No sleep ’til Brooklyn …………

No sleep ‘til Brooklyn

Week nine in the NFL offered few surprises , unless you just happen to be buying into the fact that Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles might now be the second coming of Joe Montana and Steve Young all rolled into one ? The fact of the matter is , when your opponent just happens to the Oakland Raiders , the opposition with all due candor , that is unlikely to prove to be a stern test . Let us just say at present , the Raiders’ season is already over , bar the shouting and Mark Davis , along with GM Reggie McKenzie are likely to bring about to an end , the tenure of Dennis Allen as the team’s head coach . The talent level on this Raiders’ team might just be at its lowest in several years , with the franchise likely to miss the postseason , as well as posting a sub .500 record or worse for the eleventh consecutive season . Consider, the fact also , that the Oakland Raiders’ last postseason appearance, came during the 2002 postseason . The franchise has now become historically woeful, with only the “Raider Nation ” faithful, standing by the team. As to what may well happen next, is now a matter of conjecture and speculation , as the Raiders prepare for their week ten opponent the New York Giants who they will face at the Met Life Stadium , in East Rutherford , New Jersey , this upcoming Sunday .


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The Raiders’ rather lopsided 49-20 defeat suffered at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles , should come as no surprise for those who bore witness the spectacle via the national broadcast . However , what has to be treated with a great deal of skepticism has to be the performance of Foles , who matched an NFL record for the most touchdown passes during a regular season game , with seven scores against a poorly coached and hapless Raiders’ team and secondary . As good as the Eagles’ performance just happens to be, at the midway point of the season, this Chip Kelly coached team has a sub .500 record (4-5) within a division , the NFC East , that at present, might the worst in the entire NFL .

In a season , where the Houston Texans were seen as the presumptive favorites to win the AFC South , with an explosive offense led by Matt Schaub , Arian Foster and Andre Johnson . This season , the Texans have proven to be all too inconsistent with starting quarterback , Schaub having a year on that he would undoubtedly like to see in a rear view mirror. Currently sidelined with an ankle injury , it appears unlikely that he will return this season in his former role . Inconsistency has plagued the veteran starter , with the Texans’ fans showing their pleasure, in seeing Matt Schaub sidelined for the present. Beleaguered head coach Gary Kubiak can for the moment take pleasure that he might well have found the answer to his prayers with the emergence of Case Keenum , and his play during the Texans’ game against the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday. Unfortunately, for the home team , this contest ended in a defeat, that should have been a decisive victory against their divisional rivals . The heroics of the day once again belonged to the Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck who showed a great deal of composure in bringing his team back for this unexpected victory .

If you thought all of the drama simply took place on the field at Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas on Sunday afternoon. Then seeing Texans’ head coach Gary Kubiak fall to the ground from what appeared to be a fainting spell or quite possibly cardiac arrest . The coach was immediately taken to a hospital, having first been provided with immediate medical attention on the field and then in the locker room. It is likely, that Kubiak will be held at the medical facility, where he will undergo a battery of tests, before being released. No pubic statement has yet been made, as to the cause of the head coach’s condition , which is likely to kept private at the request of the family and the team , itself. Matt Schaub’s immediate and long-term future is now under a great deal more scrutiny than at any time during his nine-year career in the NFL , having been drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the third round of the 2004 NFL Draft . . Schaub who becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2017 , signed a five-year $66.15 million deal in 2012 , of which $29.15 million was guaranteed money . His base salary for this season is $ 7,250,000 with a further $3.500,000 due in part as a bonus . Whether or not the franchise will seek to retain the veteran, is now likely to be open to a great deal of conjecture and speculation , but I do believe that a great deal of that will be prefaced upon the progress shown by Case Keenum. If GM Rick Smith believes that Keenum is the future of the Texans as they proceed forward , then in all likelihood , Schaub will be supplanted in the starting quarterback position by his younger teammate , with the franchise seeking a trade of the veteran signal caller

In week ten, the Texans are the guests of the Arizona Cardinals , for whom week nine, was a bye for the NFC West based franchise . Coming off a decisive week eight 27-13 victory over the fast slumping Atlanta Falcons , there is every reason to believe that this contest will prove to be a stern test for Houston, as they seek to rebound from a heartbreaking loss to the Colts .

The struggles of the Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be an ongoing issue that now seems to have not only the Steelers’ fans worried but also a great many observers around the NFL . It has been considerably long time, since we have seen this franchise sink to such lows, where one now has to question the heart of this team as well as the play calling of offensive coordinator Todd Haley . From my own perspective, I do believe that the Steelers’ issues stem from some poor draft picks over the past three seasons , with the players in question having not shown the progress sought by head coach Mike Tomlin and the GM Kevin Colbert .

Sunday afternoon, the Steelers came to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro’ , Massachusetts , seeking to inflict a loss on the New England Patriots. Instead, the Patriots simply used all of the offensive weapons available to Tom Brady , who simply raised the level of his game to give one of his : best performances of the season as the Patriots annihilated the Pittsburgh Steelers in game that became beyond the Steelers’ reach in the final quarter as England rattled of twenty-eight points on their way to a thoroughly convincing 55-31 victory . Where this now leaves players such as , Ben Roethlisberger , Brett Keisel, Troy Polamalu , Will Allen , Ryan Clark , Jerricho Cotchery .a , Lawrence Timmons and several other of these experienced players on the roster have shown no heart , as this team has now slumped to a 2-6 record within the AFC North . The fact, that the Steelers were lambasted in a lopsided hammering by the New England for the Steelers’ worst loss of the season , now leaves a number of fans wondering where the franchise now goes from here .

