli Manning , Aaron Rodgers , Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco . Then their ass should remain on the bench to learn the game thoroughly.

            I`m not saying that Smith had issues yesterday in his team practice , but four interceptions ? I know it`s practice , but Geno Smith is no Allen Iverson , who could turn it on at a moment`s notice during a game .

            tophatal ……..


  4. When the Buccaneers meet the Saints at Raymond James this season , I wonder if there will be enough fans there to even guarantee that the game will be seen live in the local television market ? It is now becoming embarrassing for anyone to admit that they are a fan of this Central Florida NFL franchise . The fans are fair-weather supporters and tend to only turn out for games when there is noting else better to do .

    Can Bucs` fans or those willing to admit that they are fans and stop using the economy as a crutch for a reason to admit that is one of the reasons they are unable to go to the team`s home games ? I guess it would be the same excuse for those who go to the Trop for Rays` games or St Pete/Tampa Bay Times Forum for Lightning …. games . Speak now or let some chic get a hold of your piece .

    More bounce to the ounce .


    Feel the need to squeeze ?

    tophatal …


  5. The funniest thing that I’ve seen in a long time was Payton getting knocked on his ass and blowing out his knee on the sideline. Karma is a bitch ain’t it coach!


  6. aero

    I remember that incident vividly and I was thoroughly glad that it happened . Sean Payton still is not out of the woods as of yet, in spite of his having served a suspension . The Saints` head coach still remains a person, who lacks credibility , honesty and integrity .

    New Orleans Saints news

    New Orleans Saints` pre-season schedule and regular season schedule

    How do you believe that the Buccaneers will do in their two divisional games (apiece) this season against the Saints and Falcons , respectively ? Do you also see them challenging for the NFC South or a wildcard berth the NFC ?

    tophatal ………..


  7. I am having a hard time caring about the NFL. The Eagles who knows. I listened to game on radio boring. Tried watching a few boring. The NFL is over blown and it is on the way down hill.


    1. The NFL may have peaked, but it’s far from going down hill. The NFL is a cultural phenomenon. Besides church, Sundays are known for football more than just about anything. It’s Become deep rooted a tradition, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.


      1. I grew up on the game. My dad took me to my first game in 1960- I am a die hard Eagles fan. My dad taught me about the game. With that said-the libs, the left are hell bent on destroying the game. The fools at ESPN etal do not realize they are leading the charge for the destruction of a purely American game. The left hates this country- The NFL is a symbol of American culture. the game has become chick-a-fied The NFL is downhill slide. This great game will be a thing of the past in three to five years.


        1. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. You are obviously a diehard football fan and so am I. But unfortunately the more popular the NFL becomes, the less it becomes for fans like us and more for the mainstream. The NFL is more about appealing to the masses and it’s newer fans, than it is for those of us who have been there for years.

          Plus the game has to evolve to look out for player safety as much as possible while still trying to protect the integrity of the game. More and more evidence shows that players do suffer brain injuries from playing the game. That can’t be ignored. But nothing lasts forever. Empires fall and so will the NFL eventually. But if the game dies off through some natural progression, at least we got to see it when it was played at it’s pinnacle.

          Like baseball fans from that game’s golden era, we’ll never see baseball played that well again. Just like Baseball was supplanted as the national past time by football, football will be supplanted at some point as well. it’s evolution. However, for now football is king.


          1. Maurice

            So who will provide and conduct the intelligence and do the background checks, because if left to the NFL , itself . Well we all know how that will end up , don`t we ?

            Intelligence within the NFL`s own headquarters is actually in limited and short supply just, as it is within the CIA , FBI , NSA , DHS and Defense Department . Don`t fool yourself into thinking that Roger Goodell and his gaggle of idiots can now change things and make them for the better .

            The league hierarchy and union agreed to comprehensive testing for steroids and HGH in 2010 . Three years later , not one test of a player has taken place for human growth hormones . Explain that if you can ?

            tophatal ……………..


