Squawkers and gawkers …..

Squawkers and gawkers

Just when we all thought to be a great sports’ weekend, across the panacea of that landscape , one or two oddities , idiocies and great moments are witnessed. In the NFL , week twelve provided us with some scintillating play from the players and one or two moments of dubious firsts . Chris Long and his brother Kyle Long appear to get into what was said to be a shoving match on-field , in a game played between the Chicago Bears and St Louis Rams . Brotherly love in the NFL, may well have a new face to it, beyond the typical loves-fest between perhaps the league’s two most active and famous siblings , Peyton Manning and Eli Manning . That asides , Peyton and the Denver Broncos may well have provided us with the best game played on Sunday afternoon , as the team surrendered a twenty point lead to the New England Patriots , as Tom Brady led the Patriots in a rousing come from behind win in overtime .

A minor incident this past weekend in the NFL between Chris and Kyle Long , that in some cases set the NFL world abuzz .

With losses now suffered by the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs , the AFC has now become a wide open race with four games left to the regular season and the top two berths in the conference still up for grabs . It certainly sets the stage, for an interesting race to finish line over the four remaining games of the regular season schedule.


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Somehow, both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are now having something of an astonishing turnaround to their respective seasons. Both teams have now sauntered to a one and three-win streak respectively, suddenly lifting themselves both, out of a position of mediocrity within their respective divisions . As to what this might suggest about the quality of the opponents faced on Sunday has to be also tempered by the quality of lack thereof now being witnessed in the NFL . No amount of enthusiasm a by a group of former NFL players , now on air analysts , singing the praises of the league’s teams , can now excuse the fact that the league has now become a rather bland product !

The Buccaneers’ 24-21 victory over a very overrated Detroit Lions’ team, says as much about the two combatants and the very fact that this Greg Schiano coached team along with their three-game win streak have now become the focus of attention , with their being a great deal of speculation as to whether or not the beleaguered head coach would in fact survive the season . As Matt Stafford continues to put up impressive annual stats , one has to now question the fact, that Jim Schwartz seems to have forgotten that defense is also very much a prerequisite in today’s NFL game.

Speaking of teams, who appear to show no desire to actually play with a model of consistency , beyond now losing with alarming regularity . Are there any remaining fantasy geeks out there, still willing to put their trust in Matt Ryan , much less the Atlanta Falcons as a team? The Falcons in their divisional contest with the New Orleans Saints , sank to a new level of mediocrity , with their fifth successive loss of the season , dropping the team to league low 2-9 record and at the bottom of the NFC South and the NFC , respectively . Who would have thought that at the beginning of the season for a team coming off a league-high 13-3 record in 2012 , along with a divisional title and having made it into the postseason ? Injuries asides , beyond the loss of Julio Jones , the Falcons are now indicating why this suggestion of their being ” parity in the NFL ” is simply nothing more than an urban legend . It comes down to coaching , but above all , talent on the field of play . Yet the hyperbole created and the notion of parity , it begs the question is this merely a matter of creating a ” water cooler topic ” to discuss all season long ? I will leave you, to be the judge of all that !

Last season’s NFC champions the San Francisco 49ers , are proving to be human after-all. Colin Kaepernick in particular , no longer impervious, has shown himself susceptible to being inconsistent in terms of his play , and what was said to be one of the league’s most stymieing secondary’s are also proving hype doesn’t necessarily allude to greatness .

. A two-game losing streak has placed the Niners in somewhat of a precarious position as the league enters the final quarter of the regular season schedule . Tonight’s , Monday night contest at Fedex Field against the Washington Redskins could to prove to be a very interesting game between these NFC rivals . A victory, is a necessity, for both teams, as each seeks to add their legitimacy as a playoff contender . To think that the Redskins, with their record of 4-7 , are not completely out of their divisional race , does seem to be mind-boggling . Yet consider the fact, that NFC East joint divisional leaders the Dallas Cowboys (6-5) and Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) are barely above.500 adds even more credibility behind the rationale , that not only has the play this season been abysmal , but the quartet of teams within this particular division are just not that good .

