All good things must come to an end , eventually ….

All good things, must come to an end eventually

With NBA season still in its infancy , perhaps /the biggest story to hit the league has been the loss of NBA All Star point guard Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls . In one fail swoop , what appeared to be an innocuous contact with an opposing player led to Rose losing his balance , twisting his knee and tearing his right MCL (meniscus cruciate ligament). The Bulls prior to this unforeseen injury, were thought to be one of the teams within the Eastern Conference , deemed good enough to challenge the defending NBA champions , the Miami Heat . With Rose now out for the remainder of the season , for the second time inside of eighteen months , the player has been lost to the franchise for what appears to be an indeterminate length of time. The ramifications for the Chicago Bulls at this juncture are incalculable and any thought of them being able to mount a serious challenge within the conference , now appears to be doomed for failure.


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Bulls’ head coach, Tom Thibodeau will now have to assess, how best to utilize his roster , and somehow replace an invaluable asset such as his point guard , Derrick Rose. Try to imagine the Miami Heat without LeBron James , Oklahoma City Thunder without Kevin Durant , Chris Paul missing from the Los Angeles Clippers’ lineup or the Los Angeles Lakers , without Kobe Bryant , albeit, that at present the Lakers do appear to be competitive within their conference. Such has been the magnitude of the loss, that it has been evident with the team’s first game without Rose, which resulted in an 89-83 loss to the Utah Jazz . Chicago’s next game will be on Wednesday , 27th November against the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills , in Detroit Michigan ,. How the Bulls now acquit themselves in terms of their resilience, will be predicated upon which players on the roster seeks the desire to adopt the role a leader on this team. Be it, Carlos Boozer , Luol Deng or Joakim Noah , someone now has to step up to the plate .

One of the more unlikely situations that now arises comes out of Derick Rose’s loss to the Bulls for the season , has to be how the front office now contemplates the franchise’s long-term future. A year away from the game , and the lengthy recuperation process leaves now leaves GM Gar Forman , owner Jerry Reinsdorf and the entire front office with a number of decisions to mull over. Is it worthwhile competitively playing out the remainder of the season or as some have suggested , would it be best for the organization to seek to rid themselves of a number of the large salaried contracts and impending free agents , thereby freeing up a great deal under the league salary cap and just rebuild , by way of the next NBA Draft and simply adding a veteran presence on the roster ? Clearly, the long-suffering Bulls’ fans would not like to see any of these scenarios being raised , but definitely something has to and must be done . Rose’s own contract has left the organization in almost untenable situation and the league hierarchy simply does not provide for a situation or solution as the predicament that the Chicago Bulls now finds itself in . Granted, the insurance rider carried by the franchise, will allow for any monetary loss by way of the contract , but I cannot help but wonder if this is likely to be the road that the Bulls would like to go down , in simply abandoning the player by buying out his contract at a high premium .

It certainly has been a long time, since anyone spoke about the Portland Trailblazers (13-2) in glowing terms . Yet here we are, and the franchise has gotten off to a tremendous start to the season . A great deal of the credit has to go to the coaching staff , led by head coach Terry Stotts , but also the two leading players on the roster , LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard , whose maturity and growth as a player from his rookie season in 2012 , has been very impressive this season, with his playing a leading role in the Blazers’ progress. Only the San Antonio Spurs (13-1) have a better record than the Trailblazers within the Western Conference , and the Indiana Pacers (13-1) within the East , overall .

It may well the early stages of an arduous NBA schedule , but consider the fact that more prominent teams within the league are currently struggling , who are alleged to have even greater depth to their rosters and also a better coaching staff. To my mind, it is best to adjudge the makeup of a team not just by the talent , but also by the coaching acumen on display. And to date, nothing I have seen exhibited by either the Brooklyn Nets (3-10) or New York Knicks (3-10) has given me the impression that either franchise knows what the hell they are actually doing ! Knicks and Nets’ fans can gesticulate and show their angst , because in reality, they tend to delve far more in the past , having not learned a damn thing to actually realize , what is going on in the present , only too willing to make excuses for the omnipresent mediocrity of the respective franchises in question.

