I don’t want to break the bank ,simply just be able to deposit money in it

I don’t want to break the bank ,simply just be able to deposit money in it

With the NFL season about to reach the quarter mark of four games into a sixteen game schedule , the fans have already witnessed a cluster of games that one could define as being thoroughly entertaining or just extremely bad. As a fan of the NFL , I have to confess that I have not been completely surprised by what I have witnessed. There are some very good teams at present , but there now seems to be a preponderance of really bad teams and really bad coaching from the head coaches and their respective staffs. Nonetheless, this will be what the fans are asked to endure over the remainder of the season.


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There will be a Thursday night game that pits the San Francisco 49ers (1-2) against the St Louis Rams (1-2) in a conference and divisional match-up of self-styled offensive minded teams. Jim Harbaugh and his shell-shocked squad , I believe are out to avenge their week three shocking loss to the Indianapolis Colts . Bear in mind two successive losses to open their season , came as something of a shock to most analysts and fans alike, who expected this team to be atop of the NFC West and running away with the division , in spite of the rise in prominence of the Seattle Seahawks . For the moment, however, the season remains in its infancy with still a great deal to play for .

Speaking teams with real issues , it now looks as if the Josh Freeman era in Tampa , is now over, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Greg Schiano coming to the decision that the four-year starter is no longer the team’s best option to win as a quarterback. In demoting Freeman, the fans will see the introduction of Mike Glennon as the Buccaneers’ new starter at the quarterback position. As to how long this new experiment is likely to take place will be dependent upon how Glennon responds in his first NFL game as a starter in the NFL. The Buccaneers will play host to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon as this 0-3 team seeks to regain its composure and gain their first win of the season. How this all plays out will be dependent upon the mindset of the Buccaneers and the resolve shown during the game and whether or not this team can play with some semblance of cohesion .

Freeman has done himself no favors with his lackluster displays and a real lack of leadership on the field of play. Furthermore, his teammates have lost any real faith in the player , as well as the quarterback having lost his captain’s role on the team. Josh Freeman is now in a contract year , seeking to perhaps get that long-term contract that undoubtedly his agent Erik Burkhardt seeking that long-term deal . Should a trade, be a way for the Buccaneers to entertain the idea of ridding themselves of the now disgruntled Freeman, that premise could very well now be dependent upon the number of teams willing to enter into a deal with the NFC South division based franchise.

Despair , despondency , conceitedness and a great deal of drama engulfed the New York Yankees over the course of this season . The team is likely to miss the postseason , with the Boston Red Sox having sewn up the AL East as the division’s new champions and the Tampa Bay Rays , now likely to be one of the two AL wild-card representatives in the baseball’s end of season soiree . Needless to say, the Yankees’ fans may well be aggrieved that they will not be seeing the team embark attaining their twenty-eighth World Series title. Yet this off-season promises to be one filled with a great deal of melodrama and intrigue . With Robinson Cano set to become a free agent , the Yankees’ front office will have to quickly come to a decision, as to whether or not they intend to re-sign the player to long-term deal. Cano is currently represented by upstart agency RocNation Sports and their main proprietor , founder , rapper and entrepreneur Jay-z . If the rumors now swirling are to be believed, then the numbers now being bandied about would make Robinson Cano the highest paid player in the baseball , with the second baseman seeking a ten-year $305 million deal .

Courtesy of USA Today

Why Robinson Cano seeking $305 million only sounds crazy

Yankees second baseman is about to get paid.

By Ted Berg , USA Today

With the Yankees now officially out of contention, some have turned their attention toward the team’s negotiations with All-Star second baseman and pending free agent Robinson Cano.

That report produced a lot of snark, but it’s certainly true. Cano, who turns 31 in October, like almost all free-agent athletes, will seek as much money as he can get. Even if he’s personally and secretly dead-set on staying a Yankee for life, why shouldn’t he try to secure as much of that sweet Steinbrenner cash as he can in the coming decade? Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Cano did not reveal much about his plans.

“I want to take my time, go on vacation and relax,” he told the Journal News. “And then when the day gets closer, that’s when I want to sit down with my family and decide what we’re going to do. But don’t get me wrong, I love this team, you know?” The reported figure, $305 million, seems to be eliciting the most shock from baseball fans, but it also doesn’t seem terribly far off. Free agents of Cano’s caliber just don’t hit the open market at a reasonably young age very often anymore, since teams have trended toward locking up young stars to long-term contracts that buy out and add-on to their arbitration years.

