They’re human as well , but they don’t always show it , seeking to hide behind that veil of whatever

They’re human as well , but they don’t always show it , seeking to hide behind that veil of whatever

It is a quiet time in world of sports , albeit, that the NFL is likely to provide the fans with what is likely to be the most important pair of games of its entire schedule . The league’s AFC and NFC championship games are scheduled for Sunday afternoon , where the Seattle Seahawks will play host to the San Francisco 49ers , their divisional rivals. Whereas, the AFC provides us with just as thrilling a contest , as Tom Brady and the New England Patriots travel to Mile High Stadium in Denver Colorado to meet the Denver Broncos .


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This particular AFC match-up is all the more intriguing, as it pits Tom Brady against .Peyton Manning for the fifteen time of their already historic NFL careers . Along the way, both players have provided the fans with some spectacular performances. This time around , with a Superbowl berth on the line , it would take a soothsayer to predict the outcome of this game. From my own personal standpoint as a die-hard Patriots’ fan , I am simply hoping that Brady and his teammates are able to prevail in this contest ! Anything short of that, and I will be extremely disappointed.

Away from the spectacle of this weekend’s contest, a disturbing trend continues to rear its ugly head within the game and that is the continued apparent misconduct of players off the field of play. If the allegations are to be believed, even in light of his being charged with indecent exposure , lewd and lascivious behavior, while seated in his Cadillac Escalade , where Kellen Winslow Jr was said to have been caught masturbating, in the parking lot of a Target store in New Jersey. No one can deny, that the career of New York Jets’ tight end , has been an extreme disappointment. Having to follow in the footsteps of a famous father, with a Hall of Fame career, is an extremely tough act to follow , without having your patriarch , Kellen Winslow Sr, watch your every move both on and off the field of play.

How this now all pans out for Kellen Winslow Jr , will be dependent upon the course of action sought by the prosecutors and whether they believe there is enough evidence to proceed to trial , with a case. The player suggests that , it was simply case of the witness having been mistaken and that his actions were not unlawful , with his simply stopping in the parking lot to get his bearings as he sought out a local restaurant . If your vehicle a Cadillac Escalade has GPS tracking navigation , then Winslow’s explanation, does seem somewhat dubious to say the very least. Yet somehow, his lawyers, are likely to suggest that this whole incident, is much ado about nothing , with the press and prosecution seeking to make an example of another high-profiled athlete.

As disturbing as Kellen Winslow’s situation might now appear to be , there are now allegations being leveled against NFL Network analyst and former New Orleans Saints’ defensive player Darren Sharper . Sharper has been released on $200,000 bail, on related charges of two alleged sexual assaults that took place within the space of a month. One incident is said to have taken place in December, with the second assault , in early January of this year. Darren Sharper maintains his innocence, but such has been the gravity and seriousness of the allegations made , that the NFL Network has taken action, suspending the analyst without pay .

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy , admittedly , are almost powerless to stop the deal with the behavioral conduct of the players , never-mind the fact that Goodell’s union counterpart DeMaurice Smith of the NFLPA and the union’s executive committee do not see this as a serious issue concerning the ongoing conduct of their members. It certainly , has not helped also , by the actual conduct of the players’ legal counsel , when cases such as this arise. More often than not, they are likely to seek to paint the alleged plaintiff or victim , as a money seeker or someone of disrepute. The NFL Commissioner’s powers have become muted and his bark is now worse than his bite. A collective bargaining agreement ratified and voted upon by the union is not worth the paper it is written on , when at every turn the NFPLA seeks to challenge the authority of the league hierarchy in rendering any type of action against a player.

With the ongoing investigation and quite possibly, pending legal action against Darren Sharper. It will be interesting to see the direction this whole matter now takes and what the outcome might possibly be. As to the on-field spectacle and what we ought to expect this postseason , well that will certainly be predicated upon the play of the four remaining teams at this stage of the season.

Well, the idiocy of the Alex Rodriguez saga has now ended , with the New York Yankees’ third basemen abandoning his bid to have his suspension overturned by the US Federal Appellate Court . The fact that Rodriguez sought to go ahead with this façade ,while seeking to maintain his innocence, even when it was suggested originally that he sought to have the two hundred fourteen game suspension meted out by baseball’s hierarchy, be lowered in line with the deal offered to Milwaukee Brewers’ player Ryan Braun . Rodriguez did his co-legal counselors Joe Tacpoina and David Cornwell no favors, in choosing to disparage the MLB arbitrator Fredric Horowitz and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig , prior to Horowitz rendering his verdict.

