No it’s not a punch drunk diatribe ……… it’s real boxing , is dead on its feet .. no last man or standing count

No it’s not a punch drunk diatribe ……… it’s real, boxing is dead on its feet .. no last man or standing count

It has becoming increasingly embarrassing to look at the world of boxing and take that sport, either legitimately or seriously . The talent level, I believe has dropped to an all-time low ! Granted , we are asked to look at the ring exploits of Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO’a) with a great deal of praise as he seeks to make his reign with the sport even more impactful than it already is . To my mind , Mayweather’s statistics, have simply been padded out over the past seven years ,with the welterweight champion having not fought anyone of note . The fact that he is now being paid a king’s ransom for many of these bouts is an affront to fans of the sport, but more so, I believe, it continues to show the gullibility of the fans and the fractious nature of a sport governed by so many international bodies , with each having their own champions in the various weight ; categories . Add in the fact that promoters such as Bob Arum ( Top Rank Inc) , Don King ( Don King Promotions ) , Oscar de La Hoya ( Golden Boy Promotions ) , Shelly Finkel , Lou Duva and Dan Goosen have simply made a mockery of boxing’s landscape along with corrupt practices of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the lack of real accountability within the state ran agency .


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Consider the following , it has been almost a decade since the sport of boxing had an undisputed heavyweight champion. The title holder at the time, was Lennox Lewis of the United Kingdom. Lewis was a boxer of limited ability , but with a more than adept defense , in terms of his boxing skills , but he was simply not a fighter who drew you to the edge of your seat once he was in the ring , let alone provide you with great deal of excitement or entertainment level . His career record bore this out , in spite of becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world . Boxing longs , and yearns for the days when Mike Tyson ruled the heavyweight division with such animus and venom . Unfortunately, the division is simply devoid a dearth of talent and the title holders , a pair of Ukrainian siblings , in Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko , have no wish to unify the titles and grant the fans the wish of seeing an undisputed champion. To show how dire the situation now appears to be, the top ten rankings as ratified by the WBA and WBC , two of the more recognized international bodied that govern the sport , the list of American fighters ranked are barely known in the country much less from a global standpoint . Such are , the dire state of affairs in the sport , where US born fighters , once actually littered the rankings with recognized names . Now you would be hard pressed to ask a fan if they could recognize Chris Arreola , Deontay Wilder , Bryant Jennings and the other no-named aspiring list of contenders for what was once the most prized possession in sports, and that was to be known as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world .

If you thought things could not get much worse in a sport, where there no longer seems to a dearth of young and upcoming talent . Consider, the fact, that aging veterans such as Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins are still lured back into the ring , simply to bask in past glories. Both fighters are both past their prime , albeit , that Hopkins is currently the current IBF light heavyweight champion , a title that he will be defending against the lightly regarded Karo Murat , though ranked the number two contender by the IBF for the crown . That fight is scheduled to take place on Saturday , 26th October , 2013 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey . This will be Hopkins’ first defense of the title won under a controversial decision when he defeated Tavoris Cloud . To say that the sport is not without its ongoing controversies and problems could be best summed up in stating , ‘that boxing’s governing bodies and the various states’ athletic commissions , still show a great deal of incompetence at all levels , from the officiating to the referees actually presiding over a number of these title fights . In the case of Shane Mosley , whose yearning for one more title shot seems about as compulsive , as one might believe, that the fighter would be still be considered at the age of forty-two , a serious contender to challenge either Floyd Mayweather or Timothy Bradley . Yet with his proposed fight against Australian , Anthony Mundine being postponed, due to a contract dispute between the fighter and Mundine’s promoter , in a schedule bout that was due to take place in Sydney, Australia . It begs the question, why else would Mosley now risk life and limb, in a bout where it is unlikely that the winner would likely prove to be cannon fodder in a proposed title bout against any of the claimants in the light middleweight division .