After the 2011 season, a pair of slugging first basemen hit the market. Both Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols wound up with contracts worth more than $200 million. Both were coming off several successful seasons, but neither was more valuable to his team in 2011 than Cano was to the Yankees in 2013.
And since Cano’s Yankees and the big-spending Dodgers, among others, could both use a second baseman and he’s by far the best available talent, he could benefit from a bidding war.

As for those convinced Cano won’t see as much money because he’s Jay-Z’s first baseball client with Roc Nation Sports: C’mon. Jay-Z is an expert at making money, for one thing. For another, do you really think Jay-Z is going to just go in and sign whatever idiotic contract some team puts in front of him without running it by an army of advisers and lawyers? Cano plays every day at a premium defensive position and is one of the Top 10 or so best hitters in the game. He’s an extremely valuable player and he’s about to be an extremely rich one. Maybe he won’t get the full $305 million he’s reportedly seeking, but he’ll get paid.

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The New York Yankees will have some serious problems to contend with beyond the Cano issue , with the retirements of Andy Pettite and Mariano Rivera , it is plain to see that this is a team that is getting up there in age and the very fact that their farm system have not produced the players sought over the past few years that consistently made this organization a perennial contender . Going into 2014 , it is how hard to see or suggest how the Yankees how they can contend, even with the resources now at their disposal . The team’s lead managing partner and owner Hal Steinbrenner is likely pare down the team’s salary of $228.3 million , an all-time high to considerably below the $200 million threshold he sought at the beginning of 2013 .

At a time, when Bud Selig is selling the fans and public alike, that baseball’s financial well-being is as healthy as it has ever been. It begs the question , if that said to be the case , then why would the Yankees as powerful and as wealthy an organization as it happens to be , why would they of all the teams , now be the ones , seeking to reduce their payroll ? Granted , we are now finding out, that owners such as Hal Steinbrenner , David Montgomery , Mark Walter and Michael Ilitch believe that the luxury tax has served its purpose , but for the most part , it has been nothing more than a tool for the hierarchy to use , penalize the big spending teams. Baseball , and specifically Bud Selig continues to live in his own delusional world of make belief and sheer ignorance , with a number of fans willing to buy into a great deal of the idiocy that he continues to sell them , with his main protagonists being MLB’s broadcast partners , notably ESPN and Fox Sports . In reality, no one should really be surprised by that at all . I mean it is not as if the two outlets in question, ever sought to question the commissioner’s haphazard handling of the steroid issue or Frank McCourt’s questionable reign as the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers . Nonetheless, those buffoons will continue to be, at his beck and call, being a mouthpiece for his continued buffoonery .

Salaries have continued to escalate under Bud Selig’s watch , as too have the game’s revenues , yet in the midst of this all the commissioner fails to indicate that almost one-quarter of the league’s thirty teams continue to struggle to eke out a profit without an assist being provided by way of the luxury tax sharing scheme . Now in the midst of this all, the game of baseball could very well be on the cusp of seeing its very first $300 million player . The Yankees may not feel that they are being pressured to up the ante in the Robinson Cano sweepstakes, but one thing is clear , the organization can ill afford to lose a player who is a lifetime ,300 hitter and who has been amongst the most productive players his position in baseball as well over the past five seasons. Consider also , that Cano is now in the prime of his career , and with the likelihood of Derek Jeter’s departure from the franchise not that far off , this ball-club needs a figurehead that the fans can identify with . Alex Rodriguez’s stay in New York has provided the Yankees with nothing more than a great deal of ongoing embarrassment , that is likely to be further fueled , once his appeal’s process begins , concerning the alleged use of a banned substance . Rodriguez’s image has been tainted once again and the Yankees’ name has been dragged through the mud along with the reputation that George Steinbrenner simply considered only having players with character on the roster . The now deceased patriarch must be mortified and spinning in his grave with the incompetence now being shown by Hal , Hank Steinbrenner and Jennifer Steinbrenner-Swindahl . Let’s not leave out the poor showing of the team either out of this whole comedic mishap , along with the lack of leadership shown by Joe Girardi and his managerial assistants . Personally, this season for the Yankees has been in which all of the team’s detractors can enjoy , in spite of the retirement of Mariano Rivera. The game’s all-time saves’ leader , has been one of the few bright spots on an otherwise mediocre team .

