A coalition of the weak and the stupid !

A coalition of the weak and the stupid !

I may well have missed something in light of the recent statements made by Secretary of State John Kerry that he and the President, Barack Obama believe that Syria poses an imminent threat of stability to the Middle East well as its own citizens there in the country , after evidence was found that President Bashar al Assad`s forces, have been using chemical weapons against the civilian population, as well as opposition forces in the uprising that has been ongoing in the country for the past two years. The evidence was clear for all to see, but somehow , it has taken the snail`s pace activity of the US government and its rather asinine intelligent efforts, and some two years to coming to this conclusion, as to the gross criminality in the behavior of Al Assad`s military ? It should really come as no surprise, considering the US`s continued inactivity, while there was ongoing mass genocide taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan , as the West chose to close its eyes, while such atrocities were taking place .


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During, a decade-long era of ceaseless violence, America literally stood by and did absolutely nothing, simply because that region bore no strategic importance to the United States. Yet, given the lack of a cohesive foreign policy and the dogma that encompasses the country`s full understanding of the global threats, beyond what it deems to be Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It is becoming increasingly clear, that this administration like previous administrations before is simply devoid of expertise where it is needed most when it comes to the Middle East .

It now seems that Kerry`s formal statement is meant to be a warning to the Syrian government that the United States and its allies will not tolerate the actions of the Syrian military , the inner workings of Bashar al Assad`s crack squad of covert operatives and its continued use of chemical weapons, in order to suppress what is now in essence, civil war taking place in the country . `We will no longer tolerate ` ? Two years of bloodshed, and the estimated loss of some 80,000 lives and the US will not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons. Over one million lives were lost in Darfur, from the genocide taking place there, as President Omar al-Bashir used to The Janjaweed (Men on Horseback), Sudanese Army to bring terror and terrorize and as part of his ethnic cleansing , in killing Christians, as well those in opposition to his rule of the country of Sudan . Omar al-Bashir was once described by former President George W Bush , as a man of conviction and of deep faith. Somehow, I get the feeling that when the former US President made that statement, he may not have been completely cognizant of what was going on in the region at the time. Albeit, that the statement came after a meeting between the two heads of state , while Bush was in office, during his second term.

This country can now ill afford to enter into a third military conflict in just over a decade , under the pretext of a humanitarian effort, when the real truth is like his predecessor , for Barack Obama , the strategic reality here is simply a matter of the West and its allies creating an even bigger imprint in the Middle East and perhaps gaining access to Syria`s oil reserves . The lessons to be learned from the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have not been heeded, in spite of the loss of over 5,000 lives and in excess of some 240,000 military services members wounded, at the cost of over $1.77 trillion (cumulative).

President Barack Obama , along with John Kerry , Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel , General Martin Dempsey JCOS, NSA Director Gen Keith B Alexander will now have to strategize as what militaristic options are viable. With UK Prime David Cameron having issued a public statement in the House of Commons that Britain is prepared to act unilaterally to protect the Syrian people from the wanton intent of the country`s dictator to suppress their democratic freedoms. Ad nausea, it now looks as if Cameron is also now prepared to follow in the footsteps of a former predecessor Tony Blair , as he marched locked in footstep with George W Bush, as he declared military action against Iraq, under the premise of following UN article 1441 , which did not give full military action for the invasion of that country in 2003. The resolution simply called for, use of military force should Saddam Hussein pose an imminent threat in the region, in particular to Israel and many of the West`s allies in the Middle East. At this juncture, it now begs the question , to whom does Bashir al Assad now pose a threat to, other than his own people ? Any type of joint action, sanctioned by the UN or not , is likely to be met with a great deal of opposition by the American public as well as the population of Britain. No matter how closely tied the two countries are said to be , the explanations now being offered up by Barack Obama and David Cameron will not be enough to drown out the likely antiwar sentiment that is likely to be heard from those opposing military intervention or quite possibly all-out war in Syria.

