Which best, suits a crazed professional sports’ franchise owner?

Which best, suits a crazed professional sports’ franchise owner?

I don’t know whether it’s the stupidity of some individuals, but I once read a comment on a sports’ blog website by a patron who suggested that Republicans and specifically Republican leaning businessmen make for better professionals in the world of business . Clearly, this was someone with an axe to grind and an individual who simply overlooked George Bush’s two terms as the President of the United States and his overseeing of the ruination of the US economy . Bush’s successor Barack Obama , has proven to be just as incompetent in that same resolve and seeking to now take credit for initiatives that ere no part of his own creation. That being said, both of these Presidents hold degrees from prestigious academic establishments, probably much to their own disdain as things now stand.

George Bush’s business failings are well chronicled and Barack Obama , shall we say , would rather let his own deeds speak for themselves, by way if his ties to some of the largest financial institutions in the nation, as well as having the support in some circles of several Fortune 500 companies . Yet, this is the very same President, who in his first election cycle, suggested that “fat cat bankers and businessman would be no part of his campaign finance structure” . One only has to look at the makeup of the two administrative cabinets that this President has presided over to see that his statements, are simply a crock of shit.


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In the world of professional sports the highest ranking executive of a franchise just happens to be the CEO & Chairman and more often than not the team owner. As the NFL season winds down , we have seen failure of the Houston Texans , with the firing of head coach Gary Kubiak. Team owner , Robert ‘Bob’ McNair thought it best for the fans of the franchise to endure eleven consecutive losses by the team before requesting GM Rick Smith to remove Kubiak from his position as the head. For the remainder of the season , the reins are passed on to Wade Philips who as the interim head coach will guide the Houston Texans through the two remaining games on their schedule. Amongst the leading candidates for the vacancy are said to be former Chicago Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith , and ESPN analyst Jon Gruden a , though it remains my firm belief that Gruden is likely to show interest in the vacant coaching position with the Texas Longhorns after Mack Brown’s abrupt resignation , a program that Brown has revamped during his tenure bringing them back to national prominence along with a multi-billion dollar windfall, by way of their joint programming alliance with ESPN.

Personally, I have never been that high on these so-called business entrepreneurs , who are simply attracted to owning a professional sports’ franchise, then treats that entity as a bauble for show , and then loses all sight and the relevant fact, that the entity as such, is about competition and then a consumer brand , and a commodity. The fact that the Texans’ season has spiraled out of control has more to do with Gary Kubiak’s complete lack of addressing the team’s secondary , even with the claims as to the prowess of JJ Watt . Overblown, if the truth be known, given Watt’s tenure in the NFL and the hyperbole created about the player. And while the fans are baying for blood, by way of the lack of leadership and playing ability shown by Matt Schaub this season . Is there really anyone completely surprised with the Texans’ demise , given the fact that in each of the last two seasons , the team has come up short in each of the postseasons in question? Like a deer caught in headlights, the Houston Texans remain their own worst enemy.

On Sunday, in the Texans’ penultimate game of the regular season, they are due to meet their AFC South divisional rivals the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium , in Indianapolis, Indiana, in a contest that now becomes pivotal for both teams. The Colts are coming off a rather embarrassing loss, that head coach Chuck Pagano believes was one of the team’s own making. It has to be said, that a victory is now paramount to the Indianapolis Colts’ divisional and postseason aspirations.

In the aftermath of the turmoil within the Texans’ organization, it is becoming a abundantly clear that the shakeup now underway will become even more dramatic, once the postseason has ended . Several notable players on the team’s roster, are likely to be jettisoned, with the franchise likely to rebuild by way of the NFL Draft and through free agency acquisitions. A number of the rookies on the Texans’ roster failed to meet expectations, but in all likelihood , a great deal of that had to do with the poor coaching acumen shown by Gary Kubiak and his staff .

