A sprinkling of pixie dust might just do the trick …..

A sprinkling of pixie dust might just do the trick …..

Just when I thought it was safe to dip my toe back in the water and have an enjoyable weekend by way of the sporting events that piqued my interest . Well, wouldn’t you know it, the whole world gets turned upside down . The New England Patriots after an exhilarating victory over the New Orleans Saints in week six , somehow find a way to make that result seem completely irrelevant by then giving one of their most inept performances of the season in a 30-27 loss to their divisional rivals the New York Jets . Far be it for me to suggest that the AFC East is now becoming as malignant a cancer as the NFC East in terms of the play of the teams to be witnessed there also . Yet in reality , this NFL season , I believe has now come down to some truly bad coaching and even worse an abundance of bad performances from players thought to be leaders.


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If postseason interviews, are a clear indication as to the mindset of a team and the coaching staff, in particular . Then a Bill Belichick interview, will either have you befuddled or simply irate in seeking an explanation as to the reasons why the team’s performance was so inadequate , and lacking passion . As a fan of the Patriots, I have always felt the head coach to be condescending , if not self-absorbed, as to his own importance. While I do not question his achievements as a coach , I do believe that he lacks humility and at times a great deal of etiquette in dealing with the press and public alike . Sunday, was simply another aspect of what makes up the psyche of Bill Belichick and how he conducts himself with the national media in a post-game interview .

Tom Brady for his part, had one of his less memorable games of the season , but in light of that, the Patriots’ defense remains a work in progress that at times can just as shaky as they can be impressive in a momentary instance . . The loss drops the New England to 5-2 within the AFC East, while sill leading the division over their nearest rivals the New York Jets (4-3) , followed by the Miami Dolphins (3-3) and the Buffalo Bills (3-4) . New England’s next game will be another divisional match-up in week eight where they will play host to the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium , in Foxborough , Massachusetts , on Sunday, 27th October, 2013 . A second successive defeat and it will not matter , how the fans or press alike felt about the return of Rob Gronkowski in week seven , but more to do with the apparent direction that the team is said to heading in at this juncture .

The return of Peyton Manning to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Indiana , home to the Indianapolis Colts and where the revered quarterback had many of his greatest regular season successes . On Sunday , it became the site of where the player and his new team the Denver Broncos would see their unbeaten run to start the season come to an abrupt end . Manning and his successor Andrew Luck , are two players who have met many of the expectations analysts and fans alike expected of these two stars. If there are now any doubters, who believed that the Colts erred in drafting Luck in 2011 , well it now looks as if those doubts have been firmly cast aside . Colts’ head coach Chuck Pagano , and his coaching staff , have blended a very young team at its core with some veteran leadership provided in the guise of wide receiver Reggie Wayne . The fact that the Indianapolis Colts now handily lead the AFC South should not come as a surprise in spite of the missteps made of the Houston Texans , a team to my mind that is very good during the regular season , but who tend to fall flat once the postseason comes into view.

A warm welcome was given to Peyton Manning as a “ returning prodigal son ” , but that was about the only act of generosity that was availed to the player on the day , as the Denver Broncos fell the Colts 39-33 , in one of the more exciting games to take place during week seven of the NFL schedule . Manning and Luck combined for over six hundred yards of passing offense , with a another one hundred and eighty-five yards of rushing offense from the two teams combined. . With that Broncos’ defeat , the NFL is now left with one unbeaten team , with the surprising Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) , who handily took care of the Houston Texans , albeit , that the result does not seem reflective of that fact. As to that this now might do for the psyche of Andy Reid’s players and the confidence that this victory has now emboldened the team . I can only surmise, that they will be looking to push that mark to 8-0 when they play host to the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City , Missouri during week eight , the halfway point of the NFL season .

