Sell it or quit …….

Sell it or quit

The idiocy of the NFL and the belief that this meaningless postseason nonsense of the Pro Bowl , actually provides the fans with any real excitement , must now stop. This year’s spectacle has two NFL Hall of Fame greats in Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders facing off against each other , as the opposing general managers or what one might deem or whatever. The fact that Roger Goodell has countenanced this idiocy and both former players, are trying sell this event as something special , has merely indicated that the NFL no longer has any idea how to make this spectacle actually worthwhile. There were strong indications that the league, simply wanted to do away with the game, altogether . Yet , such has been the avarice of the owners and league hierarchy, that common sense and intelligence, now seems to beyond the commissioner and the executives within the league’s headquarters.


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As to the game, with Sanders suggesting that he might even suit up and take to the field , has me wondering if a player once described as the best shutdown corner ever to play the game, is actually ready to take on players who are considerably quicker than Deion Sanders in his very prime , albeit that the game itself will be less than competitive ! While, I do not doubt that the talent of Sanders at his very best , I simply believe that he was able to create a persona that the fans and press simply bought into , nothing more and nothing less !

Jerry Rice is now beginning to realize that he cannot hold a candle to Sanders’ charisma, while trying to sell the Pro Bowl as something of a very special event on the NFL calendar. In dispersed between the AFC and NFC championship games , were it not for the fact that there is a two-week break between those two conference games and the Superbowl itself , I seriously doubt that there would be any real interest in the Pro Bowl ! It is now bad enough that the league is now trying to sell the fact that by quite possibly having perhaps at least two regular season games played beyond the continental United States, would be of benefit of the NFL as a brand globally.

What we now know to be true is the fact that the league has reached saturation point within the North American market and the only way to increase its revenues will be to expand beyond these shores . With offices now in London , Rotterdam , Munich , Paris and with the NFL now looking to make inroads into the Pan Pacific basin. It would not be beyond the realm of possibility of the league, seeking to open an office in Tokyo , Japan and Beijing, China . Needless to say, with over 1.8 billion people in those two countries alone , who are already passionate about the game of soccer, and having seen the success of the NBA and the consumers’ awareness of players such as Kobe Bryant , LeBron James and before the two current idols of the NBA. There was of course, Michael Jordan and the player’s charisma that made the NBA brand , a worldwide global phenomenon, along with Jordan being seen as a marketing icons’ dream. The NFL sees the dividends, that can be reaped from the game’s base broadened to capture the world stage and compete with the inroads made by Major League Baseball and the NBA .

The signs have been there for far too long as to the declining popularity of the NFL’s Pro Bowl game along with many of the players’ own declining interest to be willing participants . Many of them, simply know even after a long arduous regular season schedule , one meaningless contest , simply is not worth it, at all. Furthermore , even with monetary incentives being part of their contracts, merely being chosen and placed on the roster for the game , there are not actually losing out financially , even if they do not make an appearance in the game , itself . And one wonders why there remains a lowering of the fans’ interest in the event , even when the NFL Commissioner and the league hierarchy continue to laud the praises of a meaningless postseason event , that is just not popular with the fans? There may well be an economic impact for the state of Hawaii, but specifically , the island of Honolulu, where the game is usually staged on an annual basis. At the end of the day, does anyone remember or care who won , much less , who the Pro Bowl MVP winner just happened to be ?

With the proposed changes being made as to the lineups for the rosters , with both Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders making their choices of players due to be part of their respective rosters . This is simply, a draft geeks’ ultimate dream of sorts. Gimmick or not, I seriously doubt, that this is likely to change, how this game will be viewed in the eyes of the fans or the public in general!

As to the expected highlights, from this upcoming game, what should the fans be hoping to witness ? I will let you all be the judge of that, because as I have alluded to before, this is simply a game whose popularity continues to decline at an alarming rate and the league hierarchy suddenly realizes like everything else over the past few seasons . The changes made , this latest foray , might not be enough to actually deter the fans from simply abandoning the Pro Bowl altogether . The NFL brand will continue to remain popular , just as long as a number of teams, continue to remain relevant , along with the league’s more high-profiled players , still playing at a competitive level . I firmly believe however, the NFL either has to abandon its postseason tradition of the Pro Bowl or simply make it the type of event, that will actually draw the fans , rather than it being another novelty act, wherein the main profiteers from it all, are simply the players from a financial standpoint and many of the league’s corporate sponsors .

