I yield to no man !

I yield, to no man!

Over the weekend, the NFL opened up its postseason with the wild card round series of games . As usual, the summary surprises came with games that resulted with a number of unwanted endings . Suffice to say, in spite of the huge television ratings one comes to expect , it is by no means a guarantee that the contests themselves are necessarily outstanding.


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All the hype earlier in the season, concerning the coaching acumen and in-genius mind of Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles came to nothing , as the Eagles succumbed to the New Orleans Saints in a highly entertaining contest . From my own perspective, I simply could not buy into an Eagles’ team whose head coach has never been known for his propensity for his teams to play an iota of actual defense. That was the case with Kelly as coach of the Oregon Ducks at the Collegiate Level and it has most certainly been the case with the Philadelphia Eagles throughout much of this past regular season and then coming into this contest against the Saints .

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, now go on to a divisional round contest against the Seattle Seahawks , at Q West Field in Seattle , Washington, with the winner gaining a berth into the NFC championship game . . As to the other NFC contest, that pitted the San Francisco Forty Niners against the Green Bay Packers in a game played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay , Wisconsin. Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers were being asked to take on not only a Packers’ team , but also a raucous and vociferous home crowd in a game that lived up to all of the hype and a great deal more. . San Francisco came away with a well-deserved three-point 23-20 victory , and now move on to play the Carolina Panthers in what is likely be a real slug-fest between two of the more entertaining teams within the NFC over this past regular season.

The contests within the AFC , were no less riveting than their NFC counterparts , but all in all, the lesson to be learned , has been , all that glitters is not necessarily gold as and when it came to teams, who showed a great deal of dominance early in the regular season , but somehow over their last five games , they seemed to falter and showed no signs of being able to play themselves back into contention, with any type of consistency.

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs made quite a splash early in the season , with the Chiefs actually challenging the Denver Broncos for divisional supremacy within the AFC West , as well as who ought to be looked upon as the best team in the AFC altogether. Unfortunately, for Reid and his team the script was flipped , as Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts summarily hoisted the Kansas City based franchise unto their own petard . In what turned out to be, a completely wayward performance, the Chiefs were found wanting in all areas of their game. . A twenty-one point lead, by the Kansas City Chiefs, was slowly erased, as Andrew Luck showed why he is one of the best young quarterbacks now playing in the entire NFL. As to the abrupt end to the Chiefs season , it all comes down to what might have been and the missed opportunities.

To say, I expected more from Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals this postseason would be an understatement ! However, in light of that premise, I have to say in all honesty their contest against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers ,was about as lopsided a postseason game that I have seen in some time. A 27-10 shellacking by the Chargers, not only indicated how bad the Bengals just happened to be, but quite possibly how overrated the AFC North may well have been over the course of this season. . I certainly felt that Andy Dalton and the presence he has shown since entering the NFL would be able to lead a Bengals’ team , that over the past two seasons under Marvin Lewis, has shown a great deal of progress, as Dalton’s own game itself, has shown a great deal of promise.

With Greg Schiano’s dismissal after two seasons of rather pedantic football by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Nothing actually delighted me more, than also seeing Mark Dominik’s firing by the franchise’s owners led by Avram Glazer and the rest of the Glazer family . Truth be known, the family has shown all of the alleged business acumen in dealing with the franchise as of late , as the collective intelligence of the House Finance Committee and that of the Senate Banking Committee when dealing with the economy and the financial sector of the country. Suffice to say, this is a Buccaneers’ franchise that has lost complete direction , so much so, that their fans would be none the wiser , even in light of their apparent apathy and complete lack of understanding as to what they have witnessed over the past four seasons under Schiano and his predecessor , Raheem Morris . As to this idiocy, that , Dominik himself, was a great assessor of talent. One simply has to look at the fact that the Buccaneers’ play under both of these coaches , was simply lackluster , unimaginative and completely lacking in guile .

Greg Schiano’s successor , Lovie Smith , the former Chicago Bears’ head coach and a disciple of the Tony Dungy coaching philosophy may well be seen as the right candidate for the position , but unless the Buccaneers show the actual wherewithal to hire a knowledgeable front office executive. Then the franchise is likely to witness more of the same incompetency that has been witnessed in the last five years , without any major strides, having been made by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mike Glennon might be viewed as a more than apt successor to Josh Freeman in the quarterback position ,but in all honesty the franchise has not had a player of note in that particular position in well over a decade and that includes their Superbowl winning quarterback, Brad Johnson . You may well disagree with my summation in that context , but please do go ahead and proceed to change my mind on the matter !

