If money is not the issue, then what seems to be the problem ?

If money is not the issue, then what seems to be the problem ?

For any professional sports’ franchise, it is extremely tough to put a winning product on the field of play. For one, it simply starts with the right type of ownership structure , one where the owners ought to let the lead front office executives do their jobs , by consulting with the coaching staff to assess the needs of a team . Granted, when you have such owners as Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder within the NFL , it is extremely difficult to overlook their repeated guffaws . Within Major League Baseball you have the Steinbrenner siblings , now trying to live up to the achievements of their late father and patriarch George Steinbrenner III . Needless to say, after the New York Yankees’ struggles on the field and the idiotic drama created off-field by Alex Rodriguez , you can well understand why 2014 might just be the most important in recent history for the once proud Yankees’ organization.


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A fourth place finish in the AL East with a sub .500 record is not something that the New York Yankees fans are accustomed to seeing at the end of the regular season , as they expect to be competing no less than for an AL pennant or the World Series at best , annually. Well, given the fact that their last triumph came in 2009 , it has to said that the intervening years in many respects have been lackluster as the roster ages , and their being, no significant development of talent within their Minor League system . A great deal of the blame for this can be placed firmly on the shoulders of the managerial staff of Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman . Now excuses may well be made for the rash of injuries suffered by the New York Yankees team during 2013. Yet, on the face of it, their woes are no different from any other team in the Majors seeking the same success.

Beyond the high drama of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension which is now in effect ,wherein the third baseman will not be a participant in the Yankees’ 2014 foray. The organization last year had to contend with the retirements of Andy Pettite and Mariano Rivera , two of the franchise most celebrated and revered players in the club’s long and distinguished history. Having to compete in a division, where the Boston Red Sox are once again resurgent , well-managed and the reigning World Series’ champions, will not be lost on a Yankees’ organization looking to put behind them the woes of last season.

. Knowing that their biggest problem of the past season was the inconsistency of the pitching , Brian Cashman has sought to bolster the roster . Overtures have been made to Japanese sensation Masahiro Tanaka, but it would appear that the Los Angeles Dodgers with their burgeoning deep pockets and the voracious ambition of managing partners, Mark Walter , Todd Boehly , Peter Guber and Magic Johnson , are not without their own clout , as they have now joined the chorus of teams said to have a desire to acquire the pitcher.

I am not about to suggest that a major bidding war is about to commence for the player, but consider the fact, that the Dodgers are likely to start the season with a team payroll upwards of $220 million and where, several of the players on the existing roster will be earning in excess of $15 million annually . It begs the question, at what point will the game and specifically the league hierarchy , owners and general managers seek to get together to put an end to this type idiocy ? It is not as if the lesser teams are able to compete against their big-market counterparts , in spite of what has been suggested . A clear indication of that can be made, by simply looking at the postseason participants in 2013 and their payrolls. For the first time in Major League Baseball history the combined salary commitment of the league’s thirty teams exceeded $3 billion ($3,000,000,000) in 2013 and there seems to be no signs that figure is likely to decrease significantly in the coming years.

If New York was to acquire Masahiro Tanaka or lose out, in a likely bidding war. I certainly do not believe that deal alone, will be enough to make them a likely contender within the AL East , much less challenge for an AL wildcard berth. Beyond their pitching woes , they still have to deal with the fact that in acquiring Jacoby Ellsbury and then offering him that contract , they have obtained a player who in recent seasons has spent great deal of time on the disabled list, while observing his teammates from dugout . Questions will also surround the managerial style of Joe Girardi and whether or not, he can still get the best out of his players. Furthermore, with the return of Derek Jeter , are we likely to see the Yankees’ captain back at his very best or simply a player who has become a mere shadow of his former self?

As I alluded to earlier, with an offer being made to Masahiro Tanaka, all that now awaits, is the player agreeing to that deal and then joining his new teammates. Crazy as this might seem, Tanaka’s deal as great as it is likely to be. It will be dwarfed by the contract recently signed by Clayton Kershaw , a deal that makes the starting pitcher among the highest paid players annually , in baseball, as well having signed one of the largest contracts ever in Major League Baseball. With the vast revenues at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ disposal , this season will not be seen as a last-ditch attempt to bring back a title to franchise , whose last taste of victory as World Series’ champions came in 1988 . This year may well be the season, where we will either the team sink or swim , in terms of their efforts . A great deal is being asked of Don Mattingly and his staff this upcoming season and we will get to gauge this club first hand by how they acclimatize themselves for the regular season by their play during their Spring Training schedule.