The return of Derrick Rose , this season to the NBA and the Chicago Bulls , was seen as a tremendous positive not only for the franchise , but also for the league itself. Barely a month , into the NBA season and the fans have witnessed the loss of the point guard to what first appeared to have been an innocuous injury. News’ updates, have suggested that Rose has a torn the meniscus cruciate ligament (MCL) in his right knee and is now likely out, for the remainder of the season. Having not appeared at all, in any games during the 2012 season , Derrick Rose , now being sidelined , is as big a blow to the Chicago Bulls as it will be for the rest of the NBA , without fans being able to witness one of the best point guards in the game , as well as one of the best players overall in the entire league. The team’s chances of making the postseason, will have diminished, but not to the extent where they are likely to be written off as a non-contender as an Eastern Conference titlist .

Rose’s loss for the season , came in the team’s lopsided defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers . While fans and analysts alike, continue to gauge that loss , it is the points guard’s injury and the possible long-term effect on his blossoming career that now comes into question . The Bulls as an organization has a large monetary investment in the player and how they now deal with that issue will be now be predicated upon the decisions that are likely to be made jointly by Tom Thibodeau , owner Jerry Reinsdorf and GM Gar Forman . The team will now have to refocus their efforts and rally behind the play of Luol Deng , Carlos Boozer , Kirk Hinrich , Jimmy Butler , Gibson and Joakim Noah . If the players can exhibit the type of effort and resilience shown during the 2011 postseason , then any doubts that some observers are likely to have , could be overlooked .

Chicago will get their first opportunity to perform without their All Star point guard , when they face the Utah Jazz , as these two teams meet on Monday night in an infra-conference match-up. How the Bulls perform in that contest might not be enough of a guide to indicate how they are likely to fare over the remainder of their season , but might clue us in, as to the temperament of the team as a whole , as they seek to go on without Derrick Rose .

The Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban , self-styled narcissist and publicity seeking hound , the majority of the time, can also be a pompous ass ! Granted , with the Mavericks having won their lone NBA title in 2011 , he may well feel that gives him the luxury of pointing out the woes of NBA Commissioner David Stern as well as criticizing that executive , as to what he still believes to be wrong with the game . Certainly , I cannot question Cuban’s wealth , but the so-called business acumen that many seem to be under the impression that he currently possesses , should be tempered by the fact he recently ran afoul of the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) and US Justice Department for ‘ insider trading’. Cuban’s premise, that he was a victim of a political witch-hunt , was about as asinine as his latest comments , attributed to the Mavericks’ owner ” that performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) should now be allowed in the NBA” , with its use being strictly monitored by the league hierarchy . Educated or not , Mark Cuban’s continued stupidity and outlandish persona, is simply another reason why a great deal of the time why he has never been taken seriously by a number of his peers in and outside of the game. As to this latest statement by Cuban , it begs the question, since when was it appropriate to counteract and violate league rules in order to make a diluted product , even less attractive than it already happens to be ? Cuban may well have been acquitted of the charges , and once again , the incompetency of the prosecution (US Attorney’s Office) in the presentation of the government’s case allowed the defendant to walk .

Mark Cuban’s belief that by using performance enhancing drugs to strictly aid with a player’s recovery from an injury , would be of benefit to the league . Perhaps, the Mavericks’ owner has yet to view the pandemic created by the misuse of PED’S in baseball, and the very fact that the MLBPA (union) , much like the NBPA (Players’ Union) , have both been completely disingenuous in dealing with the issue. Cuban’s concerns, if anything, should be about the long-term future of the Dallas Mavericks and where they are likely to be, upon the retirement of Dirk Nowitzki , the franchise’s leading scorer in their history . It is not as if this team , is now likely to get any better , as Nowiztki’s career has now plateaued , and where he is no longer a force to be reckoned with, as he was during his prime.

Currently at 9-5 , fourteen games into the season the Dallas Mavericks sit in second place behind instate rivals the San Antonio Spurs (12-1) within the Southwest Division of the Western Conference . That mark is good enough for fifth place within the conference overall and sixth place within for the NBA as a whole . The Mavericks led by aging veterans , Nowitzki and Shawn Marion , could very well struggle during the latter part of their season , when health and attrition will play a great deal in what this team is likely to achieve . Coming off a two-point loss to the Denver Nuggets , the two teams will meet again on Monday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver , Colorado.

Now losers of five straight and eight of their last ten games , it is becoming extremely difficult to justify the hire of Jason Kidd , to coach the Brooklyn Nets . Furthermore, Kidd now at his worst by way of his coaching record, appears to be is no better than when Avery Johnson coached this franchise, but was summarily dismissed because of a player revolt. Nets’ GM Billy King and team owner, Mikhail Prokhorov , I believe will soon see the error of their ways , with this asinine and ridiculous hire. Take into account the team’s payroll and the rather asinine belief by anal retentive fans, that the Nets can spend their way out of trouble will actually make them a credible force within the NBA, this season . The Nets as a team, have no defensive presence and the contributory efforts of Paul Pierce , Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry , has bordered on being anemic to say he very least.

