The road less traveled , often too bumpy with an ox and cart …….

The road less traveled , often too bumpy with an ox and cart …….

The MLB postseason is now at its penultimate stage, before it enters the final phase with the World Series . With four teams vying for the two remaining berths available for the game’s biggest showcase . In the ALCS , we have the Boston Red Sox matched up against the Detroit Tigers , with the winner looking to be the AL representative . In the NLCS , in what is now turning out to be somewhat of a thrilling contest with the Los Angeles Dodgers and their $215 million payroll , as they now find themselves on the brink of elimination in their series against the St Louis Cardinals .


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Now while fans would obviously suggest that the Dodgers’ season was a successful one , in the aftermath of what appears to be an inspired move by Don Mattingly with the introduction of Yasiel Puig into the Dodgers’ lineup . It has to be said that, that in this series , in spite of Puig’s presence , the team simply has not fared as well , as many had expected . Down 3-2 against a Cardinals’ team , who in game five came up with an inept performance . It has to be said, that with the two final games of the series returning to Busch Stadium in St Louis Missouri, it is difficult to envisage how the Dodgers will seek to erase this deficit and then take this contest outright.

If the Los Angeles Dodgers were to fail at this juncture, I cannot help but wonder how the front office will view the season overall in the advent of such a series’ defeat. Clearly, for the owners, specifically lead partners , Magic Johnson , Mark Walter , Todd Boehly and Peter Guber , a number of decisions are likely to be made in conjunction with team President Stan Kasten and GM Ned Colletti , concerning the current makeup of this team .

Jim Leyland and the Detroit Tigers are proving to be a very resilient team throughout this postseason . The team’s pitching and offense has remained consistent, with Jhonny Peralta , Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez leading the way for the ball-club. The Tigers are on a mission this postseason , seeking redemption after their dismal display in the 2012 World Series against the San Francisco Giants , where the exploits of slugger Pablo Sandoval were made to look all the more astonishing against what was meant to be an outstanding pitching lineup. Not to be outdone by this all, John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox showed the baseball world why this team why the won the AL East with a great deal of ease , while the fans of the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles were bemoaning their problems . To put it politely , the Orioles relied primarily on a player whose exploits this season will come under a great deal of suspicion in the coming years . Chris Davis hit fifty home runs in a season for the first time in his career and here, we had idiots lauding the feat , especially in light of the numerous suspensions rendered by baseball’s hierarchy in 2013 . Beyond that, there was not much more about Baltimore’s season to admire beyond Davis’ exploits and that of Manny Machado . For the Tampa Bay Rays , it was simply the optimism of their fans and their short run in the postseason , as the team simply was not good enough , once they made it into the divisional round of the postseason .

This series between the Red Sox and Tigers , has become an all-out assault on the fans’ senses , in terms of the productivity shown by the two teams in this ALCS contest . And with Detroit, now squared at two games apiece (2-2) , it will now become a test of will between the both teams and which shows the desire to take the “spoils of war ” .

Away from the postseason , beyond the ongoing idiocy of New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez seeking to sue just about anyone , whom he feels , may well have slighted him and impugned his reputation. It appears that saga will be ongoing for the foreseeable future .

The list of eligible candidates in 2014 for Cooperstown and the Hall of Fame , now seems endless . We have repeat aspirants, many of whom are being nominated for the process, for at least the fourteenth time . As to what this might suggest about the BBWAA and their issues over the careers of Jack Morris , Don Mattingly , Alan Trammell and Lee Smith , I believe has more to do with the lack of credibility amongst the adjudicators of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) !. These are the very same individuals who cover the sport and who simply turned a blind eye to the steroid era , yet now we are to believe , that they bring with them, the utmost integrity, in terms of their judgment and who ought to be eligible for the game’s highest honor, outside of winning a league MVP award or a World Series’ ring ?



