Trouble in paradise ……..

Trouble in paradise ………

College Football’s season is well under way , with schools now heading into the fourth week of their scheduling . Alabama remains atop of the AP Poll , as the number one ranked team in the nation. Nick Saban and his team survived a minor scare when they were pushed by Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M (Aggies) in a game played at College Station, Texas . Manziel proved once again, why he might just be the most electrifying player in college football at present. Far be it for me to suggest that the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner can repeat as a back to back winner of college athletics’ most prestigious individual honor .


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Amongst the collegiate football landscape, there does not seem to be any bona-fide standout nominees at present, to perhaps challenge Johnny Manziel as a repeat winner of the Heisman, , albeit that there seems to be the ridiculously over-hyped hyperbole surrounding South Carolina’s defensive tackle Jadaveon Clowney. And as good as Clowney is said to be , unless Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks are in the midst of the SEC championship aspirations, little if anything , is likely to come out of the arguments and sentiments that now surrounds the player . For the defending BCS national champions, this season has seen the showing something of an immense drop off in terms the play in comparison to last season . Granted when a program loses that many players to the NFL by way of the NFL Draft , it does become something of a boon as well as a boost to the school’s notoriety ,while adding to Nick Saban’s already illustrious legacy .

At 2-0 , Alabama’s next game will be against Colorado State (Rams) to be played in Tuscaloosa , Alabama at the cavernous Bryant-Denny Stadium. The match-up itself , will be the Crimson Tide’s home opener, and there is likely to be a packed venue to see the highly favored national champions make a statement as to their intent , of making a successful defense of their national title. For juniors and seniors such as A J McCarron , Cyrus Kouandjio , Kyle Zazakevicius , Kevin Norwood , Kenny Bell and Deion Belue , this game can be seen as an initial audition for many of the NFL’s scouts , general managers and head coaches. While I believe that Alabama are likely to be tested , I do not think it will prove such a competitive contest, wherein they are likely to be on the wrong side up an upset defeat . We tend to see that sort of complacency shown by the likes of former top-fifteen ranked Florida and their inexplicable loss (21-16) to instate rivals the Miami (Hurricanes) . Florida coach Wil Muschamp now has to reassess where the mistakes were made beyond the defensive lapses and errant plays by quarterback Jeff Driskell during this game .

. If Florida are to have any hope of regaining their momentum, then every effort will have to be made to remedy their mistakes , as their next game will be at home against SEC rivals the Tennessee Volunteers (2-1) coached by Butch Jones . The Volunteers are a team that should not all be taken that lightly , at this point of the Gators’ season . A second slip up , especially in a conference game is likely to put any chances to their own conference championship aspirations as well as an appearance in a major BCS Bowl match-up into a tailspin . Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida, will be packed with two sets of intensely rabid fans showing their support for their respective programs.

The hiring of Urban Meyer to replace the now disgraced former head coach , Jim Tressel at Ohio State (Buckeyes) did not come as a great surprise ,but the coach’s demeanor since his being installed into the position, has left many people wondering how conceited Meyer has become. Beyond his criticism leveled at his former employers , Florida, it has also emboldened the coach to deny any culpability of a program that he coached for six years , where he won two national titles , but also this was a program mired in controversy, which Meyer and AD Jeremy Foley may well have clandestinely sought to cover up a great many of the misdeeds carried out by the players under his tutelage . Allegations of sexual assaults , drug use, theft , grand larceny and academic fraud , much of it unsubstantiated , but there were also clear indications that Foley had boosters intervene to smooth things over with local law enforcement and specifically with the Gainesville Police Department and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department , where there was said to be misconduct by members of the team .

Meyer having taken over a program that itself was mired in its own controversy , with much of the facts coming to the fore, only after a state and federal investigation was undertaken after it came to light that several players were known to have accepted illicit monetary payments from a known felon , gambler and drug dealer. A great deal of the subterfuge was actually enacted by Tressel , to cover up his own misconduct, web of lies and deceit enacted by himself , and assistant coaches players. While this was going on, both university President , Dr E Gordon Gee and AD Gene Smith stood steadfastly by and vehemently defended the beleaguered coach as the mountain of evidence grew and was then substantiated .

The NCAA , long thought to be the moral voice of reason, saw fit to punish Ohio State, only after the somewhat ridiculous self-imposed sanctions that the program’s Athletics Department was said to be willing to impose upon itself. A mere slap on the wrist for Tressel, with the coach being given a punitive monetary fine and having to sit out a six game suspension, was prescribed by Gene Smith and sanctioned by Gordon Gee. Take into consideration that a $250,000 fine and being told to stay away from the program for six games should be deemed somewhat laughable , when you are made aware that Jim Tressel’s annual salary with Ohio State at the time was in excess of $3.5 million a year . The Infraction’s Committee’s investigation and findings, concluded that there was gross negligence on the part of the Athletics Department’s compliance office, as well as by several administrators . That level incompetency went to the very top of the school’s hierarchy and showed also the complete lack of oversight by Gene Smith in its entirety . The fact that both Gee and Smith are still in the employment of Ohio State, either should be seen as a worrying sign or the fact that Gene Smith would be true to his word and actually make the changes recommended as well accepting the academic probation , with the loss of several scholarships and the forfeiture one year of non-appearance in College Football’s postseason jamboree .