As if to further emphasize how bad the Brooklyn Nets just happens to be , only the lamentable Milwaukee Bucks (2-10) have a worst record in the entire Eastern Conference . Sunday’s twelve point home loss by Brooklyn to the Detroit Pistons , should be seen as a reverberating wake-up call for entire Nets’ front office , but with the recent announcement that both Billy King and Mikhail Prokhorov will continue to back their embattled head coach to the hilt . I guess, it will be only a matter of time , before we will either see Kidd fall on his sword and summarily re-sign or at the behest of the fans, King makes the decision to relieve the coach of his duties . No use , dressing up a pig and trying to suggest that it is a sow , because that in essence , is what the fans were asked to believe when Jason Kidd was hired to coach this team . His playing credentials were never in question , but his lack of coaching acumen has been on full show , a lack of discipline , and his not being able to communicate with his players, effectively shows this to have been an extremely poor hiring choice to begin with .

This baseball off- season, has been, one of a great deal of speculation and some rather surprising moves. The ongoing “dramedy ” of the Alex Rodriguez hearings , have taken on a life of their own and as a fan of the game , I do believe that this whole process, will not change a damn thing , as it pertains to the landscape within baseball ! The league hierarchy remains incompetent , the union simply overpowering , the owners greedy , and the vast majority of the players are simply disingenuous and under the impression that they still uphold a wonderful tradition , and nothing could be further from the truth .

In one of the more surprising moves , the Detroit Tigers sent Prince Fielder and the remainder of his gargantuan contract off to the Texas Rangers , in exchange for Ian Kinsler . Two under-achieving AL teams simply swapping juju beans, while Jack is still climbing to the top of the Beanstalk. From my own perspective, the Tigers have now reached their zenith, and their recent postseason forays under former manager Jim Leyland , suggests that this team, has nothing left to offer beyond, being very good during the regular season. While this move can be simply seen, as GM Dave Dombrowski seeking to get Fielder’s contract off the books , in order for the team’s pursuance of pitcher Max Scherzer and a contract extension , now seems one that might not be that costly , but it is still likely to leave Detroit with one of the highest team payrolls in all of baseball .

With no one being able to explain the financial mindset within the game of baseball, I believe that during this off-season , we are likely to see the game’s first $300 million player by way of long-term contract ! Some might deem this to be ludicrous, but consider the following, Alex Rodriguez is still on track to have career earnings from the game of $ 500 million , having signed two contracts exceeding $250 million apiece . No one has yet faulted the rationale behind any of the deals in question , but now with Robinson Cano and Clayton Kershaw being the two off-season marquee free agents , although the pitcher’s situation comes by way of his arbitration status . It would appear, that the Los Angeles Dodgers are eager to res-sign the pitcher and have all but promised to make him the highest paid pitcher in the game.

For Robinson Cano and his ubiquitous agent, Jay-z , it is his desire to be seen, as a legitimate conduit, able to “seal a deal” for his client. The New York Yankees can ill-afford to lose a player of Cano’s caliber, but at the same time with Hal Steinbrenner seeking to reduce the team’s payroll below his desired $200 million threshold , it will be a daunting task for GM Brian Cashman to re-sign the slugger and not actually “ break the bank “ .



Picture gallery.

From the outside looking in , this past sporting weekend has been an interesting but strange paradigm as a number of events have played themselves out on a very public scale for the sports’ fans in general . I cannot help but wonder, what now waits at the very next turn! What observations have you witnessed or would hope to see in the coming weeks within the world of sports ?

Picture and slideshow details below .


(1) Quarterback Tom Brady (12) hands off to running back Stevan Ridley (22) of the New England Patriots against the Denver Broncos during a game at Gillette Stadium on November 24, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Brady would engineer a fourth quarter comeback for the Patriots , with the team defeating the Broncos 34-31 to win the game in overtime . Getty Images North America / Jared Wickerham ….

(2) Running back Montee Ball (28) of the Denver Broncos fumbles the ball in the third quarter against the New England Patriots during a game at Gillette Stadium on November 24, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Getty Images / Jared Wickerham …..