Tacpoina and Cornwell offered no evidence , to suggest that their client was innocent , but maintained that the league’s case , was simply weak and built upon the illegal gathering of evidence , which was used to substantiate their case against Alex Rodriguez . Clearly, Alex Rodriguez could not take the stand during the arbitration hearing , because in all likelihood, he would have perjured himself and provided the league with a legal case against him, were they to choose such a route. The player’s civil suit against MLB and the New York Yankees’ chief medical physician was also abandoned, with Rodriguez issuing a public statement while in Mexico City , that he would now put the whole issue behind him , while seeking to rest and recuperate throughout the entire 2014 baseball season , reassessing the things said to be important to him , before resuming his career in 2015.

The length of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension may have been lowered to one hundred and sixty-two games, with it being the greatest penalty , ever rendered against a player for their involvement with performance enhancing drugs. However, the league still faces an uphill battle to abate the proliferating use of steroids and other illicit substances at the Major League Level , but even more so, at the Minor League Level , where it has reached epidemic proportions , with over 150 players having been ensnared in baseball’s testing protocols in the past three years, alone.

If and when Alex Rodriguez returns to the game of baseball , it is hard to simply to look at his career achievements without questioning just about every aspect of those statistics over the past ten years , if not more . The player was less than candid, concerning his involvement with steroid use , after being repeatedly being questioned by not only members of the press but also by investigators from Major League Baseball, as well as by senior officials and investigators from within the Yankees’ organization . We should also take into account Rodriguez’s actions in 2007 , when questioned on air, by CBS news’ anchor Katie Couric as to his alleged use of steroids. Then, as now , he refuted those allegations , only to do an about-face in February 2009 , finally admitting his use , while offering a less than contrite apology to the New York Yankees , Major League Baseball and to his fans. I am beginning to wonder wholeheartedly , if the fans who came out in support of Alex Rodriguez this time around , have actually forgotten the events of 2009 ? Or are they simply that naïve and stupid enough to believe that the player remains innocent of any wrongdoing , concerning the allegations made against him ? Rodriguez’s pattern of behavior, has been there for all to see and it now begs the question , what else should we continue to believe concerning the player and his new-found persona ?

As the NBA season proceeds , the consensus of opinion of the vast majority of fans , has been , who is likely to mount a serious enough challenge to topple the defending NBA champions from their throne ? The Miami Heat in their last few games may well have had a few hiccups along with the way, with some notable losses against lesser teams . Those series of defeats, are only likely to force LeBron James to show even more resilience , while seeking to lead his teammates to even greater heights .

Coming off a well-deserved victory over the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, Miami will continue with their road schedule , meeting the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night at the Time Warner Center in Charlotte , North Carolina , before ending that schedule with a further away game against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday evening . I get the feeling that as the NBA’s most watched team at present by way of attendance , outgoing commissioner David Stern is seeking to maximize the Miami Heat’s exposure globally , for the sake of the NBA brand , knowing that the league’s biggest selling point is LeBron James . Michael Jordan , may well have retired from with the game , with his accomplishments and legacy unquestioned. A new era, has dawned, with James casting a gigantic shadow over the NBA , seeking to rewrite records and adding his name to list of greats within the NBA’s pantheon of greatest players .

Only time will tell, if LeBron James goes on to surpass the feats of Jordan as well Kareem Abdul Jabbar . Ten years into an astonishing career and James continues to add to his already unbelievable repertoire as a player . It was once felt, that Kobe Bryant might well have been the closest thing we would ever see concerning the skill-set of Michael Jordan. Yet, I now firmly believe that James will surpass anything that Bryant will achieve, as the Los Angeles Lakers player sees his career , begin to wind down . Bryant may well have signed a two-year $48.5 million contract to remain in Los Angeles , but unless the franchise develops talent from within, as well as making several beneficial trades, the player and the Lakers are likely to continue with their struggles .

While Miami continues to flourish within their division and the Eastern Conference , albeit, that the New York Knicks seems to have found something of a rhythm to their game . There now seems to be an issue with the team and whether or not Mike Woodson can get the players to buy into his coaching philosophy. Considering the egos , that make up the current roster and the very fact that beyond Carmelo Anthony and his continued play , there seems to be no real desire by his teammates to follow his example . In what now appears to be a heated altercation, where words were exchanged between JR Smith and Woodson were said to have gone toe-to-toe , as if both were ready have a real pugilistic bout between the pairing .

