It is not always the journey that takes its toll, it is the failure then to cross the finish line ….

It is not always the journey that takes its toll, it is the failure then to cross the finish line ….

Anyone who has ever participated in any type of endurance contest, will know it is always about the preparation before the event and in the lead-up what you as a contestant, have done to prepare yourself for that specific competition. The NFL season is simply no different , with a sixteen-week regular season schedule , that at times can seem like an eternity, not only for the players, but also for the fans themselves who will have to endure the highs and lows , as they go about supporting their respective teams . As the league enters its eleventh week , teams are now beginning to distance themselves from their divisional rivals, gaining the victories needed to assure them a berth in the playoffs . This weekend , when the Kansas City Chiefs (9-0) take on the Denver Broncos (8-1) at Sports Authority Field in Denver , Colorado, a great deal will be on the line for both teams , as a victory for franchise will most certainly assure them of a berth in the postseason . In the case of the Chiefs, as led by head coach Andy Reid , he knows a victory almost assures his team that they are in the driver’s seat in terms of seeking to unseat the Broncos as the AFC West champions for this season.


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Though I was not thoroughly convinced that the dismissal of Andy Reid by the Philadelphia Eagles was the right thing to do at the time. I fully understand the frustrations and reasoning behind the former head coach’s firing. Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman simply felt that Reid’s loyalty to the team’s quarterback Michael Vick was no longer worth the risk as the seasoned veteran had now become more of a liability , rather than an asset to the team. Vick’s stats over the past ten to fifteen games has simply borne this out , along with his inability to stay injury free,

While the Eagles continue their season of inconsistency , albeit that they are now in involved in a tight divisional race with the Dallas Cowboys (5-5) , in what I can best describe as being one of the worst divisional in the NFL simply by the records reflected of all four residents within the NFC East and the fact that all four are no better than .500 within the division . The fact that is quite possible , that the actual winner of NFC East could easily end up with an 8-8 record and make the postseason , not only adds insult to injury , but also once again shows how bad the division just happens to be , in terms of the quality of football being played. Now, the more docile of observers, may well choose to point out that injuries have played a part of what we the fans have observed within the NFC East this season . However, I would put it down to the ineptitude of the coaching on display and also the fact that a number of the players within the division are not as good as advertised.

As to this contest between the Chiefs and Broncos this game will be heightened by the health of Peyton Manning and his appearance, given his ongoing health issue by way of a high ankle sprain . Manning, long seen as one of the many faces of the NFL alongside perhaps his most famous peer and adversary , Tom Brady . Off to a tremendous start this season , Peyton Manning has simply set a pace not seen in the league in several years, as the player once again seems to be on a record pace for passing touchdowns in a season . It is my belief however, that the player would rather team success by way of a second Superbowl victory for Manning and a first for the Chiefs’ franchise, as well as, quite possibly adding to his mantelpiece of a fifth League MVP and a second Superbowl MVP award . By any measure, this contest will provide a spectacular ratings’ bonanza for the broadcast network .

It is extremely hard to discern, how the Pittsburgh Steelers’ (3-6) season has continued to spiral out of control. Although winners, of three of their last five games, the team sits at the bottom of the AFC North,where the divisional leader, is a still resurgent Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) . Bengals’ head coach Marvin Lewis , behind a young quarterback, in Andy Dalton and an offense that has proven to be resilient as they are explosive. Pittsburgh will face a stern test when they play host to the Detroit Lions (6-3) on Sunday at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon , in what is sure to be a highly competitive game . The Bengals meanwhile, will have as their guests, in-state and divisional rival the Cleveland Browns (4-5). Needless to say, Andy Dalton and his teammates will seek to further distance themselves from the Browns and Baltimore Ravens (4-5) within the division. Both contests, should prove to be very intriguing, with the outcome likely to predicated upon time of possession, and sound defense. Something that as of late, seems to be something a “lost art form “ , for a number of teams around the NFL, where there now seems to be an abundance childlike mistakes that have become profligate within the game.

