Pick your poison ……..

Pick your poison

A very dire time in the world of sports, with the continued stupidity of athletes on exhibit on a daily basis , with fans simply seeking to excuse their behavior by using the premise of freedom of speech and the right for one to express themselves as they so wish . In a decade, where this country has sent off young men and women in a war of futility, with regard to Iraq. And where those members of the military upon on their return at the end of their deployments or careers , are treated more often than not as an afterthought , but an athlete without the decency to know the difference between right and wrong, is still given a “free pass ” for their venal behavior .

Incognito   &  Glazer
Richie Incognito is seen here in his first televised interview with Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer , as the player seeks to explain his side of the controversy that has exploded within the Miami Dolphins’ organization , leading to the player’s suspension without pay. NY Daily News @ copyrighted material …

Personally, I am of the opinion, that this country, simply has no damn morals or a right to cast itself as light of moral beacon or acceptance of all ! Venal and outright displays of racial intolerance coiled as a joke, shows nothing , but insensitivity and downright stupidity, and anyone seeking to condone that , in any form , is simply an ass ! Never mind the fact, one could ask, is the workplace an acceptable place to display that type of behavior ? I find it somewhat ironic that Fox Sports’ journalist Jay Glazer failed to ask that question of his interviewee, Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins , when the two sat down for an in-depth interview to be shown on the now overrated Fox Sports Network (FS1) !

Jacksonville   Jaguars
From left to right Jacksonville Jaguars’ general manager , David Caldwell , head coach Gus Bradley and team owner Shahid Khan . The front office for the moment appear to be showing their utmost confidence in the rookie head coach . Yet there are already cries for his firing by the fans after what has now turned out to be a disastrous season for the Jaguars. AP Photo / Rick Mason

In the NFL , as the league enters the final quarter of its season , a number of teams are simply thinking about next season and preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft . For the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , the two teams with the worst records in the league are now plummeting to even lower depths of mediocrity than anyone could have imagined this season . There is likely to be some type of major upheaval during the off-season, within the respective teams’ rosters as well as with the coaching staff. Gus Bradley’s position with the Jaguars now seems almost untenable and I believe that the Jaguars’ GM David Caldwell is likely to “call it a day” for the beleaguered manager with his being properly compensated , with the franchise honoring the remainder of his contract. In the case of Greg Schiano and the continued slump of the Buccaneers , dependent upon who you believe , he will either be retained for next season or he and general manager Mark Dominik are likely to meet to discuss his and the team’s long-term future.

The Buccaneers (1-8) find themselves at the bottom of the NFC South and they face a dire task when the play host to the equally abysmal Atlanta Falcons (2-7) this Sunday at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa , Florida. It would be fair to suggest that a win is of the utmost priority for both teams. Atlanta’s season has simply been one of repeated pratfalls by the team and the play of the team’s quarterback this season could be best described as understated. All this for a player who recently signed one of the most lucrative deals in NFL history in terms of guaranteed money for the player , that came by way of this deal . While Matt Ryan has proven to be a great regular season quarterback, the postseason and 2013 in particular , have simply been, not that kind.

Gus Bradley and the Jaguars are now simply bereft of talent , as the team’s best player, wide receiver , Justin Blackmon has been suspended indefinitely by the team , having violated the league’s substance for second time in two years . Given the fact, that Blackmon entered the league in 2012 as a first round draft pick and thought to be one of the most coveted wide receivers entering the NFL that season . It begs the question , is the player’s career now at an end after less than five years in the NFL, without his departure not being from a career ending injury, but because of a substance abuse problem ? Teams may well be inclined to give the player a second chance, but I am not so sure that Justin Blackmon is deserving of that chance , much less , having not shown any signs of maturity after his indiscretions and willful transgression of the league’s rules !

Matt   Ryan  and   Mike    Glennon
Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons and Mike Glennon , right , of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . The two opposing quarterbacks will meet this weekend in a week eleven contest between the two NFC divisional foes . Both teams are having lackluster seasons with their respective head coaches viewed as being on the “hot seat” . Courtesy of ESPN.com ….

Jacksonville has a scheduled contest with the Arizona Cardinals , this Sunday at Everbank Field in Jacksonville, Florida . That game could very well prove to be an indicator of the front office’s intent, should the match-up end in defeat for the home team , with David Caldwell perhaps making the decision earlier than anticipated in forcing Gus Bradley to relinquish his duties as the head coach of the beleaguered franchise.