        2. bobby

          It`s not the Left or Right that is destroying the game . It is the continued conceit and greed of the team owners , union and the league hierarchy . And in terms of the country`s own inertia , look no further than the @ssholes seated up on Capitol Hill .

          On both sides of the political aisle you have a bunch of frigging ingrates pointing fingers at each other and looking to apportion blame .

          Is it any wonder this country simply no longer commands any respect from the rest of the world ? Civility and common decency are no longer a part of the way of life in the US . Yet, a bunch of political hacks and morons are still trying to sell the crap as to the global dominance of the country . The only dominance it may well have is its militaristic might , which may well be soon short-lived .


        1. I want to see change come to the NFL. I’ve alluded to a better background check process and the need for the NFL to adopt a set of hiring guidelines that don’t exist in it’s league right now. I want the NFL to create a minor league. A place where players can learn to become professionals properly and over time, as they are not being taught that in college. I believe these changes will make the NFL a better league. So the more negativity and controversy they face, the more apt they will be to adopt some of these ideas. Hopefully.


  8. bobby

    I`ve a hard time watching members of Congress speak , or in particular our wonderful President, Barack Obama . Who with each passing day makes me feel that I would be better off being interned in a Russian concentration camp in Siberia .

    The NFL off-season has seen more controversy off the field , than anything positive on the field of play .r

    A debt ceiling is something that I will continue to discuss with the House Appropriations Committee
    , Senate Finance Committee and the Congress . What`s $16 trillion ($16,000,000,000,000) between the taxpayer and this government `
    ? Obama and Joe Biden

    tophatal …………


  9. In 2011 the Philly roster was almost complete. It came down to Antonio Bastardo or Dan Meyer, both lefty pitchers. As we now know, Philly GM Ruben Amaro chose recently suspended(‘roids) Bastardo and cut Meyer. Paraphrasing a recent Dan Meyer tweet to AB, “Thanks alot you AHOLE.”


    1. Ronbets

      The issues with the Phillies this season goes way beyond overpaying for the talent but also the fact that manager Charlie Manuel and his staff have been left behind in terms managing the game . It is a real said indictment of the ownership group that this franchise has been so bad in 2013 . At the end of this season that team will have to be broken up . Far too many players have simply underperformed and injuries cannot not be in any way be blamed for their overall problems .

      The Eagles this upcoming season should be fun to watch , one way or another ! I also believe that if Michael Vick is unable to get the job done this season , then it will definitely be his last as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

      tophatal ………


      1. Whoah Tophat. Why are you assuming MVick will be the starting QB for the Eggles? Kelly has both Vick and this weeks starter Foles as co-number one QBs on his depth chart.


        1. Ronbets

          Chip Kelly is enamored with Vick for some reason . Myself , I do not believe it will make that much difference , as I do not believe that this Eagles` team is that good to begin with ! Never mind the fact , they have a rookie head coach and entirely new assistant coaching staff .

          Chip Kelly is no Bruce Arians and people should actually remember that .


          How`d you like to play with Jenny McCarthy`s puppies ?


          There`s a lesson to be learned here somewhere ! LOL,LOL !! ,


        2. Chip Kelly could call Ron Jaworski or Randall Cunningham out of retirement , and it still would not make a blind bit of difference .

          Isn`t Donovan McNabb yearning for one more comeback or is there any truth that he wants to mentor RGIII ?


          1. Donovan McNabb and Mark Malone are doing quite well on their NBC Radio talk show. They are really good together on a show they call “Under Center”.


            1. RG3? The brothers I talk to in the DC/MD area are more concerned about the play calling than having a mentor for him. They refer to the coach and son as the Klanahans.


              1. Ronbets

                Mike Shanhan and his son Kyle prior to last season might well have been on the outs , were it not for the combined play of both Robert Griffin and is backup Kirk Cousins .

                The Redskins proved last season that they are capable of competing with the very best when they have a very accurate passer and play maker as their signal caller on the field .