The travails of the NBA season and there still remains the banality of a league , where a highlight reel of a slam dunk, simply, is now meant to dictate the actual prowess and the game now being witnessed in the league. Far be it for me to suggest, but if things get any worse in the Eastern Conference , then the division leaders , should be handed their divisional titles by default , because the fans should not have to bear witness to such ineptitude ! Hell, at times, I would rather watch paint dry , than having to witness a game in the NBA , when teams have wish to play defense and where the talent that is said to be on show, is the best that this league is said to have on offer . There remains but a handful of truly gifted and talented players currently in the NBA, and the rest are simply playing a game that no one actually wants to see and where the coaching has truly become downright awful.

The Golden State Warriors may well be the “hottest team” in the NBA ,while currently on an eight-game winning streak . Yet , don’t be fooled into thinking that as they now stand , they ought to be seen as a legitimate candidate for the NBA title . While, head coach, Mark Jackson and his coaching staff have begun to instill a great deal of resilience into a team led by Steph Curry, Klay Thompson , David Lee and Harrison Barnes leading the roster in scoring . Golden State’s sixteen-point destruction of the Washington Wizards , shows the team’s offensive prowess , and also the weakness of the Eastern Conference as a whole. The less I see of the conference , with the exception of the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers , the more comfortable I am likely to feel about the league in general , as it now stands !

In general, if someone is going to opine on a subject , it does pay to at least use some facts to bear out your case . Nothing can be more asinine at present than to merely suggest that the issues that currently encompass both the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks , simply comes down to the fact that they would rather spend money on their teams. In reality, it comes down to a litany of issues, that both franchises have failed to address in recent years. Coaches that are simply not good enough , owners who have no damn idea what it actually takes to place a competitive product on the field of play and finally a front office made up of general managers , whose acumen, is simply minute and where their knowledge can be debunked. To top it all, you have the undoubted stupidity of the respective fans in question for both franchises , whose ideas can simply be summed up by stating that , apathy is now acceptable , when it comes to professional sports within the state of New York and the surrounding areas , where the majority of the fans are domiciled. Need we be reminded of by the ineptitude shown by the Buffalo Bills , New York Giants and New York Jets this past season without having to look at both the pitiful Knicks and Nets ?

The Warriors will be on the road on Tuesday evening, when they are the guests of the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee Wisconsin , in a game that could push the team’s franchise’s record streak and further enhancing their reputation. While I believe the Golden State Warriors to be a competent team, there remains doubts as to whether or not they are good enough to take on the might of the San Antonio Spurs , Oklahoma City Thunder , Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trailblazers . All teams I believe to be better than the Warriors not just on merit , by way of their respective records , but also because of each of the teams in question are better balanced, with coaches who show a great deal more awareness as to the nuances changing tendencies with a game . Mark Jackson , has been able to instill confidence into his roster and given them the wherewithal to play the game with abandonment , but the Warriors’ reliance on three-point shooting is likely to be their Achilles’ Heel when adversity stares them in the face. . If the Golden State Warriors are to prove themselves as legitimate candidates within the Western Conference , then theirs will be a task, where they will have to prove themselves a competent unit defensively , when facing a far more experienced adversary within the conference.

Times are changing and with the recent move by the Orlando Magic to waive Hedo Turkoglu and move ahead with a young roster . Head coach Jacque Vaughn with his coaching staff are seeking to resurrect the fortunes of a franchise that has been languid and without direction for a number of years, even with the drama that surrounded the departure of Dwight Howard , from the franchise to then join the Los Angeles Lakers , where Howard’s stay was less than satisfactory to say the very least.

. Turkoglu , a long-time mainstay of the franchise and someone who was viewed as the elder statesman on the team and perhaps a leader for several of the younger players on the roster , has seen his minutes decline , as well as his productivity . GM Rob Hennigan and Jacque Vaughn came to the decision to waive the seasoned veteran , without their being a great deal of controversy arising out of the move . In all likelihood Turkoglu will find a place with another franchise within the league seeking a veteran presence or simply to add to the productivity of a team looking for a streaky player .