Three of the more prominent owners within the NFL this season, have seen their teams simply perform badly. There is not much more that can be said about the Dallas Cowboys (7-6) , New York Jets (7-7) and the dire Washington Redskins (3-10). Owners Jerry Jones , Woody Johnson and Daniel Snyder , all had envisaged their respective franchises being in a much better position than they currently are. Needless to say, what one presumes and what is reality, are two different things. “America’s Team” , as the Cowboys have been anointed, are no better and no worse than they record currently suggests , but yet the franchise remains the most profitable > and most valuable in the NFL . Much of this has more to do with the business acumen of Jerry Jones and his zeal for making money. Which is a great deal more than what he has striven to achieve on field, by way of the franchise’s lack of success over the past decade.

. Coming off a defeat , that was so harsh and ill-disciplined , in terms of the Cowboys play against the Chicago Bears. The question I have to ask, is why the owner still believes that Jason Garrett remains a competent head coach? At each and every turn where a loss has come to this Dallas’ franchise , Garrett has simply been out-coached by his opposing number and it has to be said that his coaching assistants have not provided much comfort , by way of their lack of coaching aptitude. Not to be left out of this equation either, should be the fact that quarterback, Tony Romo , whose current contract is likely to be more of a lead weight than it is likely to be a worthy reward, given the fact that he remains one of the most overrated players in the NFL and amongst his current peers at the position . Each loss and the sound bite continues to remain the same in terms of the player’s response, which to my mind has always indicated his lack of leadership pedigree. Unfortunately, the owner and Hall of Fame inductee Roger Staubach still believe Romo can lead this team to a Superbowl victory. Romo’s postseason forays would suggest otherwise. With Dallas playing host to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon, that contest is likely to have a bearing on both of the franchises’ respective seasons.

Would it be correct, to suggest that New York Jets’ GM John Idzik is giving head coach Rex Ryan just about enough rope to hang himself with this season? The Jets’ ineptitude this year has been far more unbelievable than anything that actually transpired during 2012 , concerning the Tim Tebow drama and whether or not Mark Sanchez was still able to play at the highest caliber . With rookie Geno Smith supplanting Sanchez in the starting quarterback position , the rookie for the most part has simply shown that he is not yet an NFL caliber starting quarterback . Errant plays and a propensity to throw interceptions and fumbles have epitomized Smith’s play for much of the season. Never mind the fact, defensively , the Jets remain an eyesore that not everyone would like to see. If you thought that was the only issue to befall this team, then think again , as the offense has in large part become just as incompetent as the secondary.

When the New York Jets travel to North Carolina to take on the Carolina Panthers , a team who will be chomping at the bit after being dissected with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel in their loss to the New York Saints in week fourteen. I get the impression that the retribution that the Panthers are hoping to lay on their AFC opponent is likely to be swift and exact, if Cam Newton is back to on track with the form that he has displayed throughout much of this season ! At this juncture , I do believe that Rex Ryan’s time with the Jets’ franchise is about to come to a close ! It would make no sense, for the organization to retain a coach who last control of a team, and one in, where the players themselves, actually show no confidence their coach’s ability.

Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has remained circumspect , but for all of the fallout that has taken place , his behavior last season was that of a petulant child looking to apportion blame elsewhere because he says he was forced into acquiring Tim Tebow. Last I looked , Johnson was the owner of this franchise, and he in conjunction with then GM Mike Tannenbaum agreed to a trade, that simply blew up in the franchise’s face, because neither Rex Ryan or his offensive coordinator Tony Sparano , knew how best to utilize a player who was simply of limited ability.

The furor now surrounding what has now become an improbable and lamentable season for the Washington Redskins, can be best summed up by what appears to be the deteriorating relationship between Mike Shanahan and his quarterback Robert Griffin III and what is now likely to be Shanahan’s own coziness the Redskins’ billionaire owner Dan Snyder. The fans have now grown tired of the coach’s week to week indecisiveness and lack direction for the franchise from a competitive standpoint. The coach’s demotion of Griffin to become the third string backup behind Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman , is either meant to be a slap in the face for the sophomore quarterback , or simply Shanahan’s way of forcing both GM Bruce Allen and Snyder to terminate his contract and buy him out for the remaining $7 million salary due in 2014. If Mike Shanahan is now trying to convince the fans in general, that he believes that Rex Grossman gives the Redskins the best opportunity to win, were Cousins to be injured during the team’s upcoming game against the lamentable Atlanta Falcons . Then clearly, there has to be off kilter, with the head coach’s thinking . Grossman’s last game as a starter in the NFL, was more than fourteen months ago, which resulted in a loss for the franchise .