(3) Quarterback Drew Brees (9) of the New Orleans Saints is pressured by outside linebacker Paul Worrilow (55) of the Atlanta Falcons during a game at the Georgia Dome on November 21, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. Getty Images / Kevin C Cox ….

(4) Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose , who for the second time in three years has seen his NBA career curtailed by an injury . The player will be lost to the team for the entire season having torn an MCL in his right knee . The diagnosis , as we now know it to be , will be his having to receive arthroscopic surgery and then a long recuperation and rehabilitation process of possibly between twelve to fourteen months . AP Photo / Kerry Anderson ….

(5) Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban seen here on the set of the ABC reality show ” Shark Tank” . Cuban in a recent statement believes that the NBA should allow the use of performance enhancing drugs within the game, to aid a player in the recuperative process after having suffered an injury . Failing to acknowledge the ongoing issues now facing baseball (MLB) , the gregarious owner still stands by his statement. courtesy of ABC/Disney Television …..

(6) Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw seen here in the team’s dugout from a game earlier this season will be seeking a healthy pay increase . All signs are pointing to the fact that the player who is in an arbitration year will see his salary increase considerably , with the front office also offering the player a long-term deal , likely to make him the highest paid player on the team’s roster . AP Photo / Mark Todd …………

(7) Brooklyn Nets’ GM Billy King (left) is seen here alongside the team’s head coach Jason Kidd. With the team off to a horrendous start to the season , the front office has issued a public statement backing the beleaguered rookie head coach. NY Daily News / AP Photo/ Jose Figueroa ……






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NFL results week twelve

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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

34 thoughts on “Squawkers and gawkers …..”

  1. Sunday’s game between the Broncos and Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro , Massachusetts , may well have been the best contest of the regular season at this point of NFL 2013 schedule. Brady’s precision in that phenomenal comeback was simply exceptional and is just another indicator as to why he and Peyton Manning have been the preeminent quarterbacks in the NFL over the past decade.

    The Falcons (2-9) are firmly rooted at the bottom of the NFC South and have shown no signs of life at all this season . Mike Smith is a damn good coach, but this team is lacking in leadership ability and Matt Ryan not just judging on his play , but also on his lack to lead others , is proving that he is vastly overpaid in terms of his current contract .

    Smith should not lose his position because of the sheer ineptitude of this team , but it is likely to happen should team owner Arthur Blank give GM Thomas Dimitroff go ahead to “pull the trigger “ on the coach’s dismissal .

    The front office of the Falcons have been too busy seeking to ” pull the wool ” over the eyes of the city of Atlanta council as well as Fulton County Commission . I mean why else would both governmental agencies seek to fund a billionaire’s quest to build a $1.225 billion venue while the on-field has been so damn awful ?

    It seems almost inconceivable that Derrick Rose’s season has come to such an abrupt ending after a mere ten-plus games . Now it looks as if his career very well be in jeopardy . The Bulls are likely to recoup any monies lost by way of the player’s insurance coverage , but I can’t help but wonder if Rose will now have the mental capacity to make a second comeback , after such a devastating injury !

    The Mavericks’ team owner , Mark Cuban might believe himself to always be the smartest guy in any room , but his recent statement alone concerning the use of PED’s in the NBA , shows him to be a complete as#hole !

    When pressed on the issue of coming up with any type of a testing protocol and when the issue was raised concerning the blatant misuse of performance enhancing drugs in baseball as well as the NFL , the franchise owner was absolutely clueless . Here is an owner who tends to open his goddamn mouth and then inserts not only both feet but also his reproductive organ inside of his lips . Can anyone actually take this guy seriously , on any damn issue ? If anything, Cuban’s concentration should be centered on , who will lead this Mavericks’ team once Dirk Nowitzki announces his retirement .

    Given the Dallas Mavericks (9-6) record at present this is not a team that I believe will be contesting the Western Conference title this season . They are simply not good enough on either end of the floor when it matters most .

    If the Nets are meant to be a work in progress , then the team’s fans are being duped into overpaying and / attending the Barclays Center to watch a meaningless product .

    tophatal …………………


  2. Hey Top, I’m back. So yeah, gotta say… another pretty awesome and entertaining game between Brady and Manning last night. It’s always something with those two… I can’t help but wonder just how many people turned off the TV when that game was 24-0 at half… or for those in New England that left that ice cold stadium thinking their team was toast. Solid read as always.


