Don’t believe the hype ……….

Don’t believe the hype

One of the seminal groups in all of music, but more so rap music, came out with a song that still resonates socially today, as it did two decades ago. Chuck D and Flava Flav , two of the founding members of the rap group Public Enemy are just as respected today, as when they first burst onto the scene over two decades ago with their socially conscious lyrics, which some suggested as being overtly racist . Take that with a pinch of salt, from a group of individuals, who at first thought that Rock-n-Roll was the Devil’s music. The song in question, by the Grammy nominated group was ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ , delivering strong lyrics of defiance and of being socially relevant. Well today , in the world of sports , that means not being socially relevant , much less being involved. More so today, it is all about creating an image of being family friendly, in order to lure being wielding and deep pocketed corporate sponsors , broadcast networks and their billions of dollars . Nowhere, is that particular message more resonant , than within the NFL , NBA , MLB and Collegiate Athletics .


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This season in the NFL , a great deal of the hype was made over the amazing start of both the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs . Two teams who came flying out of the starting gate, having rolled off seven straight victories apiece . By week seven in the league , the Broncos had fallen back to earth , having slipped up , when Peyton Manning as the ‘prodigal son’ , made his return to Lucas Oil Stadium , home to the Indianapolis Colts , where Manning and his teammates would succumb to his former team in a thoroughly entertaining game , as we witnessed the ongoing maturation process of Andrew Luck , the number one overall pick from the 2012 NFL Draft .

With their now being only one remaining unbeaten team in the NFL, as the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs seek to keep their quest for a perfect regular season alive . All eyes will on Andy Reid’s rather surprising roster and their seeking to keep that record intact. From my own perspective , I felt with the departure of former general manager Scott Pioli , Matt Cassel , along with a number of players who proved to be unproductive , there was a chance that the Chiefs would be something of a surprise in 2013. Little did I realize, that they would now seen, as perhaps the best team in the NFL . Certainly, the traits were already there from last season , but what was most definitely needed , were the players to execute and coaching staff in place to get the players buying to into a proven message . Pioli’s successor , John Dorsey laid the foundations for that , with the hiring of Andy Reid and the acquisition of quarterback Alex Smith and some very shrewd off-season moves . On Sunday , the Chiefs will seek to further distance themselves from the rest of the AFC West , when they play host the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Missouri , in what should to be a very good AFC match-up .

If to suggest that things could not get any worse for a team now seeking not only redemption but also respectability , then what more can one say, about the now stagnant Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6) , who tonight host the Carolina Panthers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida ? This team has lost focus , heart , but overall there seems to be no leadership forthcoming from anyone on the roster or coaching staff . Greg Schiano’s demeanor at times has shown a lack of discipline , which seems to have been reflected a great deal in the Buccaneers’ lackluster displays throughout the season. And as usual, the Buccaneers’ fans continue to show more optimism than anything else . A loss tonight , and the franchise can start to think about 2014 and their likely draft status next year , beyond assessing the current roster .

I was never impressed with the hiring of hiring Greg Schiano in 2012 , in spite of his pedigree as a head coach with Rutgers . All of the bally hoo, surrounding the hire and the player acquisitions that came about , with GM Mark Dominik being viewed as a front office genius. Not much, by way of tangible success was borne out of the transactions or the overall play of the team during Schiano’s first year tenure. Take into the account, the idiocy , this preseason concerning what appears to the head coach’s reluctance to play Darrelle Revis during the four exhibition games and you can now understand why the Buccaneers’ season has simply spiraled out of control , with their not being much hope that things are likely to be turned around anytime soon .

As to the week eight schedule in the NFL, there are a number of games that will most definitely carry a great deal of intrigue and hype around them . I will personally leave that to the on air television personalities to discuss , because I am always assured of something inanely stupid being stated by the individuals in question who allegedly are providing the fans with a great deal of insight.

Leave it to the NCAA , to continue to show their utter stupidity and ongoing incompetence. After almost eighteen months of continued buffoonery by the Infractions’ Committee , an announcement was made as to the punishment to be meted out the Miami Hurricanes’ program and their willful violations of the NCAA rules , on a wide variety of transgressions . Bearing in mind , the actual mistakes by the NCAA investigators , the loss of documentary evidence and then their falsification of records . The fact that NCAA President Mark Emmert is said to feel comfortable the findings and the verdict rendered , either shows signs of his own stupidity or the very fact that the NCAA has lost all touch with reality along with its own credibility . I would like to think that the University President Donna Shalala would challenge the findings and the verdict , simply based on the wrongdoings by the NCAA investigators, if nothing else , to show that Collegiate Athletics’ governing body , simply cannot change the rules to meet their needs , after their own misdeeds . Granted, the University of Miami is at fault for its failed oversight in the monitoring of the athletic staff , compliance office and that of the student athletes past and present , embroiled in the scandal that has brought further disrepute upon the program .