The Kansas City Chiefs remain the league’s lone unbeaten team and at 9-0 , with and two more wins, guarantees the Chiefs a playoff berth . A further loss by the Denver Broncos and the AFC West , the Kansas City Chiefs are likely to become the divisional champions for this season . The Chiefs have a potential game of the season awaiting them in week eleven , when they meet at the Sports Authority Field in Denver , Colorado, on Sunday, 17th October , in a conference and divisional contest . That game will certainly have a bearing on the seedings for the AFC at season’s end, but for now the fans should take heart in the very fact that division and conference does not remain a forgone conclusion

Still early days yet, in the NBA season and the defending champions have shown a few chinks in their undoubted armor . The Miami Heat are seeking to rewrite history, cast their own legacy in the annals of NBA history, as they seek to win a third consecutive NBA title . New additions to the roster , Michael Beasley , Roger Mason Jr and Greg Oden are seeking to contribute to this Erik Spoelstra coached team . At 2-2, the Heat sit jointly atop of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference , alongside the Orlando Magic , whose quick start out of the gate has not exactly caught everyone off-balance . From my own perspective this , Magic team will be in for a rough ride over the course of the season as they seek to rebound from a rather lackluster year in 2012 . One which saw the departure of Dwight Howard , whose last season with the team was mired in a great deal of controversy that in the end , led to the dismissal of Stan Van Gundy .

. Miami’s next scheduled game, will see them head north of the border to play the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario , . That match-up should prove to be very interesting contest , as the Raptors seek to gauge themselves against the best team in the Eastern Conference over the past two seasons .

Four-time league MVP LeBron James , also a two- time Finals’ MVP will seek to add to his own legacy , as he seeks to join the ranks of the greats of the game. At this juncture , if James adds another NBA title as well as league MVP to his already distinguished resume` , then I would have to rethink my view as to whether or not he has been the best player to grace the NBA over the past fifteen years . Granted, James’ idol Michael Jordan , will be considered the greatest player to have played the game , but quite possibly , at the point at which LeBron James chooses to retire from the NBA , he may well have surpassed many of Jordan’s greatest personal achievements as a player in the NBA. James has yet to reach his maturation point as a player and over the past four season , we have seen the growth of his all-round game . In terms of a rival to match James’ play and skill-set , the analysts agree that the rivalry may well come from the Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant , a three-time league scoring champion and again a three-time runner-up in the League MVP voting .

Scott Brooks head coach of the Thunder must be greatly enthused by the fact that Kevin Durant has returned to the league this season with the mindset that the team has unfinished business . The postseason of 2012 something of nightmare for the team as they were swept aside in the NBA Finals by LeBron James and the Miami Heat , where the match-up between Durant and the Heat superstar failed to live up to the perceived hype , as the Thunder were brushed over in a lopsided 4-1 series’ victory . Last year’s postseason for the Oklahoma City Thunder was one of more heartache with the loss of the team’s point guard Russell Westbrook , as he suffered an injury in the team’s first round series against the Houston Rockets . Westbrook was injured in a collision with the Rockets’ Patrick Beverley , which would require orthopedic surgery for a torn meniscus in his right knee. The point guard’s loss would prove to be impactful for the Thunder, as Russell Westbrook and the team would be unceremoniously dumped in the first round, with a 4-2 series’ loss. All season long, the point guard would prove to be one the most productive players on the roster, alongside teammate Kevin Durant.

A new season beckons, it will be interesting to see what type of mindset will be shown by Russell Westbrook when he makes his first appearance for the Thunder . His return would suggest that the player has not missed a step after the team’s 103-96 defeat of the Phoenix Suns , during which he scored twenty-one points , dished out seven assists , with four rebounds and a steal . Yet there were signs of rustiness displayed with some momentary lapses that led to four turnovers and 1 personal foul. As he begins to find his rhythm, we are likely to see Westbrook regain the form that has made him one of the most explosive point guards in the NBA over the past four seasons . I strongly believe that the Oklahoma City Thunder will be one of at least four teams in the Western Conference seeking to be dominant within the conference this season, as well as within their respective divisions . The other teams I see playing a part within this whole year-long scenario, are the Los Angeles Clippers , Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs . In the Clippers’ case , that is solely based on the mindset brought in by Doc Rivers and whether or not , he can get this team to actually play a modicum of defense . We are aware as to what they are capable of from an offensive mindset , as we all bore witness to that last season .