It certainly will be interesting to see which countries are likely offer a broad-based support of America and Britain , as both will undoubtedly seek a resolution from the UN Security Council and the likely input that will be made by known Syrian supporters on the Council , China and Russia , who are both permanent seated members of that particular council. . Russia remains Syria`s largest armaments` supplier as well as having oil drilling rights in the country through a number Russian based petroleum companies . The Middle Eastern nation is also one of Russia`s largest trading partners in the Arab world. So it should not come as a surprise , were the Russian to seek to veto any vote taken by the Security Council for a preemptive strike to be taken by a coalition force. Russian President Vladimir Putin has now become a thorn in the side of any perceived bilateral relationship between the United States and Russia. And with the growing reluctance by the Russian nation to expel NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden , it would be indeed correct to say that the relationship between the two nations is now close to an all-time low. Any chance that Vladimir Putin obtains to further embarrass his American counterpart is seen as a plus by the Russian President.

One of the more unappealing parts of the UN Security Council , remains the very fact, that once any two permanent member seeks to veto any action to be taken , everything becomes null and void . China`s own position may well be, now more closely tied to the other three permanent members of the UNSEC. Chinese President Xi Jinping has become market oriented with regard to his economy, which is now the world`s second largest, with an estimated $ 9.6 trillion GDP, but it should be noted that the Chinese nation is the largest holder of US sovereign debt ($2.455 trillion). What may well now take place within the United Nations will be predicated upon the cases that will be made by the US ambassador Samantha Power and UK ambassador / Philip Parham , UN ambassadors to that international body , if the argument is not laid out by either David Cameron or Barack Obama , personally , at the UN headquarters in New York City.



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The geopolitical issues are not unfounded , when one considers how any such action is likely to be viewed in the Arab world along with the possible economic costs , in terms rising gas prices , as well as possible terrorist reprisals by entities favoring Islamic fundamentalism. One has to wonder if either David Cameron or Barack Obama have seriously thought over the implication of their actions and the likely outcome . Should Bashir al-Assad be overthrown and toppled, then, who will the West seek replace him with ? Lessons, to be learned, indeed . Your thoughts on this all ?

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(1) President Barack Obama ,left, and Secretary of State John Kerry are seen here disembarking from Air Force One. Kerry now seeks to make the case that the US should intervene in Syria after the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian military against the civilian population in the Middle Eastern Country. AP Photo/ Mark Shaw ….

(2) President Bashir al- Assad of Syria , who succeeded his father Hafeez al Assad upon his death, to lead the country. The incumbent leader, denies claims now being made in the West that chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian armed forces against the civilian population as well as against the Syrian opposition in what is seen as a popular uprising against the Baathist led ruling party in Syria. The country`s only publicly known ally in the outside world would appear to be Russia , who also happens to be one of Syria`s main trading partners, as well the country`s biggest military armaments` supplier . AFP/ REUTERS/ Paul Ross …

(3) Sudanese President Omar al Bashir seen here on an official to visit Beijing China . Although the country as now been split into entities with the Muslim led North and the Christian based South. There still remains a great deal of friction between the two countries . The Sudanese leader is looked upon in the West as a war criminal , but neither the European Court or International Court , or UN Court on Human Rights have seen fit to bring charges against al Bashir. AFP/ Getty Images/ Frank Mitchell …

(4) David Cameron , left , is seen here with Barack Obama at the White House . The two leaders are seeking a UN resolution that will grant them the grounds to launch a preemptive strike against Syria . Also being sought would be a `no fly zone ` throughout the greater part of the country , as well as over the nation`s capital of Damascus. REUTERS ……….

(5) Vladimir Putin greets his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping . The two leaders could very well now be at odds, as how best to deal with the current issue in Syria . Both China and Russia have a great deal to lose , with both countries having heavily invested in the country . Adam Ross / The Guardian UK …..



tophatal …………. 08/29/2013


The world`s leading petroleum exporters ….. (source of information US Energy Information Agency)

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21 thoughts on “A coalition of the weak and the stupid !”

  1. If Barack Obama is seeking to prove himself on the world stage as an international statesman then his dumb @ss is going about it the wrong way . Both he and David Cameron have become extremely unpopular leaders in their respective countries . And as we ave already seen during Obama`s second term in office , the pratfalls by e and is administration, still keep coming . Other than the death of Bin Laden , what has this particular President achieved of note ?

    Two years into a civil uprising and it is now that he (Obama) feels that the time is right to act ? So it took the loss of almost 100,000 lives before the US and Britain chose to act ? This is sort of fu#king idiocy that makes both countries look so damn stupid to begin with ! Barack Obama`s Presidential tenure will be known more for its incompetency than anything else . Not that the Republicans would have done any better in the first place . !