The NFL postseason, has all but ended and in two thrilling games , we saw the league’s two best teams prevail in their conference title games. The AFC will be represented by the Denver Broncos , who simply waylaid any ideas that both Bill Belichick and .Tom Brady might have had in winning a fourth Superbowl together as a coach and quarterback tandem. Peyton Manning and his teammates booked their place, for the 2nd February title game, where they will meet Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks . Seattle for their part, simply got the better of the San Francisco 49ers , in erasing a deficit and then putting the game beyond Colin Kaepernick and his teammates’ reach. The rivalry between the two NFC quarterbacks , is likely to become something to relish if both are able to maintain their current level of play. Whether or not over the test of time both can provide us with rivalry and excitement witnessed whenever Tom Brady stood across the field from Peyton Manning , remains to be seen

For head coaches, John Fox of the Broncos and Pete Carroll of the Seahawks, this opportunity provides both individuals the chance to test their coaching acumen against an adversary, where each has the utmost respect for the other. The Seattle Seahawks are seen as perhaps slight favorites , in this upcoming contest. Yet, more than anything else, the odds-makers in Las Vegas tend to induce the bettor , in order to create an environment that will always be in their favor. On the day, this game will come down to the experience an elder statesman of the game and a quarterback whose two years in the NFL has seen him reach an unexpected high in a short period of time.

The defeats, or both the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers ,means that for respective general managers Trent Baalke and Nick Caserio , it is back to the drawing board. Caserio, has to deal with the fact that for all of the progress shown by the Patriots in various areas of their game , they were still found wanting. ” Manning-itis” , it appears , is the latest affliction to have hit the Patriots’ organization and there seems to no apparent cure for this particular ailment. Something, that the CDC (Center For Disease Control) does not seem to have a vaccine for, otherwise large doses of the vaccine would have already been sent directly to Foxboro’ Massachusetts. Will Belichick and his coaching staff , simply revamp certain areas of the roster in preparation for next season or simply build through natural attrition and by way of the NFL Draft ? ? I am sure that the head coach and t general manager will find a way to figure this all out , without their being too much an upheaval overall !

Colin Kapernick’s first three years in the NFL have been a revelation and any doubts his succeeding Alex Smith can now be firmly put to rest. For Trent Baalke, however, the off-season, now becomes about financial expediency in terms of renegotiating and offering sizable increases to players who have aided in the 49ers’ recent success. Jim Harbaugh , for his part assembled a highly skilled and experienced roster , but therein lies the issue. The seasoned veterans, on the team, while being productive, did not appear to provide the leadership needed to put the Forty Niners over the hump. With three straight appearances in the NFC championship game over the past three seasons, it begs the question, is there something in the water that has afflicted the San Francisco 49ers?

Among the free agents, likely to be seeking a long-term contract or an extension are Anquan Boldin , Donte Whitner , Mario Manningham and Johnathan Goodwin. Kaepernick, having signed a rookie deal (four years $5.124 million) that is set to expire in 2015 , is likely to prompt his agent Scott Smith to start negotiations that may well prompt Trent Baalke to offer the player a multi-year deal or seek to franchise tag the young quarterback and then pay him what it is likely to be a healthy annual salary , as adjudged at the average for his position or possibly lower than the prevailing figure. Not to be left out of this all, is the head coach himself, as Jim Harbaugh’s own contract is set for expiration this upcoming year. I very much doubt that team CEO Jed York would welcome the departure of the man who has put the franchise back on the map , while gaining the admiration of the Niners’ fans in general ! .

With the NBA trade deadline not that far off , already the speculators as making their prognostications as to what moves are likely to be made. A plethora of transactions, could very well be made, with a number of teams likely to stand pat. Yet , with their being growing rumors that Carmelo Anthony is said to be unhappy with the direction of the New York Knicks and the very fact the front office is seemingly at a loss as to the direction is said to be heading in. Here’s a hint, recording artist , Stevie Wonder was recently rumored to have said the Knicks stink, after a member of his entourage subjected the group to an act of flatulence, while they were all seated in a restaurant for a meal.