The Clippers now seeing a resurgence in not only their play but also fan-base , and now of the belief that they’re on an equal footing with their in-house residents at the Staples Center , the Los Angeles Lakers . This season, will be a test for both franchises , as they each seek to carve out a niche for themselves within the NBA landscape. As I alluded to earlier, while the Clippers are a robustly talented team on offense , their issues remain on the defensive side of the ball. With the mindset of Chris Paul , now a determining factor, things are likely to change after the point guard’s first season with the team in 2012 . Alongside , Blake Griffin , DeAndre Jordan , Darren Collison , J J Redick , Antawn Jamison , Ryan Hollins the rest of this cast , we will be able to gauge whether or not there is any justification for there to be a presumption that they are legitimate contenders for the NBA title this season . Evidence of that may well have been on hand last night, as they completely manhandled the Houston Rockets on their way to a 137-118 victory for the highest scoring game in the infancy of this NBA season . Houston with the off-season acquisition of Dwight Howard , were also being looked upon as a championship caliber team . To my mind , beyond James Harden , there is little to suggest that the addition of Howard will factor into the Rockets chances of lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of this postseason . Dwight Howard has yet to prove himself when it matters the most , and that is during the postseason and he certainly cannot be considered a player readily and willing to assume the mantle of leadership , should James Harden be otherwise indisposed due to a prolonged injury .

During last season within the NBA schedule , one of the more idiotic comments I read concerning the NBA, was that of a patron, who suggested that New York sports’ fans tend not to expect a great deal from or off their teams , even when the rosters assembled are considered to be that of a championship caliber team . Personally, I felt the statement, was lacking in intelligence and obviously from an individual, who simply does not spend a great deal of time informing themselves of what is routinely happening in the nation’s largest sports environment, where all four of the major professional team sports are well represented alongside having perhaps having some of the most gregarious and often most acerbic and volatile sports’ journalists in the country . With, both the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks , having made the postseason in 2012, as the fourth and second seeds respectively, in the Eastern Conference standings . A great deal was expected of both teams, as each sought to make a respectable showing in the league’s showcase event of the postseason .

The New York Knicks led by Carmelo Anthony and an assortment of ill-fitting parts , made light work of the Boston Celtics in the first round of a highly competitive and volatile series . Meanwhile , the Nets, with their wildly exorbitant payroll of underachieving players , suffered the ignominy of bowing out in their opening round series to the Chicago Bulls , who were at the time without their best player , Derrick Rose . As to what that might suggest about a team , whose owner Mikhail Prokhorov , who remains of the mindset , that the best way to solve a problem is to simply to throw money at the issue and then let things fall where they may. Somewhat like this present White House administration , and that of the US Congress , and their omnipresent ideas , as how best to deal with an ongoing and still ailing economy. Print money, borrow money , spend money , on just about any damn idiotic idea that you think might fly or curry favor , not with the constituents , but their financial backers , by way of the funneling of monies by lobbyists and the special interest groups they represent .

Prokhorov as the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, has simply sought to play second fiddle to no one , not even to their in conference rivals the New York Knicks. The fact that these two teams have now created an intense rivalry , with both sets of fans now foaming at the mouth , while showing not quite utter disdain for their foe . I am not so sure , what this will amount to , even with the addition of Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to a Nets’ roster whose team payroll of just over $70 million in 2012 , will balloon to over $102.6 million for this upcoming season and creating a liability for the Nets franchise where they will be paying in excess of forty-three million dollars for exceeding the league’s soft salary cap ($58.648 million) .

While, I believe that both the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks to be very good teams , I simply do not believe, that either, are the equal of the Miami Heat, in terms of being able to mount a serious enough challenge to dethrone the defending NBA champions .



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With the NFL now its midway point , what are you hoping to see in the second half of the season by way of the play from the teams in the NFL ? Also with the NBA still in its infancy this season , have there been any teams , team , player or players that you believe will have a successful year within the league itself ? Leave a comment, as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it has always been greatly appreciated first and foremost !

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(1) Nick Foles (9)/ is seen here attempting a pass during the game played between the Philadelphia Eagles and Oakland Raiders played at the Coliseum in Oakland , California on the 3rd November , 2013 . The Eagles would go on to defeat Oakland 49-20 , with Foles equaling an NFL single game record in passing for seven touchdowns during the contest. Getty Images / Brian Bahr …

(2) Tight end Zach Ertz (86 ) of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates a touchdown with quarterback Nick Foles (9) against the Oakland Raiders in the second quarter on November 3, 2013 at Coliseum in Oakland, California. Getty Images North America/ Brian Bahr …

(3) Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is loaded on a stretcher after he collapsed on the field as the team left for halftime against the Indianapolis Colts at Reliant Stadium on November 3, 2013 in Houston, Texas. Getty Images / Bob Levey …

(4) Case Keenum (7) of the Houston Texans breaks the tackle of Ricky Jean Francois (99) of the Indianapolis Colts as he rushes in the second quarter at Reliant Stadium on November 3, 2013 in Houston, Texas. Getty Images / Bob Levey …

(5) Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin and team GM Kevin Colbert are seen here at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . The franchise this season within the AFC North is having a horrendous year , bearing a 2-6 record which has them firmly placed at the foot of the division . The Steelers’ draft picks over the past four seasons has proven to be unfruitful , with several of the players failing to live up to the perceived hype . AP Photo / Carl Rogers …

(6) Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat is seen here in his official team photo for the franchise . Beasley is seeking to resurrect his often troubled NBA career in his second stop with NBA franchise . Beasley , along with Greg Oden and Roger Mason Jr are the newest members of the team , which has seen the retirement of Juwan Howard , who has since become a member of the coaching staff . AP Photo / Hector Hernandez ….