The NBA season tips off on the 29th October ,2013 and all eyes will be on the Miami Heat , as they seek to repeat or Heat “three-peat” as NBA champions, as it will become to be known , should they pull off that feat during the 2013-14 season . Adding a few residual pieces to their core group of Ray Allen , Chris Bosh , LeBron James and Dwyane Wade , has quite possibly made the roster more formidable than last season’s championship winning team . Pat Riley and team owner, Micky Arison are intent on adding to their respective legacies . Meanwhile, Riley’s young protégé head coach Erik Spoelstra will seek to not only make his mark, but also add to the legitimacy that he is perhaps the best coach in the NBA and that is with due respect to both Doc Rivers and Gregg Popovich .

Now while, there remains a great deal of speculation that last season’s MVP and Finals’ MVP LeBron James , will seek to opt out of the final year of his contract in 2014. It must be said, that it would take a great deal of bravado and conceitedness by the player to subject the fans to another moment of self-adornment and narcissism on his part . In the aftermath, of the staged and rather insidious piece of journalism, promoted by ESPN and the player , in his naming Miami as his chosen destination , having left the Cleveland Cavaliers as an unrestricted free agent. A second installment of that idiocy, would certainly not be in LeBron James’ best interest. Besides, James knows that he can certainly earn a great deal more by simply remaining in Miami , never-mind the fact that his off-court earnings through endorsements , simply dwarf his current salary with the Miami Heat . Financial rewards, I do not believe will play a part in this decision , should it ever take place , as I believe what now drives the player is the chance of surpassing both Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in terms of the NBA championships won as a player. Bill Russell may well have won eleven title as a player and coach with the Boston Celtics . No one, will ever come close to matching that feat as a player. So we can now start to adjudge James on what he ow has to achieve to be mentioned in the same breath or sentence as Johnson and Jordan , as two of the best to have ever played the game or to have graced a basketball court with their athleticism . Only time will tell and the feats achieved can best tell us reality how great LeBron James is likely to become , but for the moment incessant chatter will remain as many from varying fields of the diaspora will discuss and debate the issue.

Miami, will begin the defense of its crown with a home game at the AA Arena against the Chicago Bulls and hopefully a fully recovered and rejuvenated Derrick Rose . The former league MVP was sorely missed last season by his teammates and fans alike and his presence on NBA court is far more welcomed than seeing him on the sidelines merely cheering on his team . The fans themselves, having waited long and hard for this event, will most certainly be looking to see what the talented point guard will have to offer the fans after his long absence away from the court .



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From my own perspective, it will be interesting to see whether or not LeBron James and his teammates can join a select group of teams and players to have won three consecutive NBA titles . It is a feat, that is rarely accomplished in any of the four major team sports. Yet , when it does happen , it should a feat that should be acclaimed and lauded for its uniqueness , if nothing else , because these are the feats that separate the great athletes from many of their peers and gives credence to their greatness. As to those who feel to the contrary, then by all means , use this forum to state your reasons why . Thanks as always, for the continued support of this site and its broad-based content , as it is greatly appreciated !

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(1) Sep 26, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) hands off to running back Frank Gore (21) for a 34 yard touchdown during the first half against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome. San Francisco defeated St. Louis 35-11 . Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports …

(2) Rams’ tight end Jared Cook catches a pass that was tipped by Donte Whitner during the second quarter of a game played at the Edward Jones Stadium , in St Louis Missouri ,. The Niners would go on to win the game 35-11 , pushing their record to 2-2 , while the Rams’ record is pushed to 1-3 within the NFC West . AP Photo / Tom Gannam …

(3) Quarterback Tom Brady (12) of the New England Patriots talks to receivers Aaron Dobson (17), Kenbrell Thompkins , Julian Edelman (11) and Michael Hoomanawanui in the huddle during the second half of their 23-3 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Gillette Stadium on September 22, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Getty Images North America / Winslow Townson …

(4) Josh Freeman (5) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reacts after throwing an incomplete pass in the second half against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on September 22, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Buccaneers’ starting quarterback is the only player at his position with a completion rate of below fifty per-cent (50 %) in the NFL with a completion percentage rate of 45.7 % and a QBR of 59.3 a which ranks the player at the bottom of the league (NFL) of the quarterbacks ranked through week three . Getty Images / Jim Rogash ….

(5) Josh Freeman (5) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws down-field against the New England Patriots during the first half at Gillette Stadium on September 22, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Getty Images / Winslow Towson …..

