Trust is something that has to be earned and it says a great deal about the relationship between star player and a coach …..

Trust is something that has to be earned and it says a great deal about the relationship between star player and a coach …..

In any great sporting endeavor, is it of a singular nature or from a professional team aspect and the success attained. In the end, it all comes down the trust that is said to have been placed between the head coach , his managerial staff and that of the star player or players or seasoned veterans on that team. All of the dynamics, of the great multiple team successes over the past four decades, can be attributed to this trait. And nowhere was this more prevalent, than with the championship winning teams of Phil Jackson as he presided over the dynasty with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of those Chicago Bulls’ teams that reigned supreme during the nineties. Jackson, would once again, replicate that success with the Los Angeles Lakers , where both Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were the centerpieces of three teams that won back-to-back to back NBA titles .


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The Miami Heat with Erik Spoelstra , seem to be on a predetermined journey to win their third consecutive NBA championship , with the team being led by the erstwhile triumvirate of LeBron James , Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh . Now, while all of the talk at present might refs be about the scintillating form of the Indiana Pacers and in particular the play of Paul George . Let’s not fall into the mistaken belief, that the defending champions are likely to relinquish their crown, all too easily. If anything, the Heat will be even more determined to prove themselves worthy champions, while seeking to make a successful defense of their title.

The NFL since the inception of the Superbowl , has seen a multiple of what one might determine as being a dynasty in terms of tangible teams’ successes , with that of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ coached by Chuck Noll , Bill Walsh and the San Francisco 49ers , Jimmy Johnson and the marauding Dallas Cowboys and perhaps in the last decade the legacy of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots . The advent of free agency , the salary cap has truly changed the landscape of team sports and with the teams now treating their industry more like a business in some instances , it places a premium more so , on immediate success , . than it does in trying to seek longevity by way of success.

Major League Baseball for all of its nuances , on an off the diamond issues, continues to be the pastime that fans yearn for during the fall, but where they have now become tired of the complete lack of leadership from the league hierarchy , as well as the continued deceit amongst the players themselves and propensity for simply being disingenuous. . The World Series has not seen a repeat champion in over a decade , when Joe Torre was leading the New York Yankees to one of the most successful eras in that franchise’s rich and benevolent history . Yet for the sole victory by Torre’s successor Joe Girardi in 2009 , the subsequent years from that final triumph have been somewhat lean for the franchise.

As the title of this piece would suggest , it is the relationship between the coach and a star player that can in many ways determine the success of a franchise. That relationship quite obviously will be based on trust and the mutual respect and faith of the coach in the player’s abilities and likewise that also has to be reciprocated between player and coach. Michael Jordan certainly had that type of relationship with Phil Jackson , with Pippen being the lieutenant to Jordan’s on court general . The legacy of those six championships in an eight year span , might be one of the greatest eras in the NBA’s proud and rich history and I say that with all due deference to the era of the Boston Celtics’ triumphs and that also of the Showtime Lakers , led by Magic Johnson , who alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy made the NBA a prime-time event , even when their adversary may well have been the Celtics on the game’s biggest stage, with the stakes being the NBA title. . Those heady days of the Lakers are their very best, had Pat Riley coaching that those great players , with the now Miami Heat executive showing his flair for the showmanship, as well gaining almost celebrity like status alongside the players on those teams. Riley’s relationship with all three of the Lakers’ legends and now Hall of Fame inductees was built upon trust, with Magic Johnson being the conduit for a great deal of that success.

Joe Torre’s relationship with Derek Jeter , was one of the mainstays behind the New York Yankees’ four triumphs, where the centerpiece of the rosters were Andy Pettite , Jorge Posada , Mariano Rivera and Paul O’Neil . Yet , if anything , with Jeter being entrusted as the team captain, it was he who led , while his teammates imply followed , all under the command and respect of the Yankees’ manager . Those triumphs are since held in high esteem , with members of the organization , teams, but most of all with the fans who were there to have witnessed those memorable moments.