A year removed, from having undergone their sanctions and prohibited from postseason play in 2012. The Buckeyes went through their schedule unbeaten , compiling a 12-0 record with a team , filled exciting players . This season brings about new set of challenges and a chance to see whether or not Braxton Miller is in fact the real deal . With Miller having to sit out the last game in Ohio State’s somewhat lopsided 52-34 victory over the California (Golden Bears) , it was left to Kenny Guiton take over the reins and guide the team to the win . Say what you will about Urban Meyer , but I believe that it is his intent to prove this season that the Buckeyes are justifiably the number two ranked team in the country . although based upon the recent performance of Oregon (Ducks) , some might believe that the Pac 12 program should be fitting of that role, as the second best team in the nation . . Oregon’s 59-14 pummeling of Tennessee, shows that they have no intention of being overlooked in the polls that matter the most, the BCS and AP Polls . The racking up of victories and the piling up of stats seems to be the thing that generates the most votes amongst the adjudicating officials . For Ohio State their next scheduled game will be against Florida A&M in Columbus , Ohio , this upcoming Saturday , at the program’s state of the art facility Ohio Stadium .

Since succeeding Pete Carroll as the head coach of USC (Trojans) , it would be easy to suggest Lane Kiffin has under-achieved in his position as the football program’s head coach. From my own perspective, Kiffin has been controversial from the very day that he was formally announced in that role . Within eighteen months of succeeding Carroll, Lane Kiffin was already within the cross-hairs of the NCAA for having violated several minor infractions. All this , while the program was still under probation in the aftermath of the improprieties of both the basketball and football programs coached at the time by Tim Floyd and Pete Carroll . Mike Garrett , the former AD was either simply naive or was somehow collusive with many of the actions that brought the program into disrepute. With former Heisman Trophy honoree, Reggie Bush , having to return his trophy after bringing dishonor to the school. It has to be said that a great deal more was expected of Lane Kiffin as a head coach. Instead it has been one pratfall after the other , with countless apologies being proffered and the excuse of being unaware as the NCAA requirements . Much to the embarrassment of present AD Pat Haden , who in having succeeding Mike Garrett, has done his leveled best to clean up the program and bring back some respect to one of college athletics’ most high-profiled and visible names .

Last season , was far from being deemed a successful year for the Trojans , who finished with a rather average 7-6 record overall and a 5-4 mark within the Pac 12 . Suffice to say, that with expectations being high, this misstep was seen as step backwards , rather than forward. Off to a 2-1 start in 2013, the team’s first loss (10-7) came by way of Washington State (Cougars) and much to the chagrin of the local media and boosters alike. When you are said to be one of the powerhouse programs of the Football Subdivision (FBS/D1) , these types of losses will not be tolerated easily. Kiffin for his part and his coaching staff seem to be at a loss to explain another haphazard and lackluster performance by the team. With the constant rumors now swirling and calls for Lane Kiffin’s ouster, you simply now get the feeling that his days in Southern California could very well be numbered. And you can bet that those call will not waver, should the situation become more dire for the program, with university President C L Max Nikias likely to be attuned to any changes that Pat Haden might well deem necessary to make . I do however, believe that Lane Kiffin will be allowed to fulfill his obligations for the year and then a decision will be made at the end of the season, concerning his long-term future with the program. There is no denying that Kiffin can recruit , but it would appear, that he has been unable to harness the talents of his players and the get the best possible performances out of them .

Beyond the issue of the team’s defense, it has been inconsistent play of quarterbacks Cody Kessler and Max Wittek , that has to be a cause for concern for Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans .

Utah State awaits Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans, this upcoming Saturday , in a game that they must win emphatically. The home crowd will be there at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, to show their ravenous support. The question however, will it be all in vain ?

Jaded, condescending, conceited and complacent. All of these traits, I believe best sum up Mack Brown and the University of Texas (Longhorns) ! Granted , Brown and DeLoss Dodds seem to have a stranglehold on the entire athletics’ program and the way that it is ran . With annual revenues conservatively estimated at between $120 million to $145 million annually , this does not take into account the joint ownership of the Longhorns Network between the school and the ESPN sports and cable broadcast outlet, where the two parties share jointly in the revenues derived of the agreement . Suffice to say, that Brown’s and Dodds’ imprints were all over that deal , with the football program undoubtedly being the biggest beneficiary of it all .

Off to an inauspicious start the Texas Longhorns are 1-2 , uncompetitive and Mack Brown has taken to apportioning the team’s shortcomings on his coaching assistants , rather than accepting the brunt of the responsibility in not having his players prepared . Losses to BYU , 40-21 and Ole Miss , 44-23 , now has the boosters , fans and analysts questioning the direction of this program and even the coach’s own mindset and that of assistant coaches. Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was summarily fired and replaced by Greg Robinson , but the question will remain . What happens, if the Longhorns suffer another embarrassing and lopsided defeat over the remainder of their schedule ?

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & AP

Texas fires defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, tabs former coach Greg Robinson as replacement

By Pat Forde , Yahoo Sports

Reeling after surrendering 40 points and 550 rushing yards in an upset loss to Brigham Young on Saturday night, Texas coach Mack Brown didn’t waste any time making a change. Yahoo Sports sources confirmed what was originally reported by Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz on Sunday afternoon.

Diaz was replaced by former Texas defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, who was last in that role at the school in 2004. After several unsuccessful tenures elsewhere, Robinson returned to Texas this offseason as a program analyst. His presence and availability probably shortened the leash on Diaz, whose Longhorns defense last year was among the worst in recent Texas history, allowing more than 400 yards and 29 points per game.

“Our performance on defense last night was unacceptable, and we need to change that,” Brown said in a Texas release issued Sunday evening.

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The dismissal of Diaz may only be a prelude to bigger changes if this season continues on a disappointing path for the Longhorns. Brown, who has won 151 games and a national title in 16 seasons at Texas, will be under serious pressure.