Since Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue as the NFL Commissioner , there can no denying that he has had his fair share of pratfalls . Many of them , of his own making and without him showing to possess great communicative skills . This blunder on the part of the NFL owners in believing that Tagliabue’s heir-apparent was the right choice a well-respected leader , was simply done out of the fact, that the league wanted someone who would tow their line and be solely in obeisance to them. How Goodell has sought to handle the issues of steroids , HGH, and the ongoing ramifications of the league’s billion dollar settlement with veteran and recently retired NFL players , has indicated to me , that the incumbent commissioner, has been clearly out of his depth and the poor counseling he has received from legal advisers, Jeff Pash and Adolphus Birch III , along with Goodell’s wish to stamp his own identity upon the NFL , has been one of the primary reasons why he has become so loathed by fans around the league ! Add in the fact, what many believe have been his poor handling of the New Orleans Saints’ bounty-gate scandal, his lack of candor in addressing why a policy agreed to, ratified and voted upon by the NFPLA (union) as to the league’s proposed mandatory testing for HGH , and you have the real evidence that Roger Goodell , as an individual , who simply has remained in office , possessing a level incompetency , without any tangible accomplishments throughout his entire tenure , thus far . All he can simply point to during his reign , has been the NFL’s growing revenues , the value of the league’s franchises and very little else beyond that.

The NFL Draft may well be , but a few months away and yet there already seems to be a great deal of speculation , as to who the number one overall draft pick ought to be . Many believe that South Carolina’s defensive standout Jadeveon Clowney , ought to be the choice of the Houston Texans , who will have the privilege of taking that pick. Clearly , with the Texans having defensive woes for the past two seasons , even in spite of the presence of JJ Watt . Something has to be done to shore up a defense that was simply one of the worst in the NFL throughout much of last season .

As good as Clowney appears to be , I do not believe that he alone can simply turn around a franchise that during 2013 , managed to have an eleven-game losing streak , as well as showing very few signs of leadership , either on or off the field of play while Gary Kubiak led this team , as their head coach. Kubiak and his assistants showed very little creativity and though quarterback Matt Schaub spent a great deal of time on the injured reserve list , that in no way excuses the repeated poor performances exhibited by the team over the course of the season.

The needs of the Texans, are many, both within their offense and the secondary . Kubiak’s successor Bill O’Brien, has seen fit, to stamp his own identity upon this team. O’Brien, the former Penn State head coach , as well the former offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots , has already brought about a number of moves, that leads me to believe that he will be more aggressive a head coach, than his predecessor. Houston’s new incumbent head coach during the off-season is said to have shown interest in pursuing Patriots’ backup quarterback Ryan Mallett , a player who he worked closely alongside, while on the coaching staff in New England. It seems apparent , that Bill O’Brien will seek to create an environment where Case Keenum and Mallett are in competition for the starting role as the Texans’ quarterback during the 2014-15 season. With that in mind, there is a clear case to be made that Matt Schaub will be on his way out , having served the franchise well , but whose lack of productivity in 2013 , as well as lack of leadership , can be seen as one of the many reasons for the franchise’s failures this past season. For the moment however, unless the Texans are able to sweeten the pot, in terms of their overtures to New England , it seems highly unlikely that Bill Belichick or the team’s offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel will allow the player to leave, without what they believe to be due compensation.

Robert “Bob” McNair, the Texans’ CEO and owner , along with GM Rick Smith , I truly believe blundered in prolonging the agony of having Gary Kubiak continue to coach the Texans , when it was clear that he had lost complete control of the team. Having replaced him with then defensive coordinator , Wade Philips , proved to be as effective as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole . Philips’ credentials as defensive coordinator are respectable and commendable , but I would hasten to add , his body of work , were it to include his coaching stops , would have you believing that he should have been able to at least have the team playing competitively under his short tenure as the interim head coach. That simply was not the case and one of the main reasons why , the Texans’ front office after a not too exhaustive search , got the best candidate they thought possible , in , Bill O’Brien. Now whether or not , he can bring the type coaching philosophy shown at Penn State , in order to turn things around , remains to be seen. This off-season with the NFL Draft and having to assess the overall state of the roster as to its most dire needs , will prove to be a true test of his acumen and indicate also the type of relationship he is likely to have with Rick Smith.