Chuck Noll’s four Superbowl triumphs with the Pittsburgh Steelers are well chronicled , with the teams in question, long-held as being some of the very best to have raised the Lombardi Trophy . The list of players who were part those triumphs , now enshrined in Canton , Ohio , within the Hall of Fame are a testament to the franchise’s quest for excellence and the coaching acumen of Noll, himself. . Chuck Noll’s relationship with players such as Franco Harris , Terry Bradshaw , Jack Lambert and Joe Greene , epitomized what made not only the Steelers’ franchise and players respected , but it also brought about the fans’ even greater appreciation of the NFL as a spectacle and the Superbowl as an event.

Bill Walsh’s demeanor, beyond his success attained with the San Francisco 49ers is the stuff that legends are made . His coaching schemes revolutionized the game as we know it . Yet, it may well be his relationship with Joe Montana and Walsh being the architect of three Superbowl winning teams , and his influence on the fourth triumph achieved by George Siefert , that may well be perhaps , his greatest legacy and testament. Fans know of Montana’s exploits in the Superbowl as well as the postseason , and I believe he remains the best quarterback to have ever played the game . Albeit, that the arguments are now being made that Peyton Manning might be an even better player and quarterback. Be that as it may , four Superbowl rings, to Manning’s lone triumph , tends to paint an all too different picture, when it is all said and done .

As an avid fan of the New England Patriots and the franchise’s triumphs with Bill Belichick as the head coach , with Tom Brady helming the ball-club to each of the three triumphs in question . The memories of two stinging losses to the New York Giants and then an inexplicable AFC championship game loss to the Baltimore Ravens , last season , still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. During the decade plus span of Tom Brady’s reign as the franchise’s quarterback , the player has simply rewritten many of the Patriots’ passing records , as well placing himself in the NFL’s records books with his own prowess . Whether or not Brady can join Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to have won four Superbowls, quarterbacking the same franchise , will be predicated by what the Patriots’ signal caller can achieve over the remainder of his NFL career. Tom Brady’s relationship with Bill Belichick has been built on a like-minded premise, that the ‘ pursuit of excellence ‘ will often outweigh all of the negatives that tend to crop within the game . That being said, Belichick has been a coach, who is often despised , though respected for his coaching acumen , but always seen as a self-absorbed individual. Image may well be everything , but for the Patriots’ head coach , it has never really meant a damn thing, just as long as his teams are winning.

The NFL this season , has seen its ups and downs , along with Gary Kubiak being the first coaching casualty of the year . Though, I do not believe he will be the last, after his summary firing by Houston Texans’ GM Rick Smith . If the swirling rumors are to be believed, then Mike Shanahan’s reign in Washington , DC as the head coach of the Washington Redskins is likely to come to an end , after a season of sheer ineptitude on the part of the coach , his coaching staff and the entire Redskins’ roster . Robert Griffin III , may well have been the number two overall pick from the 2012 NFL Draft , but his performances this season, have been woefully abysmal . Yet , it would be wrong to lay the majority of the blame solely upon the shoulders of the sophomore quarterback. His woes , much like the rest of this roster , have been built around the poor coaching of Mike Shanahan and the never-ending wide variety of excuses for the poor performances and results this season. With revelations that the head coach wanted to abandon the team last season , it begs the question , if he felt that way , then why did he not simply resign? At the crux of it all, may well be the fact that had tendered his resignation , then the $ 7 million salary due in 2014 , would be lost to him, in its entirety . Instead, it now looks as if Shanahan is seeking to play a game of “cat and mouse ” with GM Bruce Allen and the team’s billionaire owner , Dan Snyder .

Shanahan’s relationship with his quarterback , cannot be fully categorized , because so much of what has been reported concerning the two, has simply been based on mere supposition. At the same time, I was never truly of the opinion, that the Redskins’ head coach was truly aware of what he had within his midst in terms of Robert Griffin’s undoubted talents. The team’s offense this season has been a blight to the NFL and when trying to make sense of the defense , well , let us just say that there are not enough words to simply describe the sheer ” bull$hit” that has been associated with the Redskins’ secondary this season.