As to the belief, that the NCAA has always had the student athletes’ interests at heart. I will liken that premise to the slave master /plantation owner an and his overseer , who grants the slaves on the plantation some time during a hot humid day, a ten minute water break, before they are made to return to their daily chores . As Malcolm X so astutely stated, “ we didn’t land on Plymouth Rock , Plymouth Rock landed on us “ ! The students remain indentured slaves of a corrupt and flawed system , but no one seems to want to acknowledge that fact , but they are prepared to discuss what is said to best adjudge, a fair way of determining a national champion in football at the FBS (Football Subdivision D 1 Level) . Have I actually missed something here , amidst all of this, and the countless billions of dollars reaped annually within collegiate athletics , but no transparency is shown by the NCAA , BCS or the major bowl conferences by way of their finances or business practices, while each of the entities operate under a tax-exempt status ? I guess, that must be overlooked by those who try to seek some sort of justification for the latest pretense being shown by the BCS and conference commissioners ?

As Wil Muschamp and his coaching staff seek to find ways to now resurrect the Florida Gators’ season after the team were routed by the Mizzou Tigers . I can’t help but wonder what must now being going on in the minds of the Gators’ fans statewide as well as nationally ! . Yes, there are fans of the program who actually reside outside the state of Florida . Who would have thought that, but yes, they remain as loyal as ever . For my friend, Chris , who in a recent comment on my site tried to suggest that the Gators have now slipped as low as number three in the state , in terms of football prominence . My response to that , would be , you seemed to have forgotten about the rise in prominence of the centrally (Florida) based UCF Golden Knights (5-1) , a now nationally ranked program in the BCS Poll and who appear to be on route to a major BCS Bowl berth, should their season pan out .

For Wil Muschamp and the Gators, they now have a week in which to prepare before facing the Georgia (Bulldogs) on the 2nd November , during week ten of the College Football season at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville , Florida. To say that this game will be of utmost importance as a “make or break” for the season, would be a vast understatement. Nonetheless, it has to be now or never if Florida are to make something of their year.

It may not have been the World Series many had hoped for, with undoubtedly many hoping that the Los Angeles Dodgers would now be staring down the Boston Red Sox in the 109th edition baseball’s postseason finale . The Dodgers simply failed show up in game six of their NLCS game against the St Louis Cardinals , who simply laid waste the Los Angeles franchise’s ambitions for the postseason . And for one of the team’s most prominent owners , Magic Johnson . This will be the season where he can now look back and merely speculate on not only what might have been, and whether not , it is now worthwhile pushing the team’s payroll to beyond $250 million annually , which would be an MLB record in terms of a team’s salary obligations . Not even the now once mighty New York Yankees have ever been bold enough to undertake such a premise. Can someone remind me once again , why it is that Alex Rodriguez remains the highest paid player in the game ? Damned, if I know !

Game one of this year’s World Series was something of a shock as the Boston Red Sox showed their intent , in making the Cardinals pay for their defensive errors on their way to an 8-1 opening series’ game-win . A shell-shocked Mike Matheny and his coaching staff must now be wondering , if after that bombardment they are in for more of the same during game two on Thursday night when the series resumes at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. I believe that this St Louis’ team has it within them to even the series but it would have to be premised on the Cardinals’ players not repeating the mistakes witnessed in game one .

The more things are said to change, the more they remain the same . That is most certainly true of what might now be the most incompetent administration to hold office political office in this nation . Once again , leave it to Barack Obama to come up with another lame comment as to why he is so upset with the contractors who set up and maintain the website for the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obama-care) . Upon the website’s debut there were numerous problems that Kathleen Sebelius’ department , the Department of Health and Human Services failed to acknowledge or bring to the attention of the various technicians within that agency or the contracted company providing the maintenance and administration of the site . Now leave it to none other than the House Energy & Commerce Committee who also deal with health matters within the Congress . As they have sought to empanel their committee and request the presence of Kathleen Sebelius and the contractors to answer questions, as to why this site has either repeatedly crashed or the fact that most inquiries to the site would not lead an individual beyond the homepage . Nothing like incompetence, to show what you are not missing, when the government repeatedly screws things up. For months on end , during the initial setup there were numerous issues that cropped up concerning this site (, but somehow , it is only now , that there seems to be a sense of urgency after the tens of millions of dollars that have spent . Call me naive , but where else can you find this sort of incompetency without anyone being accountable for the sheer magnitude of the ineptitude executed and then somehow deliberately covered up ?