Portland has simply been playing high intensity basketball, showing a great deal of aplomb in transition and a defensive mindset. Coming off the team’s almost willful destruction of the New York Knicks , during which Carmelo Anthony in a post-game tirade, directed a great deal of anger and venom towards his teammates , in stating that they sucked and were an embarrassment to the fans watching such a display. Only further emphasizing and reiterating my earlier remarks about the Eastern Conference based franchise and their continuing woes! New York’s almost $90 million payroll in comparison to their Monday night opponent’s $62.6 million cannot be considered to have been money “ well spent “ . The biggest obstacle now for the Portland Trailblazers, will be to maintain the momentum currently in their possession , as they approach the second half of the regular season . Next up for Portland will be a visit to Phoenix , Arizona , as the guests of the Phoenix Suns in a game to be played at the US Airways Arena , in Phoenix , Arizona ,. The team, will be seeking their twelfth consecutive win and eighth road win in their last nine games . While I believe the Portland Trailblazers to be a very good and well coached team , I am not so sure that during a seven game playoff series , they are capable of defeating notable conference foes such as the Oklahoma City Thunder , San Antonio Spurs , Los Angeles Clippers or the Houston Rockets . Yet, these are only my observations, as to skill-set of the teams in question !

With Kobe Bryant now being re-signed to a two-year contract extension, paying the guard $48.5 million over the next two season and essentially assuring the franchise’s fans and the player that his career will end with the Los Angeles Lakers . As to what this says about the Lakers’ intent for its long-term future , is simply, that they are seeking a smooth transition from Bryant ,as he hands over the reins of the team to the next marquee free agent that is likely to be acquired by the franchise . Obviously , Dwight Howard was not the right fit , in spite of the rather ridiculous pleading by senior members of the Lakers’ team, as well as many of the Hollywood A List celebrities , who all were willing to ” sell their souls “ , in order for the noted center to remain a Lakers’ player. Clearly, many of these individuals as well as members of the coaching staff led by Mike DAntoni , as well GM Mitch Kupchak and team owner Jim Buss , chose not to see the flaws in Howard’s game well as his demeanor when faced with a great deal of adversity on the court . Never mind the fact, that so-called knowledgeable Los Angeles Lakers’ fans were trying to point out that the player had the game to complement the team. If Mike D`Antoni , who at the time, was unable to figure out what his best starting lineup was meant to be during the 2012 schedule . I would hate to think what the hell, they the fans actually thought that they were able to witness from the team last season !

While Kobe Bryant may well have taken umbrage to the fact , that the Lakers were placed as no better than the twelfth best team in the conference and as a playoff contender . In truth , the team based on its current makeup, might only be two or three places higher better than many of the analysts have the Los Angeles Lakers. A 7-7 record now have the Lakers a half-game behind the eighth placed Denver Nuggets (7-6) , with the team now sitting in the eleventh position amongst the Western Conference based franchises . The revelation for the Lakers this season, with Bryant still sidelined and recuperating from an injury , has been the play of Jodie Meeks , Nick Young and Xavier Henry . With Pau Gasol , leading all players, from an offensive standpoint , the Lakers will seek to find some consistency , while waiting the imminent return of Kobe Bryant.

A recent victory over the Sacramento Kings , during which the Los Angeles Lakers give one of their best performances of this young season , added to the angst., but also delivered some excitement for the fans, though not negating the team’s plight. Even with the return of Kobe Bryant , and the expectations always high , it is difficult to comprehend how anyone can believe that the team will be good enough to not only gain a playoff berth , but also to be likely looked upon as a credible contender for the NBA title . Bryant and Gasol are aging veterans, whose best years, are now behind them . Two-time league MVP , Steve Nash , can no longer be relied upon to give the team anything more than perhaps twenty minutes per game , wherever possible. The “smart money” says that the Lakers will be hard pressed to make the postseason and if they do , it is highly unlikely , that they will be able to take down one of the more highly ranked teams within the conference.