    1. Kev / thewifehatessports

      This most definitely not the “Heidi game” and anyone who switched to another channel during the lead gained by the Broncos , had to be a brazen idiot , considering the caliber of the two quarterbacks on show , because between them , Brady and Manning, they have [(Brady & Manning)] over 70 game winning drives in the fourth quarter .

      Terrible news also concerning the Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose , who so soon after his return to the NBA , is now out injured again and lost for another regular season . This is likely to hurt the team’s chances at a deep run in the NBA Playoffs .

      tophatal ………………


  3. So last night fans of the NFL had to be further subjected to even more incompetency in the nation’s capitol beyond what we have all witnessed within the House , Senate , Barack Obama’s ‘spineless leadership ‘ and his woebegone administration . How damn clueless are both of the Shanahan’s , Mike and Kyle ?

    . The Washington Redskins are not only a bad team , but they are also badly coached . No defense and the offense has about and shows as much creativity as can be found with someone playing with a two piece jigsaw puzzle that actually has one piece missing .

    ” Son , do you know how much of a disappointment you have become for me this season ? ” Mike Shananan < Yeah ,but Dad , you were the one who told me that this team would be good this season ” Redskins’ offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (left) .


    It’s been rumored that Kyle Shanahan wants to include this workout regimen for the Redskins’ offense . No word as of yet , if it will be also used on team defensive drills . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    The NFC East is bad enough and the Redskins last night simply further emphasized that very point . And idiots who carry on about parity in the NFL ? It’s not about parity but the damn talent on the field of play and the coaching acumen of the staff involved . These on air morons , have nothing to talk about , so they create a premise to discuss , in order to make themselves look insightful , rather than not seeking to gain the wrath of the NFL by being truly objective .

    I am making the assumption that RGIII did graduate from Baylor ? Because his assumption that the Redskins are good enough and will make the playoffs does seem to be ” out in left field “ along with the player’s intelligence at present .

    Redskins’ team roster , team stats , schedule and NFC East standing .


    I’d ‘ love to tap’ in between her ‘love handles’ ! .


    In urgent need of a remedy .

    tophatal ……………….


  4. Dallas could run the table. The Bopys shoukld beat Oakland. The Eagles have a toigh game with Arizona on Sunday. The AFC who knows! The Chiefs are over rated. Denver will see. The Pats are good great NO! What is happening now is Pete Rozzell’s dream parity This is the NFL and it’s current state. The NFL is playing bad football. it is nothing more than a seven on seven passing drill. “D” is a thing of the past. If you breath on a receiver or a QB Flag. San Fran won! The skins suck! ESPN is a joke.Original thought NONE!


      1. My team is the Eagles. i am a Philly and grew up with Tommy McDonald, Pete Retzlaff, Timmy Brown, Norm van Brocklin, Chuck Bednarick and the like.


          1. So far but lets see what happens next year and so forth then we will have a better handle on how good or bad the schmucks are


      1. they are but crazier things have happened. Seattle was 7-9 and won the NFC West beat New Orleans. The bum are getting better This Sunday will be a real test for schmucks Eagles against Arizona


                    1. bobby gee

                      The Jets are still a mess , because we’re now seeing that Rex Ryan is no longer the coach that some perceived him to be . His coaching staff are simply clueless and Geno Smith is proving to be way too erratic and capricious in terms of his game in terms of interception thrown and his repeated fumbles . . It doesn’t bode well for the franchise’s future with him at the quarterback position , because he is nowhere near ready .

                      The best player on the entire New York Jets’ roster is an aging wide receiver in Santonio Holmes , who is repeatedly prone to recurring injuries. How the hell does that help the team out , much less idiots believing that the franchise is good enought to be viewed as a conference or divisional contender , much less for the Superbowl ?

                      As to the Eagles , Chip Kelly and his staff have to realize that this game can’t be played at 100 mph and at the same time defense is most definitely called for . Philadelphia’s defense is way too porous !

                      tophatal ………….

                      tophatal ……….


  5. The Bucs have finally turned things around, Al, or so it seems.

    We can always play what if but there were a few games on this year’s schedule that we barely lost. Imagine had those been W’s instead of L’s.

    I think both Schiano and Glennon have to know they’re playing and coaching for their jobs next season but if they play the rest of the season like they’ve played (and coached) the last three, I’ll be perfectly happy with the return of both of them.