Courtesy of Newsday

Woodson ‘concerned’ but confident Carmelo will remain a Knick

By Al Iannazzone of Newsday

INDIANAPOLIS – Mike Woodson admitted he’s “concerned” that some of the things that have transpired with the Knicks this season could lead to Carmelo Anthony leaving. Nevertheless, Woodson said he believes Anthony will retire a Knick.

Anthony has said he will opt out of the final year of his contract after the season and become a free agent. This season hasn’t gone anywhere near how Anthony or the Knicks expected.

They’ve won six of their last eight, but they’re 15-23 overall and the drama surrounding J.R. Smith has overshadowed their improved play lately. But Woodson doesn’t believe it will impact Anthony’s future in New York.

“You’re concerned,” Woodson said on ESPN New York radio Wednesday. “But Melo’s wearing a Knick uniform. I think Melo loves playing in New York. He’s been one of the bright spots this year. He’s been solid all the way through our ups and downs this year. To me, that’s the sign of a true pro.

“We are starting to get back healthy. We are playing a little bit better. As far as Melo leaving New York, in my heart I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think Melo’s going to retire a New York Knick. That’s just my own personal belief.”

The trade deadline is Feb. 20< and The Knicks don't want to move Anthony. But if they get any indication he might not re-sign, the Knicks could explore trade scenarios rather than let Anthony leave in the summer without getting anything in return.

Anthony can get a maximum five-year deal worth roughly $129 million from the Knicks. The most another team can pay him is four years and about $96 million.


Three straight losses by the team , all by double-digits and with their being no signs of life defensively from this group of players . All signs could very well be pointing to GM Steve Mills , making the decision in conjunction with James Dolan and Mike Woodson to seek a trade of the franchise’s best and most valuable asset. With the exception of last season , Anthony’s stay in New York has been shrouded with the ineptitude of his supporting cast. This season appears to be no different with his being provided little aid from an offensive standpoint . No other alternative seems to be possible for the Knicks should their slide continue, because Carmelo Anthony , may well have feigned earlier signs about his intent to opt out of the final year of his existing contract . Given the lack of direction now being shown and lack of heart by a number of players , it would be understandable if Anthony saw fit to exercise that option . Mills and Woodson do not appear to be showing any signs of bolstering the roster, well at least, not publicly. Yet, even if they were, it would prove to be difficult move players such as JR Smith , Metta World Peace , Amar’e Stoudemire , unless it was all part of a salary dump or taking on needless salary commitments with a view to next season and then making a play for a marquee free agent to aid their disgruntled star.

I have repeatedly, read the idiocy of statements being made, that the issues the Knicks have been due to the fact that they have not been able to develop talent from within. While, that may well be true in part, a litany of bad trades , overpaying for average talent, some truly idiotic and ridiculous draft choices over the last five years, have led the franchise to their current predicament. I do not believe that I could put it any more succinctly than that !

Even now, the New York Knicks are still bound down by a number of existing contracts ($91.4 million) , that from a productivity standpoint have not been beneficial for the team or franchise , itself. Bear in mind that the franchise will have to meet their obligations to the NBA by way of the salary tax , of which the team will be due to pay in excess of $48 million as a luxury tax surcharge for going over the league’s soft salary cap (58.68 million) ..

With a slew of games on Monday, 20th January , a public holiday, with the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday , the Knicks played host to their in state and fellow conference rivals , the Brooklyn Nets at Madison Square Garden in New York City , New York . Needless to say, Mike Woodson’s players did not fail to disappoint , rolling off a fourth consecutive loss , going down 103-80 in a lopsided defeat .

I would like to believe that something good can come out of this present situation with the New York Knicks, but there now seems to be a sense of foreboding is in the offing , with no one within the organization prepared to make a statement to assure the deeply loyal fans of the franchise. Nothing new , when you consider the mindset of James Dolan over the years and how he has somehow simply ignored the dire nature of the franchise, in terms of lack of a competitive nature. His concern may well be , as long as the New York Knicks, remain the most valuable franchise in the , if not its most profitable in the NBA , that is likely to be only real concern, overall.



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Your thoughts on the paints raised within this piece and what do you believe will be the likely result in the Superbowl ?