Smith, having already been suspended, once this season, for what was deemed a transgression of league rules. It now appears that he is creating an environment, where he is likely to be jettisoned by the franchise , rather their having to deal with his continued infantile behavior . The likely outcome, may well be that GM Steve Mills will seek to engineer a trade , rather than keep JR Smith on the roster. Smith for his part , suggests that he is simply an emotional player , who often lets his emotions get the better of him , while also exploding with angry outbursts , directed at those who , he believes are against him. From my viewpoint , it suggests not only a player with anger management issues, but someone who is close to being psychotic and a danger to himself as well as those around him ! It is bad enough that the Knicks have to put up with Smith’s bad behavior , and then you consider the ” poster child ” for such tirades , Metta World Peace , also just happens to be teammate of JR Smith.

A fourteen point loss at home to the Los Angeles Clippers , where the Knicks showed the defensive capability of a group of octogenarians with hemorrhoidal problems as the Clippers simply manhandled their opponent through the entire four quarters of regular play . Yet, somehow, Knicks’ fans truly believe that this team is capable of doing something special this season. If the postseason of 2012 , was anything to go by , the New York Knicks are likely to be brushed aside in the first round of play , much like dust might be swept under the carpet, in order that those with an aversion to cleaning , simply wanting to create the impression that their home is habitable and hospitable. Not unlike the Knicks and their continued aversion to playing defense in any form when it comes to the NBA.

It looks as if former seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong just cannot keep himself out of the news. Having repeatedly lied about his use of banned substances, the now retired cyclist still seeks the public’s empathy and forgiveness. To my mind, the deceit and lies while using an illness (testicular cancer) to simply solicit tens of millions of dollars millions out of corporate and public donors , shows Armstrong to be no better than a snake-oil salesman and that of a common criminal ! While we are it , how is it , that to date, neither the US Justice Department or the US Postal Service has sought to go after Armstrong and recoup the $35 million of funds used to sponsor the cyclist ? Though the Postal Service is meant to be a stand-alone for profit entity , though it comes under the oversight of the federal government and where its debts are guaranteed by the government. In other words, the US taxpayer has the privilege of paying off any debt incurred by the USPS, were they unable to meet their liabilities. Good to know that the US government can be continued to be relied upon to show its continued incompetency while seeking to show that it remains the greatest country in the world . Really? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

Armstrong, remains a pariah and amongst his former peers within cycling, he is looked upon with a great deal of disdain . Yet, it can be said , that the sport of cycling, as overseen by the Swiss based ICU (Union Cycliste International) has done little to truly clean up the sport , including the protocols now in place by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Cycling’s biggest event , the Tour de France, features prominently on its calendar and is viewed as the doyenne of all the road events throughout the year , including the year when the Summer Olympics are scheduled.

A patron of this site, once suggested that Lance Armstrong’s once renowned charity Livestrong , could continue and be a success without the athlete being its main spokesperson. Well, subsequent to his admission of guilt, the charity has seen donations be impacted to the extent , where they have fallen way below projected estimates . Lance Armstrong had to be removed from the board of directors, with his no longer being associated with the charity under any circumstance . One reaps what they sow, and for Armstrong, the lies and deceit have come back to bite him in the ass , in more ways than one and deservedly so. Now looking for the public’s compassion, Lance Armstrong now seeks to reinvent himself as a humanitarian and goodwill ambassador . If only , he used the intelligence given to him , to genuinely display those traits to begin with , before entering into his delusional world of make belief , while seeking to discredit those who knew of his web of lies and deceit .