If Sunday’s 45-10 annihilation suffered at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs by the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover , Maryland , this past Sunday, was not enough of an indicator , as to how far this team has fallen this season. Then surely, it must now be a sign, that changes need to be made amongst the coaching staff as well as with the entire roster . Far too much dead weight on the team , and simply not enough NFL ready talent, capable of playing at the highest level, and ably coached by a good enough coaching staff.

Ah , the NBA season and you can simply see how much the brand has deteriorated down the years , when the fans of the Brooklyn Nets (6-14) 5 , Los Angeles Lakers (10-10) 10 and New York Knicks (5-14) , seek to make excuses for the plight of the respective teams in question. If only those very same fans were able to show the intelligence or actual perception to know that , you simply cannot buy your way out of a mess that was organically created by the front offices of the organizations in question. Head coaches , Jason Kidd , Mike D’Antoni and Mike Woodson between them have a combined record of 21-39 . Great if you believe that kind of ineptitude can buy the fans and observers of the NBA an actual piece of mind . It has been this sort of mediocrity that the league hierarchy has continually gift wrapped for the fans over the past few seasons , especially within the Eastern Conference in particular . Another damning indictment of the level of play within the NBA at present, where the more asinine of fans are now more concerned with highlight reel dunks , more than anything else . The IQ level of the NBA fan has been on a steady decline along with the play of the vast majority of the teams within the league . Soon to be outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern will have this as a piece of his legacy , that should actually be etched on his tombstone .

Coming off a fifteen point loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers , you simply have to wonder when this Knicks’ team and the coaching staff will actually begin to realize the fact that the season is already in motion , and that they are not still participating in their preseason schedule . Carmelo Anthony has been surrounded by a group of disinterested teammates, simply looking to earn their bloated salaries , while serving up the New York Knicks fans a content of bile inducing basketball . Never mind the continued excuses from the always less than intelligent Knicks fans at this juncture , as if it would be worth anything of note . Head coach Mike Woodson remains at a loss, to explain his team’s woes . And I doubt that he can actually place his trust in anyone on the current roster to lead by example , if these results are anything to go by . The Knicks’ next game will be against an always tough Chicago Bulls’ team , who this season have handed the defending champions the Miami Heat , their most embarrassing and lopsided loss of the season in a 107-87 defeat , and who were without Derrick Rose , who has been lost to Tom Thibodeau and this team for the remainder of the season .

I do not believe it impolite to now suggest that both Billy King , general manager , of the Brooklyn Nets and the team’s owner , Mikhail Prokhorov are in fact imbeciles , who simply have no damn idea as to what the hell they are doing or what they sought to achieve in hiring Jason Kidd to become the head coach of the team. In spite of Kidd’s vast experience as a player, who commanded the respect of his peers during his playing career? It has become abundantly clear, that as a head coach , he has simply brought absolutely nothing to the table, whatsoever . Jason Kidd’s predecessor PJ Carlesimo was jettisoned by the organization after his brief stint as the interim head coach last season, in light of Avery Johnson’s abrupt dismissal . To suggest that the Nets have now fallen on hard times would be an understatement , but it could be best summed up by saying that the current environment within the organization is simply further evidence why the NBA has become a complete joke ,with regard to the claims by David Stern and many of his subordinates that the league is soundly ran , with a business template that sees increasing values of the franchises and their ever-increasing profits’ growth . All well and good for the teams that are actually profitable , but the commissioner and his second in command, Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver have never sought to address why the league still wishes to punish teams with impunity , with their outrageous “luxury tax” , while not seeking have the teams and owners rein in their expenses , especially as it relates to teams’ payroll .

