Ours is not to reason why , it is merely to …………

Ours is not to reason why , it is merely to …………

With NBA season having just begun and with the MLB season all but having reached its climax . It is good to know that the fans still have the NFL season going in earnest , even if the fans and those in attendance have been witness to some terrible performances this season . Speaking as a fan of the New England Patriots (6-2) , my loyalty is not in question , but my willingness to see this team ebb and flow in terms of their play this season has simply kept me wondering why I continue to endure such pain !


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As Bill Belichick continues to tinker with the defense alongside coordinator Matt Patricia , one can understand why even at this juncture things have simply not fared as well as they should ,. because of a lack of leadership within the secondary . The loss of Vince Wilfork cannot be made up by thinking that a number of first and second year players are ready to step into the fray . Never mind the fact that even with the return of Rob Groknowksi , this offense is far from the one witnessed .in 2012. Aaron Hernandez’s ongoing legal problems notwithstanding , the receivers on the team are nowhere the caliber of their counterparts of 2012. Danny Amendola is proving to be as soft as a baby’s backside and any type of innocuous injury has to be a cause of concern for the coaching staff as well as the front office , given financial outlay made to the player .

This upcoming Sunday , New England will play host to the struggling Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) , as they look to make something of what is turning out to be something of a forlorn season . A loss in this game and questions may well be raised concerning the future of a number of players on the roster and quite possibly of the head coach Mike Tomlinson . To my mind , his dismissal would not be in the best interests of the franchise or that of the players . The real issue with the team has been a lack of depth in a number of key areas both on offense as well as defense . And the outcome of this contest may well come down to which team has the desire to win and also by way of time of possession in controlling the clock .

Can a clearer picture now be painted of how bad the Minnesota Vikings (1-6) just happen to be ? The longer the fans have to bear witness to this atrocity , the more one has to ask whether or not both Leslie Frazier and GM Rick Spielman should remain in their current positions. Having gone through their roster of struggling quarterbacks , this has become a team totally devoid of any substance or leadership , with the talents of both Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson being wasted this season . Hard to believe that this is the very same running back who came within a couple of yards of breaking the single season rushing mark of Eric Dickerson .

Now firmly rooted to the bottom of the NFC North the Minnesota Vikings are now playing for pride self-respect at this juncture . And even with the so called light at the end of the tunnel by way of an almost $1.5 billion facility expected to house the franchise for the 2016 NFL season . Does anyone really believe that by then this organization will be able to turn things around based on the current environment within the franchise ?

Leslie Frazier will take his team on Sunday to visit the equally abysmal Dallas Cowboys , a team that has continually underachieved over the past eight seasons , in spite of comedic and outlandish statements made by team owner Jerry Jones . Not far behind that context now appears to be wide receiver Dez Bryant , who recently proclaimed himself just as good a wide receiver as the Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions . Somehow Bryant’s statistics were not the equal of his opponent in the Cowboys’ inexplicable loss , where they led for almost three quarters of that contest . . It would be safe to say , that there will not be a great deal of interest in the contest between the Cowboys and Vikings this upcoming Sunday , other than for the fantasy geeks, seeking to gauge how their players acquitted themselves during the games in question .

The Boston Red Sox were able to pull off the victory (6-1) needed to secure that franchise’s third World Series in the past ten seasons . Manager John Farrell’s influence was clearly seen in the team’s play throughout this series and it was a great sense of achievement after a 2012 season that was filled with the comedic revelry and incompetence provided by Farrell’s predecessor Bobby Valentine > . If there is any justice to this 2013 season by way of the awards given , then Farrell should be a consensus favorite to win the AL Manager of the Year Award .

Game six was simply about the performances of two Red Sox players , most notably their starting pitcher John Lackey and the DH David Ortiz , whose legend with the franchise has now grown to legendary status , simply because of his career with the ball club. Anyone, who now feels that there will be a fall off from this team as next season approaches , his clearly misjudged the mindset within this organization . Farrell and his managerial staff along general manager Ben Cherington will undoubtedly seek to fortify the roster making the changes where necessary , while promoting from within . It is my belief that the Boston Red Sox will start as the clear favorites to retain and make a successful defense of their AL East title . I simply cannot see an aging New York Yankees’ roster or the cash starved Tampa Bay Rays or Baltimore Orioles making any inroads on a team who simply made a mockery of the division along with the rest of the AL , by way of their play and domination of the opposition throughout the season . The postseason pitching and offense of the Red Sox was very resolute and the managerial acumen of John Farrell was unquestionable .