At the trade deadline this season , there were not as many trades as many analysts had predicted or even suggested would actually take place. The common thought appeared to be that both Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen might be on their way out of after a disastrous season to date where the NFC North based Minnesota Vikings (2-7), who have not even been remotely competitive within the division or conference . It is becoming increasing difficult to see how either Leslie Frazier or GM Rick Spielman can conceivably retain their positions at the end of the year. Neither has shown a propensity with any clarity to suggest that the franchise is now on right track or that they know which players will best serve the Vikings for the future . The Minnesota Vikings are 2-7 and currently reside at the bottom of the division and having won only one of their last five regular season games and at this juncture it is difficult to envisage the team defeating the Seattle Seahawks when the two teams meet at Century Link (Qwest Field) in Seattle , Washington, in a Sunday afternoon contest.

Both Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson remain the most enticing pieces of trade bait on the Vikings’ roster and it is my firm belief that one , if not both of these players are unlikely to be with the franchise at the start of the 2014 NFL season ! Petersen to my mind, the best running back in the NFL , has this season been ill-served by team rendered meaningless , and with the ongoing health issues that surround the team’s starting quarterback Christian Ponder . The former Florida State Seminole quarterback since his entry into the NFL , has yet to have a game that would have you believing , he can be the answer for the Vikings short and long-term future needs at the position. In other words “ failure to launch” !

Allen    &   Peterson
Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen (right) after a game played at Wembley Stadium, in London , England . The two players have been a part of the franchise for over six years with both having contributed greatly to the franchise. However, this season , without the recurring injuries the team has failed to meet the expectation of the fans and NFL analysts alike. Andrew Matthews/PA Wire ..

With five weeks remaining in the regular season , we are likely to find out a great deal about the teams thought to be in with a real chance of challenging for a postseason berth . Teams, such as the New York Giants , Green Bay Packers , Baltimore Ravens , Pittsburgh Steelers , Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins have proven to be a resounding disappointment this season . Injuries asides, there has to be a decisive reason, why these teams have failed abysmally. From my own personal standpoint, I simply believe that the talent level within the NFL is not all it is cracked to be, alongside a great deal of mediocre coaching coming from experienced and inexperienced NFL head coaches !

As the NFL season winds down , what are you most hoping to see from the remaining games on the schedule ? Also which teams do you believe have the best chance of making a deep playoff run ? Simply, leave a comment, on this article and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject.


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26 thoughts on “Pick your poison ……..”

  1. I know that the College Football season is about to wind down , but some of yesterday’s results did not really come as a surprise overall !

    Can things get much worse for the Gators and their embattled coach , Wil Muschamp and his staff .? The team is as clueless and as inept as the entire coaching staff. Two more upcoming games that the Gators are likely to lose , could and should come against Georgia Southern and Florida State (Seminoles) .

    The Gators proved and showed once again , why nothing beats being ill-prepared in their loss to South Carolina (Gamecocks) .

    “I want you to show ’em what the Gator Nation is made of . So go out there and get our boys to kick some ass ” ! AD Jeremy Foley and Wil Muschamp

    I wonder if Gators’ AD Jeremy Foley is now looking over the resume`s of aspiring coaches looking to make their mark with the football program ? I mean it’s not as if Muschamp is now faring any better than the season in which Foley determined the time was right to fire Ron Zook .

    tophatal ……………


  2. Looking forward to Nov. 25th’s MNF game which pits the Broncos vs the Patriots followed on Dec. 1st with a rematch of tonight’s contest; Denver vs Chiefs. These three teams are unquestionably the cream of the AFC crop along with the Seahawks who have a game on MNF vs the Saints on Dec. 2nd followed by a Dec. 8th matchup vs the 49ers. Should be great games to watch!
    The Saints and the 49ers are probably the two best teams in the NFC along with the Lions who, with a win over the Steelers today will be 7-3.


    1. Hank/ fantasy furnace

      As a die-hard New England Patriots’ fan I would rather see the team first take care of business against what appears to be a rather dangerous Carolina Panthers’ team at present . Cam Newton seems to be back to ways of old from his rookie season , in terms of his sharpness . Once that game is out of the way , then we can look forward to the next scheduled contest . I’ve got this thing about complacency , as I believes it tends to hamper a team !

      The Broncos are destroying (27-10) the Chiefs at present and it doesn’t even look like a fair contest .