Michael Carter-Williams , Victor Oladipo and Ben McLemore , are certainly justifying the faith shown in them by the teams who acquired these rookies during the 2013 NBA Draft . In light of that fact , their 2012 predecessors are still finding their way, with the exception I believe of Damian Lillard , who is now proving to be a very special player . As to whether or not this season’s rookies, are likely to make their respective franchises an impact this season, remains to be seen . Yet, it is clear, their early season productivity , has given the general managers in question , a great deal of satisfaction and relief, by way of their play. . Decidedly, the Rookie of the Year will come from one of the trio of aforementioned players or possibly from one of the more than fifteen players now viewed as likely contenders based on their productivity .

I mentioned this in an earlier post , because I felt it necessary given the fact that not only has the NBA hierarchy and union (NBPA) become ambivalent as to the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’S) s , but it would appear that David Stern has a lackadaisical attitude on the whole issue, altogether . He pretty much towed the line of bumbling idiots such as Roger Goodell and Bud Selig , when all three as well as NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman each addressed a congressional committee on the use of steroids within their respective sports . As we know the NFL has yet to adopt a policy voted on and ratified by the NFLPA (Players’ Union) as far back as 2010. Major League Baseball finds itself in the midst of what has now become a farcical arbitration process involving Alex Rodriguez . In the NHL what common sense there is to be actually found , is not being imparted by anyone within the game itself, but from outsiders.

With the recent statement made by Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban that he would like to see the use of performance enhancing drugs within the NBA , strictly to aid a players’ recovery process . I would like to know why Cuban believes that action to be of actual benefit to the game ? While steroidal medicine does have its use within the field of medicine, specifically amongst those suffering from muscular atrophy. Yet, by the widespread rampant misuse within the NFL as well as baseball, it has now become a pandemic . Mark Cuban , much like his arch nemesis Donald Trump , likes to be the center of attention , no matter how ridiculous the statements that he tends to make , which are with ever-increasing regularity . When broached on the subject, as how the league would actually monitor a players’ usage of a PED, Cuban’s response , was that should be a decision, best left to the league itself. And one wonders, why no one takes either Mark Cuban or Donald Trump seriously , on a wide variety of issues ? The Mavericks’ owner is simply buying into the idiocy, that the use of a PED is the fastest way to assist a player suffering with a bad injury, without ever truly acknowledging the dangers its misuse can bring . Also , Cuban failed to acknowledge that there are other alternatives, beyond the use of what is already a banned substance by the NBA , unless a medical waiver has been obtained from the league . Either, this was overlooked by Cuban, or he has some type of asinine , nonsensical point to make. I simply believe it to be the latter at this juncture !



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In light of the points raised within this article, what thoughts if any do you have ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it has always been greatly appreciated !


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(1) Chicago Bulls’ head coach Tom Thibodeau , left is seen with point guard Derrick Rose , center and GM Gar Forman . With the player being lost to the franchise for a second consecutive season , the damage done to the moral and psyche of the team , could very well be irreparable . A prognosis of the player’s injury, would suggest that another twelve to fifteen month layoff could be on the cards for league MVP in 2011 . Chicago Sun Times / Joe Cowdrey ……….

(2) Damian Lillard , left , and LaMarcus Aldridge are two of the primary reasons why the Portland Trailblazers currently have the second best record in the Western Conference behind the San Antonio Spurs . AP Photo / Tom Steward …….

(3) From left to right , Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers , in the foreground , head coach Mike D’Antoni , point guard Steve Nash and far right , center Pau Gasol . All three players this season and last have had their share of injury woes . Bryant is currently sidelined by an injury and hopes to make a return to the Lakers starting lineup at some point within the next two or three weeks , dependent on medical clearance from the team’s chief physician . Getty Images / Randall Carter …..

(4) LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – OCTOBER 10: Ben McLemore (16) a of the Sacramento Kings shoots against the Los Angeles Lakers in a preseason game played at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 10, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

(5) Two egotistical idiots, whose combined net wealth exceeds $ 4.3 billion dollars . Mark Cuban and Donald Trump are two individuals who are said to have a dislike of each other . Yet , there is a common thread between the duo , it remains their outsized egos and penchant for making outrageous statements , without ever having the facts to back up their often ridiculous premise . Gunther Barnes / Telefoto Spa ….