(7) From left to right , Brooklyn Nets’ GM Billy King , team owner , Mikhail Prokhorov , head coach Jason Kidd , Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry . This season the Nets will have one of the league’s highest team payrolls which will exceed $102.6 million , with guard Joe Johnson being the highest paid player on the roster this season . It remains to be seen whether not franchise can be seen as a legitimate title threat to the Miami Heat as well as the rest of the NBA this season . The addition of the three former Boston Celtics’ players should add some vitality to the franchise . AP Photo / Gerry Thomas ….

(8) Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks is seen here with teammates , J R Smith , center and Iman Shumpert . Anthony during the preseason stated that he was prepared opt put of the final year of his contract to test the free agency market in 2014 . Yet , is highly unlikely , that Carmelo Anthony will seek to go elsewhere, knowing that can get a max six-year contract that cumulatively earning $129 million six years averaging , $21.5 million per year while remaining with the New York Knicks. . AP Photo / Paul Hamilton …….



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  1. As if the NFL hasn’t enough problems it now has in dealing with an @ss such as Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins , his using racial epithets and sexual innuendos to berate a fellow teammate any Jonathan Martin who also happens to be biracial . In this day and age, does the NFL have to take a step backwards in terms of the Neanderthal and downright ignorant behavior of its players ? As to Dolphins’ head coach Joe Philbin , in stating that this was something of an isolated incident, How much of an a##hole , does he take the public to be , when the organization has as now suspended the player (Incognito) indefinitely for his alleged actions and behavior ? Hazing rookie horse play what the hell are these guys trying to prove to begin with ? As to this take that NFL players are tough ,. in actuality the vast majority of them would not be able to last the basic training regimen of the military . Overpaid and just downright dumb in the case of Incognito !

    Incognito’s ” tweets ” were not the only incidents involved in this harassment action , but it played a large part in this whole process . With this having been leaked , it leaves the Dolphins in another embarrassing situation where they’re running for the hills and seeking to find ways to rectify the matter . Deniable cause and culpability as usual , with fans making light of the matter in some cases .

    There was a reason why several teams passed on the player when he entered the NFL Draft in 2005

    Incognito of the Dolphins, who formerly played for the St Louis Rams early in his career .

    Jonathan Martin .

    Miami Dolpins’ news

    It’s a risky business being a head coach in the NFL , just ask Gary Kubiak and John Fox as to their recent health scares .

    The Knicks and Nets will have a hard time trying to prove to the public en mass that they are capable of dethroning the reigning NBA champions , the Miami Heat .

    tophatal ……………


  2. There was a reason why . several teams passed on Richie Incognito , because of his known character issues while in college , which Mike Bellotti simply did nothing about while he had the player under his jurisdiction . Thankfully , during the 2005 NFL Draft , then Buccaneers’ head coach Tony Dungy , chose to pass on Incognito in the earlier rounds , even though he was being pressed into drafting the defensive lineman by a number of his assistant coaches at the time .

    Richie Incognito’s career statistics are non too impressive and neither have his contributions with the Dolphins this season as a whole indicating why the team has underachieved in so many areas during 2013 .

    If the player is allowed to appeal his suspension with the assistance of the NFLPA ( union) , then it simply indicates the ongoing hypocrisy within that union itself and amongst its executive committee and player representatives .

    tophatal ……………………….


  3. After the Riley Cooper incident , does the NFL need another dumb white kid making a complete @ss of himself , where over 70 % of the player personnel of the league is made up minorities , with a number of African American holding down a number of coaching and executive positions within team hierarchies ? If the NFLPA backs Richie Incognito’s appeal of his suspension , then what does that indicate to you all about the league and its ongoing image problems and a lack of cohesive leadership within its hierarchy ? This is one story now fomenting in the league that is neither good or welcoming ., Yet all some fans tend to want is the same old drivel and a feelgood story to make the world an apparently better place ,.

    Let’s look at the landscape for what it is at present . It is messed up , with a bunch of unintelligent idiots , simply making it a great deal worse by the second . And the sad fact is , a bunch of itinerant ingrates would rather gloss over that fact all too quickly .

    As to Miami Dolphins’ head coach Joe Philbin’s initial take that this was an isolated incident . Clearly, it shows that this coach simply chooses not to be aware of what is taking place inside his team’s locker room and notably during practice sessions. Is it any wonder no one takes this franchise seriously ? , The Dolphins simply have not been relevant since their unbeaten season , in the NFL and that is a fact .

    GM Jeff Ireland thought the issue serious enough to suspend the player without pay . So what the hell was Philbin doing during that time-span , until now ?

    NFL head coach Joe Philbin at his very best, is no better than his predecessor Tony Sparano . .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Joe Philbin is at a crossroads- Miami

    By James Walker ,

    DAVIE, Fla. — The Miami Dolphins are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons — and so is head coach Joe Philbin. Richie Incognito’s alleged harassment of Jonathan Martin happened on Philbin’s watch, and how Philbin manages the team through this crisis will go a long way toward determining if he is the right or wrong coach for Miami.

