The last of the bad men or how the AL West has now become a no man’s land

The last of the bad men or how the AL West has now become a no man’s land

I have to admit that this baseball season has become a wistful reminder that being the biggest and allegedly the best does not always mean what it said meant to represent . In the AL East, the New York Yankees were thought to be amongst the prohibitive favorites to come away with the division . Now languishing in fourth place , it now seems that the Bronx Bombers are to miss the postseason , along with it their chance to win an unprecedented twenty-eighth World Series crown . Add in the fact that this season is likely to be the last time that we will see of the all-times saves’ leader in Mariano Rivera . It would be safe to suggest that this is not the way that the esteemed closer would like to have left the game . The team’s captain Derek Jeter now on the disabled list was only a participant in seventeen games for the ball-club in 2013. The only saving grace for the Yankees has been the recent form of slugger Alfonso Soriano . Pitching has been the Achilles’ Heel for Joe Girardi and his staff and the all too inconsistent hitting that has led to this season of discontent and quite possibly a major upheaval within the organization at the end of the year .


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For far too long, Brian Cashman has been far too reliant on overspending and the acquiring of high-priced free agents. . It would be safe to suggest that if the New York Yankees had it all to do over again , they would have changed a great many ways they went about this season , and also in dealing within the Alex Rodriguez fiasco , which has led to a testy relationship between the Yankees’ third baseman and the organization’s general manager. Baseball’s and the fans’ biggest wish, must be the non-appearance of the player and his teammates in this year’s postseason foray. Rodriguez’s appearance, while awaiting the adjudication of his appeal for violating baseball’s steroid policy, would be seen as a slap in the face of the fans but even more so, in bringing the game into further disrepute . From my own perspective, I have felt that Bud Selig’s haphazard handling of this has been the main reason there remains a great deal of ridicule of his tenure as the game’s highest ranking official . Consider a number of Selig’s predecessors , Faye Vincent , Bart Giamatti and Peter Ueberroth . Were any of the aforementioned individuals, as incompetent as the incumbent commissioner ? By all means do chime in with your thoughts on that.

Given the present tailspin of the New York Yankees, the AL wildcard race is now beginning to look a great deal like a game of ‘Texas No Limit Poker’ . Yet, no one can actually be sure, who is carrying a straight, in this game. It would be now safe to say, that this race will not have a decisive outcome until the very last day of regular season schedule. Coming off a 4-3 victory over the disappointing Toronto Blue Jays . Joe Girardi and his team will face the San Francisco Giants on Friday , in an intra-league game . However, I do believe that Girardi’s eyes will be focused on the upcoming three game series at home against the Tampa Bay Rays beginning on Tuesday 24th September . A series that will be pivotal for both teams as they each seek one of the two available AL wildcard berths . The Cleveland Indians , Baltimore Orioles , Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees are all within 2 ½ games of the wildcard berth, with the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers now atop of the wildcard berths holding down those two top spots. Care to guess, which paring from that septuplet is likely to prevail at the end of the day ?

Billy Beane , Brian Sabean and Dave Dombrowski are to my mind, are the three best general managers within the game of baseball ! Their accomplishments speak for themselves and I know that Yankees’ fans are likely to feel aggrieved by the statement made, but with all due respect, beyond the vast financial resources of the Yankees’ ball-club, can anyone point to a player who has risen up through the ranks of the organization’s minor league system that has been of considerable success at the Major League level that was drafted by Brian Cashman over the past five years ? ? Granted, the ball-club’s last title came by way of their lopsided series victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in 2009. The team managed by Girardi, was never really challenged throughout the postseason and in the championship series itself , with Hideki Matsui coming away with the World Series MVP Awards for his accomplishments in the series and postseason itself . Yet the makeup of the roster , was once again primarily made up of pieces sought elsewhere . A league-high $201 million team payroll was once again representative of what the New York Yankees seems to best and that is to create an even larger financial imbalance within the game , with an ever widening gap between the haves and have-nots within the sport.