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  1. What the fans of the NBA would like to see this season , within the league , is competitiveness . Actually , what we are seeing from the likes of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks , are two overpaid rosters with self-serving players and their damn fans who are so clueless .

    The Bulls’ front office have some tough decisions to make prior to the trade deadline or at season’s end concerning how they proceed forward .

    If Mark Cuban believes himself to be a voice of reason “ amongst NBA owners , then he needs to shut the hell up once and for all !

    The sooner the return of Kobe Bryant , the better off the Lakers are likely to be .

    NBA News

    tophatal …………….


  2. As the Utah Jazz recede further into the depths of mediocrity , joining the overbearing Knicks and Nets . Can we now begin to take some of the other more relevant teams far more seriously and stop wondering what the hell is wrong in New York, as far as their two overrated franchises are concerned ? Far better teams with even less depth on their rosters , than both New York franchise s , are playing a hell of lot better basketball than either of those two God forsaken teams .

    NBA results 26th November

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    NBA standings (division)

    tophatal ……….


    1. Ronbets

      I hope that you and the immediate family had a festive and wonderful Thanksgiving Day of celebration . Unfortunately , it appears that the NFL hierarchy believes it is in out best interest in being subjected in having to watch both the Cowboys and Lions play on one of the most important national holiday periods of the year . Not only that, but with the following day > being “Black Friday” , everyone’s angst then becomes heightened . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Don’t get me wrong , I love tradition up to a point , but I simply do not believe that it warrants both of these NFC teams being forced down our throats on annual basis . Especially in light of their respective records this season .

      tophatal ………..


  3. The Winston kid all but had the Heismann wrapped up. I gotta feeling the girl was suffering from post sexual remorse. One of those wham bam thanks mama and cya. It’s a serious charge but geez if it’s another Duke lacrosse fiasco a damn shame. Why the uproar now after 2 years? You can bet the Heismann ppl in NY are hoping for monster games from the runners-up, particularly AJM.


    1. Ronbets

      The Jameis Winston “mess” could have been avoided had the Tallahassee Police Dept conducted themselves and the investigation professionally. The moment the State Attorney’s Office became involved with their own investigation which has now called TPD’s work very sloppy and unprofessional , it becomes a damning indictment of that particular law enforcement agency .

      Duke and their Lacrosse program are not without fault , because this has not been the only time , such accusations have been leveled at members of the team . On prior occasions there were cases where players acted inappropriately , leading to them being thrown off the team , without further explanation being provided .

      If interested read the link provided and let me know what you think as to its merits . Comes courtesy of an article in USA Today concerning racial profiling and specifically African American NFL players .

      Courtesy of USA Today

      Black NFL players arrested nearly 10 times as often as whites ……..

      By Brent Schrotenboeur , USA Today

      A police officer in Cincinnati watched a large black man get into his car and turn on the engine after being told it was illegally parked.

      The officer thought the man was trying to avoid a parking ticket and told him to stop. So the man — Matthias Askew, at the time an NFL player — stopped his Cadillac Escalade, got out and was arrested in a scuffle with several officers. Police used a stun gun on Askew four times, alleging he resisted arrest.

      A judge rejected the police account and cleared Askew of all charges.

      “They tased him simply because he was a big black man, not because he did anything to make them fear for their safety,” Askew’s former attorney, Ken Lawson, told USA TODAY Sports about the 2006 incident.

      For many black players in the NFL, it’s a familiar scene. Of 687 NFL player arrests since January 2000, Askew’s was one of 294 that came in a traffic stop, according to a USA TODAY Sports investigation. In a league in which 66% of the players are black and 31% are white, black players were arrested nearly 10 times as often as white players (260 to 28), accounting for 88% of those NFL traffic-stop arrests.

      That percentage is consistent with the overall NFL arrest numbers: Of the 687 total player arrests in the USA TODAY Sports database that spans 14 seasons, 607 involved black players — 88%, a disproportionate rate sociologists attribute to several social factors in the black population at large, including a disproportionate rate of poverty and single-parent backgrounds. Those factors also include profiling, civil rights experts and NFL players say.