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(1) Two of the NFL’s most visible team owners , Jerry Jones , left , shakes the hands of Dan Snyder . As the owners of Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins , these two executive oversee a multi-million dollar concern , in terms of revenues . Their two franchises are among the most profitable and valuable in the league. Getty Images / Patrick Mayhew …

(2) Hal Steibrenner , senior executive with the New York Yankees is seen here talking to the team’s general manager Brian Cashman. In spite of the ball-club’s off the field issues over the past season , both executives are hoping for much more successful year in 2014 . It would appear that the team has missed out on signing highly prized Japanese star and pitching ace Masahiro Tanaka . No public confirmation as of yet, . suggesting the player’s acquisition by the Los Angeles Dodgers but all signs are pointing to the fact that Tanaka has been offered a lucrative deal. Getty Images North America / Sandra Patterson ….

(3) Los Angeles Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti ,left , seated alongside team President Stan Kasten . The front office executives are now said to be one of the main forces behind organization’s now aggressive moves in the free agency market. It would appear that the Dodgers are on the verge of acquiring Japanese pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka. With the team having committed over $300 million alone in signing Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke in the past twelve months . It would appear that money will remain of no object as the franchise pursues their first World Series’ title since 1988. AP Photo / Paul Mason …

(4) Pete Carroll , right, is seen here with his opposing number John Fox, now of the Denver Broncos after a game in 2010 , between their respective teams at the time. Fox was then coaching the Carolina Panthers . These two head coaches will meet once again in the Superbowl (SB48) , which will be played at MetLife Stadium , East Rutherford , New Jersey,.

(5) San Francisco 49ers’ CEO Jed Yorke is seen here with head coach Jim Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke . Under the guidance of Baalke and Harbaugh the Niners’ CEO has seen the franchise make the straight NFC championship appearances, albeit , with only one Superbowl appearance , which resulted in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In the off-season Trent Baalke and the entire organization will have several decisions to make concerning the playing staff and the status of the head coach. Getty Images / Philip Carter ….

(6) Peyton Manning (18) of the Denver Broncos is seen here with Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson after a preseason game in 2013 , where the Seahawks defeated the Broncos 40-10 at Q West Field in Seattle , Washington,.. It is unlikely that their Superbowl encounter will be such a lopsided event. Manning will be making his third Superbowl appearance but his playing in his twenty-third playoff game by comparison this be only Wilson’s fifth playoff game of his young career . AP Photo/ Matthew Parrish …..

(7) New York Knicks’ owner James Dolan looks on during a game played at Madison Square Garden earlier this season. It would appear that the Knicks’ owner wanted to be closer to the fans and to hear them voice their concerns over the team’s lackluster performances . Seated next to Dolan, is team GM Steve Mills , who succeeded Glen Grunwald at the start of this season . Mills has inherited a very inconsistent team , along with a coaching staff that now appears to be in over its head. In a Monday afternoon game against the Brooklyn Nets , the team was on the wrong side of a very lopsided defeat . A growing cacophony of vocal dismay as to dire situation of the team seems to be going unanswered by the members of the front office , while head coach Mike Woodson’s hopes concerning Carmelo Anthony’s future with the franchise, appear to be just as uncertain and less candid than his recent statements to the press. Getty Images / Ron Hall …..

(8) Carmelo Anthony (7) of the New York Knicks is seen here with teammate J R Smith , on-court during a game . Smith’s issues of court , having sat out a league mandate suspension has seen the troubled start get into a verbal argument with head coach Mike Woodson . Those troubles along with a lack of consistent performances , have led to a dire season for the Knicks who currently have a 15-26 (0.366) record within the Atlantic Division , which at present would be place the team in eleventh place within the Eastern Conference , two games out from the eighth placed Charlotte Bobcats (18-25 -0.419). AP Photo / Brian Stokes ….. .



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  1. Other than the Yankees’ fans , is there really any concern as to who is likely to end up with Masahiro Tanaka ? Both the Dodgers and Yankees believe that they need to add pitching to their respective rotations .

    This match-up between the quarterbacks seems somewhat lopsided , given the experience of both . Peyton Manning will be entering his 23rd postseason contest <a , whereas , for Russell Wilson , it will only be his fifth playoff game of his career.

    The Niners may well need to add to their payroll in order to get over the hump and remain in contention not just within the NFC West , but also the NFC as whole . Kaepernick , I don’t believe is ready to be earning $18 million a year , even with an impressive regular and postseason record . I mean Joe Flacco came of a Superbowl appearance and parlayed that into a multi-year $100 million plus deal , only to fall flat on his face in 2013 with the Ravens . There’s a lesson to be learned there for Trent Baalke and the Niners’ front office .