To witness a Steelers’ team struggle as they have done on both sides of the ball, does seem to be troubling for a franchise, known to be stymieing on defense and one who has always sought to “pound the rock” and then use an efficient passing game to gain a positive result. This season , the plethora of problems seems to have been omnipresent beyond the team injuries and the complete lack understanding between the offense and defense. Never-mind, the fact, that Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin remains at his wit’s end, as to the lackluster performances of this team .

The Detroit Lions and Jim Schwartz will seek to take advantage of the fact that with the Chicago Bears without Jay Cutler once again, as the Bears’ signal caller seeks to recuperate from an injury . It will also be a similar case, for the Green Bay Packers and their loss of Aaron Rodgers , as these two players have always been the focal points of their respective teams’ offensive strategies . Detroit will hope to make this advantage count , in their contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When the Philadelphia Eagles play host the Washington Redskins (3-6) on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, in a divisional game . This is likely to be one of those contests , where the game is likely to be extremely enthralling or a monotonous bore . I am inclined to be believed, that it will be the latter! The Redskins for their part, have simply regressed with neither Mike Shanahan or his son, defensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan being able to provide a succinct explanation as to why the team has been so pitiful this season . One could attribute that to the numerous injuries suffered by the team over the course their schedule , or as everyone seems to believe quarterback Robert Griffin III is not yet back to full fitness and playing at the level exhibited last season and during the playoffs . From my own standpoint, I believe that the Redskins and the coaching staff in particular, simply became lazy , complacent , over-confident and choosing to rest on their laurels , after the accomplishments of 2012.

With Robert Griffin III now suggesting that the last placed Redskins within the NFC East and their 3-6 record , are quite capable of still making the playoffs . I am beginning to wonder, if the second year player , is simply displaying a kind of false bravado on his part, to excuse his own poor play over the course of this season or is it, that he truly believes that over the remainder of the team’s seven games the Redskins are quite capable of winning five of the possible seven contests in question to achieve that feat ? Given the team’s play and the lack of commitment shown, I simply do not believe that they can attain that goal ! There has been no evidence, to suggest, that they have it within them collectively, to actually defeat the Eagles this upcoming Sunday.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Despite Robert Griffin III’s Confidence, Playoffs Are Long Shot for Washington Redskins

By Brian Skinnell , Yahoo Contributor

COMMENTARY | There is a big difference between being 3-6 in 2012 and being 3-6 in 2013. Last season, the Washington Redskins were in much better position to make a playoff run. Due to the current state of the team, they’ve got a lot more work to do to duplicate that magical run.
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This past weekend, star quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke with plenty of confidence to reporters regarding Washington’s playoff chances. He told The Washington Post that the team still believes and that they aren’t giving up. While that’s all fine and well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here. The Redskins have their work cut out for them if they want to return to the playoffs.

The Special Teams Must Improve

All season long, it’s been one special teams headache after another. The coverage units have been poor and a few teams have defeated Washington thanks to the Redskins’ poor effort on special teams. Sav Rocca has had moments of brilliance as a punter, but he’s been somewhat inconsistent, as well.

There are three facets to the game of football: offense, defense and special teams. In order to be successful and win football games, you need to dominant in all three facets. For Washington, they certainly haven’t done that on special teams and that must get better if they want to make a playoff push.

The Defense Needs to Tighten Up

Much like the special teams, we have seen plenty of inconsistent play from the defense. Against the Denver Broncos, we saw them put together one of the best halves of the season only to throw it all away in the second half. The same can be said for their second-half debacle in Minnesota where Washington surrendered 20 unanswered points in their loss to the Vikings.

Statistically, Washington has one of the worst defenses in the NFL. They rank 26th in pass yards allowed (274.8 per game) and are 18th in rush yards allowed (113.8 per game). They give up an average of 388.6 yards per game which ranks them at 27th.

Let’s return to our three facets of football. We’ve established Washington’s inability to take care of the special teams facet of the game, and it’s fair to say they are having trouble getting it done defensively. The offense has played well, but last time I checked, one-out-of-three equals roughly 33-percent, which is a failing grade. In the NFL, that’s nowhere near close enough to win a football game.