Should I now shed a tear every time Barack Obama is upset or emotionally torn apart by an issue ? I will be damned, if I now give him the time of day , much less anything else ! Is it not enough , that he has made a complete ass of himself , concerning the issue of Syria and the apparent death of 400 children, who were subjected to the use of chemical weapons by Syrian military forces , during what has now become a violent uprising in the Middle Eastern country . Yet, there seems to be no sense of outrage by this President , over the fact that approximately 550 children have been gunned down on the streets of Chicago , Illinois over the past thirty months. A great many of the victims were innocent and mere bystanders to a senseless crime wave , driven by drugs and gang related, as to the territorial rights of the various gangs at the center of this spree . The President, though not a native Chicagoan , his former senatorial seat took in certain parts of the Windy City.

Now come full circle, and with the NBA regular season is due to commence in five days and there seems to be a heightened sense that Chicago Bulls are more concerned with the start of their season , rather than the ongoing crime spree gripping the city . The city’s mayor Rahm Emmanuel , himself a former Chief of Staff to the incumbent President, has already shown his own incompetency since becoming the city’s chief executive . Emmanuel has complained, that he does not have the necessary resources to take a tough enough stance on crime , but has sought to inflame the situation even more so, by systematically cutting resources because of his city’s now burgeoning fiscal crisis. What this has now indicated to me, is that the country has become more uncaring and there is only a pretext displayed as to their being any type want to or need to aid others in distress . I believe that this all has more to do with apathy and a complete lack of understanding by the government itself , as to what is really ailing the nation at present !

No one from within the Bulls’ front office has spoken publicly on the issue of the increased violence within the city . Yet, the franchise has seen fit to air numerous radio and television commercials reminding the fans in the run-up to the start of the preseason and regular season of the return of the team’s star point guard Derrick Rose . I can only surmise that team owner Jerry Reinsdorf and GM Gar Forman do not believe that there needs to be a shared or civic responsibility as to the communal well-being of the citizens of the city , just as long as they are under the roof of the United Center in Chicago , showing their support for the team.

After an almost eighteen month layoff , a great deal is expected not only of Derrick Rose, but also the team as a whole , where the presence of Joakim Noah is likely to be felt throughout much of this upcoming season . Noah’s growing , maturity , presence and the very fact that his all-round game seems to have improved immensely over the past two seasons , would suggest that he is ready to be seen as one of better center/ power forwards within the NBA at present , especially from a defensive standpoint .

With Chicago starting off their regular season schedule as guests of the reigning NBA champions , the Miami Heat . The added expectations are that both teams will prove to be a serious challenge to each other within the Eastern Conference as well as during the playoffs this upcoming season . A likely match-up between the two, sets up some scintillating possibilities and expectations for both sets of fans , as well the NBA fans in general .

For the Miami Heat , it is not only about making a successful second defense of their NBA crown , but whether not this team can be seen as a legitimate dynasty , with its core element of LeBron James , Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade leading the charge towards for NBA immortality . Seen, as clear-cut favorites, to make that defense more than a reality . The question now becomes, which team within the Eastern Conference will pose a serious enough threat to derail those hopes during the postseason ? It is my belief, that the Miami Heat will gently stroll through the regular season , not necessarily posting the best record within the conference , but they will have certainly will have done enough , to make their qualification for the NBA playoffs a foregone conclusion and from there , they can simply shift into overdrive and lay waste to the opposition within the East and then await their Western Conference counterpart without a great deal of trepidation.

With finances, for any professional sports’ franchise always at the forefront of profitability, it has become increasingly annoying to hear senior basketball executives simply walk around with their head buried in the sand , acting as if the glaring precipice they are close to , does not pose an imminent threat or danger. Not unlike the mind numbing stupidity, shown by the Congress and how they have continually dealt with the fiscal budgetary crisis and the debt ceiling . After a while , there is only so far down the road where you can kick the can , before coming to the conclusion that something drastic has to be done . It is the same within the NBA and the very fact that teams who are being punished, by way of the league’s luxury tax, for exceeding the soft “salary cap” ($58.044 million) , are now looking at ways to implement a much more equitable solution. Far be it for Congress, to actually think of trying such an idea of reining in their spending or even for the members to actually seek cuts their own benefits . Like, that is ever likely to happen ? Voices of dissent, are no now coming from owners such as Micky Arison , James Dolan , Mikhail Prokhorov , Jim Buss , Robert Pera and Ted Leonsis . Yet, with David Stern not wanting to leave a maelstrom for his successor , Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver to deal with , it would appear that the NBA Commissioner will seek to calm those voices of dissent, by simply stating , that there is nothing for these owners to worry about. Where have we all heard that before , and then a calamitous event occurs ?