Hapless performances , with hapless teams , usually lead to coaching dismissals and the jettisoning of players at the end of a season . I think that at this juncture it is pretty much safe to suggest that Greg Schiano and several of the players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ roster are witnessing their season simply spiral further out of control . Schiano lacks discipline , which is simply reflective in the repeatedly abhorrent performances put up this season by the Buccaneers’ defense , never mind the woefully inept of play of the offensive altogether . Many of the patrons of this site , who I know to be ardent fans of this team , simply cannot point to one player , who they believe to be leader , much less the best player on the entire roster . As with everything else, that seems to encapsulate the professional sports’ franchises in the Tampa Bay area , theirs(fans) are lives, based on sheer optimism more than anything else . This season for the Buccaneers, has simply borne that fact out , as they once again succumbed to their sixth successive defeat of the season and pushing their record to 0-6 , leaving them firmly rooted at the bottom of the NFC South , and joining the New York Giants (0-6) as the worst team in the NFC this season.

The fact this latest loss (31-23) by the Buccaneers came at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons , a team with issues on both sides of the ball this season, beyond the injuries sustained. At several points during the contest , Schiano’s players had this game for the taking , but simply could not come up with anything of relevance, in terms of their play. Is that meant to be a damning indictment of Greg Schiano , his coaching staff and of the team in particular ? I will let you be the judge of that and simply ask you to reflect upon the team’s record at this point of the season and where they stood at the exact same point in 2012 . Tampa will not have that much time to regain its focus or composure , as this upcoming Thursday , they face divisional counterparts , the Carolina Panthers , who this season , look as if they are a team playing with a great deal more confidence , with signs of maturity also being shown by the team’s quarterback Cam Newton . Can Tampa overcome the Panthers, to obtain their first win of the season ? The more poignant question to ask, perhaps might be, is this team is simply good enough to break their current drought and play with a great deal more consistency ?

Well, we now know who the World Series’ aspirants will be in 2013 , with the St Louis Cardinals as the NL pennant winners , facing off against the Boston Red Sox in baseball’s showcase finale . Each team will be seeking to add their third World Series’ title in the last decade. An astonishing feat, but nonetheless not surprising, given the pedigrees of the franchises in question . Both managers, Mike Matheny of the Cardinals and John Farrell of the Red Sox , also will seeking their first managerial titles in this contest, and this series could give the fans of baseball the match-up they desire above all else . West Cost bias asides, the fact that the Cardinals made light work of the Los Angeles Dodgers , a team that was being touted as the outright favorites to win it all , was either a sign of disrespect to the other participants this postseason , or it simply came down to aura of the franchise as a whole and its legacy . Never mind the fact , that with a burgeoning $215 million payroll , this team had a great to prove , but it simply was not to be , as they succumbed to St Louis in a rather lopsided series’ defeat (4-2) .

David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is proving to be a man of all seasons , during the regular and postseason play for this baseball franchise . When one considers the great players to have donned the uniform of this ball club over the years , he could very well become one of its most beloved . I certainly believe, that he is one the players to have played for the team over the past ten years . Given his productivity during that time , is there any reason to believe otherwise ? Ortiz was not the only factor , add in Shane Victorino’s heroics in the Red Sox’s dominating display in the ALCS , but he surely was one of the primary reasons why the team overcame the Detroit Tigers and put that series beyond a doubt .

Game one of the best of seven-game series begins on Wednesday at Fenway Park , in Boston Massachusetts , as the series gets underway . With the starting lineups yet to be announced , it will be interesting to see which pitchers will be on the mound to get things rolling in this contest , between these two fabled teams. . If things are projected as I believe they will be, Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright is likely to face off against Clay Buchholz in the opening series’ starter .

When NBA player Jason Collins revealed to the world in a Sports Illustrated article that he was in fact a homosexual athlete in the very machismo and male driven world of the NBA . His public announcement was heartily welcomed from players and executives alike, as he became the first openly gay male athlete to declare his sexuality (preference) in one of the four major team sports . Yet having made that public declaration , the still unsigned free agent center remains in no man’s land , admired because his openness and honesty, but somehow now disavowed by the league and its ongoing hypocrisy. It seemed not so long ago that Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson was being greatly admired for his making the public aware of the fact that he was HIV positive though yet to show full-blown symptoms of the AIDS’ virus . Granted , through his philanthropic foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars for AIDS’ research and education , it should still not hide the fact that both Collins and Johnson o were at first treated as pariahs , in this all male dominated fraternity . Yet in reality , it is unlikely that Collins is the only male player in the NBA that is likely to be homosexual , and it would appear that were there another instance , it is highly unlikely, that player would feel comfortable enough reveal himself to the public. For for all of this homogenized idiocy, that everyone is treated equally , what we now see , is a very clear evidence that the NBA wants to remain a bastion of testosterone driven athleticism , while creating a facade , that all are welcomed within its fraternity of players . It should be noted that after the public announcement , none other than former Utah Jazz and Los Angeles’ Lakers ‘ player Karl Malone showed his intense bigotry and ignorance , in publicly stating that he would not play on a court where Magic Johnson was on the opposing team .