At 10-24 , the Orlando Magic are firmly rooted at the bottom of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference . They are 4 ½ games behind their divisional rivals the Charlotte Bobcats (15-20) and a distant sixteen games behind the division’s leaders , defending NBA champions the Miami Heat (26-8) . A four-game losing streak has pretty much summed up the Orlando Magic’s season , which has literally been filled with inconsistency , with the sole bright spot coming with the play of Victor Oladipo , the franchise’s rookie taken in the 2013 NBA Draft . . In that draft, Oladipo was joined by Romero Osby , who at some point in the season is likely to see some playing time should the front office believe it necessary to simply start now looking towards the franchise’s long-time future.

Orlando last night, as guests of the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , California, were simply no match for their Western Conference opponents . To put this contest more succinctly , were the Magic spotted a twenty-point lead , they would have still found a way to lose the contest , while looking abysmal in every aspect of their game. Such have been the woes for Jacque Vaughn this season , that it is my belief that team President Alex Martins and Rob Hennigan are likely to consider a coaching change by the midpoint of the season , or allow the beleaguered head coach fulfill the year in terms of his contract. Vaughn’s hire, was nonsensical to begin with, his having very little coaching experience and merely a bystander, on a staff where he may well have been no better than a janitor. Yet, this has simply been the utter stupidity shown by the Magic hierarchy and that has been continually exhibited by owner Rich de Vos .

The Orlando Magic, is being ran by a bunch of simpletons, who have proven that alongside the political environment within the city, just about any type of stupidity can take place. Wherein, a political savant, such as Mayor Buddy Dyer thought it prudent to spend tens of millions of dollars on a needless venue the Amway Center , merely because he felt it was in that city’s best interests to have a new stadium built for the NBA franchise , when there were far more urgent needs within the city of Orlando . Though, the Orlando Magic are now domiciled in one of the NBA’s most expansive and expensive arenas , one should consider the fact that, the NBA franchise over this past season and now in 2013 , have rarely played in-front of a sold-out crowd.

As the NBA season meanders through its eighty-two game schedule , it will be interesting to see which teams rise to the challenge not only within the ,divisions, but also the Eastern and Western Conference , and how the determination of the playoff berths will be met , as the teams in question, make themselves ready for what is likely to be a grueling postseason.



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Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the points raised within this article and anything else you believe to be relevant to the topic in general .


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Nick Foles (9) celebrates as LeSean McCoy (25) of the Philadelphia Eagles scores a 1 yard touchdown in the third quarter against the New Orleans Saints during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 4, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Getty Images /Al Bello …

(2) Nick Foles (9) of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Chip Kelly and teammate Michael Vick (7) on the sidelines against the New Orleans Saints during their NFC Wild Card Playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 4, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Getty Images / Elsa Martinez …

(3) Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts runs with the ball during the NFL Wild Card Playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 4, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Getty Images /Andy Lyons ….

(4) Quarterback Andrew Luck (12) of the Indianapolis Colts scores a touchdown in the fourth quarter after recovering a fumble against the Kansas City Chiefs during a Wild Card Playoff game at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 4, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Getty Images /Rob Carr ….

(5) Former Buccaneers’ head coach Greg Schiano and the team’s general manager Mark Dominik are seen here having a discussion . Both individuals t were relieved of their duties this off-season after a disastrous season within the NFL. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished with a 4-12 record within the NFC South , barely beating out the Atlanta Falcons for the worst record within the division as well as one of the worst in the NFC and the entire NFL . Former Chicago Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith has been hired to succeed Schiano , but a general manager has yet to be hired to replace Dominik , who bore a great deal of the responsibility for the franchise’s failures during his five-year tenure with some rather lackluster and uninspiring draft picks , especially during 2011, 2012 and 2013. AP Photo Marcus Hendricks ….