As financially rewarding as the sport has become for Floyd Mayweather with the world champion having now surpassed over $300 million in career earnings , a figure unheard of with regard to the sport, with only Mike Tyson , and Oscar de La Hoya having exceeded the $200 million career earnings’ mark in their professional ring careers. Mayweather for his part, in conjunction with Leonard Ellerbee , his business partner as well his chief legal counsel, have invested the fighter’s earnings into several lucrative fields , with Floyd Mayweather now owning large tracks of real estate in the greater Las Vegas area , alongside a lucrative collection of classic automobiles, as well as his own fight promotion’s company . With the fighter also midway through his six fight $200 million deal . with Showtime PPV , whose parent company Viacom , are looking to re-sign the champion to perhaps an additional two or three fight deal,. that could net him as much as $150 to $200 million . One has to wonder what will happen , when the announcement is made by Floyd Mayweather that he intends to retire ? It is solely my belief , that if he is able to run his career record to 50-0 , he will walk away from the sport knowing that he will go undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest fighters ever to grace a boxing ring , in the annals of pugilism history . Should he be anointed as the greatest of all-time ? Well, that is rather subjective rather than being objective, but the boxing historians are likely to try and make a case either way.

With no real challenger on the horizon, Floyd Mayweather simply cherry-picks his opponents, while seeking to obtain the highest financial rewards possible . In his last bout, against the then unbeaten Saul Alvarez , which turned out to be an erroneous mismatch . Yet somehow, an official sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission came up with a scorecard that suggested that the ’bout’ was a draw . These are the repeated types incompetency shown within the sport at the highest levels which brings into disrepute , boxing , the collective misdeeds of the promoters , the governing bodies and the state commissions, themselves . With their being no intent by the states, to have some uniform code applicable to the sport , there remains no cohesive mandate of how boxing governed in the United States . In the aftermath of Mayweather versus Alvarez fiasco , the lone dissenter amongst the group of boxing adjudicators Cynthia “C J “ Ross , took an indefinite leave of absence, notifying Executive Director Keith Kizer of her decision . It should be noted however, that Kizer stood by Ross’ decision and scorecard from the bout , calling her a person of impeccable character and above reproach . With the comedic derision and echoes of criticism that followed Keith Kizer’s statement, it is a wonder how the sport of boxing remains relevant within the state of Nevada , let alone Las Vegas.

The fight that everyone yearned for , but it all came to no avail, would have been the match-up of arguably the two best boxers of the last decade , in the welterweight division . A contest between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines . Yet the constant bickering between the two opposing camps, the constant mistrust and allegations of outrageous demands , meant that a proposed bout would never get off the ground in spite of the undoubted promotional acumen of Bob Arum , the promoter of Pacquiao and the always publicity seeking forte of Mayweather . With the Filipino fighter , having lost two of his last five bouts , his career on the decline, a proposed match-up of the two fighters , though lucrative in some circles, would not necessarily bring about the rewards sought by the promoters and for either Mayweather or Pacquiao .

Another troubling aspect, that remains within boxing , is the simple reluctance with the various title holders , in seeking the unification of the titles at the various weight categories . At present , there is not one unified champion , in any of the categories , in what is now turning out to be a drab and an almost unprecedented era in the sport’s history . Yet, with the decline of the sport, figurehead promoters such as Bob Arum and Don King remain eternal optimists, while pointing to what they say are fast rising stars within boxing . I am sorry , but despite the skills of Andre Ward , Sergio Martinez , Gennady Golovkin , Adrien Broner and Adonis Stevenson , no one is likely to feel that these fighters are likely to set the sport abuzz , with each lacking the charisma to lure fans back to the sport in droves .

While Las Vegas has now become the Mecca for the sport of boxing , with the most lucrative fights taking place in the gaming capital of the world . It is easy to understand why boxing has become a billion dollar economic impact for the city on annual basis . It is has become a rarity for either Vitali Klitschko or Wladimir Klitschko to fight in North America , where their popularity can be best summed up, as being marginal. Beyond the presence Floyd Mayweather and the now declining skill-set of Manny Pacquiao , boxing will face a hard time ringing in a new era of superstars within its sport . Mayweather and his promotion’s company Mayweather Promotions Inc do seem to be nurturing a budding stable of stars , but they are a long way off from gaining the notoriety or becoming the marquee names , sought to make them a lucrative draw in the boxing capital of the world .