Does anyone truly believe that Jason Collins poses a real threat to the existence of an NBA franchise in terms of the public’s view of the player and their view of that team , itself ? I mean what does it say about us as a society , where bigotry can still rear its ugly head in sports, even when the created perception within society is that there is equality and justice for all ? Furthermore , if players such as Darko Milic , Greg Oden , Hasheem Thabeet and Nazr Mohammed can still find themselves on an NBA roster , with the numbers derived in 2012 , then surely there is something wrong with the game or the NBA is showing its true colors .

It would be correct to suggest that at this stage of his career, Collins would be viewed as a journeyman within the league , and one could attest to the fact that numbers last season were far from stellar . Yet , it should be noted that on a bad …. Washington Wizards’ team anything type of stat put up last season would have to be comically viewed as a positive on an organization that simply seems to devoid of managerial as well coaching acumen .

As to why teams may seem, reluctant to sign Jason Collins , to any type, of an offer-sheet , be it a ten-day contract or a deal for the veterans’ minimum , remains a question that has yet to be answered by coaches , front office executives , team owners , players and the . union alike . No one wants to upset the apple cart , but yet it would appear , that the bigotry and ignorance prevails , albeit , that is being conducted somewhat under-handedly , without any apparent reason being given by the powers that be. David Stern and the league hierarchy but their actions have tended to reflect something totally different , but for all of the pretext , the only issue that has ever mattered to the NBA , is that it remains a league driven by profits , rather than at times seeking to ingratiate itself in dealing with a number of socially relevant issues .



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There are stories aplenty around the sports’ world at present , many of them heartwarming , while others are simply filled with a great deal of venal garbage , much of it that the media , in one way or another , will seek to skewer and spin to meet whatever need , they feel best meets the consumers’ appetite . I don’t sprinkle any pixie dust on the articles or news that may well pique my interest . I simply offer up a few pointers and then let you be the judge of the content . Take it or leave it , I am still OK with that , and I won’t whine on like an infant , whose pacifier has been taken away , because of an opposing view . So chime on in with your thoughts and views on anything else you feel may well be pertinent to the subject matter .



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(1) Bill Belichick , left , shakes the hand of his opposing number Rex Ryan of the New York Jets after the Patriots’ 30-27 overtime loss to their AFC East divisional rivals . The Patriots’ head coach took responsibility for the team’s loss but failed to point the several coaching errors made by himself and the coaching staff during the closing minutes of the game during regulation . AP Photo / Seth Wenig ……

(2) New York Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith (7) celebrates with teammates Willie Colon (66) and Nick Mangold (74) after scoring a rushing touchdown in his team’s 30-27 overtime victory over the New England Patriots at Met Life Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey on Sunday afternoon . AP Photo Seth Wenig ….

(3) Brandon Bolden (38) of the New England Patriots struggles for yardage between DeMario Davis and Quinton Coples (98) of the New York Jets during their game at MetLife Stadium on October 20, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images North America / Jeff Zelevansky ….

(4) Harry Douglas (83) of the Atlanta Falcons pulls in this touchdown reception against Johnathan Banks (27) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Georgia Dome on October 20, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Getty Images / Kevin C Cox ……

(5) David Ortiz (34) and manager John Farrell (53) of the Boston Red Sox celebrates with the trophy after defeating the Detroit Tigers in Game Six of the American League Championship Series at Fenway Park on October 19, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Red Sox defeated the Tigers 5-2 to clinch the ALCS in six games . Getty Images / Al Bello ….