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I have always felt that the game of baseball has been replete with utter incompetence and stupidity on so many levels , that you can no longer take the sport seriously on its merits ! Purists might try and suggest the contrary , but simply look at the two decade long tenure of Bud Selig , and then try to make a case where he has added to the integrity of the game ? The clock is ticking folks , have at it, and come hard or come soft , but at least try to come up with something relevant if you can, and then we can perhaps have something of a debate on the facts, as we know them to be.


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(1) Yasiel Puig (66) of the Los Angeles Dodgers slides back safely into first base in the second inning against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game Four of the National League Championship Series at Dodger Stadium on October 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images / Harry How ….

(2) (L-R) Mark Ellis (14) of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate scoring a run in the fourth inning with Andre Ethier (16) against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game Three of the National League Championship Series at Dodger Stadium on October 14, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Harry How / Getty Images …

(3) Miguel Cabrera (24) of the Detroit Tigers hits a single in the second inning against the Boston Red Sox during Game Four of the American League Championship Series at Comerica Park on October 16, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. Getty Images / Ronald Martinez …..

(4) The Detroit Tigers Jack Morris pitches in the 1984 World Series Game 4 vs. San Diego Padres at Tiger Stadium in Detroit, MI . Morris will induction into Baseball’s Hall of Fame , on his fourteenth attempt since becoming eligible . 10/84 Credit: John Iacono ….

(5) Lee Smith seen here meets with members of the press in Midland Texas at a public function to honor the former baseball big league player . Cindeka Nealy / copyrighted material @ all rights reserved ….



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  1. As the MLB postseason goes this could be great , if the fans are granted two good teams in the series itself . In light of how things are now going it is difficult to suggest what World Series’ match-up would make for the best television viewing event . Clearly there are those who would prefer to see Dodgers taking on the Red Sox , while other might lean towards seeing the Cardinals against the Tigers . Either way , it hopefully will make for a great deal of excitement as baseball needs all of the positive reinforcement that it can get after a season of frigging madness provided by A Rod , Ryan Braun and the continued buffoonery of Bud Selig !

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    MLB postseason (2013)

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  2. If the likes of Lee Smith and Jack Morris can’t get into the Hall of Fame given their credentials , then what does that suggest about the BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America ) , as the body, who are the final arbiters in terms of the decision making process ? And fans are now trying to suggest that the latest idiocy within College Football , where the likes of Pat Haden , Tom Osbourne and Condolezza Rice will add integrity and character within their decision making process , in determining a national champion at the FBS/D1 level will be good for the game ? Yeah , I hear that the Roman Catholic Church now wants to see if allowing their priests to masturbate , while looking at pictures of young boys will cause them irreparable harm psychologically , if they are also not allowed to go out into the masses and practice the art of pederasty.

    Lee Smith and Jack Morris below .



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  3. Tophat wrote ” And fans are now trying to suggest that the latest idiocy within College Football , where the likes of Pat Haden , Tom Osbourne and Condolezza Rice will add integrity and character within their decision making process , in determining a national champion at the FBS/D1 level will be good for the game ? Yeah , I hear that the Roman Catholic Church now wants to see if allowing their priests to masturbate ,”
    You scoff at 3 individuals that have a pristine reputation and you offer no positive alternative.


    1. Ronbets

      Scoff ? Why not scoff ? I mean , when it’s all said and done, what is likely to be achieved by this all ? Will it actually make the picture any clearer in truly determining a national champion at the FBS level ? I mean did you actually consider that before you wrote your response ? You have failed to acknowledge that money also drives that all , but you’re talking about the reputations of these individuals . It is so comedic that I can’t help but begin to laugh at this juncture . Next you’ll be telling me that Sarah Palin should be added to the panel because of what she could undoubtedly bring having been an athlete in college , having played basketball as a point guard.

      Any idiot can place a bunch of intellectuals in a room to discuss a topic
      , it does not necessarily mean that they will come up with an answer , let alone the right answer or something that is deemed to be fair . Consider that as well , if you can, and then we can debate this matter in depth.

      America has some of the best financial gurus in the world but not one of them , much less the US Congress has any damn idea how to get this country out of its current recession . Yet on the sporting landscape , you believe these individuals can actually address this matter and come with something equitable for all ? Are you really that naive ?