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One might believe, that fact, is stranger than fiction , but consider the following, Alex Rodriguez studiously followed the issues of Lance Armstrong and the two stars became close friends . Need one suggest, that in this particular instance , birds of a feather flock together ? Enmity between two of today’s biggest frauds in the world of sports and yet , each has their legions of supporters out there, still believing that neither has done anything wrong. ? Enmity between two of today’s biggest frauds in the world of sports and yet , each has their legions of supporters out there still believing that neither has done anything wrong. It would be remiss to suggest that Lance Armstrong did not bring a slew of new supporters to the sport of cycling with his success , but now knowing it was built on a great deal of fraud , with his own posse of accomplices , I cannot help but wonder why the now disgraced cyclist never felt that his house of lies would never come crashing down , the moment he sought to harangue many of those who were once closest to him at the time! Was he really that conceited and naïve, along with showing a great deal of stupidity on his part? Unfortunately, this is all too often, is lost on the fans and various areas of the public , who continue to show a great deal of apathy when these individuals fall from grace . In light of the points raised within this article do you believe that the hierarchy’s of the various sports act with a great deal of vigilance when dealing with athlete misconduct ? Leave a comment , as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of the site and its content , as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning is in the scrimmage of the team at Sports Authority Field in Denver, CO. Saturday, August 4, 2012 while speaking to head coach John Fox . Manning and Fox will seek a berth in the Superbowl by defeating the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon when the two meet in the AFC championship game . This will be the fifteenth professional contest between Peyton Manning and his New England counterpart Tom Brady . Beyond being two of the most highly visible faces in the NFL , these two quarterbacks lead active passers in a number of passing categories and rank extremely high amongst the career’s list in a number of quarterback statistics. Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post….

(2) Tom Brady of the New England Patriots hands the ball off to running back Stevan Ridley (22) as the rusher makes his way for some decisive yardage during a game. Ridley and LeGarrette Blount have proven to be productive for the Patriots during the regular and postseason . Blount in particular set a franchise record for rushing and yards from scrimmage , eclipsing the mark once held by Curtis Martin . If the duo can reproduce that type of form in rushing yards, then it will certainly add to Brady’s arsenal of weaponry for their game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon. AP Photo/ Harry Thomas ….

(3) MIAMI GARDENS, FL – DECEMBER 29: Kellen Winslow (81) of the New York Jets warms up prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins on December 29, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Jets defeated the Dolphins 20-7. Winslow , having been charged with indecent exposure , lewd and lascivious behavior stemming from an incident which allegedly took place in the parking lot of a Target Superstore in New Jersey , while the player was parked in a Cadillac Escalade SUV. The female witness is said to have immediately called the police , upon witnessing the Jets’ tight end in the vehicle masturbating , a claim which Kellen Winslow totally denies . Jets’ GM John Idzik is said to have been informed of the allegations and it is believed that the player is l likely to be cut by the franchise , rather than his being retained by the team , albeit that his current contract expires this year . Hal Auerbach/Getty Images ….

(4) New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper is interviewed during a news conference in Miami on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010. The Saints will play the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL football Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday. Released on his own recognizance on a $200,000 bond , Sharper having been accused of two sexual assaults , now faces new allegations that he assaulted a third female victim. The player and his legal representatives are likely to challenge the foundation of the allegations and the victims themselves . In lieu of a pending trial , the NFL Network where Darren Sharper is employed as NFL analyst, have suspended the former NFL Pro Bowler without pay indefinitely. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey …

(5) LeBron James of the Miami Heat and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks . The two players who were part of the 2003 NBA Draft class , have seen their respective careers diverge into diametrically opposite directions. James, already a NBA Rookie of the Year , four-time League MVP , two-time NBA champion and Finals’ MVP , is seen as currently the best player in the NBA. Carmelo Anthony having begun his career with the Denver Nuggets, now finds himself in New York playing for a consistently under-achieving team over the past five seasons . With the Knicks’ , the player be able to opt out of his contract at the end of this season . There are continuous rumors that he will “test the free agency market” , where the known suitors are likely to be the Dallas Mavericks , Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks, who are likely to make the strongest bid , to retain the star by offering him a max contract, ,likely to be six years $125 million. Getty Images / Bernie Pollack …..

(6) Alex Rodriguez , right , is seen here with one of his two lead attorneys , Joe Tacopina to the player’s right . Rodriguez has now completely abandoned his entire appeals’ process in seeking to have his suspension overturned . While in Mexico City , Mexico , he issued a public statement , with his intent being to rest and recuperate throughout the entire 2014 MLB season , refocusing his energies on making a full return to the game 2015 . Undoubtedly, that career he re-seeks , will be to rejoin the New York Yankees and help them pursue a twenty-eighth World Series’ title , while perhaps also seeking to break the all-time career home runs’ record . Rodriguez currently leads all active players in terms of career home runs and runs batted in (RBI’s) . Getty Images North America . Armando Jiminez …..