      The Lions are overrated and the case was made today in their loss to the Steelers !

      The Houston Texans are really setting a disturbing trend as a franchise this season . They are proving to be as equally incompetent a team on both sides of the ball , defensively well as on offense . Houston allowed the Raiders embarrass them in front of their home crowd fans at Reliant Stadium , in Houston , Texas .

      NFL week eleven results

      tophatal ……………


      1. Gary Kubiak benched Case Keenum and put in Matt Schaub. How much will that do for the kids confidence? The fans are and have been getting restless in Houston as the Texans along with Schaub have underperformed all season. No excuses for losing 8 in a row except that the team is devoid of talent and leadership.


        1. Hank

          Matt Schaub to my mind , like Tony Romo and Matt Ryan are just good regular season quarterbacks .

          The postseason becomes a for each, becomes a dog with fleas or in most cases a deer caught in a pair of headlights . This might be the last season in Houston for Gary Kubiak , because even with his health issues , I do not believe team owner Robert ‘Bob’ McNair is willing to give the beleaguered coach a pass .

          I mean they also acquired Ed Reed and the guy is barely used in any way by team .

          Gary Kubiak ,right and team owner Bob McNair .

          Keenum showed what he was capable of doing and this is how he has been treated by the coaching staff. The real issue for the Texans has been their defense , because it has always been suspect. I do not care how good a number of geeks believes JJ Watt is said to be . He is merely one guy , on what has been a really average and under-achieving team this season .


          1. When Ed Reed was there (as you know he is now a member of the Jets) he had just come off of surgery and was not very effective.
            Remember the Texans had a pretty good defense after they drafted Mario Williams in the first round several years ago but he too is no longer there (Buffalo).
            What’s going on in Houston is a joke; a travesty and Kubiak deserves to be let go. Coaches get all the credit when a team excels, likewise when they underachieve they ought to carry the bulk of the blame.


            1. Hank/fantasy furnace

              I knew about Ed Reed and his having to recuperate from his surgery . But my take , why not use the guy if only for his vast knowledge and veteran leadership , because it sure as hell wasn’t coming from anyone on that Texans’ playing or coaching staff that is to be sure .

              This was meant to be the season where Texans were going to not only make great strides but quite possibly be seen as a legitimate threat within the AFC . Instead the team has simply quaked under the weight of their own lofty expectations, and though Matt Schaub has been injured , it simply cannot excuse the mediocre play or the inept coaching of Gary Kubiak ! . One , if not both will have to go at the end of the season .

              Texans’ free agents (2014) and team payroll .

              2013 Houston Texans’ team statistics

              tophatal …………….


            1. Hank/ fantasy furnace

              I understand that , but it played a part in the result . My biggest gripe with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots , has been his tinkering with the defense over the past four years . In that time , the team has never been in the top ten in any defensive category ,. even in light of the defensive draft picks .

              Belichick may well have been known as a defensive guru as an assistant with Bill Parcells . Yet during his (Bill Belichick’s) tenure with the Patriots. over the past five years those traits have not been entirely , evident , present or consistent with the teams coached .

              GM Nick Caserio along with defensive coordinator , Matt Patricia with as much as input as they have concerning not only the draft but also free agent defensive acquisitions , it seems incredible that the team has performed so poorly . Their defensive stats in the NFL in 2010 , 2011 , 2012 and this year have been far from impressive .

              New England Patriots’ team stats 2013

              tophatal …………..


              1. Although I would have to agree with you in part one must recall that when Belichick was with Parcells in New York, the talent on those teams were exemplary! Leonard Marshall, Lawrence Taylor, Jumbo Elliot, Bard Oates, Pepper Johnson, just to name a few. You simply cannot compare the Patriots defensive players under Belichick over the past several years to what Parcells had when Belichick was there.


                1. Hank

                  And given the knowledge that Parcells had to part-take to members of his staff at the time , you would thought that a great deal of it would have sunk in with Bill Belichick . Apparently , not at all .

                  The loss of Vince Wilfork has been to the detriment of the defense .

                  tophatal ………….


                    1. Hank

                      I’ve a read a number of pieces within this forum by ever optimistic Patriots’ fan who felt that the team was good enough to go 13-3 or even 14-2 . At best , I had them as a 12-4 or 11-5 team , winning the division and then perhaps the #2 or three seed within the conference . That now appears to be unlikely as a two or three seed .