Brooklyn’s acquisition of three aging veterans in Kevin Garnett , Paul Pierce and Jason Terry has now made about as much sense as Barack Obama’s claims that the taxpayer would not see any money lost in their investment into then bankrupt Detroit automaker GM , who recently hired female Mary Barra to run the company, in the immediacy of Daniel F Akerson stepping down from his position as Chairman and CEO. Personally, with Obama, now out of the country , seeking to prop up his popularity polling numbers, while attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela . Personally, I am wondering, if it will be left to either Vice President Joe Biden or Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew to explain how the country and taxpayer still ends up with a $10.5 billion loss in their original stake and multibillion bailout of the still troubled automaker ? I mean, Obama now simply cuts and runs , after each asinine guffaw , that he actually either promises and puts his name to , in the aftermath its failed implosion. He remains a gutless leader , much like the vast majority of the NBA hierarchy , , union and the team owners associated with the league.

Jason Kidd’s rein as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets should not be allowed to go beyond this season , because while he may command the respect of his players , I doubt that Kidd, himself, knows whom he can place his trust in on this team, to actually lead it moving forward . Deron Williams , while, a very good player, has never been thought of as a leader. Joe Johnson remains emblematic of everything that is currently wrong with the NBA and its continued idiocy of reward , while actually producing nothing of merit throughout his NBA career . Please , can someone explain to me what advantages if any have taken place in this nonsensical experiment of Jason Kidd being made the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets ? A failed exercise behind a failed franchise , that hemorrhages red ink continually, and for this the Brooklyn Nets’ fans have something to be thankful for ? Are you kidding me? Then again both New York based NBA franchises, are simply deserving of their present fates along with their herd of self-absorbed fans .



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(1) Chicago Bulls’ legends from left to right Scottie Pippen , Michael Jordan and head Phil Jackson . The bespectacled Jackson guided the franchise to six NBA titles during an eight-year span before guiding the Los Angeles Lakers to another five titles during his reign with the Los Angeles’ based franchise . Jordan and Pippen’s relationship with their famed head coach was built on mutual respect and trust , with Michael Jordan leading the way in the Bulls’ greatest triumphs during the NBA playoffs . AP /REUTERS/ Mitchell Hahn ……….

(2) Kobe Bryant , left is seen here with Phil Jackson , center and Shaquille O’Neal at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA , after the team’s triumph in 2000 NBA Finals . Bryant and O’Neal were the main forces behind the Lakers’ triumphs of the late nineties that brought an additional three titles to one of the league’s most illustrious franchises. Getty Images / Matthew Donaldson ….

(3) Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is seen here with LeBron James during a game played at the AAArena in Miami , Florida this season . The relationship between the young head coach and his superstar forward is said to be an extremely close one . Spoelstra is seeking to become the youngest head coach in NBA history to have won three consecutive titles in his capacity , before the age of forty-five. The two-time defending champions remain the team to beat in the Eastern Conference in spite of the spectacular start of the Indiana Pacers this season . AP Photo / Chris Fordham …. (4) Famed Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Chuck Noll is seen here with Joe Greene . The two individuals are part of a famed era during the Steelers’ history , which saw the franchise’s dominance of the NFL as Noll coached the teams to four Superbowl victories . Both are inductees into the Hall of Fame in Canton , Ohio . Archived footage …… @ all rights reserved copyrighted material

(5) New York Yankees’ captain Derek Jeter is seen here with then manager Joe Torre after the one of the four World Series’ triumphs shared as a paring during one of the richest eras of the Yankees’ postseason history . Jeter remains a part of the ball-club’s current roster , as he begins to wind down his almost two decade old career , all served with the New York Yankees . Torre is now a senior league executive with Major League Baseball . AP Photo / New York Daily News / Anthony McCarron …

(6) Bill Walsh is seen here with Joe Montana (16) and their shared triumphs in the NFL postseason and in particular in four Superbowl triumphs solidified the San Francisco 49ers’ legacy in NFL history . AP Photo archives ….

(7) A young Tom Brady (12) is seen here on the sidelines with New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick . The two as a tandem , have been part of five Superbowl appearances having won three of those meetings and losing the other two contests both times, to the New York Giants . The quarterback and head coach hope to make it to sixth appearance this postseason , while seeking to become only the third coaching and quarterback tandem to have won four Superbowls, joining the duo of Chuck Noll , Terry Bradshaw and the pairing of Bill Walsh and Joe Montana . AP Photo / Rachel Manners ….