The Schedule Isn’t in Their Favor

It’s not a stretch to say that Washington needs to win-out in order to make the postseason, something that will be extremely difficult to do. In the final seven games of the season, the Redskins will have to face the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. While the Falcons and 49ers aren’t having great seasons, don’t underestimate their offensive prowess against a lackluster defense.

Click on link to read in full .


The NFL now, no longer having a win-less team , the question now becomes which franchise is likely to have the dubious privilege of ending up with .the worst record in the league ? At present, the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-8) both share that dubious distinction with a 1-8 record apiece.. Is either team better than their respective records suggests? Well, given the fact that it was not until week ten > before either team was able to notch their very first victory of the season should tell you a great deal about teams and how their schedules have over the course of this year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have as their guests , on Sunday, their divisional rivals the Atlanta Falcons , who themselves are going through a season of missed opportunities and under-achievement . It is pretty much safe to say that this being a contest of utmost importance to both teams, with a great deal being at stake beyond quite possibly the long-term futures head coaches Mike Smith of the Falcons and Greg Schiano of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Suddenly, with the Buccaneers’ defense playing a lot better after the team’s 22-19 victory over the Miami Dolphins , during which they held their woefully inept opponents to minus two yards of rushing offense and a meager two-hundred and thirteen yards of total offense for the AFC East based franchise. I am not so sure that Tampa will be able to repeat that type of performance against a Falcons’ team looking to rebound after being completely manhandled by the Seattle Seahawks in a lopsided 33-10 loss . As to what that says about a team, who last season was seen as one of the prohibitive favorites in the NFC, only to once again fall short with another understated performance by Matt Ryan in the postseason, in an NFC championship game loss to the San Francisco 49ers . Ryan, who alongside Tony Romo , might now be the most ” overrated quarterback “ currently . playing in the NFL and certainly one of the most overpaid given the lack of postseason results from both players .

Needless to say , my own observations concerning the Dallas Cowboys will simply evolve around the continued idiotic statements of the team’s owner Jerry Jones , because in terms of taking the franchise and team seriously , they are about as heartwarming and welcomed as a pandemic outbreak of the Ebola virus. The Cowboys have simply found ways , each week over the past five years to p have killed the meaning of the word ” quality” and talent when it comes to their brand of football , along with a coaching staff that is simply bereft of creativity and talent !

The Jacksonville Jaguars will now seek to win their second consecutive game of the season and push their win total for the year season to two , when they meet the Arizona Cardinals . Personally, I believe that if the Jaguars can keep that figure below five, then in all likelihood, they will be favored to obtain the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft . With a plethora of talented said to be primed and ready amongst those who will undoubted declare their eligibility , I do not believe that there will be a need for Jaguars’ GM David Caldwell to be heeding any advice from either Mel Kiper or Todd McSDhay , as to whom they (Jaguars) should be taking as their first pick overall , much less their entire allotment of picks in 2014 .



Picture and slideshow details below .

As the season ends enters the final quarter of the .regular season games’ schedule , what are you hoping to witness as the finals games and the scenarios are played out ? Also which teams do you believe will be a making serious surge down the final stretch of the season ? Simply, leave a comment as you see fit and thanks for the continued support of the site !

Picture and slideshow details below .


(1) Mike Munchak head coach of the Tennessee Titans is seen here walking the sidelines during the fourth quarter of an NFL game played on Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts in Nashville , Tennessee ,. Indiana would go on to defeat Tennessee 30-27 in what was a highly competitive game between the two AFC South teams. AP Photo / Wade Payne ……

(2) Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts rushes for a touchdown during the game played against the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night , 14th November, 2013. The victory strengthened the Colts’ position at the top of the AFC South , with five games remaining in the regular season . AP Photo / Wade Payne …..

(3) Donald Brown (31) of the Indianapolis Colts evades Michael Griffin (33) of the Titans as he makes it into the end-zone after a six-yard touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans in a Thursday night game . AP Photo Wade Payne ….