With boxing’s marked decline and the rapid rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) under the banner of UFC . Simply another reason why the sport of boxing either has to do something radical to bring itself back into the mainstream or become on the brink being extinct . It is my belie, f that the sport is now considerably closer to the latter than most would care to admit and that includes notable boxing historians , journalists who cover boxing along with the president of the WBA Gilberto Mendoza , WBC President Jose Sulaiman , IBF President Daryl J Peoples , and WBO President Francisco Varcarcel . All of whom are somewhat distrustful of the other competitive organizations governing the sport and their alleged altruism and intent. From my own perspective , with that much dissent within the masses , nothing good can be gained , when all of the parties concerned, have their own self interests at hand, rather than seeking to sort out their difference and then work towards the betterment of the sport and a common goal !

The state of Nevada and California have been quick to recognize the rapid growth of MMA , with UFC President Dana White leading the charge for the combative genre/sport to gain national and worldwide recognition . With their being now twenty-four state sanctioned commissions now validating the sport and a code of conduct in place alongside what in many circles is deemed to be one of the toughest medical and drug testing policies in all of professional sports . It does lead to the question , as how far behind does the sport of boxing remain in that particular category ? When fighters such as Evander Holyfield , Roy Jones Jr and Miguel Cotto are allowed to circumvent one state’s rules and then be sanctioned to fight, after having proven to have suffered a major concussion . In all fairness , it does seem that boxing and the pretext set , that it cares about the fighters, must be seen as a charade .

White along with Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta III have come in with the mindset of giving the fans what they want by way of their brand and product . Competitive bouts, regular title fights , and with fighters , who are of an accomplished skill-set to go alongside a personality . That type of “selling point” , obviously beats out the “ scripted idiocy” of the WWE and the current lackluster scene within the state boxing . Fighters within the UFC have made themselves accessible to the fans and events scheduled by the UFC as a precursor to major title bout brings out legions of fans seeking a chance to many of the top stars on show , as well as the protagonists for the scheduled fights in question . With many of the UFC’s titleholders now becoming significantly more well-known , not just by way the television broadcasts but with the sport now gaining a much wide acceptance within the print media. Clearly , Dana White and his co-founding partners of the UFC have given the consumers and fans alike , something that they deem to be a viable brand and product . Can the same be said for the current state of boxing and the exorbitant prices fans are being asked to pay for a pay-per-view (PPV) event ?

If the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather is seen as the “current face “ of boxing , then in the world of MMA , with the rapid ascent the UFC’s light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones , that division as well as the genre could be well served for years to come if the charismatic and unbeaten Jones simply delivers what he has been doing since his entrance into the sport a little more than five years ago. . Jones has become increasingly popular, not just within the sport but his new-found celebrity status has now brought him not only fame and fortune, but also opportunities outside the sport, by way of contract endorsements. The light heavyweight champion has become the first MMA fighter to be actually signed to an endorsement deal with sports’ apparel giant Nike Inc . Add in the fact , that Jon Jones’ agent Malki Kawa was also able to land him an endorsement deal with Gatorade and it is clear that beyond the ring earnings for a fighter within the sport there are now untold riches to be attained outside the octagon. One of MMA’s greatest fighters Randy Couture , a former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion has now progressed from the sport , to now a supporting cast member of the now popular Sylvester Stallone driven action series’ franchise , ‘ The Expendables’ , of which the two movies have now grossed over $575 million worldwide . With Couture back on board, for the third movie, now being shot on location, there is no telling whether or not this might also be something that is likely to pique Jones’ interest at some point in the future , with his delving into Hollywood. Certainly, with the heightened popularity of female MMA fighter Ronda Rousey and her having joined the cast for the third installment of the action series . It begs the question, do UFC fighters make better actors, than their boxing counterparts ? No one ever claimed that either Muhammad Ali or the late Ken Norton , were thespians of a proven quality , but their presence in front of a camera even in an acting portrayal , were considerably less memorable than their careers in the ring .