Brown told Yahoo Sports last month, “I’m not going to (be fired).” He also said he wants to coach through the end of his contract in 2020. But Brown acknowledged that his program’s performance the past three seasons – a 22-16 record, just 11-15 in Big 12 play – was not up to the standard he’s set at Texas.

Coming off a 9-4 record last year, Brown was optimistic heading into 2013 that he had his best team since going 13-1 in 2009.

“We could win nine again and be disappointed,” Brown said. “Or we could win all of them.”

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With a slew of games set for week four of the College Football Schedule , it will be interesting to see how a number the top programs fare. The Texas Longhorns will play host to Kansas State (Wildcats ) at the Darrell K Royal/ Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. That contest should give us a clear indication as to how Mack Brown will intend to ride out the rest of the season with this team and their aspirations within the Big 12 .



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Though I have not always been an avid College Football fan, I do believe the game in its purest form is one of the most exhilarating pieces of sports’ entertainment to be found on the sporting landscape . Now while we will continue to question the integrity of the NCAA and the tenure of its President Mark Emmert, I have to admit that the biggest I have within collegiate athletics at present , has been the lack of oversight and leadership provided at all levels within the college sports. Billions of dollars on annual basis, finds its way into the coffers of the NCAA and the college programs nationwide. Yet at the end of the day, there seems to be nothing tangible to show for it all , beyond the lavish and palatial venues and the continued controversies that envelopes college sports by way of corruption and unabated violations that continually takes place . What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised in this article and your expectations for this College Football season ? Your comments are greatly welcomed, so by all means chime in with your thoughts.

Picture and slideshow details below .

(1) College Station , Texas , a fan of Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel poses near the stadium before the start of the game between the two SEC programs Alabama (Crimson Tide) and Texas A&M this past Saturday at Kyle Field . Alabama would go on to defeat the Aggies 49-42 in what was a thrilling contest , with Manziel giving an exceptional performance that saw his team come up just short in defeating Alabama for the second successive season . Getty Images / Scott Halleran ….

(2) Head Coach Kevin Sumlin (L) of the Texas A&M Aggies and Head Coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide talk before the game at Kyle Field on September 14, 2013 in College Station, Texas . Getty Images / Scott Halleran …..

(3) Johnny Manziel (2) of the Texas A&M Aggies throws a pass as Brandon Wilson (36) and A’Shawn Robinson (86) of the Alabama Crimson Tide bears down on him at Kyle Field on September 14, 2013 in College Station, Texas. Getty Images / Scott Halleran …..

(4) Florida coach Wil Muschamp wipes his face during the game the Miami Hurricanes , a clash between the two in-state rivals played at Sun Life Stadium , in Miami , Florida . Errant plays , turnovers and inconsistent play led to the Gators’ defeat by Miami 21-16 . AP Photo / Alan Diaz …

(5) Stephen Morris (17) of the Miami Hurricanes celebrates with teammate Shayon Green (51) celebrate after a touchdown during the first half of the game against Florida played on Saturday , 7th September , 2013. AP Photo / J Pat Carter ….

(6) Devin Smith of Ohio State, out-runs Damariay Drew of Cal, as he makes his way to the end-zone for a touchdown in the first quarter of a game played in Berkley , California on the 14th September , 2013 ,.. AP Photo / Ben Margot ….

(7) Teammates Kenny Guiton (13), Devin Smith (9) and Andrew Norwell (78) celebrate another touchdown in the Buckeyes’ 52-34 romp over the Cal (Golden Bears) in Berkley ,California . AP Photo / Ben Margot …

(8) Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer , right, is seen here with the program’s AD Gene Smith . Coming off academic probation this past season , Meyer hopes to have his team challenging for a Big Twelve championship as well as the BCS national title . Currently ranked at number three in the nation behind second placed Oregon and the number one ranked Alabama , Urban Meyer knows that the road to the national title will warrant an unbeaten season . Critical of his former employers , Florida, Meyer has been courting controversy over the past ten months . AP Photo / Andrew Matthews …

(9) USC Trojans’ AD Pat Haden is seen here at the Trojans Galen Center , home to the basketball program . Haden has some real issues concerning the poor play of the Trojans’ football program and their lackluster performances this season . Lane Kiffin is now under a great deal of pressure to succeed but there are growing calls for the head coach’s removal of the football team . LA Times / Paul Garcia ….

(10) Head coach Lane Kiffin of the USC Trojans reacts during the game against the Washington State Cougars at Los Angeles Coliseum on September 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The Cougars won 10-7. Kiffin remains now under a great deal of pressure in spite of the team’s rout of Boston College in a 35-7 victory . The Trojans are 0-1 in the Pac 12 but 2-1 overall , yet they are seated at the bottom of the South division .

(11) DeLoss Dodds AD of the Texas Longhorns is seen here at the Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin , Texas. Dodds in conjunction with Mack Brown have been the architects in the program’s joint deal with ESPN for the Longhorns Network , for which the derived revenues would be shared equally . The Longhorns’ AD will be placed under a great to deal with the now growing calls to fire the head coach of the program , calls that are significantly coming from boosters of the University of Texas . Paul Walsh / Summit Enterprises ….

(12) Head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns waits on the sideline during the game against the Ole Miss Rebels at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2012 in Oxford, Mississippi. The Longhorns’ head coach has seen the team’s season turn upside down as they are now 1-2 , and facing mounting criticism from the press and boosters alike for the Longhorns’ lackluster performances this season . Brown fired Manny Diaz and promoted Greg Robinson to become the new defensive coordinator . It remains to be seen whether not , there will be an improvement from the team’s secondary . Getty Images / Matt Shaw ….