(6) Adam Wainwright (50) of the St. Louis Cardinals pitches in the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game Three of the 2013 National League Championship Series at Dodger Stadium on October 14, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images / Stephen Dunne …

(7) NBA Commissioner David Stern, NBA player and Courage Award recipient , Jason Collins , center and GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard . GLSEN’s Respect Awards in Manhattan. Collins since his announcement earlier this year has spent a great deal of time speaking at public engagements , college campuses , middle and high schools nationwide by invitation to address individuals who face difficulties in declaring their sexuality . Photo Credit: Mariela Lombard for GLSEN. @ copyrighted material all rights reserved …..


tophatal ………………….


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33 thoughts on “A sprinkling of pixie dust might just do the trick …..”

  1. Given the inconsistency of the Patriots at present , based on their play I would not rank them among the top five teams in the NFL even based on their record . Far too many flaws remain on a team that has yet to play at a high level for sixty minutes of play . And once again , Bill Belichick repeatedly shows why can appear to be a coaching genius one minute and then a complete idiot the next . His decision making during the waning moments of regulation and then in overtime cost his team the game .

    Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis did not turn out the way he or the Broncos’ fans had hoped . Now all they can do is show why they remain one of the best teams in the AFC , even they are now playing second fiddle to the Chiefs within the division and conference .

    There are no do-overs in the NFL , so the Buccaneers might want to start to think about the 2014 season and their draft status at that time . Darrelle Revis will earn $16 million this season , based on the six-year $96 million deal offered to him by the Bucs . So far his contributions to the team , tangible or other wise have not amounted to a “hill of beans” . Now I believe we know why Schiano kept him on the sidelines during the preseason . It was not just ill-health with the cornerback , it could very well be that he no longer remembers how to play his position effectively according to the idiots of the Pewter Report , whose bile inducing analysis of the Buccaneers makes Fox News’ open bias towards conservative based issues seem so meek .

    It’s time , and the Cardinals and Red Sox hopefully will put on a great postseason spectacle after all of the controversy and valid and continued criticism of Bud Selig’s stewardship of the game of baseball this season . Were this (MLB) the Titanic , we would not be able to count the number of times , he would have hit the iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean .


    How the NBA actually feels about the fans , signified above .

    The NBA cares and their emblem associated with that sales’ pitch seems to be about as meaningful as your local politician telling his constituents what he is prepared to do for them , once he gets into office . h . I have yet to see the league itself or the Chicago Bulls for that matter show their concern for the violence now taking place within that city , but yet , somehow fans will be asked to attend the United Center in droves to see Derrick Rose and the team play .

    At the same time, David Stern has used very photo-op possible to be pictured with Jason Collins , but cannot offer up any thoughts why the player still remains unsigned . It wouldn’t be so bad , if there wasn’t continued hypocrisy from Collins’ own peers who “tweeted ” admiringly on his stance , but have never stated if they would be willing to play alongside him as a teammate .

    Darko Milicic’ stats were nothing write home about in 2012 , yet he is signed to an NBA roster and will well rewarded for once again putting up mediocre numbers .

    tophatal ……………..


  2. Funny , Malone was dumb enough to make the statement about Magic Johnson and his being HIV positive , yet somehow it may well have slipped his mind that they played on the USA Team that won a gold medal at the Olympics and more likely than not , Johnson was then a carrier of the virus .

    Karl Malone , pictured in the background .

    Malone and Dr Ben Carson have a great deal in common , ignorance . Carson with his slight that Obamacare was the biggest evil to beleaguer the African community , since slavery . Unless I’m mistaken several million slaves died being brought across on slave ships across the Atlantic and on plantations , but no one has yet to die from this initiative passed in both legislative chambers by Conservatives and Liberals , from both sides of the political aisle . In the case of both Ben Carson and Karl Malone , it is best to be seen and not heard , that way you are not able to make a complete @ss of yourself .

    Dr Ben Carson receives the Presidential Medal of Honor from President George W Bush .

    SF Examiner

    Dr. Ben Carson compares Obamacare to American slavery, Soviet Communism

    While speaking at the Values Voters Summit in Washington Friday, Dr. Ben Carson, a former professor of neurosurgery, oncology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University, compared Obamacare to slavery and invoked the memory of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, The Blaze reported.

    “I have to tell you, you know, ‘Obamacare’ is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” he said. “In a way, it is slavery, in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government.”