For the St Louis Cardinals who came up short in this series , they can simply take heart from the fact that they acquitted themselves well , but during the six games of this best of seven series they were simply outplayed .

The NBA year tipped off on the 29th October , that for 2013 has begun a little earlier than usual . Yet for all of the nuances sought by David Stern to create an even greater allure for the fans and corporate endorsers alike . The league and its brand can only be sustained by the game’s elite stars and many of the more popular and successful teams . With the Boston Celtics having gone the through a major upheaval during the off-season with the departures of Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry as well former head coach Doc Rivers . It remains to be seen as to whether or not Brad Stevens as Rivers’ successor can lead a newly revamped Celtics’ roster to any type of success this season . It may well be a year or two before Rajon Rondo and his teammates can aspire to reach the level of success attained under his former coach .

An opening season 93-87 loss to the Toronto Raptors was not a cause for concern for Boston , but it may will certainly punctuate what it is likely to a season which will be gauged as something of a learning curve for this young and inexperienced team along with Stevens’ coaching assistants . Next up for the Celtics will be a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks as they seek to obtain their first win of the season within the Eastern Conference as well as the Atlantic Division .

So now, there is no chance of the Miami Heat going 82-0 , and I do believe that 81-1 is also unlikely ! As a reminder to ESPN’s contributors Skip Bayless and that proverbial fool Bill Simmons , who are of the opinion that the Heat will march unchallenged to another title . This team led by LeBron James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will undoubtedly have a very good season and are likely to be dominant during their regular season schedule . Yet , they cannot and should not be placed in the same pantheons of those great Lakers , Celtics or even the Bulls’ teams that were so dominant during their impressive reigns . Granted , on paper this is a very good team , but beyond the mainstay of their big three and the sharp shooting Ray Allen , is there anyone who feels that there is a really great deal of depth to this roster ?

Out of the gate with a 1-1 record , it should be noted that while there should be no cause for concern as of yet . An opening night victory , against the Chicago Bulls at home, as the defending NBA champions was to be expected. However , what followed in their next game against the Philadelphia 76ers , on the night that Allen Iverson formally announced his retirement from the league , came as a jolt to many , as the Heat put on what can only be seen as a lackluster performance against a Sixers’ franchise that the champions have simply had the better of during their regular season meetings over the past few years . Erik Spoelstra need not be worried , as he is unlikely to lose his job this early in the season and his mentor Pat Riley is likely to see this as only a mere blip on the radar screen, as the team goes about their season . Yet to my own mind, I believe that this defeat came more out of a sense of complacency , more than anything else , with this team , as they were still busy celebrating last season’s triumph . The Heat, will look to rebound from that loss when they take on the Brooklyn Nets at their palatial venue the Barclays Center , in Brooklyn , New York on Friday night . With a combined payroll in excess of $215 million on display , one can only hope that the two teams will offer up something that can be deemed as being a highly competitive and entertaining game .

In the aftermath of the sale of the Sacramento Kings by the Maloof family to tech entrepreneur Vivek Ranadive . It will be interesting to now see where the franchise goes from here . Certainly not the league hierarchy, never mind David Stern’s failure to acknowledge what mismanagement of the franchise by the team’s then primary partners Joe and Gavin Maloof . To my mind , the NBA commissioner in spite of his alleged business acumen , is simply an opportunist, who prefers the glare of the spotlight upon himself and his achievements , rather than seeking to deal with many of the acute issues that currently affect the NBA . Stern was quick to originally back the plan of the sale of the Kings to Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer and venture capitalist billionaire, Chris Hansen , who planned to relocate the Kings to Seattle, Washington , thereby bringing back an NBA franchise to the city , after the hasty and surreptitious departure of the Seattle Supersonics . As if that deal was not underhanded enough, it should be noted that the commissioner promised the city that he would do his utmost hasten the return of NBA team back to the Northwest . Yet in the time, since the Sonics’ departure , very little has been done by the league hierarchy to assist in that venture .