With no projected bout on the horizon for Jon Jones but with a legitimate batch of contenders all seeking to take the crown away from the champion . It will be left in the hands of UFC President Dana White to make the announcement, as to who Jones’ next challenger is likely to be . For Jon Jones, much as it now has been for Georges St Pierre , Jose Aldo , Anthony Pettis and Cain Velazquez , the sport of MMA has become their stomping ground to gain worldwide fame and access to a new burgeoning legion of enthusiasts for the genre. Boxing has never effectively marketed their fighters or the sport, in such a way. So much so , that beyond the marked decline in its popularity , other than Floyd Mayweather there is simply no fighter that one could point and make the valid claim that he would be a worthy successor , once the current pound-for-pound “King of the Ring” hangs up his gloves permanently .



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Boxing fan or not , what do you believe to be the greatest impediment to the sport over the past decade ? Has it been the rapid rise of Mixed Martial Arts or the continued misdeeds by those who govern the sport or has it been the unwillingness of the title-holders to unify their divisions ? Chime in, with your thoughts on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the topic as a whole. Thanks, as always, for the continued support of this site as it has always been greatly appreciated , whether or not you are in agreement with the content matter .


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(1) Saul Alvarez , left , is seen here taking some extreme punishment from welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr during their title in September held at MGM Grand Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada . Mayweather would successfully defended his title , winning with a majority decision , but not without controversy after it was revealed that ring judge Cynthia ” CJ ” Ross declared the bout a draw , scoring her card 114 points apiece for each fighter after the twelve round title fight . Ross has since taken a prolonged leave of absence as a licensed boxing judge with the Nevada State Athletic Commission . AP Photo / Mark Ross ……

(2) Mayweather , left , is once again seen getting the better of his opponent Saul Alvarez during their welterweight title fight . Floyd Mayweather has now pushed his record to 45-0 (26 KO’s) and is looking to reach that fifty fight win streak before perhaps calling it a day in the world of boxing . Having multiple titles in multiple weight classes , the future seems somewhat bleak in terms of a quality opponent being found for the title holder in terms of his fight . With his seeming reluctance to move up into the middleweight division and perhaps meet Sergio Martinez , we are likely to see Mayweather simply cherry pick his opponents as he meets his contractual obligations with Showtime PPV . Getty Images / Brian Ettinger …..

(3) Lennox Lewis is seen here defeating Mike Tyson in their WBC / IBO heavyweight title fight in June , 2002 , staged at The Pyramid in Memphis , Tennessee . Lewis won the fight with an eighth round stoppage of the challenger , with a knockout . The British boxer was the last undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. It has been over a decade since we have a claimant of that undisputed crown within the heavyweight division . Daily Mirror UK / Evan Grant ….

(4) CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe (L) talks with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. during the final news conference for Mayweather’s bout against Shane Mosley at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino April 28, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather and Mosley will meet in a 12-round welterweight bout on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas. Ethan Miller / Getty Images North America …..

(5) Owners, from left, Frank Fertitta, Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have come a long way since Zuffa was founded in 2001. Zuffa LLC is the holding and parent company of UFC and its associated affiliates . With in excess of $1.6 billion in annual revenues , the company has made all three men extremely wealthy individuals, with the UFC brand, now reaching globally, with offices in London , , Montreal , Rio de Janeiro , Sydney, and Beijing , China. AP Photo / Eric Jamison ….

(6) Challenger Chael Sonnen ,left, is met with an elbow from UFC light heavyweight title holder Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in their bout at UFC 159 staged at the Prudential Center in Newark , New Jersey on April 27th 2013. MMA Junkie / …..

(7) A skilled grappler and wrestler , Jon Jones has now become the quintessential fighter and the pound-for-pound top ranked practitioner in the UFC , holding a 19-1 record . Jones also holds the record for the number of title defenses made as the light heavyweight champion , with five successful defenses. Heath Evans / AP Photo ……

(8) Miesha Tate , left , is seen here at the cursory pre-fight picture junket and publicity exhibition , where Tate will challenge the unbeaten women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey for her title at UFC 168 , which will be staged the MGM Grand Garden Casino & Hotel Complex in Las Vegas on December 23rd , 2013 . Rousey has become one of the most recognizable faces in the world of women’s MMA as well as within the UFC as whole , which has allowed her to parlay that notoriety into some acting roles , notably in Fast & Furious VII as well as ‘The Expendables III ‘ . Top Fighter Inc ….