Dan Snyder, his considerable wealth could probably “write off” a $7 million loss and think nothing off it , given the franchise’s value and profitability . Yet, what does that indicate about this owner , whose penchant for overspending on vastly inferior talent as well as coaches has made him one of the more comical and perhaps the most ridiculed NFL owner, with the exception of Jerry Jones . It would be perhaps in the franchise’s best interest, to have a turnstile placed instead of a door, leading to the office of the next head coach , because in all likelihood his tenure is likely to be short-lived.

James Dolan , owner of the New York Knicks continues to preside over a franchise that simply has under-achieved over the past decade , even with a battalion of head coaches having come and gone during that time-span. Who can forget those wondrous years of ineptitude as Isiah Thomas presided over the franchise as Head of Basketball Operations and also as a head coach ? If that was not bad enough , having made the postseason in 2012, the Knicks led by Carmelo Anthony simply fell short , which in many respects should not have come as a surprise given the team’s unwillingness to play an iota of defense. Knicks’ fans remain delusional and as usual, their observations concerning the team , bears upon whose the next marquee talent that they are able to sign to complement the talents of Carmelo Anthony. If as first reported, that Anthony was indeed considering opting out of his contract to test the “free agency market” in 2014 . One could imagine, the jolt that this would be for what in effect has been a languid franchise.

A four point 86-90 loss to a revamped Boston Celtic’ ….. roster indicates further how much the New York Knicks have regressed, to the point where it has become extremely difficult to see what opportunities are likely to arise, where the team is likely to play itself into playoff contention . A languid defense and with only Carmelo Anthony, providing any type real offense for the franchise this season , troubles definitely lay ahead for the ball-club. You simply get the feeling that this Mike Woodson coached team is going through the motions just for the sake of it. Next up for the Knicks will be their hosting of the Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden , in New York City, New York , on Saturday night in an Eastern Conference contest match-up.

At 6-16 , this record has the New York Knicks firmly rooted at the bottom of the conference and they are in exactly the same position within the Atlantic Division . Needless to say, Knicks’ fans will argue, that it is still early in the season and in no way actually represents what it is likely to happen by late January . My question for those fans, if the team is now playing so badly , what indications are there that things are liable to get better , or who on the roster is a worthy trade bait , that is likely to induce worthwhile trade of equal value ? Amare Stoudemire’s contract, makes such a move mute, because no team has a wish to burden itself with an unproductive center/ power forward . The Knicks penchant to simply overpay for mediocre talent is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the NBA , but it has been this franchise and its New York neighbor the Brooklyn Nets , that has now become the personification of this idiocy ! David Stern has no solution for this mind-boggling stupidity and fans suggesting that a team willing to overpay in order to put the best product available on the floor, have yet to grasp the fact that teams now exceeding the league’s salary cap ($58.679 million) are now being penalized more than ever before.

Nets’ GM Billy King and Steve Mills have been entrusted to sort a mess of their respective franchises’ own making. Meanwhile, Mikhail Prokhorov and James Dolan are still being lauded as astute businessmen and professional sports’ owners. The sad fact is, both of these NBA franchise owners actually represent what is actually wrong with the NBA in terms of its financial template and David Stern’s never-ending web of deceit and lies, that the league’s franchises are in a healthy position .

No bad blood really , as the New York Yankees simply allowed Robinson Cano to depart as a free agent , with his agent Jay-z being able to negotiate a multi-year deal that will pay Cano $240 million over the next ten years . As the recipient of the Seattle Mariners’ largess , this now has me wondering what the player hopes to achieve with a franchise that this past season was barely competitive within its own division the AL West , much less within MLB as a whole !