Ballmer and Hansen’s original bid to purchase the Kings was considerably more than with the winning bid of Ranadive’s whose insistence that the franchise would be retained in Sacramento finally won the day with the NBA’s Board of Governors and with the city’s mayor Kevin Johnson , himself a former NBA player . It should be noted also , that Johnson also seeks to use public funds to aid the new ownership in making upgrades to the Kings’ current home , before seeking to finance the building of a new venue for the team. All of this while, his own city has steep financial budgetary concerns and a fiscal deficit , not uncommon across the state of California or at the state level , where Governor Jerry Brown and the State Legislature are at loggerheads as to how best reduce their debt and fiscal anomalies brought on by years of largess and no financial restraint being shown by both legislative chambers and with Brown’s predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger , hardly putting a dent in the deficit and debt crisis that he promised he would be able to deal with , through proper fiscal constraint and the cutting of a number of state ran programs .

Away from this all , the Kings’ first year head coach Michael Malone has to get this team all on the same page , while having to deal with the often mercurial and temperamental talent of DeMarcus Cousins . If the franchise is to have any type of chance at success over the course of this season , then the often criticized center will have to raise the level of his play while leading by example . And if there is one thing we know to be true concerning the player it is that he remains immature and someone who often seeks a confrontation with an official , if things don’t necessarily go his own way on the court of play.

The Kings started off the season with an impressive victory over the Denver Nuggets , where it was an all-round effort by this young team . On Friday , it should be a true test of their mettle where they are due to face conference rivals the Los Angeles Clippers in a contest which should prove to be a very good match-up of teams with postseason aspirations .



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At the halfway point of the NFL season , we can now look to a second half where there will be a great deal to play for amongst those seeking to make themselves a serious playoff contender . With the MLB postseason , now having come to an end , the only remaining issues are that of the individual awards and that takes place by way of the legal overtures now in play . A successful season overall ? I believe it only appropriate to let you be the judge of that ! With the NBA schedule in its infancy , I certainly do not believe that the teams will begin to find their rhythm until we are at least three weeks into the year’s calendar of games . By all means do leave a comment as you think fit on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick , right , is seen here with the team’s defensive coordinator Matt Patricia , as they discuss a defensive scheme during a game this season . Off to a 6-2 start after eight games, the team’s defense still remains a work in progress and has proven to be inconsistent . Belichick delved into the market at the trade deadline looking to shore up and fortify a still struggling secondary. AP Photo / Paul Ross …..

(2) Former Catholic High School star Harrison Smith, second from right, stands with Minnesota coach Leslie Frazier, from left, No. 3 overall pick Matt Kalil and general manager Rick Spielman at the Vikings’ facility in Eden Prairie, Minn., on Friday. Smith and Kalil were both taken in the first round on Thursday in the 2012 NFL draft. Getty Images / Elsa Martinez …

(3) World Series’ MVP David Ortiz celebrates , pointing to the appreciative Red Sox fans after the team’s 6-1 rout of the St Louis Cardinals in game six of the World Series . The series’ win would be the franchise’s third in the past ten years and their eighth overall . For manager John Farrell this would be his first title in his first year with the franchise as its manager. Ortiz’s stats were franchise highs in the World Series for the ball-club. MLB.com all rights reserved copyrighted material ….

(4) WALTHAM, MA – JULY 5: New Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens (R) is introduced to the media by President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge July 5, 2013 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Stevens was hired away from Butler University where he led the Bulldogs to two back to back national championship game appearances in 2010 and 2011 . Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images ….

(5) Sacramento Kings’ owner , tech entrepreneur Vivek Ranadive is seen here with the city’s mayor Kevin Johnson . Ranadive and his group bought the Sacramento Kings for an inflated price of $535 million . An apparent higher bid from a consortium led by Steve Ballmer and Chris Hansen was turned down by the NBA Board of Governors , who voted against the relocation of the Kings to Seattle after a long-held promise by the commissioner that he would seek to secure the return of an NBA franchise the city in Washington State.