(9) With the male demographic making up more than 85% of the fan-base of MMA , there is no denying that at every opportunity the UFC will choose to use the sexual allure of their female fighters . Ronda Rousey has no qualms and is seen here as part of a very extended Maxim pictorial photo shoot . Courtesy of Maxim Magazine .



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25 thoughts on “No it’s not a punch drunk diatribe ……… it’s real boxing , is dead on its feet .. no last man or standing count”

  1. Is anyone now interested in seeing Floyd Mayweather fight another tomato can placed in front of him , simply for the fighter to earn another $35 to $40 million off the front end , of what will undoubtedly be another uncompetitive fight for the champion ?

    Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather

    Great fighter or simply a shrewd businessman and opportunist ? My money believes it to be both , as Floyd Mayweather is taking every opportunity to make as much money as he can, from a sport that is simply dying on its very knees .

    Keith Kizer , above

    Keith Kizer as the Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission hasn’t an iota of intelligence , much less any integrity . And the sport of boxing itself ,in terms of its safety protocols here in North America , makes the NFL’s own procedures when it comes to head traumas and conditions seem almost state of the art . When in reality , both institutions have some serious issues , as to how they treat such neurological issues .

    Boxing can no longer be taken seriously on any level because the talent level is so dire and the heavyweight division has become such a joke . Aging fighters such as Bernard Hopkins and Shane Mosley should have hung up their gloves ling ago .

    Jon Jones and the other talented title holders within the UFC are now showing why MMA is the fast growing sport and combative sport in the world and whereby its viewership even surpasses that of the NHL even in the markets where hockey is very popular . Need one say anymore on the matter concerning another sport (hockey) that simply doesn’t know what direction it is said to be heading in ?

    Ronda Rousey can yank on my sword and pull it out of its sheath , just as long as she plays with it just the way I like . The most dominant female fighter in MMA since perhaps Gina Carano .

    tophatal …………………………


  2. It remains a complete embarrassment and a farce to the sport of boxing that neither the WBA , IBF , WBC or WBO will force either Vitali or Wladimir Klitschko into a unification bout in order to have an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world . Something that now has not happened in just over a decade , with Lennox Lewis being the last undisputed champion of the world in the heavyweight division . Yet , boxing historians are in some cases, trying to suggest that the pair of siblings are two of the most dominant heavyweights on boxing’s history over the past two decades . Well , I guess that would be the case , if your opponents in the such a situation for Vitali and Wladimir were either “stiffs ” or aging overweight fighters , who are well past their prime .

    Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko , siblings who swore an oath to their mothe, r that they would never meet in the ring , during a professional fight . Fans are meant to take this sport seriously ? I guess that would be like suggesting that the current heavyweight champion within the ranks of the WWE is a supremely skilled and gifted athlete ?

    tophatal …………………..


    1. bobby

      It is extremely bad , when you have to go back a decade to actually enjoy anything memorable about a sport that was always clearly defined by what took place within the heavyweight division of boxing . Granted , at the lighter weight categories there were great champions such as Sandy Sadler , Emile Griffith , Carlos Monzon , Marvin Hagler , Alexis Arguello , Salvador Sanchez , Ray Leonard , ‘Sugar ‘ Ray Robinson , Willie Pep , Roberto Duran and Julio Cesar Chavez .

      After 2005 , boxing became only of passing interest for me , only wary of fights when it involved Bernard Hopkins and that was it . Floyd Mayweather , while being a talented fighter , he has simply fought no one of consequence over the past five years that really matters .

      In terms of MMA (mixed martial arts) , I find it far more entertaining than absolutely anything that the sport of boxing now has to offer and that is solely because of my own background in martial arts (karate ) and having taught while serving in the military.