(4) Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid is seen here on the sidelines talking to the team’s quarterback Alex Smith during a regular season game. Reid and the Chiefs will be taking on divisional rivals the Denver Broncos as the Kansas City Chiefs look to preserve their unbeaten record in a week eleven match-up between the two AFC West teams. Getty Images North America / Eric Patterson ……

(5) Robert Griffin III, quarterback of the Washington Redskins is seen here with head coach Mike Shanahan . Having made the postseason in 2012 , the Redskins are likely to miss the playoffs this season as they currently reside in the lower rung of the NFC East with a 3-6 record . Griffin believes that the team can make a spirited run and gain a playoff berth within the NFC at the climax of the 2013 NFL season . Getty Images / Mark Harris ……



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Chloe Vevrier . More tools in her “tool chest” than even she would care to admit. More of Vevrier below .


Can she ride side-saddle ? Or does she prefer bareback ? As that is what I would like to know !

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

19 thoughts on “It is not always the journey that takes its toll, it is the failure then to cross the finish line ….”

  1. The two marquee games in the NFL this weekend , week eleven of the schedule pits the Denver Broncos against the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers against the New Orleans Saints in an NFC match-up . Could these four teams be also be playing for the respective conference titles during the postseason ?

    It is clear that RGIII is trying to generate some buzz about the Redskins who at present are one of the most inept teams defensively in the NFL . In terms of an offense it is also clear that offensive coordinator has brought ” nothing at all to to the table this season ” . This team is and has been totally abysmal on both sides of the ball .

    The game between the Eagles and Redskins is likely to be a tremendous bore ! As to the idiocy that Philadelphia are the team to beat within the division and perhaps the NFC as whole . Has anyone actually seen how inconsistent Philadelphia has been over the course of this season ? There’s a reason why they are 5-5 and not better within the NFC East and conference as a whole . What the hell ?

    ” That’s right I’m saying right now , if Nick Foles can’t lead the Eagles to victory over the Eagles then Vick should become the team’s starting quarterback ” ! Shaun King

    Former Bucs’ QB Shaun King has been drinking way too much of the Kool Aid to think that a team that is 2-2 within their division is the “team to beat” within the NFC East. .

    There’s a good reason why King became a journeyman within the NFL as a quarterback , as he was never that good as a starter .

    Speaking of the Bucs , the misery is likely to resume when they play the Falcons at home this weekend .



    Plies & Rico Love …. “Faithful”


    tophatal ……………


  2. Is Jameis Winston’s stock crashing as a legitimate Heisman candidate , as the story over an alleged assault that took place has now been reopened by the Tallahassee Police Dept under the orders of the State Attorney General’s Office ?

    This may not impact the ‘noles’ season or their performance over the remainder of the schedule , but it will most certainly now play a part in any decision likely to rendered by the NYCDATC (New York City Downtown Athletic Club) home to the Heisman and its voters .

    Jameis Winston of the ‘noles .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Florida State quarterback , Jameis Winston investigated for sexual battery

    By Sean Rossman & Jeff Burlew , Tallahassee Democrat

    – The Tallahassee Police Department last year received a complaint of sexual battery against Florida State University star quarterback Jameis Winston.

    No charges have been filed against Winston, and the investigation remains active. An attorney representing Winston denied the allegation.

    “We’ve been cooperating with the law-enforcement agencies and we’re hoping to get a quick resolution in favor of Mr. Winston,” attorney Tim Jansen said Wednesday.

    The school said in a statement that Winston’s status with the Florida State football team, which he has led to a 9-0 record and No. 2 rank in the Bowl Championship Series standings, has not changed.

    The complaint was filed Dec. 7, 2012, according to Tallahassee Police Department reports. The complainant is cooperating with the State Attorney’s Office, said Officer David Northway, spokesman for TPD.

    “The case is open and active and the victim is working with the State Attorney’s Office,” Northway said.

    Jansen said he was told by Tallahassee police last February, about a week after they first contacted him, that the case had been closed. “I talked to the police officer,” Jansen told USA TODAY Sports. “He said the case had been closed. I don’t know of any reason for reopening it.”

    He said he found out Monday that a media outlet had requested relevant police records last Friday.