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  1. Both Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin are in perilous situations as it relates to their respective teams. Texas is in the midst of a tailspin that has placed Brown in the cross-hairs of the boosters .

    In the case of Kiffin , with all of the talent that is said to be on the team the Trojans cannot even be considered the second or third best team in the Pac 12 . Both coaches could end up being kicked to the curb by the end of the college football season and with good reason .

    Mack Brown has become conceited and arrogant , simply wallowing the revenues brought in by the football program and not concentrating on recruiting a real depth of talent . In the case of Kiffin , he simply believes that the name USC Trojans will be enough to lure kids to come to the school and play football . Pat Haden and the school’s board of trustees made a monumental mistake in this hire and it can be proven in Lane Kiffin’s coaching record with the program .


    Now this is my idea of an real extracurricular activity and program that I could really get into, in a really big way , and then some !

    tophatal < ………..


  2. Urban Meyer is a conceited S*O*B ! Inasmuch as I like both Kenny Guiton and Braxton Miller , I simply want to see the Buckeyes crash and burn, because of their sanctimonious ba$tard of a head coach ! Meyer has not one redeeming or respectable trait about him ! The Buckeyes’ head coach would sell out his own damn family, if it would guarantee him any form of success . Once you show yourself to be a scumbag , you will be looked upon and remain a frigging scumbag !

    tophatal ……………


  3. College football is a business let’s cut the bull shit and pay the players and quit pretending about these kids are here for an education. Pure poppy cock. It’s all about the millions of dollars that are lining pockets of the NCAA and respective administrators and coaches. The players are meat on the hoof read Dave Meggasy’s book Meat on the hoof. The players are being used. Indentured servants to serve at the whim of king


    1. The NCAA is set up as a not-for-profit business , because it’s said sole purpose is to use the use the revenues derived of the television contracts , marketing and corporate endorsements to enrich the lives of the student athlete . Yet , their financial records are not opened up for public scrutiny and nor have they ever been asked to speak on their activities in front of any Congressional or Senatorial Committee . Yet by the good graces of the House and US Senate they are granted tax-exempt status .

      NCAA President Mark Emmert says he would like to see a student stipend in place , with a figure of anywhere between $1500 to $3,500 per student, per month . Hell , boosters have been paying kids as much as $5000-00 at a shot , merely to keep them happy . And you can’t tell me that someone like oil billionaire T Boone Pickens hasn’t made sure that students Oklahoma State has not made sure that the student athletes at his alms-mater have not been well taken care of , even in spite of the allegations leveled at the school’s athletic program , specifically the football program during the time that Les Miles and Mike Gundy have been coaches there .

      AD Mike Holder issued a public apology concerning any future findings that come to light after the claims being made in the > SI (Sports Illustrated) article concerning the school.

      Courtesy of SI (Sports Illustrated) Expose on a program’s dirty little secret . Part one of a five-part expose’

      Oklahoma State: Former players on academics

      By George Dorhmann & Thayer Evans

      Shortly after Les Miles took over as Oklahoma State’s football coach in December 2000, he introduced an exhortation that he would use often at the end of team meetings during his four years in Stillwater. “Academics first,” Miles would say. “Football second.”

      Miles’s words encapsulated one of the central pillars in the mythos of major-college football: that nothing, not even wins and losses, takes precedence over educating young athletes. The reality is that when jobs and money are at stake, priorities quickly skew.

      As Miles said, “Academics first,” he would hold up two fingers. And as he said, “Football second,” he would hold up one.

      “You heard his words but you saw what he was doing,” says Doug Bond, a Cowboys offensive lineman from 2002 to ’04. “So the thought process was that you’re going to school just so you can play football.”

      Given the coach’s message to his players, it is not surprising that 13 Cowboys who played between 2000 and ’11 told SI that they participated in some form of academic misconduct, and 16 others were named by teammates as also having had schoolwork done for them. Players said that they routinely had their coursework completed by tutors or university staff members, that they were provided with answers to exams before taking them, and that they received passing grades despite doing little or no work. Players also allege that the academic counselor for football scheduled them in classes with exceptionally lax professors and pigeonholed them into majors without consulting them. “The philosophy, the main focus [of the program], was to keep [the best players] eligible through any means necessary,” says Fath’ Carter, a safety from 2000 to ’03. “The goal was not to educate but to get them the passing grades they needed to keep playing. That’s the only thing it was about.”

      Click on link to read in full.


      Billionaire T Boone Pickens a graduate of OK State .

      In the aftermath of the SI articles T Boone Pickens alleges a witch hunt by the magazine . The billionaire oil-man is a delusional @sshole !

      tophatal ………..


        1. The money goes into the pockets of administrators, coaches , AD’s and a bunch of clandestine intermediaries . Hell , the NCAA cannot be entrusted to carry out a proper in-depth investigation, without finding a way to screw it up completely .

          The collegiate body (NCAA) actively has lobbyists working on their behalf on Capitol Hill to make sure that their tax-exempt status remains in tact . I mean, their situation is no different than that of the , NBA , NHL , MLB and NFL who can con state and municipal governments to finance billions for the building of stadiums but fucking idiots complain about what the IRS is said to be doing concerning their taxes . The US public in general is simply too frigging stupid for its own good .

          tophatal ……………..