(7) A rather pensive Lance Armstrong , having finally admitted his use banned substances to win a record-breaking seven Tour de France titles as well as an Olympic medal , now has time to contemplate his future , while seeking an avenue now to fulfill his life , in terms of some sort of social advocacy group or philanthropic effort. Armstrong was stripped of all seven Tour wins , his Olympic medal victory and several other professional titles won over the course of his professional career. All of the goodwill built up, during his cycling career , were shattered, when the former cycling great admitted his use of steroids as well as several other banned substances . Armstrong now faces several civil suits, where his estimated $100 million fortune is likely be completely eradicated , with many of the plaintiffs seeking monetary damages running into tens of millions of dollars . UPI/REUTERS/ Tom Glennon ….



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Above, a cure for what might ail Kellen Winslow Jr , who was simply exercising his right to “beat his meat”

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12 thoughts on “They’re human as well , but they don’t always show it , seeking to hide behind that veil of whatever”

  1. No doubt where the nation’s focus of attention will be for the most of Sunday afternoon and evening will be on the NFL . Both the AFC and NFC championship games are likely to have record ratings . In particular the game between the Broncos and Patriots, as it features the NFL’s best two quarterbacks over past fifteen years without a doubt . Anyone trying to suggest to the contrary has not been watching a great deal of football during that time .

    Let’s give it up for the New York Knicks who continue to display incompetency with alarming regularity on the court and where players such as JR Smith epitomize the ongoing stupidity within the Knicks’ front office and their continued mismanagement when it comes numerous personnel decisions made . From Donnie Walsh to Isiah Thomas , to Steve Mills and others this franchise has lost touch within the East as well how the game ought to be played .

    If the chance is there for Carmelo Anthony to bolt from the Knicks , then he should and ply his trade elsewhere , because there is no way in hell that Mike Woodson will ever be able to get the best out of this roster , much less win a conference or NBA title . The Knicks are simply not good enough on any level to compete with their peers in the East much less the rest of the NBA.

    “Don’t worry, I got your back Dawg , ’cause I’ll be your bitch ” ! M Raymond Felton speaking to JR Smith ‘

    Someone explain to me succinctly what it is that JR Smith bring to this Knicks’ team by way of his play ?

    Kellen Winslow Jr and Darren Sharper , thinking with the “heads” in their lower extremities . . Winslow’s excuse is almost as preposterous as his NFL career and the fact that he remains overrated as a tight-end . At no point of his career can you consider him to have been one of the best players at the position within the NFL .

    Winslow’s next appearance if found guilty will be wearing state colors as part of the New Jersey Dept of Corrections as an inmate . Yo ! Kellen, keep on whacking on and whacking off . As bad as the Jets were this past season , you can finally admit it . You were simply whacking one off for the team . Cupping your own balls while whacking one off , is perhaps a great deal better than having caught touchdown passes from either Geno Smith , Mark Sanchez or even Greg McElroy ? I guess not ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    Kellen Winslow’s favorite movie is said to be The Karate Kid. He simply liked the way that Daniel LaRusso waxed on and waxed off . Winslow though , thought it best whack on and whack off , as he got more of an erection with that type of hand motion rather than following the moves taught to Daniel by Mr Miyagi .


    Winslow somehow is driving around in a $75.000 Escalade and that ass , doesn’t realize it has GPS ? Here Kellen , a tweet from Boston Market

    Darren Sharper , now that’s a surname , that any alleged sex offender won’t shy away from . Two alleged sexual assaults in a month and a third alleged victim now stepping forward to state Sharper made unwanted sexual advances before sexually assaulting . Not even Jack the Ripper was that busy at the height of his infamy .

    In the words of the legendary former Washington DC Mayor , Marion Barry ” bitch done set me up ” !

    “Coach I need to get it in . Can I leave now ” ? Darren Sharper & Sean Payton


    “Look at me and now look at you . Which one of us , will earn over $300 million , bitch ? ” A Rod

    Check out this link of rapper Drake impersonating A Rod ,. It is frigging hilarious ! From his stint hosting SNL

    A Rod gives up his appeals’ process? He probably caught sight cost of his legal defense and thought , being out of pocket $29 million might not be as bad as forking over $300,000 to David Cornwell and Joe Tacopina for providing his defense , that would have been better spent, if the player had simply asked his attorneys to work out a deal where his suspension was only a mere one hundred games . Unfortunately , Alex Rodriguez was never that bright to begin with . He is simply a conceited @sshole .

    Once a dick , always a dick ……… Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong represents everything that is wrong today with an egotistical lying athlete, who simply believes he is above the laws of the land . Not only that, but the former cyclist’s actions towards many of his former teammates and close acquaintances he chose to slander, were simply disgusting and reprehensible . .

    tophatal ……..