In 2013, it was once again New York leading the pack with the highest payroll in baseball . Something I now truly believe the front office takes pleasure in parading, for everyone to know , and bear witness to, and that is in spite of the idiocy of Hal Steinbrenner , who maintained that the payroll would be no greater than $185 million for this season. Instead, with a salary obligation of $228.8 million , this ball-club simply shows no real intent to reduce their capricious financial outlay on players. The Los Angeles Dodgers , where Magic Johnson , one of the lead partners and team owner, has already gone on record by stating, “that no expense will be spared to obtain their ultimate goal” . . Well , Johnson does seem to be a man of his word, with the Dodgers’ team payroll at what they deem to be a manageable $216.6 million . If both of these teams should fail to make the World Series, I certainly believe that baseball’s hierarchy will have to ask themselves whether or not this type financial insanity within the game can be self-sustainable. The Dodgers by way of their $ 8 billion two-decade contract with Time Warner Inc is assured of financial stability as well as having the financial backing of Guggenheim Partners Inc , the owners of Guggenheim Baseball Properties LLC , a wholly owned subsidiary of the world-renowned venture capital and asset management company, backed by assets exceeding $125 billion ($125,000,000,000) . Mark Walter , Todd S Boehly , Stan Kasten , Magic Johnson and Peter Guber are prepared to put their money where their mouths just happen to be . Anything, that now places the spotlight on their ball-club and lessen the glare on their AL East counterparts, has to be seen as a distinct advantage for the NL West franchise from a PR standpoint.

As those two titans of the game, the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees seeks to reestablish their dominance within baseball. In the AL West , the Oakland Athletics are making a mockery of the division , but also of their divisional rivals , primarily the Los Angeles Angels and Texas Rangers . In the case of both Mike Scioscia and Ron Washington , as the regular season slowly comes to a close , there is a distinct possibility that might well be the last time we both of these managers in their current roles . GM’s Jerry Dipoto of the Angels and Jon Daniels of the Rangers, are likely to come to decision, that it would be in their teams’ best interests to relieve the managers of their duties .

A’s GM Billy Beane over the last two seasons has been able to work wonders with this organization , working on a shoestring budget , as he has drafted prudently , acquired the usual facsimile of the players he believes can contribute to the team’s success . Meanwhile , team owner, Lewis Wolff continues to work fiendishly in trying to get a new venue built for the storied franchise , all without any assistance from Bud Selig . By contrast, the commissioner was at the forefront, in assisting not only both New York ball clubs with the building of their recent venues but also the now barely competitive Miami Marlins , whose Marlins Ballpark has become an ode to all things ostentatious , while barely registering a blip in terms of home attendance levels for their home stands against an opponent, even during their inaugural season of 2012.

With payrolls in excess of $110 million apiece for the Angels and Rangers, it was felt that Jerry Di Poto and Jon Daniels, having mustered talented teams , had the inside track on determining how the AL West would play out in 2013 . Yet all season long, from the opening day , throughout May , June , July and August , there were the A’s plugging away , notching up wins and series’ victories , while their more financially acclaimed divisional neighbors struggled . Now the Texas Rangers finds itself in the midst of a wildcard race, that it seemingly wants no part off, having provided the inconsistency often observed by teams with sub.500 records . For the Los Angeles Angels , their season has been an immense disappointment , with the lone bright spot , being the another acclaimed season by 2012 AL Rookie of the Year and AL MVP runner-up , Mike Trout . Other than Miguel Cabrera , and the Orioles’ Chris Anderson , Trout is having one of the most dominant seasons of any AL player in terms of offensive productivity. A great monetary return , if you are solely basing it on a player who will be earning less than $550,000 , while many of his more celebrated teammates are earning in excess of $15 million annually, and in some cases earning that money while being on the team’s disabled list .

If Trout is said to have been a catalyst for the Angels’ offense then Yoenis Cespedes has been like a stick of dynamite that has exploded and simply sparked a great deal more offensive output than Beane , manager Bob Melvin and the coaching staff could have expected . Yet, it has been the A’s pitching that has been continuously stellar throughout much of the season . For players such as Derek Norris , Josh Reddick , Eric Sogard, Josh Donaldson , Coco Crisp , Grant Balfour , Bartolo Colon , Sean Doolittle , Ryan Cook , Jarrod Parker , Jerry Blevins and A J Griffin will now have a chance to redeem themselves, after a rather disappointing postseason appearance in 2012 . Falling to the Detroit Tigers in the ALDS in five games , led to their all to quick exit from the postseason after their surprising AL West divisional win last season .