      DATABASE: An overview of 688 arrest records of NFL players

      “We get looked at a lot more than the average Joe Blow because of what kind of car we drive or how we look,” said Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss, who was not one of the arrestees. “You see a young, black kid in a nice ride, and chances are he’s an athlete. Sometimes you get labeled.”

      It’s not just an NFL issue. The national debate erupted anew this year with the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and the stop-and-frisk police policy in New York City.

      ON THE RECORD: Some players use phones to record police

      The overall numbers on traffic stops continue to show differences along racial lines: A study released this year by the Justice Department showed a higher percentage of black drivers (13%) than white drivers (10%) reported their most recent contact with police came from being pulled over in a traffic stop. In a similar survey released in 2011, a greater percentage of black drivers (4.7%) than white drivers (2.4%) were arrested during a traffic stop.

      The challenge with racial profiling is that whites and blacks generally perceive the issue much differently because white people have not experienced it, said Cyrus Mehri, a Washington, D.C., attorney who has studied racial stereotypes and worked on big race and gender cases.

      Click on link to read in full.


      Your thoughts on the points raised within Schrotenbeour’s article ?

      tophatal …………………


    2. If the alleged rumors are to be believed or the findings of the State Attorney General’s Office are in fact verified , then the ramifications for Florida State and the Tallahassee Police Dept could prove to be disastrous . I mean what type of law enforcement agency , much less a place of academia looks to countenance and cover up a crime of such magnitude ? It’s bad enough that over 60% of all sexual assaults on a college campus goes unreported for a wide variety of reasons , but the damn apathy of most , remains so inconceivable and utterly asinine .

      tophatal ………….


  4. So apart from showing poor sportsmanship , Nets’ coach Jason Kidd is now proving himself to be a real @sshole with his antics on the sidelines , intentionally spilling a drink on court. As to the league hierarchy only fining Kidd , $50,000 , why the hell didn’t they also have him sit in the corner with a timeout , because that was how innocuous the penalty levied against the coach just happened to be !

    David Stern is nowhere as smart , as some believe him to be and that is a fact .


    Jason Kidd is a frigging douche bag and spousal abuser , ‘nough said ! Any questions ?

    The Nets’ coach was found guilty of punching his wife Joumana in the face and slamming her face against a mirror but was fined and had to undergo anger management treatment . That should tell you all you need to know about this clown ! And people see him as someone with coaching ability ? How so ?

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Jason Kidd admits he spilled his drink on purpose

    Kidd denied it initially.

    By Sean Highkin , USA Today

    The Jason Kidd drink-spilling saga continues. After the Brooklyn Nets coach spilled his Coke on Wednesday night to buy his team a timeout, he blamed it on sweaty hands.

    It seems like fining Kidd $50,000 brought the truth out, since he had nothing to lose. He addressed the incident to reporters before the Nets’ Friday game against the Houston Rockets:

    Kidd said he did it because he wanted to put his team in a position to win. Since the Nets had no more timeouts, he had to think on his feet to buy time to draw up a play.

    Still, Kidd didn’t seem to have many regrets:

    That should put an end to that.

    Click on link to read in full .

    Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as depicted and painted by Michaelangelo .

    Considering how long it took Michaelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel , I would say the Nets’ alleged improvement is coming along just as painstakingly slow , as the famed painter’s masterpiece . Only in this case , what is now being exhibited on the court is far from being any type of artistic or a basketball masterpiece .

    The Nets remain a gutless team without any damn leadership or frigging coaching acumen being shown from anyone on the staff .

    tophatal ……………


  5. Tophat,
    Racial profiling is rampant. It’s not only with blacks but with other minority sectors. Yes, blacks do lead in the tally. It’s wrong and needs to be addressed legally. In the same category as illegal searches and seizures. The ACLU would need to expand its staff if enacted. I’ll give you a person example of profiling that I was involved with a while back. I was driving my niece’s girlfriend(15 or 16yrs old) home about 11pm and was pulled over for no reason. Because she was black the officers inferred she was a hooker and I was the john. They even call the girls parents to check my story. Afterward……….”Gee sir, we are awefully sorry for the inconvenience but ya know there’s allotta prostitution in this area(S.Fl)”

    Jason Kidd? The Russian owner set him up to fail. Didn’t that dummy realize the game was televised with a multitude of camera? Ya figure to sit on the bench as an assistant for a few years and move up. The only guy I now that jumped up to coach immediately and is successful is the St. John’s guy @ Golden State.