    It is good to admire the Knicks from afar , because , close up you would definitely not like what you see . Leave it to their fans to try and take something positive out of the ongoing mess happening within the organization .

    Knicks news .

    At 15-26 , the New York Knicks might be lucky to eke out 30 wins this season as their projected loss total at this point just happens to be fifty-two .

    MLB news

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ news

    New York Yankees’ news



    On a cold night this is how a male Knicks’ fan ought to be celebrating, having two balloons look so welcoming .


    tophatal ………………..


  2. Monday’s NBA results . Nothing at all really surprising as various areas within the world of sports celebrated the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Too bad the fans in New York had to be subjected to such a monstrous display by the Knicks in their twenty-point plus loss to the Nets . Holy sh#t !

    One of Dr King’s most famous quotes …. “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” . Knicks’ fans take heed and don’t do anything stupid , like descending from the Brooklyn Bridge , head first .

    Kaepernick and his agent Scott Smith can’t surely believe he’s worth $18 million a year ? As good as he’s been since entering the league in 2011 , his body of work is not on the level of the likes of Brees , Manning (Peyton) or Brady .

    Clear example of late, are the idiotic contracts given to Romo and Flacco . Though Joe Flacco has a Superbowl victory on his resume’ , his productivity in 2013 was simply disastrous , without his leadership abilities coming into question , where , there , he was also found lacking !

    tophatal …………..


  3. This should be a very good Super Bowl. Best Offense Denver. Best defense Seattle. A war. The Doncos are favored. Rumor has it this will be Peyton Mannings last horah. He will leave after this season. For me I would like to see Peyotn Manning go out a winner. San Fran has some aging stars. This is why the Ravens got rid of Bolton. He is getting long in the tooth. The 49ers have to address this issue.


    1. It should be either a very competitive game or end up being an actual blowout . I certainly don’t believe that Peyton Manning will make this game his last hoo-rah ! Granted his contract gives him that option , but I believe that the 2014-15 season will be his last , before he goes riding off into the sunset . In my honest opinion , I think he simply wants put it beyond a doubt that he is the best quarterback to ever play the game ! And to achieve that , all he now simply has to do , is to break the all-time career touchdowns’ passing record , as well as yards passed by a quarterback . That will simply put it all beyond a reasonable doubt !

      The Forty-Niners do have some issues to deal with during the off-season and a great deal of it has to do with the impending free agent status of players and expiring contracts. First of all, they need to retain Anquan Boldin , who other than Michael Crabtree , just happens to be their best receiver . That asides , the team also needs to beef up its receiving corps and secondary , if they are to be successful in the NFC as well as the rest of the NFL . This upcoming season the Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals are likely to improve a great deal . The NFC West in 2013 was one of the more entertaining divisions within the NFL , in terms of the level of play and competitiveness of the teams there .

      tophatal …..


  4. If the Dodgers are able to sign Masahiro Tanaka . Then where will that leave Josh Beckett and will Ned Colletti seek to off-load the player at some point during the season ? Beckett looks to be the odd man out amongst the likely pitchers that the ball-club may well seek to get rid of, given the salary due in 2014 . Given his overall his lack of productivity since being acquired by the team in August of 2012, it would also stand to reason .

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ news

    tophatal ………..


  5. Issues , issues and even more issues . Teams in the Eastern Conference seem to be inexplicably bad this season and that includes reigning champions the Miami Heat . They are 5-5 in their last ten games , while Eastern Conference rivals the Indiana Pacers just seem to be chugging along nicely . In the midst of this all Pacers’ GM Kevin Pritchard is being given undue credit for the team’s ongoing competitiveness , when in reality , it has been team President Larry Bird who has been the main architect behind this ongoing resurgence since his return to the franchise. Pritchard if anything has provided a great deal of insight but it has been Bird who has been able to lure players to come to the franchise , when they might headed elsewhere .

    tophatal ………………


  6. Is it me , but Alex Rodriguez , in seeking to issue a statement while in Mexico City that he has abandoned his appeal to seek the overturning of suspension . Does it not strike anyone as strange , that he just happens to be in that particular city ? Given that a great deal of the drug trade that heads north into the US . also comes by way that city , surely there’s a case that his activities down there, . now border on being suspicious ?