(6) Golden State Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson is seen here with Steph Curry as they discus a play during a game this season . Curry , Jackson and the Warriors’ organization are seeking to make even greater strides this season , which saw the franchise make the postseason in 2012 , before bowing out to the San Antonio in the Western Conference semi-finals with a 4-2 series’ loss. Currently lying in second place in the Pacific Division a 1/2 game behind division leaders the Los Angeles Clippers (24-13) the Warriors are hoping overtake their instate rivals atop of the division and further enhance their position within the conference and a guarantee themselves a playoff berth. The team is on pace for a 53-29 record , if they are able to maintain their current pace and their next scheduled start will be a game against the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee , Wisconsin, at the BMO Harris Bradley Center . AP Photo / Matthew Hall …..

(7) Steph Curry. left is seen here alongside teammate Klay Thompson, during a game . The duo, are the leading scorers on the Warriors’ roster this season and are also one of the top offensive combos in the Western Conference and one of the primary reasons why many believe them a legitimate contender within the West this season . AP Photo / Mark Clarke …..


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  1. The divisional round of the NFL postseason could prove to be very interesting if last season’s games at the same stage were anything to go by .

    New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets’ fans are simply not intelligent enough to figure out the fact that their teams are simply not good enough to compete for a conference , divisional or NBA , but yet they're seeking to use the idiom that the rosters are about the fact the front office staff and press place too high a burden on the players and rookies . How about the damn fact , that the coaching for both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets over the past eight seasons has bordered on being absolutely atrocious . You simply have to go down the list coaches for the Knicks and Nets during the time-span in question to figure what the real issues have been with both of these franchise to now realize that also both owners Mikhail Prokhorov and James Dolan are so frigging clueless , that were they hit on the head with a two-by-four , it would still would not ,make a difference to the stupidity of their thinking and that of general managers Billy King and Steve Mills .

    Hedo Turkoglu can’t get no love from the Magic , even having played for the franchise on two separate occasions over the course of his career. Yet he’s made enough money to ride off into the sunset .

    The NBA simply does not work in Central Florida and the fan-base for the Orlando Magic though thought to be extensive , simply is and has not been shown in the attendance for the team’s home games at all this season . Never mind the fact that beyond Victor Oladipo and perhaps , Jameer Nelson , there is simply is nothing worthwhile watching with regard to the franchise . Head coach Jacque Vaughn and his coaching staff are way in over their collective heads !

    tophatal ………….


  2. Tophat,
    Schiano was making progress and then dismissed. The inmates got the warden fired. Just whiners looking for an excuse for their inabilities. The Glazers gave Lovie free reign. He was a capable coach that’s been near the top. However, I have a problem with his conservative play calling, clock management and including a reluctance to gamble. IOW, too many field goals, especially late in contests that require the offense to stay on. We’ll see………….


    1. Ronbets

      If Greg Schiano was said to be making progress with that Bucs’ team , then it was only momentary , because the defense left a great deal to be desired as they lacked complete discipline , much like the teams that Schiano coached at Rutgers . Therein lies the idiocy , because he was ill-equipped as a head coach for an NFL franchise . Anyone trying to suggest to the contrary , then let them point to the positives seen over this past season if they can . I mean what progress did you actually y witness concerning the Buccaneers this past season ?

      Mark Dominik was simply a “one trick pony ” and an even poorer version of his predecessor Bruce Allen who still remains with the helpless and hapless Washington Redskins as their general manager .

      Buccaneers’ results in 2013 and their divisional standing in the NFC South .

      I trust that you and the immediate family had a great New Year’s Eve ? Here’s to a prosperous and successful 2014 to you all !

      tophatal …………………..


  3. Same to you Tophat and your family.
    “Therein lies the idiocy , because he was ill-equipped as a head coach for an NFL franchise . Anyone trying to suggest to the contrary , then let them point to the positives seen over this past season if they can . I mean what progress did you actually y witness concerning the Buccaneers this past season ? ”

    Ok, now let me answer your question.
    First off, the Bucs hadda brutal schedule. Half of their games were versus playoff teams plus a near miss good AZ team. Soon after the Josh Freeman dumping we saw an emergence of QB Glennon. Freeman was the cancer and he has the dubious distinction of getting 2 head coaches fired in one season. Ask Minny players about ole Josh. The team took Seattle on the road to OT. Only to lose a heartbreaker. Then they proceeded to rattile of 3 consecutive wins versus MIA, ATL and DET. The next game they were competitive against Carolina despite the final score. Next they blow-out BUF then lose the next 2 of 3 to playoff teams. After an 0-8 start, they showed marked improvement with the cancer gone.