    Russia as a permanent seated member of the UN Security Council is likely to veto any action sought by Cameron and Obama , with China quite possibly abstaining .

    tophatal ……………….


  2. I think Obama will probably order some missile strikes at military targets in Syria. Missile strikes typically are the action taken when a president wants to appear strong without having take further action, like putting troops on the ground.


    1. Missiles strikes won`t solve anything , but piss off a great part of the Arab world and create even greater anti American and Western sentiment . Obama and Cameron are clearly too dumb to understand that very fact !

      Barack Obama and David Cameron will be seen as war-mongers wit any action taken because at no point have they stated they were in contact with states such as Saudi Arabia or Jordan concerning any proposed military action of any kind . This action could further destabilize the already precipitous situations in both countries .

      The State Department remains filled with a bunch of goddamn clumsy @ssholes ! And the same can be said of the UK Foreign Office .

      tophatal ……….


      1. I think they’ll speak those countries an let them know what they plan to do before it’s done. But I’m certain they will do something, because presidents don’t like to look weak on the world stage while allowing strong men to run wild without consequence.

        Even a president who detested the military like Bill Clinton couldn’t resist the temptation to use might of the military. Obama will do the same. it’s the one thing that separates a president from the average leader. The ability to shape the world through military force.


        1. Tell me how after two years of incessant violence and the use of cemical weapons by the Syrian military . It is only now that this President now seeks to intervene ? It was the same damn thing in Bosnia while Clinton was in office . This country (US) remains so f#cking clueless when it comes foreign diplomacy . The last real tangible success that it can point to , may well be the Marshall Plan . That in of-itself , wasn`t looked upon by the countries that then fell under Soviet Rule , all too kindly. So make of it what you will.

          Let me pose this question , if Bashir al-Assad is toppled from , the vacuum caused , who will then fill that position ? Look at at Afghanistan now and also Iraq , where there is massive corruption , and were Islamic fundamentalism and theocracy are on the rise . Obama simply does not get it , because he most definitely is not forward thinking .

          America cannot try to be a moral beacon of light , while the country remains hypocritical , the epicenter of continued racism and xenophobia .,

          tophatal …………………..


          1. I have no idea who will fill the position if al-Assad is toppled. But the people of Syria have been fighting for reform, so there must be some leaders there who could lead the country in a democratic type of government. It wouldn’t be perfect, but neither is the situation they are in now.

            Obama will use missile and air strikes, and possibly enforce a no fly zone with the use of the Air Force. I doubt he would ever put troops on the ground, unless the UN joined in.


            1. And that is the issue that Barack Obama from within his inner circle do not seem to damn well understand . This country (US) propped up Reza Pahlavi for close to four decades and then sow contempt for Muslim clerics such as Ayatollah Khoemeni , who became Iran`s Supreme leader upon the ouster of the Shah of Iran (Reza Pahlavi) . Wat was the actual difference carried out by the Shah`s death squads and that of the Iranian Guard now under the Supreme Council`s edicts ? Americans and its politicians are so damn clueless on foreign affairs not just in the Middle East but on a global basis . As for the so called intelligence provided by the NSA and CIA ____ that bull#hit is not worth the paper it is written on . Intelligence and the country`s covert operations are in essence an oxymoron !

              What are the qualifications that either John Kerry or Hillary Clinton is said to have to become Secretary State ? Neither speaks a foreign language or has any type of cultural knowledge of the Middle East much less Latin America or any other damn part of the globe . Kerry may well have been in the ,military having served his country honorably, but the guy is damn clueless on so many international diplomatic issues , that it is downright embarrassing .

              Hillary Clinton simply racked up enough frequent flier miles without achieving a damn thing of note , during her tenure . Collin Powell as Secretary of State embarrassed himself with is inane stupidity in-front of the UN General Assembly with his trying to lecture that body , , that Iraq under Saddam Hussein , the military had trucks criss-crossing the country with nuclear weapons and fuel rods . Do you know how dam ridiculous that sounds given the terrain in that country ? What the ##ck !

              tophatal ……………


        2. Strong men rule without consequence ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! You`re kidding right ? I don`t recollect much being done by the US during the apartheid regime in South Africa or Mengitsu`s Haile Mariam`s rule in Ethiopia .