    “It was never about health care,” he added. “It was about control. And that’s why – that’s why when this administration took office it didn’t matter that the country was going off the cliff economically. All forces were directed toward getting this legislation passed.”

    His comments prompted a standing ovation among the 2000 attendees.

    He also said Obama’s signature healthcare legislation is something a former Communist leader would approve of.

    “And why did they want to pass it so badly?” he asked. “Well, as I said the other night on television, Vladimir Lenin, one of the fathers of socialism and communism, said that socialized medicine is the keystone to the establishment of a socialist state.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    Carson is neither smart of intellectual, if he considers an act voted on by both legislative chambers, as the equivalent of slavery for African Americans . So atypical of “bigoted conservative ” who is now suggesting that his words were misconstrued and taken out of context . He uttered the words in public and he is now trying to take it all back ? What an @ss .

    tophatal ………………..


  3. The New York Giants managed to obtain their first win of the season in defeating the lowly and abhorrently bad Minnesota Vikings . For the Vikings , the only two players worth a damn are Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen . Beyond that , it’s take your pick from an extremely bad bunch and I dare I say it , a mediocre coaching staff ?

    Great to see Josh Freeman of the Vikings getting back to hold habits . fumbles and interceptions are indeed a prerequisite of his game and it will be for years to come .

    Now there are only two win-less teams in the NFL , the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6) . Quite possibly the two worst franchises in the NFL in terms of their play this season . Only in the state of Florida , do they have the tendency to repeatedly offer the fans some of the worst professional sports’ franchises in the country . With the exception of the Miami Heat , what else does the state of have to show by way of title winning over the past six years ?

    tophatal ……………..


  4. Jim Leyland calls it quits with the Detroit Tigers seeking to go out on top having won all of the game’s major honors as a manager over the course of his career . Eight years with the Tigers was enough , with a franchise he brought back to respectability and made them a perennial contender during the regular and postseason throughout much of his tenure . Now it will be left to GM Dave Dombrowski and team owner , Michael Ilitch to make the decision to promote from within or seek an outsider to succeed Leyland .

    Detroit Tigers’ news .

    tophatal ………………


  5. The Eagles stunk the joint out against the Cowboys. too bad the Pats lost to the Jets. Denver The Colts outplayed em. Cards Red Sox should be a good one.


    1. bobby

      The New England Patriots are not as good as most would believe them to be . Undoubtedly they should win the AFC East comfortably , but beyond that , in the postseason , I do not believe that they have depth needed to contend with either the Broncos , Chiefs or Colts , teams I believe to be better equipped within the AFC as a whole .

      I’;m an avid New England Patriots’ fan , but I am being realistic , when I suggest, that I can only see them as an 11-5 or 12-4 team at best , this season .

      The level football being played in the NFC East is truly abysmal and reflected by the teams’ records there . Giants over the Vikings was bad enough , but the game between the Eagles and Cowboys was an abomination .

      As to Jerry Jones’ continued belief that Tony Romo is a clutch quarterback and one of the best , when it comes to the fourth quarter . Well those statements from the Cowboys’ owner has to be viewed as complete idiocy on so many levels , that they cannot be taken seriously at all.

      tophatal …………………


      1. the play in the NFL as a whole is bad. This is more like a seven on seven on seven passing drill or flag football. The Pats are not that good. Jets who the heck knows. The Eagles suck- In the end I am having a hard time watching the NFL. I would rather watch paint dry. Actually the EPL or third level English futebol


        1. bobby

          Not only is the play in the NFL seriously overrated and overstated , as to its merits , but there are several head coaches holding down positions that they do not deserve . In watching that game between the Giants and Vikings .

          To my mind , not one Giants’ player showed any heart or emotion and that was especially typified by the reluctance of Giants punter Steve Weatherford to tackle Marcus Sherels , who returned the punt for an eighty-six yard touchdown . Granted , the home team won , but that type of play by Weatherford are the sort of things that can lead to a coach’s firing . Not that I believe that the front office of the New York Giants would be stupid enough to fire Tom Coughlin . The issues with the team is not the coaching or injuries , it is simply that the players have become soft and complacent .

          tophatal ……….


            1. bobby

              I’ve personally given up, on listening to the inane analysis provided by the bumbling buffoons of the broadcast and cable networks who provide coverage of the NFL . They are far too blinded and show a great deal of ignorance in terms of the analysis provided to the fans and viewers alike .

              tophatal ………….