    “In me , you see a person unjustly accused , having done nothing wrong at all . I may well have lied the first time around , but I am not lying to you , today ” . Alex Rodriguez

    Alex the league (MLB) did you no favors , it was with the outrage of the fans, why they made the decision to remove your dumb @ss from the game . !


  7. Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice are both inductees in the Hall of Fame . and now they’re presiding over a draft to decide the Pro Bowl rosters for the game on Sunday ? Please tell me this isn’t another of Roger Goodell’s idiotic ideas to make this nonsensical even more relevant ?

    Courtesy of CBS Sports

    NFL Legends Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders Attempt To Spark Interest In Pro Bowl

    HONOLULU (CBSNewYork/AP) — Deion Sanders is giving Jerry Rice one concession as Pro Bowl week begins: The record-setting wide receiver will call the coin toss Tuesday that starts the process of picking teams.

    Besides that, the Hall of Fame cornerback claims he has the upper hand under the game’s new schoolyard-style format.

    “I think it is going to be a blowout,” Sanders said. “I don’t think Jerry has strategized.”

    Rice’s response: “That’s not going to happen. I have a pretty good mindset of where I want to go.”

    The Rice-Sanders rivalry is just one of several moves the NFL is using to try to rekindle interest in the Pro Bowl, set for Sunday in Hawaii. The game has been criticized as too lax in recent years by fans and even Commissioner Roger Goodell, putting the future of the game in question.

    The biggest change — a two-day draft on Tuesday and Wednesday that will determine teams in a new “unconferenced” game — responds by targeting player egos and fan love for fantasy football.

    Instead of briefly mentioning a player’s accomplishments during a quick cameo in the all-star game, Rice and Sanders will make choices that reveal the players they believe to be the best among the best — even all-stars don’t want to be picked last in a game with no bad players.

    “You want to embrace good-natured ribbing and chop busting,” said Mike Muriano, senior coordinating producer at NFL Network, which is running the draft and televising its second part live.

    The league was announcing replacements throughout Monday for players missing the game because of injury or the Super Bowl. Andrew Luck of Indianapolis and Nick Foles of Philadelphia are replacing the quarterbacks in the Super Bowl, Denver’s Peyton Manning and Seattle’s Russell Wilson. Running backs Eddie Lacy and Alfred Morris will step in for Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch, while Alshon Jeffery and Larry Fitzgerald replace Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas.

    If this is Goodell’s idea of soliciting interest in a meaningless game then his attempt will be about as successful Sanders’ attempt at a singing career. ‘

    Deion Sanders … ” Must Be The Money”

    Need we say any more on the matter ?

    tophatal ………………..


  8. The Dodgers now look as if they’ve been outbid by the Yankees for the services of Masashiro Tanaka . It would appear the front office of the organization came up with a deal that exceeded the offer made by the Los Angeles’ based franchise . A deal reputed to be seven years $155 million has won over the Japanese star , that is will make him the second highest-paid pitcher on the Yankees’ roster this upcoming season . Hopefully his form will be impressive enough to put this team in a winning position in 2014 .

    This will obviously not sit well with the Dodgers , in particular with Magic Johnson and Mark Walter as two of the lead partners and co-owners of the franchise. Both alongside team President Stan Kasten and GM Ned Colletti dealt studiously with the player and his agent. Yet, it appears that they were not able convince or win him over , in terms of their ambitions for the ball-club.

    tophatal ………..


  9. Large amounts of money don’t get it done unless they are spent wisely. While no GM or front office can anticipate injuries, all who write the checks have to think both short and long term…and yet be flexible from season to season. You have to understand the ramifications of a short term player investment over the long haul should you go that route. The main thing is to reduce your exposure to financial disappointment whenever possible. Anticipate a guy has thrown a lot of innings, is getting older, may become unaffordable in the near future. Like anything else in life, enter through the front door but always know where all the exit signs are in case of emergency.


    1. Bruce

      How is that being done in terms of the ridiculous contracts that have now become widespread in each of the four major sports ( MLB , NBA , NFL and NHL ) ? Simply look at the fact that in baseball for the first time in their history , in 2013 the teams’ payroll commitments topped $3 billion ($ 3,000,000,000) with the New York Yankees having the largest payroll by a mere $10 $million , only to pay three times as much as the Los Angles Dodgers in terms the MLB’s luxury tax ($32.55 million $9.155 million) .