      The only alternative is stop with this idiocy that an empaneled group of individuals can deal with and address this matter . Let the games themselves played on the field where the results will determine a true champion . Here in the US , fans tend to con-volute every aspect of a sporting event , and in an instance such as this , it is only being done in order to make even more money for the conferences and the BCS . At the end of the day , it is not the student athletes benefiting from this all , but the administrators, coaches , and the educational establishments . So let’s be real for once and stop with damn idiocy that the likes of Haden , Rice and Osbourne will supply any sort of solution to what is already a corrupt system . Something that you have not even chosen to acknowledge, but yet you question , why I have not made a suggestion ? Really ? Come on man , if you’re going to come at me , come up with something pertinent and actually relevant to the subject matter .


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  4. I still think the Cards and the Red Sox will be in the World Series. Boston is up 3-2 Tambem Cards over the Dodgers. Sox are athome and should win it. St Louis are at home and they should in it but this doesn’t mean it will happen.


    1. bobby

      I believe the St Louis Cardinals to be a better all-round team than the Los Angeles Dodgers ! Fan are too awe struck by the so called stars on that Dodgers’ team and all of the money (payroll) that surrounds the organization in terms of the owners and the team’s exorbitant value .

      Magic Johnson and his partners overpaid ($2.156 billion) for the organization , in another unscrupulous deal that Bud Selig’s imprints were all over in spite of their being a Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge presiding over the actual hearing along with lawyers for the creditors as well as the debtor (Dodgers).

      What’s wrong with this picture ? Johnson and former Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt .

      Did you realize that after this bankruptcy reorganization and debt restructuring , it is alleged that the team’s former owner Frank McCourt was able to walk away with almost $200 million in his pocket ? How the hell is that allowed to happen , after McCourt’s misdeeds concerning the baseball franchise ? Bud Selig remains a complete buffoon , and he is just as much to blame for that debacle as Frank McCourt . .

      Courtesy of the LA Times

      It’s one sweet deal for McCourt
      Sales agreement with Guggenheim shows he will play a key role in whether the NFL returns to L.A. — and profit either way .

      By Bill Shaikin , LA Times

      The key provision makes clear that McCourt retains a crucial role in determining whether the NFL returns to Los Angeles. McCourt could win either way: by luring the NFL to the Dodger Stadium site, or by pocketing $150 million if he cannot.

      When McCourt sold the Dodgers last year, the sale price was announced as $2.15 billion, for the team, the stadium and half-ownership of the parking lots surrounding the stadium. The deal also calls for Guggenheim to invest as much as $650 million in a real estate development fund run by McCourt — for projects not on the Dodger Stadium property — and for him to receive an annual management fee, starting at $5.5 million.

      The deal also guarantees McCourt at least $7 million per year in fees the Dodgers pay to rent the parking lots and grants him the option to sell back his stake in those lots to Guggenheim no later than 2017, for $150 million. Alternatively, McCourt could buy back part of the land for the construction of a sports venue.

      Although McCourt agreed to sell the Dodgers as part of a U.S. Bankruptcy Court settlement with Major League Baseball, he was not required to sell the surrounding land. As part of a deal designed to preempt a scheduled auction, and after discussions with McCourt, Guggenheim agreed that he could profit from future development and retain a role in the city’s sports future.

      “Our goal was to put together a proposal that got a yes,” Guggenheim partner and Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly said Wednesday. Boehly met with The Times to explain and clarify the financial summary of the deal.

      None of the competing bidders were believed to have offered more than $1.6 billion for the team.

      Guggenheim informed MLB of the previously secret terms Wednesday. MLB officials declined to comment, as did a representative for McCourt.

      However, MLB has asked its attorneys to review the terms, according to a person familiar with league matters but not authorized to discuss them. The league’s concern is that the Dodgers’ parking and operational rights not be harmed by a new sports stadium.

      Boehly confirmed that Guggenheim has held preliminary discussions with the NFL.