(6) New York Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera acknowledges the crowd at Yankee Stadium during the eighth inning of a game played against AL East divisional rivals the Tampa Bay Rays , played on Thursday evening the 26th September . This would be the closer’s final appearance as a player at Yankee Stadium as a player for the venerable organization . Tampa would come away with a 4-0 victory . AP Photo / Kathy Willens .

(7) Fans at Yankee Stadium hold up a sign to show their appreciation of Mariano Rivera and what he meant to them and their appreciation of his career. AP Photo / Kathy Willens ….

(8) Alex Rodriguez grimaces as he watches a play from the dugout during a game played against the New Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday evening at Yankee Stadium . Rodriguez faces a very uncertain off-season , as he now awaits a verdict in his appeal’s process in front of an independent arbitrator Ken Horowitz and the allegation of his use of a banned substance , a claim which Rodriguez denies . AP Photo / Kathy Willens …

(9) Robinson Cano (24) of the New York Yankees drives in a run and slides safely into second base with a double as Kelly Johnson (2) of the Tampa Bay Rays is late with the tag during the first inning of their game on September 25, 2013 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. The Yankees’ player seeks a new long-term contract , with the figures being suggested __ a ten-year $305 million . It is of utmost urgency that Cano be re-signed by a team whose aging core now seems past their prime . As to whether or not Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman are likely to meet the demands of Cano and his agent remains to be seen, as the team owner has suggested that he would like to reduce the team payroll below $ 200 million to avoid having to pay the luxury tax . A tax that a number of team owners now feel has outlived its use , while MLB Commissioner Bud Selig still believes serves a purpose. Al Bello / Getty Images ……

(10) LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat sits on the court and reacts in the second half while taking on the San Antonio Spurs during Game Six of the 2013 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena on June 18, 2013 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images / Karl Powers …..

(11) Ray Allen (34), Dwyane Wade (3), LeBron James (6) and Mario Chalmers (15) of the Miami Heat celebrate from the bench in the fourth quarter while taking on the San Antonio Spurs during Game Two of the 2013 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena on June 9, 2013 in Miami, Florida . Getty Images North America / Christian Petersen ….


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  1. Kaepernick was back to his best in leading the Niners over the Rams in last night’s game . Now we can see if over the rest of their season they can play themselves back into divisional contention as the Seahawks still remain the better of the two teams not just within the NFC West but also the conference .

    “You may not like what you see when you wake up each morning and look in the mirror , but I do , because I’m a quarterback in the NFL . So don’t hate me or the player , just hate the game , ’cause I’m always gonna play , ’cause I’m a winner ” ! Josh Freeman

    Let’s see how the idiots from the Pewter Report will now try and spin this concerning Freeman and Schiano .

    Josh Freeman should begin to look at himself in the mirror , because his interview , to be seen on ESPN this weekend with reporter Josina Anderson , has him coming off as a spoiled child who has lost his favorite toy . The fact at present , he might be the worst quarterback now playing in the NFL should be a cause for the player , rather than something of a consolation . His performances have been downright mediocre . Bear in mind also he has lost the loyalty of his teammates , and this interview suggest that he now no longer gives a damn .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Bucs’ Josh Freeman talks trade

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman, who lost his starting job to rookie Mike Glennon on Wednesday, says a trade is “probably the best option” for him.

    In an interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson on Thursday, Freeman discussed his benching and whether he wants out of Tampa.

    “You know, I don’t for a number of reasons,” he said. “But the bottom line is, if you want things to change, something has got to change. At the end of the day, yes, I think that moving forward, that might be, that is going to be probably the best option.”

    There are five weeks until the trade deadline. If a team loses a starting quarterback and has interest in Freeman, the Bucs would be willing to trade him, ESPN NFL Insiders Adam Schefter and Ed Werder reported this week. Tampa Bay general manager Mark Dominik told USA Today this week that the Bucs hadn’t been contacted by any teams seeking a trade for Freeman.

    “The bottom line is for me as [a] player, I can’t worry about everyone else,” Freeman said Thursday. “I can’t worry about what everybody is doing. I just have to focus on the best situation for me. …

    “Obviously the head coach [Greg Schiano] has come out and said that this isn’t the place for me to be a starting quarterback. He doesn’t think that I give this team the best chance to win. I don’t agree, but at the same time, I’m the player and he’s the coach. Whatever happens next, I’m moving on. I’m going to be excited to go out and make the most of any situation.”