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  1. With the Patriots playing host to the Steelers this Sunday , if the unimaginable were to happen then I would not be surprised by a New England loss in this game . It merely adds more to the fact that this team has become somewhat complacent but also most certainly inconsistent .

    If Chris Spielman and that Vikings’ coaching staff can’t get it right at this juncture , then they never will . Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson should have been traded with the team simply looking to stock up on draft picks for the 2014 NFL Draft . Instead the two remain to be part of a team that is heading absolutely nowhere this season . Christian Ponder was never the answer as the QB position and Josh Freeman is proving to be just as incompetent as during his days with the Buccaneers .

    That was emphatic a series’ win as you are likely to see and this Red Sox team is most certainly better than the teams that won their most recent titles in 2004 and 2007 . John Farrell has proven to be a tremendous upgrade over an incompetent buffoon such as Bobby Valentine .

    Far too many people have bought into this idiocy of David Stern being a shrewd businessman as the NBA Commissioner . People seem to be forgetting that he had the coattails of Michael Jordan to ride on , who was a once in a lifetime dream . Not even LeBron James in terms of his present standing in the NBA has to reach the plateau of his idol as a player or as a marketing brand or icon . How soon we forget .

    Stern’s actions in the sale of the Sacramento Kings can be best described as underhanded and disingenuous . The commissioner is a deceitful individual and anyone who believes to the contrary , simply has to look at his actions concerning the sale of the Seattle Supersonics to Clay Bennett and the franchise’s relocation to Oklahoma City . It paints a good enough picture of lies , deceit and shows how gullible some individuals just happen to be , namely Howard Scultz , former owner of the Sonics , who took Stern at his word .

    $535 million for an NBA franchise that is not just on the bubble of the top 25 ad markets in the country and furthermore , a team that is amongst the least supported in the NBA . Let’s see where the Kings rank in terms of revenues and their overall profitability .

    Sacramento Kings’ revenue stream and profits

    tophatal …………..


  2. Bobby Valentine has a part-time gig as an NBC baseball insider. This is a bitter man who claims he wudda led the BoSox to the World Series if given the chance. He kinda reminds me of the snotty little kid that could always do it better his way. Last month during the 12 year 9/11 anniversary, he went on WFAN in NY and blindly criticized Yankees for not being of assistance immediately after the attacks. He just happened to be the Met manager at the time. He was challenged for the statement and later issued a half-ass appology for speaking outta his ass.


    1. Ronbets

      Everything about Bobby Valentine as a manager is not something that you want a young player , veteran professional or even kids who play the game of baseball, to be around . And it is idiots , such as Skip Bayless who will pay a guy like Valentine , high praise , when it is actually unwarranted /unjustified .

      I cannot understand why for the life of me the Vikings simply did not seek to trade either Jared Allen or Adrian Peterson ! It would have made sense to amass draft picks for the 2014 NFL Draft , because as of now, there is no way in hell they have a shot at winning the division much less entertaining the idea of claiming a wildcard berth in the NFC . Leslie Frazier , along with Gus Bradley (Jags) and Greg Schiano ( Buccaneers) could on the “outs” before the end of the season or at its culmination . All three have done a lousy job for their respective teams and you can’t use the excuse of injuries to say otherwise .

      As a potential buyer would you have paid in excess of $500 million for the Sacramento Kings , given their lack of support and the fact that the . team on paper is not that particularly good ?


      If you like jiggly butts , then you’ll love these (above & below).

      A French maid has always tickled my fancy !

      Now that’s what I’m talking about !

      I get the feeling she loves being prodded and poked .

      tophatal ………………..


    2. Ronbets

      If NBC Sports Radio is using Valentine for baseball , I can’t wait to see who they will have to cover bobsledding at the Winter Olympics in Sochi , Russia . Rumor has it that Rush Limbaugh might toss his hat into the ring. LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!


      In the cases of both Limbaugh and Valentine it is best not to be seen or heard , as far as I am concerned !


      “The reason why young black quarterbacks are so fast is because when someone says there’s a bucket a of Kentucky Fried or Popeye’s chicken , they’re off to the races ” Rush Limbaugh

      tophatal ………….


    1. Ronbets

      When have you ever known Limbaugh to say anything nice about an ethnicity ? Even his own website in one way or another is filled with garbage .