      “They are very much in tune that this opportunity comes as a collaboration between McCourt and Guggenheim,” Boehly said.

      NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined to discuss specifics regarding McCourt or Guggenheim.

      “We are interested in several sites in the Los Angeles area and expect to continue talking to developers and landowners as appropriate,” Aiello said.

      As of Wednesday morning, Boehly said, he was not sure if the NFL had been informed of the previously undisclosed terms regarding McCourt’s involvement.

      “I don’t believe the NFL has all the details at this point,” Boehly said. “It hasn’t gotten to that level of discussion. We haven’t hidden the fact that it is us together.”


      Click on link to read in full .

      It’s all in the details but is clear that McCourt came out ahead , but yet Bud Selig tried to maintain that no one lost out in this deal . What a load of ##cking bull#hit !

      tophatal …………………


  5. Ronbets

    What is the pristine reputation that Condoleezza Rice is said to have ? Also the same can be said of Pat Haden , after he took over from Mike Garrett and it was alleged and proven that Lane Kiffin had once again violated NCAA rules (communications & recruitment) and Haden did not reprimand the then head coach of the football team . Please stop it with this asinine piety concerning the two . At the same time all the NCAA sought to do was to send a letter of reprimand to the school. So pray do tell , what makes Haden so unique ? Please , I would most definitely like to hear , your answer to that !

    Rice as the NSC adviser was a joke and an even bigger failure , as Secretary of State and you believe that sets them apart from others ?

    tophatal ……………..


  6. What’s the difference between having a bunch of intellectuals gathered in a room to discuss how to deem a national champion in football and that of having a gathering of Nobel Laureates ? The Laureates are likely to come up with something relevant . Not so in the case of a bunch self-absorbed @ssholes who at the end of the day , their decision is likely to be rendered meaningless , because the real powers that be , in this case, the broadcast networks will be far more influential than the so called panelists themselves , being put together by the BCS . How is it that no one with a goddamn iota of common sense can realize that fact ? Or is it simply apathy as usual amongst the masses ?

    NY Daily News

    Condoleezza Rice, Tom Osborne and Archie Manning among 13 on College Football Playoff selection committee

    The committee will choose four teams to play in the national semifinals and seed them. The winners of those games will play a week later for the national championship.

    Associated Press

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Nebraska coach Tom Osborne and Hall of Fame quarterback Archie Manning are among the 13 people who will be part of the College Football Playoff selection committee in 2014.

    The selection committee was officially unveiled Wednesday, though the names of the members were reported last week by The Associated Press and other media outlets. Earlier this week, Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long was announced as the chairman of the first committee for the new playoff system that replaces the Bowl Championship Series next year.

    The committee will choose four teams to play in the national semifinals and seed them. The winners of those games will play a week later for the national championship.

    Long and BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock announced the members at news conference at the College Football Playoff offices in Irving, Texas. The committee is made up of current athletic directors, former players and coaches and college administrators.

    “Our work will be difficult, but rewarding at the same time,” Long said. “We have important judgments to make during that process. We realize we represent all of college football.”

    The rest of the members:

    . Barry Alvarez, athletic director, Wisconsin

    . Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, former superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy.

    . Pat Haden, athletic director, Southern California.

    Click on link to read in full.

    This panel will be no different from the idiots, viewers now see on tv reality talent shows such as ‘The Voice’ , ‘ AI ‘ (American Idol) , The X Factor , America’s Got Talent . The list goes on and is endless . Is this now what College Football has now come to at the FBS Level ?

    I guess Condoleezza Rice will get emotional , each time Stanford isn’t the mix ? And the same may well go for Tom Osbourne with Nebraska (Cornhuskers) and Pat Haden with the USC Trojans . Never-mind , how dear ol’ Archie Manning might feel about it all .

    tophatal ……………………


  7. Tophat,
    I don’t have the time for voluntary debates. I will say that you offer only negative connotations to the matter and zero potential solutions. It’s always easier to implode a structure that to build one. The 13 member committee consists of honorable people. Why the reference to the Catholic Church when comparing these people?