    Freeman, who completed less than 50 percent of his passes during the Bucs’ 0-3 start, was not elected a team captain this season despite being one the previous three years. He is the franchise leader in touchdown passes with 80 but has only two TD passes to three interceptions this season. A first-round draft choice in 2009 (he was taken 17th overall), Freeman is in the final season of his rookie contract.

    Click on link to read in full .

    Freeman is a selfish piece of crap whose immaturity is clearly on show for everyone to witness in his interview with ESPN’s Josina Anderson .

    There is so much frigging incompetency that has been ongoing on inside and outside of the Yankees’ front office that it has simply been embarrassing to see the team play , much less having to deal with inane idiocy of Alex Rodriguez , Brian Cashman , and Joe Girardi ,. who now appears to be resigned to possibly losing his job . His handling of the staff has been way beyond disastrous and his backing of Rodriguez has been the height of absolute hypocrisy . Late Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner must be embarrassed by how incompetent his damn children have become .

    Daughters Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal and Jessica Steinbrenner, widow Joan Steinbrenner, Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner and senior vice president Hank Steinbrenner (l. to r.) gather in front of the memorial dedicated to the late George M. Steinbrenner, a true original.

    It is obvious that the idiots who provide the analysis on baseball for ESPN , have no idea what the hell they are talking about when they suggest that the Yankees will not be bullied into offering Robinson Cano a ten-year $300 million contract . It will be either that figure, but not considerably less than that , because the player is likely to go elsewhere and be offered a deal close to that figure .

    Hal Steinbrenner is a prick . At the start of the season , it was his intent to pare down the team’s payroll to under $200 million . Instead he added Vernon Wells’ bloated contract in the process along with Alfonso Soriano . Now the team will miss the playoffs and meanwhile the roster looks closer in comparison to a list of aging geriatrics , whose best years have passed them by .

    No matter who succeeds Bud Selig in 2015 as baseball’s next commissioner , the sport will remain in a vacuum in terms of any real intelligence , even if the promotion comes from within baseball’s own hierarchy or by way of a general manager from one of the teams .




    Jim Gray is no more a journalist , than Miley Cyrus can be considered talented . All of that was stretched out into almost one hour of utter garbage by the sports broadcast outlet .

    No one really wants to a redux of ” The Decision” concerning LeBron James ___ his now insidious and self-serving interview with that piece of fecal matter , Jim Gray . If Gray could have inserted his tongue into LBJ’s sphincter and then licked the player’s scrotum , he would have willingly done so , without being asked .


    1. Freeman has had only one really good season, other than that he’s been mediocre. While I don’t think Greg Schiano really wanted him as his QB, we see that happen a lot, as new coaches want their guy. And clearly Freeman wasn’t Schiano’s guy. Freeman just needs to be a professional, and wait for an opportunity to prove himself elsewhere.


      1. Josh Freeman was drafted way too high and too early in the 2010 NFL Draft . Then head coach Raheem Morris (now coaching ass’t with the Redskins) had far better options at the time . Yet he was sold on the player , merely from having been a coaching coordinator at Kansas State . Now we have seen that Freeman was never that good to begin with . Furthermore , in light of the rumors now flying that he has a medical issue (ADHD) for which it now appears, he crossed the lines of the league’s substance abuse policy , in taking a non-prescribed medication for his alleged medical condition .

        Mike Glennon as a rookie will have his problems but the Bucs’ defense was woefully inept , as too was the defense against the Cardinals . How many times did Larry Fitzgerald simply ” burn “ Darrelle Revis on Sunday ? Revis is good , the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman is now the best corner-back in the NFL , bar none !

        tophatal …………………


  2. 🙂

    “Josh has nothing to worry about I can’t suck anymore than he has this season ” . Mike Glennon

    “Don’t hate player , hate the game “ . Hell no ! I hate Josh Freeman and his frigging game . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    “Josh Freeman’s demotion is racially motivated and I will be writing a column in The Ledger about his mistreatment by the Buccaneers “ Rick Brown sports’ columnist for the Polk County newspaper The Ledger .

    Rick Brown is a delusional @ss , who makes Jason Whitlock seem like a damn genius, at times .


    Now look who’s being made to look like an @ss , none other than Greg Schiano . .

    tophatal …………….