    That’s right: In just his second year on the job, Philbin is already approaching what will be the defining moment in his head-coaching tenure with the Dolphins.

    Miami (4-4) is a .500 team with more issues off the field than on it. Ryan Tannehill’s poor pass protection certainly takes a backseat to the ugly Incognito-Martin situation that is making national headlines.

    “”I am in charge of the workplace atmosphere,” Joe Philbin said Monday.”
    AP Photo Lynne Sladky

    ESPN and various media reports highlighted Incognito’s persistent harassment and bullying of Martin over the past year-and-a-half. Multiple sources confirmed to ESPN that the following is a transcript of a voice message Incognito left for Martin in April 2013, a year after Martin was drafted:

    “Hey, wassup, you half n—– piece of s—. I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. [I want to] s— in your f—ing mouth. [I’m going to] slap your f—ing mouth. [I’m going to] slap your real mother across the face [laughter]. F— you, you’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you.”

    Philbin took on the brunt of the responsibility Monday, saying it’s up to the head coach to create and facilitate the right locker-room culture.

    “I want you to know as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, I am in charge of the workplace atmosphere,” Philbin said. “Since April 10, 2012, when players first came here … every decision I’ve made, everything we’ve done at this facility was done with one thing in mind: That is to help our players and our organization to reach their full potential. Any type of conduct and behavior that detracts from that objective will not be tolerated.”

    Click on link to read in full.



    tophatal …………………..


  4. lets get this straight This moron Incognito is a racist and a bigot. We will see what happens. Sue his ass and then kick his ass. For me personally I don’t care how big the guy is if he gets in my face a will handle it. If I get my ass kicked so be it but the fool who tries this will know he needs to pack a lunch. What is going on is a ton deeper than we really know. Football is a violent sport. Yet no one wants to talk about what goes on in Russia, Spain, Italy, England hell all of Europe on the pitch. The way fans treat black players and say things to them and other moronic behaviour. This BS slips underneath the radar in this country. Racism is learned at home. I know when I was a kid and we moved to the south being a Jew from New Jersey wasn’t all that cool. I had to fight every day. Names were called me all the time. In the end it all begins with the family. Mty father taught me to treat everyone with respect. To earn respect you treat others with respect.


    1. bobby

      Let’s get something straight right off the bat . this is another serious black eye for the NFL from an image standpoint , which will either be heightened or downplayed in certain areas of the media . We’ve seen bullying lead to deaths of several young individuals who in the end took their own lives , because of that cycle of actual hate and stupidity . As to Richie Incognito’s actions, there can be no excuse for it at all . The Dolphins’ lineman is once again proving that the league itself is infested with a bunch damn idiots lacking , in real intelligence . As to players coming to Incognito’s support, what the hell does that also tell you about this league as a whole , never mind no public statement coming Roger Goodell , or from anyone within his office , condemning Richie Incognito’s actions . Yet ,. what we are now liable to see, is the league seeking to be retroactive and somewhat proactive , in dealing with something that has been ongoing and widespread within league locker rooms all over the NFL for a number of years . As to the players suggesting that Jonathan Martin was wrong to make this all public and to leave the team without notice . My advice to them, is to shut the hell up and deal with a rampant epidemic cycle of damn stupidity that exists within your environment and to deal with it intelligently !

      USA Today

      Blame the victim? Some players criticize Jonathan Martin

      By Erik Brady , Jim Corbett and :Lindsay H Jones , USA Today

      Richie Incognito stands accused of bullying Jonathan Martin and, as you might expect, is almost universally condemned. But, as you might not expect, some NFL players criticize Martin, too.

      The two Miami Dolphins offensive linemen made national headlines when Martin walked away from the team and Incognito was suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team after Martin’s representatives turned over a voice mail with racially charged threats.

      Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton thinks Martin broke the code of the locker room by leaving it.

      “Everybody in the NFL knows that when you’re a young guy and when you’re with the O-line you’ve got it the hardest,” Knighton says. “I mean, that’s been going on for a while. … I don’t know where they crossed the line at; maybe (Incognito) said something personal.

      “I feel like, as players, when it is player-to-player, it can be handled as players. It can be addressed. I don’t think (Martin) should have gone outside the team and expressed how things are going in the locker room.”

      SCAPEGOAT?: Ricky Williams takes issue with Martin

      That’s not only a player perspective. Duke professor of sports psychology and sports ethics Greg Dale thinks it is a male perspective.

      “I was teaching my class at Duke to a group of undergrads, and we were talking about this very thing in class,” Dale says. “And the comments from several of the young men were, ‘Well, he really needed to man up. He’s a man, and you’ve got to handle that on your own. He shouldn’t have walked away.’ And that’s the core of the problem right there.”

      Hank Nuwer, associate professor of journalism at Franklin College in Indiana, has written multiple books on hazing, including Wrongs of Passage. He says it is common in athletic hazing cases to blame the victim.

      “Either he doesn’t measure up or he’s a sissy for reporting it,” Nuwer says. “Or he doesn’t understand that Incognito was just trying to toughen him up. It’s always put that way.”

      Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway thinks what some style as bullying is really more like bonding.