    1. Ronbets

      What’s negative in stating the damn obvious , and it is that the broadcast outlets’ influence , will be far greater than that of the empaneled group in question ?

      And I offered a solution, by stating that the decision should be left on the field of play by the determination of the results . Is that not enough for you ? The system was broke and corrupt to begin with and you’re of the belief that this premise, offers a better solution ? How so , might I ask ? One of the provisos originally in this all , and remains in the mix , has been the monetary aspect . I have not seen once where you have been addressed that issue at all . But yet you assert that I am being negative on this all ? How about you actually delving more deeply as to how this all came about and why it is that many believe this is doomed to have major issues written all over it before it has even gotten off the ground ?

      tophatal ……………


    2. Why not compare one corrupt organization to another ? I mean look at how alleged entity known as the Catholic Church has acted as it relates to its scandals and how the NCAA , major conferences and BCS have acted in terms of their business practices ,many of them surreptitiously enacted , yet no one holds them accountable . What is the alleged difference other than that of a said victim ? In the case of the church it was innocent victims (children) . In the case of these sporting entities it is both the consumer , fans and the taxpayers , just in case you hadn’t noticed .

      tophatal ……………….


    3. Ronbets

      You know who I deem to be honorable people ? The guys (military servicemen and women) I aid in trying to get their rightful benefits having being denied them by the VA and at the state level . It is something that I have been doing for over eight years in conjunction with the company I work for on a voluntary basis , and that work is done pro-bono . So please , when it comes to mentioning honorable individuals , make sure that subject matter in question is truly deserving of that moniker .

      tophatal …………….


  8. Chill out. You’re angry and seem to be carrying vendettas. These are principles and opinions we are discussing. We have some common ground….. Military is my game too.


    1. Ronbets

      I don’t carry vendettas , if that were the case , my ex would have been six feet under . I’ve repeatedly made the point that the current system is corrupt which you overlooked and the issue of money dictating the process . Why are you under the preconceived idea that these individuals will make a difference when no real format has been laid out other than the public being given a few tidbits to nibble on like mice ? I mean it’s not as if the BCS and conferences have conducted their business with open transparency , but yet, you’re buying into this premise that these individuals can not now set something in motion that will be fair .

      < As to the military , this country should be ashamed as to how it treats its veterans . Having served decade of service in the Royal Marines (active duty in Ireland [troubles of the eighties] , training forces in places such as Tunis , Morocco , Ethiopia, Eritrea, and NATO and UN duties further afield , I can’t stress the fact , that for myself it was more than simply a duty , but a rite of passage for me . Hence, the reason now , I take the time to volunteer with the firm in doing that work .

      Consider the fact that in the greater Los Angeles area alone there are over 150,000 homeless veterans alone , many them with mental health issues but all the current and former mayor , Antonio Villaraigosa and his successor , Eric Garcetti seem to be overly concerned with bringing an NFL franchise to that city , A city , that I ,might add, whose financial situation is closely monitoring that of the now bankrupt municipality (click on link to read in full) of Detroit . To be expected when you consider how messed up the state of California just happens to be at present from a financial and political standpoint .

      Courtesy of WSJ (Wall St Journal)

      <a href= Los Angeles on the Brink of Bankruptcy

      What Mayor Villaraigosa must do to save the city.

      By Richard Riordan & Alexander Rubalclava …

      Los Angeles is facing a terminal fiscal crisis: Between now and 2014 the city will likely declare bankruptcy. Yet Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the City Council have been either unable or unwilling to face this fact.

      According to the city’s own forecasts, in the next four years annual pension and post-retirement health-care costs will increase by about $2.5 billion if no action is taken by the city government. Even if Mr. Villaraigosa were to enact drastic pension reform today—which he shows no signs of doing—the city would only save a few hundred million per year.

      Los Angeles’s fiscal woes can be traced to two numbers: 8% and 5,000. Eight percent has been the projected annual rate of return on the assets in Los Angeles pension funds. Four years ago, we strenuously warned Mr. Villaraigosa of the dangers behind the myth of that 8%, only to be told by the city controller’s office that our warnings were “based on faulty assumptions which are largely disputed.”