Though voted up upon by the NBA Board of Governors and approved, the league hierarchy’s wish to increase the rate upon which the luxury tax is based , which will rise from $1-00 for every dollar over the mandated soft cap of approximately $58 million to $1-50 for every dollar over the aforementioned figure . One can well understand the outrage of any team owner, who has a payroll in excess seventy-five or one hundred million dollars and the financial forfeiture that will have to be made to satisfy the league (NBA). Yet these are the very same owners who have allowed their general managers to spend so capriciously on players’ salaries and team payrolls. Not unlike the federal government and its idea of sound financial and fiscal restraint .

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What do you now believe to be the biggest myth or hindrance to the sporting landscape today , be it from a financial standpoint or otherwise ? Also what positives do you now believe there to be within sports ? Leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support !


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(1) Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning (18) of the Denver Broncos meet after the game at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 20, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Colts won 39-33 . Getty Images North America / Andy Lyons …..

(2) Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts throws the ball during the game against the Denver Broncos at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 20, 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Getty Images / Andy Lyons …

(3) Quarterback Alex Smith (11) of the Kansas City Chiefs carries the ball into the end-zone for a touchdown during the 1st half of the game against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium on October 20, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri. Getty Images / Jamie Squires ….

(4) Wide receiver Eric Page (17) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fumbles a punt return against the Carolina Panthers October 24, 2013 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Carolina recovered and won 31 – 13 . Getty Images / Al Messerschmidt ……

(5) Quarterback Tyler Murphy (3) of the Florida Gators is hit by defensive lineman Kony Ealy (47) of the Missouri Tigers during the game at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium on October 19, 2013 in Columbia, Missouri. Getty Images / Jamie Squires …..

(6) St Louis Cardinals’ pitcher Michael Wacha delivers a pitch during the first inning of game two of the World Series played at Fenway Park , in Boston Massachusetts ,. . St Louis would defeat the Boston Red Sox 4-2 to even the series at one game apiece (1-1) in the best of seven-game series . The series resumes on Saturday evening with game three scheduled at Busch Ball Park in St Louis , Missouri . AP Photo / Matt Slocum …..

(7) Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox breaks his bat hitting a single during game two of the World Series played on Thursday , 24th October , 2013 at Fenway Park against the St Louis Cardinals . Cardinals’ catcher Yadier Molina is well placed to see the incident . AP Photo ? Charlie Riedel ……

(8) Health & Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius is seen here with President Barack Obama at the White House in the Rose Garden , as the Commander-in-Chief addresses the convened press on his healthcare initiative . Sebelius’ department and the secretary , herself, have come in for mounted criticism for the handling of the technical issues concerning the website that provides all of the pertinent information concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act . The issue has been an ongoing problem for several weeks, with patrons of the site not being able access pages beyond the initial homepage . The website is actually administered by an outside government contractor . . A Congressional committee has been empaneled and convened, with both Sebelius and high-ranking personnel within the Health & Human Services’ Department summoned to attend an inquiry to answer questions concerning the still ongoing issues . Also in attendance, will be several executives from CGI Federal Inc . Reuters/ Craig Thompson …..

(9) Derrick Rose , left and Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls are looking place a serious dent in the Miami Heat’s attempt of making a successful defense of the NBA title . The Heat won the title previously in 2006 and then again 2012 and 2013 . The Florida based franchise are looking to become the first team to win three consecutive titles since the Los Angeles Lakers were able to achieve the feat in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Chicago Sun Times/ AP Photo / Mark Richardson ….

(10) From left to right , Mario Chalmers (15) , Lebron James , Chris Bosh , Greg Oden (52) and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. Oden is the newest member of the franchise and will be seeking to add his presence to what is an experienced roster. Injuries have restricted Oden’s career in the NBA but during the off-season he was signed by the Miami based organization and has began to contribute to the team’s preseason production . Head coach Erik Spoelstra no doubt hopes that the player will be able to replicate that form during the regular season . Miami Herald / AP Photo / Paul Sharpe …..