          What the f#ck has the UN or the US done for tat matter wile Omar al Bashir remains in power in the Sudan ? al Basir and the Janjaweed laid waste to the Darfur region and systematically killed over 1,000,000 Sudanese through genocide and yet you had ass#oles hacks such as Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter being critical of George Clooney for bringing that to the public eye and their attention .

          tophatal ………………..


          1. Atrocities in Africa are viewed differently by the rest of the world. More than likely because the strategic importance of many areas in Africa isn’t considered a high priority like in the Middle East, and in Europe.

            A handful of countries can’t clean up Africa, it’s going to take the world joining together in the endeavor. But I doubt the public would support putting troops on the ground in Africa, as most people have no stomach for seeing American soldiers killed in a guerilla war, even if the U.N is involved.

            People thought Iraq and Afghanistan were hard, Africa is on a whole other level. If there were oil involved and people’s livelihoods were in doubt, you would see support for going into Africa, but most people aren’t directly affected by what’s going on there, so there more apt to let the atrocities continue.


            1. Really ? Obviously you`re not versed in economics and the very fact that well over 30 % of the world`s resources such as gold , platinum , diamonds and copper comes from that continent . Also over 20% of the world`s petroleum comes from that continent , as well over 65 % of globe`s commerce and petroleum has to travel through the Suez Canal . So for you to believe that the African continent is not important, is beyond laughable . Then again , it should not really come as a surprise given the US lack of action on so many of the issues it takes credit for concerning the region .

              Also , can you even explain to me this country`s so called foreign policy ? Other tan continually kissing Israel`s , what is it actually meant to be ?

              Explain to me also , how a buffoon like Barack Obama can actually press is case with the UN , when two years ago , as President, he was unwilling to a damn thing , and there was already evidence that these atrocities were already being carried out by Bashir al-Assad`s regime ?

              Strategic importance ? Take a look at a map of the Horn of Africa and look at where it lies logistically in relation to the Middle East . That area will be or should I say , is now growing tide for Islamic fundamentalism followed by Indonesia (has the globe`s largest Muslim population) .

              tophatal ………….


              1. Americans will go to war for oil, but not for gold and diamonds. People will live without gold and diamonds before they’ll live without oil. Tell people who commute from the suburbs of America that they can’t drive to work everyday, take weekend trips, or drive the kids to and from soccer practice, and you’ll see people ready to kill. Even so-called peace loving Americans will sanction war if it means having the freedom to get in your car and drive where you want, when you want.

                And I never said Africa wasn’t important, I know it is. I said it’s not perceived as important by the public as the middle east and Europe is. If that’s not true, then where’s the outrage from politicians over the atrocities in Africa like you’ve seen recently over the atrocities in Syria? Why don’t you hear the president and the secretary of state making bold statements of not tolerating it like they have about Syria? Why don’t you presidents making war plans over Africa like you’re seeing with Syria?


                1. To put it succinctly , the electorate are too damn stupid to know were they a stand on an issue and have to be led like a horse being lured to a water trough to drink . The power brokers /lobbyists realize that and they use idiots like Beck , Limbaugh , Coulter , O`Reilly , Kudlow ,and the other political hacks to lead them there .

                  Obama being the idiot that he is , is now embarrassed because in essence he is now left in a corner , looking to Congress to bail is dumb @ss out ! The American public does not want this country involved in another military conflict . If the President wanted to act with real legitimacy , ten is actions would ave been more amenable ad it been done two years ago . Barack Obama is not a statesman , nor is e a leader in the true sense of the word . Obama`s idea of dealing with an issue is akin to trowing fecal matter up against a wall and going with what sticks .

                  You saw how quickly the British Parliament railed on David Cameron`s dumb @ss , did you not ? The same thing quite possibly is likely to be done to this President, because he ahs not offered any guarantees that US boots will not be placed on the ground , at all .

                  By the way , common sense prevailed , Tim Tebow was cut by the Patriots . Still consider him good enough to play in the NFL just because Gabbert is in Jacksonville ? Don`t worry, because the former Gator is in good company , because the Packers let go of Vince Young , as well .

                  tophatal …………….