      Bud Selig , MLB CFO Jonathan Mariner , the team owners and the general managers are so damn clueless , that it doesn’t take an economist to realize that the game current sits on a financial precipice of its own making . More than one quarter of the teams in the mid to lower markets can barely eke out a profit without the aid of an assist from the league hierarchy . Yet, you have clueless fans and those arrogant on air imbeciles , talking about the competitiveness and the financial health of the game , as if everything were alright .

      The growing value of a team is not a glaring indication as to its overall financial health .

      tophatal …………


      1. No question. The inflationary aspect of sports salaries, TV rights, etc. will all come to a head at some point. The rich get richer. The poor serve as fodder for the rich. Every once in awhile the poor get lucky enough to steal a post-season spot and then have to determine if they are going to spend more for a sprint to the finish for one year or literally choose to drop out of contention and let someone else take the chance, most often…the people who already have money growing out their ears.


        1. Bruce

          Gary Bettman and the NHL after their labor stoppage with the NHLPA , barely recovered and within eighteen months the owners and general managers there were back to their idiocy with the long-term idiotic contracts . Never mind the fact that the NHL hierarchy were paying NBC Sports to carry their content . That literally told you how out of touch they all were from an economic standpoint and still remain so to this day !

          Hockey’s highest paid players and team payrolls .

          NHL teams’ profits and value /p

          tophatal ………………


  10. Clearly , money might not have been the problem for Masahiro Tanaka , but being part of an already crowded lineup in terms of the Dodgers’ projected starting rotation . Where as such, would he fit in , bearing in mind his phenomenal stats last season with the Rakuten Eagles of the Japanese Baseball League .


    Tanaka , right , seen here visiting kids at Yankees Stadium

    Brian Cashman , Joe Girardi and Hal Steinbrenner must have been very impressive with their presentation to the player and the opportunities that could be provided to him playing in the nation’s biggest advertising market and the exposure that would be provided . Never mind that , he would be more likely , be the top pitcher with regard to the Yankees’ projected lineup , given the inconsistent play of the pitchers last season .

    Los Angeles Dodgers’ . team payroll (2014) and that of the New York Yankees .


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Fans lauding ‘melo’s feat while commendable , let’s put things into perspective . The New York Knicks were playing the Charlotte Bobcats , one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA in in spite of the stats showing them to be a top-fifteen defensive team , while holding the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference .

      Didn’t Kobe Bryant once “torch” the Toronto Raptors for eighty one points in January 2006 and it was thought to be one of the greatest offensive performances in NBA history ? Hall of Fame center David Robinson hit seventy plus in a game played against the Los Angeles Clippers in the nineties . Yet anal retentive fans seem to forget that all and are describing Carmelo Anthony’s performance using rather asinine and ridiculous superlatives !

      Can these asinine fans stop with the idiocy concerning this feat ? Either show some intelligence or simply shut the hell up !

      All-time great single game scoring performances in NBA history .

      tophatal ………………


  11. So much for Ervin Santana being seen as a prized pitching free agent this off-season . The player at present still remains unsigned by a team .

    Ervin Santana

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Who missed out on the free agent frenzy?

    By Jorge L Ortiz , USA Today

    With every team getting an extra $25 million or so from the new national TV contract, this was the right offseason to be a free agent. But some may have overplayed their hands and missed out on the bonanza.

    WARMUP: The winter’s biggest losers

    Here’s a look at five players whose market value has taken a dip. It’s worth noting that all five players rejected qualifying offers of $14.1 million for one year from their old teams, which hurt their leverage because their new employers will be penalized a high draft pick – and the pool money assigned to it – for signing them.

    Ervin Santana: Early in the offseason, word got out that it would take $100-plus million to sign Santana, who had a career-best 3.24 ERA with the Kansas City Royals last season but had given up nearly two more runs a game the year before.

    The salary figure may have been floated just to inflate Santana’s prize before he settled for something commensurate with his 2.9 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). Regardless, like other high-level starters, Santana got caught in a downward spiral as prospective suitors waited to find out if they had a chance at Japanese ace Masahiro Tanaka. Their fate may get further complicated if A.J. Burnett opts to enter the market.

    Click on link to read in full.

    All of the hype over so many of these players and not much happened by of them obtaining the money they sought .

    tophatal …………….


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