Whatever transactions are now being made by GM Jack Zduriencik to fortify the Mariners’ roster will not be not enough to make the team competitive enough to compete within its division much less the rest of baseball. That was clearly evident last season with Seattle’s 71-91 record within the AL which was good enough for third place within the division and amongst the naysayers within the AL this past season . Mariners’ manager Eric Wedge can only hope that Cano provides the Seattle Mariners the type of offense it so seeks, in order to challenge the likes of the Los Angeles Angels, Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics within the AL West. Senior Managing partner Howard Lincoln and the rest of the Mariners’ Board of Directors have simply been negligent in their custodianship of this ball-club. The franchise’s record over the past eight years reflects that fact and their lack of postseason activity during that time-frame.

Robinson Cano may well have felt slighted in the fact that the New York Yankees did not resign him to the long-term deal sought and the reputed $300 million said to have been requested via his agent. Yet , in many respects the moves since made by Cano’s former team now smacks of desperation , flights of fancy , but above all the real fact that GM Brian Cashman knows that the cupboard is bare in terms of the farm system and there is not a player that he or Joe Girardi believes is ready and capable of supplanting the players that have since departed from the roster during the off-season. New York remains in a circling pattern, hovering in the clouds, while the Steinbrenner family under the auspices of Hal Steinbrenner seeks to resolve many of the franchise’s off the field issues. The biggest most pressing of which, remains the unresolved situation concerning third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Weakness within the Yankees’ front office and a complete lack of leadership is now one of the numerous things that have now befallen this franchise and I sincerely believe that it is likely to get a great deal worse, before we see a gradual turnaround in the fortunes of the franchise !



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Your thoughts, as to the points raised within this ? Simply, leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site!


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(1) Presidents Barack Obama , left and his predecessor George W Bush . History is likely to treat both of these statesmen differently, in terms of their legacies and accomplishments. Yet it cannot be denied, that each had a profound effect on this country for several reasons . AP Photo / Angus Frye …..

(2) Former Houston Texans’ head coach Gary Kubiak speaks to quarterback Matt Schaub (8) during a game . The Houston Texans (2-11) have lost eleven consecutive games this season and are likely to end up with the worst record in the NFL this year , putting them in a position to take the number one pick in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft . Matt Schaub is unlikely to return to the franchise where he made his debut for the franchise in 2007 in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs . The quarterback was drafted in the third round of the 2004 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Getty Images / Harry How …

(3) ASHBURN VA-JANUARY 13: L to R: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder chats with his new head coach Mike Shanahan after watching offensive line coach Joe Bugel announced his retirement from 32 years in NFL football today at Redskins Park in Ashburn VA January 13, 2010. Shanahan after an indifferent season finds himself in the midst of a maelstrom of criticism for his decision to sit starting quarterback Robert Griffin as the team prepares to face the Atlanta Falcons. Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images …

(4) New York Knicks owner James Dolan, right, is seen here with the team’s head coach Mike Woodson . With the team faltering , the rumors have began to swirl that the owner will seek some drastic changes and has ordered GM Steve Mills to assess the underlying problems now facing the franchise. AP Photo/ Michael Walsh ….

(5) The Seattle Mariners’ newest acquisition , first baseman Robinson Cano who signed a ten-year $240 million deal with the Seattle-based franchise . Meanwhile, Cano’s former team the New York Yankees have been quick to seek a replacement, with the signing of Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven-year $153 million contract . Leaving the podium with the player is Mariners’ GM Jack Zduriencik. AP Photo / Tip Wills …..



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Brit ex-pat living C Florida . Now working with a consultancy firm in the field of corporate governance on the international front , concerning economic policies . Also covering the area of finance , banking, international banking. An MBA graduate from the (LSE) and UCL (London) , M&A (mergers & acquisitions), economics , risk management & assessment . Martial artist (tae-kwondo, karate, savate , muy-thai) & an vowed sports ' fan , sports' junkie. Served in armed forces British ... Royal Marines . Taught unarmed combat to members of the military and also competed in tournaments prior to joining the Royal Marines . Also an avid motorcycle junkie & free running enthusiast . Tech geek and computer repair technician. Entertainment: Musical tastes _ reggae, r&b, soul, hip-hop, rap , jazz, classical. Film genres , Preferably thrillers , crime dramas Hobbies ..... reading biographies & anything by John Grisham Just a lil' something to make me feel comfortable ! Tophatal

18 thoughts on “Which best, suits a crazed professional sports’ franchise owner?”