    1. Chris Humpherys

      This may well be the most important meeting between Brady and Manning in several years , but their contests are always worth waiting for and watching .

      I can understand you taking Denver over the Patriots , but I can tell you this , after Denver’s loss to the Pats earlier this season , Manning and the team were shell-shocked as Brady and the Pats got under their skins and into their psyche . Don’t forget Belichick and the team had to overcome a double-digit deficit in that game .

      The NFC contest has the two of the best young quarterbacks in that conference “Duke-ing” it out for NFC supremacy . This will now mean at least for four straight years a Harbaugh ( John & Jim) sibling has made it to the postseason .

      tophatal …………


      1. I’m 1-for-1 right now, Al, but in the late game, I may be off. The Seahawks can’t seem to move the ball against San Fran.

        One of these days, I’m going to stop underestimating the 49ers.


  2. Play by play between Broncos and Patriots as well as the drive of the plays executed in the game . Things are not looking good at present for the Patriots as the Broncos have shot out to a 20-3 lead .

    For those disinterested in the game , here’s something to titillate your senses , if you really like that sort of thing .



    tophatal ………….

    tophatal ………………


  3. Either the law enforcement agency will seek to take their case to court against Kellen Winslow to court or they will not . It now appears to be two trains of thought , coming u out concerning this matter . A spokesman for the agency they are not ready to consider any type indictment , even thought they have a signed affidavit in their possession from a witness . What the hell is wrong these agencies at present ? It is almost as if they’re completely blinded and enamored with an athlete in their presence , even when there are grounds to conduct an in-depth investigation of a crime .

    tophatal ……….


  4. Oops ! Things are not looking so good for the Pats at present as the Broncos’ offense now seem to dominating New England’s secondary . Calling Tom Brady , calling Tom Brady , we need you to perform a miracle of gigantic proportions . A die-hard Patriots’ fan ! If not , then , I will have to watch some breasts flop around . Either that or listen to Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst” constantly being replayed .

    Up in smoke , as the Pats get smoked …………… 26-16 .




    Jhene` Aiko ……. ” The Worst ”

    tophatal …….


  5. So Tom Brady and the New England Patriots bite the dust once again . In allowing the Broncos to fly out of the gate to a 20-6 lead . , made this game simply irretrievable for the Patriots , as the offense simply was not ticking over with any rhythm or efficiency and the Broncos were playing some stout defense . Gallant effort but simply not good enough at the end of the day !

    Disappointed Patriots’ fan .

    Now it’s on to the NFC championship game , where will see budding rivalry of Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson take another decisive step .

    tophatal …………..


  6. So there are now said to be five teams showing interest in Japanese starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka . Amongst those said to be showing signs of wanting to acquire the star, are the Cubs , Diamondbacks , Dodgers , Yankees and the .Red Sox . Given the payrolls of the teams as of 2013 , it would appear that Boston , and the Yankees could very well have the inside track for the Japanese star , albeit that Chicago’s GM Theo Epstein is pushing owner Tom Ricketts to make a big splash signing the player to a lucrative deal beyond the rights’ fee due to his Japanese team .

    The Yankees have rid themselves of Vernon Wells and his salary and the year away by Alex Rodriguez gives them leeway to pursue Tanaka and to offer at least $20 to $22.5 million as the first year of any type of deal that would be commensurate with the salaries paid to Zach Greinke and the deal recently signed by Clayton Kershaw , both of those players are with the Dodgers .

    Masahiro Tanaka of the Rakuten Eagles

    Yankees’ projected payroll as it now stands and their projected starting lineup in terms of pitching .

    Well it looks as if either Magic Johnson dug deep into his estimated $700 million fortune or Dodgers’ co-owners , Peter Guber , Mark Walter and Todd Boehly found some spare change while detailing their vehicles , . as the Dodgers have all but inked a deal with Masahiro Tanaka .


    MLB news

    tophatal ………..


  7. The berths have been booked for Superbowl XLVIII(SB48) , with the Seahawks taking on the Broncos at MetLife Stadium on Sunday , 2nd February , 2014 .

    As to totally bemused and agonized Patriots’ fan , I am still wondering about Bill Belichick as well as this Patriots’ team mindset as they allowed the Broncos to storm out of the gate in their AFC championship contest . What is it that this group of players have failed to learn when facing Peyton Manning ?

    tophatal …………………..


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