While I find the whole process of the NFL Draft intriguing, I also believe it to be an exercise that has the fans either extolling the virtues of the their team they support or simply believing the general managers and the head coaches to be bumbling idiots . Year in and year out, as a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots’ fan , my biggest wish, is to merely hope that they can make the right sort of moves that prove to be productive for the franchise. Their loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game was another sign , that as great a coach as Bill Belichick is said to be, his arrogance and conceitedness seems to be just as large as his considerable ego . How else can you explain his reluctance to adapt his game plan, as the Broncos made great inroads in their conference championship contest . ? For Tom Brady, this particular postseason and the AFC championship game itself, simply was a microcosm of last season’s contest repeated all over again, in 2013 . Missed opportunities and errant plays , along with what I alluded to earlier , as being, Bill Belichick’s continued arrogance .



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This NFL postseason, has been one of thrills and spills, with all that waits, being the climax of the league’s postseason foray. In terms of the NFL Pro Bowl , I will contend that it has become an event that the NFL will either have to revamp , making it far more exhilarating or simply doing away with the game altogether ! It has become meaningless , but yet no one has been willing to acknowledge that fact within the NFL’s inner circle and even amongst current and former players themselves . How best do you believe that the event (Pro Bowl) can be made more appealing for the fans and viewers in general ? Chime in, with your thoughts and anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter.


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(1) Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts is seen here taking in the scene alongside fellow players while in Kapolei , Hawaii on Wednesday , 22nd January , 2014. The quarterback will be making his second Pro Bowl appearance as a member of the Colts having made an appearance in 2012 , his rookie season. Michael Yanow / copyrighted material @ all rights reserved (2014)

(2) Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver DeSean Jackson ,left , is seen here with Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton . Both players were selected to the rosters of the 2014 Pro Bowl . The game itself will be played at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii, this upcoming Sunday, 26th January , 2014 ,. / Michael Yanow …….

(3) Hall of Fame players Deion Sanders , left and Jerry Rice , are the two opposing captains for this season’s NFL Pro Bowl game. Both former stars made their choices as to the players filling their respective rosters not by allegiance to any conference or division , but simply based upon their preferences . Not much of a real novelty , but then again, it has to be seen as the latest in a line of gimmicks that the league may well believe, will somehow raise the profile , popularity and visibility of the game. The Pro Bowl has in essence lost its significance in recent years with a number of players having received an invite to appear after being on the ballot, they have simply turned down the offer. Financially for some stars , it is an added incentive in terms of bonuses paid out by a number of NFL franchises . Getty Images North America / Sam Ross …..

(4) Jerry Rice speaks to Drew Brees to his immediate left, as they consult , as to which player they will seek to draft on Day two of the draft process of the Pro Bowl . Team Rice will face Team Sanders in the NFL Pro Bowl on Sunday afternoon . The game will be televised by the NFL Network in its entirety from Hawaii . Michael Yanow ….

(5) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ,right, is seen here with New England Patriots’ CEO & owner , Robert ‘Bob’ Kraft , as the two have a brief discussion at the league’s headquarters. Kraft was a staunch advocate of Goodell succeeding Paul Tagliabue as commissioner in 2008. Since his ascent to the position, the league has seen a great deal of drama and turmoil during Roger Goodell’s tenure . Getty Images / Ian Holt ….

(6) October 20, 2012; Gainesville FL, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) warms up prior to the game against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Clowney in some circles , is being viewed as the number one overall pick for the 2014 NFL Draft . Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

(7) Bill O’Brien the new head coach of the Houston Texans , who succeeded Gary Kubiak , fired by the franchise prior to the end of last season. The Texans finished with a league worst 2-14 record , during with the franchise had an eleven game losing streak during their 2013 schedule . AP Photo / Kyle Walsh ……



tophatal ………..


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27 thoughts on “Sell it or quit …….”

  1. Really ? This is now how low the NFL has to stoop , in order to create excitement and lure the fans’ interest in the Pro Bowl ? I suppose next season they will seek to drag John Madden and Don Shula out of their homes and have them pick their rosters for next season’s event ?

    “Don if my hemorrhoids aren’t acting up, I would like to give it a try of picking my own roster for the 2015 NFL Pro Bowl ” ! John Madden ” John , that’s far too long a flight for me to go on from my home in Florida, all the way to Hawaii . And besides , if a I pop a Viagra and I’m airborne my erection begins to hurt and I get a bit light headed ” . Don Shula

    “Jerry, you’re calling me old ? Last night I’ll have you know, I popped a Viagra and did a Kellen Winslow on my balcony overlooking the Pacific ” . Deion Sanders . ” Don’t worry Deion , I heard you moaning and groaning from my hotel room and that’s why I called your ex wife Pilar , so she and I could have phone sex ” . Jerry Rice

    Jerry Rice has multiple business interests away from the game , but a free trip to Hawaii to make an @ss of himself alongside Deion Sanders , must have been really enticing . and too good to overlook .