                Dad , why wasn`t I breast fed as a child ? Kyle Shanhan ` Son, your mom was too busy giving me some #ead . Mike Shanahan

                Redskins` owner Dan Snyder is not really known to be a patient man , as witnessed by the merry-go-round of head coaches coming and going at the franchise since he assumed control over a decade ago .

                The NFC East this season is the Redskins` to lose if they become complacent . Their biggest threat may well come from either the Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants .

                tophatal …………


            2. Ronbets

              I am sure that Donovan McNabb can articulate very well . But if anything, McNabb would prefer to be front and center , as NFL analyst or on air personality with either one of the major television broadcast networks , cable networks or the NFL Network itself , in order that the public can see him visibly , rather than simply listening to his voice on the radio .

              Do you believe the former Eagles` quarterback to be a borderline Hall of Fame candidate or a certainty to be enshrined in Canton , Ohio at some point in the future ?

              tophatal …………….


              1. Tophat, I’ve been big DMcNabb proponent since his Orangemen days. HOF? I’d bet he’s in when eligible. This man was a leader in the every sense of the word. Amazing athlete that walked into the hoop program much to the chagrin of the AD. Boeheim needed him as a strong reserve. Hell, he was on the bench during the basketball championship game they lost to UK in the mid 90’s. Just a class act. Ego? you need one to be successful.


  10. My biggest concern for the Bucs is their pass rush or lack thereof. They are competitive in the secondary and if that offensive line stays healthy this year lookout, that offense could click.
    They must be able to put pressure on the quarterback because they have 3 good ones in their division. It’s a tough conference so they’re going to need some breaks to get into the playoffs.
    Who knows? They may get lucky.


    1. aero

      I look at the Buccaneers and the prevailing thought is , seems to be , can or will Josh Freeman simply raise the level of his overall play ? If he is unable to do so , then there is no way in hell that the team will be able to compete with the likes of the Falcons , Panthers and Saints within the NFC South this season .

      Doug Martin will be out to prove that last season as a rookie running back was in no way a fluke .

      The Bucs` secondary will either sink or swim based on the experience shown by the veterans there .

      The Bucs regular season opener against the Jets should prove to be really interesting . Especially in light of all of the alleged issues that Tampa`s opponents are now said to have .



  11. The Broncos` defensive player Vonn Miller is another in a long list of athletes in the NFL having ran afoul of the league`s substance abuse program is now seeking to appeal their mandatory four game suspension . Why is it that these players believe it OK to ingest a substance within their system without ever checking with a trained medical professional first ? Furthermore, why are those players also seeking to apportion blame elsewhere for their own utter stupidity ?

    Courtesy of FoxSports

    Report: Miller didn’t fail drug test

    Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller did not test positive for performance enhancing drugs or recreational drugs to trigger a suspension from the NFL, NFL sources told The Denver Post on Friday.

    Miller is reportedly suspended without pay for the first four games of the upcoming NFL season, though the NFL has not commented on the matter or announced an official suspension. Miller has appealed the suspension, according to the Post, and has been practicing with the Broncos’ first team during training camp.

    While Miller refuses to comment on what he deems an “ongoing situation” he did confirm as true a statement from the NFLPA asserting Miller’s positive test had nothing to do with performance-enhancing drugs, according to the Associated Press.

    Players can violate the NFL’s drug policy without actually flunking a drug test. Violations can include missing tests or counseling sessions. The Post has reported Miller is in Stage 2 of the league’s program as a result of testing positive for marijuana and amphetamine use during his rookie season in 2011.

    On Wednesday, Miller told reporters that marijuana is “absolutely not” a part of his life.

    When word of the suspension first came out on Monday, Miller tweeted, “Seeing reports abt 4 game susp. I know I did nothing wrong. I’m sure this’ll be resolved fairly. Disapp. Broncos have 2 open camp like this.”

    Miller earned defensive rookie of the year honors in 2011 with 11.5 sacks. He posted 18.5 sacks last season, helping the Broncos record a league-leading 52 sacks in 2012.</

    Click on link to read in full.

