Much ado about nothing …..

Much ado, about nothing !

With teams around the NFL now having to trim their rosters down to fifty-tree players before the regular season opening games of this year`s schedule begins on the 8th and 9th September , respectively . Coaches came away, having made some career defining, in some cases and in others, bringing about an all too abrupt end to the careers of certain players, many may well have thought would have some longevity to their careers. Amongst the players who parted ways with their respective franchises were two former Heisman Trophy finalists, Tim Tebow and Vince Young . Tebow became the talk of the town, when the New England Patriots acquired him as unrestricted free agent in March of this year.


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After the often comedic season of 2012 with the New York Jets . A number of individuals felt that this would be Tim Tebow`s last chance to catch on in the NFL , would be for the player to now make a radical change by choosing to play another offensive position . Yet , such was the reluctance of Tebow player to make that change of switching positions , believing that he could compete and make a solid contribution to a team that might be in need a player of his skill-set . Somewhere along the line, Tim Tebow should have been reminded that simply being affable does not win games in the NFL. From my own personal standpoint , Tebow has done little to convince me that he is good enough to be in the NFL , or play , any offensive position ! And in spite of the recent idiocy sown by ESPN on air analyst Skip Bayless , whose only statement , suggesting Tim Tebow was capable of playing in the league , pointing primarily to the player`s season in Denver , with the Denver Broncos , was to recycle the success attained by the team in 2011, in simply gaining a playoff berth .

For Bayless, where hyperbole has been the best way, to describe his emotional range as an analyst . He would go on further , by stating that season by Tebow, in having the highest quarterback rating for all quarterbacks in the fourth quarter of a game , meant that, Tim Tebow was not only a very good player, but someone who could win in this league. Plausible up to a point, but if one delves deeper into the case being made by Skip Bayless, you will see that Tebow`s all-round game remains an incoherent mess and that is something this on air personality failed to pose in his argument. Likewise , it is the same asinine notion or one of many I have read by proponents of the player , who somehow still want him to be given a chance in the league .

A patron of this site would suggest that Tim Tebow would have been best served by being acquired by the Jacksonville Jaguars , for the mere fact that beyond his popularity, he would have proven to be far better an option than the incumbent starter with that present franchise , in the short-term. Blaine Gabbert may not be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, but in comparison to the skill-set of Tim Tebow , I believe he is nowhere near as incompetent as Tebow just happens to be ! Make of it what you will , but for the aberration of 2011 for Tebow, has long since passed, and he has not been able to achieve much since then, and that was abundantly clear for all to see in New England`s final pre-season game of 2013 , and the rather ineffective performance put on by the player . Unable to read defensive tendencies , Tim Tebow also proved that the alleged athleticism he is said to have, remains a myth . Repeatedly harried , making errant plays, Tim Tebow continued to show that his skill-set as a quarterback remains very poor . The player`s immediate prospects in the NFL at this juncture , are not bright and it is highly unlikely that he is or will be signed by a team as a backup quarterback.

This much I do know , this was not only an exercise in futility by Bill Belichick , where his ego got in the way of common sense , but it also proved that even in light of all of the team`s off season issues . This was merely another way of placating himself amongst the franchise’s fans after the team`s poor showing in last season`s AFC championship game , for which he must bear the brunt of the responsibility for New England`s failure against the Baltimore Ravens .

Vince Young came into the NFL , having led the Texas Longhorns to an incredible national championship triumph over the USC Trojans , in one of the more memorable games in recent BCS national championship history. Throngs of journalists salivated over Young`s play in that game and his will to win. A consensus first round draft pick , many felt it would be only a matter of time before the player would be leading a franchise into the post-season and perhaps some semblance of tangible success. The Tennessee Titans would have the privilege of making Young their first round draft pick, and the player would also have a very good coach in Jeff Fisher to advise him of the pratfalls that can be made as a young rookie in the NFL.