    1. Ronbets

      Before I moved up from South Florida to the central part of the state , a number of my friends were in law enforcement with the municipal agencies such as Ft Lauderdale Police , Miami PD and that the county levels with the Miami Dade PD and Broward County Sheriff’s Department . In each case , they stated to me , that ” profiling was the norm ” and necessary to as they “state” ‘filter out the bad apples ‘ . My way of thinking , it does nothing , but cause harm and create and unwanted situation within the community amongst minorities .

      Where I lived in Hollywood Beach , midway between North Miami and Ft L’dale , the crimes committed ran the gamut and the perpetrators crossed all ethnic boundaries , yet this is the sort of idiocy , that criminologists and law enforcement try to justify as a useful tool in law enforcement . Somehow there have been lessons learned from the Abner Louima and Amadou Dialo incidents over the years .

      The federal government by way of the TSA continues to to use racial profiling as a tool to seek out what they believe are imminent terrorist threats or on individuals flying domestically and internationally . Yet , on the Do Not Fly List at present , there are currently hundreds if not several thousands of innocent individuals , wrongfully placed on that list and the neither the US Justice Department , TSA or the DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) has ever assured those alleged suspects that their names will be removed from the list . Instead they are having to pay out thousands in legal fees to get something done , in this case a bureaucratic mistake because of some incompetent lackadaisical background check conducted by a governmental employee with the IQ of a gnat .

      Ed Hasbrouck versus the TSA

      The Practical Nomad-turned-air security watchdog

      By Kelly B Vlahos

      Edward Hasbrouck has spent the last 20 years or more helping people travel – travel safely, smartly, and cheaply. His book, The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World, is now in its fifth edition. To write it, he traveled 80,000 miles and visited 28 countries on six continents.

      While photos of Hasbrouck on the Net depict a bearded, jovial man who could very easily slip into the moniker “happy nomad,” the last 12 years have added a darker edge to his portfolio of traveler services. Let’s just call him “TSA watchdog,” and thanks to the constant expansion of that agency’s passenger screening, data collection, and secret intelligence sharing, Hasbrouck is now working full-time at poking, pricking, prodding and challenging the agency so you don’t have to.

      “This is essentially about rights,” he told in a recent interview. “This is the government claiming that you have no ‘right’ to travel and that travel is a privilege that they can grant or withhold on a whim, and impose whatever they like on it.” That of course, is an anathema to a man who spent his entire adulthood globetrotting. Early on, he focused his writing and researching on helping consumers get the cheapest airline tickets and to be astute and safe travelers. But a couple of years before 9/11, he noticed red flags going up regarding passenger privacy and the kind of personal data the government was canvassing and collecting in massive databases in the name of “security.”

      “I became concerned about the consumer privacy issue, with the data privacy practices, and the practices of handling personal information, and I wrote about it,” he said. After the terror attacks, “as the government intensified its collection of this information and using it for what they call ‘aviation security’ and what I would call information surveillance and control of travel, industry groups and privacy groups came to me for technical expertise.”


      Click on link to read in full.

      Amadou Dialo


      Abner Louima , who after having been arrested was sodomized with a broom handle by sevral cops . These incidents are far from isolated and only idiots with their heads buried in the sand would continue to suggest otherwise , and that this country has progressed along the racial divide .

      Louimia’s attackers , all cops . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      tophatal ……………

      tophatal ………………..


    2. Ronbets

      The ACLU remains a self serving body, rather than actually being proactive and dealing with injustices wherever it affects minorities . What exacerbates me concerning the group is that at the drop of a hat they will jump unto any damn bandwagon that just happens to be the coup-de-gras when either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton has a point to make . Before the Trayvon Martin incident in Sanford , Florida , there had been several other such incidents , though none fatal , where a Caucasian pulled a weapon on a minority claiming self defense or that they were trying to stop a crime .