  1. James Dolan acts like a recluse, because he has no wish to be ridiculed in public concerning his stewardship of the New York Knicks .

    Seattle’s signing of Robinson Cano , is like using a Band-Aid to cover a still hemorrhaging gunshot wound to the abdomen . It still bleeds profusely and the victim (Seattle Mariners) is likely to wind up dead .


    “I’m pleased that this is the sort of service you’re likely to find on this particular college campus . I wonder what the makeup just happens to be for any of their Liberal Arts’ courses ?


    tophatal ……….

    tophatal …………


  2. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

    The football in the NFL has been horrendous this season along with the coaching and it doesn’t bode well for the post-season at all , in spite of the expectations . I wasn’t completely surprised that New England stumbled and lost to Miami , as all season long the Pats’ defense has been indifferent and extremely inconsistent . It was there for all to witness on Sunday afternoon . If coordinator Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick don’t get that issue solved , then the Patriots foray in the playoffs will be extremely short-lived and make last season’s AFC championship game loss to the Baltimore Ravens seem like an afterthought .

    This is the one time of the year that teams with post-season aspirations become too damn complacent and that to my mind comes with the all too nonchalant attitudes of the coaches and players who are already thinking about the playoffs. The essence is to take each game as it comes along and not to think too far ahead .

    The other losses like I said, comes down to the complacency of the teams !

    tophatal ……………..


  3. My Eagles tunk. i expected this. we were given a gift the Boys lost YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pack comes back and wins 34 second half points. The PATS lost YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shananhan is a jerk. He thinks he is god. He hasn’t won bupkis since elway was the QB. Look at the record iT speaks for itself. what about the Rams kicking No ass all over the lot. The two best teams are San Fran and Seattle. The Doncos, Chiefs, and PATS are at the next level. This is mediocrity at its best.


    1. bobby gee

      Everyone lauds Chip Kelly as an offensive genius and God knows that the NFC East this season has simply been abhorrent . But in that Eagles’ loss on Sunday , Philadelphia’s secondary was damn pathetic , if not worse than being pathetic . I simply do not see this team doing anything special in the postseason even with Nick Foles leading the offense as good as he has been this season !

      The other losses over the weekend were inexplicable and more than anything else it simply reiterate what we’ve already discussed . The NFL brand and the play has been mediocre along with the coaching .

      tophatal ………….


            1. Last night’s game was too ugly to bear and watch ,because it was simply a horrendous display of unimaginative and uncreative football between two extremely poor teams offensively . The Ravens and Lions are simply mediocre teams .

              Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant had to be escorted off the field , because be was crying after the team’s loss to the Packers . Apparently his emotions got to the better of him . Here’s me thinking that there’s no crying in football and that it’s meant to be a man’s game . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

              Courtesy of USA Today

              Cowboys’ Dez Bryant cried after leaving Packers game early

              IRVING, Texas (AP) — Dez Bryant says he left the field with time remaining in Dallas’ crushing loss to the Packers because he “couldn’t watch Green Bay kneel that ball down” and that he cried when he got to the locker room.

              The Dallas receiver who had a well-publicized sideline rant in another deflating defeat at Detroit this season told reporters during a hospital visit Monday that he doesn’t think about media attention in such moments.

              The Cowboys blew a 26-3 halftime lead and lost 37-36 Sunday after Tony Romo threw an interception with a chance to run out most of the clock following a first-down throw to Bryant with a 36-31 lead.

              Click on link to read in full.

              Bryant and head coach Jason Garrett .

              Dez Bryant is not a manly man , just an overrated immature @ss .

              tophatal …………


  4. bobby

    I believe that Foles has done enough this season to be given the starting job on a permanent basis and for the Eagles to simply say ” adieu ” to Michael Vick , as he no longer has what it takes to win games on a consistent basis. He’s old and has become injury prone and a liability for his team. The Eagles need to bolster their secondary and it will need to be addressed by Chip Kelly and GM Howie Roseman this off-season .

    tophatal ………


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