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  1. Now we can see that he NFL season for what it really is , as observers are now trying to make sense of it all . Last . night the Buccaneers simply showed why they haven’t really progressed at all this season . Defensive errors plagued the team during the game along with numerous other issues , never mind the fact that the offense just is not that particularly good by any stretch of the imagination .

    A team assembled by Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik were thought to be perhaps a playoff contender . Instead they have proven to be about as effective as a damp squib on the 4th of July .

    I mean what is meant to be so funny ? You’ve just signed a player to six year $96 million deal who has been about as effective as cow dung in a field littered with the carcass of rotting dead elephants .

    I can well understand if the intelligent Bucs’ fans are now calling for the firing of Greg Schiano , because all along , all that he has proven , has been that his ego is just as immense as his lack of real understanding of the NFL game .


    University of Miami President Donna Shalala and NCAA President Mark Emmert .

    NCAA President Mark Emmert is truly naive if he believes the taking away of roughly twelve football and basketball scholarships and the with cause suspensions of current and former active coaches who were with Miami will address the egregious NCAA violation that took place within the Canes’ athletics’ program . Another slap on the wrist for a program that made millions while all these violations took place . The NCAA has no credibility whatsoever .

    Donna Shalala should appeal the rendered verdicts in light of the NCAA’s own incompetent investigation . It was botched and had no credibility to it at all.

    The Gators are now dead in the water and they’re very much like chum , as the sharks circle waiting to devour remaining carcass .

    Now square at one game apiece (1-1) the World Series is now proving to be really interesting . Simply can’t wait for game three to get underway !

    As the Heat .. embark on their season , there is likely to be only four teams teams in the Eastern Conference that will be in with a chance of challenging them . They are the Pacers , Knicks , Bulls , and possibly the Nets , if Deron Williams is fully fit .

    LBJ will help Greg Oden with his jump shot and dribbling , and to reciprocate, Oden will tell the league MVP why the ladies dig his pics of his appendage .

    Greg Oden’s career average might be less than Rahm Emmanuel’s alleged IQ .

    “Look I know we have problems with the healthcare website but Al Gore was unavailable to assist with the problems, so we decided that we would use the guys from the NSA because they’re best equipped to deal with such issues . Katherine and I look forward to have things up and running within the next six to eight weeks or perhaps sooner ” Obama and Sebelius

    Katherine Sebelius and Barack Obama proving that incompetence doesn’t necessarily have to be a gift, but a natural familial trait.



    It looks as if Billy Ray’s lil’ girl ain’t so lil’ anymore . Street legal and lookin’ to get some meat in between her thighs . Miley Cyrus lookin’ for the meaning of life and sooner or later she’ll be be gettin’ it fast and with a real deep thrust and penetration where it really matters.

    tophatal ……………..


  2. How much will the BCS Poll be shaken up this weekend by way of the games that will take place ?

    Tuesday will be the tip off for the NBA regular season and the games scheduled for that day , but a slew of contests will then take place on the 30th October (fourteen games) , 2013 .

    Preseason info: NBA standings (divisional)

    No real surprise concerning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ …. lopsided defeat suffered at the hands of the Panthers . Only an eternal Buccaneers’ optimist would believe that they would have a feint hope of winning that game . Here’s a statistic for the fans under the belief that the Bucs were going to win this game . They have lost eleven of their last twelve regular season games dating back to last year . If that wasn’t enough of clue to indicate how bad this team just happens to be , then what the hell is ?

    Is there anyone on the . Buccaneers’ roster remotely playing anywhere near what one would be deemed at an “elite “ or Pro Bowl caliber level at present ?

    Buccaneers’ player contracts and team payroll . Bucs’ free agents (2014)

    Buccaneers team news (NFL) site

    tophatal ……..


  3. If the NBA wants to be so socially responsible and caring as David Stern so often tries to suggest , then why hasn’t he , the league hierarchy much less the Bulls’ ownership or front office actually come out publicly and voice their concerns over the senseless violence taking place in the city of Chicago ? Instead the franchise and the league alike , are seeking to lure fans to the United Center for the franchise’s regular season home opener as well as reminding them of the return of Derrick Rose by way of local radio , television and print media ads . Sounds every bit as callous and underhanded as the NBA Commissioner has known to be , including his propensity for connivance and deceit .

    Should we view Stern , somewhat like the above portrayal ? Or should it be as the depiction below ?

    When the NBA Commissioner’s lips moves as his utterances are made should the fans or public actually take him at his word in terms of what he means or is saying ? I will let you be the judge of that !