Yet , for all of Vince Young`s success at the collegiate level , one of the prevailing tendencies which are repeatedly on display by many of today`s NFL rookies, is their continued lack of maturity and out-sized egos . Now we also have the anal-retentive fans, who will continue to make excuses for such behavior by stating that these are young individuals. My response to that, shut the hell up , and take look at the real world, where young men and women are being sent off to war at a far more tender age than these athletes who enter unto an NFL field. They are made to grow up a hell of a lot faster , because their lives are placed in imminent danger from the moment that they first step unto a battlefield. What is it, that is being asked of an NFL player , other than to run , throw , jump and catch a damn football ?

Vince Young`s tenure with the Titans can be best described as being uneven , yet at times tumultuous, with the player being at odds repeatedly with Jeff Fisher . What may well have exacerbated that situation even further , was the apparent stupidity of team owner Bud Adams , who sided with the player after a confrontation that had taken players between Young and the team`s head coach. As to what tells you concerning the mindset of Bud Adams, I will leave you to be the judge of that! After the 2010 season , Fisher and the Titans would part ways with the franchise sliding into further ineptitude, with many questioning the Bud Adams` decision in the mutual agreement to allow Jeff Fisher to depart , with a year still remaining on is existing contract . Yet, it was clear that the head coach wanted out , and nothing to do with an organization that had lost its way , and where the team owner`s interest in the franchise was merely noticeable a great deal of the time . Adams` outside business interests , his auto dealerships and commercial real estate empire seemed to be more of an interest and importance than his NFL franchise.

Vince Young`s own future with the Titans simply descended into mediocrity during his final season with the team in 2010. It was clear , that the quarterback was no longer the player many believed him to be, leading to his being released by the Tennessee Titans in August of 2011 . One year with the Buffalo Bills followed by a further season with the absolutely lamentable Philadelphia Eagles in 2012 , pretty much summed up the reasons why this once promising player had now become a journeyman . Away from the field of player , Vince Young was said to have psychological issues , but the truth may well laid a great deal deeper with the fact the player was said to be a social user of marijuana . Having an NFL career and the use of a recreational drug simply do not mix, no matter how many ways anyone tries to spin the issue .

There may well be a franchise willing to look at Vince Young, as an option for a backup quarterback, and I believe it to be unlikely at this moment in time , but most certainly, should a team be in need of someone of his ability . Then quite possibly, his name could very well be near the top of the list . Green Bay Packers` GM Ted Thompson in the aftermath of Young`s departure has taken full responsibility, citing the fact that he and members of the front office failed to act appropriately in their handling of the quarterback , and stating that he and the front office staff made a monumental mistake in not assessing the situation better . That is either , Ted Thompson being straightforwardly honest or the executive simply seeking to apportion blame now, rather than being reminded at a later date.

As if to prove that the Heisman Trophy is no sure thing , of once having college greatness being thrust upon you , is a guarantee of success in the NFL . The 2004 trophy winner , Matt Leinart , whose lackluster career has carried about as much weight as a paper weight , having been signed by the Buffalo Bills in the last week of August , has since been released by organization . I will continue to reiterate that the USC (Trojans) program cannot produce players at the quarterback position , that are productive or considered to be a success in the NFL ! Can you name a quarterback to come out of that program over the last decade that has amounted to much in the NFL ? If you simply look down that list, you will notice that it is uninspiring, and somewhat comedic, given the `tainted` success achieved by that program under Pete Carroll . Leinart`s career in the NFL is now likely to be over , with the player likely to either end up back in Southern California or to follow the path of ending up on television, providing analysis on the college game , much like another failed Bills` predecessor Jesse Palmer .