                1. bobby

                  Everything Miller said in that article was succinct and to the point . It revealed a great deal not only about what is wrong with the NFL , but society in general . Seeking a quick fix on issues , when those said to making the changes , simply don’t know what they hell they are actually doing .

                  tophatal …………


                    1. Hence the reason why the public can no longer trust the federal government to do what is right . Yet , for all of the idiocy of the bitching and whining being done . Why is it that the electorate shows no damn common sense ? They simply return the vast majority representatives and senators back into office repeatedly .

                      If this is what is meant to be democracy at work , with the gerrymandering , redrawing of districts and the influx of ” big money” , then the system sucks and the nation thoroughly deserves what it is getting . Which is in essence , is not more than a pot to pi$s in and a window throw it all out of .

                      tophatal ……………….


                    2. Read Levin’s new book. He has some very good ideas. Johns Adams warned us about this in a letter he wrote to Thomas Jefferson.


        1. bobby

          I have always had a great deal of admiration for Jim Leyland as a manager and with him going out on top . It is the best way to end his managerial career in baseball , rather than being shown the door . He brought a great deal of respectability back to that Tigers’ franchise , when they were seemingly down on their luck .

          That had to be one hell of a game between AC Milan and Barcelona (Barca ) !

          tophatal ……….


                  1. You have to have world class players if you want to compete. Brasil sends off their good young players to Europe after playing three to five years in the Brasileiros Serie A.


  6. So now the Pats return home return home to face the Miami Dolphins. They can’t lose consecutive games to division opponents, can they?

    And what the hell was Leslie Frazier thinking allowing Josh Freeman to throw 53 times on Monday night. Someone really oughta drug test that guy.


    1. Chris Humpherys (Sportschump)

      Nothing at all, would now surprise me concerning the New England Patriots ! They seem to have become lackluster and disinterested in terms of their play . A week six victory over the Saints should have placed them in the right frame of mind to face the Jets this past Sunday. . Instead they performed as if they had been covered in mothballs in terms of their preparation for the game . All of a sudden Geno Smith was looking like a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback and Tom Brady was playing at times , as if he were learning a new play scheme thought up by Josh McDaniels . Never mind Belichick’s postgame interview , stating that the team’s loss was his fault and that he misinterpreted the rules . How long has Bill Belichick been a coach in the NFL ? And what hasn’t he seen down the years, in terms of his coaching experience to have mismanaged the game in such a way ?

      Beyond the off field issues concerning Zygi Wilf and his family having to pay former business partners several million dollars after a judgment went against them as defendants in a civil suit . The issues of the Minnesota Vikings are really dire , beyond Josh Freeman’s continued decline as a quarterback in the NFL . Monday night was simply further evidence of that , in the Vikings’ loss to the Giants .

      Freeman’s QB rating and completion percentage in week seven , had to be below the league norm .

      Vikings’ head coach Leslie Frazier may well last the season , but after that , who knows ? I believe that he is likely to be fired and during the off-season , and the franchise will have to consider making some pretty drastic roster moves . Adrian Peterson’s talents are being wasted on a team whose defense is porous , where the passing game and rushing game are simply abysmal .

      tophatal ……………….


    2. Chris Humpherys

      As good as the Patriots were thought to be this season , we are seeing that the team is flawed in a number of areas and that the coaching staff in particular , have been negligent in their duties . Most notably Bill Belichick , defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels who heads the offensive coordinating staff .

      With the week eight schedule coming up , I wouldn’t be surprised if New England dropped a second consecutive game , especially against a Dolphins’ team that wants to seen and taken as a legitimate division and playoff contender .

      NFL news

      NFL team injuries

      New England Patriots’ news

      tophatal ……………


  7. bobby

    The fact that the game between the Eagles and Cowboys was low scoring was one thing , but had anyone watched the contest in its entirety , they would have ended up with a migraine . It was an abhorrently bad game from two very mediocre teams in every aspect of the game .

    Game one tonight of the World Series . Let’s hope the contest itself lives up to everyone’s expectations from start to finish . The Red Sox will open the series with Jon Lester facing off against Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals . i


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