      HAZING HISTORY: Incognito’s bullying dates back to 2002

      “The reality is, as a guy coming in, you have to understand the environment you’re in and take it with a grain of salt, be able to dish it out as well as take it and just become part of that group,” he says. “I don’t know the situation (in Miami), what went on. But it happens. It happens all over the place.

      “I think ‘bullying’ is strongly overused at every age in this country, starting at my 6-year-old. People are just rude. People are mean. I wouldn’t call it bullying. I think it’s just being ridiculous. But as a grown man, it’s more of a brotherhood, ball-busting mentality than I think we’re directly coming at somebody.”

      Crossing the line

      Traditional hazing in the NFL can range from having rookies carry shoulder pads to the practice field to having them sing college fight songs in the lunchroom to taping them to the goal posts after practice. New Orleans Saints rookies were asked to put pillowcases over their heads during training camp in 1998 and run through dorm hallways while 20 to 30 veterans hit them, some with a bag of coins.

      Click on link to read in full .

      These players critical of Martin are a bunch damn morons !

      Richie Incognito: ‘I’m just trying to weather the storm’

      By Daryl Hanzus , NFL League writer

      Richie Incognito is in the eye of the hurricane right now.

      The Miami Dolphins guard was suspended indefinitely Sunday for his behavior toward teammate Jonathan Martin, the offensive tackle who suffered an emotional breakdown at the team complex last week. The fallout has become a huge NFL story, and a national one as well.

      A local news affiliate in Fort Lauderdale caught up with Incognito on Tuesday as he left a doctor’s appointment. His clipped comments were his first since being suspended.

      “You know what, I’m just trying to weather the storm right now,” Incognito told WSVN-TV. “This will pass.”

      NFL Media’s Albert Breer obtained a transcript of a voice mail that Incognito left Martin, directing threats and a racial slur toward Martin. The NFL and the Dolphins have heard the voice mail.


      Click on link to read in full .

      No apology from Incognito , as it now becomes all about him . What a self righteous #ss !

      An ass , such as Joe Philbin who initially sought to downplay the episode, is simply showing how out of touch with the real world , he just happens to be . Had this been a young rookie player who then went out and took his own life , after Incognito’s actions , what would we be discussing now , another tragedy and seeking answers , no doubt ?

      Incognito’s tweets were one thing , but the other actions not reported at the time are indicator of what has been ongoing issue and endemic within the Dolphins’ organization . Team owner , Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland , had better deal with the matter in great depth , given the market place where the franchise resides and the makeup of the fan base there .

      And for these idiots who are of the belief that racism is dead and buried , here is another sign idiots that it still reigns supreme . Or were you all asleep at the wheel when Riley Cooper went on his little tirade ?

      tophatal …………..


      1. this moron caused the storm. Now he must live with it. Martin didn’t do a damn thing. What do not understand why didn’t his mates stand up for him.


        1. bobby

          Richie Incognito is now seeking empathy from fans and teammates alike and it this type inaction by teams that over the years that in the end leads to incidents such as this . No more damn excuses of boys being boys , This country has become a goddamn joke and complete laughing stock in terms of anything relating to common decency or morals !

          This was the type of behavior seen from the US Defense Dept and that of the US Navy after the Tailhook ‘scandal’ , as no one was actually held accountable for some disturbing and outlandish behavior . And it is the same here , concerning , Richie Incognito and the morons now jumping to his defense . As I stated earlier , had Jonathan Martin committed suicide as often been the case when some individuals placed under such conditions, what would the discussion then be about ? Another damn tragedy , that very well could have been avoided .

          No forthright comment from Roger Goodell as usual , who simply cherry picks the issues he wants to be seen front and center , to be involved in , merely to show himself in a positive light .

          tophatal ……………..sat


          1. Turn on ESPN2 A ton of new stuff is coming out. This is what happens when the word of Adonai is kicked to the curb. What in Incognito did was wrong


      1. Where I come from you take your bros back. The only thing this moron will understand is to get his legs broke.. This is wrong but sometimes I think this way. One thing you can’t legislate morals and values these ideas are taught at home. look to his home life.


        1. bobby

          The NFL has simply learned not a damn thing at all , especially when it comes to issues of simple decency , courtesy , much less, dealing with all matters relating to player safety . As to Joe Philbin’s dumb #ss , what should else should we have expected from a coach whose team and season seems to be disappearing down a restroom toilet faster than several lumps of fecal matter .

          Testosterone driven , but no frigging common sense to be found anywhere at present within the NFL landscape . No limits and no boundaries being set and this is what tends to happen . It seems nothing was learned after the Riley Cooper episode at all . Other than the fact that we now know that both Cooper and Incognito are like two pieces of turd, flouting in the same cesspool of stupidity known, as the NFL . Now let’s see how this will all be addressed by the idiots within the print and television media . They seem to be just as damn clueless as the entire institution of the NFL , itself .

          tophatal ……………..


          1. It won’t. ESPN, FOX and the rest have an axe to grind If it doesn’t fit the template it won’t be reported. I hope Martin be okay I will pray for him. Words hurt worse than a broken nose. Words linger in the mind forever. They are replayed over and over again. I don’t care how big one is words cut to the quick. in the end we have to learn how to forgive. It is hard but it has to be done if one wants true peace and this is the art of love. This doesn’t mean becoming a door mat.