      The incompetency of the Sanford Police Department was well known , along with their being blatant racists within its ranks . Yet somehow, that law enforcement agency has been allowed to keep its law enforcement accreditation along with meritorious citations coming from the county and state levels .

      Jason Kidd remains a joke , as an NBA head coach ! He brings absolutely no managerial experience to the table . Has no real idea as to how the game ought to be played , let alone demanding any type of accountability from his players .

      On that Nets’ roster , he has three players in Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry , who collectively , have over thirty years of NBA experience amongst them . Yet look at the team , its record and where they stand within their division , conference and league as a whole .

      GM Billy King is a damn idiot , and this hire has become so comedic in its incompetence , that is hard to even take the team owner , Mikhail Prokhorov , seriously . So many people believe him (Prokhorov) to be a business genius , but in reality , any fool with the knowledge of how a corrupt political system in Russia works , would have been able to engineer the same sort of outcome and create the type of wealth amassed by the billionaire . It’s not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination .

      Kidd set himself up to fail with his blatant ignorance and his not being willing to listen to Lawrence Frank , the only member of his coaching staff with any coaching or managerial NBA experience . Hence the reason , why the Nets are so damn poor on defense and specifically with regard to rebounding .

      From left to right , Nets’ GM Billy King , owner Mikhail Prokhorov , head coach Jason Kidd , players , Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry .

      Nets’ roster , team payroll and stats (2013) .

      tophatal …………….


  6. The Rose injury is unfortunate for both the Bulls and the league, not to mention D-Rose himself.

    The Heat and Pacers are going to run away with things in the Eastern Conference. No team is even a close third. At least the Bulls would have been.

    And I’m not so sure what Kobe’s return will do for the Lakers. Hey, at least the kid is still getting paid.


    1. Chris Humpherys (SportsChump)

      The Rose injury is like to lead to the dismantling of the roster at the trade deadline with Luol Deng being the player used as trade bait as GM Gar Forman looks to take Deng’s salary off the books , with the front office preparing to rebuild for next season through the draft .

      In the East at present , it is all about what both the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat have been able to achieve . Fans of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks may not like what they’re seeing , but that is why the games are played on the court and not in the minds of senseless New York , idiot fans with their lame prognostications .

      tophatal ……….


  7. The Derrick Rose injury hurts. We feel for the guy. Missing a year and a half and having to go through the same thing again in terms of rehab is such a bad misfortune. We can only hope he doesn’t turn out like Brandon Roy.


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      The loss of Derrick Rose for the Bulls was something of a “double whammy ” . Now it looks as if in order to move forward, this roster will have to be torn to shreds in order to have them in a position to compete next season . In all likelihood , Luol Deng will be traded along with perhaps several other peripheral players thought to be superfluous to the team’s and organization’s needs .

      Brandon Roy’s injury while serious , was nowhere as acute as the Bulls point guard’s knee injury . Two such occurrences inside the space of twenty four months is inconceivable and utterly unbelievable .

      Roy made an attempted comeback this past season and I believed he signed a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves last season only to play in a handful games , before retiring again permanently from the game .

      tophatal ………….


  8. Given their recent displays unless Miami picks up the level of their play , they are unlikely to be the number one seed in the Eastern Conference at the end of this regular season . Their all too embarrassing blowout loss to the Chicago Bulls at the United Center on Thursday night , shows, that this is a Heat team that has become far too reliant on LeBron James to provide the bulk of the team’s offense as well as a considerably large part of their defensive capabilities . That is never a good sign for a team that I do not believe has the best depth of talent in terms of their overall roster !

    As a sign of how bad the NBA currently just happens to be , consider the number of teams in the Eastern Conference who just sub.500 in terms of their records and then look their compatriots in the Western Conference .

    Also as a further indictment of how bad the East just happens to be , two of the conference’s worst teams met last night and served up a putrid piece of basketball as the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks got together to see who just happens to best NBA franchise in New York City . Does anyone really care ? It’s not as if either of these two teams has a remote chance in hell of winning the conference much less winning the NBA title .


    Oh to be a Broncos’ fan !

    tophatal ……………..


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