      Rush Limbaugh was so critical of /. Colin Powell , after the retired Army General endorsed Obama in 2008 . What the hell has that got to do with a ‘hill of beans” in the first place as it was that individual’s personal right and view to do so ? Granted , he (Powell) served at Bush’s (Dubya’s) request at Secretary of State , where he embarrassed himself with that asinine oratory to the UN General Assembly about the Iraqi’s (military) driving around the middle of the desert with fusion rods and weapons of mass destruction . Yet no one caught on , as to that damn idiocy ? .

      Limbaugh in the past , has disparaged individuals such as the Dalai Lama , Mohandas (Mahatma ) K Gandi and Nelson Mandela , to name but a few . Yet those on the right (conservatives) , think of him so highly . He remains an outspoken racial bigot .

      Rush Limbaugh is a despicable piece of scum . He may well be on the air for entertainment purposes and to rally an insipid group of blowholes , but his knowledge on a wide range of subjects in actuality is farcical to say the very least , especially in the areas of foreign diplomacy , policy but above all economic policy .

      tophatal …………..


        1. Ronbets

          Can we have a no holds barred cage match between McNabb and Rush Limbaugh , with the winner getting the chance to castrate the loser ? Rush would have to be impeded , in having one hand tied behind his back .

          And to think that Rush Limbaugh came within a hair’s breath being part of the St Louis Rams’ ownership syndicate a few years ago , before Sam Walton’s son-in-law Stanley Kroenke bought the team .

          For your entertainment , see below .

          How’d you like that piece of @ss ?


          So this is why Spring Break is so popular ?

          Gotta love a woman who can do that repeatedly . I know that , I do !

          Now this is what every guy wants to see his woman being able to do as a trick ,

          Booty shake or booty clap ? Which do you prefer ?

          Tap that @ss .

          I bet they’re the life and soul of a great party ?

          tophatal ………………..


  3. It has been a number of years since the Seattle Supersonics left the city of Seattle to make their way to Oklahoma City . The reincarnated Sonics , now known as the Oklahoma City Thunder were granted tax deferments to elicit the move which Seattle originally matched , but the league hierarchy and the new ownership group of the Thunder simply wanted also the money that the city of Oklahoma were willing to put up for the additional upgrades of the Chesapeake Energy Arena , home to the NBA franchise .

    Howard Schultz , CEO , & founder of Starbucks and former owner of the Seattle Supersonics

    Stern (right) and Bennett

    David Stern’s promise to the city of Seattle that he would do his utmost within this power to bring an NBA franchise back to the city was groundless and had no intent at all . Stern and Clay Bennett , senior managing partner , duped the city of Seattle as well as former Sonics’ owner Howard Schultz .

    tophatal ………………


  4. The Steelers could pull th upset city against the PATS. The Cowboys should win. The football in The NFL is bad. It is hard to watch. In the end the NFL will lose fans. This will happen. The train has already left the station.


            1. bobby

              Mike Tomlinson is too good a head coach to let this team continue to falter . I believe that many of the Steelers’ issues season stems with the offense and offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s play-calling . The Steelers sorely miss Bruce Arians , who as head coach , is slowly molding that Arizona Cardinals’ team into a competitive franchise . Given the right set of circumstances I believe that they will be able to contend within the NFC West and conference within the next two years .

              What you think about what is now taking place in Jacksonville (Jaguars) with their second-year wide receiver Justin Blackmon ? He has been suspended indefinitely without pay for failing the league’s substance abuse program for the second time since he entered the league in 2012 , having been drafted out of Oklahoma State as the fifth overall pick by the Jaguars and the first wide receiver taken that year . This year he has been one of the team’s best players and one of the most productive wide receivers in the NFL .

              tophatal …….


                1. At Oklahoma State , Justin Blackmon was already a head case having been busted for DUI and head coach Mike Gundy simply did nothing as such , to reprimand the player . Now with the allegations of concerning the program dating back to Les Miles and to the incumbent head coach , is it any surprise that things at OK State still remain the same , with their being no damn accountability whatsoever from anyone within the athletics department on down to the coaching staff and the players themselves . Yet idiots, are more concerned with an idiotic playoff format to determine a national champion at the FBS Level in college football . Priorities and values all are wrong and it simply shows how damn apathetic these individuals just happen to be .