                      Going in as a wildcard team given their recent play , has now become an even bigger cause for concern . Hopefully, Bill Belichick can address those issues with regard to the team’s lack of consistency .

                      tophatal ……..


                    2. Their only tough match-up left out of the five remaining ones, is this Sunday night’s game vs the Broncos. The Bills, who SHOULD have beaten the Patriots back on Week 1, play them on the last day of the season.


  3. Only way to control pro athletes is to get into their pocketbooks. Hefty fines for the cavemen who
    screw up anywhere. AND quit hiring the thugs that populate pro sports. Course they do make the best players…..but why can’t guys like Troy, Peyton, etal be the models teams want?
    Tired of those who create problems off the field….black eye for all pro sports.


    1. al clements

      Yeah , true enough, but the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Richie Incognito are afforded the right to appeal their proposed suspensions in such cases, as the ones , that each is known to be associated with .

      The NFL , NHL , NBA and MLB are simply powerless , when it comes to dealing with the respective unions and to mete out a fitting penalty , when it comes play misconduct.

      Meanwhile, we have anal retentive individuals trying to excuse the behavior of Richie Incognito and using the First Amendment as a crux . Only an idiot believe it appropriate or seek to condone that type of behavior in any way . And that was clearly the case with the players on the Miami Dolphins’ roster , who chose to remain silent . Bunch of dumb @sswipes !

      tophatal …………..,


  4. Who would have thought at this point of the season , the once highly vaulted Atlanta Falcons would be amongst the worst teams in the NFC > as well as the NFL as a whole ? Their loss to the Buccaneers was simply embarrassing and beyond belief . At no point during the game did Atlanta seem remotely aware as to their predicament , much less capable of winning the game . To my mind it is a sad indictment of a team lacking in leadership and with a player in Matt Ryan who now seems to be taking the Tony Romo route in o offering up an excuse for any loss inflicted on the franchise this season .

    tophatal ………………


  5. Up until week ten , I believe the large majority of fans may well have been in agreement that the Kansas City Chiefs with their unbeaten run showed why they were deemed to be the best team in the NFL . Unfortunately, last night they ran into a buzz saw in their divisional opponents the Denver Broncos , who went about dismantling the Chiefs’ defense on their way to 27-17 victory to break wide open the AFC West divisional race .

    tophatal ……………….


  6. Is it too much to ask that the New England Patriots simply play some consistent football and at least show some effort ? Bill Belichick continues to whine about opponents but when this team simply serves up a real “stinker” to the fans as they somehow managed to do last night , there seems to be nothing said , rather than a few cursory words of being nonplussed by the Patriots’ head coach . .

    Having moved to 7-3 within the AFC East , a simple win was needed last night to move the team into the driver’s seat in terms of the division and at least put them within striking distance of both the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs within the AFC . Now at best all the team can now hope for beyond the division and not being able to a bye in the first round, is to obtain the best record possible by at least trying to win out, in terms of their remaining games and then let the chips fall where they may .

    Last night’s defeat suffered by the Patriots was “stinging” and a bitter pill to swallow for any fan of the franchise , who watched the game in its entirety on Monday evening . Way too many needless mistakes were made by Tom Brady and his teammates . Granted, the game ended with a very controversial call and the officials , which Roger Goodell implicitly believes in for some ungodly reason are back to showing the ineptitude shown in 2011 , when there were replacement officials on the field for the first quarter of the season . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    The Carolina Panthers are most definitely a good team and perhaps the most improved team overall in the NFC in comparison to last season . I certainly do not believe that any of their conference rivals would like to meet them in the postseason , given their recent play !

    Cam Newton is back to his best and showing definite signs of maturity and leadership. Head coach Ron Rivera has done an amazing job in turning the team around and should be in line for the NFL Coach of the Year Award .

    QB stats in week 11

    tophatal ………….


  7. Hank

    As die-hard a fan as I am of the Patriots , I am still worried about the actual makeup of the team . Brady , as such , remains the vocal and on field leader , but on the defensive side of the ball , there is no one of that ilk that one could turn to , primarily with Vince Wilfork being on the sidelines injured .

    Dropped this new piece if at all interested ? Merely click unto either of the links shown below to view and to leave a comment .


    You say tomato , I say tomato , dynasties are now a thing of the past in the world of professional team sports in North America

    tophatal …………….


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