A $71.3 million payroll amongst the lowest in the game and all seems to be right with the world in Oakland, as the A’s now seeks to close out their season on a seasonal high. An 8-6 win over the hapless Minnesota Twins , and with the two teams set to meet again on Friday . Bob Melvin’s team, and their magic number to assure themselves the AL West division crown is 5 games. At 90-63 , they will close out their current series with the Twins with a final game on Sunday at the O Coliseum , in Oakland , California . . This season and what it has meant to the fans of the organization has been symbolic of what having a great front office means for an organization. By contrast, we have the ongoing idiocy of what is now taking place with the Philadelphia Phillies , New York Mets , New York Yankees and Miami Marlins. At one time or another over the past two seasons , each of these teams, have been amongst the organizations with a $100 million payroll over the past two years . As to the actual success attained, simply judge for yourself by looking at the postseasons in 2010 , 2011 and 2012 respectively .


While the A’s look to celebrate their AL West success , I do not believe that there is a great deal that can be said by way of the ineptitude shown by Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners . In the case of the Astros , having made the move from the NL Central to the AL West , for the second consecutive season the ball-club’s loss total has exceeded one-hundred losses . I certainly do not believe Astros’ owner Jim Crane , expected 2013 to mirror an almost exact replica of 2012. GM Jeff Luhnow will now have to not only reassess the entire roster , but also the managerial staff of the organization and the direction he believes that they should be heading in . With their being growing uncertainty also , as to the Astros’ financial stability in spite of the guarantees of Jim Crane. It remains to be seen, what now is likely to take place with the ball-club concerning its immediate and long-term future .

In the case of the Seattle Mariners , there is not much more that can be said , other than fantasy geeks seem to be enamored with Dustin Ackley , in a the similar vein that a teenage boy would be giddy in seeing a naked pictorial of a voluptuous Playboy model, unclothed . Add in the fact that the talents of Felix Hernandez are being completely wasted within an organization that is simply bereft intelligence within its front office , as there seems to be minimal talent on the field of play. GM Jack Zduriencik , says all of the right things much like a politician with a well-written and prepared response to a difficult question . Yet, when posed the question, why is it, that this team has failed so miserably under Eric Wedge and his staff . Let us say, the response from the general manager, is simply par for the course. Howard Lincoln , Jack Ellis and Chuck Armstrong , as the senior-most executives on the board of directors for the Mariners, seem unconcerned by the team’s continued failures , be it on or off the field of play. At 67-87 and eighteen games left in their regular season schedule , Seattle by way of its lack of competitiveness , has simply been an abomination for their fans at home and on the road .



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This season within baseball got off to a great start, along within the customary controversies along the way . Now one can only hope, that the postseason can provide the fans with a great deal of excitement as we await baseball’s showcase finale.


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(1) Alex Rodriguez strikes out during the first inning of a baseball game on Thursday night played at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada , against the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto would go on to defeat the Yankees 6-2 , further placing New York’s slide out of the wildcard race in jeopardy . However, the Yankees will be looking forward to a pivotal the three-game series against division rivals the Tampa Rays . That series kicks off in New York starting on Tuesday 24th September , 2013 . AP Photo/ The Canadian Press / Mark Blinch …..

(2) Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi cannot hide his disappointment after another inexplicable loss by the fading Yankees . Now the manager has to deal with the announcement that Andy Pettite has made it known that 2013 will be his last season , formally announcing his retirement , as he joins teammate Mariano Rivera on the sidelines. Pettite is the most successful pitcher in postseason history in terms of wins and one the Yankees’ most successful pitchers in the franchise’s history. AP Photo / Mark Blinch …

(3) Billy Beane general manager of the Oakland Athletics . Beane looks to guide the team into the postseason for the second consecutive year and a deep playoff run this season. Operating on a shoestring budget , using his acumen and drafting prudently the A’s resurgence has been one of the most entertaining stories in baseball during 2013. AP Photo / Mark Thompson ….

(4) New owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, from left, Robert Patton , Stan Kasten, Mark Walter, Earvin “Magic’ Johnson,” Peter Guber, and Todd Boehly pose for a photo at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. The $2 billion sale of the team to Guggenheim Baseball Management was finalized Tuesday. AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes …

(5) Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout celebrates with teammate J B Shuck after hitting a two-run homer in a game played against the Oakland A’s on Wednesday , 18th September 2013 , in Oakland , California . AP Photo / George Nikitin ….

(6) Coco Crisp of the A’s is congratulated by teammates in the dugout after hitting a two-run home run against the Minnesota Twins in a game played at the O. Coliseum Thursday 19th September , 2013. Kyle Terada / USA Today ….

Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland A’s seen here hitting one of several long ball this season for the team . The player has been the main offensive catalysts for the A’s one of the most productive offensive players in the AL and the league as a whole during 2013 . AP Photo / Mark Horne ….

(8) New manager Eric Wedge (R) of the Seattle Mariners is introduced to the media by Executive Vice President & GM Jack Zduriencik at Safeco Field on October 19, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. 2013 has been proven to be a disastrous season for the Mariners , with only the Houston Astros seated beneath them within the AL West . Getty Images / Otto Greule Jr …

(9) (L-R) Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, left, and owner Jim Crane chat during batting practice on before the game against the Colorado Rockies on Opening Day at Minute Maid Park on April 6, 2012 in Houston, Texas. For the second consecutive season the Astros have lost one-hundred games in regular season and with their being some serious questions now being asked of Crane as to the team’s financial viability . All of which have been denied by the team owner , who paid $775 million in purchasing the Houston Astros from former owner , Drayton McClane . Getty Images / Bob Levesey ……



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25 thoughts on “The last of the bad men or how the AL West has now become a no man’s land”

  1. Given the payrolls of the Angels , Rangers and Yankees , who to your mind do you believe to be the biggest disappointment in baseball this season, within the AL as well as MLB as a whole ?

    The clock is now ticking for both Mike Sciocsia and Ron Washington and I expect one , if not both of these managers to be relieved of their managerial positions at season’s end on or after the 30th September .

    If Bud Selig presides over another ball-club having financial issues as it appears the Astros are now said to be in, then either he has to go , the team itself is taken over by the league itself and the organization’s financial records are audited in depth . As we know Bud Selig turned a blind eye as former Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt rifled through the team’s finances buying himself and his now ex-wife lavish properties , expensive cars as well as using the team as collateral in several business deals which contravenes baseball’s regulatory rules as it relates to a team’s financial well-being .


    Bud Selig’s punishment of Frank McCourt . Selig actually wanted to have anal sex with McCourt but neither had enough Viagra to get the deal done .

    tophatal …………..


  2. As much I hate to say this , but baseball really does need a team to go belly up (Chapter 11) for the union , general managers , owners and the MLB hierarchy itself to realize that the sport does need real financial restraint and a hard salary cap and not an archaic system , as the one now in place .

    How insane is it that two teams with almost similar payrolls such as the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees pay differing amounts in terms of the luxury tax ? New York ($228.8 million payroll) paid almost $30 million ($29.1 million) , whereas the Dodgers ($216 million payroll) paid a mere $9 million in terms of the luxury tax .

    On the face of it , I believe that the Houston Astros do have some real inherent problems and it is something that neither Jim Crane or Jeff Luhnow are prepared to discuss in public , in order save face and further embarrassment .

    Bud Selig , if he has any damn common sense, he will need to keep abreast of the issue and summon the financial records of the Houston Astros and then have a thorough audit carried out . Crane is basing the health of the organization on a yet to be negotiated television contract . Only a frigging idiot , would try and suggest that will dictate and alleviate the problems that this ball club faces . Two straight years of losing over one-hundred games tells indicates to me that the Astros are a crap organization by way of its playing and managerial staff !


    Vince Naimioli , the very first owner of the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays (aka as the Rays). Naimoli remains one of the most despicable owners ever to have owned a professional sports’ franchise . He bilked the surrounding locale out of millions of dollars and fans bought into his bull#hit . Now it is left to the likes of Sternberg , the Glazers and Jeff Vinick to carry on that same tradition and the idiot fans and press in the area , still continue to kiss these owners’ ass , while not using their goddamn intelligence to realize what is happening in front of their very eyes .

    Former Rays’ owner , Vince Naimoli wants to celebrate the success of Jim Crane as an owner , by toasting him with a glass of champagne and to congratulate him on a job well done .


    I don’t believe she’s an Astros’ supporter , and neither is her friend below .

    Bow chick-a-bow-wow !


    tophatal ……………..


    1. I’m not sure about chapter 11, but MLB definitely needs to restructure how they are doing business. Maybe a lockout is in order. shut the sport down until they can come up with a more reasonable business model.