    1. I think Mike Glennon has potential, but there’s no guarantee that he will end up any better than Josh Freeman. I think Glennon has probably shown better than Freeman off the field, in terms of being a professional, and carrying himself like an NFL QB should, where as Freeman still has some work to do in that area. But Bucs might end up in posisiton where they may have take a QB early in the draft next season if Glennon fails to make the job his.


      1. For far too long the Bucs never sought to address the quarterback issue , even while Jon Gruden was the head coach . Now look at where they are at , and how diabolical the situation has become ? What I find really asinine are the segments that Gruden hosts on ESPN , when he sits down with college players at the position (quarterback) to discuss their craft . Let’s look at this logically , what damn quarterback has the former Bucs’ coach ever developed at any level of his professional coaching career ?



        Someone shove a banana in Gruden’s rectum to see how he’d react .

        tophatal ……………….


        1. Rich Gannon became a three-time pro bowl selection while playing QB for John Gruden with the Raiders. Up until that point Gannon was considered a career journeyman QB. That’s the only one I can think of


          1. Jon Gruden did absolutely nothing for Rich Gannon’s game and only the uninitiated or someone with clouded judgment would try make an argument that it was Gruden who turned Gannon’s career around . The former Raiders’ quarterback could play but injuries and not being in the right environment led to his issues .

            Remind me what happened when Gannon and the Raiders then faced the Buccaneers in the Superbowl , if as you state he was Pro Bowl caliber player ?

            Since then , who has the former Bucs’ honed into a player ? I rest my case . You’re not thinking in such an instance , merely following the sheep and those inane analysts who half the time with their adoration of coaches , simply have no time to do any damn research and would rather insert their appendage in a coach’s rectum .

            Look at Gruden’s draft classes with both the Raiders and Buccaneers <b< and tell me what you see ?


  3. When the Miami Heat begins the defense of their title this season in a home game against the Chicago Bulls they are likely to meet a revamped Bulls’ team and physically more aggressive point guard in Derrick Rose , who is said to be back at his best , as well as having put on an additional 15 lbs of muscle during this past off season as part of his recuperation and rehab process .

    This off-season Rose has packed on an additional 10-15 lbs of muscle and has been working out with close confidante and colleague a href=http://nba.com/playerfile/kevin_durant/bio.html> Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder .

    Heat vs (regular season meetings 41-51) Bulls

    Chicago Bulls’ news

    Miami Heat news


    tophatal ……………


  4. The AL wild-card race as exciting as it appears to be , is now turning into something of an mitigated disaster as three teams the Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers and Texas Rangers are unable distance themselves from one another . As good as each of the trio have been playing , you somehow get the feeling that it will now come down to the last day of season to decide which two of these three will then go on to face each other in a one-game elimination decider .

    “I don’t drive drunk ,. I’m just driven to drink ” Aldon Smith

    So the Niners’ defensive player Aldon Smith will be paid as he takes what is said to be an indefinite leave of absence as he undergoes rehab for alcoholism . The player in the past eighteen months has committed in total three DUI’s , and had a drunken disorderly charged leveled against him . What the hell is up with that and why hasn’t the NFL or Niners done something about the player’s behavior ? The NFL cares about as much , as if this were a minor spat between two girls arguing over a boy .

    This is an idiotic action by the Niners’ front office and sends the wrong message to the fans and public at large .

    Goodell can punish guys with impunity for committing late hits on the field of play, but when @ssholes such as Smith , are out in public endangering the lives of the public , not a damn thing is being done by either the NFL or the NFLPA (union) . If I hear one more excuse about alcoholism being used as a disease or it being a behavioral issue , when it is clear that this is an act of the player’s own volition . Then I say to the idiots , seeking to excuse this type of behavior and ask of you all . If Smith had killed someone , what would your opinion be of the player ? This moron, is an immature and irresponsible ass .

    tophatal …………….


  5. Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria has fired front office executive Larry Beinfest , head of Baseball Operations for the franchise . Unfortunately , this idiot of an owner still retains Michael Hill , the general manager and his stepson David Samson as part of the front office staff . And you wonder why this ball club has been so mediocre over the past two seasons in the NL East .

    From left to right , Beinfest , Loria and Sansome .

    The Marlins are past their “sell by date ” and they stink as much as a carton of milk that is at least six weeks past its expiration date .




    ” So you’ve nothing to fit me in my size ” ?


    In 2014 as a way providing more stimulating entertainment for the preponderance of male fans attending Marlins Ballpark and a way of increasing attendance for the home games , females in attending games will be paid to flash their tits .