              1. keep the freaqkin government outta it. All the government does is screw everything up. have someone will the balls to file anti turst suit agianst the NCAA and find out where the money trail goes. NCAA is big business done under the lie of amauter athletics .This is the big lie that has been sold to dupes in the public for many many years. Tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth-


                1. bobby

                  It was the federal government who created the mess to begin with in allowing antitrust and tax exempt status for the hierarchies of the four major sports as well as the BCS , NCAA and a number college philanthropic organizations , which are nothing more than damn slush funds . Now you have idiots calling for change without having a damn idea what they are talking about . especially as it relates to amateur sports at the collegiate level .

                  Explain to me why the NBA , NFL , NCAA , NHL and MLB need lobbyists working on their behalf both legislative chambers of the Congress ? Each of the four sports’ hierarchies in question rakes in billions of dollars annually in revenues .

                  tophatal ..


                    1. bobby

                      See my point concerning Henry Waxman (D-Ca,) . This @ss was also one of the leading interrogators of the players subpoenaed to appear before in Congress on the issue of steroids . Consider however , Waxman has been receipt of lobbyists’ monies to make sure that the antitrust and tax exempt status remains in tact , not only for the four major professional sports’ hierarchies but also for the NCAA and the BCS .

                      “This piece of paper I have in my hands Sir, shows me that you were in receipt of $ 1,250,000 of taxpayers’ monies which was used for a send-off and party of a high-ranking civil servant within the IRS . My question is , why was I not invited ” ? Henry Waxman


                    2. There in lies the problem Government is legalized rape and pillaging of the private sector. Read about when Teddy Roosevelt busted Rockefellers Standard oil into smaller companies. This did create completion but Rockefeller was majority owner in all of these companies and he made millions.


    2. The players are indentured servants, but you can’t pay them and offer them a scholarship at the same time. There is something inherently wrong with that scenario. If they aren’t on scholarship then they aren’t college students. It has to be either one or the other.

      The real problem is that the NFL doesn’t have a minor league which gives the elite players an option to either go to college to actually pursue an education, or to become a professional out of high school.

      The NFL should be competing with college football for these athlete’s services, not colluding with the NCAA so that they don’t have to foot the bill to train them. The entertainment value of College football should be two steps below what you see in the NFL. But it’s so deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness that we’re blinded to the fact that there’s anything wrong with it.

      College football should be for amateurs, not professional caliber players who are only there because they have no other choice but to play there. Instead of moving full speed ahead and paying college players, we need to take a step back and realize that education really is more important than football.

      When football coaches become more revered and important on college campuses than professors, then something is wrong. It’s all upside down. We need to take a step backward before our priorities become even more out of whack than they already are.


      1. The NCAA makes millions off of these kids under guise of offering scholarship this a scam and the public falls for this shit. Check ticket prices for a college football game 500-1000 bucks then you have make a large donation to the school


        1. You are right it is a scam. But if you believe what’s been reported at Oklahoma State and the allegations of players in the SEC, then players are already being paid under the table. So it makes no sense to legitimize the scam by formally paying college players.

          That action doesn’t fix the system, it only opens the flood gates to people offering players even more money on top what the NCAA would sanction. Instead of opening the flood gates, they should be reinforced.

          The NCAA should strictly enforce the rules already on the books and give the death penalty to schools that violate those rules instead of a slap on the wrist, which only serves to solidify in their minds that cheating is worth the risk.

          And the money being brought in is out of control, but that’s because fans of the game don’t understand that the problem is with society itself pouring in millions of dollars every year to support a “college” football team.

          We need to change our priorities and realize that the focus of colleges should be higher learning, not football. Some colleges are better known for their football teams than their curriculum. It’s all ass backwards.


          1. The NCAA has no real rules . Have you ever seen anything tangible in writing, other than what they purportedly claim or say ? Edicts passed down from one moment to the next , are changed frequently, like a soiled pair of diapers , stained in urine and fecal matter , which is exactly what the NCAA now represents .

            tophatal ………..


          2. College coaches are making millions off of 18-22 year olds. They get millions in shoe contract. College football has never been about academics/ College was king from 1900 till about 1970 before pro football took off. The NCAA pockets millions and comes up with bull shit rules. You want to cut the crap cut the TV money out cut the bowl pay outs cut high ticket prices. In the end this will not happen The NCAA is a big business. it is all about the money. It always has been and this goes back to the days of Knute Rockne and the rest


              1. Two wrongs do not make a right, but who is going to stop the juggernaut that has already left the station ? Moral and ethics went out the window, ,. when it came to the landscape of collegiate athletics , long ago. . The NCAA is not about to try and clean up a mess that they created. Conference Commissioners such as Mike Slive are simply a bunch of conniving bastards and it is time you realize that fact.

                Face the facts , and here they are , the USs Justice Dept needs to investigate the NCAA as well as the BCS . The Senate Committee on Commerce should convene hearings and then subpoena NCAA President Mark Emmert and all of the BCS Commissioners to appear in front of that committee . If they fail to get the answers they seek then the Senate and House should strip the NCAA and BCS over their tax exempt status .

                You, by your suggestions and lack of foresight , are simply running around in circles looking for a solution without actually knowing what needs to be done ,

                The House and Senate has it within their means to do this all, but you are too busy trying to seek answers in places where you are unlikely to find them .

                tophatal …………………

                tophatal ………


                1. You have done a good job in pointing out some possible solutions, but I never claimed to have all the answers. That’s why I am participating in a dialogue, not only to state my opinion, but also to learn more. That’s one of the reasons I like your blog, because I know there is knowledge you have that I don’t. I’m not sure how that’s a lack of foresight.