      Clearly none of today’s heavyweights would be remotely good enough to take on the likes of Larry Holmes , Muhammad Ali , Earnie Shavers , Mike Tyson or even Ken Norton in their prime . It is a sad state of affairs within the sport and it is getting worse by the second . We have the incompetency of the ringside officials , the corrupt practices of the differing governing organizations but what might be even worse it is the malevolent actions of promoters such as Oscar de La Hoya , Bob Arum and Don King .

      tophatal ………………………..


        1. bobby

          Not only has boxing become past its prime , but it belongs in a museum. Other than when Floyd Mayweather has a fight no one actually takes an interest in the sport . That is most definitely true at the amateur level where the USBA (US Amateur Boxing Association) is actually having trouble attracting new talent to represent the country at the amateur ranks for the most important tournament such as the World Championships , Olympics and even the Pan American Games . That should now indicate how dire the situation has now become .

          tophatal ………………..


            1. bobby gee

              The NFL will be around for years to come, but undoubtedly the league hierarchy has not done themselves any favors concerning a litany of issues and how they care to address them . In the case of steroids’ testing and human growth hormones . Having agreed to mandatory testing for in and off season testing protocols after an agreement was reached with the union (NFLPA) as far back as 2010 , yet nothing has been done and Roger Goodell has continually failed to address the issue , trying to convince the public and Congress that it is a matter of privacy issues . That is simply pure idiocy once again from the NFL commissioner .

              In light of the recent legal settlement reached and the $1 billion set aside for aiding retired veterans , their medical benefits and for educational research for neurological disorders . This settlement, was as laughable as the individuals who came up this agreement .

              tophatal ………………


              1. The left and Libs like Mike Greenberg ESPN will stop at nothing to kill off the NFL. It is happening now. It is a cultural thing- These people are the hate America crowd and will stop at nothing to destroy anything American.


  3. Tonight the Bucs will try to salvage their season . Something that I do not feel the team is capable of doing in spite what appears to be the slight improvement in the play of Mike Glennon .

    This team simply has no leaders and veterans such as Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis are nowhere to be seen by way of their leadership much less their overall play . In the off season GM Mark Dominik’s concerns will not only be about the makeup of this roster , but also the entire coaching staff and that of the immediate future of Greg Schiano , who is now proving that he is clearly out of his depth . No one excuses can be made for the lackluster performances and the lack of coaching acumen shown . As to the loss of running back Doug Martin , unavoidable or not , this team still had issues all over the field .

    GM Mark Dominik , Darrelle Revis and Greg Schiano

    What might have been and what is now a reality . Revis is past his prime , Schiano is out of his depth and Mark Dominik is not the most astute of front office executives . All of the money spent in the past two seasons and the Buccaneers have nothing to show for it all, other than optimism . I guess that must go a long way , when you are a Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ fan ?

    Game one of the World Series and the Cardinals getting absolutely hammered by the Red Sox , with the NL Central team’s pitching and defense looking awfully bad .

    tophatal ……………………


  4. If true this is now how dire the sport of boxing has now become . At the age of forty eight , former undisputed champion , Lennox Lewis says he is prepared to come out of retirement to fight either Vitali or Wladimir Klitscho . But the caveat would be that he is guaranteed not less than $100 million for such a proposed bout . Take that with a grain of salt , because absolutely no one would be interested such a bout .

    Lewis at his best was nothing more than an adequate fighter, who in defeating Mike Tyson , defeated a boxer ,already on the downside of ; his career .


    tophatal …………


  5. American heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder says he wants to fight the best in order to be seen as one of the best . Yeah , is that not like saying , Marco Rubio would make for a great President , should he seek to win the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016 . LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!

    Deontay Wilder


    Wilder is good , but he is not the ‘second coming ‘ of Mike Tyson .

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when looking at Wilder’s fight history and the bunch of stiffs placed in front of him that are said to be legit opponents . Now this young fighter is now being hyped as the brightest thing to happen in the American heavyweight boxing landscape , since Mike Tyson . Not enough credence being given to the fact that this kid’s record padded with bums , that come courtesy of his management and promoters .