    Meanwhile Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel continues to whine like a child who has seen both his pacifier and rattle be taken away . Emmanel’s response to the violence has been tepid to say the very least . With his city having deep fiscal issues , the cuts , continue , while the violence there, increases . Chicago’s mayor is an opportunist , more than anything else , bringing little to the table by way of leadership, much like his former boss, to whom , he was the White House Chief of Staff.

    tophatal …………


  4. Both have failed , one way or another . Magic Johnson’s team is riddled with highly overpaid players without their being a true leader on team . Whereas , the other (A Rod) is now seeking to use legal means to protect his livelihood and future earnings after a mediocre season with his team. .

    Magic Johnson & Matt Kemp

    Yankee’s third baseman Alex Rodriguez and his supporters .

    Dimmer and dumber , are the fans of the player .

    Courtesy of NY Daily News

    Alex Rodriguez shelled out $305G for evidence linking him to doping, according to source

    A source familiar with the arbitration proceedings at baseball’s Park Avenue offices told the Daily News that Rodriguez and his representatives confirmed during sworn testimony this week that Rodriguez forked over the $305,000 to buy ‘various forms of evidence,’ including videotapes, documents and affidavits that could have incriminated him or that would be used in his defense in an arbitration or court proceeding.

    By Teri Thompson , Christian Red & Michael O’Keeffe

    As Major League Baseball closed in on Tony Bosch’s doping operation, a desperate Alex Rodriguez paid $305,000 for evidence involved in the investigation linking him to multiple violations of MLB’s collectively bargained drug agreement and an eventual 211-game ban handed down by Commissioner Bud Selig.

    A source familiar with the arbitration proceedings at baseball’s Park Avenue offices in which Rodriguez is appealing his suspension told the Daily News that Rodriguez and his representatives confirmed during sworn testimony this week that Rodriguez forked over the $305,000 to buy “various forms of evidence,” including videotapes, documents and affidavits that could have incriminated him or that would be used in his defense in an arbitration or court proceeding.


    The admission came as documents were submitted to arbiter Fredric Horowitz, who is expected to rule in December on whether Rodriguez’s suspension will stand, be reduced or thrown out. Rodriguez’s legal team, led by criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina, has accused MLB in the press and in a lawsuit filed against the league in New York State Court of conducting a “witch hunt” in its investigation and of paying for evidence as well, a claim MLB chief operating officer Rob Manfred has previously confirmed, both publicly and in the arbitration hearing this week. A spokesman for Rodriguez was not immediately available for comment.

    Manfred told the Daily News following a report Friday night that during the arbitration he had acknowledged paying $125,000 for documents related to the investigation of Bosch and his Biogenesis anti-aging clinic that MLB’s actions were “perfectly legal. There is nothing wrong with purchasing documents in an investigation. We did it in the course of trying to see if we had players using performance-enhancing drugs in violation of our agreement. I’ve acknowledged it previously.”


    The acknowledgements of payments for evidence may have come this week but it has been reported for months that both sides purchased the troves of records, notes, drug arrays and other documents that once belonged to Bosch, who began cooperating with MLB several months ago and is its chief witness against Rodriguez. MLB eventually suspended more than a dozen players who were linked to Bosch and Biogenesis; only Rodriguez has appealed his suspension.

    Click on link to read in full.

    Rodriguez believes himself to be the victim of a league (MLB) orchestrated vendetta to remove him from the game permanently, but yet , he refuses to answer questions directly linking him to Biogenesis , even in light of the federally subpoenaed testimony of company founder Anthony Bosch .

    tophatal ……………….


  5. Look at all the former Clinton people who are sleaze bagging into college. These people are pure evil- they lead the universities they are in charge of straight to hell. NCAA cut the crap- it is the NFL expect they players are screwed and tattooed and used as pawns to make billions for the colleges they represent and the NCAA. Cut the sham


    1. bobby

      I concur , but idiots are under the impression that coming up with something new determine what is already a flawed and corrupt system will actually make things better . The NCAA refuses to acknowledge all of the issues going on and the BCS , is simply concerned with making money and not much else .

      Meanwhile , idiots are clinging onto a damn pipe-dream and refuse to even dare reference those issues , choosing instead to either bury their heads in the sand or just look the other way .

      tophatal …………………


      1. Look it is time to declare the NCAA a business and then go from there. pay the players. The rest is bull shit. it is and never was about education it was and is about money and sports.


        1. bobby gee

          We know it (NCAA) to be a business , but here’s the caveat much like the NFL , NBA , NHL and MLB , all of these entities are set up as not for profit concerns allowing them to pay no income tax , whereas the teams themselves are forced to do so and that is to pay federal income tax .