                  I can admit that I’m not a legal expert, but that doesn’t mean that pointing out the problem is running around in circles. Someone has to highlight the problem, and others can find solutions. I’m highlighting the problems because there are some who want to move forward without even considering the what the root of the problem is, or the possible solutions that you are speaking of.

                  And morals and ethics may have gone out the window, but that doesn’t mean they don’t play an important part in how we should move forward. If morals and ethics aren’t important then why have any rules, or laws at all?


                  1. Maurice

                    Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Ca,.) the Democratic House representative from California , has been disingenuous and dishonest . This individual sits on several sub-committees, but in particular, is a member of one the most important in chamber and that is the Commerce & Energy Committee . Yet here was this pompous @ss posing questions to players on whether or not they had used a banned substance during the course of their baseball careers . Waxman , himself has been the recipient of over $300,000 in lobbyists’ funds , having supported the MLB’s ongoing stance to have their antitrust and tax exemption status remain intact. If he is said to be in receipt of that sort of funding merely to show his support of the retention of a piece of legislation that has become such morass . Then imagine , how much money he is likely to have received from the likes of the NFL , NBA and NHL , all for the same purpose .


                    Henry Waxman

                    If the hierarchy of the aforementioned bodies show no damn ethics or morals , then what makes you believe that the athletes themselves will do so ? Have you also not also witnessed the behavior of the leaders that are now in the House , Senate , Cabinet and the White House ? Look around for one minute and then ask yourself , what type of example is now being set for the next generation or even , for one of your own younger relatives .

                    It is not about being an expert in a particular field it is actually about being enlightened , informed and actually taking note of what is happening around you.

                    tophatal ……………..


                  2. Maurice

                    When has any country ever followed the rule of law ? Certainly not the US, that is for sure . Show me , where any country does not do something out of their own self interest ? And you’re talking about the rule of law ? . That is so frigging funny , that it is beyond belief .

                    The highest ranking law official in the United States is a bold-faced liar and has been disingenuous since he took office and his record at the US Attorney General has been an abysmal f$$king failure . Eric Holder has spent more time with his male appendage stuck Obama’s ass , than doing his job with an actual modicum of success .

                    tophatal ……………


                1. bobby

                  The train left the station, at least four decades ago . And if we start to pay college players , then why not pay middle and high school players as well ? . Unless I’m mistaken sports’ coverage is now even covering their sports as well with one particular network (ESPN) making millions off the coverage . Case in point, ESPN’s coverage of the Little League World Series . You simply cannot open up Pandora’s Box and only then apply it to a select few in terms of who should be favored .

                  The real position to take would be to revoke the NCAA’s antitrust and tax exempt status and have them operation as legitimate business concern . That way collegiate athletes would be deemed as either contractors or direct employees . This system as it now stands in and has been opened up to blatant corruption with just about everyone’s hands now being in the damn cookie jar .

                  I believe that the student athletes should be paid a monthly stipend of not less
                  than $5000 a month and that money would theirs to do with as they pleased !

                  tophatal …………


          3. Maurice

            The way to fix the system in one swoop , would be to revoke the antitrust and tax exempt status of the NCAA, NFL , NHL , BCS, MLB and the college philanthropic organizations that are simply nothing more than frigging slush funds. The playing field would then be leveled the kids could then really offer their services to the highest bidder rather than forcibly be part of a fraudulent sham of a system .

            The way things are at present , with the NCAA and its plethora of lobbyists paying off Congressmen and Senators to protect their interests . , shows how corrupt the system is . Never mind you have the hypocrisy of the legislators who act with such surprise . The biggest a$shole of them all in Congress is none other than Rep Henry Waxman (D_Ca,.) . This bastard would likely sell his soul to the devil if it could be of benefit to him for a few more thousand votes in his next congressional bid , to retain his seat .

            “Mr Clemens have you ever taken a banned substance ” ?

            Henry Waxman(D-Ca,.)


            tophatal ……………..


      2. Don’t you understand it’s a damn shell game ? This is about making money and their is absolutely nothing at principled about what goes on in the world of collegiate athletics . Stop with the proselytizing and deal in reality for once .

        Slavery is not dead and buried . It never has been and never will disappear from the landscape , even if it is being carried out at the collegiate level .

        Fassbender ,left , Lupita Nyong’oa and Ejiofor


        Movie trailer for Twelve Years a Slave



        Go out and see the movie ” Twelve Years a Slave “, starring Chitewele Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender . It’ll only you will only open you up further to some real home truths .

        tophatal …………………….


        1. LOL, what’s a blog for if you can’t proselytize a little? Look, I understand the reality of the situation, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop saying what needs to be said. Maybe if more people starting saying these things, then we could reverse this trend of corruption before we lose our souls to it.

          And I’m a huge fan of college football. Like I said it’s ingrained in me like millions of others. But I still need to remind myself that deep down there’s something unhealthy about our obsession with college football, and how much we will compromise our ethics in support of it.

          Fast food is bad for you, but you eat it any way. But in the process of enjoying that cheeseburger and fries, we need to understand how harmful it can be as well. Many people don’t see anything wrong with college football, but they need to. So my proselytizing will continue.


          1. Show me where in this day and age where proselytizing actually works ? We have leaders who lack the courage of their convictions and who are in essence mouth pieces for large multi national corporations at every level of government .

            Food is fattening especially the brands and products of the fast food industry and how it is marketed to the consumer . Look at what they now get in return . A nation of obese (over %68) children , and a population , where over 53 % are now seriously obese . The healthcare costs that goes alongside it all, costs the country in excess of $ 100 billion ($100,000,000,000) annually . How about those facts and the lack of education provided on that matter and the real inaction of both the CDC and FDA ? Food pyramids , my ass ! That agency is at the beck and call of the likes big fast food chains and their proxies (lobbyists) on K Street in Washington DC.