                2. Show me an intelligent member in Congress at present ? Hell, most African Americans or Americans in general , wouldn`t know or name many of the countries that made up the continent much less identify with someone from the continent were they to meet them . The only thing that they tend to bring up concerning that content , is Nelson Mandela and that is about it .

                  Barack Obama may well have had a father from the continent but he showed is complete lack of understanding upon is most recent official visit to the content, when he voiced an opinion , which was tat country`s internal issue . A question was not posed to him concerning this matter but he chose to make is position known . Who the hell is he to be lecturing anyone , concerning a matter upon a visit to Ghana . His advice was not it sought at any point , nor was it his place to interject himself on such an issue (same sex marriage in Ghana) .



            2. They`ve no stomach for war , but have sent their forces to Iraq to fight a war of damn futility, that as not achieved a damn ting and it is the same in Afghanistan .

              Hamid Kharzai (Afghanistan) and Mohammed al Maliki (Iraq) are no better than the individuals they are said to have succeeded .

              And if you believe that the US is not affected by what takes place in Africa . Next time ceck te continents of your cell pone and you will find tat many of tose elements came from tat continent , before being fabricated in te Fae East for sale in te Nort American market .

              Places such as Somalia , Ethiopia , Niger, Nigeria , Ghana and Egypt remain a hotbed recruiting ground for elements fully in support of Al-Qaeda , Jeemah Islamiyah .

              Adam Gadahn (pictured above) , an American , now on the FBI`s Ten Most Wanted List (Terrorists) , a spokesperson for Al Qaeda is known to h ave traveled those areas to assist in the recruiting of supporters of the cause ,. And you`re suggesting that the region is of no importance ? Damn you`re naive .

              tophatal …………………..


    1. There will be nothing interesting about this weekend if Barack Obama and John Kerry , both make complete asses of themselves in-front of the world , while addressing the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council . The US seeks to now address what`s happening in Syria , when there was clear evidence two years ago , that the government forces were already using chemical weapons at the start of this uprising . Another clear indication that this damn President is so frigging clueless on a number of fronts , from an economic policy , to foreign policy and simply anything , he puts his mind to ! Who the fu#k is he seeking his advice from , a soothsayer ? Traveling around the country talking about the vision he has means not a goddamn thing , when you have tens of thousands of homeless military veterans and unemployed unable to find gainful employment . Barack Obama deals in platitudes and not reality . It is plain and as simple as that !

      Obama can continue to blow smoke up everyone`s @ss right up until 2016 , when he leaves the office of the Presidency .

      tophatal …………

      tophatal …………………………..


  3. Dunno…but drop a nuke on the whole damn area! Bastards are going to cause the last great war
    anyway….might as well get it over with.
    Seriously, we should say the hell with the whole thing….get all Americans out of the whole damn area, including Europe……let them kill themselves….so tired of nebbing into other countries


    1. al clements

      On this lone issue , both Barack Obama and John Kerry have shown completely how out of touch they happen to be . This is meant to be a face saving move after the incompetency shown concerning the tragedy of the events that took place in Libya after the death of four American diplomats .

      It has taken this administration four years to realize that Bashir al-Assad`s regime has been using chemical weapons ? Who the fu#k is providing the US with their vital intelligence in that part of te world ? Because there is absolutely no frigging intelligence to be found inside of the CIA that is to be sure ! Or has hte country become reliant on a clairvoyant for that type of information ? Barack Obama is an @sshole and so too is John Kerry, for that matter ! As Secretary of State , this idiot is proving to be even worse than is predecessor Hillary Clinton , and that is not really saying a great deal , considering that during her tenure she achieved absolutely nothing of note , other than racking up over 400,000 miles of travel at the taxpayers` expense .



  4. One other thing….the US never understood other cultures….The Japanese willing to fight to the
    death rather than surrender….same with our American Indians. We cannot wrap our heads around the suicide bombers….still have no understanding of the Chinese….especially we have no clue
    as to the battles between the Sunni and the Shitte…..eons of conflict…..Same in Serbia, Bosnia etc.
    We have the same here between the races…thank God it has been not as long…..yet


    1. al clements

      All branches of the US covert and intelligence services are filled with a bunch of incompetent buffoons within the upper echelons of their leadership ! There is not much more that needs to be said beyond that !



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