(8) Brooklyn Nets’ (7-14) head coach Jason Kidd is seen here talking with the team’s point guard Deron Williams prior to a game this season . The Nets are off to a horrendous start to their schedule which has seen the team flounder within their division , the Eastern Conference , in the league , both away and at home during the infancy of this NBA season . The front office has given their beleaguered head coach its backing , which most circles is ordinarily seen as the “kiss of death” for a struggling head coach seeking wins and leadership amongst his playing staff . Getty Images / Harry How …….



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14 thoughts on “Trust is something that has to be earned and it says a great deal about the relationship between star player and a coach …..”

  1. Say what you will , but it’s clear that both in Brooklyn and New York , neither NBA franchise has someone that either coach can look to as a leader . Kevin Garnett is past his prime and his chasing a ring in Brooklyn is like suggesting that his skillset can actually help that team win something or even achieve something notable this season . As being now borne out by their results , the Nets are like shit sliding off a shovel . Simply stinking up the joint .

    Erstwhile Knicks fans , as always the first to open their mouths and talk a whole load of smack , but the moment the team .. sucks , they run off hide , like they’ve just been scared off by the sight something horrific . Well I guess that’s true, if anyone has been watching the Knicks play as of late . That team is a damn disgrace to the NBA .

    What the ##ck , Roger Goodell is now seeking to have the NFL and specifically football become an exhibition sport at a future Summer Olympic Games ? Hasn’t it been enough that the league has become more watered down than some forms of moonshine ?

    Courtesy of

    Football in Olympics is a dream that could become a reality

    By Albert Breer , NFL writer

    A funny thing happened as the concept of fielding a basketball “Dream Team” in the Olympic Games evolved over a decade-and-a-half.

    The United States lost.
    The Games of the XXX Olympiad are under way in London, and here’s a look at what the Olympics would be like with America’s game included.

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    Though it was once unthinkable, it happened in 2004, at the hands of the Argentineans. A bronze medal and the eventual overhaul of USA Basketball resulted. But that was hardly the most significant development to come out of the whole ordeal.

    The world caught up with — and finally slayed — a red-white-and-blue Goliath. Though a devastating blow to that particular team, it validated the notion that the game could be played internationally at the highest level.

    So now, with NFL training camps opening and the world’s attention turning to London and the 2012 Olympic Games, the question can be asked: Could American football enjoy the same type of evolution?

    Click on link to read in full.

    Having a coach and a player who are on the same page is integral to any type of success that is tangible and attained . Unfortunately , dumb ass fans are only concerned with idiocies such as fantasy stats and a whole load of bull#hit . I suppose it comes from the fact that they cannot succinctly put pen to paper and actually write something formative and insightful on the matter .

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    tophatal …………


  2. Barack Obama has promised the world and has failed to deliver on so many of his idiotic promises along the way . Now with the taxpayer now having to write off $10.5 billion in losses after its original investment and bailout of GM . Now this asshole will be looking to apportion blame elsewhere , because he and Tim Geithner as the former Treasury Secretary at the time of the bailout of the auto companies failed have the proper oversight in place concerning the auto and financial industry . The country has yet to be paid in full for the almost $200 billion bailout of insurance giant AIG . Why no ###king outcry from anyone over that matter either ? Or is this simply a nation of the apathetic , uninformed and uneducated ?

    Mary Barra , soon to be the newly promoted Chairwoman & CEO of GM .

    Dimmer and dumber . Obama and Geithner

    Geithner has now gone back to the private sector, where he will likely be earning in excess of $1,750,000 a year base salary , working for a large financial firm .

    tophatal …………….