    Jansen said Winston has not been interviewed by police or prosecutors.

    Winston’s regular weekly media availability was canceled earlier Wednesday. Shortly after the incident report had been released, Florida State issued a statement that said Winston and coach Jimbo Fisher would not address the topic. After practice, Winston spoke with reporters but would only discuss football-related topics.

    “We are aware of a matter that was investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department almost a year ago,” the school said in a statement. “Because the investigation has not been closed by TPD, we cannot comment further at this time. We look forward to a speedy resolution of the issue. There is no change in Jameis Winston’s status.”

    At the site of his weekly radio show, Fisher did not mention the allegations. But he said of Winston: “I think the world of the young man. Always have.”

    Jansen said he provided eyewitness affidavits Tuesday to the State Attorney, William Meggs. Though Jansen would not disclose the details of the affidavits, he said, “They’re witnesses who were present who can provide vital information.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    The Tallahassee Police Dept did conduct an investigation into the matter and deduced that no crime had been committed . Now the case has been reopened on the orders of the Attorney General’s Office and they believe that there was some shoddy investigation practices and evidence gathering concerning the conduct of the police . Not the first time such a claim has cropped concerning that particular police dept where it involves a high-profiled athletes within Florida State’s program and where a crime has allegedly been committed .

    This incident took place almost a year ago and it is only now this is all coming into the public domain , given the seriousness of the allegations ?

    How much incompetency is there within the TPD , never mind the fact that the school itself , felt it not appropriate to issue any type of statement concerning the matter until this incident was raised in public by a member of the press . Now Winston has lawyered up ” along with FSU’s own legal counsel, fending of potentially damaging questions . Oh the life of a college athlete and a totally corrupt landscape therein ! .

    Too many individuals are overly concerned with the image of a school , its reputation , the monies to be made and the reputations of individuals deemed important rather than the behavior of the athletes , how they conduct themselves on and off the field of play . Certainly, that should be more important than the premise of a flawed and completely corrupt system, which neither the NCAA or BCS are really overly concerned with , if truth be known . Their whole mantra has been to simply create a mindset for the game to be talked about year-long , much as in the same way we opine the NFL . How is it that the NCAA or BCS does nothing at all to deal with issues of athletes’ misconduct , but their mantra is said to be ” about the well-being and education of the college athlete ” . That just happens to the be biggest crock of bull#hit ever offered up by the NCAA ! .

    The only concerns of the BCS , NCAA , school administrators , college coaches and AD’s has been the success of their respective programs along with their never-ending lust for money . Most of these kids leave school l having not graduated , but the NCAA foists upon the public figures that cannot always be easily verified , because even the Dept of Education is not always made privee’ to those figures .

    tophatal ………….


  3. The Eagles could well lose this sucker against the Skins. We haven’t won at the Stink in more than a year. Which Foles will show up? These two teams have been duking it out for well over sixty years. The Doncos-Chiefs game should be a good one. The one to watch is the 49ers Saints game. If San Fran loses this could kill their playoff chances and just about give Seattle the NFC West. Panthers PATS game will be a good one too. Let’s see if Carolina is for real.


    1. bobby gee

      This perceived conception amongst these idiot on air analysts , as to how good the NFC East just happens to be, has to be considered a complete joke . The prestige of the teams there is undeniable , but if you look at the records of the teams within the division there in terms of playoff appearances ( Cowboys, Eagles , Giants & Redskins) and actual Superbowl appearances or wins over the past ten years and there is nothing there to suggest that the division is as good as the panelists have tried to suggest that it is .

      This game between the Eagles and Redskins is actually a contest of two extremely mediocre teams . Their respective records within the NFC East , bear this out .

      tophatal ……………


        1. bobby

          There are likely to be more than 50,000 people in attendance for the game and let’s hope for their sake, it is a good and competitive contest . I would hate to think it will turn out to be a monotonous bore , but yet that’s what NFL has continually served up over the years . Games between these two teams have not always known to be exciting . The likely winner of the NFC East could or will be knocked off in the wildcard or divisional round of the playoffs this postseason .

          tophatal …….