Other notable players who were released in this past weekend`s purge of team rosters , were Robert Meacham of the San Diego Chargers. A one-time go-to target for Drew Brees , when the wide receiver was in favor with the New Orleans Saints, Meacham`s career, due to injuries and lack of productivity, has fallen upon hard times. Signed to a four-year contract in 2012 worth $25 million , a year later the wide receiver is on the outs with the Chargers , with the organization paying the player $5 million for his departure and then to take an almost $ 7 million cap hit for 2013. It would appear that the continued idiocy of the San Diego Chargers` front office continues, even after the departures of former GM A J Smith and McCoy`s predecessor Norv Turner . GM Tom Telesco and head coach Mike McCoy either mean to carry on the ineptitude of their predecessors and simply drive this franchise into the ground or they actually have a clear path envisioned ahead, wherein, there is likely to be some semblance of success .

As to Chargers and their possible success this season , well all possible roads to the divisional title will have go through Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos within the AFC West . This much is certain, San Diego must hope that Phillip Rivers is back at his very best , but even more so , the team`s defense is actually up to the task in 2013 , because last season , there were glaring and gaping holes all over that secondary , that could not have been covered with an over-sized blanket . The San Diego Chargers will begin their regular season quest with a game against the Houston Texans at Qualcomm Stadium , in San Diego, California, on Monday night. In a match-up that provides the fans with a chance to see one of the NFL`s most prolific offenses over the past few seasons . It will be interesting to see what Mike McCoy and his coaching assistants can conjure up to stop Matt Schaub , Andre Johnson , Arian Foster and the rest of that Texans` offense .

Teams will now prepare for the opening weekend schedule , careers will be defined and undoubtedly , a number of head coaches will be under the gun to succeed . After the carnage of 2012 , where during the off-season the whirlwind of the drastic cuts made, with several coaches being given their marching orders, and this season is unlikely to be any different, as previously seen . The merry-go-round of buffoonery that has become the Oakland Raiders over the past five seasons or six seasons , with coaching firings and hires, now seems to be the norm and could very well lead us to seeing the departure of Dennis Allen , if he is unable to lead the team to any semblance of success this season . Mark Davis GM Reggie McKenzie now seem to have their dynamics and relationship down to a fine art , along with some of the incompetency shown by the duo and needlessly to some of the most inexplicable decisions rendered by the pairing. Stay tuned for more in 2013 , as we are likely to see more of their buffoonery .

To say that the Raiders have issues , would be like describing a cancer-stricken patient`s health woes as a mild affliction. Their fans are forever the optimists and while yearning for another appearance in the post-season , something that has not taken place in just over a decade , with the franchise’s last appearance coming in 2002. In the subsequent years , i draft busts , overpaying for marginal talent acquired as free agents and the firing of an assortment of head coaches , has pretty much summed up the Raiders` history in that time-span . Dennis Allen now faces a dilemma for a team that went 1-3 during the pre-season and showing very little signs of life on either defense or offense. In addition, while we`re lead to believe that we should not place a great deal of faith in the pre-season. The fact that Raiders also went 1-3 during the 2012 pre-season and then ended up with a rather diabolical regular season record of 4-12 , finishing third within the AFC West , just ahead of the marginally more inferior Kansas City Chiefs(2-14) . Is the picture now becoming much clearer, as what we are likely to expect from the Raiders this season ?

It is hard to envision how the Raiders will be able to garner any reasonable success , where their pass offense will be led by anyone of a quartet of quarterbacks , whose combined experience is a cumulative nine years in total . Terrelle Pryor , Matt Flynn , Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin are the four players in question , who are the competing for the opening day starter`s role , with a view to holding down that position for the entire season . In addition, based on the pre-season statistics , the race is far from and definitely not that clear. Flynn and Pryor, are the two most experienced, with six and three years of service between them both, leaving rookies McGloin and Wilson as the freshmen seeking their baptism of fire .