                  Help is not going to reform an individual (Justin Blackmon) , who takes to no action in seeking out aid .

                  tophatal ………………


  5. So now not only are Jaguars’ season spiraling out of control , but the team’s best wide receiver has been suspended without pay indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse program for the second time in his career . What the hell is up with Justin Blackmon ? As if being 0-8 was not enough an embarrassment for this team . Now this ?

    Courtesy of NFL.com

    Will Justin Blackmon play for the Jags again ?

    By Gregg Rosenthal

    The Jacksonville Jaguars’ nightmare season hit its nadir Friday. Wide receiver Justin Blackmon was suspended indefinitely for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy again. He will not be eligible to rejoin the team until prior to start of the 2014 season at the earliest.

    The larger question: Will Blackmon ever play for the Jaguars again?

    NFL Media’s Albert Breer reported Friday that the Jaguars “plan to stick by” Blackmon in the short term. They believe he was making progress with his substance abuse problem before this setback.

    Let’s be real. Blackmon would be done if he was an average player. But he probably has a future with the team because of his talent. There is often a sliding scale of justice in the NFL. The more production a player has, the more leeway he gets. Blackmon’s talent is not in question.

    Only Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones gained more receiving yards-per-game this season. Blackmon was slimmer and faster than he was during his rookie year. He was the best player on the worst roster in the league.

    General manager David Caldwell and owner Shad Khan have a difficult decision to make. They could cut Blackmon without any major financial repercussions. So is he the kind of player the Jaguars organization wants to be known for? Can they trust he won’t slip up again?

    General manager David Caldwell and owner Shad Khan have a difficult decision to make. They could cut Blackmon without any major financial repercussions. So is he the kind of player the Jaguars organization wants to be known for? Can they trust he won’t slip up again?

    Caldwell’s statement on the matter was very supportive, which is to be expected. Blackmon has a reputation as a well-liked player in the building by coaches and players. He has a serious problem that needs to be treated, and now is not the time to make any final decisions.

    “The Jacksonville Jaguars will evaluate Justin’s status once he has successfully met the criteria to be considered for reinstatement to the league,” Caldwell said.

    By the time Blackmon will be eligible for reinstatement, the Jaguars will look very different. They will have a new “franchise quarterback” to replace Blaine Gabbert. Maurice Jones-Drew should be long gone. We can only hope the Jaguars aren’t trying to erase the stain of an 0-16 season.



    There is no difficult decision to make concerning Blackmon. Simply get rid of his dumb @ss .

    Blackmon , the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and the first wide receiver taken that year .

    Justin Blackmon of the Jaguars

    NFL wide receiver stats 2013

    tophatal ……………


  6. Brad Stevens head coach of the Boston Celtics , I believe will have his work cut for him this season , in coaching what has now become a very young team at its core . Whether or not Rajon Rondo will have the temperament to lead along with Avery Bradley , now remains to be seen . They may well struggle within the conference and I do not believe that they are anywhere near good enough to win the Atlantic Division .

    Boston Celtics stats and roster

    Boston Celtics news

    tophatal ………………..


  7. This early in the season and the Miami Heat (1-2) have already lost two games somewhat inexplicably against opponents , who last season they would have simply had their way with . The defending champions have become somewhat complacent and lost some of that “swagger” .

    Miami’s two defeats came against the Sixers and the Nets respectively , where Dwyane Wade was sidelined as a precaution against Philadelphia , but that should not be an excuse . This once again shows, that beyond LeBron James there is very little offensive firepower on this team .

    Miami Heat roster , stats and team news

    NBA standings division

    tophatal ……….


  8. Steelers and me may get a divorce this year. Tired of the team not buying into Haley’s offense.
    Evidently it is too complicated for those dummies. We had another that the team couldn’t perform


    1. al clements

      I believe that Steelers’ fans are simply disappointed that the team has not met the expectations of Mike Tomlinson and the coaching staff this season within the AFC North . To my mind one the major failings of the roster , have been the players drafted over the past two seasons in particular , have not proven to be productive enough . And for that the responsibility solely rests with the front office and their misjudgment of the players in question .

      tophatal ………………..