            The fast food industry much like big tobacco , has never given the consumer a product that is said to be safe . Make of it what you will.

            America’s so-called healthy children , snacking themselves to death , one potato chip at a time . Way to go .


            Pictures such as these do tell the real story as what is truly sad about this country .

            If cardiac or respiratory health issues , do not kill these kids , then type two diabetes will and that is a proven fact .

            Have you seen Morgan Spurlock’s terrific documentary ” Super-size Me ” ?
            A real eye-opener .

            tophatal ……………..


      3. Stop it with this bs about the NCAA should be for amateurs . What was the original idealism behind the Olympics ? Get your head out of the clouds for once .

        Rules do not apply where they are set ? Or are you looking for your own piece of Utopia in all of this idiocy and corruption ?

        If you really want to see the landscape change then have the federal government strip the NCAA of its status as it now exists . Then you will have the change you seek . It is as plain as simple as that .

        tophatal ………………


        1. The NCAA “should” be for amateurs. That’s not a Utopia, that how it actually should be. And this is the problem I’m pointing out. The way the system should be is a concept that people think is utterly ridiculous. So instead of striving to live up to the expectations of the system in place, people would rather compromise their ethics because it’s easier that way.


          1. It never has been for amateurs and that is what you have failed to realize . The NCAA was set up as an entity to bye pass certain restrictions concerning how a corporate entity operates and the premise of benefiting the student athlete . During that time , since its inception it has become one great big scam where anyone with a great deal of money can have a seat at the table . The NCAA itself has a lobbying firm working on its behalf to make their that its best interests are being served by members it supports in the Senate and the House . All of that money being doled out to buy patronage by an entity that is just as corrupt as the damn drug cartels .

            Collegiate athletics’ governing body pays no federal income tax as it is set up as a not for profit pseudo charitable foundation . ., , Much as in the same way a religious organization or social organization would be set up to carry out social needs as non-profit entity . In excess of $6 billion annually comes into the coffers of the NCAA and the public is completely unaware as how they account for it all where that money is allegedly disbursed . Yet an ass wipe like T Boone Pickens who over the years has doled out tens of millions to his alma-mater in Stillwater , Oklahoma , is aggrieved by several articles written that state that they were improprieties at Oklahoma State ?

            If the Cowboys’ AD Mike Holder is already publicly apologizing on behalf Oklahoma State for any improprieties and any pending investigation concerning the tenures of Les Miles and Mike Gundy . Then what does that suggest to you about the program ?

            Pickens has personally spent over $300 million of his considerable fortune on that university as well as being one of the football program’s biggest boosters . He just happens to be hypocritical and sanctimonious bastard !

            tophatal …………………….


  4. It’s doubtful Johnny Manziel will win another Heisman, even if he is the best player. It’s possible, but I can’t see voters throwing their support behind him, especially if his juvenile antics continue.


    1. I have never had any reverence for a college coach , no matter who they are ! I find them all equally disingenuous ! Even a piece of fecal matter like Joe Paterno , who some assholes were using his age as an excuse for his behavior concerning Jerry Sandusky . Only here in the US are the public so damn apathetic and clueless , on a wide variety of issues . . a

      tophatal ………………


      1. Voters can overlook whatever they choose to. Look at Hall of Fame voting. If the voters don’t want you in there, then you’re not going in, regardless of your stats.

        However, I agree with your point that Manziel could sway people by lighting it up on the field. But he will have to stay out of trouble and away from controversy to make that happen.


        1. He (Manziel) will have to stay out of trouble ? You’re kidding right ? What the f#ck was Reggie Bush actually doing the year (2005) < he won the trophy and it was common knowledge he was on the take ? . You cannot be serious with that statement for one minute .

          As long as Johnny Manziel has not committed a felony the voters will continue to have him within their thought process .

          tophatal …………..


          1. It wasn’t common knowledge that Reggie Bush was on the take. If it was, he wouldn’t have won the Heisman. If it was common knowledge then why did they take the trophy away from him?

            And I’m not talking about Manziel committing crimes. You don’t have to commit a crime for people to dislike you. Look, I love the way Manziel plays. He’s an outstanding football player, but I don’t like the way he conducts himself. It detracts from his outstanding play.


            1. It wasn’t common knowledge that Bush was on the take but it was prudent of then AD Mike Garrett (’65 Heisman Trophy winner) to ask Bush curtail his activities off campus when it had been noted that he met with an agent the year before he won the Heisman and declared his eligibility for the NFL Draft ?. What rock have you been buried under , as it relates to the USC Trojans scandal ?

              The year that Matt Leinart won also , there were questions also raised about his status . You are so naive .

              tophatal …………


                1. Maurice

                  Look at how the response is structured as a question, not a statement . Reggie Bush was asked to curtail his activities , because then. AD Garrett had his suspicions about the player . It is naivete , because you state Bush was asked to return his trophy when at no time did the DTNYAC (Downtown Athletic Club in NYC) <b< ask for its return . The player as I stated , returned it of his own volition , and then informed AD Pat Haden of his actions . So explain to me, how you came to the conclusion that he was forced to give back the Heisman ?


                  1. There’s no question. It wasn’t common knowledge. Garrett knowing something isn’t common knowledge. You speak as if every Heisman voter knew Bush was on the take and still voted for him. That is what you are asserting isn’t it?