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With Dennis Allen, yet to name his opening day quarterback , and with the team due to face the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium , in Indianapolis , this upcoming Sunday. It is imperative and paramount that the head coach come to a quick decision, rather than continuing create a situation that is of no benefit to anyone within the organization, but most of all to the fans . Your thoughts on this and anything else that you believe to pertinent to the subject matter . Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site, as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) (FOXBORO, MA – AUGUST 29: Tim Tebow (5) of the New England Patriots throws a pass against the New York Giants in the second half during the pre-season game at Gillette Stadium on August 29, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The player was released by the Patriots after somewhat of a lackluster pre-season in terms of his performances . The four-year player is now faced with a major dilemma . Does he now give up is ambition becoming a starting quarterback in the NFL after failed experiments with the Jets and Patriots , respectively ? Or does he still pursue is dream or seek to convert to another offensive role , with the ope of catching on with another NFL franchise Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images …

(2) Tim Tebow seen here at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts . Signed in March of 2013 , by the New England Patriots , he now faces an uncertain future with regard to the NFL . Reluctant to give up playing as an NFL quarterback , the player`s lack of progress in terms of his overall game is apparent for everyone to see , but the blindly loyal supporters of Tim Tebow and the rather idiotic , and odd ramblings of ESPN analyst Skip Bayless . AP Photo/ Adrian Todd …..

(3) ESPN television on hosts , Stephen A Smith , moderator Cari Champion and Skip Bayless , right . The trio appear on the cable network`s popular sports` show `First Take ` discussing some of te biggest sports` stories of the moment . Bayless forever the Tebow `apologist ` believes that the Heisman Trophy winner can still be a valuable member on an NFL franchise because he has a proven track record in the NFL . Courtesy of ESPN ……

(4) Vince Young (13) of the Green Bay Packers motions the offense to get ready for a play during a pre-season game against the Seattle Seahawks . The former Titans , Eagles and Bills` quarterback was released by the Packers` organization with the GM Ted Thompson stating that the franchise did not do enough to create a smooth transition for the quarterback . Getty Images / Larry Pennington …..

(5) Green Bay Packers` GM Ted Thompson , master architect behind the franchise`s most recent success and who engineered the drafting of Aaron Rodgers and made the decision to jettison an aging Brett Favre , when the veteran became a cancer within the organization as well as having a declining skill-set . Thompson whose decision it was to sign Vince Young as a backup to Rodgers , made the decision to cut the player at the end of the Packers` pre-season schedule . There remains a remote possibility that Young could be asked to return , but for the moment the backup position appears to be in the possession of B J Coleman . AP Photo / Rick Young ….

(6) Bills` quarterback Matt Leinart is seen here in a pre-season game against the Detroit Lions . The Bills would go on to lose the game 35-13 , with the quarterback giving an abysmal performance , going 3/11 for eleven yards in the defeat . AP Photo / Matt Long …..

(7) Robert Meachem (12) of the San Diego Chargers is seen here on the sidelines during a game . In releasing the player the Chargers will take a $6.875 million cap hit as well owing Meachem $5 million . Was the move really worth it ? Getty Images / Gary Williams ….

(8) Oakland Raiders` owner Mark Davis , left , is seen here with the team`s general manager Reggie McKenzie . A decade of futility and the franchise is no nearer to winning its division than it is to making the post-season . This season beckons and head coach Dennis Allen is unsure as who to his best option might be as the team`s starting quarterback for the Raiders` regular season opener against the Indianapolis Colts . Getty Images / Phil Parker ….

(9) Oakland Raiders` head coach Dennis Allen speaks to is young quarterback Terrelle Pryor during a pre-season game . If Pryor is made the starter for the regular season opener , then te expectations will have to be kept within a normal range for a a player who is still learning the game . The reality was , that last season although Carson Palmer helmed the team for much of the , the Raiders failed miserably , without the veteran quarterback providing little , if any leadership skills whatsoever for his teammates . AP Photo / Todd McCartney ……..


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19 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing …..”