    Miller should stop trying to blow smoke up everyone`s @ss , as we are not all that gullible . If he is smoking `weed` (marijuana) on his own time , then so be it , But at least be man enough to admit that fact , rather than acting like a damn clown .

    ` I am telling you guys , I did not inhale ! Like Bill Clinton I took a puff once or twice and it made me sick ` !
    Vonn Miller

    Now it appears the Miller has now got himself arrested for failure to appear in court on a traffic violation . When and were will the absurdity end concerning the obvious lack of intelligence amongst the throng of NFL players now in the league ?


    Denver Broncos` news

    Denver Broncos` preseason and regular season schedule

    Denver Broncos` roster

    Broncos` preseason statistics

    tophatal ………..


  12. The Saints will be better offensively this season with the return of Sean Payton. However, On defense, they are converting to a 3-4 scheme, and I thin they will struggle, as they don’t really have to personnel for it. Vaccaro should do well eventually at safety, but the Saints don’t really have any pass rushers up front. With defenses like the 49ers and Seahawks have, the Saints won’t always be able to count on simply outscoring teams in the playoffs. At some point they will have to stop somebody.


  13. The Falcons chances at the Super Bowl ended last season when John Abraham got injured in the last game of the season. Abraham was their only pass rusher, and when he went down, the Falcons defense became a liability. As we saw in the playoffs against the Seahawks when Matt Ryan had to bail the team out with some last minute heroics, and when the defense let the 49ers all the way back into the game. Ryan almost saved them again, but came up short.

    This season, Osi Umenyiora is the only known pass rushing threat the Falcons have. And like Abraham, if Osi get hurt or is ineffective, then the Falcons might be in trouble. They’ve been tempting fate, and if Ryan is injured, the Falcons have no proven backup to step in.


    1. Maurice

      It will be intriguing to see how the Falcons will do against the Saints and Panthers , in particular this season . All of the NFC South divisional match-ups will be very interesting . If the Saints are back to stats ways of old in terms of their offense , we are likely to see a number of high scoring games .

      John Abraham`s departure and the Falcons acquiring another defensive stalwart in Osi Umenyiora may well be seen in some ways as a positive . Yet , it will all come down to what the defensive player now brings to the table at this stage of his career .

      tophatal ………


  14. The Dolphins, Al.

    Fortunately Miami fans are still enjoying their Heat honeymoon but Fish fans haven’t had anything to root for, well, since Dan Marino retired. They have to be tired of hearing that. Perhaps they’ll just plop Ace Ventura back into their DVD players for good times.

    That being said, this could be the year a surprise team comes out of the AFC East. You heard it here first.


    1. Chris

      Make no bones about it , the Miami Dolphins are now playing second fiddle to the Miami Heat in popularity and in terms of the professional sports` franchises in South Florida , where the Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers are now bringing up the rear respectively .

      It is hard to say how this team will fare this upcoming season . Joe Philbin has a lot riding on this roster , in particular the defense , and also the hoped improvement in the play of Ryan Tanneill , the team`s starting quarterback .

      The AFC East will be the Patriots` division to lose and it is now up to which of the other three teams there that`ll be up to te callenge of seeking to take down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots .

      A fast start right out of the gate may well be the key to Dolphins and their season`s ambitions .

      Miami Dolphins` news

      tophatal …….


  15. The Patriots got by the Buccaneers in a game that was t simply marked by some average plays and one more of the many reasons why the NFL preseason should not be seen for anything more than it simply is , exhibition games that actually are played to elicit the fans` willingness to spend money to clearly watch what is in essence a reality a mediocre product at this time of the season !

    New England Patriots news

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers` news

    NFL standings

    tophatal ……………


  16. Don`t look now but the Bucs rookie quarterback Mike Glennon seems to be outplaying the team`s more experienced quarterbacks in Dan Orlovsky and Josh Freeman during the preseason . Glennon was very good during the game last night against the Patriots . The rookie`s stats bore this out .

    Glennon of the Buccaneers against the Patriots

    Oops ! Danny Amendola actually played , made several good plays and he didn`t drop a pass . Damn !


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