      How faulty were our assumptions? Over the last decade, the two main pension funds in Los Angeles have seen their assets grow at just 3.5% and 2.8% annually.

      Five thousand is the number of employees added to the city’s payroll during Mr. Villaraigosa’s first term as mayor. According to California’s Economic Development Department, when Mr. Villaraigosa took office there were 4.73 million jobs in Los Angeles and 252,000 unemployed people. Today, there are just 4.19 million jobs in Los Angeles and over 632,000 unemployed people.

      The mayor can’t control the economy, but he could have chosen to control spending to keep the size of government proportional to the size of the local economy. Instead he’s done the opposite: squeezing the city’s productive workers to fund the salaries, pensions and other benefits of government workers.

      How have city leaders responded to the crisis? Pension officials have played accounting games, like smoothing the investment return over seven years rather than five years. This is designed to dilute the near-term effect of the financial meltdown at the expense of much higher payments later.

      The City Council, wincing at the mere thought of layoffs, chose to shrink the work force through an early retirement program for city workers. This costly program, suggested by union leaders, will not be paid off for 15 years. And most egregiously, rather than laying off employees, city officials have shifted certain workers to agencies like the Department of Water and Power and the airport, which have their own funding.

      In order to pull the city back from the brink and put Los Angeles on the road to recovery, the following steps must be taken:

      • Defined benefit pensions must be replaced with 401(k) accounts for new employees.

      • Current employees must pay much more than 6% (or 9% in the case of public safety employees) of their salaries for their pension benefits. At a time when the city is contributing over 25% of payroll to the pension funds, this is only fair.

      • Increase the retirement age to 65.

      Click on link to read in full .

      Although Eric Garcetti has succeeded Villaraigosa , he is no nearer in finding a solution for the city’s financial woes .

      tophatal …………


    2. Ronbets

      When have the issue of principles ever been applied to sports , might I ask ?

      What is meant to principled about the BCS and NCAA ? Two institutions that pay no federal income tax, but operate as a corporate entity , yet the student athletes are treated as chattel and indentured slaves ? Perhaps you would like to answer that question for me ?

      tophatal ……………….


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      All of these people bought into that incredible run (42-8) of the Dodgers , but what they forgot , that was only a small part of the entire season . Now look at their situation , an enormous payroll of over $200 million and no one can actually point to a leader on the team and say that’d be the guy to lead them to a World Series’ title . That simply represents the mindset of the fans in LA as far as it concerns their sports’ teams on the whole . They make the loudest noise when their teams are s winning but they do not chose to question their teams are heading , when they lose or when there is known to be something wrong . No clearer point can be made as of now , when you look at the Dodgers or in particular the Los Angeles Lakers and that current roster .

      The Cardinals simply wiped the floor with the Dodgers and last night’s result (9-0) simply indicated how overrated the team (Dodgers) just happens to be .

      Yasiel Puig in the postseason only showed momentary flashes of brilliance and that was it and the same could be said for the rest of the team.

      Louisville did have a bad night against UCF , it was definitely not a wardrobe malfunction . The Golden Knights took it to the Cardinals in their own backyard and stomped all over their backside (@ss) .



  9. I would like to thank the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees for proving that once again that biggest is not always best , and that money spent unwisely does not solve a problem when you have no damn leaders on hand to damn well lead by example . The combined payrolls of the Dodgers and Yankees was in effect in excess of $445 million in 2013 representing just under 11% of the $3.1 billion paid out by the league’s thirty teams in salary obligations for the season . Baseball , like the federal government is operated under a broken down , inane and archaic system ! . And all these docile fans seem to be pointing to , are idiotic and meaningless issues , such as the use instant replay and how it will assist in making the game better . What rock have those idiots crawled out from under ? If that is what you believe is now the biggest concern facing the game, then you clearly have no damn clue .