  1. Great gesture by Tim Tebow in thanking the Patriots` organization for the opportunity to try and make the team , but even he had to know it was simply an exercise in abject futility . The player simply had noting to offer . And only an idiot would still believe that this player is capable of playing in the NFL at a high caliber . I rest my case with the statements attributed to ESPN`s Skip Bayless . Neatly coiffured hair and not else that represents this journalist and on air personality . Let the Gators` fans now step up to the plate and explain the alleged skills that Tim Tebow has, and that would make him a valuable asset to any NFL organization ? Being affable does not win games in the NFL . If that were the case then we would have the likes Jesse Palmer , Gino Torretta , Eric Crouch and Danny Wuerfell still playing in the league . Oops ! Gino Torretta ? I would rather see the Vin Diesel character Dominic Torretta in the NFL !

    If both the Raiders and Chargers obtain more than six wins apiece this season in the NFL m , then I will be pleasantly surprised !

    New England Patriots` news




    topatal ……

    elaguin aue


    1. Chris

      The Patriots certainly didn`t need to Tim Tebow to sell tickets or jerseys . Hell, next to Brady and Peyton Manning , the two primary faces of the NFL , if there were a current Mt Rushmore for current players in the league , in terms of their achievements , Tebow wouldn`t be even worthy of a damn honorable mention , but yet you have imbeciles trying to state that he is a worthy asset to have , merely to sell tickets and create interest for fans of a downtrodden franchise. It is at times like this , when I have to wonder how much lack of damn intelligence there seems to be amongst fans from a business standpoint ! Teams have to have a plan to win now and remain consistent , Tim Tebow does not provide that for a franchise because he lacks the necessary skill-set needed , Only a dumb @ss such as Skip Bayless would continue to maintain that Tim Tebow is a winner .

      2011 was simply an aberration with Tebow and we saw how easily he wilted under pressure when the Patriots upended his ass, as they beat the s#it out of the Broncos 45-10 , in that playoff game from the 2011 postseason , Has no one learned anything from that contest or in the most most recent preseason game of the Pats , where Tebow fell apart against basically, what were the Giants` second and third stringers ?

      tophatal ……………………


  2. It now looks as if Vince Young will not be given a chance to make it back unto the Packers` roster with the franchise now acquiring Seneca Wallace as unrestricted free agent and also jettisoning B J Coleman . What the hell is going on with GM Ted Thompson ?

    The team as no real depth at the position (quarterback) and should either quarterback go down injured during the course of the season , then Mike McCarthy will be screwed . Aaron Rodgers was not provided with a great deal of protection last season as witnessed in terms of fumbles , sacks and lost yardage , with his being harried .

    Green Bay Packers` news and transactions

    tophatal …………………..


  3. Tim was a good college football player. That’s it An NFL QB No way Jose. So get over it and move on. The Jets arer in trouble. The Eagles who knows! Maybe anywhere from 4-12 to 6-10at best. We will find out real quick against the Skins.


    1. bobby gee

      Tebow was indeed a good college player , but that has not translated well to the NFL . And for that, much of the blame lies with his former college coach Urban Meyer , who is now plying his trade with the Ohio State Buckeyes . And this season , that team has a very good quarterback in Braxton Miller , a likely Heisman Trophy candidate .


      Braxton Miller (5) of the Ohio State Buckeyes

      tophatal ……………..


      1. Juts because a guy wins the Heismen trophy doesn’t always translate into a good pro. These two games are vastkly different. The NFL is faster. Defenses are more complex. A college game can not reproduce the speed of the NFL game. I am sick and tired of the media attacking Tebow. Leave him alone. he had three years and this is average for most NFLplayers. The cat livde the dream thta’s more than most of haters in the medai.


        1. bobby

          Chalk the hype surrounding Tim Tebow , down to actual stupidity of the media , but even more so , once he was acquired by the Jet s as they and the fans salivated over him like a puppy .

          There have been some great players to have won the Heisman but there have also been mediocre players thought to be good enough to have somewhat of a good career in the NFL . The issue with Tim Tebow , there was way too much hype and simply not talent to observe .