            1. bobby

              That is what a seemingly numb-less group of individuals seem to forget , most notably so when it comes to the men and women of the US military </a. , who have been treated disgracefully down the years by the government and in some cases , by many within certain areas of the populace , with their venal hatred and venom . . What I would like to know , is what the hell did Richie Incognito felt there was to be gained with that type of behavior without an #sshole such as teammate , Mike Wallace , seemingly coming to his defense ?

              “It’s only words …….. I sometimes refer to my Mom as a ###ch , when she pi#ses me off also ! Besides , I’ve never met Jonathan’s mother , so why should I care ”
              ! Mike Wallace of the Dolphins .

              tophatal …………….


                1. bobby

                  Wallace is an #ss and there was a reason why like so many other wide receivers that the Steelers have drafted over the past ten years and then let go over the years , because after while they simply outlived their usefulness and welcome . Namely , Mike Wallace , Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes .

                  Holmes is at present with the Jets , while Wallace and the Dolphins are languishing .

                  Burress on the other hand has done little of note in 2013 and has yet to start a game for the Steelers this season having returned to the franchise where he first made his name .

                  NFL wide receivers’ stats (2013)

                  tophatal ………


  5. Bringing integrity to college football is akin to appeasing the Mafia for their actions down the years . Are people really buying into this idiocy that because an Army general , a former diplomat , college coach and Heisman Trophy winner on an empaneled committee will straighten out a system that was slanted towards the schools and conference that brought about the BCS will change things , then there is a great deal of naivete remaining . If the BCS truly wants to do something radical, then stop with this insipid idiocy these schedules of the major programs that are riddled with games that are not even remotely competitive, that along with the connivance of the networks and NCAA has gone a long way in creating this laughable chapter in collegiate athletics and specifically FBS Football .

    tophatal …………….


  6. bobby

    Given what is going on now in Russia and with the 2014 Winter Olympics coming up in Sochi . It will be interesting to see what type of stance will be taken by visiting countries to that particular sporting spectacle . It’s bad enough as it is that UEFA has done nothing at all , given the vast amount of evidence seen as to the behavior of not only the Russian soccer fans , with their blatant racial and derogatory epithets , but also several of their players towards visiting minority players during the the Champions League games that have been scheduled on Russian soil .

    tophatal …………


  7. The Packers’ .. season has not yet gone up in smoke , but the loss (broken collarbone) of Aaron Rodgers , may well quite possibly waylay making a smooth defense of their NFC North title , albeit that the quarterback hopes to make a quick return by week twelve or thirteen of this season .

    The Packers will likely be without Rodgers , Clay Matthews and Jermichael Finlay for their next game .. against the Eagles at Lambeau Field this Sunday .

    Green Bay Packers’ news

    tophatal …………….


  8. With all due respect but the BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America) have about as much credibility as the Republicans and Democrats together and their handling of the nation’s issues . If the facts are to believed , then their claims that Fredi Gonzalez , Clint Hurdle and Don Mattingly , finalists , are the three best possible candidate for this past season for the NL Manager of the Year Award . Then there is clearly something awry within that institution .

    Inasmuch as I am an avid fan of the Atlanta Braves , Gonzalez and the coaching staff did not have to do a great deal in securing the NL East title this past season given the mediocrity of the opposition faced within the division . .

    Are the members of the BBWAA suggesting that Mike Matheny , who in his first season as the manager of the St Louis Cardinals , was not a worthy candidate , as he led his club to NL Central title , and he also made his first appearance in the World Series as a manager in his rookie season ?

    tophatal ……….


  9. The Indiana Pacers (4-0) are off to a great start this season as the only unbeaten team left in the NBA . Frank Vogel and his team will look to rebound from the postseason conference finals’ loss to the . Miami Heat .

    Leading the way for the Pacers is Paul George who seems to at the top of his game this season for the franchise .

    Vogel in the background seen with Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansborough

    Paul George of the Pacers

    With Larry Bird back in the fold as the general manager it will be interesting to see what he does to improve the team over the course of the season .

    NBA standings (division)

    NBA news

    NBA results 5th November 2013

    NBA schedule 6th November

    This date in NBA history

    tophatal ……………


  10. Richie Incognito in his “tweets” , refers to Jonathan Martin’s mother as a ‘bi$ch’ . I am sure Incognito’s mother and father taught him those values , that he is now putting to some asinine use . Let’s , see how idiots such as Mike Wallace can defend that and would he have been willing to accept such a derogatory remark , were his mother referred to in such a manner ? Another dumb @ss athlete without an ounce of damn common sense .

    Another feelgood story in the NFL = where there seems to be a plethora idiots on show each and every week for sixteen weeks who are highly overpaid , and think themselves above the law , as well as above any sense of being held accountable for their actions , as shown in Incognito’s first public interview after his suspension , for which he has yet to offer an apology to the Dolphins or any of his teammates for the embarrassment caused by his actions . Values mean absolutely nothing to a player like Richie Incognito , let alone common decency .

    tophatal ……..