  3. Mack Brown resigns as head coach of the Longhorns . What , with AD DeLoss Dodds announcing his retirement earlier this season , An offseason of uncertainty now awaits the program as UT President Bill Powers and Dodds’ replacement make a decision as to who Brown’s successor should be . Say it ain’t so , but let’s hope that Nick Saban doesn’t pull a .’phins’ psyche on the Tide fans and lie about his having no interest in the vacant Longhorns’ position . Fool me once , shame on me . Fool me again and it’s time to chop off Saban’s testes .

    Mack Brown, his father seated and former AD DeLoss Dodds

    Read my lips , I’ve no interest in the vacant Longhorns’ coaching position ” Nick Saban

    ‘ But Nick you said the same thing when you were in Miami as the head coach of the Dolphins and then less than five weeks later you came to Tuscaloosa , Alabama to coach the program ‘ .

    tophatal …………….


  4. The Knicks managed to get past the Chicago Bulls, who were without Derrick Rose . So the result should not come as a great surprise .

    Good to know that Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban still remains a proverbial @ss in wake of the team’s loss to the Golden St Warriors . Bitching and complaining to the refs over a last minute buzzer beater when your team completely missed their defensive assignments is simply a crock of shit and it shows Cuban to be nothing more than a rather petulant child !

    tophatal …………..


  5. Beyond the idiocy of a clueless Obama administration in DC along with the House and Senate being as productive as a homeless vagabond who sleeps under an underpass for twelve hours a day . You simply have to admire all of the drama going on with the Washington Redskins . Mike Shanahan is simply intent on being fired, in order that he can get the $7 million that’ll be owed to him for 2014 , because he has a five-year guaranteed contract. The decision to demote Robert Griffin to third on the team’s depth chart for this weekend’s game is really another indicator of how cold the relationship between the head coach and the player just happens to be .

    I’ve no concerns over Kirk Cousins coming in to replace RGIII as the player has already been a starter and proven his worth to this franchise last season . But there is no way in hell that the 2012 number two draft pick should be sitting behind Rex Grossman on the team’s depth chart . I mean can anyone remember the last time Grossman started a game in the NFL much less the result ?

    From left to right , Dan Snyder , Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen .

    Anyone who’s of the belief that there’s a smart NFL owner then look no further than a dumb ass such as Dan Snyder who remains as frigging clueless as the Redskins’ general manager Bruce Allen .

    Shanahan may well be a two-time winning Superbowl coach , but his years away from the game on the sidelines and it’s as if the guy has not moved on with the times . It simply looks as if last season was an aberration with the Redskins and what we have all witnessed in 2013 is actually what the franchise is actually now about , sheer mediocrity on both sides of the ball. Kyle Shanahan as an offensive coordinator is like trying to suggest that because Paul Ryan was deemed a budget hawk , because he actually knows something about economics and finance . Well as we know , Ryan was about as much help to Mitt Romney in his 2012 Presidential bid as a lump of coal would be in a forest fire .

    The chic pictured below is getting more penetration than a Kyle Shanahan coached offense will ever get this season or over the course of his damn coaching career . Both Shanahan’s are simply overrated and it shows that this hiring as countenanced by Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder , was a frigging farce and absolutely idiotic ! Allen’s career as a front office executive has no rationale or body of work behind it whatsoever and only a moronic Bucs’ fan would now come to Bruce Allen’s defense . Both (he) Allen and Jon Gruden were damn useless when it came to drafting and developing talent .

    Is she getting enough penetration courtesy of her partner ?

    tophatal ……………


  6. Chuck Noll took over in Pittsburgh and the team sucked. he drafted great players and they bought into his sysem. Noll earned the respect of the players. If you remember Terry Bradshaw was branded an idiot by the media and the football pundits of the time yet he led the Steelers to four Super Bowl titles. You forgot one guy in the mix Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys. Sure I hate him but Landry and Tex schram built the Boys into a Championship team. the owner kept outta the way and let Schram and Landry work their magic. Too Tall Jones, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, randy white Dandy Don Merridith and Eddie LeBaron etal. Landry gets left outta the mix His flex D” motion just to name a few of the innovations Landry made to the game. Hank Stram too. Respect is earned. today’s players think they know it all Owners too Jerry Jones in Dallas for one. Mike Shannahan was nothing without Elway Elway won him his two super bowls Look at his record since Elway left. It sucks


    1. bobby gee

      It wasn’t so much forgetting what Tom :Landry achieved in Dallas with the Dallas Cowboys which was considerable . Yet I believe, that in the era of the Superbowl and the franchise’s subsequent successes , it is almost as if those achievements are somehow overlooked . Landry was one hell of a coach and his record simply speaks for itself .