    1. Ronbets

      Oh, it was such a brutal schedule and I broke a nail on my pinkie finger washing my “draws” because my washing machine broke down . Really ? Last season the Panthers had a similar record (7-9) to the Buccaneers and look at the turnaround in 2013 engineered by Ron Rivera and his staff ? Look at the Buccaneers’ team this past season and the coaching staff under Greg Schiano ? It is plain and simple , Schiano was overrated as a head coach , his staff was filled with imbeciles and a team that simply that was not good enough to play with the big boys .. In terms of the close results in the games played by the Buccaneers . I would suggest that there have been times , when teams will play down to the level of a lesser opponent and that is a tendency that will be repeated in not just the NFL but also the NBA and Major League Baseball . Is that succinct enough a response for you ? Also take a look at the Buccaneers’ draft record over Mark Dominik’s five-year tenure (2009-2013) and tell me if it impresses you on any level whatsoever ?

      The now fired former front office executive just couldn’t spot real talent and the fans within the locale as they have done, continued to buy into the ongoing idiocy of the franchise and their so-called improvement . Incompetency begets incompetence and stupidity and that is now being with the Glazer’s other sporting interest and the recent failings of their Premiership soccer team Man United and all too abrupt slide into mediocrity , having lost to a lesser team in the top domestic knockout tournament (FA Cup) in the UK and where they are now more than eight points adrift of the top club in the EPL (English Premier League) table .

      tophatal …………………..


    2. Ronbets

      Those three victories by the Buccaneers against the Falcons , – Dolphins and Lions actually impressed you , given how poor those teams were over the course of the season ?

      Buccaneers’ schedule 2013 >, team stats

      Their 2013 draft class and for the previous five years .

      In all honesty , the crap that went on with Freeman was to be expected considering not only the player’s off the field issues but given the fact that his play had regressed greatly and the quarterback’s coach could not aid Josh Freeman in any damn way .

      I’m sorry , but I can’t take banality and mediocrity and think of it as being anything other , than what it is !


      Will now try and spend some time trying to solve what the pics below are said to define ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      No, in actuality, I will be working on a city financing proposal and its legalities , in terms of the financial implications for of the residents if there’s any type of default . .





      No, in actuality, I will be working on a city financing proposal and its legalities , in terms of the financial implications for of the residents if there’s any type of default . .

      tophatal ……………..


  4. In retrospect, you have to commend Chip Kelly on the job he did in Philly.
    I know Eagles fans are disappointed in their first round loss but for a first year coach, he didn’t do all that bad. The Saints were just the better team. I just can’t wait to see what Philly does with Vick in the off-season, or rather to see what team takes a flier on him when they cut him.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Eagles simply need to either cut Michael Vick , or should they choose to retain him , simply reiterate the fact ,that he is no longer the starter on the team and that the role now belongs to Nick Foles , unless he succumbs to an injury .

      GM Howie Roseman now has to contend with the fact that the team’s best player , LeSean McCoy is seeking an improved contract , one that makes him amongst the highest paid at the position in in the NFL . Given his stats in recent seasons for the franchise , I believe he at least deserves the right for an increase . The question however , how much are the Eagles prepared to pay ?

      Eagles’ free agents in 2014

      tophatal ………………………….


    2. Chris Humpherys

      The Orlando Magic are now plummeting the depths of mediocrity and the coaching staff led by Jacque Vaughn are heading nowhere because the head coach is simply out his depth . Even you have to acknowledge and admit that fact , rather than the continued idiocy of being optimistic concerning their fortunes and long-term future . Victor Oladipo is likely to bolt once his contract is up , if he and his agent , Raymond Brothers ya can find him a suitable team . .

      Orlando Magic news

      Orlando Magic results , team stats and their divisional standing .

      tophatal …………….


  5. Well , as the Golden State Warriors continue their streak , that is by no means a guarantee that as impressive as the run has been it will ultimately grow into the triumph . that the franchise seeks and that is an NBA title . This is still a young and 03r inexperienced team still going through growing pains .

    NBA results 7th January 2014 and scheduled games for Wednesday 8th January

    NBA news

    NBA standings

    tophatal …………………….