    Goodell and his but kissing crony Jeff Pash , Chief Legal Counsel to the NFL

    Adolpho Birch III , JD , left Head of the NFL Labor Relations’ Board is seen here with members of the late Walter Payton’s family . Far right , also pictured is Nnamdi Asomugha

    Roger Goodell embodies everything you don’t want in an executive presiding over a multi-billion dollar professional sports’ enterprise . Yet there are idiots , who simply point to the fact that all that he’s been able to achieve during his tenure are increased values for the franchises , profits and a bland on-field product . Goodell continues to backtrack on the issue of in and out of season testing for steroids , PED’s and HGH . Never mind the fact, that both he and Paul Tagliabue suborned perjury and hid relevant facts about the league’s tests concerning neurological disorders . For this , morons such as John Clayton , Chris Berman and Chris Mortensen continue have their lips firmly pressed up against Roger Goodell’s sphincter licking everything that seemingly emanates from that orifice .

    The Superbowl remains the lone constant as a part of the American society , as an event , but beyond , that , other than the nonsensical off-season drivel that’s discussed there isn’t really much to the game .

    Bill O’Brien will have to make some sweeping changes to the Texans’ roster and Matt Schaub has to be kicked to the curb after what has been a terrible season for the quarterback .


    ” Don’t player hate, ’cause I’m coming to get paid , like a mo-fo’ , you hearing me ? I’ll be the best defensive end the NFL has seen in the last decade and then some” !

    Gamecocks’ Jadeveon Clowney

    Jadeveon Clowney is an impact player a , but is he really worth being the number one pick in the 2014 NFL Draft ?

    tophatal ……………..


  2. The allstar game is a waste of time. How many players have to get hurt in this stupid game before sanity returns? Or maybe insane is better. This game needs to be stopped.


    1. bobby gee ….

      Not only is the Pro Bowl a complete waste of time , but no one watches (ratings’ low) and a number of players who attend and participate , only do so to cash another check in terms of their incentives written into their contracts . Do you really believe that Drew Brees wants to be there playing in a game on a Sunday afternoon , when he could be taking his family throughout the Hawaiian Islands sightseeing ?

      NFL news and news from around the league

      NFL Pro Bowl news and other assorted items

      NFL Pro Bowl rosters and draft

      tophatal ……….


            1. bobby

              Brees’ contract , perhaps the only displeasure he might have may well be rate at which he is taxed by the federal government and the state where he may well reside , if he taxed on his income ?

              Bree with his wife and their three children.

              One of the truly admirable traits concerning the player has been his ceaseless fight concerning children with special needs , as I believe one his children suffers from autism.

              tophatal ………….


                    1. I’ve two close friends, each has a child with this ailment and in both cases, the child in question , it has been their speech which more than anything else , that has been affected . They both , now go to a school that specializes in the treatment of kids and teenagers with these type of developmental issues .

                      tophatal …………….


  3. bobby gee

    Players such as Andrew Luck and Cam Newton do not need the idiotic validation of the Pro Bowl to convince or tell me that they are good . Their body of work since they entered the NFL is proof of that alone .

    The event itself is simply there as a way of the league making another damn money grab , all at the expense of the fans as usual .

    Ticket prices for the Superbowl in some cases , will top > $5,000 .

    tophatal ……………..


  4. I don’t envy Roger Goodell.

    Well, maybe just his salary.

    Say what you will about the guy and his incompetence but he does have some difficult decisions to make. The Pro Bowl is unwatchable. It needs changed and no proposals as of yet sound appealing. He’s got a sport that is becoming more violent by the minute and doesn’t know quite how to handle that either.

    He runs the biggest sports league in the country that pretty much runs itself but…. if we’ve learned anything over the years, nothing is forever.

    Proceed with caution, Herr Goodell, before you become the next Bud Selig.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Roger Goodell is and will always remain a pompous @sshole ! . If fans have not realized that now , then shame on their dumb @ss . Tell me what positives he has provided for the NFL since he succeeded Paul Tagliabue ?