      1. Maurice

        Chapter 11 helps a franchise restructure its debt , by way of working within the legal system and with the debtors’ creditors . However , the only people who tend to profit from this all , are the lawyers , by way of their fees . Really , as a creditor , who is owed in excess of $4 million , would you be willing to accept 60 cents ($2.4 million) on the dollar for that outstanding debt ? That figure to some may well be better than nothing but at the end of the day what then happens if that very same entity has more financial issues ?

        Simply look at the New York Mets and their continued mess after their association with failed financier Bernie Madoff . They have now leveraged themselves with several major banks to just to stay afloat. Meanwhile , the baseball team remains uncompetitive with no real suggestion on the horizon that they are likely to get better beyond the optimism of their fans .

        So far both Sandy Alderson and JP Ricciardi , as the executives in charge of personnel decisions have proven to be about as astute and as intelligent, as Paris Hilton would be amongst a group of MIT graduates or Nobel Prize winners .


        Alderson, right and J P Ricciardi

        They are not smarter than the average bear or a chimpanzee for that matter .

        tophatal ………….


      2. Other than the Yankees , Red Sox and Cardinals , which teams do you believe , have a reasonably sound business model ? Bear in mind baseball’s business model itself is a complete joke . You have almost one quarter of the team struggling to break even , and look at how many barely can make it by without an assist from the MLB hierarchy .


        1. Like I said, I think MLB should lock the players out, and keep the league shut down until they can get things in order. But that would be admitting their business model is a failure. And I don’t think MLB is prepared to do that.


          1. Maurice

            Do you remember what happened the last time there was a lockout and what it led to , beyond the financial losses ? It took almost a decade to regain the goodwill of the fans and it brought us the era of steroids. Thanks , but no thanks !

            Come up with something far more sensible, please . The power will always remain in the hands of the union (MLBPA) , and it is time for the fans to accept that , rather than this continued idiocy that baseball actually knows what it is doing and that we should be seeking changes , when in fact that baseball is so averse to change . I mean , I have read numerous pieces e piece on the fact that the game will adopt instant replay . What the hell will that really do, when the officiating amongst the umpires still rings hollow on how they interpret the game by a balk , and the damn strike zone ? US sports’ fans are far from enlightened as they live the life of apathy .

            tophatal ……………….


          2. What business leader do you know who would make such a stupid move , in that way alienating the consumer and then hurt themselves financially ? The only idiots dumb enough to do that , are those seeking public funds by way of the federal government . Bud Selig we know to be a pompous ass along with the owners , but even you know that the premise you’re stating, makes absolutely no damn sense whatsoever . What type of losses do you believe that baseball is prepared to take or sustain in such an instance ?

            One of your patrons made the claim on my site , during the NFL lockout that it wouldn’t not hurt the NFL or businesses a whole . I wonder at times if the education here , is as good as some claim it to be , because this airhead must have been held back in school in his formative years , several times repeatedly !

            tophatal ……………….


            1. The recent NHL lockout didn’t hurt their business as a whole. Yes they lost revenue while the lockout existed, but once the lockout ended, NHL attendance went up and so did their television ratings. Fans returned to the game in droves and the popularity of the NHL actually increased over previous years.


              1. Maurice

                What does the New York Times actually know about the NHL ? The Rangers and Islanders are its only scope and emphasis and those two teams were mediocre last season .

                The NHL has tens of lost millions of dollars and it still pays NBC Sports carry its content coverage on their broadcast network , in light of this last labor dispute , an agreement that came out of this last dispute . Attendance is creeping back up but nowhere where it was once was , prior to the lockout . Also the idiot owners and general managers are back up to their old tricks of offering long-term guaranteed contracts .

                You’re using that rag as a point of reference to try and convince me that Garry Bettman and his bunch of morons know what the hell they’re doing ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! I would rather use the pages of the NY Times to wipe my ass, than read its content !

                The popularity of the NHL has increased and the fans have returned in droves , measured against in which …. previous years ? Television ratings , still remain low in terms of television coverage and a piece in the NY Times convinces you that the hockey is back ? Absolutely frigging, unbelievable .

                tophatal …………………….


              2. You are going by an article that is bereft of intelligence that also overlooks the fact that the Phoenix Coyotes spent the better part of the last eighteen months staving off financial ruin with neither Bettman or the NHL: hierarchy coming to its aid . Now with the team having been sold the new owners are still having problems trying to rebuild the trust of the fans. How is that the NY Times ignored those facts? Hockey is a sport being ran by bunch of a$sholes who have no idea what they’re doing .

                tophatal ………………..