  6. Roger Goodell is s clearly seeking to alienate the vast majority of NFL fans with the ides of having a Superbowl outside North America. It would appear that the NFL hierarchy might be seriously having the game being played in London , England , with the event being staged at Wembley Stadium . It would create something of a logistical nightmare for those in the US Central and Pacific time zones, dependent upon the start of the game at GMT in London .

    Courtesy of Profootballtalk.com

    Goodell doesn’t rule out a London Super Bowl

    By Mike Florio

    As the NFL gets ready to stage the first-ever cold-weather, open-air Super Bowl, talk once again has emerged regarding the possibility of sending the Super Bowl overseas.

    Speaking at an event in New York, and based on the Twitter feeds of various reporters who covered it, Goodell didn’t rule out taking America’s ultimate sporting event to London.

    “I want to grow the game,” Goodell said in response to the possibility of exporting the Super Bowl, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “Fans want more, and London is a great example.”

    Per Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Goodell said that London would get a Super Bowl only if it first had a franchise, which remains a viable possibility. (In 2009, Goodell mentioned that there wouldn’t be a Super Bowl in London unless a team is based in London.)

    In October, Goodell addressed the question of whether he wants to see a team in London or Los Angeles by saying, “Both.” Last night, he expressed no preference as to the order.

    “I don’t know which one will be first, and I’m not sure I care,”
    Goodell said, via Hubbuch.

    If a team ends up in London, plenty of fans will care. In a bad way. If a Super Bowl ends up in London, plenty more fans will care. In a worse way.

    Folks in London may care in a non-positive way, too. In order to start the Super Bowl at 6:25 p.m. ET, which delivers a maximum American television audience, the game would have to begin locally at 11:25 p.m. ET.

    While talking about putting a Super Bowl in London and actually putting a Super Bowl in London are two different things, the league always benefits from having as many interested cities as possible. Staging the game in New York/New Jersey unlocks a new universe of cities (like Denver, Chicago, and Washington) that can craft competitive bids for the game, necessarily forcing other interested cities to step it up financially.

    Click on link to read in full.



    1. FU Goodell and your pacifist father!! London is doing just fine. We need to pump up revenue for our own cities. Do you think my ppl are gonna spend half the day flying and hanging out in airports to attend a SuperBowl abroad? I’d prefer a comfortable sportsbook seat with a bottle of CC and watch Ms Jackson flash us.


      1. When I first read that story about Roger Goodell wanting to stage a Superbowl in London , I thought it was a damn joke ! Now I realize he’s deadly serious and that some of the team owners are actually backing him on this . I think it’s time for the fans to actually revolt and call for Goodell’s ouster . I am not just saying that because I was born and raised in the UK, but as a rabid fan of the NFL , I believe that such a move would be doomed for failure !

        No way in hell , that the event (Superbowl) should be held outside the US , much less north or south of the border or anywhere in Europe !

        “I am striving the best product possible to the NFL fan as well as unto the world stage and a Superbowl in London will ultimately be the best of way of achieving that objective ” ! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

        Can you imagine Bud Selig wanting hold the World Series in Brisbane , Australia or David Stern wanting to the NBA championship be staged in Tokyo , Japan ? Not even the cash starved NHL led Commissioner Gary Bettman would be stupid enough to even suggest staging the Stanley Cup in Havana , Cuba or Mumbai, India ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        tophatal ……….


  7. Tophat,

    You can always tell a well endowed woman when she’s ‘laying’ on her back. Exhibit A proves that theory.


    1. Ronbets

      I share the same sentiment when it comes to chics with big tits !




      She’s getting the long end of someone’s “stick” as you can see the joy and pain in her face .



      tophatal …….


    2. What’s up with the Heat’s Dwyane Wade dropping his “seed” and impregnating a female , while allegedly being on a break from actress Gabrielle Union ? Screw that ! I’d be laying the “wood” to the actress four times a day under doctor’s orders off course and again on Sundays at her request .

      Gabrielle Union

      Wade and Union


      tophatal …………


      1. Man, he can put the charm out there while they are watching Westbrook eating up the 24 second clock. “Honey, just like you and I. We’ll never part.” LOL!!!