      There has always been this incessant talk by the fan,s about what they enjoy about the game (NFL), but the vast majority of them including the on air asses on television, within the print and radio media , could not tell you what goes on behind closed doors concerning the graft and bribery that takes place concerning the league . It remains the same way also within the NBA , MLB , NHL and how they also conduct their business , but no one seems to question when and how many of these deals get done , when it comes to a stadium being built within a community .

      You have always tried try and suggest, that there are intelligent fans within the Tampa Bay area, who know a great deal about the franchises there, but in essence they are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes how the owners such as Jeff Vinick, Malcolm Glazer and .Stuart Sternberg have gone about conducting their businesses with the cities of St Petersburg , Pinellas County , city of Tampa and Hillsborough County .

      tophatal ………….


    2. Chris Humpherys/@SportsChump

      The Pro Bowl and everything it stands for in terms of a game , is actually a pretense . The games are and have been uncompetitive .

      Rules are different for the Pro Bowl contest than they are for the regular season games and the only interest for the players in attendance , apart from getting to see the sites in Hawaii , is the very fact it is an all expenses paid trip and the money incentives that many are likely to receive as part of their individual contracts . So again , explain to me if you can, the relevance of this lame ass event on the NFL schedule ?

      NFL news and news from the Pro Bowl

      tophatal ……………


  5. Chris Humpherys

    It’s no longer about envy concerning Roger Goodell , but whether or not he can show a modicum of intelligence ? Your thoughts on that ?

    All this commissioner can speak with eloquence about, has been the rise in team values , profitability ( Raiders are barely broke even money by the way were it not for a commercial deal) and the fact that the game has been growing on a global scale . Unfortunately, he is hesitant to answer questions , on why the league and union (NFLPA) have failed to initiate in and out of season testing for HGH after the two sides agreed in principal on the matter having led a congressional committee to believe in 2010 that this practice would be in place for the 2011 season . Here we are in 2014 and still no mandatory testing for human growth hormones and other certain banned substances as mandated by the US Anti Doping Agency .

    tophatal …………..


  6. bobby

    What can be so discouraging at times , for both the parent or parents, as the case may well be , is to see that child struggle to try and communicate with others who have the privilege of speech , while they do not .

    The fact that there is no real cure , even in spite of the research being conducted around the globe , it is the very fact that it can affect the individual suffering with this malady in different ways .

    tophatal …………………


  7. Game is just another way for the League to make money……big bucks come in for this idiot’s game. Why not select all the players as usual, but have no game???


    1. Al Clements

      The NFL may well make some money out of this event somehow . ESPN and the NFL Network . will bilk it for all it is worth .

      Listening to this response simply indicates how much of an @ss Roger Goodell happens to be along with Michael Strahan’s comments . WTF !

      Personally , I would get more enjoyment out of seeing two chicks naked fighting in a vat of jello , rather than watch this annual debacle of sheer ineptitude as constituted by the NFL . The Pro Bowl game is by far the most over-hyped and inept of the mid or postseason events, meant to be seen as displaying the best talent available by way of the All Star events put together by MLB , NHL , NFL and the NBA . Anyone who doubts that simply has to looking at the ratings and then the fact most are turned of by the NFL’s insipid love-fest for their players and the fact that these guys do not always tend to make themselves accessible to the fans .

      Who wouldn’t buy into this ?

      Semi-nude fight club anyone ?

      Yes, it is the “ultimate surrender ” ! :

      More from the ultimate surrender .


      tophatal ……………………..


  8. Hey Alan, how about cheerleaders playing in the Pro Bowl? Since Goodell is accepting all new ideas right now, it doesn’t hurt… the Pro Bowl like you said is indeed no longer entertaining.


    1. Blog Surface /CDR

      The NFL Pro Bowl has never been an entertaining or competitive game in spite of what the @ssholes of ESPN would like to have us believe . Rules for the game diverge from those of the regular season and the event itself is simply there to finagle more money out of the pockets of the consumers , while the players themselves make out financially , by way of their incentive laden contracts . Anyone who believes that this game is rewarding for the fans, is an idiot and a complete moron !

      Both Jerry Rice and Deion Saunders are just pitiful , trying to hype this contest into something it is definitely not . Which cheerleader, do you know , actually wants to be shaking their tails ,. merely because of being in Hawaii , on a balmy eighty plus degree day , unless she’s hoping for the opportunity to either get noticed , so she can start an acting career or get laid by one of the players , perhaps ? Future baby mama drama , no doubt

      NFL news

      tophatal …………


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