    Did the Dodgers simply show up last l night to further embarrass themselves and get their asses kicked all over Busch Stadium or what ?

    Faces of failure this season .

    Magic Johnson waxes on lyrically about the team (Dodgers) , unfortunately he says nothing about leadership on the team , which says a great deal about the Dodgers . As a player Johnson was seen as a leader on those great Lakers’ championship winning teams . Which begs the question , will Magic Johnson suit up next season for the Dodgers and what position is he likely to play ?

    A Rod whose contributions this season might make him even more despised than he already is .

    NY Daily News

    Alex Rodriguez’s silence says it all, even as clueless crowd of supporters tries to shout down MLB case

    You keep waiting for A-Rod to say the case against him is unjust and unfair, that he is an innocent man. Only he never says that. Not to the media. Not in court. Not anywhere.

    By Mike Lupica … New York Daily News

    It is about 10:30 in the morning on Park Ave., across from the offices of Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez’s arbitration going on high above the street where the sad, silly people who continue to show up are congregated, a doughy guy leading them in chants of “Al-ex” like he is the head cheerleader for Hispanics Across America, an organization which has now allowed itself to be chumped by Rodriguez.

    Across the street some guys are unloading a FedEx truck in front of People’s United Bank. I ask them why they aren’t over on the east side of 46th and Park. Ask: Why they aren’t cheering on a great Dominican hero and great baseball hero — but only to these 40 people who appear to have nowhere else to be, of course — like Rodriguez?

    One of the FedEx guys, named Jeff, says, “I’m a Detroit fan.”

    Then he smiles and says, “Maybe I should go over there. I loved the guy to death last October every time he struck out against the Tigers.”

    The chants of “Al-ex” begin to subside, so the head cheerleader raises his arms and starts leading the cheers again, even as the sound they are making here is drowned out by traffic. Pedestrians coming up 46th, The Helmsley Building across the street to their right, barely break stride, as if the show outside the police barriers doesn’t even reach the standard of a freak parade worth watching in New York City.

    Later some bust-out politicians will show up, buying into the hustle that this really is some kind of movement instead of a handful of media panhandlers who wouldn’t know baseball’s drug policy from a drugstore trying to get face time on television, and reporters to talk to them.

    Click on link to read in full .


    It is also becoming abundantly clear , that the player’s lawyers are using Hispanic supporters of Alex Rodriguez to turn this current issue with MLB into an ugly racial overtone in terms of their (league’s) action.

    tophatal …………………


  10. bobby gee

    The US points to itself as a beacon of moral values and a democracy , all of which at present are simply diabolical nonsense and has no merit of value. Political leaders have become abrasive dictatorial , but above all damn corrupt and self absorbed . And that is happening both sides of the political aisle as well as within the upstart Tea Party . A group that is simply devoid any ideas on a wide variety of issues . Never mind, the group fringe action committees and where their true allegiances lie.

    Grover Norquist and his committee rake in millions of dollars each year and he has yet to come up with anything relevant as it relates to a balanced budget , much less a way to resolve the issue of the disparities in income tax levels for the nation’s working population .

    tophatal …………..


  11. I was willing to put this to bed, but apparently you have some obsession disorder. Why are you on “blast” in every new post?? You are engulfed in negativity. If you abided by the old adage “if you don’t have anything good to say about some one etc………………. the screen would be blank. Come on, you’re too good a writer to continually carry on obscenity laced tirades. A ‘feel good’ post might do us all some good once in a while. That’s if you’re capable.
    FYI, NCAA football national champs can’t fairly be decided on the field as you propose. The game is a different animal compared to the other sports. The paying public is clamoring for a playoff system. They got it now with a reputable committee. Now live with it.
    When it comes to sports, here’s where we differ. I disect sports before the fact and not after. Google or Bing are not on my computers favorites list.


  12. The public can clamor for a playoff system, but whatever they are offered up will it be fair and equitable ? A national championship can be decided on the field of play but the major conferences has the system slanted to favor BCS backed conferences and Notre Dame . I thought you of all people would comprehend that ?

    tophatal ………………


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