        1. Ronbets

          I don’t know about you but in Miami at present beyond the Wade story , with regard to the team , it has simply been about LeBron James and the season he’s already having . If he fails to win a fifth League MVP this season, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh , know who the leader of the team just happens to be and as LBJ goes, ; night in and night out , then so does the rest of the team by way of the success attained . No matter how good a coach Erik Spoelstra happens to be . Without the “Big Guy” , we all know where the Miami Heat would be at this juncture in terms of the divisional and conference standings . They are no more likely to be the second or third best team in the conference and perhaps the fifth or sixth best team in the entire NBA .

          “Wondrous people of North Korea , here I am with my best friend in the world , my ##ga Dennis Rodman” . North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un

          Wade’s sperm can now be used for medicinal purposes , perhaps in finding a medicinal cure for Dennis Rodman’s latest idiocy , while in North Korea befriending the dictator and leader there , Kim Jong Un ?


          1. I met The Worm while shooting crap @Mirage. He was with his white posse led by former Bruin star Jack Haley. In honest summation of this guy’s mindset…………….he wants to be shown some ‘love’. Obviously he’s not seeking it in the right way. He shudda brought Jane Fonda with him. Poor decision to court a guy that executes his own relatives. Atleast attempt to get our political prisoner freed.
            Btw, I hope he paid off his gambling markers.


        2. Ronbets

          To my mind the two best offensive duo’s I have seen . in the West this season are Klay Thompson and Steph Curry of the Warriors , with the obvious combo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook . Defensively , however were these two team to meet up in the conference finals , I would have to go with Oklahoma City , because of Serge Ibaka and the energy he brings to the game in terms of rebounds on both ends of the floor.


    3. Ronbets

      How do you see this weekend’s divisional playoff games panning out ?

      AFC : Colts at Patriots
      Chargers at Broncos

      NFC : 49ers at Panthers

      Saints at Seahawks

      Vegas’ lines on the games

      Comes courtesy of the International Business Times

      NFL 2014 Divisional Playoff Lines: Point Spreads, Totals And Complete Betting Odds For The Second Round

      By Anthony Riccobono , 7th January , 2014

      In the first round of the 2014 playoffs, three of the four games were expected to be decided by a field goal or less. In the second round, the games aren’t expected to be nearly as competitive.

      For the second straight week, the Chargers are the biggest underdogs on the schedule. They’re getting just less than 10 points from the Broncos. The two AFC West teams had two meetings in the regular season. In San Diego, the Broncos won by eight in November, and the Chargers pulled off a seven-point upset victory in Denver on Dec. 12. The matchup also includes the largest over/under of the first two weeks at 55 points. Denver finished 2013 first in total yardage, while San Diego finished at No.5.

      Indianapolis and New Orleans are both getting at least a touchdown, after coming off wins on wild-card weekend. The Saints were blown out in Seattle earlier this year, while the Colts will face the Patriots for the first time since November 2012.

      The contest between San Francisco and Carolina features the smallest betting line of the weekend. The 49ers are the only road favorite, giving two points to the Panthers. In Week 10, Carolina went on the road and beat San Francisco by one point.

      Below are the complete betting lines for all the divisional weekend games, including the point spreads and totals. These are the consensus odds from multiple sportsbooks in Las Vegas.


      New Orleans Saints (+8) at Seattle Seahawks, 46.5

      Indianapolis Colts (+7) at New England Patriots, 53


      San Francisco 49ers (-2) at Carolina Panthers, 42

      San Diego Chargers (+9.5) at Denver Broncos, 55

      Click on link to read in full.

      The lines being laid in this piece do they sound about right to you for the games in question ?

      With regard to ” The Worm ” , he needs to address the soured relationship with his daughter and ex-wife , to whom he still owes child support and alimony . How the hell is it , that he can still be walking the streets , owing in excess of $100K ?

      tophatal …………


      1. Seattle is a solid 8pt chalk.
        NE is -7 or -7.5(extra juice on the underdog)
        SF/Car Pick’em Lots of $ pouring in on Car today.
        Denver is -9 or -9.5

        I like Brees with the points versus a slumping Seattle offense

        Belichick versus Pagano big edge to NE. Won’t touch game with 7pt impost.

        Despite the big $ move, I like SF with Kaepernick starting to re-use his legs. Cam’s slow starts can’t overcome here.