  6. Jerry Jones believes that Jason Garrett is evolving as a head coach . It’s time for Jerry to pick up a book and read about child developmental issues , as it’s clear that there is something wrong with the Cowboys’ head coach and growth his development .

    Courtesy of NBC Sports

    Jerry Jones calls Jason Garrett a young coach who’s still evolving

    Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says coach Jason Garrett has learned on the job and changed his approach to offense.

    According to Jones, Garrett is still young enough and flexible enough that he can make significant changes to the way he game plans. Jones said on his radio show on KRLD 105.3 FM that Garrett is fundamentally different from a coach like Ernie Zampese, the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator from 1994 to 1997 and offensive consultant in 2000 and 2001, who installed his own offense everywhere he went. Jones says Garrett can change on the fly.

    “He’s a young coach, and one of the things you’ve got to remember, that you should remember, is that, as a young coach, your system should be evolving,” Jones said, via the Star-Telegram. “There shouldn’t be a system that you’ve hung on for years and years and years. Ernie Zampese, for instance. Jason’s fresh in his evolving, as far as scheme is concerned.”

    For the record, Garrett isn’t all that young: He’s been around the NFL as a player or a coach for a quarter of a century, and at age 47 he’s older than Rob Chudzinski, Jim Schwartz, Gus Bradley, Dennis Allen, Mike Tomlin, Mike McCoy and Greg Schiano. But Jones praised Garrett for his willingness to adjust to new offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, and to the increased game-planning role for quarterback Tony Romo.

    “Plus we’ve added a Romo emphasis in it. That’s changed, too. We’ve had some dramatic change with the Cowboys since last year,” Jones said.

    So far, Jones likes the results of those dramatic changes.

    Click on link to read in full.

    If Garrett is still evolving then what does that suggest about the growth of both Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh in terms of the success they have attained for both of their respective franchises ? The Cowboys’ owner remain an itinerant ass whose only real acumen is to make money while selling the Cowboys’ fans an inferior product .

    Furthermore , what the hell is wrong with former Cowboys’ quarterback Roger Staubach ? If he believes that Tony Romo is a top-five quarterback in the NFL , then clearly the Hall of Fame player needs to back on his medication . Romo has one win in three postseason games and repeatedly makes excuses for his lackluster performances when facing real adversity and he simply does not lead by example in terms of leadership of his team . Tony Romo is simply an overrated and an overpaid player at his position .

    Roger Staubach: Cowboys are ‘lucky’ to have a ‘championship’ QB like Tony Romo

    Former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach spoke with 105.3 The Fan’s Nathan & MDog last week, here are some of the highlights:

    On Tony Romo: b

    “I’m a Tony Romo fan. Obviously there are people that are right with me and others that say Roger, you know. Well, I just look at it. I just have a feel. I had a feel when Troy Aikman came to this team. That’s the first time I had a feel other than when Danny White left. Danny White was a really good quarterback by the way, and I don’t think we had a quarterback again that walked onto the field, you said, “Hey, we’re going to win this game,” until Troy Aikman. Troy Aikman was phenomenal. I think Tony Romo is a championship quarterback. He can take a team to a championship. He can’t do it by himself, but I really believe he can do it. I just see what he does on the field, the plays he makes, the throws he makes, the sense that he has to move in the pocket so I’m pulling really hard for Tony because I really believe he is one heck of a quarterback, and that’s a feeling from somebody that I didn’t say that about any other quarterbacks except for Troy Aikman. I think Tony is the right quarterback, and we’re lucky to have Tony Romo.”

    On if there is any hope for Cowboys fans:

    “I think there is hope in many of the seasons we’ve had since Troy’s days in the 90s. We had the 13-3 year and we lost to the Giants in that opening playoff game so we’ve had kind of rough roll. But there is 10-12 teams this year that have a shot at it, and Dallas will have a shot at it. When you’re 8-8, you can be 10-6. The Giants a few years ago were 7-7 and ended up 9-7 and got to the Super Bowl. Last year, Baltimore was kind of hurting at the end of the year. If Dez Bryant doesn’t have two fingers out of bounds, who knows so at least I think Dallas has got the talent to be competitive with the league. We have hope that we can get to the playoffs and once you’re in the playoffs, anything can happen.”

    Staubach needs to resume taking Viagra or Cialis . Perhaps that might aid him and his brain in being more receptive to actual common sense ?