  11. Thursday night football in the NFL this season has become about interesting as watching a mother who’s lactating begin to breast feed her child . It has you perhaps wondering , how much pain has to be endured while that child suckles on her breast or breasts as the case maybe ? The fans in attendance at these games have been asked to endure some really bad contests . And tonight’s match-up looks as if it will be another ” real snoozer “ between the Washington Redskins , as they take on the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC match-up .

    It’s likely that I will give tonight’s game a miss, as there are far better things to do . Watching paint dry , doing my laundry early , instead of leaving it to the weekend . Do some work on either the car or motor cycle . Or better yet , perhaps reading either another chapter of Tolstoy’s War & Peace or Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point . Oops ! What’s this , there’s some hot chics limbering up and looking suggestive ? Where ?



    I think I’ll ditch the chores !

    This season’s Monday night and Thursday night games’ results .

    NFL week ten schedule

    tophatal ……………….


  12. bobby gee

    Travis Henry while in college was nowhere to be seen for a number of his classes , but upon being drafted and asked to sign his very first professional contract , he was barely literate enough to sign along the dotted line of the deal . He is, but one of a litany of former and current players now in the same boat . Yet this damn idiocy within the NCAA and their assisting the student athlete and their graduation rates has proven to be a real misnomer and falsehood .

    If Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s plan were to have been initiated prior to the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament where the participating schools had a graduation rate of not less than 60 % , then more than half of the teams .. would have failed to have met that criteria .

    Travis Henry

    Away from the NFL , the former running back is almost destitute , owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support , having fathered as many as nine children (nine different females) that he knows of , but it may well be more .

    Travis lets you know he’s a real stud , a baby maker and impregnator of women .


    tophatal ……………….


  13. Now very glad that Wallace left the Steelers; another fool backing the racist. Seems from what I have been reading Richie has been this way forever…rather than being an NFL pro he should of been a hitman for the Mafia or the Russian Mafia……Pisses me off what other players are saying including a BUNCH of NFL execs. I don’t blame Martin for leaving….the environment there created the situation…Richie took it to another level.
    Plus what would have happened to Martin had he kicked Richies ass??
    AS TO “my Steelers” bad drafts, no heart……….cannot blame Ben though….he keeps trying.
    Ben is the team right now…the rest????????


  14. al clements

    Guys like Mike Wallace come a dime a dozen and they’re as dumb as a box of frigging rocks . How the hell can he in all good conscience back Incognito after an incident such as this .? And to hell with this asinine notion of a code of fraternity brotherhood in the NFL ! Since , when was racial bigotry an acceptable part of the behavior . within the NFL , given the makeup of the player personnel within the league ?

    Anyone now trying to defend Richie Incognito , even if as now being alleged , a physical altercation taking place between he Jonathan Martin , before Incognito ” tweeted “ . his racially insensitive garb . Now the alleged defendant (Incognito) is claiming to be a victim in giving his first official public interview after being suspended by the Miami Dolphins’ hierarchy . This is another dumbfounding black-eye for the NFL and a lack oversight, in terms of the gross and continued misconduct of the players’ on and off the field of play with Roger Goodell more often than not sending down menial suspensions for some of the most venal and heinous of behavior by players .

    Has the NFL now become a microcosm of what is actually happening in society ? Because there seems to be some really anal retentive individuals , showing a great deal of apathy concerning this matter and making light of it all , on so many levels .

    The Steelers need to find some real consistency in their play , rather than the continued erratic performances we’ve seen this season . In terms of the AFC North and the division , at best, all that they can hope for , is that the other teams within the division have their own missteps over the remainder of the season and then perhaps they can slip in for a playoff berth through the back door .

    tophatal ………………


  15. As if we needed further evidence to indict the fact that the Washington Redskins are a pi#s poor team and one of the worst in the NFC given their recent performances .

    Mike and Kyle Shanahan are taking this franchise absolutely backwards as evidenced in Thursday night’s game which was made abundantly clear and emphasized how bad so many of teams in the NFC just happen to be !


    Jordan Carver .


    tophatal …………………………

    tophatal ………………….


    1. Chris

      The NFC East has become a joke of a division with all four teams barely achieving anything of note . What is likely to truly reflect how bad the division just happens to be, is the very fact that the winner is likely to finish with a record either sub.500 (8-8) or slightly above at no better than 9-7 while a team from another division is likely to be excluded from this season’s playoffs .

      Niick Foles is good , but he does not posses the temperament or experience to lead a team deep into the playoffs .

      Michael Vick not being able to finish an entire regular season is like watching an eighty-year old geriatric male pop a Viagra and think that he can “lay the wood” to a room full of hot chics all night long . Vick’s best years are so far behind him that it is not worth talking about . The Eagles a good team offensively , just as long as Foles is not ask to do too much or trying to erase a deficit in order to win a game .

      tophatal ………….


    2. Chris

      The day anyone within NFL insiders’ group considers Nick Foles to be a credible Superbowl caliber winning leaders quarterback , then the game as we know it has become a complete farce . A contest where the player threw for – seven touchdowns and over 400 yards doesn’t make him the second coming of Joe Montana or Steve Young . It was simply one game and not a career defining moment in NFL history. Too many idiots are buying into the performance as being something truly exhilarating .

      tophatal ……………


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