          1. I agree. The Eagles win and they are in the drivers seat. However the overall product of the NFL is bad. it is inferior. The downhill slide of the NFL has begun. It may not show it now but the number kids playing football has dropped considerably


            1. bobby

              Yet it is the lone North American team sport (football) that on annual bases , has reaped billions of dollars revenues as as well as profits for the teams . The same cannot be said for the teams from the NHL , clubs from the NBA or ball-clubs in particular from baseball (MLB) .

              They’re doing something right in the NFL , in terms of marketing the league and its brand on a global basis.

              The NHL still hasn’t fully recovered from creating their own mess with their labor stoppage and a clear sign of that , came with the the Phoenix Coyotes and the gross mismanagement there that brought the franchise to the brink of bankruptcy , having already lost millions of dollars in the the four previous year before a new owner stepped in , in 2013.

              tophatal …………..


              1. The money will dry up. The profits will go down. It may not seem or like it but the bottom is about to fall out. the war on the NFL has begun.


                1. It may not dry up as quickly one would hope , but it will eventually dry up . Major commercial sponsors do not want to be associated with a brand, where idiots such as Richie Incognito are given a pass or leniently dealt with . by a team or the league hierarchy . It almost cost the Patriots dearly with regard to the Aaron Hernandez “scandal” and that was why team owner , Robert Kraft insisted that GM Nick Caserio cut ties with the player as quickly as they did .

                  tophatal …………


                  1. this part of it. American culture has changed now football is considered barbaric. It will be changed to almost like flag football.


                    1. bobby

                      I don’t mind the changes in terms of the safety issues , but beyond that , its is now becoming clear that the NFL hierarchy , owners and union simply have no damn clue ! . Collectively , their only concerns are rising revenues and profits .

                      There is absolutely no accountability or responsibility being taken by anyone , concerning the often reprehensible behavior of not only the players , but also by the league’s executives and a number of the owners as well . The NFL lacks any credibility whatsoever , but idiots such as Chris Mortensen and Mark Schlereth try to sell us the bull#hit, that they’re entirely honorable and have integrity .

                      tophatal ……….


                    2. It goes deeper than. The under lying purpose is not safety but control. These are all lies. Better equipment. The proper techniques if tackling are not taught. Everyone goes for the big hit. Tackling was an art form in 1960’s early 1980’s.


  4. One can’t help but draw comparisons between RGIII’s injury and Derrick Rose’s.

    Rose received nothing but criticism for sitting out last year when the only opinion that truly mattered was his own. He followed it and is better off for it.

    Perhaps RGIII rushed things a little too quickly and is paying the price?


    1. Chris Humpherys

      No one sought to read between the lines concerning what was taking place concerning the Redskins’ quarterback . The real issue there, was the complete lack of communication between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan’s completely haphazard handling of the situation . That’s why the Redskins are deservedly in their present predicament . They are a truly bad and inefficient team on both sides of the ball .

      tophatal ……………


  5. bobby

    I concur with what you’re saying in full ! Tackling is “an art form and the physical and technical prowess needed can be taught . Yet the makeup of today’s game even at the college level , is to go for the “big hit” and make something of a highlight reel of the event . That same sentiment is now being portrayed in the NFL and no be a protagonist of late in terms of that has more to do with the hype surrounding the hype the South Carolina Gamecoks’ …. Jadeveon Clowney . One big hit , and they’re already talking about him as the best defensive player in college football as well perhaps being the best defensive player that will have entered the NFL since Ray Lewis .

    Clowney’s stats at the collegiate level while impressive doesn’t necessarily mean that at the professional level , he will actually set the “world on fire ” . The likes of Ray Lewis , Ed Reed , Deacon Jones , Bruce Smith , Rod Woodson and Jack Ham are a rare breed and are rarely seen at the NFL level where they are able to produce at a high level consistently over a number of years.

    As of now , it’s simply pure hype with Jadeveon Clowney and not much else .

    Is all that hype really worth it , over this one play ? I’ll let you be the judge of that .


    tophatal …………….


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