                    And it’s not naïve to be mistaken on the circumstances of how Bush lost his Heisman, that’s just a mistake. But you say I’m naïve, as if to suggest I should have known that Bush was on the take, but how exactly should I have known that when it in fact was not common knowledge?


                    1. Not only was it common knowledge and a fact but if you followed the story through its entirety Bush’s own family at the time having been paid cash by a known associate of the player , said to be a conduit for an agent , was then arrested by LAPD for a gun violation and started to reveal more about Bush’s activities . All of this was widely reported in the print media on the West Coast and then re-reported by ESPN and Fox Sports .

                      tophatal …………..


                  2. The Heisman voters can do as they please , their only concerns it relates to their own edicts, are that their nominees are of good standing . At the time of the adjudication Bush was not subject of an investigation , but several members had expressed their doubts about his worthiness of the award . The situation then at the time was not overly dissimilar to Ryan Braun .

                    tophatal ………….


            2. The fans do understand in part , but they are like moths, being drawn to a flame when it comes to collegiate athletics. They will get burned and they will in the end become more irate and angry. Yet by then , it will all be too late .

              The trophy was not taken away from Bush as he relinquished it of his own volition . It was the replica held by USC Trojans’ campus that was returned to the Downtown Athletic Club in New York where the presentation event is held annually . Just another fact for you to mull over .

              tophatal …………….


        2. The Hall of Fame voting for the NFL , NBA and MLB , might as well be cast before a panel of judges as one of those inane reality tv reality shows (American Idol & The X Factor) . Better yet , bring back Paula Abdul , have her team up with Simon Cowel and Randy ‘Road Dawg’ Jackson and have that trio adjudicate who should be enshrined in Canton , Cooperstown and Indianapolis, Indiana . Imagine Abdul, getting all upset because she just realized that she and Mark MCGwire are both addicts of pain prescriptive medication .

          Cowell , right , Abdul , center , and Jackson . They probably have just about as much credibility as the @ssholes who adjudicate the nominees for the enshrinement into the Hall of Fame’s for MLB , NBA and the NFL

          tophatal ………………….


  5. Yes you can . Where is it stated by law that you cannot pay a student to attend and participate in a recreational sport ? In all 50 states, there is no statute prohibiting it , neither at the federal level . It is simply an edict set in stone by the NCAA , who as a collegiate body , set the rules in play , but at times have been known to look the other way .

    The NCAA for all sense and purpose is a charade , it is a profit but business and only acts accordingly ,as if were slight of hand . The body but uses creative accounting to suggest otherwise . Time for idiots out there to wake up and smell the coffee and remove their fingers from out of their collective rectums .


  6. Maurice

    You state that the NCAA and NFL should compete for the services of the athletes while they’re in college or about to take that step of making their choice from high school to and a chosen vocation ? By your premise , you now are adding another layer to an already corrupt system . Look at high school football and basketball at present and what has been done it by ESPN . Their games are now being televised and add in the fact , that of widespread gambling on both sports , this whole menagerie no longer has or should I say never had any purity to it whatsoever .

    What really needs to be done , is a complete overhaul of the NCAA , with its tax exempt status being rescinded , with it being made to operate as a profit entity like the commerce operation that it really is , not as a pseudo charitable organization, which it is not .

    Until you fully comprehend the business aspect of what both entities are about and how they operate in the market place , the landscape you wish to see , will never come into being . For that you have the federal government to be thank , their innate and continued idiocy and specifically of these three committees, House Energy & Commerce , House Oversight Governmental Reform and the A Senate Commerce Committee . Well those committees and the lobbyists whose services were paid for by MLB, NBA , NFL and that of the NHL . You obviously have not looked at the bigger picture overall and are just clutching at straws and cherry-picking at so many other issues within whole amalgam insidious pieces that make up this charade to begin with .

    tophatal ……


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      As good as Manziel’s game is said to be , I do not believe that anyone can be sure with a certainty that his game will translate into an outright success in the NFL . Who can say that he will be able to have the sort of success equated with Andrew Luck , Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson were able attain in 2012 and during their astonishing runs in the postseason last year .

      Also , do you believe that Johnny Manziel is likely to be taken as a first round consensus pick in the 2014 NFL Draft ?

      tophatal ………..


  7. Maurice

    Even Stevie Wonder could tell you what the damn problem is ! . The real issue, is the recalcitrance of the NCAA and , the BCS , who are reluctant to relinquish the reins to a very profitable ‘cash cow ‘ . It is plain and as simple as that . As to the formatted playoff system to be adopted in 2014 , that is one big f##king joke, from start to finish !

    tophatal …………………


  8. bobby

    When gambling on Pee Wee football and on baseball is being investigated by the Miami Dade Police Department and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in South Florida , then you know that there is definitely something afoot and wrong with the whole system . Never mind the money now being wagered illegitimately on high school football games across the state . The State Attorney General Pam Bondi is so damn clueless on the issue , and she is now asking the FDLE (Florida Dept of Law Enforcement) to start up their own investigation on the issue .

    The FHSAA (Florida High School Athletic Association) itself, knows about this all , but simply have done nothing, to try and intervene , by way making coaches , and schools completely aware of the issue .

    tophatal ………….


  9. Too much for me to read through….but one said it has become a business…to that I agree. The games bring in boocoo money tor the schools….time to share I with the players


    1. Chris

      Lane Kiffin and his career thus far in college coaching , has been about as enticing , as it would be, in having to witness an eighty toothless grandmother ” give head ” to a guy with a large appendage . The USC Trojans while having . some good players this season . I firmly believe that they are overrated .

      They say winning cures everything , but the USC Trojans barely got by Utah State . yesterday .

      tophatal ………………


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