    Apathy know thy name , because it now comes in the form of idiots currently and formerly associated with the Dallas Cowboys

    tophatal ………….


  7. What surprises me is that San Fran is only 2-2. I thought they would be at least 3-1 or 4-0. Seattle is very good. I didn’t think the Seahawks would kill the 49ers.The Eagles I thought would be about where they are currently 1-2. The shocks are 0-3 Giants and Skins. 1-2 Packers and Falcons. Miami 3-0. Jets 2-1 are huge surprises.


    1. bobby gee

      After last season’s success the Niners got a little too cocky and complacent and much of that came by of their quarterback Colin Kaepernick who had a terrific postseason . Now having started the season with two losses and now finding themselves looking up at the Seahawks within the NFC West , head coach soc Jim Harbaugh knows that his team cannot afford anymore slip-ups along the way, as a 11-5 or 10-6 record might preclude them from making the postseason .

      The Seahawks and Colts have shown everyone the blueprint as to how best to defeat the Niners and I do believe that a number of other teams are like to follow suite when they also take on Harbaugh’s team this season .


              1. he got beat up. The Eagles are very bad right now. We will see what happpens with crummy game of the week Giants Eagles. One team has to win.


    2. bobby

      The Giants , Packers and Falcons have average defenses and that signals a problem for all three teams over the remainder of the season .

      I am not really surprised by the Dolphins , because I always felt that with the right weapons around him Ryan Tannehill is a very good quarterback .

      This early in the season for the Jets to be 2-1 is simply a blessing . Let’s see what happens over the remainder of their schedule and how Geno Smith continues to deal with it all . So far , he hasn’t exactly been the pick of the litter in terms of the AFC quarterbacks or the NFL as a whole , but he also has a tendency to throw picks at the most inopportune of moments .

      tophatal ………


  8. No one will question the fact that the Yankees were pitiful this season with few bright spots to point to . And though everyone got teary-eyed with the retirement of Mariano Rivera , beyond that , was there really anything worth mentioning as far as the team was concerned ?

    Now everyone is questioning whether or not the ball-club should now offer Robinson Cano anywhere close to $300 million over ten years . The last thing I want to hear is the likes of @ssholes such as Tim Kurkjian and Buster Olney stating that the Yankees will not be, or should not be making that type of a deal and the same applies to another self-absorbed prick , Keith Olbermann , whose return to ESPN has been about as welcoming as catching a STD (sexually transmitted disease) . Where were the trio in question, when the organization started to “break the bank “ themselves in offering the ludicrous contracts, that have now become widespread within the game of baseball ?

    Highest paid players in the game

    Team payroll 2013 salaries ( team)

    Highest paid pitcher , fist baseman , short-stop and third baseman .

    tophatal …………..


    1. Chris

      Given that Jay-z is looking to prove himself as an agent , this will be the opportunity for him to do so and for those who seem to doubt his involvement in sports’ management . RocNation Sports wasn’t merely set up as a boutique agency as it has some serious money backing it along with a group well known sports’ attorneys on board . This is a joint venture between Roc Nation and CAA Sports (one of the largest) sports’ management firms in the world with offices worldwide . .

      Robinson Cano is a life-time .300 hitter and has been extremely productive since he came into the Majors . Now bear in mind that his career is not as heralded as that of players such as Josh Hamilton , Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez , all of whom are being paid a king’s ransom but this season they have done not a goddamn thing for their respective teams .

      Cano is by far the best player on the Yankees’ roster without a doubt and if the Yankees are not prepared to meet his agent’s asking price then in all likelihood someone like the Angels or Dodgers are likely to step up to the plate and at least come close to that figure (ten years $ 300 million) . You seem to forget that Alex Rodriguez over the course of his career has signed two $250 million deals , and all he has brought to the table over the past five years has been noting but controversy and a great deal of embarrassment to the Yankees’ organization . In his time with the ball club Cano has yet cause that franchise any problems .

      tophatal ……….


  9. Phenomenal performance last night by Rays’ starting pitcher David Price in pitching a complete game on the way to the team’s victory (5-2) over the under-achieving Texas Rangers . Where were Beltre and Josh Hamilton last night ? The Rangers are an extremely bad team in the postseason that repeatedly choke when in the face of real adversity .

    The Cubs fire Dale Sveum , not a real surprise at all . Will Joe Girardi succeed him , as he becomes a free agent manager this off-season ?

    tophatal …………..


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