          This was allowed by the Energy & Commerce Committee within the House and further ratified in the Senate with a majority support . Yet everyone seems to be under the impression that the all of these entities are for profit business concerns , which they are , but their records simply do not as such reflect or indicate that because of how they were allowed to be incorporated . The university programs have their own system in place that allows none payment of taxes (federal) concerning their collegiate athletics enterprises as well . And we all thought that the drug Lords were scoundrels and the scum of the earth ?

          tophatal ……..


            1. bobby

              One hundred and fifty years ago it would be considered slavery but in today’s world it is called part of doing business and that is what these mindless morons simply do not understand with their reasoning within collegiate sports and tweaking the system of something that is already so damn corrupt
              . All they seem want to deal with , is what they believe to be feelgood stories , because their minds or should I say , their intellect cannot wrap itself around the fact that the business of sports has no damn moral ethics whatsoever .

              Much like their lack of understanding as to how their own government works and the laws enacted, simply to make even more money for the already wealthy , while the middle and lower classes are being downtrodden .

              tophatal ………….


                1. bobby

                  It has to an extent but it’s now called shifting one’s labor costs overseas because it’s allegedly cheaper and better made products , in far off places , such as China , Vietnam , India and even Pakistan . Let’s not forget ,the companies / slave owners , who now contract out the employment , now reap the dividends with bumper profits while also obtaining lucrative tax write-offs in return , which come courtesy of the government . Need we delve any further into the matter ?

                  tophatal ……………….


                    1. It is a great course , but at the same time, it simply cannot cover all of the variables we now see or the decisions that are now being made by major corporate executives in boardrooms across the nation .

                      tophatal ……


                    2. It is just a basic course but this gives foundation and a basic understanding of the market place. 99% of our public leaders are ignorant of basic Economic law. This is why Pelosi calls unemployment a stimulus and Reid tells we need to spend more money we don’t have and this will correct all of our ills. What a crock of crap.


  6. Pay the college players………….might stop corruption.

    Always thought Reid was great coach……..Kansas stint proves it


    1. The major conferences that are part of the BCS simply won’t allow it and they’re just as corrupt the system they represent as well as the NCAA , an institution to my mind that is simply too damn incompetent to make a sound decision on anything relates collegiate athletics . NCAA President Mark Emmert has enough skeletons in his own closet , that it is enough to make you wonder how the hell he got the job to begin with.

      Andy Reid’s .. record simply speaks for itself and his last year in Philadelphia a may well have been a damn nightmare , but he did himself no favors in tying himself implicitly to Michael Vick , whose career over the past two seasons as well as this year has been / on a downward spiral . Anyone with an ounce of knowledge can see the evidence for the themselves .

      tophatal ……


  7. Is it me or could this World Series now be diminished in value by the officiating being so bad amongst the umpires ? These guys are beginning to make their NBA counterparts seem wholesome and actually intelligent .

    Just when I thought things could not get any worse they are beginning to make a false believer out of me . In their game against the Dolphins being played at home, they are already down two scores (fourteen points) and they are just in the second half of the contest .

    The NFL has now become a pass happy league where there now seems to be a preponderance of moderate quarterbacks who possess average skill-sets .

    Thankfully no real heroics from Brady , just the team playing solid football down the stretch to come away with a victory , even if it was far from convincing .

    The NFC East is beginning to look more horrendous by the week and it is reflected in the team’s play , there .

    Week eight results

    Player and teams’ stats

    NFL standings (division)

    tophatal ………..


  8. Tonight will be the make or break game of the World Series with the contest now tied at two games apiece (2-2) . It should make for an interesting event in St Louis when the two sides resume what has been a very intriguing series .

    Leave it to the Dallas Cowboys to emphasize what makes the NFC East remains so awful in wake of their loss to the Detroit Lions . As for Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones , if he is still under the assumption that Tony Romo can lead this team to a Superbowl , then it is time for him seek to medical advice and assistance from a psychiatric professional .

    The New York Jets coming off a victory over the New England Patriots now stoops to the depth of mediocrity as they allow the Cincinnati Bengals to drop forty-nine points on them in a lopsided loss (49-9) to the the AFC North franchise . Let’s hear it for Rex Ryan and those Jets , hurray and a her-rumph in terms their ineptitude in this game .

    With Geno Smith , all the Jets are likely to get , will be a player who provides them with a feast one minute and a famine the next . Not unlike his predecessor Mark Sanchez .

    Week eight quarterback stats

    tophatal ……………………..


  9. With the opening salvos set for the trade deadline to begin as of tomorrow (4:00 PM EST) , it will be interesting to see what trades are likely to take place and which teams will simply bail on their season .