        SD/DEN should have nice weather, 50’s. Manning not a good playoff QB. Record only 9-11 in post season. Rivers and Mathews playing with house $$ and might beat them again. Taking the points would be the only way I go.


        1. All of these games look enticing from a gambler’s standpoint , but at the same time I believe that all four contests will actually come down to play of the quarterbacks participating and the defenses in question .

          Form appears to also dictate that Peyton Manning , Brady , Rivers and Brees should have considerable success . Yet , can we say, that is likely to happen given the unevenness of their play at times during the regular season ?

          tophatal ……………….


    1. Ronbets

      Wendy Williams even with her big ta-ta’s and an Adam’s Apple the size of a scrotum, is something of a scary encounter to my mind ! I’d still want to lay the wood to either Denise Milani , Wendy Fiore , Selita Ebanks or Halle Berry , but in no discerning order .


      “How you doin’ ” ?

      Wendy Williams


      Denise Milani

      Wendy Fiore

      Selita Ebanks

      Halle Berry


      That’s just me bro’ , I love my women on the real shapely side !

      tophatal …………

      tophatal ……………


    1. Ronbets

      About the only thing I can commend Dennis Rodman on , has been his career in the NBA and that he chose to pay for the funeral expenses of James Byrd Jr , after the decedent’s family were unable to meet the cost of the patriarch’s burial . If you remember Byrd, a Texas native was dragged to his death , behind the wheel of a vehicle and then hung by a bunch of white Texas racial bigots . I am no longer confounded by idiots , who try to claim that racism is on the decline and this country has actually progressed from the civil rights’ era . Bunch of idiots to my mind , who are simply damn clueless on that issue and a great deal more !

      James Byrd Jr

      tophatal ……………


  8. the Eagles exceeded everyone’s expectations. I never expected Philly to win. The Eagles battled well. In the end the Saints were a better. The record shows that. The Pundits don’t know crap aboput football. I thought foue wins maybe six at most. I thought 4-12. Ten wns is good so lets build on it. NO can win Seattle. San Fran got all their pieces back.. 49ers and Seattle the NFC Championship game. AFC Doncos and Pats are the favorites. Colts could win in Foxbrough. Denver has a habit of not winning when it counts ie Baltimore last year. The Chargers have a very good QB Phillip Rivers. It would be funny Colts and Chargers in the AFC Championship game.
    C arolina has a good “D” and a very good QB in Can Newton. Kapperneck this and that yet Newton is overlooked. It should be a good one. 49ers in a close one. Carolina Saints NFC not out of the realm of possiblity.


    1. bobby

      As I said , as good as the Eagles were said to be during the regular season . They were playing in a division (NFC East) ,where the other three occupants were simply atrocious and anyone now trying to suggest that they can see improvements ahead for the Cowboys , Giants and Redskins , simply has to look at those teams’ performances and the fact that they were not very good over the course of this past season. Never mind the fact that their draft classes as such in 2013 were simply average at best .

      Chip Kelly spent more time concentrating on the offense , when his mind and that of the defensive coordinator should have concentrated on the team’s secondary , all season long . It was the same with his tenure with the Oregon Ducks , merely because his teams were able to run up the score on an opponent without having to really worry about defense.

      tophatal ……………


      1. See I never said they were good. The bums were average. The media said it. Yes improvement need to be made on “D”. All in all it was a good season. A start. That’s it. Many thought at best the Birds would be 4-12 6-10 at best.


    1. Blog Surface/CDR

      Jay Gruden can’t be any worse than the guy he is succeeding, Mike Shanahan , based on that coach’s record last season. Yet, any semblance of success will come about by way of the coaching staff he assembles and whether or not he can win over Robert Griffin III and the entire playing staff as to his own coaching philosophy . Personally, I feel that the NFC East and the entire contingent of teams there are very much overrated and have been for the last three years .

      tophatal ………….


  9. Well the divisional round of games are upon us as the NFL postseason continues . It will be interesting to see how these series of contests will pan out , with berths for the AFC and NFC championship games at stake .

    The Saints and Seahawks seem to have a right battle on their hands .

    I pray that the Patriots do not encounter as tough a contest when they meet the Colts later on tonight !

    NFL news and news from around the league

    NFL postseason

    tophatal ……………..


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