          Now the question remains , will he give up his quest or still try and make one last ditch effort to make an NFL roster ? I believe it is now time for the player to give up , because he is simply not good enough to play any of the major offensive position and his football IQ is not as high as many seem to believe it to be ! This was an exercise in abject futility and stupidity on the part of Bill Belicick and the Patriots . Purely another indication of Belichick`s outsized ego at play .

          Tim Tebow is not Corey Dillon or Randy Moss , two troubled players that the team once had on their roster and who went on to achieve personal highs with the francise . Dillon was a Superbowl winner and Moss broke the TD receptions for a wide receiver in a season .

          tophatal …………


          1. It’s the media hype they create this crap. Tebow is a good man leave it at that-Good football college yes Pro’s-no but he played three years and more that 98% of folks.


            1. bobby gee

              That is what the media feel they are there to do . Build them up and then tear them down . From my own standpoint , I simply didn`t believe he was good enough to play at the highest level possible, in spite of what he was able to achieve in 2011 .

              Urban Meyer , whilst his coach at Florida, simply did not do enough to aid the player , in improving his all-round game and it is now abundantly clear for all to see . Sad fact , but true !

              tophatal ………….


                1. bobby gee

                  Try telling that to Tim Tebow `apologist , ESPN`s Skip Bayless . I could swear that when he is not on air, his lips are firmly pressed up against Tebow`s sphincter (as$hole) .

                  This is why Skip Bayless is an @ss as he can no longer be taken seriously !


  4. I`m sorry but the Chargers gave Robert Meachem $5 million to take a walk and then take a cap hit of $6.875 million ? Tell me that AJ Smith`s fingerprints aren`t over this mess instead of the new GM Tom Telesco ?

    Mike McCoy`s ….. team will be hard pressed to compete in the AFC West much less the AFC as a whole ! It will be interesting to see how they match up against both the Broncos and Chiefs in their divisional games during 2013.

    When the Chargers take on the Texans , in week one , it will be a test of wills between the two teams .

    tophatal ………………


  5. Vince Young was a few years ahead of his time. Instead of trying to play him a conventional offense, had the Titans used him like teams are using RGIII, Kaepernick, and Wilson, Vince Young might still be a starting QB right now.


    1. Maurice

      The year he (Vince Young) led the Longhorns to the a national title , he might have been , but in the subsequent years , he simply became a gigantic pain in the ass and an egotistical ba$tard . Now having cleaned himself (weed fiend) up and allegedly sought psychological counseling , in trying to get his NFL career back on track . It now seems all too little and far too late . And he did himself no favors , in being far too confrontational with Jeff Fisher .

      tophatal ………………….


  6. Tebow like many player who were cut, got his shot and he couldn’t capitalize on it. That’s pretty much the end of it. But much like Vince Young, if you’re going to try and have Tebow run a conventional offense it won’t work. He needs to run the read option, and let his skills as a runner help with play action to open up the passing windows like the Broncos used him. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.


    1. Skills as a runner , Tim Tebow ? Did you by any chance watch that last preseason game against the Giants ? As a quarterback , he looked like a decapitated headless chicken . Tebow is nowhere near as athletic as some make him out to be and the homoerotic love that Skip Bayless has for the kid has become very disturbing . I can tell you this , if those two were to go camping together , Bayless would be breaking in Tim Tebow , and turning him out , Brokeback Mountain style .

      Read option ? Why not simply have Tim Tebow pick up a book and just read and leave it at that ? All of that alleged intelligence and he comes across as dimmer than a frigging 40 watt light bulb .

      Tebow cannot read defensive tendencies and anyone with 20/20 vision could figure it out and see it plainly for themselves .

      tophatal ………………….


  7. bobby

    Very much in a similar vein in terms of Barack Obama`s attempt making his case for action against Syria while visiting Sweden on an official visit there . Obama continues to gripe about seeing the 400 children lying dead, covered, having succumbed to a chemical weapons` attack , but where is his obvious outrage to the over 500 children and adults that have been gunned down (gun violence) on the streets of Chicago over the past two and a half years ?

    topatal …………..


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