    Will Muschamp, however, is another story.


  6. Tophat, here are a few controversial opinions of mine. Feel free to disagree. Like I have to tell you. lol

    #1 The Klanahan’s play calling last year have destroyed RG3 both physically and mentally. It’s obvious to the naked eye that Griffin has lost atleast 1.5 steps since playing in D.C.
    #2 Derek Rose will prolly turn into another Grant Hill. Amazing when healthy…..but
    #3 Belichick showed us Monday nite why he’s the best coach in the NFL. Forget the coin toss decision. He sacrificed the ground game to take away Peyton’s aerial barrage with an assist from the wind. Imagine Moreno running for 200+ yards?? He couldn’t repeat that on a rigged Madden game.
    #4 Monday nite also revealed why the Pats didn’t resign Welker. More KEY 3rd down drops and even appearing to fair catch inside his 15yd line with swirling winds.


    1. Ronbets

      Rumor has it that Kyle Shanahan has proposed my pictured drills shown above , to see if it will improve the play of the Redskins . Not only are they a bad team , but they are being badly coached and somehow team owner , Dan Snyder and GM Bruce Allen seem intent on putting up with the continued ineptitude being shown.

      Week thirteen and the Redskins play host to the New York Giants and I do believe that Eli Manning and that Giants’ offense are likely to run over the ‘skins’ defense like roadkill on a major highway .

      My issue with Bill Belichick has been his continued tinkering with the defense . A secondary from moment to moment that has become way too inconsistent . The loss of Vince Wilfork only adds to the burden , so now both Devin McCourty and Aqib Talib will have to step up their respective games and become the physical and vocal leaders of the team’s defense .

      The Bulls are likely to crash and burn without Derrick Rose , but coach Tom Thibodeau can simply get the team to step up their game a notch or two , I still believe them to be a good enough group in the East , proving to be a danger to either the Heat or Pacers ! A fifth or sixth seed berth is not beyond them and then from there , the draw itself becomes something of crap-shoot .

      The injury to the Bulls’ point guard is devastating , but I can’t now help but wonder how this will impact his career !


      Every guy, likes a little girl on girl action .

      tophatal …………………


    2. Ronbets

      Here’s real controversial point as it relates to Mark Cuban . If he is so insistent on the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) within the NBA . Why hasn’t he brought it to the hierarchy’s attention before ? Furthermore , does he have the backing of any other owner in the NBA or is this Cuban’s idea of continually showing us how much of an idiot he still remains ? If anything his biggest concern should the Mavericks’ future without Dirk Nowitzki , whose clocking is ticking fast .

      Cuban’s refusal to address the issues within baseball concerning PED’s as if the NBA at present is in better position in terms of monitoring for an illicit substance . The only thing the league apparently tests for is marijuana , but no other prohibited steroidal drug . I mean how the hell was it that Lamar Odom was able to get away with playing ball for the Mavs while apparently ” coked up ” on crack cocaine . Is this why Cuban wants to see steroids in the league ?

      tophatal ………….


  7. Idiot or not, Top… while, I agree, I bet a number of people probably did tune away and watch something else. I do wonder about the fans in the stands, considering that it was, I think 15 degrees out in the stadium that night, and windy, too. The wife was saying that people were crazy, and that she would not have made it to overtime… let’s face it, she wouldn’t even have gone!


  8. The Lions’ destruction (40-10) of the Packers at Ford Field , was an embarrassment to watch , no matter how one viewed it , even in spite of the injuries on Green Bay’s roster . It clearly showed that without Aaron Rodgers this team is simply heading nowhere .

    Even fat girls ” need some loving and to get laid” as well , and both the Cowboys and Raiders need to play better .

    The contest between the Cowboys and Raiders was akin to watching two fat chicks in their bathing suits on a models’ catwalk . Two mediocre teams being served up on Thanksgiving Day in order to either aid or quench the nation’s appetite . Which was it , might I ask ?

    tophatal …………….


  9. And here begins and end-eth Sunday’s lesson in terms of the results within the NFL . It is better to dish out an ass whupping rather than being on the receiving end of one ! Take that to the bank , Buccaneers , Jets and Falcons’ fans , as your teams have been downright horrendous on both sides of the ball , all this season .

    The Falcons got away with a “dubious win ” in overtime courtesy of the referees.

    NFL results week thirteen

    NFL standings (divisional)

    NFL standings (conference)

    tophatal …………..


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