    Rubio … eloquent and intelligent ? Well , dependent upon your mindset, judge for yourself on this speech . Then take into account his voting record in the US Senate . But most of his all his eagerness to be less than truthful concerning his familial background and certain ties to lobbyists


    Padding one’s stats doesn’t make you credible when you delve beneath it all . you find out, there is no real substance there .

    tophatal …………………….


  6. Y’all heard me before: Not a fan of boxing……….”we” outlawed cockfights and dogfights but still allow people to beat the hell out of each other and call it a sport. Course the one protects dumb animals…….but is one who allows his or her self to be beaten senseless much above that?
    Hell, even God dell is “trying to make football safer” Course I liked Ali….but look at him now, too many hits to the head…….can we say multiple concussions???


    1. al clements

      The dangers of boxing have been well known for years and the various international governing bodies for the sport have their own m,andates set in place . Here in the US , with the various state athletic commissions presiding over boxing on a national basis . It does differ from state to state , as to the requirements in place for many of the bouts staged , specifically when it comes to a world title fight . However , I believe that the MMA structure under the UFC banner has more for stringent guidelines and protocols than there happens to be in boxing as well as the NFL (football) and the NHL .

      Muhammad Ali prolonged his boxing career for all of the wrong reasons , as he was on the verge of financial ruin because of promoter Don King , whose alleged altruism and caring for the fighter , was nothing more than an actual charade .

      A fast deteriorating Muhammad Ali , now a sufferer of Parkinson’s Disease as well as a number of other neurological disorders .

      Ali in healthier times alongside Joe Frazier , left , Don King (center) and the famed world titlist , right .



  7. bobby

    The denial of freedoms and civil liberties we have seen in recent years , no matter who is elected to either the House or Senate , not much has changed . It’s business as usual up on Capitol Hill . These federal legislators simply deal in a great deal of rhetoric and platitudes , while seeking to line their pockets , which comes courtesy of big money corporations or extremely wealthy individuals . Thar is simply not democracy at work or its very best . Any subscribing to that fact , is clearly delusional .

    Billionaire investment wizard George Soros intends to set up a Super-Pac in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s possible Democratic Presidential nominee bid for 2016 . As of yet, the finite details are not known , but if the rumors are to be believed , he could be plowing as much as $5 million of his own personal fortune to assist her in that bid .

    George Soros

    Courtesy of USA Today

    George Soros backs pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC

    Billionaire is the biggest Democratic donor to back the group.

    By Fredericka Schouten , USA Today

    WASHINGTON — Billionaire financier George Soros is joining forces with others urging Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for president in 2016, becoming the best-known Democratic donor to provide his money and name to the Ready for Hillary super PAC.

    The move, announced Thursday by the super PAC via Twitter, could attract other big-name donors to a possible Clinton candidacy, potentially making it harder for other Democrats to compete financially with Clinton should she decide to seek the nomination.

    Soros will serve as a co-chair of the super PAC’s national finance council. Each member commits to contribute or raise at least $25,000 for the political action committee. The council meets Nov. 12 in New York City.

    PAC officials would not disclose the number of people serving on the council. Other members include Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn and Susie Tompkins Buell, a key Clinton backer from the 2008 campaign and a co-founder of the Esprit clothing line. During the first six months of this year, 24 individuals had contributed $25,000, federal campaign records show.

    Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. Ready for Hillary has opted to cap donations at $25,000.

    Ready for Hillary, launched this year by some of Clinton’s most enthusiastic supporters, has positioned itself as the vehicle for building grassroots support for a Clinton candidacy should she decide to run. It has more than 1 million Facebook supporters.

    Click on link to read in full .


    People seem to forget that money perverts the sense of what democracy is said to be about because a politician is forces to whore himself by way of reciprocating the financial favor that came to their aid in being elected . Is that what really what the Founding Fathers insisted on or wanted ?


    tophatal …………….


    1. al clements

      They’re already spinning in their graves because of the inane stupidity shown by successive administration over the past four decades . Obama and his clique of idiots are only further signs of what is wrong with the politics nationwide at the national , state , county and municipal levels .

      On the flip side , the Republicans are not that much better . There is a vacuum there, in terms of intelligence as well as leadership at the national level within the party .


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