      Landry and Roger Staubach

      Unfortunately , how Tom Landry was treated by Jerry Jones is something that history itself has also overlooked , because of what Jones in conjunction with Jimmy Johnson was able to achieve .

      Undoubtedly, Chuck Noll deserves his place in the Hall of Fame alongside all of the great players from that era who were participants in those four Superbowl victories. As for those who simply demean Terry Bradshaw for being an idiot . We now know that the Hall of Fame quarterback actually suffered with an anxiety disorder which actually affected his persona and behavior . Four decades later , and Bradshaw is amongst one of the most beloved television sports’ personalities in the country who can be jovial at times as well insightful when bringing his own analysis on the game . If left to idiots, such as Bill Simmons , Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless with their self absorbed behavior , we would be left with the impression that those morons knew more about the game and the NFL , than the players who were former professionals in the league.

      tophatal ……….


  7. All of a sudden things are beginning to look a little shaky for the Denver Broncos and in particular for that vaulted offense of the team , who last night were made to look anemic in terms of their rushing and passing offense . Peyton had one of his more sedate games of the season, with that somewhat lackluster performance .

    If both the Chiefs (10-3) and Patriots (10-3) are both victorious this Sunday , then we will have a three way tie atop of the AFC standings and then the top seed would still remain up for grabs . Yet , by virtue of the conference games won , New England would claim the top berth in terms of conference record .

    AFC West standings .

    tophatal …………..


  8. This is probably why an older team like the Spurs can still succeed. Those guys are old as hell and still hanging tough in a lead that’s rife with dysfunction.

    Same with the Pats, another one of your teams. Sure they lost today but they have leadership from the top that still allows them to succeed despite being lesser talented than some of the other teams out there.

    I predict Shanahan and RGIII will both return to Washington next year, further fueling the dysfunction that exists in the nation’s capitol. And next year, it will end badly.


    1. Chris

      Too many fans don’t seem to understand that there has to be trust and a veteran leader on a team for that franchise to succeed . Simply look at the teams that have won the Superbowl , NBA title , World Series and Stanley Cup . All of the teams in question had one thing in common , a veteran , experienced leader and in some respects a very good coach .

      There’s not much that needs to be said concerning the achievements of Bill Belichick and Gregg Popovich as to their successes with the Patriots and Spurs respectively . They’re amongst the best to have ever coached in their respective professions .

      tophatal ………


    2. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      Mike Shanahan has brought too much embarrassment and pain to the Redskins this season with the mediocre coaching , lack of defensive priorities . Never mind the fact that Kyle Shanahan is a damn poor offensive coordinator.

      Redskins owner , Dan Snyder should now cut his losses and hire either Lovie Smith or try and tempt Bill Cowher to return to the NFL . Both Shanahans are a frigging embarrassment and joke to the league . Anyone trying to suggest anything to the contrary is a damn moron .

      tophatal ………….


  9. Chris

    As good as the San Antonio Spurs have been this season . The Big Three of Duncan , Ginobli and Parker have to remain healthy , if the team is to have major success during the NBA Playoffs .

    Danny Green was exceptional last season at various times during the playoffs , but when it mattered most in the Finals against Miami . San Antonio was just was not consistent or deadly enough , in terms of closing out the games. You need a killer instinct and that was what LeBron James supplied the Miami Heat with , because he knew that there remained a remote possibility that the Spurs could crawl their way back into the series .

    tophatal ……………….


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