  3. With Andy Pettite announcing his retirement , with the soon to be exiting Mariano Rivera . Things will never be the same again for the New York Yankees . Hal Steinbrenner will seek to reduce the payroll for next season , even if it means putting a hit out on Alex Rodriguez .

    How long before Derek Jeter bolts from a sinking ship known as the New York Yankees ? At the end of this season or in one of the following years , 2014 , 2015 or 2016 ? Your thoughts on that ?



    The Dodgers’ players who jumped in the D’backs’ pool to celebrate their NL West divisional win , did so , because they were told that these chicks would be there .

    tophatal ………………..


  4. If the Rays should now actually find a way of playing themselves out of contention for a wildcard berth , then perhaps it is time for the franchise to break their lease with the city of St Petersburg at the Trop and seek to move elsewhere either in or out of state of Florida .

    The fan support at best , has been tepid rather than rabid , contrary to popular belief by their fans , how the excuses are made to portray the ball-club’s plight .

    Last time I looked , the owners did not seem impoverished , but the mindset and business sense of Stuart Sternberg seems to be that of a petulant child who likes to bitch and whine if he cannot get his own way , Why should the residents in either Hillsborough or Pinellas County pay for a new ballpark , when neither Sternberg or any of his partners have shown any good faith in paying for a feasibility study or indicate that the organization is willing , in part, to partner up with either the city or county governments to pay for a new venue , Anal retentive local beat writers and tv analysts are calling on an impoverished municipal and county agency to use public money to finance a private enterprise , What a crock of frigging bulls#it ! This is why the Tampa Bay area will always remain the armpit , if not the anal cavity of the state of Florida . There is no common sense to be found amongst its elected officials and many of the so called sports’ media personalities in the area ,

    The Three Amigos . From left to right , Silverman , Friedman and Sternberg .

    MLB results 20th September 2013

    tophatal …………….


  5. Mebbe they should allow some violence into the game….game has become too predicable to me
    Those with big bucks sem to win…..mebbe….as long as drugs are available


    1. al clements

      Considering Selig’s success rate in trying to clean up Major League Baseball has proven to be about as successful as McCain and Palin’s 2008 Presidential run . I believe that the commissioner should now allow each team to have a licensed pharmacologist who specializes in steroidal mixes and their functions . I mean , it’s not as there are not players currently on MLB roster who are not still doing ‘roids , having not been caught as of yet . And the so-called testing policy that is now in place , why does it have to remain so secretive to begin with ?

      I believe your Pirates are all but certain to be one of the two wildcard teams in the NL wildcard round of the postseason . At long last there is something to proud of concerning the franchise ,

      Pittsburgh Pirates news

      tophatal …….


    2. al clements

      Perhaps we could have A Rod and Selig go at it , in a no-holds barred cage match and the winner would have to chow down with this heifer , before having sex with her as well ?


      She could literally eat you out of house and all of your monetary wealth .

      tophatal …………..


  6. It took 18 innings, Al, but the Rays finally pulled one out. Then Cobb went out and pitched eight and a third near perfect innings in victory today.

    That’s exactly what the Rays needed.

    Eight games left in the season and while they’re atop the wild card standings, it’s by the slimmest of margins.


    1. Chris

      The AL wildcard race has become a damn nightmare because no one team seems to be able to maintain any type of consistency to create a gap between themselves and any of the other contenders .

      The fact that the Rays pulled off that victory under such conditions is one thing but they cannot continue to win games like that and think that it will be enough . They have to be more decisive and dominant against an opponent . That is not what we are currently seeing from this team in terms of their pitching or hitting , as witnessed in their results in many of the games this season.

      Tampa’s schedule as they close out the season is pretty tough and they still have a three-game set to be played against the Yankees in New York which could prove to be pivotal .

      tophatal ……….


            1. It’s not this season, it’s the history of the franchise. In 15 division titles during the Bobby Cox era, only one resulted in a world series championship. The Braves have historically been underachievers. I’ll have to see it first before I believe things have changed.


              1. Fifteen divisional titles and only one World Series . Cry me a river / ! There are Cubs’ fans , who would give up their first born just to see that team actually have a pot to piss in .

                Look at who the Braves went up against in each of the teams they played in those World Series’ appearances where it resulted in a series’ loss ? They were outplayed , lost to a better team , and that was it . Accept it and move on .

                tophatal ………………….


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