    At this point last season after week eight , there were a number trades made that in certain instances made for a better second half of the season for a . number of teams and their postseason soiree .

    Courtesy of

    NFL trade deadline rumor roundup: Monday updates

    By Greg Rosenthal , Around the league editor

    We’re one day away from the NFL trade deadline. We’ve discussed the deals that should happen, and gone over all the rumors from the weekend .

    With time running down, here’s a rundown of where we stand.

    Jared Allen: Fox’s Jay Glazer, one of Allen’s buddies, reported Sunday that Allen could be available for the right price. That price apparently would have to be higher than a third-round pick. Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf shot down the report to NBC’s Michele Tafoya on Sunday night.

    It sure sounds like Allen would be happy to get out of Minnesota, but it’s not likely to happen. No one has the cap room or desire to give up a high draft pick for him at this stage of his career.

    Josh Gordon: The Cleveland Browns receiver continues to build his value with huge performances. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reports that it would take a second round pick to acquire Gordon, even if the Browns would be crazy to do so. A deal wouldn’t be a shock.

    Larry Fitzgerald: Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said he hasn’t discussed trading Fitzgerald with any other teams. Fitzgerald was asked if trade rumors were out of line. His response was telling.

    “I don’t know,” Fitzgerald said, via The Arizona Republic. “I come to work every day and just focus on how I can help the Arizona Cardinals and help my team win. If they decide to move me, that happens. I have no control over any of that.”

    This will be a growing story, but not until January.

    Hakeem Nicks: It always was a long shot that the New York Giants would give up on Nicks during the season. After their two-game winning streak, it would be stunning.

    Other names available: Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt and San Francisco 49ers running back Anthony Dixon also are available, according to Rapoport, although we can’t imagine either player attracting much interest.


    Let the speculating begin and then some .

    tophatal …………..


  10. bobby

    Referencing Nancy Pelosi and anything to do with the law or economics is the wrong thing do . She has never been bound by the law much less the ethics , in the way that she has conducted her political career and what she has done to aid her husband Paul Pelosi . She has made him considerably more wealthy by divulging privileged information .

    Were were it not for both the House and Senate being humiliated by the press for their use of insider information , the law as it stood would not have been changed and the Securities & Exchange Commission as well as the US Justice Department would still have turned a blind eye to Pelosi’s conduct and that of her fellow legislators .

    We have seen our so called public leaders show that they grasp no concept of the economy much less relationships with their apparent allies , internationally . We all bore witness to this , in those insipid Presidential debates of 2012 , where Mitt Romney , Paul Ryan , Joe Biden and Barack Obama made complete asses of themselves .

    Harry Reid on his best day couldn’t tell you what time of the day it is or whether or not the sky is blue . He remains clueless on a slate of issues , and would rather revert to seeking to ridicule someone with an opposing view , rather than seeking common ground .


    Nancy & Paul Pelosi

    tophatal ………………………


  11. I’m believing the hype… of this year’s NBA season. Should be a great one.

    This will be Miami’s toughest test yet. While you know I thought their last two titles were a foregone conclusion, if you asked me whether I’d take Miami or the field this year, I’m not sure which I’d choose.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      On paper I do not believe that this .. Miami Heat team is as good as last season’s and that is in spite of the additions of Michael Beasley and Greg Oden . Unless LeBron’s all round game .. exceeds that of last season , I believe that this roster could very well struggle in the postseason . I have no doubt that they will win their division with ease and then be pushed by either the Bulls or Pacers in what should turn out to be a very good Eastern Conference Finals . In terms of their opposition from the Western Conference , I consider that to be a pick ’em at this present moment in time .

      Everyone seems to be buying into the Clippers , . but unless Doc Rivers can get everyone the team , contributing to playing defense , then I can’t see them winning the conference outright . But they are likely to be in the mix throughout the regular and postseason of the presumed conference contenders .

      tophatal ……………….


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A unique perspective into the EPL and Flamenguista Futebol

The LR Zone

News and the Best Hidden gems of the internet

Sports Chump

It's This Brit's Wit That Counts ......Sports & Other Topics ...Take It Or Leave It .............

Blended Entertainment

Your Source For All Entertainment: Your Questions...Their Answers

Following Brielle Around Town


Tophatal's Blog

It's This Brit's Wit That Counts ......Sports & Other Topics ...Take It Or Leave It .............

Baseball Bliss

If you hella love baseball, you've found your bliss!

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Dedicated to Those Armchair Quarterbacks Whose Wife Has the Remote


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