  9. Florida State (Seminoles) left the entrails and carcass of Miami (Hurricanes) all over the field for all to see in Tallahassee on Saturday afternoon , and the win is likely to cement the ‘noles’ current spot in the rankings .

    Once again the Gators prove that they’re not up to beating anyone but themselves . This is a bad team heading absolutely nowhere this season in the SEC much less in the national landscape of college football .

    Week ten College Football results

    Conference standings , polls , AP and BCS .

    tophatal ……………….


  10. This early in the NBA season and there seems to be no real surprises in terms of the standings to date . However , by Christmas things should begin to shake out as teams find a rhythm in terms of their play .

    Most impressive team at this stage could very well be the Philadelphia 76ers (3-0) and the play of Evan Turner who has been outstanding for the organization at this point of the season .

    Evan Turner of the Sixers

    For the Orlando Magic (1-2) this could very well be the season where we see this team rise to the occasion or simply wilt under the pressure of expectations which more likely than not will be to end the regular season with an above .500 record (41-41) 141 . A great deal is being asked of rookie Victor Oladipo by Jacque Vaughn , his coaching staff , that of the front office and GM Rob Hennigan .

    Oladipo , right , is seen here Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan .

    NBA team stats : Offense and defense

    Player scoring stats

    Rookie stats

    tophatal ………….


  11. Yes folks , miracles can happen in the NFL . The Saints somehow managed to get up ended by the Jets . And the Bucs prove once again how damn awful they happen to be . Yet , followers of the franchises in the locale are suggesting that there are intelligent fans in the Tampa area who know about the sports’ scene and what makes the teams there , tick ? How so ?

    What has the Tampa Bay area really got offer the world of professional sports at present, by way of their teams ? In all honesty , simply look at their standings at present and over the past season .

    In the NHL the Lightning are only now beginning to show that they can compete , but it’s still early days yet . The Rays proved that this postseason they are simply were not a match for their opponent and as we can clearly see the Buccaneers continue to make the entrails of dead elephant seem all the more appealing by way of the odor that would emanate from that dead carcass . In other words , they continue to stink up the damn joint .

    The Buccaneers had their game against the Seahawks all but won (couldn’t hang unto a twenty-one point lead ) , but somehow they allowed their opponents to mount a comeback seal Bucs’ fate with another loss . If Greg Schiano remains as the head coach at the end of this season , without their being any type of questions being asked by the front office . Then this organization and its fan-base are simply deserving of the ongoing incompetence and ineptitude by everyone associated with the franchise at every level .

    Great comeback win by the Colts over the Texans away from home . Case Keenum may well be the answer the Houston’s problems at the quarterback position , but their defense is simply not good enough to get the job done , when it matters the most .




    tophatal ………………………


  12. I’m sorry but what is supposed to be so fantastic for fantasy geeks to get excited about when Nick Foles of the Eagles , throws seven touchdown passes against a mediocre Oakland Raiders team in Philadelphia’s lopsided 49-20 victory over the hapless Raiders ? This was never a contest to begin with ! So why the awe of these geeks .? Foles is a quarterback who is playing on team that many said would be a serious contender within the NFC and alleged a serious challenger for divisional honors . Simply look at the teams in the NFC East this season , and ask yourself what the hell is there actually to get excited about over , given the teams’ respective records there ?

    Week nine quarterback stats (touchdowns) and quarterback rating .

    Most passing touchdowns in a game during the regular season

    tophatal ……………….


  13. As the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season continues to spiral out of control , after their rather embarrassing loss to the Patriots . The question that many may well consider now asking , is Mike Tomlin to blame for this ongoing mess or is it simply the fact that a number of players on this team are simply not that good ? Clearly , GM Kevin Colbert will have some serious decisions to make at the end of the season concerning the roster and that of the entire coaching staff in general . The Steelers’ defense is moribund and there seems to be no running game , something the franchise has always been noted for . Never mind the fact that the passing game now seems to be somewhat sporadic to say the very least .

    Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert

    Statistically , this has not been one of Ben Roethlisberger’s best years .

    Pittsburgh Steelers’ news

    tophatal ……………………………..


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